#1580: Marine Links Con Air Sister to Carlyle Canada Wackenhut Pig Farm, Amec WTC7 Protégé Bomb

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked his sister and Con Air (JPATS) founder Kristine Marcy, to apparent Wackenhut/Carlyle Canada joint-venture investments in a B.C. pig-farm role-play gaming studio and Amec’s U.S. Small Business Administration Mentor-Protégé project teams which allegedly bombed New York’s WTC Building 7 during phony sabotage-vulnerability tests on 9/11.

McConnell claims that his sister conspired with erstwhile Carlyle Canada investor, Wackenhut booster and Amec director, Frank McKenna, to fly Con Air parolees to the role-playing pig farm in Port Coquitlam where guests would be filmed in fatal S&M encounters with prostitutes and subsequently extorted into silence (misprision of treason) in re Marcy’s planned use of Amec SBA Mentor-Protégé (role-playing) teams to bomb the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon’s U.S. Navy Command Center on 9/11.

McConnell also alleges that former Chairman of Carlyle Canada, Frank Carlucci, was caught in a sex trap (pedo-fem?) in 1969 by Marcy when they worked together on the Community Action Program at the Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) under Donald Rumsfeld.

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UNEP racketeering in Kyoto, B.C.

Trailer – Con Air (1997)

Frank Mckenna admits being a Bilderberg group member

Amec’s McKenna gave Bill an alibi for role playing 9/11 from Amec war rooms in Melbourne. 

The few, the proud, the Wackenhut

Serial Killer – Robert Pickton – The Pig Farm [Documentary]


New: Fox News 5 reports WTC 7 collapse BEFORE it happens [Con Air Marcy’s pig farm role play]

AMEC PLC / AMEC Construction: Same general contractor for wiring construction inside WTC 7 and the Pentagon’s reinforcement
judicial ruling to dismiss and limit complaints regarding damages of WTC 7, Salomon’s (now Citigroup) Construction Defendants named AMEC PLC are public knowledge.

In 1988, Salomon Inc., now Citigroup, entered into an agreement with Silverstein as 7 World Trade Company’s managing agent, pursuant to which Citigroup leased floors 28-47 and portions of floors 1-5 of 7WTC. (Page 26)

In order to ensure that a power outage would not disrupt Citigroup’s trading activities at 7WTC, the Citigroup Lease provided that Citigroup would have the right to install “diesel emergency power generators – together with all ancillary equipment therefor.”[sic] (Page 26)

Citigroup controlled portions of the first five and the top 20 floors of WTC 7. AMEC was in charge of wiring Citigroup’s offices to diesel tanks throughout the building. This provided AMEC access to the entire infrastructure of WTC 7, for “back-up power”, maintenance, surveys and anything else.

AMEC is very same British construction company contracted to “reinforce” the wing of the Pentagon that was attacked on 9/11.”
Private Prisons Firm Stirs Concerns
by Caitlin Rother

August 31, 1998 – San Diego Union Tribune – letters@uniontrib.com

The world’s largest private prison operator, which has come under fire for the way it runs some of its facilities, has chosen San Diego County to be part of its burgeoning California empire. Corrections Corp. of America took over the 200-bed former San Diego city jail on Otay Mesa in late May and will likely accept its first prisoners, federal immigration detainees, within a couple of weeks. The company also broke ground in June on a 1,000-bed medium-security jail next door — without a contract for prisoners to fill it — and is bidding to house prisoners at the now-vacant 900-bed county jail in downtown San Diego.

CCA has had success in filling the 79 prisons it operates in the United States, Australia, Puerto Rico and the United Kingdom. But it has come under scrutiny lately, most notably for the way it runs the facility it built in Youngstown, Ohio.

The 1,700-bed prison there has seen at least 13 stabbings, two homicides and the escape of six inmates — five of them murderers -since it opened 14 months ago. That compares with 12 assaults and no homicides for Ohio’s entire public prison system of 49,000 inmates in 1997. After the escapes, Ohio Gov. George Voinovich immediately wanted to close the prison. He backed off only after the state attorney general warned that would involve a long, hard and perhaps unsuccessful court battle. The governor then asked U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno to review the controversy, which has become a focal point for the public vs. private prison debate going on across the country.

