#1354 Marine Links Harper to Furloughed Spread-Bet Key, Taliban Escape, Algerian Body Count

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Stephen Harper’s development of an Entrust PKI spread-bet key system to the furloughed or escaped prisoners who deliver (?) numbers which bookmakers use to collect ‘vigs’ from over-under bettors.

McConnell notes Harper appears to have used Entrust PKI to authorize the escape of 480 spread-bet prisoners from Kandahar’s Sarpoza prison in April 2011 and the murders of 65 to 70 body-counted workers at an Algerian gas plant in January 2013.

#1353 Marine Links Harper Spread-Bet Carbon Trade to North Tower 8:32 + 14 Delayed

Algeria 2 Canadian Militants in Algeria Siege By AP / Aomar Ouali and Karim Kebir Jan. 21, 2013 Add a Comment (ALGIERS, Algeria) — The hostage-taking at a remote Algerian gas plant was carried out by 30 militants from across the northern swath of Africa and two from Canada, authorities said. The militants, who wore military uniforms and knew the layout, included explosives experts who rigged it with bombs and a leader whose final order [allegedly transmitted over Harpers’s Entrust public key infrastructure via the U.K. MoD and HAC Bowman radios] was to kill all the captives. The operation also had help with inside knowledge — a former driver at the plant, Algeria’s prime minister said Monday.

Read more: http://world.time.com/2013/01/21/inside-job-2-canadian-militants-in-algeria-siege/#ixzz2IiecRxbw” 

Terrorism As Algeria Body Count Grows, Officials Analyze Terrorist Threat [using Nortel’s Entrust key and JABS]— and Whether the Attack Had Inside Help By Bruce Crumley Jan. 21, 2013 As the death toll from Algeria’s hostage massacre rose to at least 67, security experts in Europe and beyond are examining the six-day drama for clues about the evolving terrorist threat. The initial conclusions, however, may not be as dire as one might expect following the horror of the In Amenas attack. Although 37 foreigners lost their live safter Islamist extremists took hundreds of gas-refinery workers prisoner Jan. 16, the early view from some counterterrorism officials is that In Amenas represents a nightmarish exception to increased but much lower-grade action by jihadi forces in coming weeks. 

“This was quite clearly a very well-planned and long-contemplated attack that could not have been mounted in response to the French intervention in Mali as Islamist leaders have claimed,” said a security official from a European nation who asks not to be identified. The official refers to the video by Algerian radical Mokhtar Belmokhtar claiming responsibility for the In Amenas attack as retaliation for France’s Jan. 11 military deployment to battle Islamists holding northern Mali.” 

Read more: http://world.time.com/2013/01/21/as-algeria-body-count-grows-officials-analyze-terror-threat-and-whether-the-attack-had-inside-help/#ixzz2IidqkLn9 

Afghanistan’s great escape: how 480 Taliban prisoners broke out of jail 

It may not have been Stalag Luft III, but the escape from Sarpoza prison in Kandahar was pretty ingenious … Jon Boone in Kabul 

The Guardian,
Monday 25 April 2011 19.38 BST 

Kandahar’s prison may not be Stalag Luft III but in terms of ingenuity, organisation and sheer cunning the successful break-out by at least 480 Taliban prisoners in the early hours of Monday morning rivals anything pulled off by British POWs in the infamous German prison camp.
According to people involved in the break-out, the Taliban’s great escape began with a team of 18 insurgents on the outside spending five months burrowing hundreds of metres underground through the brown soil west of Kandahar city and into Sarpoza prison, taking their tunnel right into the prison’s political section where hundreds of Taliban were held. 

As the great escape was a break-in rather than a break-out, there was no need to surreptitiously get rid of the earth inside the camp; according to one local media report, the Kandahar plotters simply sold lorry loads of the earth in the city’s bazaar from a tunnel stretching a reported 320 metres.
The starting point was a compound directly opposite the prison that from the outside looked like any one of hundreds of building companies that have popped up in areas awash with reconstruction dollars. 

But the metal and concrete beams made there were not for building US-sponsored projects. Instead they were used to support a part of the tunnel that went directly underneath a section of Afghanistan‘s most important road: the stretch of Highway One running between the cities of Kandahar and Herat.
According to one of the escapees (whose numbers could dramatically tip the odds in favour of the insurgents on the eve of this year’s “fighting season”), the tunnel was of sufficient diameter and high enough for the prisoners to stand upright for most of their walk to freedom.”

More to follow.

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