#2469: Serco’s Blood-Stained Carbon Footprint – Obama Teachers’ Animal Farm – Oregon 8(a) Digital Fires

A Request by United States Marine Field McConnell 
Images Leading To A Proof by Contradiction Of Assertions Below 
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October 3, 2015

1. AD ASSERTS THAT SERCO HAS BEEN REMOVING “BLOOD-STAINED FOOTPRINTS” FROM THE CRIME SCENES OF THE CARBON DISCLOSURE PROJECT (CDP) to hide institutional investors and their investments in the junk science of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming.

2. AD ASSERTS THAT OBAMA’S TEACHERS PENSION FUND (TIAA-CREF) HAS EXTORTED AN ‘ANIMAL FARM’ LEADERSHIP POSITION over more than 821 of its co-investors in the $95 trillion of assets in the Carbon Disclosure Project.

3. AD ASSERTS THAT SERCO’S 8(A) COMPANIES USED ‘DIGITAL FIRES’ TACTICS IN OREGON to kill Chris Harper Mercer – a British citizen discharged from the US Army and the gunman at the Umpqua Community College – and remove evidence which would link Obama’s Teachers to a carbon-footprint protection racket involving death-pool betting against Serco’s master clocks.

United States Marine Field McConnell (https://abeldanger.blogspot.com/2010/01/field-mcconnell-bio.html) is writing an e-book “Shaking Hands With the Devil’s Clocks” and invites readers to e-mail him images (examples below) for a proof by contradiction of the three assertions above.

The real Oregon shooter ( Chris Harper Mercer ) 

Compare Sandy Hook resurrection.

Run by Serco since 1994 
Run by Serco (formerly RCA GB 1929) since 1988 

Run by Serco since 1994

Run by Serco since 1994 

Run by Serco as RCA GB 1929 since 1953
The Mayfair Set episode 1- Who Pays Wins 

“US & Canada
Oregon gunman Chris Harper Mercer discharged from US Army

2 October 2015 
From the section US & Canada
Oregon college gunman Chris Harper Mercer has been described as an “uncommunicative” loner who was ejected from the US Army after less than a month of service.
Reportedly born in the UK, the 26-year-old lived with his mother a few miles away from Umpqua Community College, where he opened fire on Thursday morning, killing nine people before dying in a police shootout.

His father and stepsister were shocked by the shooting and a neighbour said his mother could be heard late on Thursday “crying her eyes out” in the family’s apartment.

“All he ever did was put everyone before himself, he wanted everyone to be happy,” said Carmen Nesnick, his stepsister.

But former neighbours in Oregon and California said Mercer hardly spoke and “seemed really unfriendly”.

He enlisted in the Army in 2008, but he was discharged after spending less than a month in basic training, a US Army spokeswoman told the BBC.

She did not disclose why he was discharged, citing privacy rules.

Police think Mercer may have been a student at Umpqua because he was found with a receipt from the campus bookstore showing he had purchased textbooks.

Mercer is not believed to have a criminal history allowing him to legally own a large cache of weapons. He is shown posing with a rifle in a photograph posted online.

Police said he was wearing metal-plated body armour when he was killed.

It appeared that Mercer had posted information about himself on a MySpace page and an online dating profile.

His MySpace page contained pictures of masked gunmen, a picture of the front page of the Irish republican newspaper An Phoblacht carrying the headline “British Army Could Not Defeat IRA” and a photograph with the words “IRA undefeated army”.

In a dating profile apparently belonging to Mercer on the Spiritual Passions website under the username Ironcross45, the non-smoking teetotaller described himself as “shy at first, but [I] warm up quickly, better in small groups”.

He listed hobbies including the internet and “killing zombies”, described his politics as “conservative, republican” and said he was spiritual but not religious.

Ms Nesnick said Mercer was born in the UK and moved to the US as a young boy.

Before moving to Oregon, Mercer and his mother lived for several years in a housing complex in the Los Angeles suburb of Torrance.

One neighbour, David Westly, said Mercer had told him his mother went shooting at a range and added that he had seen Mercer and his mother leaving and returning to the apartment with what looked like gun cases.

A local newspaper in Torrance, the Daily Breeze, claimed that Mercer had attended a school for teenagers with behavioural problems.

