#2234: Marine Links Serco Black-Hand No Fly Visas To Journeymen’s Hebdo Airbus Cassidian Kill (HACK)

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net): United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Serco’s Black-Hand* No Fly visa services to captains and their journeymen hackers who appear to have coordinated the killings at the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris through a backdoor into the Serco Paradigm partner and Airbus subsidiary, Cassidian CyberSecurity.

Black Hand* – Crime-scene captains of journeymen in livery companies with a “License to Kill, Extort and Bribe” namely The City of London’s Honourable Artillery Company 1527, Master Mariners and Air Pilots 1929 and the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts 1638.

McConnell claims that Serco arranged a Black Hand no-fly visa for Junaid Hussain, a British captain of cyber-jihadists journeymen who fled to Syria in 2013 while on bail or on the tag for a violent assault, having served a six-month jail term in 2012 for hacking Tony Blair’s Gmail account.

McConnell claims that Serco arranged Black Hand no-fly visas for computer-literate jihadists to come to Syria and Iraq to develop an Isis plan to hack into UK banks and target the accounts of the rich and famous, VIP clients and big businesses to boost the terror group’s cash reserves.

McConnell claims that Serco arranged Black Hand no-fly visas for journeymen hackers who back-hauled images of the British IS executioner dubbed Jihadi John as he beheaded five British and US hostages in a string of videos posted through the Airbus-Cassidian CyberSecurity backdoor.

McConnell invites rebuttal of his allegation that Serco provided a Black-Hand No Fly visa service to the captains and journeymen hackers who appear to have coordinated the killings at the Hebdo offices in Paris through a backdoor into Serco partner and Airbus subsidiary, Cassidian CyberSecurity.

Prequel 1: #2233: Marine Links Serco Black-Hand Murders For Cameron PFI To Alps / Hebdo / Aurora And The Cassidian Dark Knights’ Crime

Paris terror attack [Allegedly staged by captain and journeyman hackers of Serco partner and Airbus subsidiary, Cassidian CyberSecurity] : Jihadists shoot dead 10 Charlie
Hebdo magazine staff, 2 police

Emergency services at scene of Charlie Hebdo shooting. [Allegedly staged by captain and journeyman hackers of Serco partner and Airbus subsidiary, Cassidian CyberSecurity] Gunman still at large


ISIS Beheading Suspect “Jihadi John” to be Identified by Britain [Snuff films allegedly staged by captain and journeyman hackers of Serco partner and Airbus subsidiary, Cassidian CyberSecurity] 

Cassidian Full Circle Security 


Airbus (ex EADS) – Cassidian Cyber 

Security – EADS 


Serco… Would you like to know more? 

“Opened in 1994 as the successor to the Transitional Immigrant Visa Processing Center in Rosslyn, Va., the NVC centralizes all immigrant visa preprocessing and appointment scheduling for overseas posts. The NVC collects paperwork and fees before forwarding a case, ready for adjudication, to the responsible post.

The center also handles immigrant and fiancé visa petitions, and while it does not adjudicate visa applications, it provides technical assistance and support to visa-adjudicating consular officials overseas. Only two Foreign Service officers, the director and deputy director, work at the center, along with just five Civil Service employees.

They work with almost 500 contract employees doing preprocessing of visas, making the center one of the largest employers in the Portsmouth area.

The contractor, Serco, Inc., has worked with the NVC since its inception and with the Department for almost 18 years.

The NVC houses more than 2.6 million immigrant visa files, receives almost two million pieces of mail per year and received more than half a million petitions from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) in 2011. Its file rooms’ high-density shelves are stacked floor-to-ceiling with files, each a collection of someone’s hopes and dreams and each requiring proper handling.”

“A journeyman is an individual who has completed an apprenticeship and is fully educated in a trade or craft, but not yet a master. To become a master, a journeyman has to submit a master work piece to a guild for evaluation and be admitted to the guild as a master. Sometimes, a journeyman is required to accomplish a three-year working trip, which may be called the journeyman years.

