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Power, Money & The Super-Ego

By Jim Kirwan

We’ve reached the point in the life of this nation that cannot be denied 
When we began: The idea was that the people would hold all the powers 
While the state took all the orders that were rigorously and publicly to be enforced.
That has been totally reversed by the U.S. Supreme Court. 
Today the public takes thousands of illegal orders without a voice 
Or an opinion, with no way to change anything, while our individual lives remain under siege 
From every one of the 365 degrees of existence that surround us.

Jewish Tyranny at the Supreme Court 

The hubris, the arrogance and the utter distain for all natural laws have brought us to this never-before-tried obscenity that’s trying to ‘create’ a third and totally useless sexual distraction, aimed at ending the unions between men and women forever. Yet without ‘human-reproduction’ that unity between men and women is no longer possible in the homosexual world, where there will be a new way to end the human race: Without pregnancies there will be no infants, only a barren and empty space between animals filled with the self-absorbed and nothing else. This is what it looks like to wage war against natural law and order in the formerly global-society.

It begins: Pedophiles call for same rights as homosexuals

What we’re beginning to witness now is the full-on introduction of a new type of political weapon to alter all that has gone before. This weapon was initially called “Political Correctness” and was thought to be only a minor aspect of civility, before it was realized, that this has always been a devious and cloaked device to create power-bases, where none had envisioned them before.

“PC” has arrived like a global tsunami that is only just beginning. As it begins to move through societies now, tens of thousands of changes to the way that everyone will be forced to respond, will happen because the ‘marriage laws’ touched “the law” in approximately 12,000 ways, before Obamanation and the CRIMINAL actions of the Supreme Court broke all the laws by creating this ‘thing’ that had not been written or acted upon by the congress – in this case the entire crime was created out of thin air, by traitors and treason against the people of the nation.

This is above and beyond the outrage and rebellion that’s already beginning to broil among the various populations and religions that will be shaken to their core by this absolutely illegal action.

PC began to shape its followers in Germany in 1932, and quietly continued on its self-appointed task of forcing the world to accept their view of how all societies need to be governed – by these twisted troglodytes who worship their own infallible ability to order the ways in which every other human being choses to live. In the thirties and beyond “PC” was not huge or even considered a relatively important movement, it was just one more voice from a loosely collected series of creatures that had too much time on their dysfunctional-hands.

Time passed and the Second World War officially ended, but PC kept on growing to become the patron-saint of lost political causes. About 34 years ago PC began to change the lives of the people in those nations where their particular obsessions’ had begun to take root.

In November of 1978, Mayor Moscone and Harvey Milk, the gay-president of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors were murdered in San Francisco’s City Hall. It was at that point a political coalition began to take shape around the gay community in San Francisco and around the nation.

By May of 1979, that newly formed political organization had become a real force to be reckoned with, politically, both in San Francisco and elsewhere. So when the murderer Dan White was convicted but given a light sentence, the gay-community exploded into something called the White Night Riots. Wherein City hall was violently attacked and two dozen police cars were burned – without much of an active police intervention at that time.

Harvey Milk White night Riots 

I was there that night to observe. And what became clear in the weeks that followed was that politicians had discovered a new and highly lucrative political force in the gay community, and not just in San Francisco. Locally, Feinstein and later Pelosi both freely made use of the gay community, in the city and beyond to obtain the money and the clout from that employed and active group as something ‘new’ in politics that had yet to be tested. By 1981, when the Director of the CDC proclaimed AIDS to be a full blown epidemic, many things about San Francisco had already been altered and were about to change into a hotbed of political violence just before the announcement that AIDS was definitely a killer that had to be fought full-force nationally.

Polk Street which was the second center of gay life in San Francisco was about to challenge the commercial leadership of “the Castro” by forcing out all straight-owned businesses on Polk Street, in favor of exclusively gay owned businesses which would have been a very contentious concept. But before they could make that announcement to the city at large, AIDS made its appearance and hundreds of thousands of gays’ left the city in fear of AIDS. Hundreds more died of the disease… .

But those of us that had been threatened by “the change that did not happen”, did not forget what so many barely escaped. Yes, that was a major turning point but as the gay community banded together to demand help from the same population that they had been about to try to destroy – a very different political use for the gay community began to take form.