The paper said its own published lists of graduating students showed Mercer attended a school called the Switzer Center, which specialises in teaching students with special needs and behavioural issues.”

“White House Hired Sham Foreign Company for Obamacare, Employees ‘Do Nothing’
May. 22, 2014 10:00am 
Akash Chougule 
Akash Chougule is a policy analyst at Americans for Prosperity, the nation’s premier free-market grassroots organization. Akash brings a unique perspective to AFP, and specializes in education, health care, tax, and transportation issues.

Just when you thought the unfolding saga of Obamacare couldn’t get any stranger, it does. Witness last week’s bombshell – a whistleblower alleges American taxpayers are paying workers “to do nothing but sit at their computers.”

First reported by KMOV News 4, the whistleblower painted a picture reminiscent of the cult classic “Office Space,” telling the St. Louis station that employees went weeks literally doing nothing. What were they supposed to be doing? Processing ObamaCare paper applications.

Instead, they were sitting around playing games – all on the American taxpayer’s dime.

Lavonne Takatz worked from October to April at the Wentzville, Missouri facility where the transgressions occurred. She told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: “We played Pictionary. We played 20 Questions. We played Trivial Pursuit.”

Another former employee told KMOV management told them to “act like we were working” and “look at the screen as if we were reading things.” Employees were banned from speaking to the media, even after they left the company. The company is called Serco, a British firm awarded a $1.2 billion contract to manage paper applications for President Obama’s health care law.

Instead, they were sitting around playing games – all on the American taxpayer’s dime.

Serco was a boondoggle of its own amidst Obamacare’s disastrous rollout. The former Serco employee explained that there were 1,800 people waiting to get one out of 20 applications that came through.

Since the workload was so light, they were told “to sit at their computers and hit the refresh button…no more than every 10 minutes.” If they refreshed more than that, they were called into a supervisor’s office and told to stop, reported the Post-Dispatch. Takatz says that Serco even provided books to read.

According to Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) data, throughout October and November only 17 percent of exchange applications were on paper – far below the one-third rate the Congressional Budget Office projected. And yet at the same time there was a backlog of 50,000 to 60,000 paper applications – each representing a customer left in the dark about their status.

The Obama Administration awarded Serco with the contract last summer. Of course, as has been the case with so many recipients of this administration’s generosity, a cloud of insider politics hangs over the award.

Serco spent more than $1 million on lobbying and other political activities, including a donation to the Obama campaign – presumably common practice for a company that does 90 percent of its business with the federal government.

Interestingly, one of Serco’s hired lobbyists, Mark Hayes, was the central subject of an insider-trading investigation. But Serco’s dark history goes far beyond one lobbyist – it appears to stretch across the Atlantic Ocean.

Just days after Serco was awarded the Obamacare contract, they came under investigation from Britain’s Serious Fraud Office. An audit discovered that Serco and another company had been over billing the government by over $80 billion (USD). Serco, Inc. in the United States did not alert the government that their parent company was under foreign investigation, despite being required by law to do so.

No US questioned the contract issued to Serco during the summer of 2013 – but now they are looking at the contributions the company made to the Obama campaign and the companies transgressions in Britain and Australia. 
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images 

In August, London police investigated allegations that Serco falsified documents on a British government contract. In 2006, they were contracted to provide certain healthcare services in England, but the Guardian found that quality of service had declined drastically as a result. Another contract in 2011 resulted in 400 “clinical incidents.” In March of 2013, Britain’s National Audit Office found that Serco had made “unauthorized changes to performance data” 252 times in six months.

However, ineptitude and employee boredom have not been Serco’s only problems. Multiple reports have surfaced of staff being physically and sexually violent at another Serco-run facility, leading the Australian government to join the British in their suspicion of the worldwide corporation.”

“It Begins: Obama Administration Coming For Guns 
Despite his tepid protests to the contrary (“I don’t have the votes in Congress to take your guns”) during the 2008 Presidential campaign, Barack Obama is and always was a gun grabbing enemy of the Second Amendment.

Some didn’t fall for Barack Obama’s campaign year transformation from a handgun ban supporting eight-year Joyce Foundation board member to a man brimming with respect for the peoples’ right to keep and bear arms. Some, although they would be directly effected by Obama realizing his dream of a disarmed populace, were all too happy to let themselves get caught up in the “change” mantra and vote against their own interests. We call those people f’n idiots.

