Hawkins/McConnell on Truth Quest Radio March 23, 2010 with Melodee and Vicky—Transcript

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Hawkins/McConnell Interview on Truth Quest with Melodee on March 23, 2010 Hour One Transcript

Melodee: David Hawkins and Field McConnell and Vicky Davis are all returning. Vicky has been a prior guest and tonight she’s going to co-host with me and Field McConnell and David Hawkins, would you like to do a quick brush up on what your backgrounds are and then we’ll go ahead and start right on in.

David Hawkins: Okay, shall I go first Field?

Field McConnell: Certainly:

David: Well I’ve worked in a number of years in the international oil industry in emergency response and trouble shooting. I came to Canada in 1992. I smelled corruption on a scale I’ve never seen anywhere else in the world. I got involved in Forensic economics just before I guess 9-11 which is really –perhaps it’s a big word for the idea of tracking criminal and victim assets through crime scenes such as 9-11. And after 9-11 while I was rather lonely up here in Canada and British Columbia, I felt that there were many unanswered questions but I wasn’t able to answer until I basically happened to over the internet meet Field McConnell. We never met in the flesh and Field ill tell you about himself but he’s basically a fighter pilot and a big jet pilot.

And my background was in applied mathematics and artificial intelligence and thermodynamics but I had no experience how to fly a plane although my instincts told me the way those planes were flown on 9-11 they could not possibly have been flown by experienced pilot. And Field introduced me to terms like check turns and we’ve been working together now for about three years and we’re very close to wrapping up the mystery of 9-11.

Field: And the one thing David didn’t tell you about himself a couple of things, number one, he’s a Cambridge University graduate and Cambridge is one of the most prestigious schools in the United Kingdom. He also didn’t tell you he has the ability such as Sherlock Holmes had to clued what happens the clues are not that easy to process and that’s sort of what David does, he processes clues and evidence and what I bring to the equation is, I am a creative writer.

But before becoming a creative writer three years and three months ago when I first happened to cross David as we were introduced to each other by someone following the corrupt bankrupting of United Airlines including where the bankruptcy judge was given forty-million dollars of slush money to make sure things went well. I’m a representative of what I would call ‘global commoners’, or the little people and I can assure anyone listening to this that God is not pleased with what’s going on in America and how we’re treating little people, not just within our borders but around the globe.

Happy Hooligans

My professional history is I’m a Naval Academy graduate in the Class of 1971, the same class that had Captain Chic Burlingame, the Captain of American 77 which the mainstream media has suggested hit the Pentagon which it did not. I was in the Marine Corp for six years following the naval academy. Following my Marine Corp service I transferred into the Air National Guard and I flew fighters or the balance of my twenty-six year career and those fighters included the F-4 Phantom and the F-16 Falcon. And on 9-11 the day of the attack and like every one else in the world I was glued to the TV and watching these flying vehicles hit the building over and over and I concluded that not only was it impossible for a low time for a young man from a foreign country to demonstrate that amount proficiency and precision at flying, but it’s very unlikely, if not impossible, experienced airline pilots could be that proficient at hitting such precise targets. The greatest example of course was not filmed and that is whatever the flying objects, plural, whatever hit the Pentagon. And my 29 year career at Northwest Airlines came to screeching halt when I refused to be silenced about the flying events of 9-11 and that does not bother me in the least. The truth is going to come out and the truth needs to come out well before the elections 2010.

Melodee: And Vicky?

Vicky Davis: I was a computer systems analysis/programmer for twenty years. Contractor for fifteen of those years and suddenly after the year two-thousand the market dried up for people with my qualifications and I had no idea why. Ultimately I ended up doing research on the internet after I stumbled onto the fact that IT jobs were being outsourced to India, and not only because it effected me personally, but that was a breech of national security because our entire country runs on IT systems and for somebody to have made the decision that it was okay to export what actually is the beating heart of any corporation. To export those jobs to India was an inexcusable breach of national security. So I started researching to see how that happened. And so you know…I’ve been…that research has taken me you know, outsourcing to nine-one-one to the North American Union and in just so many areas just following the systems.

Melodee: And before we go any further I just want to say the views expressed on this program are the views of myself and are my guests and do not necessarily reflect the views of the KHEN staff, volunteers or board of directors and at that I’d like to go ahead. Either Field or David kind of step in to fill us in on what you guys have been up to lately because I’ll tell you, I don’t think there’s anybody who has been more active on their research then you guys because I get updates with regularity. *laugh*

David: Yes, I think we’ve generated a flood, Melody, and I’m impressed because I didn’t understand Vicki’s background in IT and I totally agree with her. I would perhaps go one step further. I would say this was a sustained and serial act of treason to hand off America’s IT secrets because that happened at the same time in Canada and the United Kingdom and Australia, and essentially they opened a back door, well you call it the heart. But perhaps it’s another word the brain IT systems which have made America such a powerful force in the world for the good. But very interesting, Vicky, we have a very interesting connection because Field’s sister, Kristine Marcy, is or was the most powerful bureaucrat in the United States Administration. She was the founder of the Senior Executive Service which is like a kind of oligarchy of bureaucrats that populate of the major agencies including the Department of Justice and Treasury.

Bruce McConnell

And these are not the people who move when the politicians come and go, so when the politicians come and go, the collective knowledge of how the American Government operates in times of peace and war is stored with the senior bureaucrat in those departments. Now Kristine Marcy works with a man called Bruce McConnell who was head of encryption for the White House in the office of management and Budget in the closing years of the Reagan Administration. The years of Bush senior, the two terms of the Clinton government and just before the end of the Clinton era he jumped shipped and started his own consultancy and if you Google Bruce McConnell and World Bank and Y2K, you’ll find that he and his fellow Senior Executive Service cohorts including Field’s sister, decided in the interest of what they call ‘open government’, or ‘open governments’ that America’s public key infrastructure and security codes should be shared with whoever they decided to share them without reference to the President of the United States and Congress. And that would appear to include China, Russia, France, and many of the parties that participated in the nine-one-one attack.

Melodee: That’s very interesting.

David: Field, do you want to add anything in there?

Field: Yeah, I would like to add one thing, not only does it appear these treasonous persons within he United States enabled the traitorous attacks on nine-eleven, but they were other countries that stood by and benefited. And you failed to mention China I think, David, I missed China, but China and Russia certainly benefited as did France, but the majority of operations were brokered out of Canada which the Canadian and American border which is the forty-ninth parallel of the longest undefended border in the world and I think we are about nine years late in arming that border because that attack came right out of Canada. Not only in terms of money, engineering and software, but also the flying hardware. Numerous of the airplanes that are unknown to most of the people listening to your show were launched out of Canada. That’s what I would add.

Mikail Gorbachev (Green Religion Designer)

Vicky: Well, you know, it’s very interesting you would say the word ‘open government’, because I was doing some research today and it appears that Mikhail Gorbachev’s peace prize in what was it, nineteen-ninety? I found an article in which he was talking about open skies, open government, open, you know, there were about four opens, and I tried to find that article before the program because I don’t know, I thought it might come up, but in nineteen ninety, the first Bush, but maybe in was in the late eighties, the first Bush was the guy who negotiated with Gorbachev on what was suppose to be the arms limitation, but apparently that’s when hey decided to go along with the open government and I suspect that’s when they decided on ‘ e government.’ And I really do believe that the United States was suckered.

David: Yeah, I think you are absolutely right, and if I could – it may help your listeners, Melodee, if we just give out web site…

Melodee: Oh, yeah.

David: …because if some of them are at least in front of the computer they can look at the web site. And if I may, with your permission, I’ll go to the web site myself while you’re readers, those who are near their computer, go to it, and then I can quickly show them the highlights of this web site. We’re now on our fifth book, but I think the images there will help them enormously, is that alright?

Melodee: Oh that’s – please do, and any time during this evening you can go ahead and bring it up again just to kind of remind them.

David: Well, we have two web sites, and the first one is Captain Sherlock which is one word two components, captain as in leader, Field McConnell, captain of an airplane and Sherlock like Sherlock Holmes, so if you will, that’s our avatar or teacher. None of us represent all the qualities of leadership and Sherlock Holmes skills, but everyone has a combination of those skills. And in my experience we’re all leaders if we find our niche. And I’m personally very happy to follow in many areas, in fact, when I worked in the UK there was a petro-physicist I worked for and he had a sign on his door, “Lead, follow or get out of the way.” And I think for so many of us, we’re always struggling or we think we want to be leaders and there’s many times I think when we can get out of the way. So, I have the tendency to drone on and Field tries to cut in there *laugh* but, anyway, by-the-by, captainsherlock dot com I don’t know if either of you are near a computer where you can see that site? Can you see what I’m talking about?

Melodee: Yeah, I’ve been there yes.

David: captainsherlock dot com

Melodee: I try not to bring up too much of that stuff because it starts causing problems *laugh* my computer and skype. *laugh*

David: Okay, alright, so there eight icons, square blocks on this web site and behind them is an enormous amount of information, but I’ll just go across some of the highlights. First, a book we wrote which is called Hunter’s Wingman and Hunter’s Wingman is partly fiction, partly fact, but the first chapter has a very interesting meeting between two quasi-fictional characters. Which some people might say modeled on myself and Field McConnell and we meet at a pub up here in British Columbia. And it’s a casual drink New Years Eve party, and we start discovering that we have some information, this is December thirty-first two-thousand, just before the great year of the terrible year that brought in nine-one-one. And we meet in the context of serial killings that took place in British Columbia at a pig farm where prostitutes were taken from the downtown east side taken out to the pig farm and slaughtered in what appears to be oath taking and ceremonies and cannibal festivals.

And what we’re discussing there – sorry, I hope this doesn’t upset your listeners – the idea of entrapping people, perhaps when they’re young, perhaps when they’ve drank too much, perhaps when they’re full of cocaine or marijuana, and get them into a situation where the camera is turning and do things that they would never ordinarily do and when they wake up, or realize what they’ve done, someone has got a film, possibly a snuff film, involving them. Not necessarily participating in the killing of someone but witnessing it. And what I would suggest to is that person is then owned for the rest of their life whether they make a career in information technology, or the aerospace industry, or government or whatever. And we think that idea of getting somebody entrapped in an oath taking ceremony and taking an image of them dates back more than two-hundred years to the United Kingdom where there were famous clubs called the Hell Fire Clubs where aristocrats would bring in peasant children or whatever to their seats, sacrifices or whatever would take place, and obviously there weren’t movies back then.

Note: Benjamin Franklin – Hell Fire Club – London

But fast forward to eighteen-fifteen in the battle of Waterloo, by then the Rothschild family, Nathaniel Rothschild, had probably the world’s leading intelligence service in Europe. And you know at the battle of Waterloo, under the Duke of Wellington won and the French lost. But what Nathaniel Rothschild was able to do, he got news that the British had won the day before the government news reached London. So Nathaniel Rothschild had his agents at the London stock exchange and they started selling shares and bonds and encouraging people to believe that the British had lost. And there was going to be a collapse of English companies and so on, but of course he knew they had won. That took off like a panic in the London stock market and the London stock market collapsed and the value of the bonds collapsed, and in a secret moment, Nathaniel Rothschild triggered his agents to start buying. And in eighteen-fifteen, the Rothschild’s took over the Bank of England.

Nathan Mayer Rothschild

Nathaniel Rothschild

Now, the reason I tell you that story is, on nine-eleven, Nathaniel Rothschild who is the great, great, great, great whatever, grandson of the Nathaniel Rothschild who made a killing in the battle of Waterloo with a good intelligence network, Nathaniel Rothschild who was a Oxford University, had built a network with his family that gave him prior intelligence of the attack planned to overthrow the government of the United States on nine-one-one. And Rothschild’s agents were selling through nine-one-one, they arranged for the New York Stock Exchange to shut down for four days, and at a suitable moment they started buying, obviously there’s a huge panic associated with the nine-one-one attack, and they ended up effectively owning America. And the wealth of the United States in the after math of nine-one-one was transferred to London.