The word journeyman comes from the French word journée, which means a day’s work or a day’s travel; journée in turn comes from Vulgar Latin, diurnum meaning day.[1] The title refers to the journeyman’s right to charge a fee for each day’s work. A journeyman has completed an apprenticeship but is employed by another[2] such as a master craftsman, but would live apart and might have a family of their own. A journeyman could not employ others. In contrast, an apprentice would be bound to a master, usually for a fixed term of seven years, and lived with the master as a member of the household, receiving most or all compensation in the form of food and lodging.

In parts of Europe, as in later medieval Germany, spending time as a wandering journeyman (Wandergeselle),[3] moving from one town to another to gain experience of different workshops, was an important part of the training of an aspirant master. Carpenters in Germany have retained the tradition of traveling journeymen even today, although only a few still practice it. In France, wandering journeymen were known as compagnons.

The terms jack and knave are sometimes used as informal words for journeyman.”

“Daily Mail … Was British ISIS fanatic who hacked Tony Blair’s Gmail account behind cyber attack on US Central Command’s Twitter page?

The Twitter site of the military’s U.S. Central Command ‘hacked’ by ISIS
Hackers retitled it ‘CyberCaliphate’ with the underline ‘i love you isis’
Threats posted read ‘American soldiers, we are coming, watch your back’
Pentagon official confirmed attack taken seriously ‘at the highest levels’
Other postings listed names and numbers of top military personnel
Locations of suspected North Korean nuclear sites also posted
War game scenarios for conflicts with China and Iran leaked online
Two ISIS militant videos were posted on the YouTube site of CentCom
Official said incident ‘has the Executive Office of the President freaking out’
British Isis disciple Junaid Hussain may be in the frame for the hack

Anonymous claimed it had traced the source of the hack to Maryland
PUBLISHED: 08:45 GMT, 13 January 2015 | UPDATED: 10:03 GMT, 13 January 2015
A British IS disciple who hacked Tony Blair’s Gmail account may be in the frame for hacking US Central Command’s (CentCom) Twitter and YouTube profiles.
The social media accounts of CentCom in Florida were apparently hacked on Monday by ISIS sympathizers who posted threatening messages against troops, their families and the home addresses of 4-star US generals.

US cyber security chiefs may view Junaid Hussain as one of the culprits, as he’s been identified by intelligence sources as one of Isis’s key recruiters of cyber jihadists.


US cyber security chiefs may view Junaid Hussain (pictured) as one of the culprits, as he’s been identified by intelligence sources as one of Isis’s key recruiters of cyber jihadists


Compromised: This screen grab made Monday, January 12, 2015 show the front page of the US Central Command twitter account after is was hacked


Herald of attack: This is the message posted onto The US Central Command Twitter feed just after 12.30pm which appeared to indicate ISIS had hacked the account and posted the names, home addresses and telephone numbers of 4-star generals of the US military

Terror: Posted to the Twitter account was this ominous threat to American soldiers which follows a similar video warning posted by Abu Mohammed al Adnani, spokesman for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria on Saturday

The computer hacker, from Birmingham, UK, fled to Syria in 2013 while on bail for a violent assault, having served a six-month jail term the previous year for hacking into Tony Blair’s Gmail account.

A court heard Hussain, now 20, carried out the attack aged 15 after hacking into an account belonging to Mr Blair’s special adviser.

At the time he led a group of British teenage hackers called Team Poison, but now calls for computer-literate jihadists to come to Syria and Iraq.
Last summer he was suspected of masterminding an Isis plan to hack into UK banks. Security chiefs feared Hussain was teaching other hackers to target the accounts of the rich and famous, VIP clients and big businesses to boost the terror group’s cash reserves.

Hussain is thought to have links to the suspected British IS executioner dubbed Jihadi John, who was last year filmed beheading five British and US hostages in a string of sickening videos posted online by the terror group.

Hussain had been offered places at two universities to study computer forensics and was working as an accounts ledger before he was jailed in 2012. He is understood to have fled to Syria with Sally Jones, 45, a former rock singer and perfume saleswoman from Chatham, after meeting the mother-of-two, who calls herself Sakinah Hussain, online.
Threats: The Twitter hack posted the names, telephone numbers and home addresses of 4-Star US generals
Video uploaded by US Central Command hackers

Professor Anthony Glees, of the University of Buckingham’s Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies, said it was unsurprising that British jihadists are now suspected of playing a leading role in IS cyber warfare at a time when GCHQ, the British government’s communications headquarters based in Gloucester, is sponsoring cyber security degree programmes at a number of UK universities.

