4th Anniversary of MH370 False Flag 08-11 March 2018 in Dallas, Texas

Attention Australia,

I am the person that Malaysia called to Kuala Lumpur in April, 2014 to explain how the remote capture of MH370 was performed by a private corporation and then a military branch of one of the participating nations in Cope Thunder/Cobra Gold 2014.

I am organizing a 4th anniversary conference in Dallas Texas to expose those responsible for the remote capture and eventual destruction of MH370. There is no one else on earth that was called to Malaysia to explain it to both the government of Malaysia and MAS, the airline who was twice targeted in 2014 by parties known to Abel Danger, a private intelligence agency with GLOBAL REACH.

If any Australian newspapers, journalists or government officials wish to appear they will be welcome as well as exposed, in the case of any government officials such as Warren Truss or Angus Houston.

google: warren truss + angus houston + buap + ati + FIELD MCCONNELL

Field McConnell
Global Operations Director, Abel Danger
+001 715 307 8222


Brian, Brendi, Mike, Ian and Mark,

After a very positive and spiritual AV8 in UK this past weekend I see a vast potential to be capitalized upon if UK Column, Caravan to Midnight, Hear The Watchmen and Alternative View were to have a long weekend conference in Dallas, Texas in 2018.

As a very timely and powerful “hook” I believe we could easily produce a 2 hour video detailing how MH370 was taken off course on March 8, 2014.  There is news today, 25 May, 2017, of a potential court case against defendants yet to be determined.  Most of you know that in time frame 17-20 April, 2014 I was in Kuala Lumpur and I explained to Malaysian government and the airline, MAS, what happened to MH370.

I have great confidence in UK Column, Caravan to Midnight, Hear The Watchmen, Alternative View and all those individuals addressed in this message.  I think that if a video were produced in an airline simulator we could draw vast international interest in this MH370 issue.

I don’t wish to ‘jump the gun’ but Denise and I will be celebrating our 1st anniversary with a trip to Plymouth UK and if this project takes wings it may be that Plymouth is the launch point.

The recently concluded AV8 was a smashing success and most attending realized there was a tangible sense of optimism and spirituality and I hope that we, as a consortium of spiritually guided truth warriors, can plan a conference in Dallas in 2018.  Mark Sutherland, a British movie maker, attended HTW 2017 in Dallas and perhaps he can visualize a way to package such a video of MH370 to stimulate international interest in any such conference.

In the meantime I will be communicating with AGENT CRUSHER in Australia to see if I can connect with a newspaper in Oz that is championing the MH370 issue.  It is my personal opinion that the government of Australia has done more to obfuscate the truth of MH370 than any other country.  Alan, please feel free to quote me on that.

In the spirit of truth and Peace,


Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17

The first anniversary of the destruction of Flight MH17 and loss of all 298 passengers and crew fast approaches. The international safety and criminal investigations continue. The diplomatic community seem to be struggling with delivering some of the promises of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2166. Article 11 of that resolution is clear enough, in that it “Demands that those responsible for this incident be held to account and that all States cooperate fully with efforts to establish accountability.”

Australia, Belgium, Malaysia, Holland and Ukraine have requested an independent UN Tribunal be established to deal with accountability under international law, but Russia apparently thinks that suggestion is counter-productive and untimely. It is not clear why the simple establishment of an independent and impartial UN Tribunal is in any way problematic in itself. In the Pan Am Flight 103 Lockerbie disaster, it took 11 years and considerable international lawyering and diplomacy for Libya to hand over two suspects to a specially convened Tribunal for their criminal prosecution. This was in spite of clear International Law under the 1971 Montreal Convention for the Suppression of Unlawful Acts against the Safety of Civil Aviation, that requires States to prosecute suspects, or extradite them to another State for prosecution. The same duties apply here in MH17, with Australia, Belgium, Malaysia, Holland, Ukraine and Russia also being party to the 1971 Montreal Convention.

The Families of MH17 should not be expected to wait a further 10 years for the advancement of their search for justice. A group of international families from MH17 has just launched a civil action in the United States Federal Court in Chicago, Illinois demanding answers from Igor Girkin, former commander in chief of the Donetz People’s Republic, and a named individual under US, EU and Swiss Sanctions. Girkin is a Russian national, believed to be living in Moscow.

Informed sources have stated that the intelligence services of the US and Russia were in possession of 95% of the facts surrounding the destruction of MH17 within days of 17th July 2014. President Obama and President Putin would have been briefed accordingly. Obviously those known facts remain secret at this time. However, international pressure is mounting in support of the families of MH17, whom will not be forgotten or delayed in their search for truth and justice.

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