#2777: Overheated Clinton’s Deplorable Responders – 8(a) Serco’s Zulu Red-Switch Way Points – Crown Corinthia 9/11 Crash

United States Marine Field McConnell 
Plum City Online – (AbelDanger.net)
September 11, 2016

1. Abel Danger (AD) claims that the former junior U.S. Senator from New York Hillary Clinton, left a ceremony marking the 15th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks before it concluded after apparently “overheating” in the company of the friends and family of the deplorable first responders who died in mass casualty events during the alleged controlled demolitions of the Twin Towers.

2. AD claims claims that on 9/11, Clinton’s aides linked Serco 8(a) servers to the Defense Red Switch Network so pay-to-play donors in elite hotels could impute ad-hoc way points into hijacked aircraft and synchronize war-game stand downs with the demolition of the towers to produce the ‘first live-broadcast mass snuff film in human history’ in Zulu time.

3. AD claims that Crown Sisters – the feminist custodians of post-war kill lists – launched a conspiracy to crash aircraft with high-value passengers on Tuesday June 11, 1968 when the Corinthia Palace Hotel in Malta was opened by His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, former Grand Master of the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators.

4. United States Marine Field McConnell can explain to Donald Trump how to dismantle Serco’s Red Switch Network; confiscate the Crown Sisters’ Corinthia kill lists; bring Clinton’s aides to justice, and, restore the ability of a POTUS and his deplorable supporters to defend America against all enemies domestic and foreign.

9/11 FireFighters – THREE Explosions After Plane Hit WTC 
Ed Rollins: Clinton can’t walk back ‘deplorable’ remarks
Hillary Clinton Booed in N.Y.C 
 [FULL] Hillary Clinton “FAINTS” At 9/11 Ceremony || RAW FOOTAGE
Hillary Clinton left 9/11 memorial service after feeling ‘overheated’ 
Comey: Clinton Made United States Secrets Vulnerable To Hostile Actors

Part 1 of 6 – Field McConnell and Captain Sherlock on 911
Launching the name of the next 007 film – SKYFALL – at Corinthia Hotel London 
Copy of SERCO GROUP PLC: List of Subsidiaries AND Shareholders! [Note HSBC, British and Saudi Governments, HSBC, Teachers’ and man Goldsachs] 
Defense Ammunition Center [Outsourced to Serco] 

Top HSBC [Serco’s dirty banker] Executive Arrested In US For Front-Running Trades

White’s Club death-bet bookmaker service dates back to 1743 only the technology to spot fix the Zulu time of victim death has changed.
Serco… Would you like to know more?

“Digital Fires Instructor Serco – Camp Pendleton, CA Uses information derived from all military disciplines (e.g., aviation, ground combat, command and control, combat service support, intelligence, and opposing forces) to determine changes in enemy capabilities, vulnerabilities, and probable courses of action.”

“Explosive Testimony: Revelations about the Twin Towers in the 9/11 Oral Histories 
January 18, 2006 
Begin Questioning, Evidence and Research Controlled Demolition, David Ray Griffin, Lies and misrepresentations 
by David Ray Griffin

“[T]here was just an explosion [in the south tower]. It seemed like on television [when] they blow up these buildings. It seemed like it was going all the way around like a belt, all these explosions.” –Firefighter Richard Banaciski

“I saw a flash flash flash [at] the lower level of the building. You know like when they demolish a building?” –Assistant Fire Commissioner Stephen Gregory

“[I]t was [like a] professional demolition where they set the charges on certain floors and then you hear ‘Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop’.” –Paramedic Daniel Rivera

The above quotations come from a collection of 9/11 oral histories that, although recorded by the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) at the end of 2001, were publicly released only on August 12, 2005. Prior to that date, very few Americans knew the content of these accounts or even the fact that they existed.

