U.S. Begins Shooting Down Syrian Jets Inside Syria (U.S. Openly Supports Terrorism)

Source: Fort Russ

“Shooting Down the Syrian Jet Clearly Shows US is Supporting Terrorism” – General Command of the Syrian Army

June 18th, 2017 • by Al Mayadeen

General Command of the Syrian Army confirmed that the US-led international anti-ISIS coalition shoot down one of its aircraft on Sunday afternoon.

At the time of its downing, the aircraft was reportedly targeting ISIS terrorists in the town of Rusafa, located in the southern countryside of Raqqah province.

The incident resulted in both, the crash of a plane and the loss of a pilot.

Later, the US military command confirmed that an American warplane shot down a Syrian military jet, saying it was shot down after it had approached the Tabqa area where the US-backed groups are stationed.

The General Command of the Syrian Army condemned the latest US aggression, saying it confirms the American side is openly supporting terrorism and tries to do its best to hold back the success of the Syrian Army, adding the attack confirms coordination between the United States and ISIS as it nicely exposes its malicious intentions of using terrorism to achieve the desired goals in the region.

Meanwhile, the so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said clashes between the Syrian Army and the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, broke out on the axes north of the town of Rusafa, after the Syrian Army took control of the village of Jaaedeen.

The so-called Syrian Democratic Forces are backed by the US.


While listening to the CNN news clip notice how the reporter refers to the “pro regime forces” (military psychological warfare through the media) which would ostensibly include the dead pilot and how these terrorist groups who are paid mercenaries ripping Syria up have been renamed to the “Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces.” The strategy always has been to carve out a separate country of Kurdistan and that seems to be what is happening in northern Syrian which is why the U.S. are arming the Kurds.


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