4Chan Q-ANON – Trump Cryptic Tweet – Swamp Fox (A Case of Treason)

4Chan Q-ANON- ALARMING In Depth Analysis

Trump Cryptic Tweet Tonight And Q

Threats And Counter-Threats

Q Clearance Patriot AKA Q Anon – Breaking Down the Coming Storm! HRC, Saudi Arabia, Trump & More

11.14 – NSA Breach/Trump Jr./Rothschild/Trump Major Statement

/POL/ Q Clearance Anon- Is it #happening? Perspectives and Part VII

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Sealed Indictments:




“Who Exposed Serco for Sexing up the Russian Dossier?

Big US news coming, ‘Q Clearance’ Anon says

Guys if what Q clearance Anon said is true…


Swamp Fox – A Case of Treason 



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  • What are the chances ?? An Australian next door to PADDOCK . TWO WITNESSES ARE AUSTRALIAN . The Girlfriend was Australian and a known spy , and one of those was right next door to Padock .. Zero chance , He sent one text which read ….Robert spoke of the fear and stress he had suffered following Brian’s first text – a simple message saying, “I’m in trouble”. There is only one reason he would be in trouble . You ccan tell by looking at him he is a Brit not Australian . http://www.project.nsearch.com/profiles/blogs/las-vegas-shooting-warning-to-trump , https://nworeport.me/2017/10/03/hotel-guest-next-door-to-las-vegas-shooter-saw-multiple-gunmen/ I am willing to bet he was the assassin ..

  • So who runs Nth Korea ?? Most USA president have been related to the Royals and all treaties are usually made by Britain /Rothschild , Australia has been over run by Soros and Clinton operatives . An Australian Doctor of German decent was treating the NTH kOREAN LEADER FOR AGES , he was kicked out of the town he lived in after they found out . Recently in Australia a lot of politicians have had to step down because of some dual citizen issue , which i dont believe at all , they have never taken notice of the constitution and have tried to destroy it many times . Some were British dual nationals , which is funny given they take thei orders directly from the Royals . The Gov GENERAL which is the highest office who can sack the gov reports directly to the Queen . Andwho was his advisor ??? = Australian military adviser arrested in US on child pornography charges. http://www.news.com.au/national/australian-military-adviser-arrested-in-us-on-child-pornography-charges/news-story/00f8d5eacd983cb1bac2e670965e14fd Take note of his dress , look familiar ?? Rothschild /Goldman Sachs of course is heavily involved . I think its something to do with all of this , it happened as soon as the pedo busts went down .. In NZ its a total criminal organization run by the justice head Silias who is cousin to that creepy Goldman sucks Turnbull mate who not only quit but was the one who sold all the fake derivatives . Something is going on , it all happened at once in both country’s and now the Soros /Gore radicals are back in power in NZ . Gore is heavily involved in taking down Trump .

  • Great info – and encouraging for a change. I tend to agree with most of their conclusions.
    FYI the first one on the alarming in depth analysis has audio problems (too low). She made another to replace at:

  • New Zealand National party covering up crimes. Recently, men interviewed on tv about being abused as children while in State Care. National refused to have an enquiry.

    Max Key, son of former PM, not squeaky clean, his deeds covered up by his father & Steven Joyce (AKA: – dildo face).

    S Joyce owns or run media in NZ, has been known to silence everything committed by members of the Nats.

    Australian army – – during the 2nd gulf war – – alot of sex abuse going on. An Aussie SAS blew the whistle on that on while attached to the HMAS Kanimbla. Said SAS person is in process of writing a bio.

    The said SAS person was, while on the said vessle in the Persian Gulf, had been recognised as a whistle blower for the above mentioned sex abuse crimes commited in the Aus. army against the junior ranks.