Why have we not known about them until recently? Part of the answer is that the city of New York would not release them until it was forced to do so. Early in 2002, the New York Times requested copies under the freedom of information act, but Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration refused. So the Times, joined by several families of 9/11 victims, filed suit. After a long process, the city was finally ordered by the New York Court of Appeals to release the records (with some exceptions and redactions allowed). Included were oral histories, in interview form, provided by 503 firefighters and medical workers.1 (Emergency Medical Services had become a division within the Fire Department.2) The Times then made these oral histories publicly available.3

Once the content of these testimonies is examined, it is easy to see why persons concerned to protect the official story about 9/11 would try to keep them hidden. By suggesting that explosions were occurring in the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers, they pose a challenge to the official account of 9/11, according to which the towers were caused to collapse solely by the impact of the airplanes and the resulting fires.

In any case, now that the oral histories have finally been released, it is time for Americans and the world in general to see what these brave men and women reported about that fateful day. If this information forces a reevaluation of the official story about 9/11, better now than later.

That said, it must be added that although these oral histories are of great significance, they do not contain the first reports of explosions in the Twin Towers. Such reports–from firefighters, reporters, and people who had worked in the towers—started becoming available right after 9/11.”

1962 Opening of the Corinthia Restaurant in a 19th Century Stately Home in Malta
1968 Opening of Corinthia Palace Hotel, on Tuesday June 11, 1968 by His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
1969 Opening of first conference centre in Malta – The Chameleon at the Corinthia Palace Hotel and Spa
1976 Opening of the Corinthia Mistra Village in Malta as an apart-hotel. Sold in 2000.
1982 Opening of the Corinthia Jerma Hotel in Malta. Sold in 2000. 1990 Acquisition of the Corinthia Labranda and the Corinthia Gulluk in Turkey. De-branded in the late 1990s
1990 Acquisition of the Corinthia Excelsior in Turkey. Sold in 2014. 1995 Acquisition of the five-star Corinthia Tekirova in Turkey. Sold in 2014.
1995 Opening of the Corinthia Hotel St Georges Bay in St Julians, Malta
1996 Acquisition of the Corinthia Aquincum Hotel in Budapest, renamed the Aquincum Hotel Budapest in 2004 1997 Acquisition of Top Spirit real estate group, a holding company in the Czech Republic owning 10 hotels across the country, including what eventually became the Corinthia Hotel Prague 1997 Acquisition of the Grand Hotel Royal in Budapest, one of the city’s grandest buildings and situated on the Erzsebet Boulevard. Commencement of a major rebuilding project for the five-star Corinthia & Residences
1997 Acquisition of the Marina Hotel forming part of the Corinthia Beach Resort
1998 Acquisition of the Corinthia Tunisia in Tunis, re-branded as a Ramada Plaza in 2004
1998 Acquisition of the Corinthia Panorama in Prague, Czech Republic
1998 Acquisition of land in Tripoli, Libya for the construction of the Corinthia Hotel & Commercial Centre, the country’s first five-star hotel
2001 Acquisition of the five-star Corinthia Hotel Lisbon, Portugal in the financial heart of the city
2002 Acquisition of the five-star Corinthia Nevskij Palace Hotel in St Petersburg, Russia in the heart of the city on Nevsky Prospekt. Reconstruction and extension of the Building into a hotel, retail and commercial centre
2002 Opening of the five star Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal & Residences in Budapest following re-build
2003 Opening of the newly constructed five star Corinthia Hotel & Commercial Centre, Tripoli, Libya
2004 Opening of the Corinthia Hotel Khartoum, Sudan on the historic location at the confluence of the white and Blue Nile
2004 Re-opening of the refurbished Corinthia Hotel Lisbon, Portugal
2006 Inauguration of Royal Residences at Corinthia in Budapest. Inauguration of Royal Spa at Corinthia Budapest.
2007 Acquisition of a derelict Italianate Al-Jazeera Building on the foreshore of Benghazi, Libya 2008 Acquisition of the former Ministry of Defence Building in Whitehall London. Opened as the Corinthia Hotel & Residences in 2011.
2015 Inauguration of plans for the Corinthia Hotel St George’s Bay, Marina Hotel and Radisson Blu Resort St Julians to be re-developed into a luxury residential, retail and commercial destination featuring two hotels including the Mediterranean’s first six-star hotel.” 

“Eon Productions is an American-owned British film production company known for producing the James Bond film series. The company is based in London’s Piccadilly and also operates from Pinewood Studios in the United Kingdom. It is a subsidiary of Danjaq LLC, theholding company responsible for the copyright and trademarks to the Bond characters and elements on screen.”

