Tennessee State Representative Bill Beck Walks – Bill Beck’s Falsified Residency Still Isn’t Resolved – Malicious “Legal” Retaliation Against Spencer Schuelke – Heat Is Coming Down on the Tennessee For-Profit Courts – Prison Profit Schemes – DO NOT Allow Legal Corruption to Stand – Bill Beck Is Going to Get Thrown Under the Bus

Retaliation in Tennessee and Judge Allows State Rep. Bill Beck to Walk

The retaliation against Dennis Schuelke’s son, Spencer Curtis Schuelke, continues in Tennessee with the intent of the court to aggressively pursue its malicious prosecution of Spencer Curtis Schuelke.  Spencer Curtis Schuelke has been unlawfully arrested twice, harassed, the Schuelke family cat mutilated with the Schuelke family are under duress. If Spencer Schuelke is indicted, it will mean a prison sentence for a young man of only twenty-years-old who has an entire future ahead of him as an aircraft pilot that is now being threatened.

The information on the Schuelke family’s impending circumstances is being published again so that hopefully bloggers concerned about ending legal corruption will republish this blatant injustice and intentionally malicious legal assault against the Schuelke family.

The post linked here provides the back ground and continuing obvious corruption going on in Tennessee between the court, the police, and the Schuelke family:

Continuing Update of Dennis Schuelke’s Deteriorating Circumstances – Rutherford County Tennessee Court Date July 1, 2015 – Malicious Prosecution of Spencer Curtis Schuelke – Last Ditch Letter to Pope Francis – Family Cat Mutilated in Retaliation – No Crime Has Been Committed

Now news comes that Tennessee State Representative Bill Beck’s DUI case has been dismissed. The news release is published below by The Tennessean posted July 29, 2015 of the DUI arrest of Tennessee State Representative Bill Beck, and the news of Beck’s case being dismissed. As of July 28, 2015, Beck’s DUI case has been dismissed by Judge Phillip Maxey. The Police video of state State Rep. Bill Beck’s April, 2015 DUI arrest has been released after DUI charges against Beck were dismissed posted below. Warning: Video contains language that may be offensive to some.

Considering the continued deterioration in the United States between blacks and whites and police shootings, one thing is almost certain, and that is if this were a Black American stopped for a suspected DUI, his chances of being shot by the police would have been significantly higher and he would be serving time for the DUI. It is suggested that the video posted of Beck’s arrest be watched several times very carefully to look for indications of Beck’s alleged drinking.

It seems that Bill Beck’s DUI case has been conveniently dismissed by Judge Phillip Maxey, who was brought in from another county to decide Beck’s DUI case. Bill Beck and his wife, Pam Beck, are now in the spotlight for having lied about where the state representative lives. The question now is, will Brent Lindsay Pierce, prosecutor for Rutherford County, Tennessee, and Judge Charles L. Rich, General Sessions Court in Rutherford County, continue their malicious prosecution of Spencer Curtis Schuelke, whose father blew the whistle on Bill Beck in October, 2014 when he lied about his residency.

Notice the difference between the video of the traffic stop for Bill Beck and the audio recording of Spencer Curtis Schuelke’s kidnapping? The audio of Spencer Schuelke’s alledged traffic stop can be heard by going to Scanned Retina – A Resource for the People!: A”Lawful Traffic Stop” by trooper John Welker? A statement was made regarding the audio dispatch recording which begins with the “suspect” having already been handcuffed and placed in the patrol car and ready for transport to the jail. The complete unedited recording was requested and received from the THP (Tennessee Highway Patrol). Notice what is not included in the recording is the part where the “officer” called in to dispatch that he “witnessed a speeder, was in pursuit, calling in the tag number and description of the vehicle.” Also apparent, is that the dispatcher is not alarmed about the “officer” having someone in the car. One of two things is true: The audio evidence was possibly spoliated, or the abduction of Spencer Curtis Schuelke was prearranged.

