Thursday July 30th – The Richie Allen Show with Field McConnell – Flight MH370

This interview appeared at 
the Richie Allen Show

The Richie Allen Show on featuring Abel Danger‘s Field McConnell on Flight MH370 and “that” wing piece that’s just washed up. Also, Rais Bhuiyan, who was shot and blinded by hate murderer Mark Stroman after 9/11, but fought to stop him being executed. Please go to Richie Allen’s podcast and listen to this important discussion. Thank you, Richie. Global AD virtual economic forensic investigators.

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  • My opinion only! The long search for Flight 370 was not a cost issue just a pretense to map and search the otherwise unknown parts of those
    ocean systems. They have it done now and seek to smoothly end the "search" with little fanfare by introducing this wing thing!
    These pathetic idiots think they have us hood winked…little do they realize that they are so transparent to a great deal of people.

  • You will be interested in this story given your own take on what happened Field " . Jack the Ripper museum sparks backlash after it emerges site originally meant to celebrate women over the past 150 years .

  • The 20 million dollar Rolls Royce engines how would they ping Diego Garcia if they were not on the atoll? If military involved would they keep it secret? I know my military supervisor told me if I ever let out one of our logs to media ( a highly unlikely task for me in the first place) that I was first to give him the logs/reports of the events to he could "sanitize" it. Just clean it up so nothing got out that would incriminate or perhaps damage someone personally named in the report. Standard procedure and at that a relatively low level at confidential not even getting in to the higher secret levels.