Warfare of Attrition (Sustained Attack) – Commodification for Population Reduction – Stealing Water for Profit and Power – “Fossil Water” Deployed as a Weaponized Term (“Fossil Fuel”) – Artificially Exaggerating Scarcity – The Planned Obsolescence of Your Current Reality – There Is no Corporate Accountability – Banks Take Over Public Policy

Rothschild’s Water Wars, Vaccinations & Future Cities 

This is probably one of the best explanations on the detrimental effects of vaccines ever presented. Everyone owes it to themselves, their family and especially their children as children are being taken into commodification. Everyone needs to listen very carefully to what Doctor Stephanie Seneff discusses in this video clip on vaccinations.

This is the Best Explanation of the Vaccine/Autism 
Connection I’ve Ever Heard!

Stop the vaccine atrocities – your child is not corporate property and should not be treated as a commodity (commodification).

Now that you’ve watched Doctor Stephanie Seneff describe the nefarious effects vaccines are having on children including the brain-gut connection, listen to this ex-Australian Police Officer Chris Savage explain how police and doctors are brainwashed in blaming parents for vaccine injury and death.

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