#2525: White’s Club Taint In Nine-Eyes Labs – Le Bourget Caps As Serco Hacks – Air France 8(a) Nose-Up Stall

D-Day + 2 Progress Report for Marine Corps Intelligence Activity 
The Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford’s Firing Squads 
United States Marine Field McConnell 
Plum City Online – (AbelDanger.net) 
December 2, 2015

1. AD asserts that White’s Club long range agents have been tainting evidence in the forensic laboratories of the Nine Eyes countries (Five Eyes + BRIC) to conceal the identities of death-pool bettors’ timing deaths of victims at mass-casualty events.

2. AD asserts that White’s sent David Cameron to Le Bourget to remind delegates to the UN carbon-cap conference that the Bureau d’Enquêtes et d’Analyses pour la Sécurité de l’Aviation Civile (BEA) lab has been hacked by a Serco long-range hijack group.

3. AD asserts that White’s used Serco’s 8(a) hijackers to run surveillance on the BEA lab and time a nose-up stall for the Airbus A330-203 of AF Flight 447 to crash into the Atlantic Ocean near waypoint TASIL (3°03′57″N 30°33′42″W) on 1 June 2009.

United States Marine Field McConnell (https://abeldanger.blogspot.com/2010/01/field-mcconnell-bio.html) invites the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford to deploy Marine Corps firing squads to protect all U.S. military aircraft – including the Doomsday E4B flying over Le Bourget – against attacks by White’s Club death-pool bookmakers and its Serco/Nine Eyes Surveillance networks.


It is now D-Day + 2.

Left – David (“Ship Jumper Dave”) Cameron, the only member to resign from White’s. (Note in 1994, he ordered Norman Lamont at Treasury to outsource operation of the NPL death-pool hijackers’s clock to Serco. Right – David’s father, the late Ian Cameron a.k.a. “Mr. White”, Chairman of White’s until his death in 8 September 2010.

Air France Flight 447 (Simulation) 2013*

Five Eyes + Four Eyes = Nine Eyes 

A Scandal in Bohemia … You see, but you do not observe. The distinction is clear.

“Air France Flight 447 (AF447/AFR447)[a] was a scheduled passenger flight from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Paris, France, which crashed on 1 June 2009. The Airbus A330, operated by Air France, entered an aerodynamic stall from which it did not recover and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean at 02:14 UTC, killing all 228 passengers, aircrew and cabin crew aboard the aircraft.[2]

While the Brazilian Navy removed the first major wreckage and two bodies from the sea within five days of the accident, the initial investigation by France’s Bureau d’Enquêtes et d’Analyses pour la Sécurité de l’Aviation Civile (BEA) was hampered because the aircraft’s black boxes were not recovered from the ocean floor until May 2011, nearly two years later.[1][3]

The BEA’s final report, released at a news conference on 5 July 2012,[4][5] concluded that the aircraft crashed after temporary inconsistencies between the airspeed measurements – likely due to the aircraft’s pitot tubes being obstructed by ice crystals – caused the autopilot to disconnect, after which the crew reacted incorrectly and ultimately led the aircraft to an aerodynamic stall from which they did not recover.[4][6][7] The accident was the deadliest in the history of Air France.[8][9] It was also the Airbus A330’s second and deadliest accident, and its first in commercial passenger service.[10]

Île de Sein arrived at the crash site on 26 April, and during its first dive, the Remora 6000 found the flight data recorder chassis, although without the crash-survivable memory unit.[132][133] On 1 May the memory unit was [planted and] found and lifted on board the Île de Sein by the ROV.[134] The aircraft’s cockpit voice recorder was found late on 2 May 2011, and was raised and brought on board the Île de Sein the following day.[135]

On 7 May the flight recorders, under judicial seal, were taken aboard the French Navy patrol boat La Capricieuse for transfer to the port of Cayenne. From there they were transported by air to the BEA’s office in Le Bourget near Paris for data download and analysis. One engine and the avionics bay, containing onboard computers, had also been raised.[136]

By 15 May all the data from both the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder had been downloaded.[137][138] The data was subjected to detailed in-depth analysis over the following weeks, and the findings published in the third interim report at the end of July.[139] The entire download was filmed and recorded.[139]

Third interim report[edit]

On 29 July 2011, the BEA released a third interim report on safety issues it found in the wake of the crash.[6] It was accompanied by two shorter documents summarizing the interim report[224] and addressing safety recommendations.[225]

The third interim report stated that some new facts had been established. In particular:

The pilots had not applied the unreliable-airspeed procedure.

The pilot-in-control pulled back on the stick, thus increasing the angle of attack and causing the aircraft to climb rapidly.

The pilots apparently did not notice that the aircraft had reached its maximum permissible altitude.

The pilots did not read out the available data (vertical velocity, altitude, etc.).
The stall warning sounded continuously for 54 seconds.

The pilots did not comment on the stall warnings and apparently did not realize that the aircraft was stalled.
There was some buffeting associated with the stall.

The stall warning deactivates by design when the angle of attack measurements are considered invalid, and this is the case when the airspeed drops below a certain limit.

In consequence, the stall warning stopped and came back on several times during the stall; in particular, it came on whenever the pilot pushed forward on the stick and then stopped when he pulled back; this may have confused the pilots.

