Tim Osman Accepts His Mission – Documents Are Purging From the System – U.S. State Department Special Visitor Tim Osman – Taliban Supply Request: Manpads; Promis; Polytech Clone Red-Eye Equipment; General Dynamics Stinger Missiles; And Can We Get Some Red Mercury Please?

The U.S. State Department receives a guest visitor

The U.S. State Department has a visitor to their offices named Tim Osman aka Osama bin Laden who receives logistical resupply of weapons and munitions via U.S. State Department. So Tim, how did the Manpads hold out? Some of us are beginning to think, Tim, some of those Manpads are still floating around Afghanistan being deployed by the Taliban? Word on the street too, Tim, is that Promis was used to organize the Taliban against the Soviets in their ten year military involvement in Afghanistan?

It appears the system is hemorrhaging documents and Abel Danger doesn’t need Wikileaks?

“Your mission, Tim, if you decide to accept it, will be to organize an attack for September 11, 2001.”


Red mercury is a hoax substance of uncertain composition purportedly used in the creation of nuclear bombs, as well as a variety of unrelated weapons systems. According to the hoax, mercuric iodide is a poisonous, odorless, tasteless, water-insoluble scarlet-red powder that becomes yellow when heated above 126 °C, due to a thermochromatic change in crystalline structure. However, samples of “red mercury” obtained from arrested would-be terrorists invariably consisted of nothing more than various red dyes or powders of little value, which some suspect was being sold as part of a campaign intended to flush out potential nuclear smugglers. The hoax was first reported in 1979 and was commonly discussed in the media in the 1990s. Prices as high as $1,800,000 per kilogram were reported.

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