Well here’s your reward: Obama’s CDC has quietly begun circumventing Congress’ ban on funding gun control studies to lay the phony science groundwork for gun control legislation.

With a wave of a hand, the CDC has simply redefined gun-control research so the ban no longer applies. They’re not researching guns; they’re researching alcohol sales and their impact on gun violence, or researching how teens carrying guns affect the rates of non-gun injuries. “These particular grants do not address gun control; rather they deal with the surrounding web of circumstances,” wrote National Institutes of Health (NIH) spokesman Don Ralbovsky.

Take the Obama administration’s justification for its new gun research. “Gun-related violence is a public health problem – it diverts considerable health care resources away from other problems and, therefore, is of interest to NIH,” wrote the agency spokesman in an e-mail responding to questions from Republican members of Congress about new grants the CDC is giving out. The statement assumes the conclusion of the research before the first study is done.

People sometimes get what they deserve, but in this case the rest of us get it, too. And if you don’t think these phony studies based on presupposed conclusions have any end effect, see the issue of so-called man made climate change.

The CDC’s brazen end run around restrictions on gun-control research is hardly surprising given that when President Obama served on the board of the Joyce Foundation, it was the largest private funder of gun-ban research in the country. Now he has the resources of the whole federal government.

First we’ll get the half-baked studies followed by fawning press coverage. Then Democratic politicians and activists will pretend the gun restrictions they’ve always wanted were spurred by the new government research.

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“Defence Serco supports the armed forces of a number of countries around the world, including the United Kingdom, United States and Australia, working across land, sea, air, nuclear and space environments. Our mission is to deliver affordable defence capability and support to the armed forces. We work in partnership with our customers in government and the private sector to address the cost of defence, both financial and social, delivering affordable change and assured operational support services.

Click here to view a summary of Serco’s defence solutions

In the UK and Europe:

Serco manages the UK Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) as part of a consortium with Lockheed Martin and Jacobs. AWE is one of the most advanced research, design and production facilities in the world, developing the sophisticated materials, quantum physics and computer modelling vital to the safe and effective maintenance of the UK’s nuclear deterrent. AWE experts also play a leading role in nuclear non-proliferation and international nuclear security.

We enable the Royal Navy to move in and out of port at HM Naval Bases Faslane, Portsmouth and Devonport for operational deployment and training exercises. Managing a fleet of over 100 vessels, we operate tugs and pilot boats, provide stores, liquid and munitions transportation and provide passenger transfer services to and from ships for officers and crew.

We provide facilities and information systems support to the MoD’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), the UK government’s leading defence research establishment, including a £400m programme to rationalise the Dstl estate. We also provide facilities management services to the Defence Estates in support of the UK military presence in Gibraltar.

Serco provides extensive engineering and maintenance support to UK military aviation, including to the Fleet Air Arm and Royal Air Force, working on over 16 military aircraft types, in addition to the logistical support services at RAF bases across the country, including Brize Norton, Lyneham and High Wycombe, the Headquarters of Air Command.

Our space and security specialists provide spacecraft operation and in-theatre support to the Skynet 5 secure military satellite communications network; we maintain the UK’s anti-ballistic missile warning system at RAF Fylingdales and support the UK Air Surveillance and Control System (ASACS); Serco also supports the intelligence mission of the MoD and US Department of Defence at RAF Menwith Hill.

Serco enables the training of national security personnel through its services at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, the MoD’s world class institute responsible for educating the military leaders of tomorrow; we train all of the RAF’s helicopter pilots at the advanced training facility at RAF Benson; and we manage the Cabinet Office’s Emergency Planning College, the government’s training centre for crisis management and emergency planning.

In the UK, we also developed an approach that combines the introduction of windfarm friendly radar technology at RRH Trimingham, Staxton Wold and Brizlee Wood that has enabled >5GW windfarm development projects, which are equally important to the Department of Energy and Climate Change to meet its commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the Ministry of Defence”

4/24/05 AT 8:00 PM 
Chris O’Keefe, a tech manager at TIAA-CREF, the massive pension fund for teachers and professors, figured it was a no-brainer to hire Sonia Radencovich. Her resume listed the right experience for testing TIAA-CREF’s computer databases that held client data like Social Security numbers. And she was a contractor from Tek Systems, a “preferred vendor” to TIAA-CREF. O’Keefe assumed Tek had checked her background. “She seemed like the type of person you could trust,” he says.
Radencovich, however, left some key facts off her resume, NEWSWEEK has learned. Just days before she began work at TIAA-CREF last Sept. 27, she was sentenced to four years in prison for her role in a huge financial scam. Under what appears to be her real name–Sonia Howe–she was convicted of helping her friend and lover Martin Frankel bilk more than $200 million from insurance firms. She was to begin her sentence on Jan. 4, a few months after she started at TIAA-CREF, at the same prison that housed Martha Stewart for five months.

