#1572: Marine Links Peacock Clinton Role-Play Hackers to Pentagon ANZUS Moscow Spot-Fixed Bombs

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked a role-play Hackers game with Andrew Peacock and Bill Clinton as alleged participants to spot-fixed bomb detonations (Sep. 12, 2001 17:37:19 ANZUS Moscow) in the Pentagon U.S. Navy Command Center.

McConnell claims the late MGM/AOL director General Alexander Haig set up a Bin Laden 9/11 role playing game with the vig collected by the Hackers’ spot-fixing bookmakers shared among by people who set up alibis for Bill Clinton (Anne Peacock with former husband Michael Kroger, Melbourne) and Andrew Peacock (Senior Executive Service Kristine Marcy, Washington).

McConnell also claims Bill Clinton helped Vladimir Putin set up the St. Petersburg GLONASS tracking/telemetry system as a hacking base for time-stamped signals for the Pentagon spot-fixed attack where the 17:37:19 detonation was ahead of the 9/11 impact time at the Pentagon by 8 hours = difference between Moscow Daylight Time and Eastern Daylight Time.

#1552: Marine Links Assange’s Date-Stamped Hack of Nortel JABS to Clinton Pine Gap Pentagon Bomb

Andrew Peacock’s Resignation Press Conference (1985)

Bill Clinton Caught Fake Crying at Funeral of Ron Brown,”His Money Man!” [Clinton had the protocols for role-playing game of 9/11, a.k.a. Global Guardian, stolen from Ron Brown’s office the day after his murder to be used by General Haig’s UTC Mentor-Protégée teams for spot fix bombing of the Pentagon]

Official Movie Trailer Hackers (1995)

ABC News Live 9/11

ABC on the Morning of 9/11/2001

9/11 Pentagon Damage – Inner Ring Punchout And Debris Removal Operations

Bush challenges Clinton over 1969 week in Moscow [but not 9/12 ANZUS alibi in Melbourne?]
Martin Walker in Washington
The Guardian, Friday 9 October 1992 11.13 BST

President Bush and Governor Bill Clinton each grappled with a different political threat yesterday, as the CIA admitted it had been covering up the Saddamgate affair and Mr Bush joined in the furore over Mr Clinton ‘s tourist trip to Moscow as a student in 1969.

The CIA’s announcement that it was launching a formal investigation into its provision of ‘incorrect and misleading information’ to federal prosecutors in the Saddamgate inquiry is by far the more serious. The CIA is now, in effect, admitting it knew that United States food trade credits to Iraq were being spent on building up Saddam Hussein’s military arsenal until the last weeks before the Gulf war.

But the strange case of Mr Clinton ‘s trip to Moscow looks to have a greater impact on this weekend’s first presidential television debate, and on the election, now little more than three weeks away.

Mr Clinton should ‘level with the American people on the draft, on whether he went to Moscow, how many demonstrations he led against his own country from foreign soil,’ Mr Bush declared on the Larry King television show.

‘I don’t have the facts, but to go to Moscow one year after Russia crushed Czechoslovakia, and not remember who you saw – I think the answer is, level with the American people,’ Mr Bush repeated.

For the first time the Clinton rebuttal team seems to have been wrong-footed by an attack by the Bush campaign team. ‘It’s a pathetic ploy by a desperate politician,’ Mr Clinton ‘s spokesman said.

Mr Clinton said Mr Bush was grasping at straws. ‘Here we are on the way to a debate about the great issues facing the country and he descends to that level,’ he said.

Mr Clinton ‘s week-long visit to the Soviet capital, 23 years ago, had been part of a 40-day winter holiday touring Germany and Scandinavia while a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford [he had been kicked out of Oxford for rape and drug dealing]. But Mr Clinton ‘s entire student experience, evading the Vietnam draft, taking part in anti-war demonstrations in Britain, and now the Moscow tour, are being conflated by the Republicans as something far more sinister.”
“Michael Norman Kroger (born 30 May 1957) is a businessman and a former powerbroker within the Victorian division of the Liberal Party of Australia. … In 1993 Kroger established an investment company, JT Campbell & Co, and currently serves as Chairman. Kroger has also spent five years (1998 to 2003) as a Director of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. In May 2012 he very publicly expressed concern over matters relating to Peter Costello’s apparent idea of returning to the Federal Liberal parliamentary party. Recently Kroger’s former wife Helen Kroger got demoted on the Liberal party senate ticket and was almost facing a challenge by some Liberal for the Senate whip position. Peter Costello claims Michael Kroger asked him for help regarding Helen’s troubles with the Liberal party, though Peter decided not to help. Private life His first wife Helen Kroger was elected to the Senate for Victoria at the 2007 election after being preselected in the safe second position on the Liberal ticket, along with the aforementioned Mitch Fifield and number three candidate Scott Ryan. Despite their divorce, Michael and Helen remain close friends and are considered to be political allies. Kroger married Ann Peacock, daughter of Andrew Peacock, in March 1999 at St Michael’s Uniting Church, in Collins St, Melbourne. The marriage produced two sons and the couple separated 2009.

They are now divorced. His partner is prominent conservative commentator Janet Albrechtsen.”
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