Vicky: Actually you know, I was wondering if that kind of stock manipulation, if maybe they weren’t involved in the market during the dot com…

David: They were.

Vicky: …boom and bust. Because the same thing happened, I mean – yeah, IBM’s stock was driven down to a value of about forty dollars a share in the early nineteen-nineties. And there was no reason for it other than rumor.

David: Well this is what they call ‘naked short selling’ attack on a company with saboteurs. But you make a very good point, and what I want to do is, and Field, jump in at any time, is make a connection with what the Rothschild, House of Rothschild did in eighteen-fifteen and what the House of Rothschild interestingly enough the same name, Nathaniel Rothschild, in two-thousand and one. The techniques that used to destroy or take over the Bank of England in eighteen-fifteen are exactly the same techniques they used to destroy or take over the United States Treasury in nine-eleven. Now, let’s follow the Rothschild’s a little bit through the nineteenth century.

Cecil Rhodes (Rhodes Scholarships – Roundtable – De Beers)
“Wherever you go in the world except for science, you find an Oxford man” — Cecil Rhodes

They found a promising young man in South Africa by the name of Cecil Rhodes who was a very entrepreneurial character and the Rothschild family financed Cecil Rhodes in terms of working pumps to eliminate flooding in reserves or resources where they found some diamonds. And ultimately the Rothschild’s financed Cecil Rhodes to come to come to Oxford University where he joined what we think is a secret society that was instrumental in planning the nine-one-one attack and that is called the ‘Bullingdon Club’, B-u-l-l-i-n-g-d-o-n. And the Bullingdon Club started out around seventeen-eighty just after the War of Independence as a drinking club, and cricket club. By the time that Cecil Rhodes joined it, that was eighteen-seventy-six, he was already then being financed by Rothschild, the House of Rothschild in his attempts to develop the diamond industry in South Africa.

Bullingdon Club Crest

In eighteen-seventy-seven, Cecil Rhodes wrote a secret will where he said, and don’t think for a moment I share his opinions, but what he said was, “Wherever you go in the world except for science, you find an Oxford man”, that is a man from Oxford university. So what Cecil Rhodes decided is, what the world really needed is what he called an ‘Imperial Parliament.’ That is America would come back into the fold of the English speaking peoples being controlled out of London, i.e., cancel the war of independence and America’s interests would be represented by one, or two, or three by business people who would periodically come to the United Kingdom to agree on how the United States should be administered. Remember, we’re talking eighteen-seventy-six – seven, the secret will. And similarly Australia and Canada and the various colonies in different parts of the world, but he – he already recognized – I think he was around twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five, and quite possibly coined the termed the ‘new world order.’ So from eighteen-seventy-seven through to nineteen-hundred and two, he grew the DeBeers Diamond Company into a global monopoly. I think it had about ninety percent of the world trade in diamonds and he ruthlessly enforced that monopoly with the help of the Rothschild family.

De Beers

In nineteen-hundred and two, the Rothschild’s, using the estate of Cecil Rhodes, launched the Rhodes Scholarship scheme, and we believe the Rhodes Scholarship scheme combined with the Bullingdon Club at Oxford University became the basis for recruiting agents of the new world order. And Senator Fulbright, I believe in nineteen twenty-seven, became a Rhodes Scholar and at Oxford University, what we think is happening through the Bullingdon Club is, various prominent people are forced or tricked to taking a blood oath. Meaning they are promised huge wealth and huge power provided they keep everything about the Rothschild and the Bullingdon Club secret. And that you can imagine, with Rothschild money behind you, you could become very wealthy. Very powerful, in fact, the skies the limit. So in nineteen-sixty nine, the Bullingdon Club at Oxford University, which controls the Rhodes Scholarship scheme with the Rothschild’s, brings in a man by the name of Bill Clinton who is a rapist, drug trafficker and traitor. And they groomed him to become the president of the United States.

Now the nineteen forty-seven Fulbright program was also financed by the Rothschild’s, the House of Rothschild and controlled by the House of Rothschild. And the Fulbright program is very interesting because it gives a network to move agents, saboteurs, assassins and deception experts in and out of the United States through your university system. So in nineteen seventy-nine at Occidental College in California they recruit another agent for effectively the Bullingdon, Rothschild, Rhodes and Fulbright network. And that agent in nineteen-seventy-nine, is a man by the name of Barry Seotoro. Does that ring a bell?

Senator Fulbright (Fulbright Scholarships)

Melodee: Yes. *laugh*

David: Barry Seotoro was then moved through the university system in the United States and groomed and trained by the Rothschild’s to become a top ranking saboteur, assassin and deception expert. And in nineteen-eighty one he was sent to Pakistan to work with his mother, Anne Dunham, and a man who was then moving Stinger missiles into Afghanistan with the help of the CIA to help eject the Soviet Army from Afghanistan. Barry Seotoro went on a hunting trip paid for by the Rothschild’s and Bullingdon and law firm, Sidley Austin in Chicago. And met with a man whose name as far as the CIA was concerned was Tim Osmond. Does that ring a bell?

Melodee: Yes.

Vicky: Yeah, that’s Osama bin Laden, right?

David: Yes, so Osama bin Laden and Barack Obama, back then, Tim Osmond and Barry Seotoro, financed by the Rothschild’s and the Bullingdon, Sidley Austin Law firm, began a project which would one day lead to the nine-one-one attack.

David: Now I’m going on here a bit, Field, do you want to jump in or am I doing alright.

Field: I think you’re explaining it well and I just want to point out that if it seems like I’m awfully silent, I am often, however, I am the one who carries a law suits into the federal court houses which I’ve done three times now. And you can find those law suits at the top and bottom of the home page www captainsherlock dot com. And David and I would be remiss if we didn’t point out that once we get done talking about Osama and Obama and it’s time for the pajamas, we will also point out that we have an abeldanger blogspot with this being replicated in Japan, Norway, England, soon to be Russia we believe, hopefully India, Australia and New Zealand, so the Anglo-sphere, or the English speaking world is going to have many ways of following our investigations. And while David sort of mans the office day-to-day I do a little bit of traveling. And I’ve done some very interesting traveling in the last three months for people who like intelligence type work. But one of the places I traveled to was the national convention of the Tea Party in Nashville, Tennessee in the first three or four days of February of this – well, that was just last month.

Melodee: Field, can I get you, and I want Vicki the same, when you guys speak just speak up a little louder because your volume levels aren’t quite up like the rest of them…okay *laugh* So…

Field: Okay, I was just saying that David does a lot of the dot connecting and I do a lot of the traveling and attending things that are remote. For instance, I spent eighteen months in Kazakhstan and some time tonight we may share with your audience what a K-h-a-z-a-r, a Khazar is. It seems that an otherwise well informed Americans have never heard the Khazar term, and it’s a term central to the bank and court system takeover of the United States of America. But now that I’ve given David a breather, I’ll turn it back over to him and he’ll speak loud I promise. He can’t hear very well so if he needs to be cut in on you might hear me use the term ‘fire hose’…


Melodee: *laugh*

Field: …because like any of Pavlov’s dogs, I’ve got David trained if he hears fire hose to stop speaking even if he can’t hear me.

David: I’m totally controlled, Melodee.

Melode: *laugh*

David: Dominant, dominate, everyone dominates me. But anyway, so let’s keep going. So we’ve now got an appointed time in eighteen-fifteen where the Rothschild’s have built a superb for the time, intelligence service that allows it to get the early warnings of a major event and therefore manipulate the stock market. And the interesting thing about criminals is, and I’m not saying that the entire Rothschild family is criminal, but there’s a very important concept in law in America called ‘racketeering, influence and corrupt organization.’ And this will be the key that unlocks this process because if you grow up as I say, in the Rothschild’s family, you are not automatically a criminal by virtue of being a member of the Rothschild family.

If however, you embrace their way of doing business which involves insider trading, or outsider trading, or churning or pumping and dumping, or money laundering, then you may effectively find yourself in court one day, quite possibly in a civil claim which is the one that Field McConnell filed in Fargo, North Dakota on the first of May two-thousand and seven, where we have a number of people identified. The list is about a hundred strong that includes Field’s sister, that includes Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, and various republicans and democrats, but back at that time, we didn’t realize this connection led back to the United Kingdom, and specifically to the Rhodes Scholarship scheme and the Bullingdon Club and blood oath taking ceremonies and the House of Rothschild. Incidentally, Rothschild is red child.

Vicky: What was your…

David: Sorry, did you have a question?

Vicky: What was your clue on that David, was it the children’s charity?

David: The clue when we discovered the Rothschild’s?

Vicky: Yeah, the connection going back to Great Britain.

David: Well, it’s – that’s an excellent question and that was one of the references that Field made about my skills. If I’ had them, and that’s very appreciative of his recognizing that, and if I do have them they’re a gift from God. There not – it’s not my property, but the best expression of the skill that I think I developed, or improved, was in a book by Arthur Conan Doyle called a Study of Scarlet, Sherlock Holmes mystery – thriller if you will. And I’m quoting from him memories. Towards the end of that book when Sherlock Holmes is addressing the audience of policemen, and he always delighted in not telling the police that they’re stupid, but always pointing out why they didn’t get to the solution, and he did.

And what he says or was in the story, “There are many people in life who you give them a series of events and they will tell you what comes to pass. There are very few when given an event will tell you the circumstances which led up to it.” And when you think about it, that’s what makes a good detective if you will, and that’s what always holds our attention, those people who like reading Sherlock Holmes stories, you’re given clues, and then gradually it drops into place. A little bit is given by the author, fictional character, Sherlock Holmes, and a little bit comes from yourself, but a lot of people in all kinds of ages and walks of life around the world, I believe the Sherlock Holmes stories are the most read in the world.

They love that process, so what Field and I say, “Okay, we may not be a Sherlock Holmes, but all those qualities can improve with practice.” Now, after nine-one-one in the Time Magazine, about a week or month after nine-one-one, the man who use to be known as Tim Osmond who went on the hunting trip with Barry Seotoro, your president, just south of Qatar in Pakistan, he’s quoted as saying, “We have three independent networks to move Al Qaeda assets around the world and all of the resources of the British and the Americans cannot stop us.

Al Qaeda (Osama bin Laden with Tim Osmond)

I’m a Brit, now a Canadian citizen, Field is American, and when the man who allegedly took out your American Command Centers and killed nearly three-thousand of your citizens says that, I infer that when someone boasts about what they’ve done after the fact, they’re probably speaking much closer to the truth than what they say they’re going to do before the fact. So I think –

Vicky: I’m a big believer in believing what people say. *laugh* Especially if they’re in a position to know.

David: Well, he was boasting, so you know, it was the first flush of hubris or pride after pulling of his extraordinary project if you will of taking down the most powerful military power in the world, most powerful government in the world, most powerful country in the world. How did he do it from a cave in Pakistan, or a cave in Afghanistan? Well he didn’t. Now, the interesting thing about the statement “we have three independent networks to move Al Qaeda assets around the world and all the resources of the British and Americans cannot stop us”, first of all, well it tells us a number things if he’s actually speaking the truth. And I believe he was speaking the truth.

