Tebbitt Blog – Uranian Grooming for Pedophile Traps – Barry and Turdie ’68 – “You see Watson but you do not observe” – Soetoro hates Whitey

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Lord Tebbitt:

You need to check out the Uranian movement of the 19th century championed by the bankers such as Sir Ewen Cameron, the de facto founder of the drug and gun running bank HSBC.

The spawn of such characters often ended up at Eton College where they learned, very early in life, the fag’s mantra.

“You can have what you want sexually if you do what you are told politically”.

Alternatively …

“You can have what you want politically, if you do what you are told sexually “.

So young Barry Soetoro at 8 years old in Jakarta (cf. Standard Chartered Bank) in 1968, told his handlers he wanted to be president of the United States, so they, the British Bankers’ Association, procured a male transexual prostitute called, appropriately enough, Turdie, to groom the lad in the art of pedophile entrapment and extortion.

Barry’s training was completed in Hawaii where he was pimped into a pedophile ring operated by his grandparents and Frank Marshall Davis (a black Marxist S&M camera guy) and Helen Canfield (a white society woman from Chicago).

In New York in 1984, young Barry works for BIC ( a front for the Libor banking panel led by HSBC), on leveraged leases and currency swaps; financial instruments of the type triggered when both of the Twin Towers came down in the same day.

You cannot begin to imagine how much Soetoro hates Whitey even more so their children (cf. the Bushmaster plant at Sandy Hook and Aurora theater).

What was it Sherlock said; “You see Watson but you do not observe”.

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