He added: ‘Common sense suggests these programmes should be suspended until we can be sure that the people enrolling on them are on our side and not the jihadists.’

Meanwhile, the Anonymous hacking group, which says it has launched a cyber war against terrorists, claimed that it had tracked the source of the attack to Maryland in the US.
The attack began at around 12.30pm on Monday when a message was posted to CentCom’s Twitter account reading, ‘In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, the CyberCaliphate continues its CyberJihad.’

The hackers also changed the photograph used on the the Twitter cover page to a masked jihadi with an underline that said ‘i love you isis.’

The security breach, which occurred while President Obama was giving a speech on cyber security, saw death threats made against American soldiers and war game scenarios for conflicts with North Korean and Iran leaked online.

The CentCom YouTube account also had two propaganda videos for Islamic State uploaded.

One of the ominous posts slapped on the Twitter feed read ‘American soldiers, we are coming, watch your back’ while another warned, ‘We won’t stop! We know everything about you, your wives and children.’ Most of the information leaked is readily available online according to the Washington Post, but the breach is still embarrassing for CentCom which is in overall command of the US-led coalition military campaign against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

Indeed, while it is not clear if the attack was carried out by ISIS or in fact was another cyber assault linked to North Korea, it does represent a public relations victory of sorts for either one.

US officials confirmed that the U.S. Central Command Twitter account and its YouTube account were suspended 40 minutes after being compromised at around 1.09pm.

A White House official told DailyMail.com Monday afternoon on condition of anonymity that the incident is ‘a complete embarrassment that has the EOP [Executive Office of the President] freaking out.’

A new U.S. counterintelligence agency joined Twitter on Monday, just hours before news of the hacking of U.S. military Twitter and YouTube accounts.

‘The National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC) joins Twitter…we’ve said too much already!’ tweeted the agency in its inaugural posting.

The agency was formed late last year by U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper ‘to effectively integrate and align counterintelligence and security mission areas, and carry out counterintelligence and security responsibilities under a single organizational construct.’

In the hours after the agency’s inaugural tweet, Pentagonofficials said social media feeds for U.S. Central Command hadbeen hacked by people claiming sympathy with the Islamic State militant group being targeted in American bombing raids.

Still down: At around 6pm the US Central Command’s Twitter account was still suspended as the cyber hack was investigated
Hit during speech: President Obama was addressing the FTA in Washington D.C. while the cyber attack was occurring, giving a speech about identity theft and cyber attacks. A senior defense official confirmed that the two accounts were compromised and said U.S. Central Command was taking appropriate measures to address the matter
‘We’ve obviously had trouble fighting cyber-skirmishes in the last few months,’ the official said, alluding to the Sony cyber-intrusion that the administration has blamed on North Korea’s rogue government. ‘Only this one is directly on point because of military operations. Beyond that you’re going to have to ask the Pentagon.’

A Pentagon official confirmed that the attack was taken seriously ‘at the highest levels.’

‘This is not something we’re messing around with,’ the official said.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest attempted to downplay the incident.

‘We’re still examining and investigating the extent of this incident, but I don’t have any information beyond that,’ he told reporters on Monday at the White House.

‘This is something we are obviously looking into and something we take seriously,’ Earnest added, while providing reporters with no meaningful details about the government’s response.

There is a ‘significant difference between what is a large data breach and the hacking of a twitter account,’ he insisted.

While the attack was occurring President Obama was giving a speech on cybersecurity in which he discussed the hack of Sony pictures.

He used his speech to remind his audience that the cyber attack, reportedly by North Korea, reminded the United States of the ‘enormous vulnerabilities for us as a nation and for our economy.’

‘If we’re going to be connected, we’ve got to be protected,’ Obama said during his speech at the Federal Trade Commission headquarters.

Pentagon spokesman Army Colonel Steve Warren said the Defense Department ‘views this as little more than a prank, or as vandalism.’

‘It’s inconvenient, it’s an annoyance but in no way is any sensitive or classified information compromised,’ Warren told a press briefing.