Al Qaeda moving their asses (assets) around the world planning their next cave-based mission

First of all, we shouldn’t assume that because he thinks the networks are independent they really are. Because if they were three independent networks, how would you coordinate them to pull off this amazing attack? So what we believe now is that those three networks come together at a certain place, at a certain time, with certain people. Now, what are the assets needed for a force to take over and for example, target and destroy not just a section of the Pentagon under construction, and instead let me just remind you, in nineteen-seventy-two, Bernadine Dohrn and the Weather Underground bombed the Pentagon.

Vicky: They did?

David: That’s important isn’t it?

Vicky: Well yes, it certainly is. How did…

David: She didn’t destroy the Pentagon then, but on nine-eleven she did.

Melodee: I guess I’m a little bit behind the eight ball on that one.

David: In nineteen seventy-two the Weather Underground operated out of Chicago, allegedly bombed a wash room in the Pentagon. [Youtube video of news broad cast of this bombing]

Vicky: Wow, I didn’t know that.

David: So, in nine-eleven, American just didn’t lose a section in Wedge One in the Pentagon that was under construction, you lost the US Naval Command Center. And the weapon that went across the Pentagon lawn at five-hundred and forty miles an hour went straight between the eyes of the duty officer of the US Naval Command Center in the Pentagon and his name is Captain Gerald DeConto.

Maverick Missile (Hit Captain Gerald DeConto right between the eyes taking out communications with US Naval assets around the world)

Captain Gerald ‘Fish’ DeConto (On Duty Officer in the Pentagon on 9/11)

Vicky: You know, that’s one thing that I’ve never gotten a good answer on, or good resolution to, some people say that it was the Army, the Army Data Center, but when I first read about it, it was a Navy Data Center, have you…

David: It is. It was the US Navy Command Center that was under construction by a British company called AMEC of which the major share holder was Goldman Sachs.


Vicky: Awe man, well isn’t that interesting?

David: So, a very interesting question I put to my American friends is, surely to God, you need to know what happened to the functions of the US Naval Command Center when they were destroyed on nine-one-one. Because the US Naval Command Center is the link between your president and US Naval assets around the world. It’s kind of important from a strategic point of view, right? What happened…

Vicky: Very important.

David: …to the functions – so again, going back to the Sherlock Holmes, why aren’t senior officers in the United States Military asking that question, or at least if they are they’re not asking us or publishing the fact to the public at large. Conversely, why aren’t intelligent citizens and educated citizens who have a concern about security, asking, well who took over the functions that were previously, or services provided by the US Naval Command Center in the Pentagon that links the President of the United States, your Commander in Chief, to US Naval assets around the world which is your principal competitive advantage if ever it comes to a shooting match?

Vicky: You don’t think they turned it over to one of these global, global systems places – well they turned over internet security to the OECD, so…

Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development

David: I think they, they turned it over to the United Kingdom and the Rothschild family.

Vicky: Oh God.

David: So anyway…

Field: They already…

David: Go ahead, Field.

Field: Let me point out two things, David, number one, these ladies need to understand if they don’t already understand that by treaty between Henry Shelton, the Chairman of the Joints Chief of Staff and General Maurice Baril, M-a-u-r-i-c-e B-a-r-i-l up in Canada, the airspace over North America including all of the United States of America was protected by Canada not the United States of America for a thirty hour period. And so the United States decision makers either naively or corruptly entrusted the aerial sovereignty of the United States of America to governor – excuse me, General Maurice Baril, and during that thirty hour period, nine-eleven, the treason nine-eleven occurred.

General Maurice Baril (Canadian Commander on 9/11)

And just to show you how it’s almost impossible that any young Muslim pilots could have been participating, on the morning of nine-eleven the Pentagon had approximately seven-thousand seven-hundred and fifty-four windows. That’s seventy-seven hundred and fifty-four widows, this flying vehicle which the main stream media suggests is Captain Chic Burlingame’s seven-fifty-seven, was maneuvered through one window out of seven-hundred and fifty-four which behind the open window held the command function of the US Navy. The odds of that happening are just about zero. Not because it’s one window out of seventy-seven fifty-hour, but rather because a seven-fifty-seven couldn’t fly that low across the grass without digging holes in the grass and still stick its nose in the window. So, the fairy tale of nine-eleven is going to come crashing down around the feet of the perpetrators and I’ll turn it back over to David.

Vicky: Well let me just ask a question here too, isn’t, isn’t the North American skies now under Canadian and American partnership?

Field: It has been for over fifty years.

Vicky: Fifty years?

Field: It’s been a partnership.

Vicky: Okay, but now I was under the understanding it was more than just that, I guess is what I’m saying.

David: Well, you see, Vicky, what’s happening – you worked in IT, are you familiar with geographic information systems?

Vicky: Sure, yes.

David: Okay, well a geographic information system – I, back in my younger days I was coordinator of artificial intelligence for Geo Science Research at Schlumberger Center in Connecticut, so my business back then was looking at the old systems, GIS, Geographic Information Systems and turning them into real time models that could be visualized on a computer screen and be handled just like the real world. Anyway, I made a lot of progress there, but what you can do in the oil industry below the ground reservoirs, you can create a database called a Geographic Information Systems where different layers of the rock are represented and when you’re visualizing it you can tune in a layer and tune out a layer and create a visual effect of an underground reservoir through a GIS.


Geographical Information System

Exactly the same thing up in the air, the people who do air traffic control and the military and the United States allies, United Kingdom, under the partnership for peace, NATO Partnership for Peace which was launched, again we believe treasonously by Bill Clinton, you have in the united States at any time Ukrainians and Georgians and various other parties, no due-diligence, engaged in using geographic information systems that present an imagine of what’s going on in American air space. And there was another group of people loose in the United States at that time, and that was the United Nations Monitoring and Inspection commission that was suppose to be looking at whether or not Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction. They had been trained in Canada and they were actually in fact working on the air space in the United States from a Geographic Information System called ‘weatherXchange’, w-e-a-t-h-e-r-X-c-h-a-n-g-e. Now, before I go into details about the weatherXchange, let me take you back to the Rothschild’s in the second world war.


Now during the second world war, the Rothschild’s had continued to develop their agents network in Europe, the one they used in eighteen-fifteen to basically wipe out the bank of England. And during the second world war the Rothschild’s still had enormously more powerful, the most effective military intelligence system available to them to determine what they were going to invest in, including crematorium and gas chambers.

Now, what’s extraordinary, the MET Office, the Meteorological Office in England which was found in eighteen-fifty by certainly the first world war and absolutely fundamental in the second world war had become a weapon of deception. Because what you can do with the MET Office, and it’s computer – well, I don’t know how sophisticated its computers were, but the MET Office during the second world war was staffed by brilliant people. It had navy captains and Royal Air Force pilots and allied bombers, all sending information about cloud formations, wind speed, temperature, humidity, visibility and very, very sharp people in the MET Office in the United Kingdom working out what the weather would be like for military missions including D-Day.

And they had so much power and their knowledge was so great that they persuaded Eisenhower to delay the D-Day landing by one day because they saw a weather opportunity that would prove the safety and the effectiveness of the landing. Now, you can think of it conversely, if they’re broadcasting information to the Germans which makes the Germans believe the weather on the real d-day was going to be too bad to do a landing, the Germans are going to relax. You see my point?

MET Office (Meteorological Offices)

Melodee: Yes.

Vicky: Yes.

David: Now, going back to nine-one-one, if Osama bin Laden really did believe that he had three independent networks to move his assets in place for the nine-one-one attack, he would know no matter how effective those assets and the networks were, he didn’t have the power to deliver the weaponry if America was on guard, if you see what I my point? Conversely, America would not be expecting an attack from a low time terrorist group on key command centers if the weather was really good. Because Americans would be confident they could shoot down anything they could see. And if they were being attacked from some clown in a cave in Afghanistan there wouldn’t be many weapons getting through.

Now, on nine-one-one, the MET Office and the Rothschild Bank, and the Ministry of Defense in the United Kingdom, and various traitors inside the United States and Canada, had developed a weather forecasting system, which was basically a Geographic Information System called the weatherXchange. And what the weatherXchange did is, it created a layer inside the Geographic Information System that with encryption could be presented to the people in America who were playing on the blue team war game. And basically created what we call ‘virtual weather.’ So your blue team defenders including Captain Gerald DeConto, the duty officer in the US Naval Command Center of the Pentagon, believed it was a clear day.

Field: I have a wife and three daughters all them who are certified females, but what’s going on in America’s infrastructure and command and control center has really been mucked, that’s m-u-c-k-e-d, mucked up, and that’s a British term, by the ramming of fast forward of previously inexperience people because they are positions of high authority for which they have no background. And such is the case of the lady who was sitting on top of the FAA on nine-eleven, and just being a…

Vicky: Yeah, that is so true, you are absolutely right and that is the Sixth Sigma Program that they implemented as the same thing as TQM. And that was intentional I think so that they could do a coup de tat.

Sixth Sigma Program

Field: It absolutely was and once again, I want to assure both Melodee and Vicki, that I have great respect for women and we’re ordained to have respect for women, but women are conversely – we’re suppose to have mutual respect. We’re different yet equal characters and our creator designed it that way, so…to fast forward, certain women, including my sister, and my sister was propelled from being a twenty-one year old Georgetown graduate with a master in foreign service into a series of ever increasing responsibility all of which positioned her to be entrapped or extorted into service that’s not in the best keeping of the traditions of American service people, or my McConnell family surname.

Melodee: There wasn’t any relation – I may have asked you this before, but there wasn’t any relationship between you and Bruce McConnell?

Field: No, my sister used to work for Bruce McConnell and probably still does. It’s a little murky, but the relationship between the McConnell’s is that in the mid-sixties Bruce McConnell’s father was the Joint Chiefs of Staff, his name was General John T. McConnell, and a four star general in the Air Force at the same time my father was a colonel was stationed at Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii and/or Ramey Air Force Base in Puerto Rico. And the McConnell name – I’m not hung up on that name. I just happen to have it inherited it. But if you start googling McConnell’s in Air Force history you find a whole lot of interesting characters and none of us are related. We just share a common surname but we don’t necessarily play on the same team.

Melodee: Okay, let me just go ahead and say this is KHEN LPFN Radio, one-o-six point nine, Salido, Colorado. And we’re community supported radio and we’re streamed on the internet at khen dot org and if you’d like to listen to tonight’s program or any past programs of Truth Quest with Melodee they’re available at www dot gimmesometruth dot info or linked from the khen dot org web site. And the views expressed on this program are those of myself and my guests and do not necessarily reflect the views of the KHEN staff, volunteers or board of directors. And support for Truth Quest is brought to you by Apple Juice Tech providing preventative maintenance to keep your MACs healthy for a long time. Apple Juice Tech provides service, consulting classes, one-on-one training and remote support with a secure connection to your MAC. Phone seven one nine nine six seven three two three, or email tech at applejuicetech dot net. And my co-host tonight is Vicky Davis and our guests are David Hawkins and Bruce – Field McConnell *laugh* too many McConnell’s here now. *laugh*

Field: No, that’s okay, I’ve met Bruce McConnell and he’s met me.

Melodee: Okay *laugh* And so that they’re kind of filling us in on some different perspectives on the nine-eleven and a lot of other events going on in the world here, so…go ahead.

David: Okay, let’s keep anchoring at that boast by, alleged boast, by Osama bin Laden, a few days after the nine-one-one attack. “We have three independent networks to move Al Qaeda assets around the world and all of the resources of the British and the Americans cannot stop us.” Now I believe that the Brits and the Americans are wedded at the hip if you will. I saw the most amazing little monument in Richfield in Connecticut behind – it was up in the woods behind a pub. And there was obviously some fighting going on in the War of Independence and the British – the monument said something to the effect – obviously some Americans had left the monument, “The British who died here came our enemies and they stayed our guests”, you know, was an incredibly elevated way of respecting your enemy.

