The Battle Lines Are Drawn: Refuse an “Ebola Vaccine” – The Scamming Medical Community – The “Sandy Hook” Criminal Media – Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy Rationalizing His Treasonous Actions – Hollywood and Israeli-Canadian Plague Monkeys “Setting the Stage” for Intended Genocide – Overthrowing the Corrupt Power “Elite” – Don’t Panic; Do Load Your Guns

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October 10 2014

Mandatory Ebola vaccines on the horizon 

Bottom line? The battle lines are drawn. Do not accept an “Ebola” vaccine, and additionally, do not let them take you to a prison camp to vanish quietly into the sands of time: USE YOUR GUNS. This time it is real, folks, and there will be only one way to win.

The National Institute of Health has declared that rushed “Ebola” vaccines may need to be given to everyone.

Obviously this has been the plan all along, and the vaccine will NOT be for “Ebola”, because there is not even a real outbreak – only really bad actors and a scamming zio-press. If you ignore the glaring headlines and instead look at the hard evidence, it will quickly reveal that this “Ebola” outbreak is nothing but the Sandy Hook of all outbreaks – a complete fabrication with scam news reports so bad that even CNN, the mother of all hoax news agencies, cannot keep them posted and maintain a reputation with their audience, which on average has the strongest following with the worst of idiots.

If “Ebola” vaccines become mandatory, we will see a great washing out of the public on a magnitude as great as the Civil War. There will no doubt be a higher percentage of the public involved in the war this time around, because more people are aware of the fact the government is the enemy this time around, and that the government actually WILL try a scam vaccination campaign against a “pandemic” that is in fact a drive to get everyone secretly chipped via a shot.

Additionally, that same shot is very likely to be formulated to both cull the herd and have those who remain afterward have their personalities modified by genetically modified brain-eating bacteriophages that attack the emotional centers and therefore eliminate the ability to resist tyranny, with the end product being a population that is pacified and compliant with a tyrannical New World Order.

I am not making this up, folks: I was first warned about modified bacteriophages by friends in the medical community who said they have personally witnessed the modified bacteriophage technology, that it is really advanced already, and that it causes permanent destruction to both the recipient of the shot and to subsequent generations of children – a permanent wipeout of who you are that will be passed down through the generations. And that was five years ago, in 2009. The passing along of the pacified traits to subsequent generations is accomplished via DNA insertion performed by lytic bacteriophages – which can insert new DNA into host cells, including in the testicles and ovaries, without killing the host cells. Once this happens, all subsequent generations carry the traits contained in the genetic code the bacteriophages inserted.

For the kill factor, rapidly multiplying lysogenic phages will be used instead. Modified bacteriophage viruses were chosen because they are highly selective with what they will attack, so a precision application can be accomplished.

This web site was the first one to report the New World Order effort to permanently modify the public with a scam vaccine campaign during the first “swine flu” outbreak that proved to be entirely fake. The linked article went absolutely viral, got translated into all major languages, and triggered policy changes in several nations. Significantly later, Alex Jones got onto the topic and completely confirmed that brain-eating vaccines had been developed and WILL be pushed on the public. Alex was slightly sabotaged by his staff in this video, most notably with the Bill Gates clip, but the heart of this report is BANG ON. If you have a hard time believing what I am saying about modified bacteriophage viruses being used to wipe people’s emotions out, Alex did a good job with this video: WATCH IT, this is absolutely real.

Media pushes brain-eating vaccine: nanotech injection lobotomy

Bottom line? The battle lines are drawn. Do not accept an “Ebola” vaccine, and additionally, do not let them take you to a prison camp to vanish quietly into the sands of time: USE YOUR GUNS. This time it is real, folks, and there will be only one way to win.


This has been irrevocably proven by Eric Duncan’s LinkedIn, and no matter what the Sandy Hook media says to spin the tale, Eric was a high-level U.S. government employee in a top management position with a mid-six-figure salary. Eric was tasked to front the fraud three days after the Peace Corps returned home – PERFECT TIMING FOR THAT. Eric is no doubt alive and well, with the best possible evidence being his LinkedIn, which once again confirms the entire media charade is as fake as the acting by the kid at minute 1 in THIS CNN VIDEO that CNN deleted because everyone knew it was fake.


October 9 2014

Connecticut Enacts Ebola Quarantine and Martial Law

Connecticut does not even have a single case of Ebola yet, but they have taken pre-emptive action and can now force vaccines, detain people without due process, THE WHOLE 9 YARDS, an Agenda 21 dream come true.

From Police State USA 

HARTFORD, CT – Governor Dannel Malloy has declared Connecticut to be in a state of public health emergency, enabling the indefinite suspension of certain civil rights. State bureaucrats have been granted the broad authority to forcibly detain suspected sick people without due process. The declaration came preemptively, as Connecticut has not yet seen a single case of the virus it purports to stop.

The governor’s October 7th declaration read as follows:

“In response to the epidemic of the Ebola virus currently affecting multiple countries in western Africa, and in order to provide the Commissioner of Public Health and other appropriate officials with all authorities necessary to prevent any potential transmission of the Ebola virus within the State of Connecticut, I hereby declare a public health emergency for the State, pursuant to the Connecticut General Statutes Section 19a-131a, for the duration of the epidemic. Specifically, in accordance with Connecticut General Statutes Section 19a-131b, I authorize the Commissioner of Public Health to Order the isolation or quarantine, under conditions prescribed by the Commissioner of Public Health, of any individual or group of individuals whom the Commissioner reasonably believes to have been exposed to, infected with, or otherwise at risk of passing the Ebola virus.”

