#2498: Trudeau Fabian Councils in a Judeo-Christian War

#2498: Trudeau Fabian Councils in a Judeo-Christian War – Obama’s Five Eyes Mumbai Murders – Serco’s 8(a) Visa Fraud
A Request by United States Marine Field McConnell 
Images Leading To A Proof by Contradiction Of Assertions Below 
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November 5, 2015




United States Marine Field McConnell (https://abeldanger.blogspot.com/2010/01/field-mcconnell-bio.html) invites Abel Danger researchers and users to send him images or information – per examples below – which can lead to a proof by contradiction of the assertions above.

Serco Fabians have run U.S. National Visa Center since 1994 and Five Eyes tracking since 2001 after the move of the Boeing HQ to Chicago.


Harjit Singh Sajjan – Justin Trudeau’s new Minister of Defense and the only man who could have synchronized Boeing’s Five Eyes satellite communications networks in Chicago with Serco‘s 8(a) attackers in Mumbai.
Mumbai Attack Terror Tape-phone conversation part 1
Mumbai Terrorism: Why Jews were tortured and killed?
Fabian Society and their Secret Agenda Part 1/2. 


Pierre Trudeau – Just Watch me 
Run by Serco (RCA GB 1929) trackers since 1953


Security by Serco


Run by Serco since 1988 after a name change from RCA GB 1929.


Run by Serco since 1994


Serco and CGI/Stanley in Montreal are collecting Obamacare data for Trudeau Fabian Privy Council to decide on the “persons who are most fit, or most unfit to carry on the race”

“In November 2008, allegedly 10 Pakistani members of Lashkar-e-Taiba, an Islamic militant organisation, carried out a series of 12 coordinated shooting and bombing attacks lasting four days across Mumbai.[10][11][12] The attacks, which drew widespread global condemnation, began on Wednesday, 26 November and lasted until Saturday, 29 November 2008, killing 164 people and wounding at least 308.[2][13]

Eight of the attacks occurred in South Mumbai: atChhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, the Oberoi Trident,[14] the Taj Mahal Palace & Tower,[14] Leopold Cafe, Cama Hospital,[14] the Nariman House Jewish community centre,[15] theMetro Cinema,[16] and in a lane behind the Times of India building and St. Xavier’s College.[14] There was also an explosion at Mazagaon, in Mumbai’s port area, and in a taxi at Vile Parle.[17] By the early morning of 28 November, all sites except for the Taj hotel had been secured byMumbai Police and security forces. On 29 November, India’s National Security Guards (NSG) conducted ‘Operation Black Tornado’ to flush out the remaining attackers; it resulted in the deaths of the last remaining attackers at the Taj hotel and ending all fighting in the attacks.[18]

Ajmal Kasab[19] disclosed that the attackers were members of Lashkar-e-Taiba,[20] among others.[21] The Government of India said that the attackers came from Pakistan, and their controllers were in Pakistan.[22] On 7 January 2009,[23] On 9 April 2015; the foremost mastermind of the attacks Zaki ur Rehman Lakhvi[3][24] was granted bail against surety bonds of ₹200,000(US$3,000).[25][26]”

“Tahawwur Hussain Rana (Urdu: تہوّر حسین رانا‎; born January 12, 1961)[1] is a Pakistani Canadian resident of Chicago, USA who is an immigration service businessman and a former military physician. In 2011, he was convicted of providing support to the militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba and of allegedly plotting an attack on the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten.[2] He was however not found guilty of involvement in the 2008 Mumbai attacks, a charge for which he was originally detained.[3] Expressing disappointment at the verdict the Government of India stated that National Investigative Agency would charge Rana in a court in Delhi.[4] On January 17, 2013 he was sentenced to 14 years in prison.[5]

Personal life[edit]