Because the Brits and the Americans, as I say, we’ve been friends for hundreds of years but there are people who actually have an interest in destroying that friendship and driving a wedge in between the two countries. What the – Winston Churchill famously called “The English speaking peoples”, or perhaps another word is the Anglo-sphere, and I’m not being jingoistic here, I’m saying you know that life, liberty, the security of the person, enjoyment of property, the pursuit of happiness, innocent until you’re proven guilty, all these wonderful things that stretch back to Magna Charter and so on, have created an incredible force for good in the world.

Now these people they don’t want – these networks that have been created, they’re about destroying that force for good, and they’re well on their way to doing it in the United States. So, going back to this network, he talks about three independent networks. Initially we thought that might be an air, a naval and a ground-based network, but I think we’ve now have decided that there were here different kinds of assets moving on the network, one is money, i.e., it was a financial network, or financial intelligence network.

The second is a human intelligence network, i.e., there were people who’d been trained in sabotage, assassination and deception, and they’re moving without interception along those networks, and along those networks we think date back to eighteen-fifteen and before. And then there’s electronic networks, or electronic warfare and electronic intelligence, and just like Vicki said at the beginning, the IT of a country, particularly the United States, is its competitive advantage, it’s sold its soul, its brain, and you’ve made amazing advances as did the British *garbled* machine and some of the early computers.

And hand-in-hand through the second world war with radar and so on, electronic intelligence and electronic warfare tools have become extraordinarily advanced in an atmosphere of mutual trust between Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and America. And I believe it was called ‘Echelon’ as one of thee intelligence networks. Now, you can see that if you can insert a virtual weather picture in the minds of the defender so that they think that the weather would not support an enemy attack from behind sort of speak, because if an enemy attacked from behind it would essentially be a small terrorist group and they wouldn’t want to come you know, if the sun was shining.


If you can create that impression and take over for example, the weather as seen by Chic Burlingame who was Field McConnell’s classmate at the US Naval Academy who was flying Flight seventy-seven that allegedly hit the Pentagon, if you can take over what I think is called technically the command , control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance system at a certain layer, which is the layer at the weatherXchange, you can give the impression to Chic Burlingame that there are obstacles head and he has to take evasive maneuvers.

Vicky: Well, that certainly would be a company like Cisco wouldn’t it?

David: Absolutely. Very interesting you mentioned Cisco, I’ll go on with that in a minute. Well actually, I’ll just make a reference about Cisco. Cisco has come up with the concept called ‘planetary skin.’ Have you heard of that? [excellent Youtube video of Planetary Skin)

Cisco Systems

Vicky: Oh you know, I saw that web site but I can’t recall what it was about. You’ll have to remind me.

David: Well, it’s the totality of rotors and switch gear and the ability to basically monitor any email or communication. Gives the person able to do the monitoring access to a planetary skin where an individual citizen can be accused of violating some principal, like producing too much carbon dioxide.

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Field McConnell & David Hawkins: Transcript—17 March 2010 Hour 2

Source: rumormillnewsradio.com, hawkscafe, captainsherlock.com

Hawkins/McConnell Interview with Rayelan Allan on Rumor Mill News
March 17, 2010 – Part 2 (Hour 2)

Note: This transcript begins exactly 3:01 minutes into this segment of the interview.

David Hawkins: What I thought I may do today with Field and you is hypothesize that we’re going into a war game and the second hour, where I’ll play the part of the people who took control of the skies over the United States on nine-one-one, and Field can tell us whether he’d like to be ah, a fighter pilot with the Happy Hooligans trying to make sense out of this mess, or perhaps better yet, he could play two roles, a fighter pilot in the war game, and ah, for example pick one of the planes.

Perhaps I could suggest flight seventy-seven where Chic Burlingame was flying, wherever he was flying, and was turned around and was flown towards the Pentagon and in theory took out the Pentagon. And perhaps we could identify who would have the command and control facilities to jump into the air traffic control system of the United States Air Force and Federal Aviation Administration on nine-one-one and jump out again without leaving a trace.

Rayelan Allan: That would be very interesting to find out.

David: So I’ll take on Field head-to-head and I’ll show that I can actually have Field, whether he likes it or not, when he’s playing the role of either the jet fighter pilot, or the large commercial jet pilot, I can take him for lunch and he can do nothing about it.

Field McConnell: Well, you can take me to lunch and I’ll give you the bill.

David: *laugh*

Rayelan: Oh that’s a great idea [what, lunch or flying an airplane?] but ah, ah Field, the moment David came on we went to number two, in the…

David: We mean we went down or we went up? *laugh*

Rayelan: Oh, we went up, we were at number five and the minute you come on ah, we go to number two, but that also means Rush Limbaugh left [thank God, hey?] so I’m not quite sure if it’s you. Rush’s audience [why do I always associate audience with entertainment] trying to find someone else interesting to listen to and hopefully they did find us with all…

David: Well, personally, I leave, I leave my ego at the door, but what I want to be able to show, or demonstrate is that a hostile force, partly outside your country and partly inside your country was able [no inference with ‘Abel’ either] to clear the skies on nine-one-one and take out your principal command centers, kill nearly three-thousand of your citizens and divert you into a wild goose chase hunting ah, a couple of jokers in a cave in Afghanistan.

Rayelan: Right.

Field: And David, let me break in here and suggest the parts that I’d like to play would be; I would like to be the captain of flight seventy-seven, which is Chic Burlingame, my college classmate and ah, I’d also like to play the part of ah, Mike Papa Zero One, which would be the flight lead of the three f sixteen’s that took off from Langley Air Force Base at nine fifty-two in the morning on nine-eleven because those f sixteen’s are from my old National Guard Unit. And had they had a more experienced flight leader things would have worked out a little bit differently.

David: Okay, shall we roll?

Rayelan: Yes, why don’t you guys…

Field: I’ve been waitin’ on you. I’ve been waiting for hours.

Rayelan: Yes, let’s get this show on the road.

David: *laugh* Okay, let’s go back to the first and second of June of two-thousand and one to a war game called Amalgam Virgo, where the Canadians ahm, were attacking the United States in a war game which would have a different script. Basically, there were two games a year going back to nineteen forty-seven, so anyone who wanted to catch the United States off guard, would know that the way to catch them off guard was to get inside the war game and look as though you were part of the legitimate ah, either the attacking team or the defending team, and then suddenly turn he tables suddenly without notice on the assumption the Americans would trust the Canadians and trust the Brits and trust the Australians [if you want loyalty buy a dog] for that matter, or trust NATO to be their allies rather than their enemies. I think that would be a fair position.

So, in the fighter flow diagram for Amalgam Virgo we noticed that ahm, there was a preliminary period where Canadian cf eighteen’s came down from Baggotville in Quebec and engaged in ah, I think it’s called ‘dissimilar – dissimilar air combat training?’ Is that right, Field?

Field: Yes, and it’s abbreviated DACT and so if you were going to hang around an officers club or bar where pilot – where pilots hang out, you would hear them talking about ACT and DACT. And ACT is Air Combat Training ah, or Air Combat Tactics among similar aircraft. In other words, if you had two f sixteen’s against four f sixteen’s you’d have ACT and if you had two f sixteen’s against four f fifteen’s or f twenty-two’s you’d have DACT. So I think everyone is clear on that now.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Right, so, now remember, I am – you don’t know who I am, I mean, you know I’m David Hawkins, you don’t know who – which roll I’m playing but I can tell you the roll I am playing is the roll of a citizen of the United Kingdom.

Field: Okay.

David: Now, and that’s for real. So, I happen to know that Field McConnell fancies himself as a fighter pilot and this is the first and second of June of two-thousand and one, and I happen to know because I have extremely good intelligence, where all the best fighter pilots are and what their preferred strategy to defend the United States in a war game might be. Because remember, in a war game I’m trying to defeat the likes of Field McConnell who I know is a top gun fighter pilot, right?

Rayelan: Right.

Field: Okay, but hang on a minute. In the interest of fairness, I gotta tell ya, my job is to protect a given geographical piece of real estate for a, for a ah, assigned period of time called a ‘vulnebility – vulnerability period’, and so because I’ve read the briefing guide and because I’ve studied up on the tactics of weasels like you with a cheesy British accent…

David: *laugh*

Field: …I am going to die before I let any unknown flying object cross the FEBA, which is the Forward Edge of the Battle Area during my liability period. And so you’re either going to get shot down or going to be turned around or I’m going to die trying.

David: Yeah, but you see, remember what you told me Field, “You never do the expected in a fight because you’re going to lose.” You taught me that, right?

Field: I didn’t, I didn’t come up with that. That was taught to me in a book. I’m not in the chat room now so I won’t now if anybody gets this, but there’s a wonderful book called American Aces. It’s about ah, it’s ten or twelve biographies of some of the most potent – great word huh, potent – some of the most potent fighter pilots of world war two and one of those ten or twelve gentlemen said that what he did that worked for his ah, that ah, he was trying to be humble and say he was nothing special, he was just doing things a different way. And what he always did ah, was try to make himself as unpredictable as possible, and so to just demonstrate that to the man with the cheesy accent if do some out of the box unpredictable activity, what I would do is a take my four f sixteen’s and I would deploy them two hours before the vulnerability period and I’d stick two of them over Montreal’s airport and I’d stick the other two over Gatonaugh [don’t know the spelling], Quebec and I would sit there at three thousand feet in a holding pattern just watching.

David: Okay, well alright, I know what your plans are, but you think you know what my plans are and I don’t think you do, or at least, if I think you know what my plans are I’m going to change them without notice to you. Anyway, let’s. lets backup, we want to stay on the first and second of June of two-thousand and one. There is a period of dissimilar air combat training where Canadian – are they f eighteen’s, Field?

Field: Yeah, cf eighteen’s.

David: cf eighteen’s are coming down from Bagotville, Quebec to engage in dissimilar air combat training with f sixteen’s, is that right?

Field: Yup, that sounds good.

David: So the Americans – the Americans are flying the f sixteen’s and the Canadians are flying the ah, cf eighteen’s and there’s a period of dissimilar air combat training and then there’s a period, a very interesting period, labeled on the fighter flow diagram of thirty hours of what they call ‘blue air time’, right? Where according to that, there is every indication the United States Air Force has been stood down.

Field: And stood down be an agreement the general, the Air Force general whose name I believe was Myer and the Canadian general whose name was ah, Maurice Baril, and it was by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs whose name is Henry Shelton. And he was absent from the country on nine-eleven as were Al Gore and Bill Clinton.

David: Yeah, but remember, we’re, – Field, we’re still on the first and second of June, we’re doing the Amalgam Virgo war game where my intention, me with my cheesy British accent, and having certain information that you may not have, is what I want to do on the war game, the war game Amalgam Virgo on June the first and second of two-thousand and one, is to let you think you win.

Field: Okay.

David: You see, this is very important because I want – in the next war game which is going to come on September eleventh of two-thousand and one, I want the American Air Force pilots ah, to think they won in the preceding war game. Do you see why that’s important, Rayelan?

Rayelan: I do, I do.

David: Because if they think they won the last time they’ll think they’re going to win this time. But I’m going to change some of the parameters, now, on that war game of June second and third of two-thousand and one, what I think the guy with the cheesy British accent sitting at some very powerful computers in the United Kingdom was doing, was hoping he could see under what circumstances the United States Air Force would be – would accept being stood down. Because what he was going to do then was to insert some virtual targets, or spoofing, into the air traffic control systems of the Federal Aviation Administration and the United States Air Force to make them think on the big day, which was September the eleventh, that there were some hazards that would allow them, or would make them accept to go on different maneuvers than they would normally accept. Are you with me?

