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Friday, 2 November 2012

Jimmy Savile, Edward Heath and the Kray twins

A 1977 prison report said: “Ronald Kray remains an active and predatory homosexual, and cares little who knows it.” Another report describes how Kray was found in bed with another inmate.

Paedophilia is a fundamental ‘cement’ that holds the networks of manipulation together across all political persuasions and allows those in the shadows to blackmail politicians into introducing legislation that advances the agenda of human control.

Reportedly, prison officers usually turned a blind eye to Kray’s affairs. Reggie Kray’s twin brother was Ronnie Kray, who was also a gangster and lover of boys.

The twins had huge property interests in East Anglia. Kray had access to many London care homes and would have boys delivered to parties at DJ Alan ‘fluff’ Freeman’s large flat over a music shop in East London. There they would meet with show biz types and DJs including Jimmy Saville, Joe Meeks and on occasion Beatles manager Brian Epstein. The eastern crime squad knew about the Kray gangsters and the sex parties known as “Pink ballets” with young lads but let them continue.

At these parties, young boys, specially brought over from several childrens homes would be plied with drugs and alcohol.

However these parties were forced to come to an end when Police chiefs got wind that the MP & Ex Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe was attending them along with several other prominent MP’s…

At a big London railway station in the spring of 1970, a plastic carrier bag was found in the regular search for bombs before the station closed for the night. “The contents were an odd assortment of letters and photos, which seemed to have been taken at a kinky party attended by some well-known figures in entertainment.”

“One in particular showed a pop singer who masquerades under a Christian persona; dressed in women’s underwear he was pictured with young boys.” (I will leave it to you, just who that famous pop singer could have been !)

“The bag was duly taken to the station office and, as a senior rail worker wrote out a report for the lost property office, two MI5 men and a special branch officer arrived and demanded the photos.” Like the Dickens report and other evidence of VIP child abuse it has been buried.

Boothby was a promiscuous bisexual, in a time when male homosexual activity was a criminal offence. While an undergraduate at Magdalen College, Oxford, Boothby earned the nickname “the Palladium”, because “he was twice nightly”. He later spoke about the role of a speculated homosexual relationship in the drowning of his friend Michael Llewelyn Davies (one of the models for Peter Pan) and fellow Oxonian Rupert Buxton. He did not start to have physical relationships with women until the age of 25. From 1954 Boothby campaigned publicly for homosexual law reform.

Lord Boothby, who incidentally was very close to Winston Churchill, liked masochistic sex with rent boys and would often be known to use the Krays for the procurement of young boys

It all started in 1963 when Boothby began an illicit affair with East End cat burglar Leslie Holt (d. 1979). Holt was a younger man Boothby met at a gambling club. Holt introduced him to the gangster Ronald Kray, the younger Kray twin, Ronald supplied Boothby with teenage boys and arranged orgies in Cedra Court. The boys were told to behave or else. And they certainly knew what else meant !

The Krays also came into the public eye when an exposé in the tabloid newspaper Sunday Mirror began to expose a sexual relationship between a gangster and a UK Conservative Party politician. Although names had not been published the Kray twins threatened the journalists involved in the story, whilst Boothby threatened to sue. The newspaper backed down under pressure, sacked its editor, printed an apology and paid Boothby £40,000 in an out-of-court settlement. As a result, other newspapers were unwilling to uncover the Krays’ connections, criminal and sexual activities.

Consequently young boys continued to be supplied from children’s homes to be sexually exploited for the gratification of gangsters and corrupt politicians. All this wilt the blessing of the Police and Parliament. Decades later nothing changed.

Pictured in 1963 – Ronnie once said to a boy: “You will go home with Lord Boothby. You will do exactly what Lord Boothby wants. Or I will hurt you.”

Kray biographer, John Pearson, writing in the Independent on Sunday, also claims that the Peer and the MP engaged in gay sex orgies with children and that Boothby had a fondness for boys defacating on him, and the Krays had a compromising photograph of Boothby and his memiors.

Similarly, when Tom Driberg, a Labour MP and KGB agent who wore fishnet stockings, got involved with the Krays, telling them ‘about the houses of rich friends they could burgle,’ again the government suppressed any inquiry, as they didn’t want to have to cope with the damaging revelations.

The media were further intimidated and silenced when Boothby and Driberg used the Krays “to turn anyone over who had crossed them.” The Police protected the Krays and children continued to be supplied and abused.

On notepaper carrying his address in Eaton Square, Belgravia, Lord Boothby wrote to Kray on June 6, 1963: “Thank you for your postcard. I very nearly went to Jersey myself, as I have never been there, and hear from so many people that it is quite delightful.”

