UKT: RT Just Destroyed Fake News on Paris, ISIS and the NWO! Wow!

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at UKT

Political author Gearoid O Colmain discusses the Paris attacks with RT International

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  • Police and military need to stop enabling these monsters. The tide could turn so quickly if they did.

  • Congratulations buddy , you sure have guts , watch your back, the Rothschild gang take no prisoners . RT i winder what their angle is ? Russia is not known for honesty in media thats for sure , but at least he let the guy have his say so congratulations to them too . Fox, NBN ,CCN should just pack up their idiots and go home .

  • They are all lawyers they own them too , honesty is a crime in their world . The elite should be the target banksers who fund the wars should have to pay with their ill gotten gains . Rothschilds , Rockefeller , Royalty , WARBURGS , Shiffs , the whole lot . They owe the world everything they have and more .