Field: I’m with you, but just let me interject a piece of historical fact. You’re talking about practicing a war game and then changing the rules engagement, correct?

David: Yes.

Field: That’s exactly what happened because I believe the date, and this is something that you can find in the briefing ah, document I believe, but a three star Navy Admiral from my college class at Annapolis in seventy-one, whose name was Steve, excuse me, Frye, Scott Frye, he actually signed off on a complete wholesale change of the rules of engagement for air intercept activity, and that change of rules of engagement was foisted on the Air Force, Navy, the Marine Corp ah, and the Air National Guard who operate all fighter-type aircraft and I, I smelled the big rat back then and I smell a bigger rat now. Because it’s actually the Air Force that is the major ah, contributor to NORAD, and so what in the world is the United States Navy doing dictating to the Air Force intercept strategy, but go ahead Mr. Cheese.

David: *laugh*

Rayelan: We’re going to be going to break in just a moment ah, I thought that I could hear the music, but I must have been hearing things as ah, let’s kind of sum up this part of what you’ve been talking about and we’ll take it up on the other side of the break, how’s that sound?

David: Okay, there is a war game on the first and second of two-thousand and one with a ah, with a thirty hour blue air period where I believe we’re rehearsing the nine-one-one attack and getting the United States Air Force lulled into a false sense of security.


David: So I’m head of the red team, the attack team, which is engaged in an exercise with the blue team, the defense team of the United States and I have, or someone I know, has written a script which is going to test the ability of the United States Air Force and other defense forces, including rapid response at the Federal Aviation Administration, to an emergency scenario and they, that is Field and his colleagues do not know what that scenario is, obviously because the idea of ah, testing your ability to respond to something unknown, and it has to be unknown. So, all that Field knows is that there is a war game, there’s a thirty hour stand down where ah, something is going to be tested, and we think what is being tested is the software that is in the MET Office ah, computers in the United Kingdom which simulates for example, a volcanic ash eruption which is a hazard to aircraft. So what we can do ah, and again remember, I’m head of the red attack team, what we can do is insert a hazard, which may be real, i.e., a volcano might have gone off, or it could be virtual, i.e., that was simulating it and we want to see to what extend the United States Air Force and ALPA pilots will obey our instructions to avoid these volcanic ash clouds.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: You happy with that so far, Field?


David: Have we lost him?

Rayelan: Field, are you still there? Oh my gosh, we’ve lost him.

David: I’ll have to, I’ll have to run on then, you know, without Field and hopefully he’ll get back on.

Rayelan: Yeah.

David: Okay, so what I plan to do in the war game on the first and second of two-thousand and one, is I’m going to stand down the American Air Force, but I’m not going to insert this layer of virtual volcanic ash because I don’t want them to know how to respond to that particular hazard. Because I’m reserving that for nine-eleven, right?

Rayelan: Right.

David: So all I want the American Air Force to do, is stand down and then see if the passenger jets flown by ALPA pilots, and Field was one, well, I guess he’s still a lifetime member of ALPA which is the Airline Pilots Association.

Rayelan: Right.

David: I want to see if they respond to my commands out of the United Kingdom to avoid certain hazards. So on the ah, on that first and second ah, of June war game, what I would have been able to do is get the American pilots of the united States Air Force to stand down and the passenger airline pilots to obey my commands to follow my commands of various kinds of ah, ah, maneuvers.

Rayelan: Right.

David: And why not? Because after all, they trust this ah, MET Office. And just to give you a an idea of how long this has been going on, the MET Office in the United Kingdom was established in eighteen fifty-four.

Rayelan: Oh my gosh.

David: Right, and it was a department within the Board of Trade under Robert Fitzroy, and it was a service to mariners.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: And the loss of the passengers of the Royal Charter and four-hundred and fifty-nine lives off the coast of *garbled* in a *garbled* storm led to the first gale warning service. In eighteen sixty-one, Fitzroy had fifteen coastal stations ah, the electric telegraph in the eighteen seventies led to the more rapid dissemination of warnings.

Rayelan: Right.

David: And basically, in eighteen seventy-nine, the MET Office started offering forecasts and newspapers. Now, let’s jump over to Chicago. In Chicago ahm, in eighteen seventy-one, the Sidley Austin Law firm had already been in business with working with the major insurer at the time, Equitable Life. And Thomas Courtenay, the guy who invented the coal bomb for the civil war?

Rayelan: Right.

David: In eighteen sixty-seven, he went to the United Kingdom and he tried to sell the patent for his coal bomb to the War Office and he stayed there three years.

Rayelan: Ahuh.

David: The war office said to this guy Courtenay, “Unless you show us how to build this bomb, we don’t know that its buildable, we’re not going to buy it”, right? He came back to the United States, but he left his agents in the United States – United Kingdom, and in eighteen sixty-seven, or eighteen-seventy, Lloyd’s of London which is the world’s largest insurance organization?

Rayelan: yes.

David: Began to notice that ship owners were taking there ah, ships to some remote part of the ah, world, and blowing them up and claiming the insurance.

Rayelan: Oh my.

David: And they were being positioned, we believe, by the United Kingdom MET Office. Insiders who would claim a percentage of the insurance claim. So it was a fraud. So what we’re saying is, the idea of blowing up vessels was already matured during the civil war because Thomas Courtenay was doing it, in fact, he blew up the USS Savannah. I think killed two-thousand prisoners of war.

Rayelan: Right, terrific.

David: Right, so the outcome of the civil war was already involving links between, we think the United Kingdom, and various corrupt agents in Montreal and in America to try and destroy the federation.

Rayelan: And who do you…

David: They’re still doing it.

Rayelan: Who do you think – yes, I know they’re still doing it, but who do you think was behind it?

David: Well, I think the people behind the UK MET Office are behind it. Because…

Rayelan: But who are they taking their orders from?

David: Well, we’re going to come to that. That’s, that’s me, because remember, I’m the head of the red team.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Right?

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Following the first world war, the MET Office in the United Kingdom became part of the Air Ministry in nineteen-twenty. Now, during world war two, the MET Office was taking input from the, I believe it’s the United States Army Air Force, the USAAF? And the British Royal Navy and various other field observations and it had enough power to delay the D-Day by one day because the people at the MET Office told Eisenhower that the weather was not suitable.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: So you can already see the immense power of the MET Office because they are already receiving from a global set of stations, all the information necessary to predict what the weather would be like in any particular battle scene. And if the visibility is bad for example, you don’t go in for high level bombing because the pilots can’t see the target.


Rayelan: Today we are going to practice – how should we put it, David? We’re going to be practicing what?

David: Well, it’s ah, ah, a virtual weather simulation for a war game. I want to trick, remember, I’m playing the red team captain’s role and my objective is to destroy strategic command centers in the United States in the war game, and I’ve been doing that, or it has been done, for – since nineteen forty-seven, two years after the end of the second world war.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: The objective is to test the American’s ability to defend against a surprise attack, right?

Rayelan: Right.

David: So this gives me the opportunity as the attack team to develop scenarios where I can determine whether or not the Americans are actually prepared to defend a particular kind of attack I select.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Now the Americans think that I’m an ally, but I’m not, I’m really out to destroy you.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Right, but because I’m a Brit, you know, this is a hypothetical role and the Americans and the British fought together in the first world war and the second world war, and the soldiers fought very bravely shoul – shoulder-to-shoulder in many situations to preserve freedom, but you’re assuming that the command structure in the United Kingdom is friendly to you. And I’m telling you it’s not.

Rayelan: Yes.

David: Right, anyway, going back to that first and second of two-thousand and one, the Americans will be trusting the output from the MET Office in the U – in the United Kingdom which comes from all over the world, and probably the MET Office in the United Kingdom has the greatest continued experience at predicting the weather. And they are equipped with two huge Cray computers, super computers that are amongst the most powerful in the world. And they provide information, and a lot of the information you see on your ah, local television channels where –

*sudden board voice *

David: Hello?

Rayelan: Field, are you on? Okay, no, no, I’m trying to tell the board ah, ah, master that Field isn’t on.

David: Alright, okay, I just sent him an email to try and find out where he went, but anyway, he’s probably trying to get on.

Rayelan: Yeah.

David: Okay, so let’s, let’s go to ah, back a bit, or up a bit, to Hurricane Katrina.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: When you saw in the United States the predicted path of Hurricane Katrina, and it was shown as moving towards New Orleans, I’m suggesting to you that that path was a fraud.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: That the MET Office was using its Cray computers, which are called algorithms which are computer programs calculate a path that gave a false impression to America about the danger of Hurricane Katrina.

Rayelan: Yes.

David: Now, you can see from a insurance point of view, it gives the MET Office a huge conflict of interest because if it says to the insurance market that Hurricane Katrina is going to miss New Orleans by an enormous amount, then people will invest in what’s called a ‘catastrophe bond’ because they don’t think the Hurricane Katrina is going to effect New Orleans.

Rayelan: Yes, that’s true.

David: Right, so I’m suggesting to you investors in the international insurance industry were shown a different picture from what the public were shown…

Rayelan: Yes.

David: …i.e., the computers at the MET Office, myself as the bad guy – I’m not telling you who I am, but I will – I’ll come to that. Ah, there’s another group of people who might have a different interest in where Hurricane Katrina goes, which is connected with organized crime out of Chicago.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: And they want to launder money.

Rayelan: They’ve got them all insured don’t they?

David: Well, this comes back to this catastrophe bond which we explained a few weeks ago. The idea is if you sponsor a catastrophe bond like Hurricane Katrina hitting New Orleans and causing a fifteen foot flood, you want to be protected against such a catastrophe. So you bought let’s say, fifty or a hundred million dollars into the pot like Sidley Austin.

Rayelan: Right.

David: So the Sidley Austin law firm in Chicago holds two lots of money, it holds fifty billion dollars from investors that don’t believe Hurricane Katrina is going to go over the top of New Orleans and cause a fifteen foot flood.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: And let’s say fifteen million dollars from the sponsors of the cat bond, who do believe the hurricane is going to go over the top of New Orleans and they want to protect themselves against a fifteen foot flood.

Rayelan: Right.

David: Is that clear?

Rayelan: Well, it is to me. I hoping it is to everyone…

David: If both of those parties are looking at, we allege a different image from the computers in the UK…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …because what the fraudsters want to do is trick the investors in putting a lot of money into something that they don’t think is going to happen, or what they want the sponsors to do is put a lot of money into something they do think is going to happen.

Rayelan: Right.

David: Now what that is called is ‘arbitrage’, it means, you basically, the people who are holding the money, they’re going to make money either way, because whether the money goes from the investors to the sponsors or the sponsors to the investors, the law firm that is acting as a trustee for that cat bond…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …is going to take a percentage. That’s what lawyers do.

Rayelan: Right, right.

David: And what we’re saying is, that law firm, Sidley Austin in Chicago, has got an inside link to the computers at the MET Office and is going to work the angles to keep that gap between the investors and the sponsors nice and wide so there’s a lot of money to be made either way. Now what happened with Hurricane Katrina is, it went past New Orleans eighty miles to the east. There was no problem at all until they hired saboteurs and blew up the levies.

Rayelan: Yes, and I told people the very day that that levy was blown. And it wasn’t until a year later that people started agreeing with me.

David: Right, now going back to the MET Office, what the MET Office became in nineteen ninety-six ahm, is a trading arm of the United Kingdom Ministry of Defense.

Rayelan: Huh.

David: Now, what we’re doing here, I think they corruptly – they corrupted the MET Office and started extorting the scientists at the MET Office into producing essentially, or triggering these catastrophe bonds and taking a percentage into their pension funds.

