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Arch-Zionist Mole Rita Katz and the Mossad Orchestrated ISIS Beheading Hoaxes

Who in the world is terminally rabid arch-Zionist mole Rita Katz? The daughter of a Zionist spy she is one of the most wretched, vile Israeli agents known. Her Israeli, though slightly Middle-Eastern influenced, accent is clear in her various videos.

Here she is speaking from the corner of her mouth. All that she spews is lies, all form the purpose of treachery and the creation of great chaos – for the creation of vast corruption in the land.

This treacherous one was the source of the link uploaded to the SITE Website and also, apparently, provided directly to the White House.

Here is some of Katz’s typical commentary, as demonstrated on PsyopsNews (CNN):

KATZ: There’s no information about other Americans that they have currently. We know now they have the next British guy that they’re threatening to execute. However, monitoring the sites and seeing the celebration behind the release of these videos, the joy that they have when they see the beheadings of Americans, and how we terrorize the Americans and other countries, there is absolutely no doubt that the recruitment aspect of these videos is something that we cannot ignore.

There is a very important element to the recruitment in these videos, maybe as equally as for the execution of attacks, because we’re talking about jihadi groups that don’t — that need the support. They need the general support. And the fact that they released the videos, both videos in English, by an executor who speaks English, most likely with a British accent, gives the double message of the strong element for recruitment from ISIS.

She is a spy, a Mossad mole, make no mistake about it. A mole of moles, she is the so-called co-founder of the SITE entity. According to research by James F. Tracy:

“Since mid-August 2014 major news organizations have conveyed videos allegedly found online by the SITE Intelligence Group. Unsurprisingly the same media have failed to closely interrogate what the private company actually is and whether the material it promotes should be accepted as genuine.

The Search for International Terrorist Entities Intelligence Group was co-founded by Rita Katz in 2001. Katz is an Iraqi-born Jew. Her father, an Israeli spy, was executed by Iraqis as a result of his intelligence activities.”

This fact is exceedingly telling. Clearly, Katz is on the warpath against the people of the Middle East, attempting to create the basis for a most monstrous consequence: the wholesale invasion and thus destruction of Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries by coalition troops. Katz is clearly consumed in this regard, orchestrating and surely disseminating hoax videos, all for the purpose of demonization – all to create the guise for murderous war.

The writer then adds:

SITE Intelligence Group consists of Katz and two “senior advisers,” one of whom is Bruce Hoffman, the Corporate Chair in Counterterrorism and Counterinsurgency at the RAND Corporation and former director of the RAND’s Washington DC office.

It should be noted that he RAND Corporation is merely a front for the arch-Zionist, pro-Israeli war machine, one that is aimed at consuming the entire Middle East in bloodthirsty wars. Hoffman is a mere well-embedded Mossad spy, an empty suit, a fake: an Israeli agent to the extreme.

Bruce Hoffman to Join Independent Commission

In commentary on the following video clip this Rockefeller-Rothschild agent Hoffman spewing additional lies regarding the Boston smoke bombing hoax. Let him be confronted. Let him deny the fact that this was an absolute fake committed by mere paid Zionist moles. It’s good to review it. The video is revealing with a few previously not well emphasized crisis actors being interviewed.

Hoffman, while not interviewed in the video, spread the following fabrications:

“The influence of the older brother could have been critical,” said Bruce Hoffman, a professor of security studies at Georgetown University. He said the possible role of the older man reminded him of 2007 bombings in London, in which a cell leader radicalized the youngest member of the group. In that case, the teenage bomber “was much more impressionable and much more a follower.”

Therefore, Hoffman’s entire purpose in life is demonization, all in order to create the fake Islamic bogeymen. “There’s an Islamist under ever rock and around every corner. Watch out, they’re coming to get you at any moment.”

The beheadings are entirely fake. Who knows the full scope of the fabrications uploaded to the Internet by this fraudster.

Note: This is a preliminary post only. It will be expanded in more detail as soon as possible.

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Source: jimstone.com


This time the beheading was of a fictitious TV character in a Turkish television drama titled “WOLVES VALLEY”, which was filmed in February of 2014.


Same Director for ISIS BEHEADING videos and a Turkish drama TV series

The relevant scene is at exactly 33 seconds.

Claims are being made now by some people in the Arab world that Mossad front SITE contracted out to this film maker to produce the ISIS beheadings as well. However, that would be difficult to confirm and I am not certain it is even necessary. The dating of this trailer to Feb of this year pretty much sews this up in a body bag.


Abel Danger Note: This is being all very carefully choreographed by the intelligence agencies to increase the intensity of the psychological assault on our senses traumatizing people about the threat of ISIS. Listening to Bruce Hoffman at Georgetown University in the video clip above about all the terrorist threats, related organizations and terrorist affiliates he describes, not one bomb and not even so much as a fart in Israel’s direction from all these terrorist networks in the region has taken place.

The next intelligence operation is with British operative, sorry, journalist, John Cantlie (“Can’t Lie?” What are we dealing with here?) alleged to be taken captive by ISIS. The room, table, John’s orange shirt, and the amazing sound and recording system are astonishing. Alright, John Can’t Lie, let’s see what the big message is for us?

John Cantlie Lend Me Your Ears – “أعيروني سمعكم “جون كانتلي


Abel Danger observation: Watch the clip above beginning at the 7 second point. Is this a caveat towards Serco Stacey allegations? Abel Danger is assuming this is a message. Note the screen shot taken at the 8 second point in the clip below of the ankle bracelet. Is the message here if “you mess with us we’ll procure a tag offender to take you out?” And remember, Serco has at least 3,000 of these guys and gals and G4S perhaps 10,000.

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