The Revolution Begins With 9/11 Truth

This 8-minute video by Christopher Bollyn discusses why 9-11 truth is revolutionary and what that means for us and the future of the American republic.

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  • Here are a couple of videos , 1 proves there was no plane a close up from a chopper New 911 Footage – THERE IS NO PLANE – From Another Helicopter This one says we have the WMD destruction kit on board which if you look at the 1st video suggests the chopper flying over the building caught on camera might have set off the explosion . this one shows a missile clearly at the pentagon

  • "New", huh? New EDITED/MANIPULATED footage, you mean. It "proves" nothing. Some people will believe anything, though. Why would you take "new" footage at face value? Who is "leaking" it, and for what purpose? Those are relevant questions. Don't be a dupe.