Rayelan: Oh my gosh.

David: Now the point is the American victim ah, pension fund, it might be the, the New Orleans Fire Fighters Pension Fund.

Rayelan: Mhm, mhm.

David: Right? It could be the Louisiana State Employees Retirement System. Now what these people are doing, probably – I think you were a teacher in California is that right, Rayelan?

Rayelan: That’s correct.

David: Okay, you would probably therefore be a member of the California Employees Retirement System.

Rayelan: That’s correct.

David: Right, but you don’t know what is being done with your pension fund.

Rayelan: And that is correct.

David: And that’s the key you see, because if you let…

Rayelan: But you see, we do know, because the teachers were told that for the first time ever in the history of this union ah, the keepers of it, the trustees of it, shows to invested in ahm, stocks and commodities that were, were, iffy, before it had been in long time money-making stocks and, and bonds, and they lost so much money for us…

David: And that’s because the trustees for the California Public Employees Retirement System, will have placed that money, we allege, in the losing side of a catastrophe bond operated by the MET Office.

Rayelan: Hmm.

David: Right, now, you can see the power people have as insiders, they can say to certain people in, in the California Public Employees Retirement System, “We’ll create a special fund for you as senior officers of the union and we’ll put you on the winning side of the catastrophe bond, if you support this global warming scam.”

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Now what is – just image if you’re a senior member in the California Public Employees Retirement System, you know it’s a scam, but equally, if you know and come out to say to the members of the California Public Employees Retirement System, it’s a scam, then you may get on a plane that doesn’t come back. Alright, or you pension fund might be stripped.

Rayelan: Yeah, that’s what I feel would happen to all of those people. So, in other words, the high level teachers are, are probably ah, controlled in just that way.

David: Which is exactly what Jimmy Hoffa did with the teamsters.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: So, now, what has been created in the United Kingdom is a corrupt MET Office which is generating ion its computers what I call ‘virtual weather’, and this is very interesting because remember the name of the Weather Underground Organization?

Rayelan: Right.

David: Basically I think, is way back in the sixties they understood, if they could back door the United States Air Force and the UK ah, the British Royal Navy through the MET Office, they could literally take over the country by deception.

Rayelan: Mhm, mhm.

David: By creating the impression the weather was changing for example, as a result of human activity and anyone who disagreed got killed.

Rayelan: Yeah, that’s correct.

David: So on nine-one-one, what they did – correction, on the first and second of
June of two-thousand and one, they created a virtual weather scenario for the war game where ALPA pilots like Field were told, “You have to go around this area, you have to take evasive maneuvers, because there is a hazard ahead of you.”

Rayelan: That’s correct.

David: Now if you’re inside a plane you don’t know whether that’s real or imaginary, you’re just being told, right?

Rayelan: Yes.

David: So the MET Office is issuing air quality forecasts using *garbled*, the MET Offices medium to long range atmospheric dispersion model that was originally developed as a nuclear accident model following the Chernobyl accident in nineteen eighty-six.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Chernobyl was not an accident, Rayelan, it was sabotaged.

Rayelan: And who – the same group did it?

David: Yes.

Rayelan: Wonderful, I have not heard of that before.

David: And Bhopal, the insecticide factory or plant owned by Union Carbide in India…

Rayelan: Yeah.

David: …in nineteen eighty for or five. That wasn’t an accident either.

Rayelan: Wow.

David: Someone pumped water into a bath of isocyanate and the law firm that juggled the books to hide the insurance fraud was Sidley Austin.

Rayelan: Was Sidley Austin, interesting.

David: Right? And the man’s name who did it for Sidley Austin was Sir Ian Perceval, the former Solicitor General of the United Kingdom.

Rayelan: Huh.

David: And there was a cloud of highly toxic gas that injured two-hundred and fifty-thousand people, killed eight-thousand people. It was immediately blamed on directors and officers of Union Carbide and they tried to get them in jail, right? Just a bit like what they’re doing with Toyota and done to General Motors right now.

Rayelan: Right, right.

David: And then over the next years they shorted Union Carbide shares and they
basically destroyed Union Carbide. And working on the file for ahm, Sidley Austin, was Sir Ian Perceval, the former UK Solicitor General, and in nineteen ninety-one in Washington D.C. working on that file, which was Union Carbide and the sabotage of the Bhopal plant, was a woman by the name of Michelle Lavaughn Robinson who is now your first lady.

Rayelan: Yes.

David: So Sidley Austin is engaged in high level catastrophe bond insurance fraud with direct links to the United Kingdom MET Office. So who else was working for Sidley Austin in that period of Bhopal, Air India one-eight-two and the Pan Am one-o-three bomb that blew up over Lockerbie? Well, her name is Bernadine Dohrn, the boss of the Weather Underground Organization.

Rayelan: And you know in all – I have investigated the Lockerbie bombing for years now and ah, you know I was able to trace it back to a radical communist ahm, you know, a radical communist Palestinian. And you know, most people don’t think that there are radical communists who are from Palestine ah, but that was the way, that was true, and ahm – I have no idea who’s calling me. Somebody from Minnesota.

David: Well that’s Field.

Rayelan: Oh, that’s Field. Oh, well he’s calling me back. Let me send him an email and ah, tell him what number to call. Okay…

David: Okay, while you work on that I’ll just follow your thought line while you handle that call to Field. You see, the Palestinian group would have been recruited. They would have been mercenaries to create a false flag. Now it’s very important. I want to take you to the world of the Bullingdon Club at Oxford university

Rayelan: We have had a reader ask if ah, if you could go back to the ahm, ah, Michelle Lavaughn Robinson ah, are you saying ah, this listener wants know, are you saying that she as there with Bhopal, or she was…

David: She was on the file of Union Carbide because in the aftermath of the Bhopal sabotage, the objective of this group of people, and we’re getting close to who they are…

Rayelan: Okay.

David: …was to destroy Union Carbide.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Alright, so one of the ways of doing that was to blow up a major industrial plant that is operated by the company, the target company, and then blame the officers and directors, threaten to sue them or put them in jail.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: And then undermine confidence of the share holders in the company which start selling the shares because they think it’s on the way out and short sellers, and this insurance fraud that I’m talking about, they can ah, what is called ‘naked short sell’ the company and make a huge amount of money by destroying it.

Rayelan: Interesting.

David: And that’s what they did with Lehman Brothers and ah, ah the people we’re talking about. They developed that model ah, way back, way, way back ahm, I suggest, in the eighteen-seventies using the patent bomb for example ahm, ship own – ship owner, corrupt ship owner, would overload his ship ah, over insure it, send it to some remote part of the world in ah, a conspiracy inside of the MET Office, and then blow it up, destroy it, put in a false claim to Lloyd’s and split the proceeds with insiders at the MET Office.

Rayelan: Okay, so I’m following that. I hope our ah, ah our listeners are too?

David: In order to do it you need lawyers. You need corrupt lawyers.

Rayelan: Right.

David: Right?

Rayelan: So that’s the part Sidley Austin have played since the eighteen-fifties.

David: Sidley Austin was formed in eighteen sixty-six. One of its first contracts was a trust for Mary Lincoln.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Mary Lincoln was then placed in a lunatic asylum by Sidley Austin.

Rayelan: Yeah, because she knew that somebody would come after her.

David: Well, because she knew that the hit on Lincoln was a conspiracy. It wasn’t a one man one *garbled* hit.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: John Wilkes Booth had a check for one-hundred Pounds on his body drawn on the bank of Canada.

Rayelan: Yes.

David: Now, who had an interest in that kind of thing? Well, if you go back to the United Kingdom, remember, Lloyd’s of London was formed in sixteen eighty-eight.

Rayelan: Wow, that is extraordinary.

David: So about hundred and seventy years later with lot’s of experience in insurance fraud ah, someone takes a contract out on Abe Lincoln.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Alright, and I think you will find his life, or certainly major assets in the union like the SS – USS Savannah, would have had a very big insurance policy on it and the people who blow them up get a percentage of the damage done by a patented device. We’ve covered that in previous discussions.

Rayelan: Yes, that’s right.

David: Now, fast forward to Bhopal ah, what Sidley Austin has done, it acts as a trustee acting, or holding the insurance funds on a plant like Bhopal. When Bhopal is blown up then there’s a huge number of insurance claims processed by Sidley Austin and it keeps a percentage. And it throws its lawyers into the pot in order to confuse investigators and make them think that it wasn’t an insurance fraud. It was negligence by the directors.

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Field McConnell & David Hawkins: Transcript—10 March 2010 Hour 2

Source: rumormillnewsradio.com, hawkscafe, captainsherlock.com

Hawkins/McConnell Interview with Rayelan Allan on Rumor Mill News
March 10, 2010 – Part 2 (Hour 2)

Note: This transcript begins at precisely the 15:04 minute point into the interview.

Rayelan Allan: And ah, David is back. And David is on the line, wonderful.  Welcome, David.

David Hawkins: Oh, hello Rayelan, hello Field, nice to be back. Yeah, I just got in from the hospital, yup.

Rayelan: Ahh…

Field McConnell: We hope that your trip was successful.

David: Yes, pretty good. Quite good news and ah, Maren, Lady Eagle is responding to treatment.

Rayelan: Oh, how wonderful. And I want to thank all of our ah, oh my gosh, reiki practitioners who are continually doing ah, you know, reiki, absent, you know, long distance reiki treatments on her.

David: Yeah, and I’d like to say thanks in her behalf and mine and all of the good wished and so on. I think it’s a good ah, real drive towards her recovery, but you know, we’re not out of the woods yet.

Rayelan: I know, but it is wonderful that she is doing better. All of us are very happy for her and you.

David: Thank you.

Rayelan: And you – Field and I were talking about why is this Durius Guppy on the front page of Abel Danger and do you know why?

David: Oh, absolutely. Darius Gumpy – Guppy, is one of Bullingdon Club eighty-seven members who um, the Bullingdon Club is an interesting group. It’s over two-hundred years old so it was formed just after the war of independence, which Americans think they won, but I’m now I’m now studying the history a little better. I don’t think you guys did win actually. [concurred, the British are still rampaging around the world, that should be obvious by now]

Rayelan: *garbled*

David: Anyway, that’s a different matter, but the Bullingdon Club ah, has a very nasty habit of an oath taking ritual in order to get into it, and it’s an Oxford University-based club of which the Duke of Windsor was one.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Ah, Edward the seventh before he abdicated.

Rayelan: Yes.

David: And um, and the future, or the possible future Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron, was a Bullingdon Club member with this guy Darius Guppy. And Darius Guppy’s father lost a fortune and his home in the Lloyd’s insurance scandal of the nineties. And Darius Guppy and his felling – fellow bulling – Bellingdon Club members wanted revenge on Lloyds. So what Guppy did is, he arranged a virtual jewel heist in New York [I think this is it and as usual, blame the Jews] with a gunman to tie him up, I don’t know if he pistol whipped him or not, but the gunman allegedly stole the jewels then Guppy put in a claim to Lloyd’s of London and got one point eight million dollars.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: And that might have stain – stayed one of the perfect crimes, virtual jewel heist if you will, except that three years later, one of Guppy’s accomplices who was a police guy, tried to repeat that kind of offense and he was picked up and the whole conspiracy unraveled, right. But essentially, it goes back to a Bullingdon Club member arranging in New York a virtual crime and then claiming money from Lloyds for compensation.

Rayelan: Ahuh.

David: And now think that ah, nine-one-one was a repeat on a much bigger scale of retribution for Lloyds for losing a lot of money on behalf of wealthy families in the United Kingdom, some of whom committed suicide including Guppy’s father.

Rayelan: Oh my God.

