#1470: Marine Links Sister Marcy’s Set-Aside Femme Comp Whacks to Miranda’s KVM Tillman SNAP

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked his sister Kristine Marcy’s apparent use of Femme Comp’s SBA set-aside contracts to have rebels, enemies and/or whistle-blowers whacked, to Ruth Miranda Moye’s alleged use of KVM over IP SNAP terminals in the 2004 murder of Pat Tillman in Afghanistan.

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“On April 22, 2004, Lieutenant David Uthlaut received orders from Khost, Afghanistan, [allegedly through a Femme Comp set aside MitM attack with SNAP terminals and a KVM over IP switch in the custody of Miranda Moye] that his platoon was to leave the town of Magarah and “have boots on the ground before dark” in Manah, a small village on the border of Pakistan. It was an order the young lieutenant protested vehemently, but the commanders at the Tactical Command Center disregarded his objections. Uthlaut split his platoon into two serials, with serial one traveling northwest to Manah and serial two towing a broken Humvee north toward the Khost highway. By nightfall, Uthlaut and his radio operator were seriously wounded, and an Afghan militia soldier and a U.S. soldier were dead. The American soldier was my son, Pat Tillman. 

The Tillman family was originally informed that Pat, who had given up a professional football career to serve his country, had been shot in the head while getting out of a vehicle. At his memorial service twelve days later, they were told that he was killed while running up a hill in pursuit of the enemy. He was awarded a Silver Star for his courageous actions. A month and two days after his death, the family learned that Pat had been shot three times in the head by his own troops in a “friendly fire” incident. Seven months after Pat’s death, the Tillmans requested an investigation. 

Boots on the Ground by Dusk is a chronicle of their efforts to ascertain the true circumstances of Pat’s death and the reasons why the Army gave the family and the public a false story. Woven into the account are valuable and respectful memories of Pat Tillman as a son, brother, husband, friend, and teammate, in the hope that the reader will better comprehend what is really lost when our sons and daughters are killed or maimed in war.
In the course of three and a half years, there have been six investigations, several inquiries, and two Congressional hearings. The Tillmans are still awaiting an outcome.” 

“In the left foreground under a KVM, you’ll notice two identical devices with “CLEARCUBE” written on them. Looking around, you see every workstation has two ClearCubes. So I did the obvious thing: I went to ClearCube.com. Guess what? They offer a multimedia presentation on how the Army & Air Force use ClearCube products. What a bonanza of knowledge! If you want to launch, say, an “ADVEIS” attack, then you’ll need as much homogeneity as possible to bring down the entire United States Air Force. And a ClearCube appeals to those who crave homogeneity. If AFCYBER’s top security officials confuse “email security” with “email infrastructure security” (as I suspect they do), then this photo confirms an enemy can exploit AFCYBER’s homogeneity. We can see AFCYBER places SIPRNET & NIPRNET ClearCubes directly on top of each other. That’s another major no-no, isn’t it? I’m pretty sure the NSA demands a foot or two of distance between them.” 

“A KVM switch (with KVM being an abbreviation for “keyboard, video and mouse”) is a hardware device that allows a user to control multiple computers from one or more[1] keyboard, video monitor and mouse. Although multiple computers are connected to the KVM, typically a smaller number of computers can be controlled at any given time. Modern devices have also added the ability to share other peripherals like USB devices and audio. .. KVM over IP devices use a dedicated micro-controller and potentially specialized video capture hardware to capture the video, keyboard, and mouse signals, compress and convert them into packets, and send them over an Ethernet link to a remote console application that unpacks and reconstitutes the dynamic graphical image. This KVM over IP subsystem is typically connected to a system’s standby power plane so that it’s available during the entire BIOS boot process. These devices allow multiple computers to be controlled remotely across a wide area network, local area network or telephone-line using the TCP/IP protocol. There are performance issues related with LAN/WAN hardware, standard protocols and network latency so user management is commonly referred to as “near real time”.” 

“Every federal government purchase anticipated to be valued from $2500 to $100,000 is automatically set-aside for small businesses as long as there are at least 2 companies that can provide the product/service. Contracts over $100,000 can be set aside if enough small businesses are able to do the work. Contracts over $500,000 have to include a small business subcontracting plan so that small businesses can get work under these large contracts.” 

Project Manager & Master Scheduler at Integrated Solutions Management

September 1997 – October 2006 (9 years 2 months) DISA HQ, VA/ Net Centricity Requirements Analysis Directorate -Interoperability
Subject Matter Expert: Senior Lead Analyst. 
* Supported DISA, Joint Staff (J6E) and JROC (J8) 
Requirements analysis of NIPRNET and SIPRNET [allegedly for SNAP Gap whack with KVM switch] 
• Provide technical support in the development and AIS security, interoperability policies, assist in the Certification and Accreditation of systems for the Joint Staff & Joint Oversight Council. 
• As the lead Senior Systems Analyst, Ms. Moye was responsible for the risk management and configuration management of the web base application for the Joint Staff assessment tools 
• Provide customer service and AIS security access of passwords to users. Assist in developing and design of the migration to the Oracle databases and associated web server configurations. Ms. Moye assisted in the design, development, test, evaluating and software systems to integrate for Global Net-centric systems. 
• Conducted briefings and user group training classes in support of DISA, Joint Staff (J6E), JROC (J8), and Office Secretary of Defense, Joint Staff, J6Z and Air Force C4ISP Assessment Tools to maintain the knowledge of the JCPAT’s DOD user community capabilities, cross-functional integration and interoperability initiatives within DISA. 
• Assisted in the technical writing of interoperability policies (e.g. DOD 4630, CJCSI 3170, and CJCSI 6212). 
• As the key lead Senior Systems Analyst, Ms. Moye successfully led a team to implement the assessment web base tool JCPAT for the Joint Staff, and DoD DISA. 
• Supported the Oracle database; and developed the JCPAT data dictionary, the Data Entity Relational Diagram library and assist developing computer graphics systems using graphic display systems. 
• Ms. Moye was awarded a Certificate Letter of Achievement by Brigadier General, USAF, Charles E. Groom for the dedication and superb attention to detail to effectively flow the 87 C2IP proposals through DISA. December 2011: Ms. Moye received a letter of recognition as a value added contributor to the customer and her [hit] team.” 

Lisa Disbrow [Marcy’s alleged handler for Femme Comp set aside whacks and the Miranda contract to eliminate Pat Tillman] is a member of the Senior Executive Service and a retired Air Force Reserve Colonel. Currently, she serves as the Vice Director of J-8, responsible for management of the Directorate in developing future capabilities, conducting force structure and warfighting studies, and evaluating DOD plans, programs, and strategies for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. She supports the Director, J8 in his role as Joint Requirements Oversight Council (JROC) Secretary and as Chairman of the Joint Capabilities Board (JCB). A graduate of the University of Virginia, she received her commission from the Air Force Officer Training School at Lackland AFB, Texas. Ms Disbrow has served in the J-8 Directorate since 1995. … On active duty, Ms Disbrow served as an electronic intelligence analyst and Middle East specialist, developing assessments during Persian Gulf re-flagging operations, the crisis in Chad and Sudan, DESERT STORM and SOUTHERN WATCH. While deployed, Ms Disbrow was Chief Threat Analyst in the Air Operations Center, providing threat intelligence and threat planning for Air Tasking Order development and produced the Tactical Electronic, Missile, and Air Orders of Battle for USCENTCOM. She was selected for the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Advanced Language and Area Studies program, completing Arabic language training at Georgetown University.”

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