While it was not clear that any Pentagon network had been compromised, it did appear that the hackers were successful in temporarily gaining control of Central Command’s Twitter feed, which is controlled through a password.

The chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Homeland Security, Republican Michael McCaul of Texas, called the incident “severely disturbing.”

“Assaults from cyber-jihadists will become more common unless the administration develops a strategy for appropriately responding to these cyberattacks, including those like the North Korea attack against Sony,” McCaul said.

The compromised Twitter account also published a list of generals and addresses associated with them, titled ‘Army General Officer Public Roster (by rank) 2 January 2014.’

President Obama’s speech on identity theft and cyber attacks


ISIS: The terror group claims to have compromised the intelligence and hardware of every single US military base
In addition a pastebin link attached to the CentCom Twitter account contains a series of what appeared to be classified and sensitive Pentagon documents.
Most of the leaked material was labeled ‘FOUO,’ which means ‘For Official Use Only,’ but none of it appeared to be classified or sensitive information, suggesting the hackers did not breach classified information.

One of the documents appeared to be slides developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Lincoln Laboratory, a federally funded research and development center focused on national security. The slides appeared to depict what it called ‘scenarios’ for conflict with North Korea and China.
The attack, which the hackers declared to be part of its ‘CyberJihad’, changed the cover photo of CentCom to that of a hooded ISIS terrorist.
‘You’ll see no mercy infidels. ISIS is already here, we are in your PCs, in each military base. With Allah’s permission we are in CENTCOM now,’ one of the the post reads.
It added: ‘US soldiers! We’re watching you!’

The tweets came shortly after U.S. Central Command posted its own tweets about the U.S. and partner nations continuing to attack Islamic State terrorists in Iraq and Syria and one repeating a report that said France will deploy an aircraft carrier to the fight. Some of the information leaked through the pastebin link concerned military deals involving China and North Korea.

US government officials told NBC news that the Twitter and YouTube accounts are far from classified and that the information published online – which included scenarios for war with China and Iran are not top-secret either.

Some of the leaked documents could easily be found using Google searches, including the U.S. Department of Defense’s “Estimated Impacts of Sequestration-Level Funding,” which is available on a public government website.

Another budget document, “Program Acquisition Cost by Weapon System” is a March 2014 document available on the website of the defense department’s comptroller. Another is a draft version of the 2015 appropriations bill for the Defense Department.

A U.S. Department of Defense official told NBC News ‘this is clearly embarrassing, but not a security threat.’


Social media: The US Military’s Central Command YouTube channel was hacked by the ISIS sympathizers – uploading two videos (the first two on the left) related to Islamic State propaganda


Large scale hacking: The US government instituted new sanctions against North Korea on 02 January 2015 in response to the hacking of Sony Pictures Entertainment
However, some of the maps, which list possible North Korean nuclear missile sites and reactors is readily available at the website of the Federation of American Scientists.
‘We can confirm that the CENTCOM Twitter and YouTube accounts were compromised earlier today. We are taking appropriate measures to address the matter,’ Central Command said in a statement.

Central Command’s YouTube account featured videos posted by the U.S. military of air strikes on Islamic State targets in Syria and Iraq. It apparently was hacked to add two videos titled ‘Flames of War ISIS Video’ and ‘O Soldiers of Truth Go Forth.’

Central Command is based at MacDill Air Force Base in Florida and handles American military operations covering the Middle East and Central Asia.

Central Command oversaw the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and is managing the U.S. air strikes against Islamic State positions in Iraq and Syria.

The intrusion on the military Twitter account carried the same logo, CyberCaliphate name and photo that appeared on the Albuquerque Journal’s website in late December when one of its stories was hacked.

Warning: NYPD Commissioner William Bratton has warned the city expects an ISIS-inspired lone wolf terror attack after a new video calling for strikes was released by the group
On Monday, NYPD Commissioner William Bratton warned of the danger of ISIS-inspired lone wolf terror attacks after a new video calling for strikes was released by the group.
The NYPD have been warned to look out for jihadi attacks after the terrorist group released a call to attack American police officers, soldiers, intelligence officers and civilians in a social media video on Saturday.

