Total Oil CEO Christophe de Margerie Dies In Moscow Plane Crash – Economic Warfare On Russia – Negotiating Huge Oil Deal With Russia – Not Trading Oil For Dollars – Anti-Conspiracy Tards: Try Reaching An Enlightened Conclusion

‘Criminal negligence’ blamed for death of Total boss 
Christophe de Margerie

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I am calling it – Oil tycoon De Margerie was murdered

Intentional control tower mismanagement led to anti-dollar Oil tycoon De Margerie’s death in plane crash


“There is no need to trade oil for the dollar” – De Margerie, July 5, 2014.

Nothing prevents anyone from paying for oil in euros,” de Margerie told journalists at the Cercle des Economistes conference in Aix-en-Provence, France. “The price of a barrel of oil is quoted in dollars. A refinery can take that price and using the euro-dollar exchange rate on any given day, agree to make the payment in euros.”

The story: A trainee air traffic controller caused the plane to hit a snow plow being operated by a drunk driver.

Reality: The snow plow driver had a heart condition and never consumed alcohol, and trainees are not allowed in the control tower.

Reality: De Margerie was the CEO of French petro giant Total Oil, who was outspoken about not trading oil for dollars and was taking off to return to France after negotiating a huge oil deal with Russia.

OUTPUT: After a huge oil deal was made, an oil deal that certain individuals would never want because it did not involve the dollar, an intentional scenario was set up where De Margerie’s plane, under poor visibility, was directly told to take off and crash into a snow plow at least one of the air traffic controllers knew was there, to prevent oil from being traded in currencies other than the dollar.

Read this report and THINK. Enough obvious pieces are here for even the anti-conspiracy tards to put together and reach an enlightened conclusion.

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