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The Conclusion 
Refugees as a Weapons System – Part 11

The conclusion of Refugees as a Weapons System is that the creation of refugees is the real objective and the real war on the American people. All that needs to happen for a country to unload its excess and/or undesirable populations is to create a scene and get the media to cover it. Of course the UN is always there for any “humanitarian disaster” and it is the UN that has the authority under international law to designate who qualifies as a refugee. The United States is then obligated to take the people in and they are resettled in our communities.

UN designated who is a refugee

Obviously, any country that wants to wage war on the United States could also participate in this strategy to get their warriors here on our soil as refugees. This is exactly what is happening with the Muslims being imported and settled into our communities.

Israeli PM: We Kill Palestinians Because Hamas Wants ‘Telegenically Dead’ 

According to Madeleine Albright, [CSPAN video clip] Syria is going to produce the largest refugee crisis in 70 years. And the news is full of stories and pictures of Al Qaeda, Dash, ISIS – made for TV stories of rape, kidnapping and enslavement of women… oh the horror of it all. [Please read The Future of the Middle East recently written by Thierry Meyssan.]

In the senate hearing where Madeleine Albright made the statement about the refugee crisis, Henry Kissinger also made an interesting statement. He said that for a long time, the international community thought that the structure of the nation-state system was the cause of war and now it seems that the disintegration of the nation-state system is causing war. That’s proof positive that the “international community” are a bunch of over-educated idiots who live in a bubble. They’ve been breathing their own methane for too long.

While I’m on the subject of the “international community”, it was built largely with Carnegie money – the Carnegie Endowment for Peace at the turn of the twentieth century. Most Americans did not have the sophistication to understand the depth of depravity and treachery of Europeans – and in particular, the depravity and treachery of the elite of the British Empire. Carnegie did something else that was brilliant. He built the institutional structure for the schools – and Carnegie still controls school policy. They took over the U.S. State Department and then they defined the standards and credentials for international relations. If you control the standards and the education required for a government function, then you control that function – and Carnegie dominates the U.S. State Department which is why the State Department doesn’t work for the American people. In fact, this whole refugee system reveals the State Department to be the enemies of the American people – working from the inside.

In effect, American taxpayers are paying to destroy themselves. It’s a brilliantly evil strategy and the people who are participating are both making money and feeling good about destroying their children’s future. Unreal.

John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963. In 1965, Lyndon B. Johnson who started out his career as a teacher, appointed John W. Gardner who was then head of the Carnegie Corporation of New York and the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching to be the Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW). From that perch, Gardner was the architect of the “Great Society”.

It was in 1965 when the government began requiring and funding privatized commissions to implement public policy in effect, building a network of well-funded, empowered individuals in a system that serves only the people involved in it. The first instance that I found was the Public Works and Economic Development Administration (PWEDA). The Economic Development offices in our local communities get federal funds to implement federal policy but they are independent agencies not visible to the public and not accountable to anybody. Every organization listed below is set up in the same corrupt structure.

I’m not much of an artist, but I tried in this graphic to show the functional structure:

It’s not a coincidence that I found the same “self-governing” structure when I was doing the research for what I called, “Smart Grid: Rest of the Story“. This system of so-called self-governing is modeled after the medieval livery company system of the City of London and it’s the structure that built the British Empire (See Part 9, Woolf at the Door). It is an inherently corrupt system of entrenched privilege and wealth. People think that gerrymandering is the problem with our elections system. It may have been gerrymandering in the 1950s and 60s. Today the problem is the functional design of this self-serving network of corrupt individuals operating at the county level where the candidates are selected and the federal-to-private hands in the community that pays for it.

It’s the functional organization of how federal money comes into the states to implement federal policy and programs that is the corruption. As it pertains to the refugee resettlement program, US participation in the internationally binding United Nations Protocol on the Status of Refugees and the “independent sector” – Church Lady Mafia that was designed by John Gardner for the Carnegie Foundation that is the network of treason against the Republic.

