10-8-2018 Gobsmack & Field McConnell

Dr. Ph***, Do you really believe these scum bags play according to codes, statues, or laws…..Keep in mind, and take it to heart, these low lifes’ make the rules…..When you wake up, I’d love to get a picture of your expression…..You must forget everything you believe, and look at things as they are…..If you can not do this, then you’ll remain in a make believe world…..I know that to be as fact…..I’d love to spend tons more time explaining my wake up, but it’ll do zero, if my info can not be understood…..

Dr. Ph***…..Every mortgage is also on paper, and every bank mortgage is a fraud…..Every contract written, representing banks are written contracts of fraud…..Your check book is a fraud…..It is paper with a bunch of fraudulent print on it…..That is exactly my point…..If the federal government, (Trading with The Enemy Act Of 1933) is our domestic enemy, then we have no recourse to any contract, fraudulently protected by them…..We all are corporate owned…..You said “There Is No BAR”, (which is a corporation), yet I see a bogus agreement, that allegedly has some value to BAR members….. You really need to read, and understand this part of the agreement….. Acceptance By The Advisor….. it is a fiduciary, as defined in the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, as amended and in effect from time to time (“ERISA”).


Agent JD

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