‘As you may recall, there was a similar threat, a Twitter threat, back in September, and shortly thereafter there were a number of attacks in Canada, Australia, also an attack here — an ax-wielding individual attacked four of our officers,’ New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton said Monday on ‘CBS This Morning.’
Following this latest threat, an advisory was issued to NYPD officers urging caution and awareness.

‘This one is also very specifically directed at law enforcement personnel, so we’re encouraging officers that when they’re on these fixed posts, that they be even more vigilant that they might ordinarily be,’ Bratton said to CBS News.

‘They’re there for a purpose, to protect that location, as well as to protect themselves and the public. So if both of them are sitting in the car and they’re busy texting away or not paying attention of the surrounding area, they’re much more vulnerable to attack.’
Vigilant: Police in New York City have been placed on high alert for possible attacks from ISIS supporters in the U.S. Above, an NYPD officer patrols Times Square on January 8, 2015
An internal memo released to officers in the NYPD says that the new threat should be taken more seriously ‘in light of the terrorist attacks in France earlier this week’ which resulted in the death of more than a dozen people – most of them staff members of the satirical newspaper.

Indeed, Bratton said that his biggest concern right now is the threat of lone wolf attacks in the city.

‘They’re continually working to attract new recruits — not to go fight in Syria as much as to attract new recruits from around the world,’ Bratton said to CBS News.

‘They’re extraordinarily skilled with their public relations campaign, if you will – much more so than the traditional al Qaeda operatives.’
The specific warnings offer advice to officers how to conduct themselves in public.

‘If you are assigned to a fixed post, do not sit together in the RMP [police car],’ members of the Sergeants Benevolent Association union were told in an email obtain by both The New York Daily News and New York Post.

‘At least one officer must stand outside the vehicle at all times. Pay attention to your surroundings. Officers must pay close attention to approaching vehicles . . . Pay close attention to people as they approach. Look for their hands.’


Hacked: The Twitter site of the military’s U.S. Central Command (pictured) was taken over on Monday by hackers claiming to be working on behalf of the Islamic State militants
Read more:

U.S. military social media accounts apparently hacked by Islamic State sympathizers – The Washington Post 
CENTCOM Twitter, YouTube Accounts Hacked With Pro-ISIS Messages – NBC News

“Cassidian Communications, an EADS North America company, is the world’s largest and most trusted source for mission-critical communications technologies, including next-generation 9-1-1 call processing platforms, emergency notification solutions and services, and P25 land mobile radio and LTE networks. For over four decades, Cassidian Communications has upheld its promise to keep people connected when it matters most, consistently designing solutions with an open mind and creating smarter ways to ensure all communities are safe. Today, the company supports more than 60% of all Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) in the United States, serving over 200 million people, plus hundreds of private sector businesses spanning diverse industries, including transportation, finance and healthcare industries, and Federal Civil and DoD operations globally. For Cassidian Communications, CRITICAL MATTERS™.”

“About Cassidian CyberSecurity
 (www.cassidiancybersecurity.com) Cassidian CyberSecurity is a 100% Cassidian company entirely devoted to addressing the cyber security market across Europe and the Middle-East, operating from France, the United Kingdom and Germany. Cassidian CyberSecurity’s high-grade expertise includes “Cyber Defence & Professional Services” focusing on high-grade professional services and establishing Security Operation Centres; “Trusted infrastructure” aiming at cryptography, digital identity management and high-security national solutions, and “Secure Mobility”, focused on services for mobile device security. To reinforce its solutions and establish a European cluster for cyber security products and services, Cassidian CyberSecurity took over Netasq in 2012 and Arkoon in 2013. Cassidian CyberSecurity generated revenues of 100 million euros in 2012, with a workforce of 600 people, which it plans to double by 2017.”

“September 11, 2001 Nortel Networks, EADS to Redefine Telecommunications Alliance PARIS – European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS) and Nortel Networks* [NYSE/TSE: NT] have entered into a series of agreements to realign their telecommunications operations and business focus in key markets” … “Beyond the work on the MERCY, Nortel does a broad range of business with the U.S federal government and Department of Defense. For example, the Dynamic Network Services (DNS) – the network that serves the Pentagon – runs on Nortel switches. During 9/11, when essentially all of the wire lines and wireless were no longer functional, the DNS network continued to operate at full reliability. The Department of Defense relies on Nortel solutions in all 50 states and more than two dozen countries across the globe. Nortel was also the first networking vendor to achieve Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) certification from the US Defense Department Joint Operability Test Command. The certification ensures products deliver exacting levels of performance under duress [extortion] and offer other unique features and functionality required for national security.”