“Hillary Clinton, Feeling ‘Overheated,’ Leaves 9/11 Ceremony 
Hillary Clinton on Sunday abruptly left a ceremony in New York marking the 15th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks before it concluded because she became “overheated,” according to a campaign spokesman.

“During the ceremony, she felt overheated, so she departed to go to her daughter’s apartment, and is feeling much better,” said Nick Merrill, a Clinton spokesman, noting that the Democratic presidential nominee appeared at the event near ground zero for 90 minutes before leaving.

Mrs. Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, lives in Manhattan, a short drive from the former site of the twin towers. At about 11:40 a.m., Mrs. Clinton, wearing sunglasses, emerged from the apartment in New York’s Flatiron district. She waved to onlookers and posed for pictures with a little girl on the sidewalk.

“I’m feeling great,” Mrs. Clinton said. “It’s a beautiful day in New York.”

Mrs. Clinton left in her motorcade without the group of reporters that is designated to travel with her in public. Mr. Merill indicated that she returned to her Chappaqua, N.Y., residence after 1 p.m., but did not give an exact time. Mrs. Clinton had arrived at the commemoration event around 8 a.m. and left at about 9:30. But for over an hour after that, her campaign would not offer any information about why she left early or where she was.

Video from the event taken by an attendee captured Mrs. Clinton struggling to steady herself and then stumbling as she stepped off a curb. She required assistance from two Secret Service agents to get into her van. The video, which was posted on Twitter, immediately ricocheted across the internet.

Donald J. Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, also attended the event, as did a host of other dignitaries. Temperatures were in the low 80s on Sunday morning in New York, with considerable humidity.

Mr. Trump and his supporters have aggressively sought to raise questions about Mrs. Clinton’s health in recent months. The nominee himself has highlighted his rival’s recurring cough and wrote on Twitter last month that “both candidates” should “release detailed medical records” (Mr. Trump has issued only a limited summary of his own health).

Mrs. Clinton has been bothered by allergy attacks since she emerged from an August fund-raising swing for a series of post-Labor Day campaign events. On Monday, in Cleveland, she could hardly get through a rally because of a coughing attack. “Every time I think of Trump, I get allergic,” she told the crowd to laughter.

The following day on her campaign plane, Mrs. Clinton told reporters that her allergies flared up twice a year and that she was on antihistamines. “I just upped my antihistamine load to try to break through it,” she said. “It lasts a couple days, and then it disappears.”

A campaign spokesman didn’t immediately respond to questions about whether Sunday’s incident was related to her medication or allergies.

Mrs. Clinton’s campaign has tried to bat away rumors about the candidate’s health, including releasing a letter from Mrs. Clinton’s doctor saying she was in “excellent health.” Aides have dismissed such questions as a way to distract from the issue of Mr. Trump not releasing his tax returns.

Both Mrs. Clinton, 68, and Mr. Trump, 70, have shared less information about their health than many previous presidential candidates, though Mrs. Clinton has provided more information than Mr. Trump.

In July 2015, Mrs. Clinton issued a detailed two-page letter from her physician that included the concussion Mrs. Clinton suffered while she was the secretary of state in 2012; it left her with a blood clot in her head and double vision. Mrs. Clinton’s physician, Dr. Lisa Bardack, said those symptoms had been resolved within two months.

Her husband, Bill Clinton, however, has said that Mrs. Clinton “required six months of very serious work to get over” the concussion — a statement that helped feed conspiracy theories among Republicans that Mrs. Clinton’s concussion was worse than initially disclosed, though there is no medical evidence to support those theories.

Asked whether she was concerned such questions about her health would affect the election, as the polls have tightened, Mrs. Clinton said, “I’m not concerned about the conspiracy theories. There are so many of them I’ve lost track of them.””

