9/11 Designed to “Pivot East” With China’s Belt & Road Initiative

Listen to Paul Bremer in this PBS Front Line clip at the 0:09 point when Bremer states “the insurgency was bigger than they expected”. Bremer was brought into Iraq to lead the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA), following the 2003 invasion of Iraq by the United States. Under United Nations Security Council Resolution 1483 the CPA was established. While at the U.S. State Department, Bremer was assistant to Henry Kissinger from 1972 to 1976.

Bremer retired from the Foreign Service in 1989 and became managing director at Kissinger and Associates, a worldwide consulting firm founded by Henry Kissinger. Henry Kissinger fully backed the “war” on Iraq then offered a disclaimer saying “if he knew then what he knows now he wouldn’t have supported the war.” The world sure did shift, it shifted east to accommodate China’s Belt & Road Initiative. If it wasn’t for those “19 hijackers out of Boston“, Henry, what would we have done?

When Paul Bremer said the “insurgency in Iraq was bigger than they expected”, it was in fact an insurgency discussed in the clip below that was created by the US to create a Sunni-Shiite fratricidal religious war to purposefully cause as much chaos in Iraq as possible regardless of how many Iraqi people were killed. Retired US Army Col. Steele (American foreign policy: death squads) was brought in to set up the infrastructure in Baghdad needed to create the conditions for a murderous religious sectarian war. Where is Paul Bremer today? At home painting as a hobby to “find his soul” after his probably recalling his experience in Iraq as it experienced 3,000 dead Iraqis a month piling up on the streets of Baghdad starting in 2003. Is it any wonder why the current Iraqi government wants the US military out of Iraq? China’s Belt & Road Initiative: America is out; China is in.

Here’s Henry telling us how China’s Belt & Road Initiative is going to be a “game changer”. What Henry really means is the US military was used to smash through the region including Iraq and now Syria to pave the way for China and Russia. The next “egg to scramble” in the hot skillet as the US National Security Advisor John Bolton unites the jihadists from Daesh and the loyal followers (MEK) of Maryam Radjavi is their common objective: Iran.

It isn’t like Henry didn’t warn us, after all, he did say that “if you want to make an omelette you have to scramble a few eggs.” Henry is giving the US an ultimatum: either face imposed economic reality or face China in war.

Kissinger urges greater cooperation with China as ‘the world’s center of gravity’ shifts

Review: Belt and Road: A Chinese World Order by Bruno Maçães — will China rule the world?

How many readers know that while Israel and China increase trade and economic relations through technology transfers, Henry Kissinger at 95 years old has been shuttling to China to meet with China’s president for life Xi Jinping, while his former subordinate Paul Bremer is at home painting self-reflecting thoughts? The article linked below states that Xi Jinping tells Henry Kissinger about the need to accurately assess strategic aims of the US and China. That is incorrect, Henry Kissinger is telling Xi Jinping what China must do, after all, it is Rothschild’s who are invested in China’s Belt & Road Initiative officially started in 2013. Henry Kissinger is behind a long term plan initiating a trillion-dollar project that aims to connect more than 70 countries via an overland “belt” and a maritime “road.” Maybe Henry addressed Xi Jinping about all that cloned weaponry China is building while he was there recently?

China and US need to ‘accurately assess’ strategic aims, Xi Jinping tells Henry Kissinger

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Flourishing in the new era: China-Israel economic and trade cooperation

“Academics” like Kissinger can frame the discussion in terms of this being a “pivot policy towards Asia”, but in reality it has cost an enormous amount of destruction, war and loss of life in the Middle East. And before the “pivot to the East” is completed to build China’s Belt & Road, Iran will have to be inevitably confronted. Consider this Belt & Road Initiative as a very long conveyor belt reaching back more than 40 years. The conveyor belt came through the events of 9/11, is moving forward for the next 50 years, as the sun rises on China while Henry Kissinger is councilor and trustee of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).

U.S. Visions of China From Henry Kissinger to Donald Trump

Trump’s “Principled Realism” Versus China’s Belt And Road Initiative

The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) is a think tank based in Washington DC founded in 1962 at Georgetown University. It started off as a CIA think tank and has morphed over the years. John J. Hamre is presently the President and CEO of CSIS and has held that position since 2000. CSIS had a revenue in 2014 of around $43 million with its current chairman and a member of CSIS’s board of directors Thomas J. Pritzker. CSIS is considered the “go to think tank” for all things related to defense and national security. The Pritzker family is one of the most prominent Jewish families in Chicago.  Thomas J. Pritzker’s father was Jay Arthur Pritzker. In an interview with J.B. Pritzker, he stated he would like to be the next governor of Illinois.

CSIS, the Oil Crusader

CSIS often hosts strategic seminars on the impact and significance of China’s Belt & Road Initiative with the last seminar given in October, 2018. Thomas J. Pritzker is an American billionaire heir, businessman and philanthropist. He is a member of the Chicago Pritzker family. Pritzker is the chairman and chief executive officer of the Pritzker Organization (TPO). Pritzker is the executive chairman of the Hyatt Hotels Corporation. Hyatt opened its first hotel in China in 1969 and today has grown to 58 hotels, seven brands and more than 19,000 rooms in China. Plans are to have 60 hotels in China with a total of 22,000 rooms in the next couple of years. Any seminar CSIS has on China’s Belt & Road Initiative will be favorable to the Hyatt Corporation.

In 2013, President Xi Jinping presented to the world in a speech on the Belt & Road Initiative in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is the lynch pin of China’s Belt & Road initiative with the capital city of Astana being constructed as an ultra modern megacity. When President Xi Jinping was in the US visiting Seattle in September, 2015 he delivered a policy speech. In attendance for the speech were Henry Kissinger and Penny Pritzker who at the time was the US Secretary of Commerce. Penney Pritzker is the daughter of Donald Pritzker who was one of the co-founders of Hyatt Hotels.

It is no coincidence that a big uranium deal all began in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is the single largest producer of commercial uranium in the world. China relies heavily on Kazakhstan for uranium meaning that the Belt & Road Initiative once completed will be able to get that uranium to China that much faster for China’s uranium enrichment capacity.

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