Tahawwur Hussain Rana was born and raised in Chichawatni in the province of Punjab, Pakistan.[6] He attained his education from the Cadet College Hasan Abdal, a military residential college in Pakistan (where he met and befriended David Headley, then still known as Daood Gilani[7]), before becoming a citizen of Canada. Rana and his wife immigrated to Canada in 1997 and obtained Canadian citizenship in June 2001.[8] They are both physicians by profession. Rana has served as a captain general duty practitioner in the Pakistan Army Medical Corps. He lived primarily in Chicago and owns several businesses including an immigration service agency, First World Immigration Services, with offices in Chicago, New York and Toronto.[9][10] He also owns a home in Ottawa where his father and brother stay.[11]

His younger brother Abbas Rana is a journalist with The Hill Times and had been reporting on politics and the Canadian parliament for seven years. Abbas says his brother is innocent and has no links with terrorism; “To the best of my knowledge, these charges are false. I know my brother. I love my brother. He’s a man of integrity, he’s honest, and he’s a hard-working person.”[12] Rana’s arrest had a devastating impact on the family. Writing under the heading “Why The Hill Times supports its reporter, Abbas Rana,” the weekly’s publisher said “As I read about his brother’s case in news stories from Chicago, to India, to Canada, I can’t help but notice the innuendo that appears to imply guilt in the reporting on allegations of terrorism.”[12]

When the story of Rana’a arrest broke out in American media, the news was kept hidden from his father who is in poor health. His father, who views cable news, was purposely shielded from watching news. When he gradually learned of the story, he became hospitalised.[12]

While still an officer in the Pakistan Army, Rana deserted the country after he declined from taking a posting to the Siachen glacier. Because of this, he was not able to enter Pakistan. He claims that he had contact with Major Iqbal, an alleged ISI official, who promised him he would try to get Rana back on Pakistan, on the condition if Rana helped Iqbal’s friend (Headley) get back to Pakistan. Based on this, Rana’s lawyer said Rana had no knowledge of the Mumbai attack and that Headley happened to manipulate Rana’s immigration business as a cover for his visits to Mumbai.[13] In the same interrogation, Rana also testified that Headley may have possibly worked for the Lashkar-e-Taiba and been involved in militancy in Kashmir.


Rana and Headley were charged and arrested on 18 October 2009 for plotting attacks on the offices of Jyllands-Posten, the newspaper which published the controversial cartoons of prophet Mohammad.[14] During the subsequent interrogation, it was found out that Rana had traveled to Mumbai and had stayed in Taj Mahal Palace & Tower, one of the places which was attacked by terrorists for over four days in November 2008.[15] His trial commenced on May 16, 2011 in Chicago, Illinois.[16] However, Rana maintains that he visited India with his wife on the pretext of interviewing people wishing to emigrate to Canada and the US, as part of his immigration consultancy business.[12]

Rana and his family say he is a pacifist and has been duped, cheated and framed by Headley.[17][18]


The opening statements of the trial were made on May 23, 2011 in Chicago.[19] Key testimony at the trial was provided by Governments witness and Rana’s childhood friend Headley who also provided details of Pakistan’sInter-Services Intelligence support for Lashkar-e-Taiba.[20] On June 9, 2011 jury convicted him of supporting terrorism by providing material support to Lashkar-e-Taiba and planning an aborted plot to bomb a Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten. He was acquitted of the third charge of involvement in 2008 Mumbai attacks. He faced up to 30 years in prison.[21]
Rana’s attorney said Rana was “in a state of shock” following the conviction. When he made his way to the court room to hear the verdict, he appeared very tense. Members of his immediate family were present during the hearing.[22] In January, 2013, Rana was sentenced to 14 years in prison.[23]”

“(CNN) — Americans and other foreigners were among those caught up in the bloodshed and chaos of the terror attacks in Mumbai, India, on Wednesday and Thursday.

At least six foreigners were among the 125 dead, police said. Targets included two luxury hotels, the Oberoi and the Taj Mahal, as well as a cafe popular with Western tourists.

A man told a local television station that he was in the Oberoi around 10 p.m. Wednesday when gunmen entered the lobby and began rounding up guests, asking for anyone with a U.S. or British passport and taking about 15 of them hostage.” 