“Joseph Beverly‎ to Jews News October 8, 2012 White House leaves out Key Data on Libya 
by Gunner Panobscot… 
Even CNN doesn’t want to hide this. Let’s Talk About Hillary Clinton’s Claim of “Robust” Security Inside Benghazi Consulate .. The matter of “unarmed Libyan guards” is confusing. We are told that Hillary Clinton wrote the Rules of   Engagement for Libya and the Blue Mountain Group was hired for exterior protection because they agreed to the “no bullet” Rules of Engagement. The Blue Mountain Group is not considered one of the eight approved contractors for overseas government facilities. But were the guards really unarmed? It appears that may be true. Abhorrent, to say the least.” 

“The Corinthia Hotel London, at the corner of Northumberland Avenue and Whitehall Place in London, is a luxury hotel and former British Government building, located on a triangular site between Trafalgar Square and the Thames Embankment.

Originally built as the Metropole Hotel, its location close to the Palace of Westminster and government offices in Whitehall meant it was commandeered in both world wars. After the Second World War, it was purchased by the Ministry of Defence and used as government offices until it was declared surplus to requirements and sold by Crown Estates in 2007. It was then restored as a hotel and renamed the Corinthia Hotel London, a combination hotel and residential building.

Metropole Hotel[edit]

Commissioned by the Gordon Hotels company, construction was started in 1883.[1] The hotel opened in 1885, with an 88-page brochure which claimed:[2]

That the hotel’s location is particularly recommend it to ladies and families visiting the West End during the Season; to travellers from Paris and the Continent, arriving from Dover and Folkestone at the Charing Cross Terminus; to Officers and others attending the levees at St James; to Ladies going to the Drawing Rooms, State Balls, and Concerts at Buckingham Palace; and to colonial and American visitors unused to the great world of London

The hotel was the base for the Aero Club and the Alpine Club, and acted as the gathering point for competitors in the first London to Brighton run in 1896.[3] The Prince of Wales, later King Edward VII entertained guests at the hotel on various occasions,[4] having a reserved box in the ballroom and using the Royal Suite, thought to have been the first floor rooms with bowfronted windows fronting Whitehall Place.[2] World War I[edit]

The hotel was requisitioned in the run-up to World War I to provide accommodation for government staff, together with the other hotels and buildings in Northumberland Avenue, including the Constitutional Club and the offices of the Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge.[2]

… World War II[edit]

About to hand back the building, the government extended the lease by again requisitioning the building in the build-up to World War II. Again a home for various departments, room 424 became the first home for MI9 and its sub-division the Special Operations Executive,[9] and later the holding point for one of the model planning beaches for Operation Overlord.[10]

Metropole building[edit]

Purchased from Gordon Hotels after World War II, it was transferred to the Crown Estates portfolio. Controlled by the Ministry of Defence, who used it as an overflow building to its main Whitehall complex, by 1951 the Air Ministry was again a major occupant. From the mid-60s until 1992 it housed the bulk of the Defence Intelligence Staff, the remainder of the analysts and the DIS central staff being sited in the MoD Main Building. In the James Bond comic strip in the Daily Express the artist Yaroslav Horak quite often depicted the Metropole Building as MI6 HQ. Subsequently the MoD used the building during various refurbishments, when the mirrored ballroom provided the setting for Press Conferences and other major events.[2] In a nod to its past, the official announcement of the James Bond movie Skyfall was made at a press conference held at the Corinthia Hotel on 3 November 2011.[11]

Having stood unoccupied since 2004, in 2007 the Metropole Building and the adjoining 10 Whitehall Place were acquired for a sum of £130M by a consortium owned equally by Malta’s IHI plc and two of its principal shareholders, the Libyan Foreign Investment Company and Nakheel Hotels ofDubai.[8][12] In September 2008 City of Westminster council approved development of the two buildings as a hotel and residential complex.[13]

The building reopened in 2011 managed by CHI Hotels & Resorts. 10 Whitehall Place has been converted to 12 residences, and a spa run by Espa.[14]”

“Jason Toovey’s Summary 
A dedicated security professional with over 13 years exemplary service in the British Army and 6 years in the Security and Risk Management sector. Consulting, training and performing executive protection duties, in both hostile and none hostile environments. Conversant on many levels, an adept multi-tasker and dynamic risk assessor, who’s calm, confident and able to make quick exacting decisions should the need arise.