– Governor Dannel P. Malloy, October 7, 2014

Rationalizing his actions, the governor said in a statement: “We need to have the authorities in place that will allow us to move quickly to protect public health, if and when that becomes necessary. Signing this order will allow us to do that.”

The recipient of most of the newly-imparted power is Jewel Mullen, Connecticut’s Commissioner of the Department of Public Health (DPH). By having this measure in place, Commissioner Mullen explained, “we don’t have to scramble in the event I need to take action.”

Read more here

Pete wrote:

Hi Jim,

I don’t believe for a minute that it is by coincidence that this EBOLA scare is happening at this time. We all know what is right around the corner with respect to the economy, etc.

Have you noticed that over the last 20 years EBOLA has been a household word even amongst people here in North America who have never been to Africa. Books such as The Hot Zone, documentary films such as The Plague Monkeys, Hollywood films such as Outbreak, 12 Monkeys, etc. have made this rather obscure disease into a universally recognized threat. I see this as having been the ‘setting of the stage’ for people to accept the inevitable emergence of EBOLA and all of the ensuing carnage; after all, everyone knows about EBOLA and its effects, so instant panic mode would be easily triggered in the general public. Just the same way that in the years prior to 9/11 the stage was set to make people fearful of bin Laden and a non-existent Muslim threat.

I agree with you that what is happening in Africa now is most likely not EBOLA (certainly not the original EBOLA), but rather a poisoning of the people. I believe, however, that this poisoning is being carried out by spraying the disease, and that it is not in the drinking water. Whatever form of engineered disease this is, it may not even be contagious – it could be an organic poison of some sort. Many people have speculated that chemtrails are being used to compromise the lungs of the world’s population, to facilitate the introduction of an airborne illness.

These are very dangerous times; I figure that the power elite know that they are only going to have one chance to get this depopulation plague right – or they may well be overthrown. I am expecting there to be no immediate disaster in Texas. This will be to get the people off their guard, but only for a short time (2 months is my guess), then I expect all hell to be unleashed, as reports of cases (real or not) erupt like wildfire across the nation and probably the world. Whether the disease even exists, or whether it is actually EBOLA or not, won’t matter. The people will be screaming for a vaccine, and for it to be mandatory for all. After all, everyone has seen enough films to be their own expert as to what EBOLA does.

We’ve seen the US government’s response, the lax safety measures, the outright lies. I believe that the powers-that-be are now making their move into the final ‘Endgame’ as Alex Jones would put it. A very economical way to kill off Africa and subjugate the rest of the world through vaccination.

That being said, what with the seed-vault having been built, the underground defensive ‘cities’, the FEMA coffins, the chemtrails, the billions of bullets purchased, the complete unwillingness to make any preparations for economic collapse, etc., the plague may well be a reality.

Get ready to hide.


My comment:

This time it is serious, I believe, and people who have sat on the fence should be locating their spot to go to for safety along with LOTS of food and other supplies.

Many will try, few will succeed. Not an easy game.

Colloidal silver given freely BLOCKED from Ebola zone

I had to think twice about posting this, because I do not promote any American variant of colloidal silver which I view as being very overpriced. However, this is really worth mentioning:

The makers of a product called Nano Silver attempted THREE TIMES, not just once, THREE TIMES to send 200 bottles of their product to the Ebola zone at a cost of thousands of dollars to them (across all attempts), and the shipment got blocked in France all 3 times. It had no destination in France, but France was the gateway, and they said NO. RIDICULOUS!

Now, I would like to ask the scamming W.H.O.: Why are you trying to stop freely-given charity colloidal silver from making it to the Ebola zone? It is not like Nano Silver asked to be paid for their product. It cost NO ONE ANYTHING: why was it blocked? GOOD QUESTION.

The product was sent at a concentration of at least 100 ppm (this is what Nano Silver told me), which would need to be diluted to be used efficiently. 100 ppm is still, to a degree, concentrated. So it was decent stuff, and I beg the question WHY it was blocked.

Though I still maintain that colloidal silver is not (likely) to be directly effective against the Ebola virus, IT WOULD STILL BE AN EFFECTIVE WEAPON AGAINST DEATH FROM EBOLA, because it is a totally non-irritating, hypoallergenic, highly effective universal antibiotic that can be given to anyone to prevent secondary infections, which Ebola will definitely cause. Additionally, colloidal silver has such a broad therapeutic window that absolutely ANYONE can administer it effectively and safely.

The problem is that colloidal silver is not something the medical community can profit from: it is too effective at too low a price, and too accessible and easy to make; and if it becomes widely accepted (as it should be), large corporations will take a serious hit to their bottom line, because individual people will be able to solve many of their own problems and will not have to pay scam prices for “medical care” that is in fact dirt simple to accomplish on your own. All it takes is an old silver dime, or even an old piece of sterling silver jewelry, two wires and a battery. TOO SIMPLE TO BE ALLOWED in a control freak system.

Colloidal silver is, in a word, a profit destroyer for a filthy rotten greedy medical scam fronted by the likes of GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, and other large medical outfits that have huge political pull, and THAT is why it got blocked from the Ebola zone. True, not much money is likely to be made in Africa, but if Ebola is real and it hits Europe and America hard, the scamming medical community will cash in BIG TIME if they have their way with it. In their book, colloidal silver HAS TO BE STOPPED – and who gives a damn who dies.

Here is a video, which is perfectly accurate, of colloidal silver killing a bacteria. Colloidal silver in fact starves bacteria for oxygen. That is its mode of action, not what other people are claiming.

I never thought I could feel sorry for a pathogen until I saw this video. A MUST-WATCH. AWESOME!

“Attack” – Public Image Ltd.

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