“11/03/2008 @ 12:32PM 
Barack Obama, Fabian Socialist 
Barack Obama is a Fabian socialist. I should know; I was raised by one. My Grandfather worked as a union machinist for Ingersoll Rand during the day. In the evenings he tended bar and read books. After his funeral, I went back home and started working my way through his library, starting with T.W. Arnold’s The Folklore of Capitalism. This was my introduction to the Fabian socialists.

Fabians believed in gradual nationalization of the economy through manipulation of the democratic process. Breaking away from the violent revolutionary socialists of their day, they thought that the only real way to effect “fundamental change” and “social justice” was through a mass movement of the working classes presided over by intellectual and cultural elites. Before TV it was stage plays, written by George Bernard Shaw and thousands of inferior “realist” playwrights dedicated to social change. John Cusack’s character in Woody Allen’s “Bullets Over Broadway” captures the movement rather well.

Arnold taught me to question everyone–my president, my priest and my parents. Well, almost everyone. I wasn’t supposed to question the Fabian intellectuals themselves. That’s the Fabian MO, relentless cultural and journalistic attacks on everything that is, and then a hard pitch for the hope of what might be.
That’s Obama’s world.
He’s telling the truth when he says that he doesn’t agree with Bill Ayers’ violent bombing tactics, but it’s a tactical disagreement. Why use dynamite when mass media and community organizing work so much better? Who needs Molotov when you’ve got Saul Alinski?

So here is the playbook: The left will identify, freeze, personalize and polarize an industry, probably health care. It will attempt to nationalize one-fifth of the U.S. economy through legislative action. They will focus, as Lenin did, on the “commanding heights” of the economy, not the little guy.

As Obama said, “the smallest” businesses will be exempt from fines for not “doing the right thing” in offering employer-based health care coverage. Health will not be nationalized in one fell swoop; they have been studying the failures of Hillary Care. Instead, a parallel system will be created, funded by surcharges on business payroll, which will be superior to many private plans.

The old system will be forced to subsidize the new system and there will be a gradual shift from the former to the latter. The only coercion will be the fines, not the participation. A middle-class entitlement will have been created.

It may not be health care first; it might be energy, though I suspect that energy will be nationalized much more gradually. The offshore drilling ban that was allowed to lapse legislatively will be reinstated through executive means. It may be an executive order, but might just as well be a permit reviewing system that theoretically allows drilling but with endless levels of objection and appeal from anti-growth groups. Wind and solar, on the other hand, will have no permitting problems at all, and a heavy taxpayer subsidy at their backs.

The banking system has already been partially nationalized. Bush and Paulson intend for their share purchases to be only non-voting preferred shares, but the law does not specify that. How hard will it be for Obama, new holder of $700 billion in bank equity, to demand “accountability” and a “voice” for the taxpayers?

The capital markets are not freezing up now, mostly because of what has happened, although community organizers’ multidecade push for affirmative-action mortgages has done enormous harm to the credit system. Markets are forward looking.
A quick review of the socialist takeovers in Venezuela in 1999, Spain in 2004 and Italy in 2006 show the same pattern–equity markets do most of their plummeting before the Chavez’s of the world take power. Investors anticipate the policy shift in advance; that’s their job.

It’s not just equity markets, though; debt markets do the same thing. Everywhere I turn I hear complaints about bankers “hoarding” capital. “Hoarding” is a word we’ve heard often from violent socialists like Lenin and Mao. We also hear it from the democratic left as we did during the 1930s in America. The banks, we’re told, are greedy and miserly, holding onto capital that should be deployed into the marketplace.

Well, which is it, miserly or greedy? They’re not the same thing. Banks make money borrowing low and lending high. In fact, they can borrow very, very low right now, as they could during the Great Depression.

So why don’t they lend? Because socialism is a very unkind environment for lenders. Some of the most powerful members of Congress are speaking openly about repudiating mortgage covenants. Local officials have already done so by simply refusing to foreclose on highly delinquent borrowers. Then, there’s the oldest form of debt repudiation, inflation. Even if you get your money back, it will not be worth anything. Who would want to lend in an environment like this?