Jason Toovey’s Experience
Security Consultant and Trainer
Blue Mountain Group
May 2012 – Present (5 months) Tripoli, Libya
Training and mentoring consultant for the Corinthia Hotel in Tripoli. Training of the hotel security team and providing security briefings to visiting corporate clients. Liaising with hotel management and visiting security teams to ensure a secure working and living environment for all visitors and guests.
Security & Risk Consultant
Maritime Asset Security & Training
January 2011 – February 2012 (1 year 2 months) Indian Ocean
Accountable for the training, securing and security of varying types of ships around the Indian Ocean, to counter piracy attacks. Regular training of crews involved detailed defensive planning of the ships and the emergency procedures to be carried out should an attack occur.

Team Leader
G4S Secure Solutions Afghanistan – South
October 2007 – December 2010 (3 years 3 months) Helmand Province, Afghanistan Responsible for the protection of British Foreign and Commonwealth Office personnel including the British Ambassador, Members of Parliament, British Security Services, Police Mentors and the full array of Embassy support staff. In addition operating in Forward Operating Bases located in Garmsir and Nad E Ali to assist FCO stabilisation and political advisers.

Close Protection Officer
UKME Ltd & UniTrust
June 2006 – September 2007 (1 year 4 months)London, United Kingdom
Personal Protection Officer, designated to a senior member of the Dubai Royal family during their visit to the
United Kingdom for the summer, over a period of four years. Carrying out a full spectrum of CP duties.
Close Protection Team Member
Page Protective Services – Israel
February 2006 – May 2006 (4 months) Israel
Team member on the Emergency Deployment of The Close Protection Team sent to Israel for the Protection of the Head of Delegation for the European Commission in Jerusalem. We regularly operated throughout Israel and the West Bank and Gaza Strip regions
British Army
October 1992 – February 2006 (13 years 5 months) World Wide

Assigned to the Royal Military Police (RMP) Close Protection Team, responsible for the security and protection of the British Commander of European Forces in Bosnia. Operations took the team extensively throughout the Balkan regions by land and air. Liaising and working with local and other European forces.

Deployed to Iraq with the RMP Close Protection Team assigned to the Senior British Military Representative Iraq, and all visiting British Government Officials based in Baghdad. The position held was that of Principal Driver, and at times team member on the ground, requiring us to operate the length and breadth of Iraq by both vehicle and helicopter, gaining a comprehensive insight into the region.

Principal PMS driver assigned to the RMP Close Protection Teams operating throughout Northern Ireland. Our duties were to protect high profile senior Military Commanders and visiting Dignitaries. Heavily involved in the training and selection of new CP team members focusing on the driving skills and techniques required for operating armored and high-powered cars.

Driver in The Royal Logistics Corps completing tours in Angola, Canada and Bosnia. Main responsibilities were fleet and personnel management and maintenance of vehicles.”

“Based in Malta, Corinthia Hotels International Limited (CHI Limited), trading as CHI Hotels & Resorts,[1] is a hotel management company that provides technical assistance and management services to hotel owners worldwide. CHI is the exclusive operator and developer for the luxury Corinthia Hotels brand in Europe, Africa and The Middle East.

CHI also operates various restaurants under brands such as ‘Rickshaw’ and has its own Spa division. CHI Hotels & Resorts is wholly owned by, and the operating arm of, International Hotel Investments plc (IHI).[2] Corinthia Hotels is a brand of luxury hotels founded by the Pisani family of Malta through the incorporation of Corinthia Palace Hotel Co Ltd. in 1966.

The Brand is present in luxury hotels in key gateway cities such as Budapest, Prague, St. Petersburg, Lisbon, Malta and Tripoli. Landmark projects under the Corinthia Hotels brand are now under development in London, England, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt and Benghazi, Libya.

Corinthia branded hotels are exclusively managed by CHI Hotels & Resorts.

In 2015-16, Corinthia Hotel Budapest underwent a sensitive refurbishment of signature suites and the creation of meeting rooms and function terraces by London based, award-winning, interior design studio Goddard Littlefair.”

“In January 2015, the Corinthia Hotel in Tripoli was attacked by men affiliated with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).[1]The hotel was popular with foreign officials and government workers; it had previously housed the Libyan Prime Minister.