But her criminal background went undetected for nearly two months, during which she had access to customer data from a number of colleges, including Harvard, the University of Michigan and Purdue. A co-worker knew about her from the Frankel scam (he’s serving 16 years) and notified management. Fund execs say they then discovered she had brought her laptop computer to the office–a violation of policy–and downloaded some data. She was fired in November and is now in prison on charges of racketeering and money laundering.”

“Consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses before investing in the Oregon College Savings Plan. Please call toll-free 1-866-772-8464 or click here for a Disclosure Booklet containing this and other information. Read it carefully. Investments in the plan are neither insured nor guaranteed and there is the risk of investment loss.

Before investing in a 529 plan, you should consider whether the state you or your designated beneficiary reside in or have taxable income in has a 529 plan that offers favorable state income tax or other benefits that are only available if you invest in that state’s 529 plan.

The tax information contained herein is not intended to be used, and cannot be used, by any taxpayer for the purpose of avoiding tax penalties. Taxpayers should seek advice based on their own particular circumstances from an independent tax advisor. Non-qualified withdrawals may be subject to federal and state taxes and the additional federal 10% tax.

The Oregon College Savings Plan is offered by the State of Oregon. TIAA-CREF Tuition Financing, Inc. (TFI) is the Plan Manager.

The Plan Web site is for informational purposes only, and does not constitute an offer to sell or solicitation of an offer to buy any security that may be referenced on the site. Such offer or solicitation can be made only through the Disclosure Booklet.

The Plan Web site contains links to other Web sites. Neither the Plan nor TFI and its affiliates are responsible for the content of those other Web sites. The accuracy of information on those sites cannot be confirmed.”

“Digital Fires Instructor Serco – Camp Pendleton, CA Posted 377 days ago 
Uses information derived from all military disciplines (e.g., aviation, ground combat, command and control, combat service support, intelligence, and opposing forces) to determine changes in enemy capabilities, vulnerabilities, and probable courses of action.

•Works directly with customers and team members to determine project scope and specifications. 
•Provides research and analysis to support military organizations. 
•May support development and analysis of products, including training modules, evaluation tools, etc. 
 •Presents analysis or products to customers. 
•May support policy and procedure development for agency, interagency, or community-wide support. 
•May interact with outside customers and functional peer groups. 
• Participates in the development, testing, maintenance and delivery of training and educational programs and related materials in support of complex products and/or procedures. 
• Knowledge on the operational employment and TTPs of the following C2 systems and software applications in the COC operating environment is required:, AFATDS, FBCB2-BFT, JADOCS, and supporting C2 systems/software applications found available for use the regimental/battalion Combat Operations Center (COC). 
• Conducts training sessions and assists in evaluating the effectiveness of training activities. 
• May assist with updating course documentation on a continuous basis to ensure timeliness and relevance. 
• May work with engineering, technical support and manufacturing to ensure that course material reflects current product features. Desired Skills and Experience 
•Requires a bachelor’s degree in a related field; graduate degree preferred, plus 3 years’ experience as a Military Analyst and/or formal military training. Appropriate clearance level required. 
•Work is usually performed at a government site, some of which may be remote. 
•Working conditions may vary. 
•Travel may be required. 
• Have attended DoD formal instructor courses, such as the Marine Corps’ Formal School’s Instructor’s Course, or service equivalent 
• Four years of documented experience instructing and employing their respective C2 system in support of MAGTF operations 
• Background as an 0844 or 0848 MOS (USMC MOS, or equivalent USA MOS appropriate), with formal training and experience utilizing AFATDS (Advanced Field Artillery Target Data System), EMT (Effects Management Tool), PSS-SOF (Precision Strike Suite – Special Ops Forces) 
• Active Secret Clearance or the ability to obtain a Secret clearance is required. 
• Formal AFATDS Training required, Strike-Link, PSS-SOF, JADOCS experience desirable”

“IPCC report: global warming theory is ‘junk science’ 
Telegraph columnist James Delingpole says Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is a “political organisation rather than a scientific one which uses the science to its own ends”.