In 1963 Jimmy Savile was also in Jersey. Is it just a coincidence that a massive paedophile ring was in operation centered around Haut de la Garenne childrens home at that very time?

Sir Jimmy Savile has been implicated in the Haut de la Garenne child abuse scandal

One of those who stood most to lose was Sir Edward Heath, the former prime minister from 1970-74, who was known to visit the Jersey care home the Haute Garrene among others to take young boys on boating weekends on his yacht called ‘Morning Cloud’, or as his bodyguards referred to it, ‘Morning Sickness’.

Sir Edward Heath (Abwehr Agent) launches his yacht ‘Morning Cloud’

A source spoke to one of Health’s victims and he revealed the names of others who were present. But more importantly he revealed who was supplying the children to Health!

The person procuring children for Heath to abuse was Sir Jimmy Savile. He was seen by the victim, taking young boys on-board Heaths yacht ‘Morning Cloud’ when they were at party conference. Jimmy Savile was known for supplying a number of high profile MP’s with children for them to sexually abuse.

Heath was warned on four occasions by the head of the Metropolitan police not to loiter in London’s lavatories and not to try to pick up young boys. Because he was embarrassing the police who had to stifle and bury complaints from children and their carers. Heath nonetheless, he quickly fell prone blackmailers who insisted he dress up in a ridiculous Gestapo uniform in which he was photographed.

Sir Jimmy Saville and Sir Edward Heath (Sir?)

Alan Collins, a solicitor for several Haut de la Garenne victims, said ‘a handful’ of former residents have now made abuse allegations about Savile. He said Savile’s name was mentioned several times during the police investigation of 2008. Police on the island confirmed last week (October 2012) that Savile was investigated as part of the 2008 inquiry into abuse at the children’s home.

It followed claims from a former Haut de la Garenne resident that Savile was involved in an indecent assault in the 1970s. The BBC entertainer, who died last October aged 84, was never charged with any abuse offenses. No surprise there then!

Jimmy Savile, star of children’s television favourite Jim’ll Fix It, sued the Sun in 2008 over a series of articles linking him to Haut de la Garenne, the Jersey children’s home where human remains were found and children were allegedly tortured and sexually abused. He initially denied ever visiting the home, despite photographic evidence to the contrary. Savile’s reaction was to slap an injunction on The Sun who had to withdraw the picture. This was followed with a series of articles. One asserted that Savile was unwilling to assist with the police investigation and another that he admitted having visited the home. The Sun also criticised Savile for being unprepared to ‘go some way to fixing it for the victims’.

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The EU has declared war on Britain, and we only have four months to prepare

by Ishtar Babilu Dingir

July 14, 2014

I had a very enlightening evening last night. I learned all about the Treaty of Nice. In November, we will see the Queen sign away, in the Treaty of Nice, the very last of our rights as a sovereign country and bring us into full EU federalism.

Ted Heath was blackmailed in the 1970s into bringing us into Europe in the first place, through his paedophilia activities on his yacht. In the same way, many of our MPs have been deliberately corrupted with this sort of classic ‘honeytrap’, and then their activities revealed in a kind of slowly rolling out disclosure, as we have seen in recent weeks, in order to help destroy our faith in our Parliament and monarchy governing us as a nation state, so that we will more readily accept the collapse of sovereignty and become part of the EU.

Most people don’t realize that the collapse of sovereignty will bring in the EU and the EU will bring in UN Agenda 21, under various different aliases. (If you don’t know about, or don’t realize the dangers of UN Agenda 21, here’s an article about it. )

In that context, it would seem to me that the emergency surveillance bill, to help ‘combat terrorism’, which is being rushed through Parliament this week is part of this wider strategy. I would suggest that if the government is worried about terrorism, it should stop funding, training and arming ISIS with ground-to-air-missiles. Just a thought…

The Data Retention and Investigative Powers Bill (DRIP) is not, as the government claims, to only “clarify grey areas” of previous and now defunct EU legislation. According to respected Twitter lawyer, Jack of Kent, who has read it, it represents “a substantial extension of interception law” which should not be rushed through as an “emergency”.

Of course, the ’emergency’ itself is false and just an excuse to rush it through, because if MPs actually had the time to read it properly, they would vote against it. As Alan Travis in The Guardian says: “in order to ensure the continued access of the police and security services to the personal internet and phone-use tracking data held by the telecoms companies, they have had to concede important privacy and civil liberty safeguards.”

After November, it will be considered treasonous for us to speak out as we do now, and we will be arrested and worst. The new legislation will make it easier for them to find us. Foreign (EU) police and EU arrest warrants are going to be deployed, and independent-minded individuals will be arrested for speaking out, and could end up in secret courts anywhere in Europe.

