#1734: Marine Links MI-3 Mormon Innholders to Diller Killer Wi-Fi Patent Pool in 9/11 Hotel

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked the Marriott Group’s Mormon agents in the MI-3 Innholders Livery Company to Wi-Fi patent-pool devices allegedly used by Michael (‘Killer Diller’) Jackson to sync ignition of the WTC incendiary bombs with snuff-film outtakes for the Channel 4 docu-drama 9/11 Hotel.

McConnell notes that Barry Diller ran the Expedia booking service for the MI-3 Innholders which gave him an opportunity to bring alibied actors, camera crews and special-effects teams to the Marriott Hotel in WTC#3 on 9/11 while Jackson would have been in a position to provide Wi-Fi content for the “first live-broadcast mass snuff film in human history” being the Diller Killer overseer of the cable television networks USA Network and Sci-Fi, as well as the feature-film production company USA Films.

McConnell also claims that MI-3 Innholders’ agents assembled and tested 9/11 Wi-Fi patent-pool devices at the Marriott Chateau Champlain Hotel which had allegedly been booked in a Mormon bait-and-switch on September 11, 2001 when most of the world’s airport managers were attending an Airports Council International convention in Montreal leaving their less-experienced staff to respond to the false-flag attacks parodied in Hotel 9/11.

The 9/11 Hotel – Part 1 of 5

9/11 WTC and Marriott Hotel


MI-3 = Livery Companies’ patent-pool supply-chain protection racket using Privy Purse Forfeiture Fund
Marcy (Forfeiture Fund – KPMG Small Business Auction – Liquidation – Prisoner Medical Services – JABS)
+ Inkster (Queen’s Privy Purse – KPMG tax shelter – RCMP Wandering Persons Registry – Escrow fraud)
+ Interpol (Berlin 1942-1945 – Operation Paperclip into Foreign Fugitive File – William Higgitt – Entrust)
+ Intrepid (William Stephenson – GAPAN patent pool – MitM Pearl Harbor attack – Kanada Kommando)

MI-3 = Marine Interruption Intelligence and Investigation unit set up in 1987 to destroy above 

McConnell notes that in Book 12 at www.abeldanger.net, agents deployed by his Marine Interruption, Intelligence and Investigations (MI-3) group are mingling in various OODA modes with agents of the Marcy Inkster Interpol Intrepid (MI-3) Livery protection racket based at Skinners’ Hall, Dowgate Hill. 

Prequel 1
 #1733: Marine Links Obamacare 9/11 BlackBerry to MI-3 Innholders Marriott Wi-Fi Bomb

Prequel 2:
#1730: Marine Links CGI Obamacare Kickback Database to Kristine Marcy’s Small Business Mentor-Protégé Frauds 

Prequel 3:

#1729: Marine Links Sister’s Marriott-Carlyle Pedo-Files to MI-3 Janitors ACE, Twin Towers Black Cat Bombs

The airport managers’ convention takes a turn

Paul Benoit, Ottawa Citizen
Published: Friday, September 02, 2011
On Sept. 11, 2001, most of the world’s airport managers were at a convention in Montreal. The Airports Council International represents virtually all airports in the world and all member airport managers were at the conference.

I was the chair of the Canadian Airports Council, the association of all Canadian airports. At 8: 30 a.m. on the 11th I was on the stage of the Palais de Congrès de Montréal introducing the then minister of transport, David Collenette, who was to address the convention on the importance of aviation. Part way through his speech, I noticed that there was an increase in the number of journalists in the hall.

The then associate deputy minister of transport, Louis Ranger, sent me a note stating that aircraft had struck the World Trade Center and to try and end the minister’s speech. We waited until the end of the speech, when the minister left the stage without taking questions. The minister and his staff immediately left by car for Ottawa.

An announcement was made and everyone gathered by two large television screens and watched in shock the events unfold. Standing next to me was the president of Airports Council – North America. We were watching the screens when one of the towers came down. He was the former director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. His former office and former employees, people that he had worked with for years, were housed in that tower. The emotions were overwhelming. The port authority lost 84 of its employees that day.