In the early hours of 27 January 2015, ISIL-affiliated men detonated a car bomb in the parking garage of the hotel. In the chaos, an estimated 5 gunmen stormed past the local guard and entered the hotel, intent on killing guests.[2]

Some of the attackers survived the initial contact, leading to a protracted hostage situation.[3] Victims[edit]

Five foreigners died in the attack: one American, one Frenchman, and three Tajiks (including two women). The American, David Berry, was working as a contractor for an American security firm named Crucible. Five Libyan security personnel are also reported to have died in the attack.[4]

Perpetrators and motivations[edit]

The attack was carried out by men belonging to ISIL’s “Tripoli Province”, who are believed to have been natives of Libya. The attackers’ stated objective was revenge for the death of Abu Anas al-Libi, a Libyan Al-Qaeda operative who was involved in the bombing of two American embassies in 1998. He was captured by American forces inside Libya in 2013, and died in an American hospital on 2 January 2015.[4]” 

“Al-Libi was believed to have been tied to al-Qaeda since its 1994 roots in the Sudan.[7] In 1995, al-Libi was granted political asylum in the United Kingdom, after a failed Al-Qaeda plot to assassinate Hosni Mubarak, then president of Egypt. An Egyptian request for extradition was declined on the grounds that al-Libi would not receive a fair trial. In 1996, MI6 allegedly paid a Libyan Al-Qaeda cell to kill Colonel Gaddafi.[8] Al-Libi would have been allowed to stay in return for aiding the alleged plot, which was unsuccessful.[8] In 1999, al-Libi was arrested by Scotland Yard and interrogated. However, he was released because he had cleared his hard drive and no evidence could be found to hold him. He evaded a team that was sent to follow him and was not seen for years. His flat in Manchester, where he was a student, was searched by police, who discovered a 180-page handwritten manual for Al-Qaeda followers[dubious – discuss], translated from Arabic to English, which became known as the Manchester Manual.[9]”

Al-Libi spoke Arabic and English. He had a scar on the left side of his face.[10] Because he was tall and bore a passing resemblance to Osama bin Laden, he was often used as adecoy when Bin Laden traveled.[7] 

“C4ISR Case Studies … C4ISR Solutions … Serco also integrated voice, video teleconferencing capabilities and situational awareness displays, along with the VDI, into the facility’s network distribution system across multiple networks. The result is an integrated IP-based total capability that is centrally managed and consistent across all platforms. Serco also implemented Defense Red Switch Network (DRSN), completed a structured fiber optic and Category 6 cabling system, and participated in the construction design working group to ensure supporting systems (e.g. Power and HVAC) were able to support the 24 AF’s IT needs. As a result of Serco’s support, 24th Air Force enjoys a true state-of-the-art environment that has delivers the high level of performance and security requires to continue fulfilling the important missions protecting the nation’s security.” 

“Support Services for Starwood Hotels Group Starwood Hotels Group, owner of some of the [Innholders] world’s most prestigious hotels, has appointed Serco as preferred bidder for a £7m contract to provide a range of support services to the Sheraton Grand in Edinburgh, the Westin in Dublin and the 5 star Turnberry resort on Scotland’s west coast. The contract, which has a 5 year term, is an extension to services already provided to other [Innholders] hotels in the Starwood Group and includes buildings maintenance and security, engineering support and [WiFi] help desk services.” 

“Justin Cooper (aide
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Justin Cooper was a senior adviser to Bill Clinton, former President of the United States.[1] Justin Cooper first worked within the Office of Science and Technology before later becoming an aide for former President of the United States Bill Clinton.


A native of Pennsylvania, Cooper is an alumnus of Upper Dublin High School[citation needed] and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the American University with a major in Interdisciplinary Studies of Communication, Law, Economics and Government.[citation needed] While working for Clinton, Cooper attended Fordham Law School where he earned a Juris Doctor in 2008.


White House[edit]

Cooper began working in the White House as an intern in the Office of Science and Technology Policy and later in the Oval Office. He was later hired as a Staff Assistant for Oval Office Operations. 

Clinton asked Cooper, along with Doug Band, to move to New York to play a critical role in his post-presidential activities.

