US-District Attorney Eric Holder On Killing Americans With Drones

Source: Abel Danger

Press TV in Iran:

Perhaps Eric Holder would enjoy engaging me in a discussion of drone safety as I have shot down drones and I am confident he has not. Further, drones were to some degree the family business. The BQ8 drone that killed Joe Kennedy Jr. on 12 August, 1944, the MB47 drone (1953), the QB47 that crashed at Eglin AFB (attached below), my launching against PQM102s and QF100s are part of my ‘fluency’ on drones.

I am the ‘academic source’ of the droning of the 9/11 jets as I shared this possibility with my sister, Kristine Marcy, who may have shared it with Hillary Clinton. I have filed three suits exposing the illegal modifications and the cabal that arranged the modifications for their failed TOPOFF OF AMERICA disguised as a Terror Attack. This comment just was delivered to
PressTV in Iran and note they are behind johnsimmons in the To:bar. The next two addresses are the Russian Military
Attache in Washington and Sukhoi Aircraft in Russia, to whom I explained the ‘takedown’ of their Sukhoi Superjet in May of 2012 in Indonesia. Two days after I explained it, Russian Federation GRU published the information.

I have filed 3 Federal Lawsuits alleging the FALSE FLAG attacks of 9/11 were executed by a consortium of American traitors and Elitists Bankers. In April, 2009, Iran’s President visited Astana Kazakhstan while I was flying for Air Astana with Muslim co-pilots. I communicated DIRECTLY with Iran’s President and offered to allow Iran to release a movie CAPTAIN SHERLOCK SOLVES 9/11 if Iran would release Roxana Saberi, a young lady from Fargo ND who had been a News Anchor in Fargo where I had lived for 33 years flying Air Defense Interceptors and a wide range of Northwest Airliners. The Truth of 9/11 is KNOWN and please note on the home page of Abel Danger dot net the photo of me and Iran’s Air Force One taken in April, 2009. Roxana Saberi was released shortly after Iran’s visit to Astana. My offer to Iran still stands and to judge my lawsuit search Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) Field McConnell, 715 307 8222 abel danger dot net

19 August 1963:

A USAF Boeing QB-47E Stratojet, of the 3205th Drone Director Group, veers off course on touchdown at Eglin Air Force Base,Florida, crashing onto Eglin Parkway parallel to runway 32/14. Two cars were crushed by the Stratojet, killing two occupants, Robert W. Glass and Dr. Robert Bundy, and injuring a third, Dorothy Phillips. Mr. Glass and Dr. Bundy both worked for the Minnesota Honeywell Corporation at the time, a firm which had just completed flight tests on an inertia guidance sub-system for the X-20 Dyna-Soar project at the base utilizing an McDonnell NF-101B Voodoo. Mrs. Phillips was the wife of Master Sergeant James Phillips, a crew chief at the base. Mrs. Phillips was treated for moderate injuries and released later that day. Both vehicles were destroyed by fire. Four firefighters were treated for smoke inhalation while fighting the blaze which reignited several times. Fire crews had to lay over a mile of hose to reach the crash from the nearest hydrant, as well. The QB-47 was used for Bomarc Missile Program tests, which normally operated from Auxiliary Field Three (Duke Field), approximately 15 miles from the main base, but was diverted to Eglin Main after thunderstorms built up over Duke.

If Eric Holder wishes to discuss 9/11, drones, or the Newtown Connecticut Operation described with this Google search:


I will be more than willing to explain these shabbily deployed FALSE FLAGS. We will be discussing this on Livestream tomorrow for 90 minutes from 1400-1530 Eastern. Barry Soetoro and I are both graduates of Punahou School.

Field McConnell
Plaintiff Civil Case 3:07-cv-24
Plaintiff Civil Case 3:07-cv-49
Plaintiff Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC)
Plum City WI 54761
715 307 8222
WI DoJ 65229
USMC 0116513


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