We then heard that the Pentagon had been struck and that an aircraft had gone down in Pennsylvania. It was now beyond a doubt this was a co-ordinated attack. People were attempting to call their airports and to make alternate flight arrangements to get back to their airports when word came that North American airspace was being shut down.

Everyone was now stranded, most for days, until the airspace reopened. To manage the crisis, rooms were set up at the Palais, regrouping areas geographically: the European, Asia Pacific, and North Americans.

I was one of the lucky ones able to get back within a couple of hours. My team had set up a command centre at the airport. The rest of the day was taken up with co-ordinating with Transport Canada, DND, the police, other agencies and airlines.

Paul Benoit is president and CEO of the Ottawa Airport Authority.”

“Michael Richard Jackson (born 11 February 1958[1]) is a British television producer and executive. He is notable for being one of only three people to have been Controller of both BBC One and BBC Two, the main television channels of the British Broadcasting Corporation, and for being the first media studies graduate to reach a senior level in the British media.[1] He was also the Chief Executive of another major British television station, Channel 4, between 1997 and 2001.[2] …In 2001 Channel 4 won eleven BAFTAs,[30] but on 23 July that year Jackson shocked many in the British television industry when he announced that he had decided to leave the channel to work for Barry Diller‘s USA Entertainment company.[30] Jackson had first been approached by Diller in 2000, but had declined his initial offer as he had wanted to remain at Channel 4 to oversee the launch of the E4 digital channel.[30] The reaction to Jackson’s departure was similar to that which had greeted his equally unexpected move from BBC One four years previously. One producer for Channel 4 told The Independentthe week that his decision was announced that: 

We are devastated.”[1]


Jackson’s initial role in the US was as President and Chief Executive of USA Entertainment.[4] In this role he was responsible for overseeing the cable television networks USA Network and Sci-Fi, as well as the feature film production company USA Films.[30] After various mergers, his job became Chairman of Universal Television,[31] and in this role he commissioned the successful drama series Monk (2002–present) and The Dead Zone (2002–07).[32] In January 2006, he was made President of Programming of Barry Diller’s IAC/InterActiveCorp internet business, responsible for producing multi-media content for the company’s various websites.”

“Marriott vs. Diller: It’s a Brawl
November 17, 2003
By Alex Salkever On Nov. 17 at a posh Marriott hotel in Orlando, the titans of the online travel industry are gathering for the PhoCusWright Executive Conference. The annual confab is a must-attend for serious followers of this exploding sector, in large part due to the speakers’ list, which reads like a Who’s Who of the business. Aside from senior executives at Orbitz and Expedia and top industry analysts, the roster includes John W. Marriott III and Barry Diller, and that’s where it really gets interesting.

Marriott is the scion of the family-controlled hotel giant and represents the old way of running the travel industry. Barry Diller is the CEO and majority owner of Interactive Corp. (IACI), the most powerful company in the upstart world of online travel. Interactive owns the largest travel portal, Expedia, as well as hotel discounter Hotels.com and online discount ticket seller Hotwire.”

Innovative Wireless Solutions LLC accuses hotels (and others) of infringing WiFi/Ethernet patents formerly owned by Nortel
Posted on April 24, 2013

Two weeks ago we noted a slew of infringement lawsuits brought by Wyncomm LLC, a non-practicing entity, against dozens of companies over a WiFi-related patent that was formerly owned by AT&T.  Today, yet another NPE accused multiple companies of infringing WiFi-related patents that used to belong to an telecommunications company.  This time, the NPE is an entity named Innovative Wireless Solutions LLC (“IWS”), and the patents it is asserting were originally owned by Northern Telecom (later Nortel Networks).  Unlike Wyncomm, who filed in Delaware, IWS filed its suits in the Eastern District of Texas.  And instead of targeting a number of hardware manufacturers like Apple and Asus, IWS filed suit against a variety of hotel chains large and small, including Marriott, Starwood, Wyndham and Grayson Hospitality.  (Hotel chains were also a popular target for Innovatio IP Ventures, another NPE asserting WiFi-related patents).”