Leading climate scientists said this morning they were more certain than ever before that mankind was the main culprit for global warming and warned the impact of greenhouse gas emissions would linger for centuries.

A report, by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), played down the fact temperatures have risen more slowly in the past 15 years, saying there were substantial natural variations that masked a long-term warming trend.

Commenting on the report, Telegraph columnist James Delingpole said: “All the computer models the IPCC has used in its 25 years have predicted global warming much greater than has been observed

“This represents a problem because what it means is all these insistent claims they have been making that we need to take urgent measures now to deal with this unprecedented problem seem to be based on junk science.

“The IPCC stands or falls on its computer models. There is no other evidence out there that global warming is any kind of problem. That it exists only in the imagination of the people who programme those computer models and the scientists who contribute to the theory that anthropogenic CO2 is a problem.”

Bitcoin: ‘Assassination Market’ website raising the online virtual currency to hire assassins that target key US figures revealed 
Those allegedly targeted on the site include Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke, President Obama and NSA director Keith Alexander
David Usborne
Tuesday 19 November 2013 18:27 GMT
Bitcoin, the online virtual currency, has long been associated with the dark side of the web. The anonymity it provides has made it a favourite haunt of drug dealers and anyone else looking to sell illicit goods or services.

But even more alarming examples of underworld exploitation of Bitcoin have started to emerge, among them claims made anonymously to a writer for Forbes magazine this week that he is the mastermind behind a website called Assassination Market, which purports to encourage individuals to pay into crowd-sourced funds with Bitcoins that in turn can be used to reward those who murder top government officials.

The idea – assuming it is not a scam merely to dupe gullible followers out of increasingly valuable Bitcoins – is as simple as it is grotesque. The larger the funds grow, the greater the payment to those who successfully rub out federal officials whose actions appear most heinous to the site’s users. To receive their bounty, shooters must prove they are behind a successful hit.

So far those allegedly targeted on the site, which runs on the encrypted Tor network which guarantees anonymity, include Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke, President Barack Obama and NSA director Keith Alexander. The largest bounty on offer is for Mr Bernanke’s head – 124.14 Bitcoins, roughly $75,000 (£46,500) or more if the value of the currency keeps rising.

Contacted by Forbes writer Andy Greenberg, the creator of Assassination Market identified himself as Kuwabatake Sanjuro and said the purpose was to destroy “all governments, everywhere.” He said he conceived of the site after reading news reports of the NSA’s spying operations, leaked by Edward Snowden.”


“London takes the lead in Bitcoin innovation 
29 June 2015 3:28am 
by Annabelle Williams 
London is fast becoming a global hub for development of innovations using digital currency Bitcoin. City institutions including the Bank of England, Barclays, UBS and Goldman Sachs are all looking into the potential for using Bitcoin to speed up processes in traditional finance.
Bitcoin is a digital currency which is bought online and then either used for web transactions or held as a store of value. One of the unique aspects of the currency is that every transaction is recorded on a vast spreadsheet stored in the cloud and known as the “blockchain.”

Users’ identities are hidden on the blockchain, but a unique identifier prevents a Bitcoin from being spent more than once.

It is this technology which banks believe could be used for cheaper and faster money transfers, as well as clearing and settlements of trades, which are presently slowed down by legacy systems at the banks.

It is hoped that using a decentralised ledger to record transactions could remove the requirement for a central clearing authority.


A report released this month, co-authored by Santander, estimates that blockchain technology could reduce banks’ infrastructure costs related to cross-border payments, securities trading and regulatory compliance by $20bn (£12.7bn) a year up to 2022.

“George Osborne has been among the most vigorous champions for making London a hub for the new technology,” says Nathaniel Popper, author of new book Digital Gold. The chancellor earmarked £10m for investment into Bitcoin research during the last Budget.

The plans are testament to Bitcoin’s strength, as its architecture is considered so brilliant all the big players want to use it. But it’s ironic too – “Bitcoin is becoming integrated with the very thing that it was trying to circumvent,” explains Popper.


