The Truth About Syria – Western Media Attack On Syria – Manufacturing Dissent – Fake Broadcasting by CNN; Fox News; BBC; Al Jazeera – Media Contributes to Bloodshed – Mortar Attack In Aleppo Analyzed

Source: Manufacturing Dissent

Manufacturing Dissent is a documentary about the psychological-warfare by the media and political establishment of the west and their allies aimed at facilitating the US, European and Israeli agenda of getting rid of the current Syrian government. It demonstrates how the media has directly contributed to the bloodshed in Syria.

The documentary de-constructs the main allegations those actors have presented, namely that the Syrian government was systematically repressing peaceful protests and that it has lost legitimacy. It shows how such claims are supported by scant evidence and are therefore little more than propaganda to serve the foreign policy interests of their countries.

To understand the level of sophistication that is being deployed against Syria, including by the media, the following video is presented as just one of thousands of examples and then analyzed to make it very clear what has happened at what looks to be an opposition protest rally that took place in the Syrian city of Aleppo.

This attack was planned and perpetrated by foreign Jihadi terrorists (Free Syrian Army) operating in Syria. At the beginning of this political rally which any Syrian living in the area would have attended if invited, was organized to ostensibly gain support for opposition to the rule of Bashar Al-Assad’s government by local Syrians. The captions in the video should not be taken at all as factual to what is actually being chanted and sung in the video. The Syrian Translators Union (STU) cannot be located as an “official” organization as the Youtube channel suggests.

The organizers of this political rally had sectioned off a portion of the street and then had hung Syrian banners from the adjacent buildings along the street. Whoever the organizers were, had these Syrian people out in the street rallying to music and chants for being heard in opposition to the Syrian government. It is also very difficult to determine the exact reasons for this rally or why these Syrians were there. Maybe these Syrians were encouraged or lured out to rally in order to help stop the sectarian violence and brutality in this horrific attack on Syria?

Quote describing the contents of this video:

With the support of several countries and after almost two years from the beginning of the Syrian revolution and suppressing the Syrian people, this regime is still trying hard to mute our voices even from singing for freedom. With an international coverage of its crimes, this regime blows its furry and wrath on unarmed protestors and kills them with unprecedented barbarity.

The first immediate attention should be given to the word “regime.” All western media sources refer to Syria’s government as a “regime.” While the two countries largely responsible for financing and logistically supporting a large number of foreign Islamic mercenary fighters in Syria, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, are referred to by the western media as “monarchies.” The above quote is worded to evoke an emotionally charged angered response and does not correspond to the actual origin or those responsible for this attack on these people. After this peaceful rally, the Syrians begin to disperse and go on about their normal daily existence their separate ways.

Then, at the 1:30 point in this video, a mortar round impacts killing and seriously wounding Syrians who were caught out in the open exposed to mortar shrapnel. If the audio is listened to very carefully the unmistaken sound of an incoming mortar can be heard. The mortar round comes in at an angle from the right. If it was an RPG rocket fired at these people in such a compact city area the rocket would have been heard before the explosion. This attack was immediately blamed without any evidence or investigation whatsoever, on the “Syrian government that had attacked innocent Syrians at an opposition protest rally.”

The source of this video would be in all likelihood foreign Jihadis operating in Syria who took this video and then used it for their propaganda purposes to further destabilize the government of Syria. These people in this video were intentionally targeted by a mortar attack after this opposition rally and then blame was placed on the Syrian government for the attack. The intent was to enrage Syrians turning them against the Syrian government.

Our hearts go out to the little Syrian girl and her family and we hope and pray that she was not injured or that any in her family were killed in this attack.

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