Despite the fact that they were aware that altitude was declining rapidly, the pilots were unable to determine which instruments to trust: it may have appeared to them that all values were incoherent.[6]

The BEA assembled a human factors working group to analyze the crew’s actions and reactions during the final stages of the flight.[226]

A brief bulletin by Air France indicated that “the misleading stopping and starting of the stall warning alarm, contradicting the actual state of the aircraft, greatly contributed to the crew’s difficulty in analyzing the situation.”[227][228]”

[David] Cameron’s forebears have a long history in finance. His father Ian [former Chairman of White’s gambling club] was senior partner of the stockbrokers Panmure Gordon & Co., in which firm partnerships had long been held by Cameron’s ancestors, including his grandfather and great-grandfather,[9] and was a director of estate agent John D. Wood. His great-great grandfather Emile Levita, a German Jewish financier who obtained British citizenship in 1871, was the director of the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China which became Standard Chartered Bank in 1969.[22] One of Emile’s sons, Arthur Levita, was also a stockbroker; he married a cousin of the royal family, Steffie Cooper.[23][nb 2] Sir Ewen Cameron, another great-great-grandfather, was London chairman of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank; he played a key role in arranging loans from the Rothschild family to Japan during the Russo-Japanese War.[23][24] Great-grandfather, Ewen Allan Cameron, was partner of Panmure Gordon stockbrokers[23]and served on the Corporation of Foreign Bondholders,[25][26] and the Committee for Chinese Bondholders (set up by the then-Governor of the Bank of England, Sir Montagu Norman (later Lord Norman) in November 1935).[27]”

“Luíz Inácio da Silva (Portuguese: [luˈiz iˈnasju dɐ ˈsiwvɐ] ( listen); born 27 October 1945), known as Lula (Portuguese: [ˈlulɐ] ( listen)),[2] is a Brazilian politician who served as the President of Brazil from 1 January 2003 to 1 January 2011. He is a founding member of the Workers’ Party (PT – Partido dos Trabalhadores) and ran for president three times unsuccessfully, first in the 1989 election, then again in 1994 and 1998. Lula achieved victory in the 2002 election, and was inaugurated as president on 1 January 2003. In the 2006 election he was elected for a second term as president, which ended on 1 January 2011.[3]Succeeded by his former Chief of Staff, Dilma Rousseff, he left an enduring mark on Brazilian politics in the form of Lulism.

He is often regarded as one of the most popular politicians in the history of Brazil and, at the time of his mandate, one of the most popular in the world.[4][5][6] Social programs like Bolsa Família and Fome Zero are hallmarks of his time in office. Lula played a prominent role in recent international relations developments, including the nuclear program of Iran and global warming, and was described as “a man with audacious [Fabian] ambitions to alter the balance of power among nations.”[7] He was featured in Time‍ ‘​s The 100 Most Influential People in the World for 2010,[8] and has been called “the most successful politician of his time.”[9]

In October 2011, Lula—who was a smoker for 40 years[10]—was diagnosed with throat cancer and quickly started chemotherapy treatment. Since the cancer was found, he has successfully recovered and has since announced a return to politics.[11]”

“Spectre – On a mission in Mexico City, unofficially ordered by the previous M by way of a posthumous message, James Bond kills two men arranging to blow up a stadium and gives chase to Marco Sciarra, an assassin who survived the attack. In the ensuing struggle, Bond kills Sciarra and steals his ring, which is emblazoned with a stylised octopus. On his return to London Bond is indefinitely suspended from field duty by the current M, who is in the midst of a power struggle with C, the head of the privately-backed [Serco] Joint Intelligence Service, which consists of the recently merged MI5 and MI6. C also campaigns for Britain to join “Nine Eyes”, a global surveillance and intelligence co-operation initiative between nine member states [Five Eyes + BRIC]. C uses his influence to close down the ’00’ section, believing it to be outdated.

“8(a) Business Development Program[edit] The 8(a) Business Development Program [controlled through Serco protégée Base One Technologies and Clinton Nine Eyes servers] assists in the development of small businesses owned and operated by individuals who are socially and economically disadvantaged, such as women and minorities. The following ethnic groups are classified as eligible: Black Americans; Hispanic Americans; Native Americans (American Indians, Eskimos, Aleuts, or Native Hawaiians); Asian Pacific Americans (persons with origins from Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Japan [Mineta interned in WWII], China (including Hong Kong), Taiwan, Laos, Cambodia (Kampuchea), Vietnam, Korea, The Philippines, U.S. Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands (Republic of Palau), Republic of the Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, Samoa, Macao, Fiji, Tonga, Kiribati, Tuvalu, or Nauru); Subcontinent Asian Americans (persons with origins from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, the Maldives Islands or Nepal). In 2011, the SBA, along with the FBI and the IRS, uncovered a massive scheme to defraud this program. Civilian employees of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, working in concert with an employee of Alaska Native Corporation Eyak Technology LLC allegedly submitted fraudulent bills to the program, totaling over 20 million dollars, and kept the money for their own use.[26] It also alleged that the group planned to steer a further 780 million dollars towards their favored contractor.[27]

Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971; Forensic Economist; 30 year airline and 22 year military pilot; 23,000 hours of safety; Tel: 715 307 8222

David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 Forensic Economist; former leader of oil-well blow-out teams; now sponsors Grand Juries in CSI Crime and Safety Investigation

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