One of the biggest impediments to Bitcoin’s growth is that it is too volatile to be used for its original purpose as a digital currency. It is struggling with a chicken and egg conundrum; greater takeup of Bitcoin will only happen when it becomes less volatile, but lower volatility depends on it being more widely used. To some, this means Bitcoin’s future lies in other areas.

Bitcoin’s early developers hoped to create a kind of monetary utopia, through a currency that has no affiliation to a central bank. It is also anti-inflationary, as a finite number of Bitcoins will be created. Its creator, an anonymous genius who goes by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto, launched the currency three months after the fall of Lehman Brothers. Hidden in the code was a reference to a newspaper headline announcing the UK was on the brink of a second bank bailout. This was a pivotal moment in monetary history, and reflect how Bitcoin’s creator had a social – even political – motivation in creating the currency.

“There was a sense that if you change the way money works you can change power structures. You take power from [central banks] and give it to the people who use the currency,” Popper explains.

In a way, Bitcoin has become “the exact opposite of what its founders wanted it to be,” he adds. “That’s what makes it so interesting ­– there is a battle between idealism and reality.”

In the meantime, Bitcoin is slowly becoming less volatile, with price spikes less frequent and severe – which bodes well for the digital currency’s future.”

“Loan Improvement 
Jan 31, 2001 
SBA modernizes to help feed its growing programs 

Under a five-year plan for overhauling its information technology systems, the Small Business Administration recently acquired new software for financial and other administrative tasks.

By the time SBA celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2003, agency officials want all their programs up and running around the clock, chief financial officer Joseph Loddo said.

In the first phase of the modernization, the agency has upgraded systems for managing its extensive portfolio of guaranteed loans, chief operating officer Kristine Marcy said.

SBA processed its first electronic loan last November through its Sacramento, Calif., office and plans to add more private lenders during fiscal 2001.
The agency’s staffing level has dropped 22 percent over the past eight years, which is another reason to improve IT, Marcy said. Over the past decade, SBA’s portfolio of loans to small and disadvantaged businesses has more than doubled to $50 billion.

‘We’re a small agency with a huge portfolio,’ Marcy said. SBA supplies more than half of the U.S. venture capital available each year.

Seventy percent to 80 percent of the loans are booked through a preferred lender program, which involves nearly 7,000 banks, Marcy said. SBA guarantees the loans, just as the government backs student and housing loans.

‘The financial and IT businesses were changing so rapidly, we had to make some changes to stay current with the private sector,’ Marcy said. Banks had been asking SBA to make faster decisions on loan guarantees. The agency decided to aim for a turnaround time of one hour.
In the second phase of modernization, SBA is revamping its financial, human resources, procurement and travel systems with Web-enabled Oracle Corp. applications.

Online in October

The financial system will use Oracle’s U.S. Federal Financials 3.3, which meets the requirements of the Joint Financial Management Improvement Program.

SBA announced the $1.5 million Oracle contract late last year and plans to bring the software online by Oct. 1, Loddo said.

‘We need to make sure we are appropriately sensitive to small businesses’ and have small-business partners, not just Oracle, Marcy said.

The second-phase integrator, SRA International Inc. of Arlington, Va., has subcontracted with a number of small firms for things such as training and data conversion.

Also, a core team of senior SBA employees has been transferred away from day-to-day tasks to help with the modernization, Loddo said.

In the final phase of the modernization, SBA will upgrade the computers in its 8(a) Business Development Program, which assists small businesses in competing for government contracts, Marcy said. The agency wants to be able to improve its tracking of clients’ successes and failures.”

“8(a) Business Development Program[edit]

The 8(a) Business Development Program assists in the development of small businesses owned and operated by individuals who are socially and economically disadvantaged, such as women and minorities. The following ethnic groups are classified as eligible: Black Americans; Hispanic Americans; Native Americans (American Indians, Eskimos, Aleuts, or Native Hawaiians); Asian Pacific Americans (persons with origins from Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Japan, China (including Hong Kong), Taiwan, Laos, Cambodia (Kampuchea), Vietnam, Korea, The Philippines, U.S. Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands (Republic of Palau), Republic of the Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, Samoa, Macao, Fiji, Tonga, Kiribati, Tuvalu, or Nauru); Subcontinent Asian Americans (persons with origins from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, the Maldives Islands or Nepal). In 2011, the SBA, along with the FBI and the IRS, uncovered a massive scheme to defraud this program. Civilian employees of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, working in concert with an employee of Alaska Native Corporation Eyak Technology LLC allegedly submitted fraudulent bills to the program, totaling over 20 million dollars, and kept the money for their own use.[26] It also alleged that the group planned to steer a further 780 million dollars towards their favored contractor.[27]”