When CCA entered into an agreement with San Diego County to take over the 200-bed jail on Otay Mesa from Wackenhut Corrections Corp. and to build the 1,000-bed jail next door, CCA had no contracts to fill these beds. The company also is building a 2,304-bed prison in California City in Kern County and plans to start building a 1,024-bed prison in Mendota outside Fresno by the end of the year, again with no contracts in hand. This is the typical mode of operation for CCA, whose executives often cite the motto “Build it and they will come.”

“Clearly the need for INS and U.S. Marshals Service beds is pretty prevalent up and down the state,” said David Myers, president of CCA’s West Coast operation. He said state prisons are reaching capacity as well. Kristine Marcy, a federal immigration official in Washington, D.C., agreed. “I wouldn’t worry about finding people to fill those beds, not at all,” she said. Marcy said there are “loads and loads” of federal prisoners in lock-ups throughout the Western region, waiting for trials, sentences or deportation. Immigration detainees range from low-to high-security levels and prisons must be able to accommodate them, she said. In addition to the pending contract with CCA for the 200-bed, medium-security jail, the federal government also has announced a need for 800 to 1,000 beds in Southern California for INS and U.S. Marshals Service prisoners. Any private prison operator may submit a bid, Marcy said. In Youngstown, a city of 90,000 people, CCA’s proposal to build a 1,700-inmate prison was attractive because it would bring 300 construction and 500 prison jobs to town.”
The Independent .. Private prison firm hit by fraud inquiry
THE Florida-based private security company which manages Britain’s biggest and most controversial private jail is being investigated in the United States for the alleged misuse of public money.

The inquiries by Texan police into the Wackenhut Corrections Corporation – which could result in fraud charges – are being taken so seriously in the expanding global market for private jails that Canadian prison officials have suspended negotiations with the company. A contract for Wackenhut to build and manage a jail for young offenders has been frozen, and the government of the Canadian province of New Brunswick has appointed a team of accountants to investigate the company’s background.
The alarm was raised in July when auditors found that managers for another private company were using public money from the drug programme to buy a rare book collection and antique furniture for themselves. A wider investigation was ordered and Wackenhut officials were allegedly found to have used $700,000 on what the Texas Rangers investigators describe as “unallowable petty cash expenses”. The money went on mobile phones and trips to Britain. The state has suspended payments to the firm while the inquiries continue.

The chairman of the Texas investigating task force, Senator John Montford, has said that two-thirds of the drug programme operators could face fraud charges. Wackenhut denies any impropriety saying that it had agreed to carry out the work with addicts for a fixed price and there was nothing wrong in keeping any savings made. “We carried out all the programmes successfully at that fixed price and we are convinced that all the costs were incurred properly,” said a spokesman.

Wackenhut’s board is dominated by ex-FBI and US military officers. Its services include helping employers break strikes and running undercover operations to unveil moles in multinational corporations.

The US Congress has been highly critical of one of its “stings” which involved agents posing as environmentalists to find where a leading green activist was getting his information about American oil firms.

The Texas investigation has caused a political storm in New Brunswick. The state’s premier, Frank McKenna strongly supported Wackenhut’s bid to run the eastern province’s youth jail.

But a leaked memo from the province’s solicitor general department showed that his own officials had strong doubts about the company. In language which echoed the doubts of British prison service and probation officers, they said Wackenhut was “weak in working with youth” and “basically, have missed the factor that they would be working with adolescents”.

The company was planning to spend more on telephones and faxes than staff training, the officials found.

At the beginning of this month, Mr McKenna was forced to back down. He hired the KPMG management consultant group to look at Wackenhut’s corporate history, hiring and employment practices and staff training.

Criticisms of the quality of the firm’s employees have been raised elsewhere. An investigation in Florida found that Wackenhut had hired guards without checking their records. Among its guards were former police officers fired for incompetence, for being unfit to work with inmates and for stealing from suspects.

The same pattern has been found in Britain. In a confidential report to the Home Office’s Prisons Board last year, Dr Rosemary Wool, the Government’s director of prison health services, said she was concerned that there were no medical staff with experience in state prisons at Doncaster.

The one nurse with a background in prison care was sacked when it was found he had a criminal record.”
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