UK Treasury Looted – International Grand Larceny – Asset Stripping and Money Laundering – Arms To Iraq Scandal – Hypocrites In the Westminster Government – ABEL DANGER With 600,000 Global Contacts

Constitutional & war Crimes: Massive Financial Frauds and the crashing of the Global Banking 2008

UK Cabinet members and MPs: YOUR HORRIBLE TRUTHS ARE LIVE ON YOU TUBE. Field McConnell (AT ABEL DANGER with 600,000 global contacts) please feel free to post-these videos so you can win your GLOBAL campaign against national traitors/war criminals in the parliament buildings & the judiciary. Kenneth Clarke, Peter Lilley, Margaret Beckett and Francis Dee Cook are their real names so please do not use your coding system so the whole truth can be outed quickly.

The reluctance of my MP to receive any of my correspondence is aired at the bottom of this page Let Me Tell You About that Guy Chilcot

Abraxa Interlocking vent for (foreign Secretary Rifkind & Arms for Iraq Chilcot) Empires of theft.

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