From that day to this, the gay community has continued to grow in strength and political power and they have never looked back. By the time that gay marriage began to wend its way through the halls of power, the politicians and the rest of the traitors to the U.S.A. had begun to appreciate what this association between the PC oriented gay community and the old line political hacks had in common. Consequently, these unlikely bedfellows came together – and soon the nation found that it was living with a ‘new-power’ that did not approach politics by conventional methods – and the result was the ‘new law’ just created by the totally corrupted U. S. Supreme Court.

This happened because the Supreme Court was not charged with treason for appointing Bush Jr., as the president on 12-12-2000. Consequently, the current court felt empowered to go ahead and just create new law, because they could and “Amerika” would do absolutely nothing about any of this current outrage.

Technically people should refuse to serve on juries, because when the Supreme Court is not charged with treason, then all the lower courts and all the lawyers and the judges are also complicit in the crimes of the Supreme Court; because it is their job to report crimes when they see them: That’s why judges and lawyers are all called “Officers of the Court”.

In the world of today, most people tend to “follow the money”, confusing the money with real power. But money is only the vehicle which is used to create real power. Study the way that the Clinton’s did this, how they managed to steal their private empire, not for the money alone, but for the POWER which they knew all that illegal money could buy them – virtually beyond their wildest dreams…

This Card is POWER and IMPOTENCE – because real Power is about letting go of money, while Impotence is created by clutching every last cent to the bitter end.

Clinton 2016: Conspiracy Shocker 

But what does any of this matter now anyhow? We’re broke, the world is bankrupt and traditional “money” is worthless, at least in the entire West. Virtually everything is subject to blackmail, theft, slavery, bondage, torture and murder on a day-to-day basis that never existed before.

There are no laws protecting any of the little-people that worked themselves into the poor-houses that are about to make a major come-back: We call them FEMA camps now.

Today the three-time-loser that’s currently the Governor of California decided that “Vaccinations are Mandatory”. To remind you, in Amerika “medicine and hospitals kill way more people than guns ever have“.

Yet the same people that want to disarm Americans, are now demanding that we must be vaccinated against diseases that we have not been exposed to yet, especially new-born babies.

The ‘vaccines’ have not been tested and yet they have now been mandated despite the fact that they alone have been responsible for millions of deaths already. What is happening across the world today is no mystery: It’s what happens when the few decide to spit on all the rules, abandon all the laws and do whatever the hell they want to do.

This imbalance will be dealt with by nature and the laws of nature – whether anyone likes that or disapproves of it, it’s just a fact of life…

Further reading:

Here is one of the best examples as to the stunning hypocrisy of the media in the UK, the legal system in the UK, lawyers and reporting the news through media sources like the Guardian and The Daily Mail.

The UK courts (stacked with Freemasons protecting their own) should ultimately decide whether or not politicians, or high profile UK citizens like we’ve been reading about in the news, are involved in pedophilia, especially in cases where torture and death of children are suspect, to decide on the innocence or guilt of the accused. In the case of Lord Greville Janner in the UK however, who is being protected by lawyers and these same courts, the chances of PM Greville Janner ever appearing in court are exceedingly slim. It would expose the UK parliament for obscuring any possible justice for the victims of pedophilia. So how are pedophile cases including possible torture and murder being involved going to be moved into the courts in the first place for the courts in the UK to decide the verdict of convicted pedophiles who preyed on children? They won’t.

In this Guardian article, lawyers are now threatening twitter users and other social media users with lawsuits if they spread rumors about pedophile politicians. But what about the average everyday run of the mill pedophile down the street preying on children? Would people be threatened with a lawsuit if anything were placed on twitter about the children for example, coming in the back door at ten o’clock at night being delivered out of a windowless black van down the street?

Here is the hypocrisy of the media in the UK. George Clooney accuses the The Daily Mail of publishing false stories about his fiancée (at this point does anyone really care about Clooney’s fiancée?). Yet, when UK citizens post to twitter stories and insights into politicians who are pedophiles, they will now be censored and threatened with a lawsuit? The political elite in the UK and in the UK Parliament do not want any light shined on their pedophile networks running throughout British society.

So in the UK, The Daily Mail can publish untrue stories about Clooney’s fiancée, yet twitter users can’t comment about politicians possibly being pedophiles because of potential lawsuits being threatened against them? What ultimately is going on here is to make pedophilia legal in the UK which will move rapidly into the US. The recent US Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage may soon allow pedophiles to argue they are suffering discrimination.

Capture the Flag: Rebels & Rainbows 

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