Trump Needs Five-Star General – Serco Lockheed Nukes On UK Zulu Bridge – Clinton’s 8(a) Coup de Pride

Attention Donald Trump TEAM:

I, Field McConnell, have been communicating with you in an oblique manner for 60+ days. Today I did a radio show prompted by messages from ‘inside the beltway’ that Barry Soetoro Punahou ’79 was toying with the idea of suspending the election to protect Crooked Hillary and her globalist, treasonous handlers including my sibling, Kristine Marcy.

I grew up in an Air Force family, both my parents were previously in the WWII US Army, my father a pilot, my mother the nurse who brought him back to health after he spent 16 months as a POW at Ofuna PW Camp where Pappy Boyington and Louis Zamperini were also “hosted” by the Japanese.

I went to Annapolis, whoopty do. I flew in the Marine Corps, whoopty do. I flew F4 and F16 interceptors of the Air Defense command, whoopty doo. I flew 31 years for airlines, plural, in both domestic and international operations, whoopty do.

I reported to Michael Huerta FAA, ALPA, and USDoJ Pride how 9/11 was prosecuted. I flew for a Muslim nation’s national airline. With Muslims, around tall buildings. I did not get killed by Muslims or tall buildings. Neither did my Annapolis Classmate Captain Chic Burlingame of AA77.

I have published the identities of the general officers who covered up the murder of Pat Tillman. I have published the 5 persons who signed off on the intentional destruction of Extortion 17 killing 38 men and a dog named Bart. I have very little respect for Flag Officers that are cowards, see the red highlight of the line in the song, below, about Hap Arnold’s flying force.

In time of war, a five star officer can be activated. Adm Hiram G Rickover was an active Admiral into his 80’s due to his unique qualification for that duty as “father of the nuclear navy”.

Mr. Trump, I know that your attendance at and graduation from the NYMA in 1964 will allow you to understand my offer. When you become POTUS 45, if you wish to cleanse the military of panty waist flag officers you have a tool at your disposal. This is neither a joke nor a hollow offer.

I have previously shared with you the first important step; remove the fellow from my high school, Barry Soetoro Punahou ’79 and his handler, Kristine Marcy (my only sibling). I gave you that in writing on 28 July, 2015.

I applaud your campaign and though not wishing to serve, I am willing to serve and very much uniquely qualified.

Your call,

Blessing of Peace and Comfort,

Field McConnell
USNA ’71
USMC 0116513 ( 6 years senior to General Joseph Dunford, CJCS )
+001 715 307 8222

Glory Flying Regulations 
Hap Arnold built a fighting team that sang a fighting song about the Wild Blue Yonder & the days when men were strong but now we’re regulated cause we don’t know right from wrong
the force is shot to hell
glory flying regulations 
have them read at all the stations 
burn the ass of those that breaks them 
the force is shot to hell
once they flew B-26’s through a hail of flak 
& bloody dying pilots gave their lives to bring ’em back 
now they’re playing Ping-Pong in the operations shack 
the force is shot to hell
I have seen them in their T-Bolts when their eyes were dancing flame 
I’ve seen their screaming power-dives that blasted Goering’s name 
now they fly like sissies & they hang their heads in shame 
the force is shot to hell
now, one day I buzzed an airfield with another happy chap 
we flew a hot formation with my wingtip on his lap 
so they passed a new directive & we’ll have no more of that 
the force is shot to hell
so, now mine eyes are dim with tears for happy days of old 
we loved to take our chances for our hearts were young & bold 
from now on we have no choice but live to be quite old 
the force is shot to hell
#2813:  Trump Needs Five-Star General – Serco Lockheed Nukes On UK Zulu Bridge – Clinton’s 8(a) Coup de Pride
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