Will Obama’s be the strong-man socialism of a Chavez, or the soft socialism that Clement Atlee used to defeat Churchill after WWII? I don’t know, but I suspect something kind of in between. Despite right-wing predictions that we won’t see Rush shut down by Fairness Doctrine fascists. We won’t see Baptist ministers hauled off in handcuffs for anti-sodomy sermons. It will more likely be a matter of paperwork. Strong worded letters from powerful lawyers in and out of government to program directors and general mangers of radio stations. Ominous references to license renewal.

The psychic propaganda assault will be powerful. The cyber-brown-shirts will spew hate, the union guys will flood talk shows with switchboard-collapsing swarms of complaint calls aimed at those hosts who “go beyond the pale” in their criticisms of Obama. In concert with pop culture outlets like The Daily Show and SNL, Obama will use his podium to humiliate and demonize those of us who don’t want to come together and heal the planet.

You’ve heard of the bully pulpit, right? Well, then get ready, because you’re about to see the bully part.
Jerry Bowyer is chief economist of Benchmark Financial Network and a CNBC contributor.”

“Canada 2020 and the New Malthusian Takeover of Canada 
Matthew Ehret / March 12, 2014 
By Matthew Ehret-Kump 
Today, the Canadian political landscape is being remoulded by a grouping of British agents who seek to accomplish an overhaul of the Liberal Party structure in line with the reform conducted 54 years ago with the British-run ouster of the “continentalist” liberals of C.D. Howe and Prime Minister St. Laurent during the interim period of 1957-1963.

This 1957-1963 destruction of the once pro-development spirit of the Liberal Party of Canada was replaced by a Fabian Society/Rhodes Scholar-run instrument of technocratic fascism culminating in the 1968-72 revolution in cybernetic affairs early on in the mandate of Pierre Elliot Trudeau. This federal “Quiet Revolution” put a complete halt to scientific and technological progress and ushered in the green destruction of the pro-development orientation that had hitherto dominated top down policy making and mass popular consciousness in Canada and replaced it with a new oligarchical system of control in government based on Trudeau’s commitment to Cybernetics and Systems Analysis. In fact, as Julian Huxley outlined over 20 years earlier, Cybernetics and Systems Analysis-thinking would be the tools selected to repackage “Eugenics” and “Malthusianism” under new names.”

“Serco supported the AFSCN communications support squadron in partnering with military and government contractors to supervise an Air Force Satellite Control Network test effort at Oakhanger, United Kingdom. Their innovative test procedures and creative solutions provided a viable implementation plan designed to improve communications capability .. The team’s outstanding support and will bring new capabilities and enhanced services to our critical warfighting mission.” – Maj Gen Dale W. Meyerrose, Air Force Space Command Director of Communications and Information”

“Elitist Socialist-Capitalist Syntheses

Not only is Fabian and Frankfurt School socialism different from Marxist socialism by explicit strategy (gradualism versus violent revolution), this socialism is also different by source of revolutionary potential: Fabians focus on the elites, and cultural Marxists on subalterns, rather than the proletarians (working classes). Bolshevism, Fabianism, and cultural Marxism can be considered as elite forms of socialism, whether in intellectual, political, cultural, or economic terms. As they no longer focus on the working classes they are bourgeois revolutionary theories rather than a proletarian revolutionary movement. They are revolutions from above, not below; they are not grassroots or democratic; they are plutocratic, oligarchic, and dictatorial. These socialist intellectuals “march through the institutions” to effect a “gradual” revolution from above and are sponsored by the capitalist forces they supposedly oppose. According to Bolton,

the “[s]trategy of international oligarchy is dialectics: the conflict of opposing forces that generates a synthesis. This dialectical method … [explains] why the oligarchy so often seems to be backing opposite ideologies, governments and policies” and “The oligarchs…apparently operate on the dialectical premise that what will result from their ‘controlled conflict’ will be a socialist-capitalist synthesis which we might call the ‘World Collectivist State’; a world order that will be communistic in organisation but run by oligarchs rather than commissars”.28

Another way of looking at this is “Third Way” economics, such as advocated by Fabian PMs Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, and the UK Fabian Labour government. This is an attempt to reconcile left and right wing politics through a synthesis of right-wing economic policies i.e. capitalism and left-wing socialpolicies i.e. socialism.

