The Mafia-Like Cartel Running Silicon Valley – Silicon Valley Opportunist Billionaires – Keep Giving Them More of Your “Secrets” on Facebook – The Feudalism of Facebook – CIA Full Monitoring of Facebook – Nothing New: NSA Collecting Data Off Your Computer – Silicon Valley Creation of the Military-Intelligence Complex – Scitor

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How The National Venture Capital Association & the Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists became a Mafia-like Cartel:

“These Silicon Valley opportunist billionaires are NOT the friendly, supportive, ‘green’, ‘Earth-saving’, inspirational, creative figures that they spend millions of PR dollars telling you they are. They are thieving, mercenary, colluding, calculating, criminal, organized crime, political bribing, sociopathic, self-centered, monopolistic, misogynist, arrogant, frat boy, elitist, stock valuation manipulation, prostitute-buying ass-holes that have formed a profit-manipulation funnel organization modeled exactly like the Sicilian Mafia. They are actually WORSE than they are shown in Mike Judge’s TV series ‘Silicon Valley.'” -Carl Emmly- Washington InScoop


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Keep shoveling your money into Zuckerberg’s coffers peons:


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