Here are clear indications that there exists malicious intent against Spencer Schuelke, unlike Mr. Bill Beck, whose DUI case was just dismissed with the glaringly blatant differences of their arrests. Spencer Schuelke was not:

1) pulled over for a traffic violation or for any other traffic infraction including DUI;
2) Was not read a Miranda warning;
3) Was kidnapped from his property;
4) Has been indicted in a secretive grand jury hearing;
5) Has lost two jobs and his ability to pursue his career as a pilot;
6) Is facing trial at 21 years-old.

In October of 2014, Bill Beck’s across-the-street neighbor of twenty plus years in Sumner County, Tennessee, Dennis Schuelke challenged Mr. Beck’s candidacy in Davidson County, Tennessee on the grounds that Bill Beck was not a resident of Davidson County and falsified his actual residency.

Two months later, Tennessee Highway Patrol officer John Welker, allegedly laid in wait to appear out of the darkness to kidnap Spencer Schuelke from the driveway of his residence, to bring Spencer Schuelke into law and to begin malicious legal case against him in retaliation for Dennis Schuelke challenging Bill Beck’s residency. Unlike Bill Beck DUI arrest, the audio and video recording of Spencer’s arrest demonstrate that there was no traffic stop. Both begin in the driveway of the Spencer Schuelke’s home, when Spencer Schuelke is not in his car. The video posted in the news article below is on protected CD, so a copy is not available.

Evidence is also coming to light, that in Tennessee, Police and a prison-for-profit scheme has been exposed by a copy of a contract allegedly demonstrating that the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Department, receives a 72% commission from the phone system from detainees and their families who are forced to use should they need to use the telephone. The corruption is endless with the chain-of-profit going all the way up to judges.

A PDF file linked below this following image EXHIBIT 27 of the contract in which the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Department receives a 72% commission from the phone system from all detainees and their families who use their phone system, thus proving this accusation is no longer just “alleged”. This portion was snipped from a “Notice to the Court and Notice to the Public”. A compilation of this documentation demonstrates every court, every purported government agency and every “police” agency,  are for-profit corporate schemes. Please look up any court on manta.com and the NAICS codes can be verified which demonstrates again that the courts, judges and the police are operating as for-profit corporations. It would seem then that if Spenser Schuelke was brought into law by malicious intent and retaliation, that he was done so not by “police”, but by nothing more than heavily armed private corporate “road bandits”with uniforms on.

Rutherford County Sheriff

County Of Rutherford
940 New Salem Highway
Murfreesboro, TN 37129
Phone: (615) 898-7770
Web: Rutherfordcounty.org

A privately held company in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Annual Revenue: Unknown

Employees: 250 to 499

SIC Code: 9221, Police Protection

NAICS Code: 92212004, Police Protection

Cases have now been made in filings that these “agencies” acting as for-profit-corporations (private law merchants acting under the color of law as “public law”), have no authority or jurisdiction over people as they are not “government agencies”. It cannot be both ways, and if enough Americans find out that the courts are, in fact, for profit corporations acting as public law, this automated system of theft will end.

The Court Registry Investment System (CRIS) is how the courts gain access to what are known as Cestique Trusts for-profit courts are exploiting and that’s what this is actually all about.


Various groups have organized in Tennessee and have been making phone calls to the courthouse, the clerk, the prosecutor, and the Vicar General in the Nashville diocese seeking relief from the corruption. The good news for for people living in Tennessee seems to be, is that Sheriff Robert Arnold, has been under intense investigation for several profit schemes including his family’s business selling “jail cigs” and “epads” to prison detainees. The TBI and the FBI raided Sheriff Robert Arnold’s home after the Rutherford County Ethics Committee voted in April to allow the district attorney to investigate allegations Sheriff Arnold is involved in public corruption. And as it turns out, Bill Beck’s wife, Pam Beck, is an attorney with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. Is there not a clear case of compromised interests going on here? People in Tennessee are doing everything they can to put them in the spotlight and keep the pressure on these profit schemes based around prisons, the lawyers and judges and the police.