Method and apparatus for routing emergency services calls in an intelligent network
US 6721395 B2

Publication number
US6721395 B2
Publication type
Application number
US 09/974,812
Publication date
13 Apr 2004
Filing date
12 Oct 2001
Priority date
22 Dec 1997
Fee status
Also published as
Original Assignee
External Links: USPTOUSPTO AssignmentEspacenet


Emergency services calls may be alternate-routed in an intelligent network having at least one Service Control Point (SP) with access to a routing table, a plurality of Service Switching Points (SSP) equipped with point-in-call triggers and one or more emergency services stations (PSAP). The routing table lists a routing number for each of the emergency services stations. The method comprise the steps of:

(i) at a Service Switching Point, presetting a point-in-call trigger to operate at a predetermined point in a call for emergency services, (ii) subsequently, during processing of an emergency services call, interrupting processing of the call and transmitting to the SCP a query signalling message requesting routing information, (iii) at the SCP, accessing the routing table in dependence upon parameters in the query signalling message and obtaining a routing number for a selected emergency services operator station, forming a response signalling message including the routing number and returning such response signalling message to the SSP, (iv) at the SSP, detecting the routing number, and routing the call to the emergency services operator station.

There is also provided a method of translating signalling message parameters from a mobile protocol to an intelligent network protocol, and vice versa, to enable emergency services calls from mobile users to be routed to one or more PSAPs in the network.

“An outtake is a portion of a work (usually a film or music recording) that is removed in the editing process and not included in the work’s final, publicly released version. In the digital era, significant outtakes have been appended to CD and DVD reissues of many albums and films as bonus tracks or features, in film often, but not always, for the sake of humor. In terms of photos, an outtake may also mean the ones which are not released in the original set of photos (i.e. photo shoots and digitals). … The British programme It’ll be Alright on the Night, has been running on ITV since 1977 featuring outtakes. The BBC’s answer to this was Auntie’s Bloomers, eventually replaced by Outtake TV. Prior to these series, production errors were rarely seen for pre-recorded programmes, since these were edited out before transmission.[1] Nowadays, it is common to see outtakes at the end of films, or compiled into programmes like these.”

“The Innholders were originally known as Hostellers, but their name had changed by the time it was incorporated under a Royal Charter in 1514. The Company has, over the years, lost its status as an association of traders and businessmen, instead becoming, as have most other Livery Companies, an establishment dedicated primarily to charity. The Innholders’ Company ranks thirty-second in the order of precedence of the Livery Companies. Its motto isHinc Spes Affulget, Latin for Hence Hope Shines Forth, and it is based at Innholders’ Hall in College Street, London.”

The Montreal Marriott Chateau Champlain, just two blocks away from the Bonaventure Hotel, is likewise a landmark hotel. It was built for the Expo 67 and has panoramic views of the city through half moon windows (its affectionate nickname is “The Cheese Grater”) overlooking Mont-Royal, Old Montreal, and the St.-Lawrence River. It is also directly connected to the underground city and has over 29,000 square feet of flexible meeting and banquet space. We are planning to also schedule a few special lectures and receptions in one of their unique spaces, such as the Caf’-Conc’, with its own stage, or the Etude Champlain. The Marriott Chateau Champlain also offers its guests free wireless access; you can book a room here.”

