Wells Fargo Participation in 9/11 and a THREAT WINDOW AD160921 against Trump by Clinton-Bush Crime Families

Wells Fargo Participation in 9/11 and a THREAT WINDOW AD160921 against Trump by Clinton-Bush Crime Families & ADTW160921 Threat Window For Death Threat exposed in Operation THERM last week on Hayling Island, UK….photo below of Affidavits delivered to Judge Boles (Pierce County WI), bullet proof hearse with BARRY SOETORO Punahou ’79 sign in window and 2 hearse photo with WI license plate SABOW3.


Abel Danger has posted ADTW160921 and is confirming that as of 1711/23Sep16 a threat against the life of Donald Trump. ADTW160921 was sent to Trump Organization along with key words : FADEC, BUAP, Wells Fargo, BUGS S01 E03, 2 October and Sukhoi. If one hair on Trump’s head is out of place before 2311/02Oct16 I will explain these KEY WORDS. The ‘known sponsors’ will be published at that time.

Field McConnell
+001 715 307 8222
Wisconsin DoJ #65229……SABOW 3


#2786: Clinton’s Qui Tam Murder For Hire – Serco’s 8(a) Digital Fires – Twin Towers Zulu Pride

United States Marine Field McConnell
Plum City Online – (AbelDanger.net) – September 23, 2016

1. Abel Danger (AD) claims that in 1994, the Crown Agents’ office in Washington, D.C. authorized former patent lawyer Hillary Clinton to use the UK’s intelligence gathering services to identify qui-tam whistleblowers as prospective victims for murder for hire.

2. AD claims that in 1994, Hillary Clinton’s aides outsourced the operation of the National Visa Center to Serco whose shareholders – allegedly led by HSBC – equipped aliens in 8(a) companies with the visas and the weaponized, patented devices needed to stage digital fires attacks of the kind falsely attributed by the former AG Janet Reno to patsies such as the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski.

3. AD claims that Serco 8(a) operatives of the Navy’s patented onion router relayed Zulu timing signals to Clinton and her DOJ Pride associates for their alleged use in synchronizing Bin Laden’s decoy and drone maneuvers with the demolition of the Twin Towers forSnuff Film 9/11.

4. United States Marine Field McConnell can help Donald Trump bring a qui tam action against Serco which will explain how patented (ref. BUGS S01 E03) devices were used to stage the 9/11 snuff film for DOJ Pride principals whose names appear in the download of a laptop at 2311 at the home of the late Glenn A. and Eileen O. McConnell, 832 Coach Way Annapolis MD 21401 on 14Oct08.

from Anna von Reitz, Wisconsinite in Alaska:

Yesterday I filed the Big One, the Summation of over twenty (20) years work in behalf of the actual American states owed the land jurisdiction of this country and the living people of the 50 States United. Of course, with something this long in the making, there is a lot of remembering involved and a lot of focus required, so forgive me if I am brief with this announcement. I am very tired.

We, the living American People who claim our birthright political standing as American State Nationals—- Texans, Virginians, Ohioans, Wisconsinites, and so on— and who have moved back to the land jurisdiction of our native land, are the beneficiaries of our estates. Those who additionally act as Fiduciaries in behalf of our states on the land are American State Citizens, obligated by oath and honor to act in the best interests of all and to meet The Prudent Man Standard in all those actions we undertake.

For many who have grown up listening to a constant litany of “National Debt” news, it may come as a great surprise to learn that you are, as American State Nationals, not in debt. You are by far the richest people on Earth.

In fact, you and your States are the Priority Creditors of the entire world.

The debt that the rest of the world has owed us has been so insurmountable that it has served to quash business and growth, spawned a huge black market in counterfeit currencies and “derivatives”, and caused unnecessary suffering that needs to end. So, in our own right and in your names, we’ve have moved to end it.

As your servants and as “Prudent Men” we have requested a worldwide accounting and set off of debts, meaning that our debts to other nations are to be set off against their debts to us. What remains as “insurmountable debt” owing will be forgiven—written off, so that everyone can have a clean start.

This is being done to regenerate hope and economic freedom and to prevent any necessity of war or undue suffering. It is well-within our ability and in our best interests to do this.

Our fortunes are so vast that it doesn’t even matter.

We are the beneficiaries of approximately 185,000 of the richest corporations on Earth, approximately 10,000 state of, county of, and municipal corporations in this country, and corporations like CANADA and AUSTRALIA that “own” entire countries, together with all their corporations under them.

Quite literally, we little pea-pickers and Indians have inherited the Earth.

Now what to do with it? For starters, everyone needs a living stipend to make life possible for many in the Third World and make it bearable for others, even here in America. So our proposal is that every man, woman, and child receive an individual payment equivalent in local currency to $2000 per month as an independent living stipend on top of whatever other income they may have.

This will end abject poverty throughout the world and make life bearable for many who are now suffering needlessly.

We have also proposed that each one receive the equivalent in local currency of $1000 per month in a savings/investment account that they can use to invest for their own future.

These funds are directed to be paid individually with no strings, no middlemen, no governments involved. Just a straight one-to-one transaction from the World Heritage Fund and the World Investment Fund to each one of you.

For many this will all just be pleasant “extra”, but for others it is the difference between life and death, starvation and a good future.

There will also be plenty of money for infrastructure investments, for re-booting the government we are owed, and for all the tasks which face this planet and our nation among all the nations of the world.

Britain, France, and other nations have tried to obscure the truth of the American States and mischaracterize and misrepresent and fool the American People, so as to set up a false claim that we all “voluntarily” chose to serve as “United States Citizens” or “citizens of the United States” and that our States of the Union were “civilly dead”—– but as we and everyone else now knows, that is nothing but a self-interested lie promoted by foreign interests seeking to avoid their own debts and hoping to come in as Secondary Creditors and bring false claims of “abandonment” in commerce.

Those actions have been forestalled by the fifty (50) State Liens recorded as Non-UCC liens and by two subsequent actions which collect the National Debt and re-convey the assets of the actual States to the land jurisdiction.

It’s done. It’s over. It’s on the record.

Much too everyone’s surprise, the Sleeping Giant woke up at its own funeral and yawned and said, “Fie, fei, foe, fum!”

Get your motors running. Inform the Vatican. Inform the Kremlin. Inform Beijing. The Republic States are alive and well and so are the American People.

Contrary to what you’ve been told, we are not the “United States”. We don’t have a $19 trillion-plus National Debt.

We have a $19 trillion-plus National Credit. And that’s not all.

We are the majority shareholders in virtually everything big enough to spit at from here to Damascus. We are owed 150 years worth of back rent, the entirety of the 1930’s bankruptcy fraud, and so much more…….that at the end of the day, the only real question is—- can we all imagine a better world?

A much, much better world?

Judge Anna Von Reitz

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