The blackmailing of Britain

So forget an EU referendum after the next election. By the general election in May next year, it will all be over, and blogs like this will be a thing of the past.

There are six parts of the Treaty of Nice that the Queen has already signed up to. The seventh and final one will be in November, this year. Then we will be fully and permanently locked into the EU.

It’s thought that the Queen is being blackmailed along with everyone else because some of her family members have been tarred with Savile’s brush.

This means that what we’ll see in November, when the Queen signs the final piece of the Treaty of Nice, is just the last move in a game plan that began in the 70s, when Heath was prime minister.

(Warning: The following is graphic content).

Savile would bring children to Heath’s yacht, which would be moored somewhere off the Channel Island of Jersey. The children came from the children’s home Haut de la Garenne. Heath would have his way with them while filming it for a snuff movie. In other words, the child would be slowly tortured and eventually killed. Then the body would be chopped into small pieces which were tossed overboard. We don’t know how many children met their fate in this way.

Jersey Accommodation and Activity Centre Haut de la Garenne

Savile was in league with the Brussels Gladio mafia, who were blackmailing Heath, by this means.

Heath was also responsible for bringing in decimalisation of our currency, and major reforms to our system of local government. Both of these reforms were designed to help an eventual role out of the full EU monster, as we’re seeing today.

So the whole country was sold out to the EU in this way in the Seventies, and what’s happening in November this year will just be the final nail in the coffin. In other words, they’ve been planning this for decades – and we only have a few months to organize ourselves against it.

As Prince Charles wrote in a card to Savile: “No-one will ever know what you did for this country, Jim.” Well …we do now. He right royally fucked us. (See Jimmy Savile – Childcatcher by Royal Appointment).

“No-one will ever know what you did for this country, Jim.”

Britain is at war

There’s a lot of material around on the internet about how we never actually won the Second World War, about how high ranking Nazis were flown into the US under Operation Paperclip and infiltrated into government, and how another group of them were left back in Europe under Operation Gladio, but you will need to do your own research on this.

Operation Paperclip

However, it does seem as if all these chickens are now coming home to roost. As a result, Britain is now at war again, to maintain its sovereignty, although the prosecutors of this war have not openly declared it. What they couldn’t achieve with V2 rockets, the EU, backed by George Soros and Bill and Melinda Gates, hope to achieve with an information war.

Gladio, NATO’s Dagger at the Heart of Europe: 
The Pentagon-Nazi-Mafia Terror Axis

While Genghis Khan would fire plague victims at the oncoming troops, the EU is firing old and faded pedophiles to distract us, their ‘enemy’, from the real issue – the hundreds of thousands of children who are trafficked across their porous and open borders, via diplomatic channels, for a life of slavery, sexual abuse or to be tortured to death in a snuff movie or Satanic ritual.

If we lose our sovereignty, it will be even easier for them to steal our children.

Britain is the second biggest child trafficker in the world, [triangular trade: sex; weapons; drugs] next to Vietnam, and county councils here are paid hundreds of thousands in bribes to get as many children as possible into children’s homes, from which 30,000 go missing every year. Remember this next time they use the term ‘historic child abuse’, or hold up the next Rolf Harris in a kind of human sacrifice or human shield, to hide the real sex abuse and unthinkable cruelty they have inflicted on untold numbers of children – not just for their own pleasure, but also to bring down countries like ours.

There is a group called Lawful Rebellion which is fighting against this. Please check it out to find out what you can do to help.




German Penetration at Highest Level In Britain

In mid-October 2005, ‘International Currency Review’ exposed the late Sir Edward Heath, the British Prime Minister who died on 17th July 2005, as having been a long-term Abwehr agent.

The expose revealed that “within a matter of days of Heath’s death on 17th July 2005 at the age of 89, the Editor of this service received two separate confirmations, both from British intelligence sources, that Edward Heath was a long-term agent of German (Nazi) intelligence.” In fact, Edward Heath betrayed his country for 60 years – the longest penetration in history. To remain undiscovered for 60 years is an achievement without parallel in the sordid history of geopolitical intelligence’. ‘Edward Richard George Heath became a member of the Oxford Ring, based at Balliol College, consisting of himself, Roy Jenkins, Geoffrey Rippon and Arthur (Madron) Seligman, who were together at Oxford University’.