This story appeared 
at The Tennessean

Watch: State Rep. Bill Beck’s DUI arrest

July 29, 2015

Bill Beck (Photo: Metro police

Metro police released video of state Rep. Carson “Bill” Beck‘s DUI arrest after his case was closed Tuesday, when judge dismissed charges against the Nashville Democrat.

The more than 90-minute video starts when Officer Bradley Nave spots a pickup being driven partially in a center turn lane on Woodland Street in East Nashville. It ends with Beck being booked into the Criminal Justice Center downtown.

In it, Beck tells his wife to call a Davidson County sheriff’s administrator after his arrest and addresses questions about his residency, an issue that has come up before for the freshman legislator.

On Tuesday, Cheatham County Judge Phillip Maxey dismissed Beck’s DUI case saying straddling the lanes was not enough evidence for the officer to stop Beck. Maxey was brought in to hear the case. Police released the dashcam video Tuesday after it was requested by The Tennessean.

In the arrest video, Beck starts but does not complete sobriety tests and says he has had nothing to drink.

Beck appears to sleep at times in the back of a patrol car when waiting for his wife to pick up his truck and on the way to jail.

He also tells his wife, “Pam, call John Taylor and tell him I’m in his jail.”

According to the Davidson County sheriff’s website, Taylor is the chief warrant officer and an administrator in the department. He also works as the agency’s state legislative and Metro Council liaison, according to the website.

Sheriff’s spokeswoman Melinda McDowell said Taylor was not available for an interview, but that he did not receive a phone call from Beck or his wife that evening.

“He and Rep. Beck know each other professionally, but he did not speak to anyone that night regarding the DUI arrest,” McDowell said in an email to The Tennessean.

In the dashcam video, Officer Nave asks for Beck’s license and proof of insurance. In an exchange with Nave, Beck says he lives in Nashville. But Nave said Beck’s insurance card shows a Hendersonville address in Sumner County.

“You live in Hendersonville or Nashville?” Nave asked.

“Nashville,” Beck replied, adding about the insurance card: “Must be an old one.”

Beck, who was elected last year and represents parts of Davidson County, has faced scrutiny as to whether he actually lived in his district.

In June 2014 the Davidson County Election Commission unanimously denied a request to remove Beck from the ballot; the request argued he actually lived in Sumner County. Beck acknowledges owning more than one home, but argued he lived primarily in the district.

His residency was challenged again when citizens filed a lawsuit in October against the commission in Davidson County Chancery Court. The court dismissed the case in late November, after Beck won the election, according to court records.

This story will be updated.

Reach Stacey Barchenger at 615-726-8968 or on Twitter @sbarchenger.

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News 5 Channel Network

Judge Throws Out Drunken Driving Charge Against Rep. Beck

Jul 28, 2015

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – A judge has thrown out a drunken driving case against state Democratic Rep. Bill Beck on the basis that the police officer did not have reasonable suspicion to pull him over.

Beck was arrested in April after the arresting officer said he spotted the Nashville lawmaker’s pickup truck traveling with two wheels in the turn lane. After the stop, the officer said Beck had bloodshot eyes, a disheveled appearance and slurred speech.

Judge Phillip Maxey said dashboard video from the officer’s patrol car did not show that Beck was veering, and that a “momentary observation” of the truck crossing the line did not rise to the level of reasonable suspicion for making the stop.

Beck said he was pleased with the ruling and looks forward to focusing entirely on his work.

(Copyright 2015 by The Associated Press. All rights reserved.)


The House of Cards and Bill Beck is about to become Peter Russo

The case of Bill Beck reminds us of the overall tale of the character, Peter Russo, from the “House of Cards” cleverly directed by Kevin Spacey. As Abel Danger has always alluded to, entrapment upon one’s vices is the ‘card’ which these characters are valued upon and inevitably compromised to do the bidding of more powerful people up the profit chain.

Bill Beck is soon to be Peter Russo and become a liability. We think Bill is about to be thrown under the bus with this case to protect the profits of those above him.

Zoe Barnes Train Death Scene – House of Cards HD 

Good bye, Bill Beck.

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