David: And the next generation who lost the families wealth, and I’m talking about serious money here, like in the billions of dollars.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: This is old money that stretches all the way back to Cecil Rhodes who was a Bullingdon Club member.

David: Oh my gosh, the founder of the Round Table.

David: These people have basically appeared to have created an intelligence network that appears to have piggy backed on the sabotage, assassination networks built during the second world war integrated their operations with the CIA, and continued pillaging and killing and paying off the killers through claims on Lloyd’s of London。

Rayelan: Amazing.

David: So we know that James Delingpole, who runs the blogspot in the Daily Telegraph in the United Kingdom, and Field and I are both members, and we communicate with Delingpole on a regular basis, and he went to Oxford University. And he…

Rayelan: Mhm, that’s where you went right?

David: I went to Cambridge.

Rayelan: Oh, you went to Cambridge, okay.

David: And I’m challenging these guys on a Oxford verses Cambridge debate on global warming, but let’s not go there for the moment. What Cecil Rhodes said back in the late nineteenth century, “Wherever you go in the world except for science, you find an Oxford man at the top.” And Cecil Rhodes [psychopath and racist extraordinaire] was a Freemason, but he realized the Freemasons were never going to get anywhere and he formed a secret society which we think was a corruption of the old Bullingdon Club which was really focused on cricket and booze and women.

Commentary from Banzai: Mark Twain’s summation of Cecil Rhodes: “I admire him, I frankly confess it; and when his time comes I shall buy a piece of the rope for a keepsake”

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: And it looks around that time, and remember, Cecil Rhodes built the world’s most successful diamond company, DeBeers? [diamonds are cheap, it’s the marketing]

Rayelan: Yes.

David: Which at one stage had a ninety percent monopoly on the world diamond trade.

Rayealan: Mhm.

David: And they I think ran up against the Oppenheimer Group and around the nineteen eighties or nineties ah, they corned a consultant, Baign [not sure on spelling] and Company and they reorganized and instead of having a monopoly of sales and buying um, they basically took over the diamond supply chain world-wide and extorted people into paying protection money.

Rayelan: Interesting.

David: Anyway, fast forward to Guppy.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Guppy, we think, and his fellow Bullingdon Club members of nineteen eighty-seven including a man called Sebastian Grigg, who was the Goldman Sachs media investment manager – director?

Rayelan: Mhm, mhm.

David: Conceived of nine-one-one as an opportunity to punish Lloyds for the destruction it had reeked on their family wealth and filed hil – huge claims through the underwriters of Lloyds to basically destroy their enemies in Lloyds names which my brother was one.

Rayelan: Oh my gosh, so your brother was destroyed too.

David: No he wasn’t ah, he got out in time, but I don’t know if you remember the asbestos scam?

Rayelan: Ah, no I don’t.

David: Well, it was claimed there was asbestos installed in buildings and that would trigger cancer.

Rayelan: Right.

David: There was only one problem with that. The particular kind of asbestos used is not the kind that is found or triggers ah, a can – cancer kind of reaction in lungs, it was a pure insurance scam.

Rayelan: Oh boy.

David: Now the…go ahead.

Rayelan: So people who worked in those buildings were able to sue for asbestos contamination?

David: Yes, in a fraud on Lloyds. So, the Lloyd’s chairman, I think his name is David Coleridge, after the poet, he’s descended from the poet?

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: His son was at the Bullingdon Club in nineteen eighty-seven, so there was a direct connection between the chairman of Lloyds, who during the seventies had been selling the idea of being a Lloyds name to many wealthy Americans, and basically it’s a scam because they were setting up these wealthy Americans and wealthy Brits and wealthy Australians and wealthy people to invest in Lloyds in the belief that money would be safe and they would receive premiums. But when you become a Lloyd’s name, you put all your wealth on the table.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: If there’s a claim you’re cleaned out.

Rayelan: Wow.

David: Right, so when these asbestos claims were filed by crony lawyers including Sidley Austin, they basically stripped the wealthiest people in the world of, I think from memory it was twenty-four million Pounds, it’s a about fifty billion dollars. Huge amounts of money, many of these people committed suicide, they lost everything, their families, their homes, their estate. But you see, what happens then is, you end up with some very angry children.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Now if you send those children to Oxford and they join a club which has certain kinds of oath taking rituals, you end up with basically, I would argue, a network of very sophisticated and capable ah, saboteurs and assassins and propaganda agents.

Rayelan: Right, right.

David: World-wide, right? Because these people go to the very highest levels including, not necessarily because he was a Bullingdon Club member, but the Rhodes scholarship scheme, we think, is used to recruit saboteurs, assassins and ah, propaganda agents and turn them around. And of course we have the classic example of a lying treasonous rapist drug trafficker, who’s a Rhodes Scholar in nineteen sixty-nine, you know who I’m talking about.

Rayelan: Yeah, I do, but the rest of the world – rest of our listeners may not?

David: Bill Clinton.

Rayelan: Of course.

David: Alright, so I said to the Dellingpole people and any Oxford people who want to take us on in a debate, was Bill Clinton a lying treasonous rapist drug trafficking scumbag before he came to Oxford, or because he went to Oxford?

Rayelan: Well, I think he was before he got to Oxford. He was…

David: Therefore he was recruited at Oxford.

Rayelan: Yeah, he was a rapist before he went there.

David: Okay, but he didn’t have the full spectrum including drug trafficking.

Rayelan: That’s correct, he did not.

David: Now, when he got to Oxford, I believe he was recruited using the same methods the fabulous five recruited in Cambridge in the fifties. And these people, Burgess and McClean, were top level Soviet agents, and of course if you think in America you don’t have those kind of people, you of Richard Hanssen, or Robert Hanssen

Rayelan: Right.

David: Right, who was at the Senior Executive Service, counter-intelligence at the FBI, a top grade Soviet agent, at least that’s what they say. I think he was working for other people, we can cover that, and what Richard – Robert Hanssen did is, he stole, and I will allege with the help of Field’s sister, either wittingly or unwittingly, all the continuity of government ah, codes that were used to switch the red team and the blue team during the nine-one-one attack and he gave them to the enemies of the people, while the people who intended grievous bodily harm to ahm, the United States on nine-one-one including the people who would be ultimately responsible we believe we think for the death of Chic Burlingame.

Rayelan: That is just amazing, it is…ah, how is Lloyd’s of London, how did Lloyd’s of London survive this?

David: It – well many of them didn’t. But you see, Lloyd’s, Lloyd’s of London, it’s a fascinating and absolutely core business. It started at Lloyd’s Coffee House in sixteen eighty-eight in London.

Rayelan: Yes.

David: And it was a group of wealthy people who worked out a method of making a decent amount of money by insuring cargoes by going to the far east with spices, alright? So the ship owners who bore the risk of that would pay a premium to ultimately would be an extremely wealthy group of people who are called Lloyd’s Name. So if you’re a Lloyd’s name, your invited to be a Lloyd’s name, you put all your money on the table potentially, and you’re offered theoretically, a very nice premium income ah, tax free. Now, between you and the Lloyd’s name, i.e., an investor, there’s a group of people called ‘Lloyd’s brokers’ who sell the idea to you and then Lloyd’s syndicates who go out and find people who are running risks and try and sell them ah, insurance cover and collect a decent premium. Now remember, this started in sixteen eighty-eight, but very early on you can see the possibility of fraud here.


David: People ahm…and I’m not quite sure of the initiation ceremony here of Skull and Bones, but I believe in the states the Skull and Bones Club has a very high profile because of the people who have been members?

Rayelan: Yes, that’ s absolutely true.

David: But, I don’t know when the Skull and Bones club was founded, but looking at this Bullingdon Club dating back to just after war of independence and looking at the power of Cecil Rhodes in the nineteenth century, I would say that this is the Skull and Bones on steroids.

Rayelan: Ah, it would sound like it.

David: Now, there is an initiation ceremony which is absolutely fundamental to I think that the Bullingdon Club members, or network, was behind nine-one-one. And what the Bullingdon Club does, first it’s a very aristocratic club, the kind of people that would join are people like Nat – Nathaniel Rothschild.

Rayelan: Right.

David: And Rothschild’s family financed Cecil Rhodes with his diamond mining.

Rayelan: That’s correct.

David: So that’s going back, you, you can see there’s very serious money involved. Now, Nathaniel ah, Rothschild is a member, or was a member of the nineteen eighty-seven Bullingdon Club at Oxford University.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: With, Barius Guppy.

Rayela: Okay.

David: And David Cameron, and a man called Sebastian Grigg, who on leaving Oxford would work for Goldman Sachs.

Rayelan: How interesting.

David: Now Goldman Sachs remember, is the bank that made a killing through nine-one-one…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …and subsequently with this bail out scam engineered with the help of Obama.

Rayelan: Yeah, that’s correct.

David: So, we need to pay a great deal of attention on who Goldman Sachs and friends and connections are that enabled them to position themselves on the right side of nine-one-one and the right side of the bailout, because now they have become the world’s effectively largest and most powerful investment bankers.

Rayelan: Right, and is AIG also connected right in there with Goldman Sachs?

David: Ab – absolutely and, let me, let me back up here, because I want to lead towards the murder of Chic Burlingame.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: On nine-one-one he was the pilot – I want Field to jump in whenever he’s comfortable if that’s alright, Field? Because Field knows Chic Burlingame.

Rayelan: Right.

David: And Field has actually got a great deal of information now about the way a marine, like Chic Burlingame would normally have responded to a hijacking happening to prevent it happening to the extent that actually theoretically the platform that he was flying in took out the US Naval Command Center in the Pentagon which I think from a strategic point of view would be totally impossible from a guy sitting in a cave in Afghanistan.

Rayelan: I agree with you. And ah, the day on nine-eleven, Osama Bin Laden denied having anything to do with it.

David: Right, well…

Rayelan: That was the last time anybody ever heard from the real Osama Bin Laden.

David: Okay, well this is where it gets really exciting because, now remember, after nine-one-one, the guy who was organizing the desk top war games on the fourth of June in two-thousand and one by the name of Doctor Thomas Bar – Barnett…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …who was the chief war game organizer for the US Navy War College?

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …he had a test, or applied a test on the fourth of June two-thousand and one, in the Windows of the World Restaurant to a number of people who would die on nine-one-one which tested their commitment to this carbon dioxide reduction…

Rayelan: Oh my gosh.

David: …to save the planet from global warming.

Rayelan: Ahuh.

David: Including a man by the name of Carlton Bartels who was the founder of CO2 dot com, so Thomas Barnett sitting at a dinner table, or a board room table with Carlton Bartels in the Windows of the World Restaurant on the hundred and seventh floor with the chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change ah, Rajendra Pachauri [verify meeting here, scroll down a bit, you will notice on the chart Bartels, Barnett and Pachauri in attendance], gave Carlton Bartels a test, called the ‘Ryer Identity Test’ [not sure if this is the correct name]whether or not, I think, he was going to live on nine-one-one. And he failed that test.

Rayelan: What kind of a test is this?

David: It’s a test to determine whether or not you are committed to the reduction of carbon dioxide to save the world from exponential global warning.

Rayelan: And so you know it’s not just a question are you committed to such-and-such, you’re actually…

David: It’s a test.

Rayelan: …take a test.

David: It’s a test on how much reduce – reduce the energy consumption per capital.

Rayelan: Oh, wow. [Rayelan, I think sometimes you are overwhelmed by it all]

David: And the carbon dioxide per unit of energy and the population in order to bring carbon dioxide down in a given supply chain to the point where it is no longer a threat to the planet, and Carlton Bartels failed that test. Now, very interestingly, that test had what is called a computer algorithm in it, i.e., the computer couldn’t determine by your answers whether you would live or die.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: And effectively the computer is saying, we start off as a computer thinking your a friend, i.e., you are a citizen of the United States, but if you give the wrong answers the computer will switch you automatically being recognized by the American Military as a foe. I don’t know if you have heard of friend or foe identification computer software?