All were recruited through or by a German intelligence agent working inside the College – Arnold Toynbee. Roy (‘Woy’) Jenkins (subsequently, Lord Jenkins of Hillhead) later became the Chancellor of the Exchequer in Wilson’s Labour Government and thereafter the President of the European Commission (EC), while Geoffrey Rippon was the co-signatory together with Edward Heath of the United Kingdom’s Treaty of Accession to the European Communities in January 1972, which led to Britain becoming a member of the EEC on 1st January 1973. Notwithstanding this, in February 1972, the Second Reading of the EEC legislation in the House of Commons was approved by a majority of only eight, ‘in an atmosphere that degenerated into fisticuffs’.

Arnold Toynbe (German intelligence agent)

‘Arnold Toynbee’s recruitments became the most successful German intelligence penetration operation ever directed at the United Kingdom, with three members of the Oxford Ring playing central roles in forcing Britain, predominantly against its will, into the German-sponsored European political and economic collective’, which, as is partially reviewed on pages 567 et seq., is a hotbed of corruption.

‘Both Edward Heath and Geoffrey Rippon received secret payments in exchange for their signatures on the accession document, setting the scene for subsequent corrupt payments for similar services rendered by some of their successors. For the odious intergovernmental system of secret, intelligence-managed ‘Black Operations’ geopolitical ‘facility fees’ or special corrupt payments, was already well established at the beginning of the 1970s’. According to the Author’s ongoing researches, it has become the norm. ‘Edward Heath was a German (Nazi) agent who became Prime Minister of Great Britain. As soon as he was unexpectedly voted into power in 1970, he immediately set about to fulfil his secret instructions to bamboozle the British people and the House of Commons (which he did by perpetrating a number of gross lies that have since been exposed) into pleading for and accepting membership of the secretly German-sponsored political collective. And the initiators and directors of this project were the superior brains at the Madrid-based Nazi International, a.k.a. the German Geopolitical Centre, reviewed below’ [see pages 573 et seq.].

‘The Author remembers actually standing inside Downing Street, as it was possible to do in those days, and watching the newly elected Prime Minister entering Number 10 in triumph on the day of his election, 18th June 1970, after securing a narrow victory over the Labour Party led by Harold Wilson, having started at a clear disadvantage in the opinion polls. The so-called ‘Conservatives’ won office with an overall majority of 30 seats’. ‘Heath first entered the Westminster Parliament with a tiny majority of 133 votes in the then marginal seat of Bexley, which he held until he belatedly retired from the House of Commons in 2001. According to the obituary published on 18th July 2005 in ‘The Daily Telegraph‘, ‘in his maiden speech, he attacked the then Labour Government for its very negative response to the Schuman Plan to create a single European market in coal and steel’. When Harold Macmillan became Prime Minister some 13 years earlier in 1957, he celebrated his victory with Edward Heath over a dinner of oysters and champagne at the Turf Club; and in 1960, Macmillan brought Heath into the Cabinet as Lord Privy Seal, responsible for negotiating the United Kingdom’s first application to join the European Economic Communities. Harold Macmillan, like Edward Heath, has now been internally exposed by intelligence sources as a secret agent of the German Abwehr (Department of Defence, or military intelligence apparat)’.

‘Heath was an agent of the super-secret German DVD – or Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst [Nazi Continuum agency] – the ultra-covert Continuum of Nazi International intelligence developed from the Abwehr and the Gehlen Organisation, one component of which had established itself as the German Geopolitical Centre in Madrid in 1943, when the leading German Nazi officials realized there was at least a 50% chance that Germany might lose the war. The DVD organization itself was set up by Admiral Canaris in 1944′. ‘The DVD is so secret that its finances are hidden (that is, it is financed by ‘Black Operations’ resources) and there appear to be no traces at all of this service being funded by the German taxpayer, precisely because it is funded clandestinely’.

‘And what will cause very great astonishment outside intelligence services around the world is the location where the DVD is based: DACHAU, the town that gave its name to the notorious concentration and Holocaust extermination camp’. ‘While ostensibly visiting the Salzburg (music) Festival in 2003, Sir Edward Heath travelled to Munich and Dachau, where he was alerted by the DVD that his life-long service to Germany’s covert Nazi intelligence community had been uncovered by British investigators. A UK intelligence source reports that he literally blew a fuse when this warning was delivered – which is to say, he suffered a pulmonary embolism’. ‘Plans to interrogate Heath were blocked at Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) level and by Number 10 Downing Street’.

One of the Author’s special friends commented: ‘No surprises there’ – given that MI6 is headed by an operative allegedly considered to be an asset of French and German intelligence’. It has since been established that this also, in mid-2006, applied to the head of MI5. Like most of his post-war predecessors, the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, was alleged to have been compromised on several levels.