“2.2 Emergency Services

2.2.1 PSRCS

As is well known, the Home Office awarded a contract to a BT led consortium under a PFI initiative known as PSRCP (later PSRC-S or “Airwave”). The intention was that a national BT Tetra network would be used by the emergency services and other specialist government agencies. Tetrapol manufacturers were excluded from this competition on the grounds that Tetrapol did not have an ETSI standard. After legal action and a “reasoned opinion” from the EU Commission, the UK Government has now accepted (since 1 June 2001) that it was wrong to have excluded Tetrapol and that equivalent PMR technologies should be allowed to compete.

The consequences of restricting competition has had a detrimental impact on the delivery of new radio communications technology to the Emergency Services and the Defence Forces and also resulted in over inflated and mounting costs to the UK taxpayer. We are also currently witnessing a lack of incentive to innovate on functionality and services and an exceptionally slow rollout. Particularly damaging to suppliers of Tetrapol systems is the fact that spectrum in the bands dedicated for European PMR services has been allocated exclusively to Airwave and the financially unstable public Tetra operator, Dolphin. Although Tetrapol suppliers can now compete in the UK market, the “monopolistic” spectrum allocation means that the playing field is not level. Cogent believes that it is essential that there should be consistency and equity regarding spectrum allocation for PMR services across Europe so that suppliers and customers can benefit from economies of scale. http://www.ofcom.org.uk/static/archive/ra/spectrum-review/responses/cogent-14august2001.pdf

“Deadly ‘cartoon jihad’ hits Paris satire mag Charlie Hebdo – in ‘GLADIO-style’ attack
January 7, 2015 6:17 pm EST1 Comment
France finally got its ‘9/11 moment’ today, when at least two gunman dressed in black and armed with Kalashnikov rifles, stormed the offices of a magazine, killing two police/security personnel and 10 journalists, and injuring 11 others during the raid.

According to French officials, four of the survivors are said to be in ‘serious’ condition.

The attack is said to have taken place in the middle of an editorial meeting of the political magazine, Charlie Hebdon, known popularly as ‘Charlie’, with masked gunman calling out by name and killing first its editor Stephane ‘Carb’ Charbonnier, 47 (photo, left) execution-style, along with 9 other editors and staff, including frequent contributor and French economist Bernard Maris.

Magazine editor Charbonnier had received death threats in the past and is said to have been ‘living under police protection’ until today. It’s still unclear whether or not the police van – which is normally positioned outside of the magazine’s offices, was removed before the attack took place, and if so, why a ‘stand-down’ order was issued in advance of the raid.

Beyond all of the media’s ‘ISIS’ hyperbole, unquestionably, today’s attack has all the characteristic of a professional contract hit. Witnesses remarked on how the gunman were perfectly calm and spoke perfect native French, and commented on their ‘expert marksmanship’, hitting all targets with single shots, and not spraying bullets indiscriminately. Witnesses also described the gunman as ‘bulked-up’ from what appears to be body armour, and kevlar ‘bullet-proof’ protection underneath their over garments.
Another witness commented on the adroit, calm, European-style and professional demeanor of the gunman, stating, “At first I thought it was special forces.” This reinforces suspicions that today’s event had many signatures of another GLADIO-style attack carried out on European soil (by NATO intelligence), designed to effect a specific political or public opinion reaction within France.”

Editors Notes Paradigm – meeting all satellite communications requirements

Paradigm has a contract worth £3.6bn with the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) for the provision of military satellite communications services to 2020. The programme, procured as a Private Finance Initiative (PFI), provides the next generation of UK Milsatcom capability. The Paradigm team includes Airbus Defence and Space, the system designer and provider. For further information visit http://www.paradigmsecure.com

In addition to complete X-band packages, Paradigm is able to offer capacity, coverage augmentation, anchoring and back-haul [snuff-film] services, as well as terminal leasing.
From the outset, Paradigm planned for the Skynet 5 system to be far more capable and larger than that required to meet the UK MoD requirements. Paradigm is, therefore, able to offer services to other militaries and government organisations and has supplied milsatcom services to NATO, the Netherlands, Portugal, Canada, France, Germany, Australia and the US.