Multiculturalism and World Governance

The “permeation” and “long march” of Fabianism and cultural Marxism continues today in the policies of multiculturalism and mass-immigration. For example, a prominent Canadian intellectual and Queens University scholar of multiculturalism, William Kymlicka, writes that “there was a deep institutional embedding of multiculturalism” in Canada.29

Multiculturalism, initiated in the federal statement of multiculturalism in 1971 by PM Pierre Trudeau, was gradually implemented, step-by-step, in what Kymlicka and his colleague Keith Banting explicitly refer to (without citing) as part of the “long march through the institutions at all levels of Canadian society” (my emphasis).30

In fact, according to Hugh Donald Forbes, political economy professor at the University of Toronto, Pierre Trudeau considered multiculturalism “a big political experiment” that had as its “aim” the testing and refinement of “a theory of how to overcome national or ethnic conflict”. This experiment involved the mixing of:

the populations of existing states even further, with a view to ultimately separating state and nation altogether, thus undermining the psychological basis for an intense and exclusive state patriotism and preparing the way for the necessary transition to a world of semi-sovereign states (or provinces) under some form of global governance.31″

“EPC is owned by the Cabinet Office and managed on their behalf by Serco Ltd – See more at: http://www.epcresilience.com/#sthash.pUUDN39N.dpuf …. Simulation and Media Support The method of delivering an exercise is flexible and will be designed with the client to meet their requirements with options ranging from simple paper-based delivery through to full use of their real communications systems and advance computer simulation. In addition, media play can also be added in the form of news injects and the provision of experienced journalists and television crews to help test procedures and also assist in training key staff.”

“In 1900 the Society produced Fabianism and the Empire, the first statement of its views on foreign affairs, drafted by Bernard Shaw and incorporating the suggestions of 150 Fabian members. It was directed against the liberal individualism of those such as John Morley and Sir William Harcourt.[17] It claimed that the classical liberal political economy was outdated, and that imperialism was the new stage of the international polity. The question was whether Britain would be the centre of a world empire or whether it would lose its colonies and end up as just two islands in the North Atlantic. It expressed support for Britain in the Boer War because small nations, such as the Boers, were anachronisms in the age of empires.[17] In order to hold onto the Empire, the British needed to fully exploit the trade opportunities secured by war; maintain the British armed forces in a high state of readiness to defend the Empire; the creation of a citizen army to replace the professional army; the Factory Acts would be amended to extend to 21 the age for half-time employment, so that the thirty hours gained would be used in “a combination of physical exercises, technical education, education in civil citizenship…and field training in the use of modern weapons”.[18]

“ITT Corporation (ITT) is a global manufacturing company based in the United States, producing specialty components for the aerospace, transportation, energy and industrial markets.

The company was founded in 1920 as International Telephone & Telegraph. During the 1960s and 1970s, under the leadership of its CEO Harold Geneen the company rose to prominence as the archetypal conglomerate, deriving its growth from hundreds of acquisitions in diversified industries. ITT divested its telecommunications assets in 1986, and in 1995 spun off its non-manufacturing divisions, later to be purchased by Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide.

In 1996, the current company was founded as a spinoff of ITT asITT Industries, Inc. and changed its name to ITT Corporation in 2006.

In 2011, ITT spun off its defense businesses into a company named Exelis [ad hoc waypoint hijacking], and its water technology business into a company namedXylem Inc.[2][3]”