‘The super-secret covert Black Nazi DVD acts with the approval of the German Government, and ‘owns’ the German Chancellorship, beginning with the postwar Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, who was an asset of the German Abwehr before its collapse.

It follows that the German Government is, at any point in time, actually the instrument of the secret Nazi International Establishment, the main blueprint of which was intercepted by the Allies in the early 1950s’. (It is also a fact that the ‘overt’ or ‘White’ German foreign intelligence service, Deutsche Bundesnachrichten Dienst, reports directly to the German Chancellor, as This has all been covered up as a consequence of the extensive penetration of the CIA and, indirectly through the French connection, of MI6, in later years’.

The Author’s International Currency Review report elaborated: ‘When the members of the Nazi Oxford Ring were recruited, the Master of Balliol College, Oxford (Lindsay) entertained certain nagging suspicions. It is understood that he was initially tipped off by the College’s Head Porter; at all events, the Master reported the members of the Ring to MI5, which ‘then’ maintained a recruiter (for British intelligence) based at Oxford University, and had become well aware of increased German intelligence activity in the Oxford area during the months prior to the Munich Conference, from which the Prime Minister, Mr Joseph Chamberlain, returned from his fatal meeting with Herr Hitler in premature triumph in 1938′.

‘The future British Prime Minister was by then already on the Nazi external intelligence payroll. He is reported by one source to have complained about encountering problems in repaying a loan from the Kent Education Committee, even though as indicated he was already on the German payroll and was initially being paid more than £250 annually, which was a very large sum for a pre-war university student’.

‘After the war, MI5 arranged for Master Lindsay to travel to the British Occupation Zone in Germany, where he met the British counterintelligence officers working on the so-called De-Nazification Programme, which was aborted when the already penetrated OSS, parent of the American CIA, reversed its policy under intense pressure from the US State Department led by George Kennan, and commenced the process which led to the importation and resettlement of at least 770 prominent Nazi scientists who had all been working on Heinrich Himmler’s Black Satanic experiments and operations – including the development of occult psycho-political personal and mass psycho-manipulation and personality modification techniques, and on rocket science and space travel innovations’.

Heinrich Himmler

‘One source believes that Lindsay met with Brigadier Lathbridge, a senior British intelligence officer working in the British Zone. Lathbridge is reported to have been unaware of the continuing Nazi International secret intelligence service DVD, although he is also believed to have suspected the existence of a powerful Nazi organization that was engaged in the protection of high-ranking Nazis and overseas Nazi intelligence assets who had been left in place in 1945’. ‘One of these was Edward Heath. Further enquiries were reportedly blocked in London and by assets of the DVD within the Nazi-penetrated OSS, which controlled access to Munich, to which location Edward Heath’s Abwehr (German external intelligence) file had been transferred from the German Abwehr headquarters in Berlin’. ‘Today, the London Station of the continuing Nazi International’s DVD is shared with the overt German intelligence service, BND (Bundesnachrichten Dienst)’. It is accordingly clear that both Britain and the United States – jointly ‘the Main Enemy’- have been continuously targeted by German ‘Black’ Illuminati intelligence, and that it is Germany/France who are the ‘Main Enemy’s’ dialectical antagonists.

Further reading:


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John Profumo – Kray Family Members – Staged Cannibal Oath Ceremonies – Toynbee Hall – Bullingdon Club and Greek Life Community Entrapped – JFK Hit

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  • You're surprised at a pro-Nazi document signing queen? As their lineage is revealed by the UK's well-respected Burke's & David Starkey's narrated series 'Monarchy'.

    Agenda 21 IS Charles' (next in line to throne) agenda. Charles "defender of the faith". What faith would that happen to be? Gaia. Spelled out in the book 'Sustainable Prince' by Joan Veon
    His Agenda 21 position (especially on global warming) is propagated through The Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum (PWBLF) laid out here:

    Queen Elizabeth II's not-so-distant lineage goes directly to King George I-who, at the time of his ascention was 52nd in line to the English throne. A German named Georg Ludwig, from the House of Hanover, Germany. Even though crowned the king of England, he always pined for "his Germany" while he had his duties to fulfill as king of England. He did a name-change from their former to the current last name so the family wouldn't "be so German in England". His son, George II then fathered George III, whom America fought a Revolutionary War with. Your queen comes directly from these George's.
    Study even further back on the lineage of the House of Hanover links the English-throned-Netherland/Dutch-historical-only-joint-ruling-monarchs (William & Mary), who created the Bank of England. Subsequently modeled from that, was the Federal Reserve System of the U.S.
    Burke's peerage:


    The House of Hanover – David Starkey (8/10)
    The new born heir William & Kate's baby is also named George.

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