• But i didnt see him speak a word ????????????????? Last thing i saw about Diana that i know to be true was after the accident , she was alive and not injured seriously , i would be looking in one of their mansions around the world , they are famous for faking deaths , even Hitler . People have tried to dig up the casket to see and i find it very strange indeed they lined her coffin with lead , hard for detectors to see through .

  • I agree with Milton, if we could have heard a word he was saying I would have said I don’t believe a word out of his mouth.

    Diana played her role well, we all got duped and chose to believe the perpetual liars, like we always do.
    Mohamed Al-Fayed lost his son for this deception. Al-Fayed doesn’t appear to have a grasp about the extend of depravity of the perception managers who helped create the fairy tale known as the People’s Princess.

    Same as it ever was, same as it ever was …….
    except the fog is lifting and we can see clearer now.

  • Hide the children. Really….

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