Technocratic Systems Being Built Around Communications and Transportation Hubs

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Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Speaks at Press Club Luncheon

Does Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, Marine Corps Gen. Joe Dunford belong in a military uniform or in a Ermenegildo Zegna Bespoke business suit? He sounds more like a businessman as his talk is carefully listened to. Dunford talked about having a “competitive advantage” in Syria. A “competitive advantage” in warfare? Only a corporate general would use terminology like that. While listening to Dunford talk, he is talking about using American “competitive advantage” in terms of training paramilitary units in Syria now name-switched to “Syrian Democratic Forces.” What an astonishing statement. Dunford sounds more like a paid consultant for Michael Porter (Harvard) than he does a military general. Dunford is a pretender that was put into his position but he is more like a Charlie McCarthy – they tell him what to say, but he doesn’t know enough about what kind of person should be in a militarily job like he’s holding – so he makes mistakes when he talks.

“General Dunford, could you please explain precisely to the audience how ISIS was created that has now become a ‘trans-regional threat’, and will the $37 billion in Lockheed F-35 sales to eleven countries assist in fighting this ‘trans-regional threat?'”

Dunford used the term “deconfliction” several times in his talk at the National Press Club so this description is worth considering. Is what is happening in Syria really about Dunford describing a communications link using the term “deconfliction” – computer system connection which would be the global system for the continued building out of the global police state? This sure is something worth examining here. The links here certainly need further investigation. For example, at the 26:14 point – Dunford describes the system – global intelligence (police state). He describes it as a “generational problem of violence”: Coincidentally, it will take about a generation to implement these technocratic systems including transportation hubs in the Middle East.

It appears that what is being thought about here by Dunford is that nationalism will die out in one generation and then people will embrace and love the global police state, or the new organization of power.  The international criminal conspiracy against Syria so flippantly described by Dunford in his discussion in sterile technocratic language which he uses, is part of breaking apart these countries and incorporating countries like Syria into global systems of communications and transportation.

Dunford uses descriptions like “network for intelligence and information sharing”, “common intelligence” and “common operational picture”, to describe the U.S. military’s increasing escalation in Syria. What this assumes then is that all countries that can access these networked systems of communications and transportation do not support terrorists. This technocratic system being built and operating across borders essentially makes all the people in the world potential “terrorists” because their “partners” are their counterparts in other countries who have also made their citizens potential terrorists.

“General Dunford, about the creation of ISIS, can you please for the audience in detail explain why the US is on the ‘wrong side?'”

Anyone opposing these corporate systems of technocratic infrastructure can be easily framed as a “dissident”, a “terrorist” or a “belligerent” and then easily targeted for a drone strike or in Syria’s case, a gradually escalating attack on their country. Then after the country is destabilized leading up to its destruction and its people vanquished because of destroyed infrastructure, USAID can be brought in to build the IT infrastructure required to extract resources through transportation hubs and communications networks. The  “sustainable military strategy” Dunford describes for America means a war on Syria.

At the 34:10 point in the video above with Dunford – cyber mission teams are discussed (these would be the people who go out and set up the servers and software at transportation hubs). Whoever wrote the article posted as Chess in Syria as Iran Strikes Anglo-American Supported ISIS™ (Syrian Democratic Forces) Assets, need to inquire whether or not transportation hub systems are planned for Syria, and if they are where?

As this US war of aggression against Syria continues to escalate, people should probably go back and locate the transportation hubs the U.S. has set up – if those are transportation hubs – for border or inland routes to logical hubs. The U.S. military are fighting in the Middle East under the auspices of fighting “terrorism” and against ISIS to implement IT systems at these transportation hubs in the Middle East. U.S. government agencies are soliciting foreign direct investment from Communist China, Russia and the Middle Eastern countries to implement those same IT systems at transportation hubs in the U.S. The enemy is inside the gates while the U.S. military are playing in Syria’s backyard antagonizing the Russians at every possible juncture to sabotage Russia’s efforts in the region to find a diplomatic solution.

In a confirmation hearing for the next Deputy Secretary of Defense (Patrick M. Shanahan is a Boeing executive), Senator John McCain said that “90% of the defense budget goes to five firms”. Even though Shanahan stated he would “divest himself from Boeing if he is selected as the next Deputy Secretary of Defense”, this doesn’t change the fact Boeing is one of the five corporations receiving part of that 90% of the Department of Defense’s budget which currently runs about $523.9 billion (FY2016). In this clip, Senator Tom Cotton quotes John McCain:

June 20, 2017 Deputy Secretary of Defense Confirmation Hearing Confirmation

Lockheed Martin being one of those five corporations receiving 90% of the U.S. defense budget, has a huge level of participation in building these systems out based around transportation hubs. What should be the focus of attention would be to determine what regions or areas are considered part of the Department of Defense’s plans for regional transportation hubs in the Middle East including cities in Syria.

In September, 2015 Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Secretary of State John Kerry, came out of a United Nations Security Council (UNSC) meeting allegedly over how Russia and the United States were going to “open lines of communication” to avoid the potential for shooting down each others respective aircraft flying over Syrian airspace. Then on June 20, 2017 a US Navy F18 launched off the aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush shot down a Syrian Air Force jet that was bombing ISIS positions inside Syria.

After this incident, the Russians declared that it will track any U.S. or other coalition partner aircraft in Syria that fly west of the Euphrates River. Within the past 24 hours, the Australians have suspended military aircraft flights in the region because of the U.S. Navy shooting down that Syrian jet resulting in American-Russian increased tensions with the very real possibility of direct military conflict. As preposterous as this incident was, only in America can you shoot down another country’s aircraft in their own country and call it “self-defense.”

Secretary Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov at the UNSC

Tensions have seriously escalated around the At Tanf area of Syria as Iranian-backed militias have moved into a “deconfliction zone” that surrounds the At Tanf American garrison where training of forces fighting against the Syrian government is conducted. The vast majority of these fighters are foreigners hired on as mercenaries who are being armed and trained by the U.S. What the U.S. – and Israel – are attempting to prevent is Iranian influence in Syria and Iraq.

However, this will be impossible now that Iran has committed itself by firing rockets at an ISIS position inside Syria in retaliation for the terrorist attack on Iran last week. Dunford accuses Iran of “propping up the Syrian government after the Syrian government was accused of atrocities” during what has been described in western media as a “civil war.” This is not a civil war taking place in Syria. This is a proxy war between Russia and the Anglo-Americans – and now Iran – in Syria ultimately for control over resources in the region very much related to Israel becoming a regional empire.

The points of light to the globalist technocratic elite represent nothing except the distribution of resources for corporations and the dissemination of information through their IT systems.

Each point of light on the graphic above represents a population center. For globalists building these technocratic systems, management of the globe is simply an engineering problem for them and the tool to build these systems is presently the U.S. military under the pretext of fighting what Dunford above described as a “trans-regional threat.” Nation-states, borders, history, culture are all inconveniences to the efficient (and profitable) operation of the planet as its resources are captured from countries and cultures in opposition.

And finally, General Dunford, perhaps you can explain to the audience what is going on over at CNN that doesn’t quite seem to jive with your National Press Club discussion?

Proof That CNN Is ISIS: Endless Examples Of Fake News On CNN



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