Vicky Davis
March 15, 2015

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This weekend on C-Span Book TV, Sean McFate was the guest speaker of the Atlantic Council. He was there to talk about his book: The Modern Mercenary: Private Armies and What They Mean for the New World Order.

I see big revenues in their future when cities and counties have to hire them to fight the Muslims that have been brought into the U.S. I would invest – except that blood money is dirty money – but that won’t bother the Church Ladies or our county political machines. There is profit on both sides for them.


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Today’s main report:

NEVER ask for the Southern border to be sealed; it is a TRAP


The following is cold hard fact; I witnessed it myself

For the record: No matter what CNN shows you, no matter what Glenn Beck shows you, no matter what ANY alternative media guy shows you, THERE ARE PRACTICALLY NONE, and I mean ALMOST ZERO Mexicans making illegal border crossings into America. It is a hoax of epic proportions, which is being fronted to make Americans demand an impassable border fence between Mexico and the U.S. (with Canada effectively being the 51st state so no fence is needed there).

However, Mexicans really are arriving in droves; here is what is really going on at the southern border:

They are letting the Mexicans pass into the country via the normal border crossings in an enormous flood that is shocking in magnitude. I saw this myself. For 3 days I was in the back country at the border near Tijuana, and absolutely no Mexicans were anywhere to be seen. The woods and brush were absolutely crawling with border patrol agents. And there was never, at any point EVER a single Mexican to be seen anywhere.

Finally the border patrol found me (after I avoided them 50 times), asked me what I was doing in the area, and drove me into town, right to the border crossing at Tijuana. There I saw the truth: they were just letting the Mexicans pass into America by the hundreds per hour and get onto tour buses that drove them into the U.S. in style. This is not any sort of exaggeration or joke. The border crisis is a full blown HOAX.

I did an expose a while back about the children on trains scam, where I interviewed all the Mexican rail security on all northbound lines going up to America, and the security themselves said the story about children on trains was a scam. Never once, over many days, did I ever see a child hopping a train in Mexico.

Children Missing – Death train busted (Embeds are CENSORED, see description) 

At the end of the investigation, I discovered the truth: that child thieves were running a children-on-trains scam, stealing children in Central America, and using the scam as a front to explain to the parents in Central American countries why their children were missing. The people running this scam were powerful and rich, most likely backed by a huge financial entity such as the World Bank. They were obviously at the top of the power pyramid because they were able to pay for fake train derailments at the ends of old unused rail spurs and have the mainstream media there film them and present them as real derailments that left thousands of children stranded; all the while, there was not a child in sight. I documented all of this on video, which can be viewed HERE.

(all the links go to the same video – it is damning and important, WATCH IT.)

After producing this video, I received a tip that white women were operating fly-by-night non-governmental organizations in Central America, and that mothers were warning their children not to approach these women or visit these organizations because when the children went to them, they vanished. That is why the train scam was being fronted.

QUESTION: IF they could run a child theft ring involving the theft of tens of thousands of people via non-governmental organizations they were running in Central America (kids who were probably murdered in satanic rituals) and front it as an immigrant children on trains scandal that I proved was a complete hoax, IS THE REST OF THE IMMIGRATION SCANDAL A HOAX BEING FRONTED TO GET AMERICANS TO SCREAM FOR AN IRON-CURTAIN-STYLE BORDER FENCE BEFORE FINAL TYRANNY LOCKDOWN? Can’t have all those patriots they plan to kill escape to Mexico, CAN THEY?

Folks, there are NO MEXICANS crossing through the desert anymore; Obama opened up the regular border crossings, and they are simply getting on buses after being allowed a free pass in. I saw this myself; it cannot be denied. There is a different reason for the border fence, which is certainly not being built to keep people out, if the normal crossings are WIDE OPEN.

Put your thinking cap on: WHY would they do this?



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