#1707: Marine Links his MI-3 Sister to Racketeering Forfeiture Fund and Obama’s Sequestered Coup d’état

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked his MI-3 Livery Company founding sister Kristine Marcy to the racketeering activities of her U.S. Senior Executive Service colleagues through the U.S. Department of Justice Asset Forfeiture Fund and Obama’s attempt to use sequestration to de-fund genuine public servants, including the honor guard at military funerals, and prepare a bloodless (?) coup d’état with corrupt government insiders and senior bureaucrats.


MI-3 = Supply-chain protection racket operated with Livery Company Forfeiture, Privy Purse patent pool
Marcy (Forfeiture Fund – KPMG Small Business Auction – Liquidation – Prisoner Medical Services – JABS)
+ Inkster (Queen’s Privy Purse – KPMG tax shelter – RCMP Wandering Persons Registry – Escrow fraud)
+ Interpol (Berlin 1942-1945 – Operation Paperclip into Foreign Fugitive File – William Higgitt – Entrust)
+ Intrepid (William Stephenson – GAPAN patent pool – MitM Pearl Harbor attack – Kanada Kommando)

MI-3 = Marine Insertion Intelligence and Investigation unit set up in 1987 to destroy above

McConnell notes that in Book 12 published at www.abeldanger.net, agents deployed by his Marine Insertion, Intelligence and Investigations (MI-3) group are mingling in various OODA modes with agents of the Marcy Inkster Interpol Intrepid (MI-3) protection racket based at Skinners’ Hall, Dowgate Hill.

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Abel Danger Mischief Makers – Mistress of the Revels – ‘Man-In-The-Middle’ Attacks (Revised)

Prequel 1:
#1705: Marine Links Sister’s MI-3 Insurers Keys to Guppy White Widow passports, Jarrett FCI Westgate Mall

Sequester hits the honor guard at military funerals
As federal budget cuts take hold, the Air Force reduces its 7-person detail to as little as 2 personnel at some retired veterans’ services.
By Bruce Kennedy Aug 5, 2013 7:44AM

The economic pinch caused by the federal sequester is being felt by a wide spectrum of Americans as the across-the-board budget cuts ordered by Congress come into effect.

Sequestration is also affecting the nation’s final farewells to many Americans who served their country in the armed forces. 

In testimony last March before the House Armed Services Committee, Lt. Gen. Howard Bromberg, a deputy chief of staff who handles military funerals for the Army, warned that sequestration could delay military funeral honors for soldiers and veterans.

And now, in some situations, the military is scrambling to find volunteers to replace honor guard members at veterans’ funerals. 

Sequestration does not affect funeral services for active-duty service personnel. But the Air Force recently decided to forgo the usual seven-person detail at retired veterans’ funerals and instead send a minimum of two personnel to fold and present the internment flag and play taps.

“We cherish the service and sacrifice of our retirees,” said Brig. Gen. Eden Murrie, director of Air Force services, according to Military.com. “While we had to adjust the Air Force requirement as a result of sequestration, commanders still have latitude to provide seven-member details if local resources permit.”

Places like the Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery in San Antonio, Texas, are filling in the gap with a team of volunteers known as a “military services detachment” to replace the absent honor guard. 

“If the family wants it, (the deceased veteran is) going to get full military honors from the MSD guys,” Pete Young, the cemetery’s director, told KENS 5-TV.

In Great Falls, Mont., the local Marine Corps League has its own honor guard squads and provides service for all honorably discharged veterans regardless of their service branch.

“A veteran is a veteran,” Larry Malby, who coordinates the honor guard, said in an interview with The Great Falls Tribune. Malby says the volunteers have provided services for 33 funerals or memorials so far this year, and are expected to participate in about 60 by year’s end.

At the Sacramento Valley National Cemetery, retired local Vietnam veterans serve as honor guards at military funerals three days a week.

“Everyone who puts on a uniform deserves a firing party,” Andy Derflinger, a former navy petty officer and retiredPacific Gas & Electric (PCG-A) employee, told the Vacaville, Calif., Reporter. “If we weren’t here, over three-quarters (of deceased veterans) would not get a firing party.”

He says the volunteers, now in their fourth year of service, have picked up several more requests for honor guard services since sequestration was imposed. Their services are available for all veterans. 

Sometimes, according to 70-year-old Tom Murray, a former first lieutenant in the 101st Airborne Division, no family members take part in the funerals. “At other times, 200 people,” he added. “It makes no difference. The person deserves the honor.”

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