“J.W. Marriott Jr. 
Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board
Marriott International, Inc.
John W. Marriott III 
Vice Chairman of the Board, Marriott International, Inc., and
Chief Executive Officer, JWM Family Enterprises, L.P.
Mary K. Bush 
Bush International, LLC
Frederick A. “Fritz” Henderson 
Chairman and CEO
SunCoke Energy, Inc.
Lawrence W. Kellner 
Emerald Creek Group, LLC
Debra L. Lee 
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
BET Networks
George Muñoz 
Muñoz Investment Banking Group, LLC
Harry J. Pearce 
Nortel Networks Corporation
Steven S Reinemund 
Dean of Business
Wake Forest University
W. Mitt Romney 
Former Republican Candidate for President of the United States
Lawrence M. Small 
Former Secretary
The Smithsonian Institution
Arne M. Sorenson 
President and Chief Executive Officer
Marriott International, Inc.
Directors Emeriti
Sterling D. Colton
William J. Shaw
Chairman Emeritus
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C.
William R. Tiefel”

The 9/11 Hotel, Channel 4
Cutting Edge: The 9/11 Faker Channel 4
Legends: Humphrey Lyttelton, BBC4
We’ve heard almost all the stories before, but 9/11 still offers extraordinary vignettes

Hotels are fertile ground for story-tellers. Take any hotel on any given day and you’ve got a ready-assembled cast of random characters, momentarily living under one roof. Marking the anniversary of 9/11, Channel 4 had the idea to tell the story of the Marriott Hotel, which used to be wedged between the twin towers, on that morning in 2001. The 9/11 Hotel was a remarkable story.

Among the 940 guests checked in was a novelist writing about a terrorist attack on New York. Spooky? Or is it just the law of probability, or of mass publishing, that there is at any given time a novelist unwittingly fictionalising events around him? Then there was the man with the job interview. He set off wearing a canary-yellow tie, advised by his sister to wear something bright to create an impression. Half an hour later he would look up to see the second plane crash into the South Tower. His sister and her four-year-old daughter were on board.

But all that was seven years ago: is there anything new to learn about 9/11? Unless you follow the internet conspiracy theories, which make for compulsive reading, the answer is no. But just as we never tire of hearing of heroics from the Somme, the small vignettes of human behaviour that trickle out of 9/11 are rarely completely without interest. One guest told how, having lost sight of her husband on fleeing the building, she seized a piece of nylon rope and bound herself to her daughter. The husband survived, although they subsequently divorced, but the rope she still treasures.

I had forgotten about the earlier terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in 1993, when a lorry packed with explosives damaged much of the basement. Thanks to subsequent strengthening work on the building, a portion of the hotel remained standing after 9/11, saving several lives. One of these was the splendidly pompous Frank, a walrussy New York lawyer. He recalled hearing a bang as he shaved but, in Titanic fashion, carried on with his toilet. As papers fluttered past the window he rationalised to himself: “This has nothing to do with me. I’m just going about my day.” Later, as fire alarms sounded, he mused, “I wonder if I can get a bellboy to come up.”

Among survivors’ stories there is, apparently, a “hierarchy of suffering”, as one put it. Top of the tree was Tania Head, the subject of Cutting Edge: The 9/11 Faker, the first in a new series of investigations from Channel 4. Head was supposedly one of only 19 people to have survived from the floors at or above the level at which the plane hit the South Tower, and, worse, had lost her fiancé in the North Tower. She set up the World Trade Center Survivors’ Network, which grew to 500 members, and soon became a 9/11 celebrity, enjoying highly publicised meetings with Rudi Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg.

Alas, last year she was exposed as a fantasist, who hadn’t even been in New York on the day of the attacks. The poor woman clearly had a bad case of Munchausen by proxy, or in those pre-Big Brother days, had simply seized the opportunity, no matter how perverted, for fame. The programme-makers had no shortage of betrayed fellow survivors queuing up to give Head a bashing, but it might have been more interesting to track her down and find out what cuckoo-land the dear loon is living in now.”

