U.S. Sues Wells Fargo, Accuses it of Mortgage Fraud

re: Letter to Mike Heid, President Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and John Stumpf 

Mike Heid and John Stumpf:

For over one year I have tried to return your collateral to you in the property
at 9223 50th Avenue S, Glyndon MN 56547.

In that entire time Mr. Heid has never
once responded to me. I have had a buyer wishing to pay more for the property than
is owed and Well Fargo has blocked that.

I have provided information to legal entities in the Wells Fargo suit in San Francisco and yesterday’s
suit on the east coast. I expect to hear in the next 120 hours that Wells Fargo is delivering
a clear title to my property to me so I can turn it over to the buyer who is already living

If that does not happen by the time I return from a trip to Texas, I will proceed

I have oft advised Wells Fargo that your relationship to the attacks of 9/11 is toxic and you
have not replied. When the Twins Towers dropped on September 11, 2001, Wells Fargo had massive windfalls in
“Pass through Certificates” on Towers 1 and 2. Wells Fargo profiteering on the morning of [email protected] 11, 2001 was exacerbated as Warren Buffett was entertaining 300 Goldman Sachs Bankers at Offutt AFB in
Bellevue, Nebraska and they were watching the carnage in New York while overhead New York a man
named Jacoby was in the back seat of an F16 flown by Ricky Gibney watching the carnage while serving
as the New York State FEMA director.

If I file suit against Mike Heid, John Stumpf and Wells Fargo it will not be for the property at 9223 50th Avenue alone. It will be for a sum much greater and will involve RICO trebling as WF has
demonstrated RICO behavior in the MacDonald Dettwiler, Ryan Thomas, FBCA and MERS discretionary
financial attack on American mortgagees.

If I file, and I will absent a clear title by EOB 16 October, I will invite U S Servicemen, Veterans and surviving dependents who have been abused with discretion and malice of forethought by WF to
join in my suit.

Your call, Mr. Heid.

David Hawkins may comment and if he does he will reply all.

Field McConnell
N3572 CR S
Plum City WI 54761
715 307 8222

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