Cooper has served as senior aide and advisor to President Clinton, becoming a critical member of Clinton’s post-presidency cadre of advisors. In his current role, Cooper has traveled with Clinton on hundreds of trips domestically and internationally. [2] [3]

Cooper is frequently credited with assisting President Clinton in editing and recounting his autobiography detailing his formative years and tenure as President in his memoir My Life. President Clinton notes Cooper’s critical role in the formation of the memoir in the first sentence of the book’s “Acknowledgments.” Cooper was integral in transforming Clinton’s those thoughts into an organized narrative.[4] [5] He played a similar role on Clinton’s second book, Giving.[6]

Cooper who has a close working relationship with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her senior most advisers since their White House days, including Cheryl D. Mills [Meet the mastermind behind Hillary Clinton’s massive email cover-up] and Huma Abedin, is often responsible for briefing and advising the President on a range of issues including finances, business matters, public relations, politics, the Clinton Family Foundation and the Clinton Foundation‘s initiatives as well as the Clinton Global Initiative. Cooper was named as the Registrant for Clinton’s home based email server, clintonemail.com, as of 11-14-2013. [7] In addition to his noted role in the publication of Clinton’s memoirs, Cooper is also a frequent travel partner of the President. Most notably, Cooper accompanied the President’s delegation to North Korea when Clinton successfully secured the release of two American journalists, Laura Ling and Euna Lee, in August 2009.[8] [9] [10] [11] Cooper serves on the governing board of theAmerican University of Dubai.[12]

“Innoventor, Inc. recognized by U.S. Small Business Administration 
By: By Linda H. Conway 
Innoventor, Inc., which was founded by MechSE alumnus Kent Schien, has been named ‘National Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year’ by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Schien’s company was selected from among nine regional prime contractors to receive the award in recognition of the company’s outstanding service as a prime contractor of goods and services to the federal government.

The award was announced last week as part of the National Small Business Week celebration in Washington, D.C. “The federal government put nearly $100 billion in federal contracts in the hands of small businesses last year,” said SBA Administrator Karen G. Mills. “Those small businesses–including the ones being honored today–are creating jobs and delivering innovative products and services to make America stronger. Today, we celebrate the achievements of small businesses as well as their partners and advocates in the federal contracting community.”

Innoventor is a design/build engineering firm founded in the basement of Schien’s home in 1996. The company, located in St. Louis, MO, is the recipient of numerous previous awards. Innoventor’s core competency is combining cross-industry experience and cutting edge technology to provide innovative solutions for a variety of customer demands. Its customers include the government, aerospace, military, automotive, commercial, industrial, agriculture, food and beverage, medical, pharmaceutical and power industries. It has been a prime contractor at Warner Robbins Air Force Base in Georgia for the cesium-based master regulating clock, a precision instrument that regulates secondary clocks in complicated systems, for the E-4B Advanced Airborne Command Post for the U.S. Air Force.”

“Opened in 1994 as the successor to the Transitional Immigrant Visa Processing Center in Rosslyn, Va., the NVC centralizes all immigrant visa pre-processing and appointment scheduling for overseas posts. The NVC collects paperwork and fees before forwarding a case, ready for adjudication, to the responsible post.

The center also handles immigrant and fiancé visa petitions, and while it does not adjudicate visa applications, it provides technical assistance and support to visa-adjudicating consular officials overseas.

Only two Foreign Service officers, the director and deputy director, work at the center, along with just five Civil Service employees. They work with almost 500 contract employees doing preprocessing of visas, making the center one of the largest employers in the Portsmouth area.

The contractor, Serco, Inc., has worked with the NVC since its inception and with the Department for almost 18 years.

The NVC houses more than 2.6 million immigrant visa files, receives almost two million pieces of mail per year and received more than half a million petitions from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) in 2011. Its file rooms’ high-density shelves are stacked floor-to-ceiling with files, each a collection of someone’s hopes and dreams and each requiring proper handling. ….