“CDP investor signatories .. In 2015 more than 822 institutional investors representing in excess of US$95 trillion in assets supported CDP in engaging with companies worldwide to disclose and ultimately manage climate change issues in order to create and sustain long term shareholder value. Institutional investors can become signatories to CDP and gain access to all company responses at no charge.”

“Author Barry Dolphin 
British PM David Cameron Selects Bitcoin Company for Asian Delegation 
Share and Get bitcoin 
The City of London has long been considered the financial hub of Europe, and the inclusion of Bitcoin company, Blockchain, on last weeks trade delegation to South East Asia, suggests the UK Government may be positioning itself to take a similar role in the world of cryptocurrency.

Blockchain may be considered an interesting choice to accompany Prime Minister, David Cameron, on such a visit alongside such British stalwarts as Rolls Royce and Lloyds of London. But trade missions are designed to give a more holistic (yet of course unabashedly positive) view of the potential of British trade partners, indicating that the UK government sees the company as one of the country’s bright hopes for the future.

Although the British Government is yet to announce a regulatory framework regarding cryptocurrencies, recent indications have been overwhelmingly positive. Back in February, the Bank of England altered its previous stance on digital currencies, publishing a report espousing many of the benefits of both Bitcoin and blockchain technologies, as reported on CoinTelegraph.

And in his 2015 budget, UK Chancellor George Osborne announced a £10M research fund looking into the opportunities presented by cryptocurrency, whilst at the same time promising any regulation would be designed to “support innovation and prevent criminal use.”

Osborne has also made several comments through Twitter and other avenues publicly supporting Bitcoin.

Blockchain has been experiencing impressive growth recently. The London-based company now claims over 4 million users, and a doubling of transactions through its wallets and API in the past six months. So with an announcement on a regulatory framework expected soon, perhaps the inclusion of the company seems a little less esoteric.

Blockchain co-founder and CEO, Peter Smith states:

“We’ve been working pretty closely with Number 10 and the policy makers in the U.K. generally. I think the invitation is a reflection of the positive relationship and the Prime Minister’s dedication to fintech, and especially fintech 2.0.”

London’s “Silicon Roundabout,” situated around Old Street, “just up the road” from the financial district of the city, is already an impressive hub of tech startups. Thus, it would certainly make sense for the UK to consider the benefits of a regulatory framework promoting cross breeding between the two industries.

In addition, London has reportedly over 44,000 people working in the booming fintech sector, more than New York or Silicon Valley.

It seems that with government support, the UK is certainly well-placed to capitulate on this and become a truly global player in the world of cryptocurrency and fintech
However, this initiative could be significantly undermined and hurt business if the government’s controversial Investigatory Powers Bill is passed. This includes a mandatory requirement for software companies to include cryptographic back-doors, making a mockery of having secure cryptography in the first place, and leading to one prominent company, Eris Industries, already threatening to leave the UK.”

“A dead pool, also known as a death pool, is a game of prediction which involves guessing when someone will die. Sometimes it is a bet where money is involved.[1] The combination of dead or death, and betting pool, refers to such a gambling arrangement.[clarification needed]

In the early 20th century, death pools were popular in dangerous sports such as motorsport, for example the first edition of the Indianapolis 500.[2]

A typical modern dead pool might have players pick out celebrities who they think will die within the year. Most games start on January 1, and run for 12 months although there are some variations on game length and timing.[citation needed] 

 In 2000, website Fucked Company claimed to be a “dot-com dead pool” which invited users to predict the next Internet startups to fail during that era’s dot com bust.[3] The site itself folded in 2007 after a long history as a target for strategic lawsuits against public participation by companies.[4]”

Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971; Forensic Economist; 30 year airline and 22 year military pilot; 23,000 hours of safety; Tel: 715 307 8222

David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 Forensic Economist; former leader of oil-well blow-out teams; now sponsors Grand Juries in CSI Crime and Safety Investigation

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