What is Going On In Switzerland? – Swiss Terror, Police Violence, Sean Hross Political Prisoner Switzerland & Behördenterror CH 1″22 – Assistance Is Being Requested – Three Years of Terror In Switzerland

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  • ALL EYES on The Swiss Nazi's…. they have names and addresses and the snow gets deep in Winter 😉

  • Well, I'm Swiss, I listened to this pathetic and self-congratulationly film about 10 min and still did not get the point you wanted to tell us about. To say, swiss prisons are like hotels you have not to pay for. And if Switzerland is so bad, why don't you leave – go to Mexico!

  • You dumb retard My Anonymous scared shitless to show his Swissy Face or name. The Swiss Nazi's have taken his passport.
    Like Sean say's you are all the same you do not have the attention span to go for more than 10 minutes you SCUM BUCKETS have terrorized his family for 17 years and are locking him away on November 10th FOR NOTHING.. so go and get drunk and celebrate, Mexico is paradise compared to the home of The Swiss Nazi Templars, since 1291 so go play with your guns Mthfkr… Capiche?

  • Sean is truthfully telling us the truth. Moreover, it's been years before anyone pick his channel up.

  • Anywhere near Southern America Jesuit Vatican Freemasonry Switzerland give Red Cross passport to Adolf Hitler and others Nazi that escape.

  • Exactly!!

  • They have confiscated his travel documents adn will not LET HIM LEAVE. He is WILLING TO LEAVE

  • He is a political prisoner, but they have withheld his travel documents prior to this or many of us would have paid for his travel abroad assisting him to relocate, but they will not LET HIM OUT of the country. View his master works, The Pharoah SHOW. His wife is a nurse, his two children are very well behaved, his son plays amazing piano. This is a loving productive family. Mr Hross is a historian and documentary film maker, but his wife not so amazing on camera… but thats what's going on. Mr Hross is no longer a young man, he has suffered for his faith and is suffering again, as an artist and out spoken critic of oppression, thats all he has done, and his wife is a nurse, for God sake. Please write to the relevant authorities demanding his swift release. I do not yet know the addresses to write or I would post here-