The NVC also preprocesses the chief of mission (COM) application required for the filing of a petition for a Special Immigrant Visa (SIV). Such visas, for foreign nationals who have performed services for the U.S. government in Iraq and Afghanistan, require COM concurrence before the applicant can file a petition with USCIS. The NVC collects the requisite documents from such applicants and, when complete, forwards the package to the U.S. embassies in Baghdad or Kabul for COM approval” 

“Serco do a bunch more that didn’t even make our story: As well as thanking God for his success, CEO Chris Hyman is a Pentecostal Christian who has released a gospel album in America and fasts every Tuesday. Amazingly, he was also in the World Trade Centre on 9/11, on the 47th floor addressing [Serco] shareholders. Serco run navy patrol boats for the ADF, as well as search and salvage operations through their partnership with P&O which form Defence Maritime Services. Serco run two Australian jails already, Acacia in WA and Borallon in Queensland. They’re one of the biggest companies In the UK for running electronic tagging of offenders under house arrest or parole.”

“UK Cabinet Office – Emergency Planning College – Serco …..Types of Exercise Workshop Exercises 
These are structured discussion events where participants can explore issues in a less pressurised environment. They are an ideal way of developing solutions, procedures and plans rather than the focus being on decision making. Table Top Exercises These involve a realistic scenario and will follow a time line, either in real-time or with time jumps to concentrate on the more important areas. The participants would be expected to be familiar with the plans and procedures that are being used although the exercise tempo and complexity can be adjusted to suit the current state of training and readiness. Simulation and media play can be used to support the exercise. Table-top exercises help develop teamwork and allow participants to gain a better understanding of their roles and that of other agencies and organisations. Command/Control Post Exercises These are designed primarily to exercise the senior leadership and support staff in collective planning and decision making within a strategic grouping. Ideally such exercises would be run from the real command and control locations and using their communications and information systems [Feeling lucky, Punk?]. This could include a mix of locations and varying levels of technical simulation support. The Gold Standard system is flexible to allow the tempo and intensity to be adjusted to ensure maximum training benefit, or to fully test and evaluate the most important aspects of a plan. Such exercises also test information flow, communications, equipment, procedures, decision making and coordination. Live Exercises These can range from testing individual components of a system or organisation through to a full-scale rehearsal. They are particularly useful where there are regulatory requirements or with high-risk situations. They are more complex and costly to organise and deliver but can be integrated with Command Post Exercises as part of a wider exercising package.”

“Serco farewell to NPL after 19 years of innovation 8 January 2015 Serco said goodbye to the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) at the end of December 2014 after 19 years of extraordinary innovation and science that has seen the establishment build a world-leading reputation and deliver billions of pounds of benefit for the UK economy. During that period under Serco’s management and leadership, NPL has delivered an extraordinary variety and breadth of accomplishments for the UK’s economy and industry. Some of the key achievements during that time have been:… It has been estimated that work carried out by the Centre of Carbon Measurement at NPL will save eight million tonnes of carbon emissions reductions (2% of UK footprint) and over half a billion pounds in economic benefit over the next decade…. NPL’s caesium fountain atomic clock is accurate to 1 second in 158 million years and NPL is playing a key role in introducing rigour to high frequency trading [for Serco’s front running banks] in the City through NPL [Zulu] Time.

“Base One Technologies, Ltd. is a DOMESTIC BUSINESS CORPORATION, located in New York, NY and was formed on Feb 15, 1994.This file was obtained from the Secretary of State and has a file number of 1795583.” 

“Serco’s Office of Partner Relations (OPR) helps facilitate our aggressive small business utilization and growth strategies. Through the OPR, Serco mentors four local small businesses under formal Mentor Protégé Agreements: Three sponsored by DHS (Base One Technologies, TSymmetry, Inc., and HeiTech Services, Inc.,) and the fourth sponsored by GSA (DKW Communications, Inc.). Serco and HeiTech Services were awarded the 2007 DHS Mentor Protégé Team Award for exceeding our mentoring goals.”http://www.dtic.mil/whs/directives/corres/pdf/100515p.pdf

Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971; Forensic Economist; 30 year airline and 22 year military pilot; 23,000 hours of safety; Tel: 715 307 8222

David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 Forensic Economist; former leader of oil-well blow-out teams; now sponsors Grand Juries in CSI Crime and Safety Investigation

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