Paradigm’s WelComE services enables service personnel to make telephone calls and have access to the Internet from operational theatres worldwide, as part of the MoD funded welfare package. Paradigm has provided over 3 million hours of welfare telephone calls and provides Internet and email services that are free for use to all UK service personnel deployed on operations overseas.

Airbus Defence and Space

A partner in the enterprise, Airbus Defence and Space has delivered integral elements of the new system including design, development and supply or installation of the baseband network and encryption systems. Installed across three UK sites, 38 naval vessels and 45 deployable ground stations, the baseband network that Airbus Defence and Space has developed comprises a number of bespoke solutions, customising off-the-shelf platforms, and incorporating specific developments, such as the Resilient Rate Adaptor (RRA) – that manages and prioritises the flow of communication through the system, and Baseband Element Management Application (BEMA) a configuration fault and performance reporting tool that supports automatic, rapid provision of service/links in response to controller demand. Three new encryption technologies were developed to ensure completely secure and robust communications and Airbus Defence and Space achieved on time delivery as promised three years earlier.

To meet this delivery timescale work started prior to contract award. http://www.eadsdsuk.com

Airbus Defence and Space (DS is a systems solutions provider combining military air systems, missile systems, communications and intelligence systems, global security solutions, sensor and avionics systems, as well as test and support solutions into a single effective network. In 2006, DS – with its around 23,000 employees – achieved revenues of €5.9 billion.


Serco has been an integral part of the Paradigm team for Skynet 5 since the award of the PFI Study Contract in 1999 and is a full member of the Enterprise.
Serco provides spacecraft control, communications network management and facilities management services, including staff deployed in theatre in support of these services. In addition, Serco provides support to Paradigm’s welfare communications services, for deployed forces in operational theatres around the world, enabling service men and women to maintain contact with home.

Serco’s track record in the provision of such vital services started over 40 years ago when the government entrusted it to maintain the Ballistic Missile Early Warning System at RAF Fylingdales. From this landmark contract, the company has established a strong reputation in the defence and aerospace markets for reliability, innovation and successful long-term working partnerships.

Serco is an international service company, which combines commercial know-how with a deep public service ethos. It improves services by managing people, processes, technology and assets more effectively. Serco’s people offer operational, management and consulting expertise in the aerospace, defence, health, home affairs, local government, nuclear, science, technology, transport and commercial sectors. http://www.serco.co.uk

“Police drops investigation into Serco’s prisoner transportwww.independent.co.uk › News › Business › Business News Dec 19, 2014 – The City of London Police [allegedly tasked with accelerating Black Hand Captains’ debt recovery on behalf of investors in Serco and Cameron’s PFI] has dropped a year-long investigation into… said it had “become very clear there has been a culture within parts of Serco [The Black Hand] that … last year for ripping off the taxpayer on the electronic-tagging contract, …”

“The Ministry of Defence is under pressure to rebuff the attempt of one of Britain’s biggest companies to take over the £14bn agency that buys the armed forces’ missiles and submarines in the wake of the electronic tagging scandal.

Serco, the outsourcing group which runs a host of services for the Government, including immigration and community health centres, is under fire after an audit discovered the taxpayer had been overcharged by £50m for monitoring non-existent electronic tags. They had been assigned to deceased offenders and those who were back in custody.
G4S, the security giant that failed to supply enough guards for the Olympic Games, is also implicated and is being investigated by the Serious Fraud Office. Both companies’ lucrative public sector contracts are being reviewed by the Cabinet Office.

It has raised questions about Serco’s suitability for one major forthcoming contract, the effective privatisation of the Defence Equipment & Support agency. This reform, designed to help the MoD get better value for money when it buys battle gear and satellites, is unparalleled globally and has been heavily criticised.”

Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971; Forensic Economist; 30 year airline and 22 year military pilot; 23,000 hours of safety; Tel: 715 307 8222

David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 Forensic Economist; former leader of oil-well blow-out teams; now sponsors Grand Juries in CSI Crime and Safety Investigation

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