27 Dead in Texas and Las Vegas Has Been Forgotten – FBI, Multiple Shooters in Vegas, What’s Up With That? – Patience (The Capacity to Accept or Tolerate Delay) of the American People Has Now Reached the Thinness of Paper

EXPOSED! FBI Agents Checked Into Mandalay Bay Hotel
2 Days Before The Las Vegas Shooting

There were two other police officers with Jesus Campos. What the hell MGM? What two officers?! Now it turns out there were “two other police officers from the MGM who were there on the floor prior to the shooting….. two off-duty officers of MGM security responded to [Jesus Campos] prior to when the shooting began…..” Yes, let’s get the FBI to investigate the shooting right? Sheriff Lombardo, what does the FBI have on you to gag you?

Las Vegas Sheriff Lombardo Interview-Nov 1st, 2017

Just in case anyone has had one of those intuitive moments, the official time line is bullshit.

Is Vegas shooter’s girlfriend the key to elusive answers?

STRANGE police looking helicopter en route to Mandalay bay 20 seconds after SHOOTING began

Helicopters Involved In Vegas Shooting Vol 2. Stephen Paddock/Multiple shooters.

Message to the FBI: Time is up. Your $8.9 billion annual budget is just about over. The Saudis are clearly upset. The Saudi regime is going to come clean boys, are you ready? Looks as though somebody has been sharing messages haven’t they?

Shakeup In Saudi Arabia Tied To LV?

What is this outfit all about?

Machine Gun Helicopters


The Saudi regime coming down on the Bin Laden family’s participation in financing terrorism?

Osama Bin Laden’s Brother Arrested In Saudi Crackdown


The CIA’s disappearing act in their participation in sponsoring terrorism through the bin Laden family:

Bin Laden’s Declassified Files Vanish From CIA Website


Good bye, oil sheiks as the big shake up in the oil regime starts becoming very real:

Helicopter With Saudi Prince, Government Officials Crashes Near Yemen Border

Here’s a fun one: The Russians are now putting the final screws to the Saudi-US-Israel-UK conglomeration of the dysfunctional Takfiri lunatic mercenaries in Syria:

Russian strategic bombers pound Daesh positions in Syria’s Dayr al-Zawr

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