Published: 21/08/2013

Channel 4 today announced the commission of Steve Humphries gripping new documentary, 9/11: The Lost Hero, which will air on Channel 4 this September close to the 12th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

When the twin towers collapsed almost everyone underneath them was killed. But two men were trapped, buried alive, 30 feet deep, under the rubble pile. As fires raged around them, the official rescue effort had been suspended, and they thought they were going to die. Until they heard a voice shouting “US Marine Corps – can anybody hear me.” This man then climbed down and saved them. Incredibly he then disappeared without a trace. His identity remained a mystery…

Directed by British filmmaker Steve Humphries, for the first time 9/11: Lost Hero reveals the full and extraordinary true story of modest hero, Jason Thomas: a law student and former member of the US Marine Corps who after witnessing the attack on the first tower, put on his old uniform and drove 30 miles to Ground Zero to save lives. Not wanting any notoriety – or his wife finding out that he had risked his life – Jason vanished from the scene quickly after his heroic mission. It was only years later when he was watching TV when he saw a trailer for a Hollywood movie called World Trade Centre, did he realise his story had not gone unnoticed. Except for one crucial detail…the actor playing him was white – and Jason is black.

Intersecting remarkable unseen footage of Jason running towards the scene with the personal testimonies of those he saved, Steve Humphries’ latest documentary provides a new and in-depth insight in to one of 9/11’s most extraordinary rescues and the man that made it possible.

Ahead of the transmission of The Lost Hero on Channel 4, More 4 will also host a two-night tribute to commemorate Humphries’ award-winning catalogue of films documenting the powerful and unique human stories of 9/11. Since 2001, Steve – who is also Managing Director of Testimony Films in Bristol – has captured the stories of 9/11 more than anyone else – making a dozen films on the subject. Broadcast across two consecutive nights, the tribute will feature six films – individually introduced by Humphries – that have previously aired on Channel 4.

David Glover, Senior Commissioning Editor of Specialist Factual, who commissioned 9/11: The Lost Hero and many of the films featured in the tribute night – including 9/11 Hotel, 9/11: Ground Zero Underworld and 9/11: The Miracle Survivor – says: “It’s rather incredible that one filmmaker in Bristol has made more documentaries about 9/11 than America has. Actually Steve isn’t obsessed with 9/11 – his passion is for interviews and the testimony one gets from those who have lived through extraordinarily intense things. His interviews and films are so sensitive and so powerful that other people involved in 9/11 approach him to tell their stories. The resulting films he has made are the most moving I have ever worked on. The narratives are often more unlikely and the characters more heroic than those dreamt of in Hollywood movies. Over two nights on More4 we are showing the very best of his work. “

9/11 Hotel

Nestled beneath and between the twin towers was the Marriott World Trade Center Hotel. Tending to the regular influx of tourists and business travellers, it was one of the busiest hotels in New York City. What happened there is one of the most incredible untold stories of 9/11. While guests were finishing their continental breakfasts and relaxing in the luxury pool on 11 September 2001, the tranquil environment of their hotel was shattered by the roar of jet engines and the horror of burning debris. Though many managed to escape before the towers came crashing down, some guests and staff became trapped after the collapse of the second tower; miraculously, 14 survived. This is the remarkable account of the men and women caught up in this incredible story. They include a British family on holiday; a hotel receptionist; an actress whose actions would later turn her into an American hero; a lawyer who ignored the commotion to prepare for an impending trial and narrowly escaped death; and his fire-fighter rescuer. Illustrated with extraordinary archive footage and first person testimony, this film commemorates the anniversary of 9/11 by telling these exceptional stories of survival and rescue that emerged from the wreckage of the Marriott. Director/Producer: Steven Humphries; Prod Co: Testimony Films

9/11: The Firemen’s Story

The dramatic stories of individual firemen on September 11 2001: those who died, those who survived and those who still bear the scars. Of the 2752 people who died on 9/11, 343 were New York’s firemen: by far the greatest loss of life by any emergency service in the world in a single day. In this documentary, made 10 years after the attacks, the firemen and their families able to speak about their experiences for the first time. Their courage and sacrifice made them national heroes but in the 10 years since many paid a terrible price for their bravery. This film tells the story of the close-knit and unusual brotherhood who call themselves ‘New York’s Bravest’, and shows how their bold tradition of rushing into the heart of skyscraper fires cost lives – but saved many more. Prod/ Dir: Joseph Maxwell; Exec Prod: Steve Humphries; Prod Co: Testimony Films

