9/11 truth poses ‘existential threat’ to Israel: Analyst

PressTV | Sun Apr 24, 2016

The truth behind 9/11 attacks poses an “existential threat” to Israel, Glenn says.

Mark Glenn says 9/11 truth ‘existential threat’ to Israel 

The recent media frenzy over Saudi Arabia’s possible role in the September 11, 2001 attacks is aimed at distracting people from much deeper involvement of Israel, as the truth would endanger the Tel Aviv regime’s existence, an analyst in Idaho says.

Mark Glenn made the remarks in an interview with Press TV over US Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders’ recent calls on the American government to expose Saudi Arabia’s role in the 9/11 attacks that killed some 3,000 people.

On Sunday, Sanders urged the US to address the “root cause” of the attacks, voicing support for Senate legislation that would allow families of terror victims to sue Saudi Arabia in federal court.

“I believe that the entire operation is one that is rooted in distracting people away from what the truly problematic elements are with regards to 9/11,” Glenn said.

“Let’s keep in mind that 9/11 took place fifteen years ago, and since that time we are now involved in the fourth presidential election cycle; and yet only now, fifteen years later, suddenly we have people talking about Saudi Arabia’s role,” he added.

Glenn further explained that Sanders and others feel compelled to address the issue not for the sake of revealing the truth, but because Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump opened “the can of worms” months ago.

Trump has said that the 9/11 attacks could have been prevented by the US government. He has also brought up the issue of the 28 pages of a congressional report on the attacks that have been kept secret by the White House for over 13 years.

Describing Trump’s comments as “cryptic” and “confusing,” Glenn said the real estate magnate is basically threatening to “start certain discussions that are going to make certain people very uncomfortable,” in case they continue to oppose his candidacy.

“And I believe that this all revolves around Israel’s role on 9/11,” he noted.

“This entire operation where Saudi Arabia is being center-staged as the true subject of those 28 pages that have been kept hidden from the American people, this is just an operation aimed at distracting people away from the more damning and problematic information where Israel is actually the centerpiece of the discussion,” the analyst continued.

“If the American people were to find out what happened, and how Israel was directly involved in 9/11, it would obviously change the political landscape vis-à-vis America and her support for Israel” in such a radical way that it would be considered an “existential threat” to the Tel Aviv regime, he concluded.


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