Business Development Program[
edit] The 8(a) Business Development Program
assists in the development of small businesses owned and operated by
individuals who are socially and economically disadvantaged, such as women and
minorities. The following ethnic groups are classified as eligible: Black Americans;
Hispanic Americans; Native Americans (American Indians, Eskimos, Aleuts, or
Native Hawaiians); Asian Pacific Americans (persons with origins from Burma,
Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Japan
[Mineta interned in WWII], China (including Hong Kong), Taiwan, Laos, Cambodia
(Kampuchea), Vietnam, Korea, The Philippines, U.S. Trust Territory of the
Pacific Islands (Republic of Palau), Republic of the Marshall Islands,
Federated States of Micronesia, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana
Islands, Guam, Samoa, Macao, Fiji, Tonga, Kiribati, Tuvalu, or Nauru);
Subcontinent Asian Americans (persons with origins from India, Pakistan,
Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, the Maldives Islands or Nepal). In 2011, the SBA,
along with the 
FBI and
IRS, uncovered a
massive scheme to defraud this program.
Civilian employees of the U.S.
Army Corps of Engineers
, working
in concert with an employee of 
Native Corporation
Technology LLC allegedly submitted fraudulent bills to the program,
totaling over 20 million dollars, and kept the money for their own use.
[26] It also alleged that the group planned to steer a further 780
million dollars towards their favored contractor.


Fabian Society founded the
London School of Economics and
Political Science
 in 1895 “for the betterment of
society,” now one of the leading institutions in the world, an incubator
of influential politicians, economists, journalists, prime
ministers and liberal billionaires.
Today, the society
functions primarily as a 
think tank and is one of 15 socialist
affiliated with the
Labour Party. Similar societies exist in Australia (the 
Fabian Society
), in Canada
 and the now
for Social Reconstruction
Sicily (Sicilian Fabian Society) and in New Zealand.”
Henry Havelock Ellis,
known as Havelock Ellis (2 February 1859 – 8 July 1939), was an
English physician, writer, 
 and social reformer who studied human
He was co-author of the first medical textbook in English on homosexuality in
1897, and also published works on a variety of sexual practices and
inclinations, including 
transgender psychology. He is credited with introducing the notions of narcissism and autoeroticism, later adopted by psychoanalysis. He served as president of the Galton Institute and, like many intellectuals of his era, supported eugenics.[1] …. Ellis was a supporter of eugenics, in line with many others of that era. He served as vice-president to
Education Society
 and wrote
on the subject, among others, in The Task of Social Hygiene:
Eventually, it seems
evident, a general system, whether private or public, whereby all personal
facts, biological and mental, normal and morbid, are duly and systematically
registered, must become inevitable if we are to have a real guide as to those
persons who are most fit, or most unfit to carry on the race.
The superficially
sympathetic man flings a coin to the beggar; the more deeply sympathetic man
builds an almshouse for him so he need no longer beg; but perhaps the most
radically sympathetic of all is the man who arranges that the beggar shall not
be born.
Ellis resigned from
his position of Fellow of the Eugenics Society over their stance on 
sterilization in January 1931.[10]”
“In the Middle East, the theories of Fabian Society intellectual
movement of early-20th-century Britain [and Pierre Trudeau] inspired the
Ba’athist vision.
The Middle East adaptation of Fabian socialism led the state to control big
industry, transport, banks, internal and external trade. The state would direct
the course of economic development, with the ultimate aim to provide a
guaranteed minimum standard of living for all.
[25] Michel Aflaq, widely considered as the founder of the
Ba’athist movement, was a Fabian socialist. Aflaq’s ideas, with those of Salah
al-Din al-Bitar and Zaki al-Arsuzi, came to fruition in the Arab world in the
form of dictatorial regimes in 
Iraq and Syria.[26] Salāmah Mūsā of Egypt, another prominent champion
of Arab Socialism, was a keen adherent of Fabian Society, and a member since
Contract Award.   On January 31, 2006, in a recompetition for
our expiring National Visa Center, or NVC, contract, we were awarded the
successor contract for the NVC contract by the Department of State.
the contract, we anticipate performing over 20 million immigrant visa
transactions each year at the NVC in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and at the
Kentucky Consular Center in Williamsburg, Kentucky. The prime contract has a
one-year base period and four one-year options with a potential value of
approximately $84 million, inclusive of the options. The prior NVC contract
generated 9.1% of our total revenues in fiscal 2005 and 9.2% of our total
revenues in fiscal 2004.”
Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971; Forensic
Economist; 30 year airline and 22 year military pilot; 23,000 hours of safety;
Tel: 715 307 8222

David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 Forensic Economist; former
leader of oil-well blow-out teams; now sponsors Grand Juries in CSI Crime and
Safety Investigation

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