9/11: Ground Zero Underworld

Television viewers all over the world are familiar with the iconic images of destruction and devastation that followed the collapse of the Twin Towers. What people don’t realise is that underneath the gargantuan mountain of rubble that greeted rescuers was an extraordinary world, hundreds of feet deep, which held even more incredible stories. 9/11: Ground Zero Underworld presents the untold stories of those who searched tirelessly for their loved ones, sifting through tonnes of debris in an attempt to bring them home to rest. In the hours and days following the disaster, relatives and friends of those inside the buildings descended on Ground Zero, vowing to find their loved ones, dead or alive. And so began one of the greatest search operations in history – a story of extraordinary courage, perseverance and humanity. Some worked in the emergency services, some were volunteers, but all were driven to Herculean lengths to keep the promise they’d made to themselves and their families. This film follows some of the people engaged in the search effort, documenting the emotional turmoil with heartrending testimony and harrowing, previously unseen footage of the rescue and recovery effort, including the eerie images of police cars lying perfectly preserved beneath 100 feet of debris. Prod/ Dir: 

Steve Humphries; Prod Co: Testimony Films

9/11: The Miracle of Stairway B

It was the most incredible story of 9/11; how 12 fire-fighters, a police officer and an office worker survived inside the North Tower of the World Trade Center as it collapsed on top of them. In this film, the survivors describe hearing the floors above them giving way, one after another. Convinced that they were about to die, they shared what they assumed were their last thoughts. They then endured burial under half a million tonnes of debris but were able to contact the outside world when all hope seemed lost. Eventually they emerged into the post-apocalyptic landscape of Ground Zero, the only survivors to walk out of the wreckage. Director/Producer: Steve Humphries; Prod Co: Testimony Films

9/11: The Miracle Survivor

9/11: The Miracle Survivor reveals what could be the last untold survival story from the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York. Survivor Pasquale Buzzelli rode a blizzard of falling debris from a 22nd-floor World Trade Center stairwell and lived, miraculously, to tell his story. Pasquale recalls in extraordinary detail the full story of September 11, 2001. With exclusive access, the documentary follows an awe-inspiring account of events that led to Pasquale’s survival against all odds, providing new inspiration from one of America’s darkest days. His wife, Louise Buzzelli, talks candidly in the film about her experiences dealing with this trauma when she was seven months pregnant. And two firefighters, Mike Morabito and Mike Lyons, also give first-hand accounts of the dramatic rescue they carried out, disobeying orders as they saved Pasquale. Home footage shows Pasquale and Louise making a video for their unborn child, who they had already named Hope. And a leading physicist discusses the science behind Pasquale’s survival; how did he survive the collapse of the North Tower by effectively surfing down it? Prod/ Dir: Steve Humphries, Nick Maddocks; Prod Co: Testimony Films

The Man Who Predicted 9/11

Rick Rescorla died in the World Trade Center trying to save his colleagues. He’d been preparing to avert this kind of disaster for ten years, because Rick was the man who predicted 9/11. This film reveals the extraordinary story of Cornishman Rescorla, whose vital role in the building’s evacuation made him an unsung British hero of that terrible day. As security chief of Morgan Stanley, Rescorla believed that the WTC would suffer an air attack by terrorists using a plane as their weapon. He trained his colleagues in the evacuation of the building. It is due to his foresight that 2,700 people in his company were saved. The Man Who Predicted 9/11 uses previously unseen archive footage and features heart-rending testimonies from family, friends and colleagues

Relatives of those who died in other companies in the WTC believe that had Rick worked in their offices many more victims would have survived. Tony Blair lobbied President Bush for Rescorla to receive a posthumous Presidential Medal of Freedom as tribute to his extraordinary heroism. Director/Producer: Steve Humphries; Prod Co: Testimony Films.



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