#1442 Marine Links Obama Mentor to Stolen Bowman Bull-Pup Radios, Serco time-Spliced Tillman GPS

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Michelle Obama’s General Dynamics mentor, Lester Crown, to the theft of Bowman radio accessories for the SA80 bull-pup rifle and the Serco Stratum Zero GPS network with which Crown’s protégées built a time-spliced Wag the Dog story to camouflage the ambush and murder of Pat Tillman on 22nd April 2004 in Afghanistan.

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Marine Links Obama’s HAC Bowman Spoliation Crimes to Resilience Underground Bombs (SCRUB)

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#1441: Marine Links Serco Sandy Hook GPS Radios, Bull-Pup Rifles to Obama’s Time-Spliced DMORT Orgues

Address to Chicago Council on Global Affairs

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General Dynamics factory in Wales where Crown originally procured Bowman accessories for bull-pup SA80.

Obama mentor’s stolen Bowman radios; Serco GPS accessory to SA80 bull-pup rifle used to shoot Tillman




 “No, it’s regular SA80(L85A2) with hand-guard removed and a L17 40 mm grenade launcher attached :to: I am aware there is a carbine version of the SA80(L22A2) issued to armored crews/pilots etc…the rails are a standard feature on the L22 but middle man does not have one he’s got L17 fitted to an L85A2, and to correct my earlier post it does look like middle man might have a RNM Commando tab on his left shoulder, also the image name is Sond Chara which was a predominantly RNM operation, so they’re RNM not Army. Middle man has Oakley pilot gloves, he’s in charge commander of the section, has non issue knee pads, wearing Osprey body armour (now not issued, plate carriers have changed) carrying L85A2 with L17 40mm fitted, SUSAT 4x scope, camelback water hydration system, radio is a bowman radio system (heavy) [designed by Lester Crown’s General Dynamics in Calgary and manufactured by Lester Crown’s General Dynamics in Wales ] which will transmit further and is connected to his PRR (Personal Role Radio) system, you can see the part with the com buttons strapped into a carrier attached to the left strap of his chest rig, the other men only have the PRR system which doesn’t go as far the bowman will connect back to FOB/Base etc [using GPS clock signals to synchronize Serco Startum Zero contract hits] the sling on his rifle is a 3 point green sling which is issued”


Eve: spliced vid, D-scan and cloaks & gates. lowsec poleaxing survival

Matching Spliced Scenes put Together

“Tainted Exec Could Lose Security Pass [Marine McConnell makes a spoliation inference that in 1984, Obama’s mentors Lester Crown and Bernardine Dohrn began working with Serco on the development of a GPS time-spliced assassination kit which culminated in the theft of Bowman SA 80 bull-pup rifles and accessories used to kill Pat Tillman in 2004]
March 01, 1985|By From Chicago Tribune writes.

WASHINGTON — Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger has ordered an investigation into General Dynamics Corp.`s failure to alert the Pentagon of criminal activities by Chicago industrialist Lester Crown, a company board member, before Crown got a top-security clearance, it was disclosed Thursday.

xxWeinberger wrote to Rep. John Dingell (D., Mich.) that the Pentagon was unaware until recently that Crown was an unindicted co-conspirator in a corporate-bribery scheme in the early 1970s.
The defense secretary said that he was ordering a hearing to decide whether Crown should retain his security clearance and that he also was ordering an inquiry by the Defense Investigative Service into “why the company failed to report the information regarding Mr. Crown“ to the Pentagon.

Dingell announced Weinberger`s decision at a House Energy and Commerce subcommittee hearing in which Dingell and six other House Democrats pressed General Dynamics Chairman David Lewis about the Crown affair and numerous other allegations of company abuses.

Crown, 59, was granted immunity from prosecution in 1973 in return for his testimony involving a scheme to bribe members of the Illinois General Assembly. Lewis supported Crown`s elevation to the board in 1974.

The Crown family holds the largest block of stock in the company, and Henry Crown of Chicago, Lester`s father, was already a board member.

Lester Crown is president and chairman of the Material Service Corp. and executive vice president of General Dynamics Corp., its parent company. He also is a director of Trans World Airlines and Esmark Inc. and is an owner of the Chicago Bulls basketball team.

Crown was a principal witness in a trial that led to the conviction of five former state legislators and a lobbyist for taking bribes to secure legislation benefiting the ready-mix-concrete industry. Several other men, including executives in the industry, pleaded guilty in the case.
All defendants were accused of giving or accepting $30,000 in bribes in order to secure passage of a law that would increase the allowable weight of cement trucks on state highways. Prosecutors said increasing the allowable weight of cement trucks would increase the profits of the concrete firms.

The bill was passed in 1972 but was vetoed by then-Gov. Richard Ogilvie after state engineers said the heavier trucks would damage roads.

On the witness stand, Crown admitted that he knowingly contributed $15,000 of the bribe money. Executives of his firm testified that they were told to pad their expense accounts for months to make up the $15,000, then give it back to Crown.

Crown, his company and his executives were granted immunity from prosecution for their testimony, an action that was criticized by defense lawyers and even by the jurors.

The immunity was granted at the request of then-U.S. Atty. James Thompson, now governor, who said the action was necessary to get enough evidence to expose and prosecute the bribery scheme.

It was not until 1977 that General Dynamics told shareholders of Crown`s involvement in the conspiracy. Lewis asserted repeatedly during the hearing that company lawyers had advised him not to divulge the immunity agreement, except to the company`s executive committee.
In response to a question from Rep. Ron Wyden (D., Ore.), Lewis defended the elevation of Crown to the board.

“Mr. Crown is deeply regretful of this action, which is the only blot on his career,“ he said.
Asked whether Crown would be kept on the board, Lewis said, “I would say so, yes.“
The response prompted Rep. John Bryant (D., Tex.) to denounce Lewis.

“You`ve got a crook on your board, and you say that individual ought to stay there. You`re the problem in that corporation. I`m absolutely disgusted you could sit here and make that statement with a straight face,“ Bryant said.”
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