Rayelan: No, I have now heard that.

David: Well Field, jump in if you know, if you think this is clear, but when a plane is heading towards the Pentagon, there’s a whole variety of signals that are going backwards and forwards between the plane and let’s say the US Naval Command Center at the Pentagon to determine whether or not the incoming plane is a friend or a foe.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: if you can hack into that system through the algorithms and the computer and play around with the inputs, you can have the Pentagon treat the friend as a foe and the foe as a friend.

Rayelan: That’s exactly correct, I mean, didn’t just the other day somebody hacked into the Pentagon and said that the North Koreans bombed – sent a nuclear bomb to Guam.

David: Exactly.

Rayelan: Yeah.

David: Exactly, so the algorithm test that was given to Carlton Bartels in the Windows of the World Restaurant on the hundred and seventh floor of the North Tower on the fourth of June two-thousand and one by this guy, Thomas Barnett ah, allowed the computer to determine whether or not Carlton Bartels was a friend or a foe on nine-one-one. On nine-one-one it deemed him to be a foe and instructed the war games to treat Carlton Bartels and his colleagues in the North Tower as the enemy. They killed them all.

Rayelan: Wow.

David: Exactly the same thing on nine-eleven with the planes approaching the Pentagon during the war game ah, a number of people, and we think we know their names, got inside the encryption the friend or foe identification software during that war game, and switched the friends to the foes and the foes to the friends.

Rayelan: Unbelievable.

David: And ah, friend, he was Field McConnell’s friend I believe at the US Naval Academy in ah, is it nineteen seventy-nine, Field? *pause* Have we lost Field?

Rayelan: I don’t know. Field, are you there? I think we lost Field. Oh, but you know, we’ve got Big Wheel in Texas on the line. Ah, Big Wheel are you there?

Big Wheel: How are ya?

Rayelan: Yeah, we’ve got a caller, David.

David: Go ahead.

Rayelan: Go ahead big Field – Big Wheel.

Big Wheel: Hello, Rayelan, how are ya?

Rayelan: I’m, I’m fine but you’re going to have to speak up a bit because I can barely hear you.

Big Wheel: Okay, hold on, let me change my ah, change my area here. Hold on please.

Rayelan: Okay


Big Wheel: Okay, can you hear me now?

Rayelan: Ah, better, but you’re still going to have to speak up a bit.

Big Wheel: Okay ah, my ah, I don’t have a question but I do have a comment.

Rayelan: Okay.

Big Wheel: You were talking about Osama bin Laden and ah, and ah ah, Lady Diane and, and others ah, so called ah, I would say ah, these people, especially Osama bin Laden ah, they are very much alive and well, they’re, they’re in a safe place by our government, and when you think about it ah, these ah, these so called bad guys are not really the bad guys. Just like when they took all *garbled* hanging the ah, President of Iraq and ah, this man is alive and well and he is ah, ah, he is taken care of by our government ah, they’re in a secret place and I’m very, very quite sure, when it’s time the whole story will be told about nine-eleven.

David: Well, I think we can perhaps help there. Is there a question there?

Rayelan: No, he said he just had a comment.

David: Okay.

Rayelan: So ah, thank you, Big Wheel, thank you for that.

David: Thank you, yeah, so, well I’ll ah, I hope it gets on because I really wanted or hope he could ah, flesh out his knowledge of what Chic Burlingame response, who was the captain of ah, flight seventy-seven ahm, on nine-one-one. But I just want to come back to this ah, stuff about the Bullingdon Club.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Now, Thomas Barnett who gave the test, which Carlton Bartels failed on the fourth of June two-thousand and one, and resulted I believe in Thomas Barnett and his colleagues, recoding the software that was going to be handling the war games on nine-one-one so that ahm, Chic Burlingame will be treated as an enemy instead of a friend?

Rayelan: Yeah.

David: Thomas Barnett [Barnett’s weblog] said after nine-one-one that of nine-one-one, “This was the first live broadcast mass snuff film in human history.” Now a snuff film is where you film someone dying.

Rayelan: Right.

David: And you generally sell that film because apparently there’s a market for certain sick folks round the world to watch someone being killed or possibly tortured to death.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: And remember, this is a senior officer in the US Naval Academy in charge of war gaming on nine-one-one.

Field: Excuse me…

David: He use to lecture…

Field: Hang on, fire hose.

David: Pardon me. I’m sorry.

Field: It’s not the academy.

Rayelan: Okay, Field, go ahead.

Field: Yeah, it’s not the Naval Academy that he was at. It was the Naval War College.

Rayelan: Naval War College, okay.

David: Okay, okay, Field, can you just tell the listeners a little about friend or foe identification software of the kind that might have been used by Chic Burlingame and Captain DeConto in the US Naval Command Center?

Field: Yes, it’s a black box that’s in the cockpit of every military and every commercial ah, airliner, and it’s also in every private owned airplane that flies into controlled air space and ah, it’s a box where you are assigned a four digit code by the air traffic control agency that gives you your IFR, and that stands for Instrument Flight Rule. If you have an instrument flight rule clearance from the transportation people, which is the FAA via the control tower ah, then you’re given a four digit code which may be something like six one three seven, and then as you make your way across the air space, and let’s just use a flight plan that they used in preparation of the June first war game called Amalgam Virgo, if a, if a Boeing seven thirty-seven were to take off from Anchorage, Alaska, and it would be dispatched to Seattle, Washington it would fly basically due south from Anchorage to the Seattle area and ah, it might be assigned a code like one six two seven, however, if as was the case on nine-one-one, if drones were sent up to replace the airliners ah, the airliner itself would have its transponder electronically terminated, shut off, and you could do that remotely.

And both planes had this technology, well obviously since two-thousand and one and according to Lafonsa [not sure of spelling], since nineteen ninety-five. But ah, the transponder code sixteen twenty-seven, if that was assigned to a seventy thirty seven from Anchorage to ah, Seattle, you could have a drone go up there and replace it. Not only replace it terms of the radar signature, meaning ah, the primary radar that actually sends beams out and reflect off metal than come back to a dish antenna ah, that’s called ‘primary radar.’ But they have advanced radars too that just look for the transponder codes and has what’s called, by the controllers and pilots as a strip, s-t-r-i-p and ah, that comes from the day of the paper when the controllers use to have a paper strip of the aircraft id, the transponder code, the routing, the altitude cleared to, the destination airport, the time in route, the fuel on board, the people on board and the alternate airport.
That stuff can all be ah, electronically duplicated and that’s what we saw on nine-eleven and ah, in the case of this practice flight on June first of two-thousand and one ah, the track that shows up in the Amalgam Virgo thirty-five page briefing guide, which if cannot Google it and find it, we can provide it to you. That shows ah, the flight plan being corrupted over the Vancouver area, and the aircraft being redirected, or redispatched directly to Washington DC ostensibly to take out the US Capitol Building. And all of this would have appeared to the air traffic controllers as if a legitimate airliner had been taken over by humans when actually a legitimate airliner would have been taken over by technology. The crew, the passengers, and the hijackers, would have been put to sleep or terminated with gas, and the ah, airliner would have been replaced with a full scale drone.

And all drone means is a flying vehicle that’s operated with no human pilots and we’ve had those things going back over sixty years. Boeing has not come to grips with admitting that yet, but it is in fact the case. And ah, that’s what we saw on nine-eleven, the transponder codes were transferred from the legitimate airliners to the drone aircraft so it looked like to the air traffic controllers in Washington and in ah, New York, that they – the airliners themselves had reversed course and they were attacking these strategic financial and political targets which included the capitol, the Pentagon, World Trade One and World Trade Two, but ah, very important not to say World Trade Seven, that was not a attacked. So I hope I’ve explained the transponder to you but they can certainly see it’s a very simple piece of equipment and it’s very easy to ah, counterfeit a transponder code by simply turning off the legitimate transponder with that code sixteen twenty-seven and, and bringing online a repeater or a second transponder with that code sixteen twenty-seven. And there’s no way in the world that air traffic controllers on the ground can tell the difference between the flying objects.

David: Yeah, this, now this, what we’re hearing, Rayelan, is fantastic is because they’re – I’m sure, but he’s better looking than a horse, but this is straight from the horse’s mouth, I mean, this is Field McConnell who was a classmate of Chic Burlingame who was allegedly inside seventy-seven that hit the Pentagon, talking about what we now understand was a fundamental fraud on the American republic where there was a switch made through the algorithms of the computer that was supervising the war games so your friends became you foes and your foes became your friends….

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …and the flight that Chic Burlingame was in was actually treated as the enemy, flown out over the Atlantic and vaporized.

Rayelan: Yeah, that’s what ah, that’s what I suspected. Actually ah, that is what certain people in the conspiracy world ah, shortly after nine-eleven suspected that also, but then suddenly all of these nine-eleven truthers in – came around and most of the ah, most of the work that was done by old time conspiracy people ah, was just completely passed over.

David: Well ah…

Rayelan: Ah, that was definitely one of the things…

David: And those deception techniques go back to the second world war, and in fact, in of many ways Americans, I’ll say this very nicely, you’re a very trusting people, right?

Rayelan: Yes, that’s true.

David: You didn’t have those decades or hundreds of years in Europe where everyone double crossed everyone else and there was killings and pogroms and so on, so when the British put their ah, counter-intelligence people into action, and their deception teams, I would argue that the UK had a far more sophisticated ah, sabotage, assassination and deception network from a global point of view than the Americans at the beginning of the second world war.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Remember, you, you came in I think relatively late, not late in a pejorative sense, it was relatively late so, there was no way the Offices of Strategic Services at the Rockefeller Plaza in New York would have built the network that was the predominant ah, counter-terrorist, or sabotage and assassination group that the Brits had at that time.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: So, in nineteen forty-seven when the organization ah, the Offices of Strategic Services in Rockefeller Plaza was ah, shut down and converted to the CIA, the predominant network that provided sabotage, assassination and deception to that group, and it’s called ‘CIA/SAD’, was coming out of the United Kingdom, more specifically out of the BBC and the Bullingdon Club.

Rayelan: Hmm.

David: So fast forward, from nineteen forty-seven through the assassination of JFK and the use of Bell and Howell cameras to record snuff films ahm, on into the launch of the unabomb campaign out of Northwestern University in nineteen seventy-nine ah, the bombing of Pan Am one-o-three, I think that was in nineteen eighty-eight? Ah, the sabotage of the Bhopal insecticide plant, I think that was nineteen eighty-five?

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Ah, the Beirut Barracks ah, killing of the marines, the ah, Waco, the Murray Building ah, the USS Cole in two-thousand, and nine-one-one, and the subsequent, like the Mumbai [excellent pictures available at this site] and the London Underground? If you look at the signature on all of these attacks, they are characteristic of the sabotage, assassination and deception teams built in the United Kingdom and integrated with the CIA in nineteen forty-seven.

Rayelan: Hmm.

Field: *garbled*

David: Now, very interesting…

Rayelan: Ah, Field’s got a comment. Go ahead, Field.

David: Yes.

Field: I think you may want to revisit another incident that occurred in nineteen ninety-two, and that’s the shooting at Ruby ridge in Idaho?

Rayelan: Yes.

Field: I think that may be ah, sponsored by the same group.

Rayealn: Did you get my…

David: Yeah ah, I think you’re right, Field, but…just coming to the big picture. I think we can make serious capital out of the fact that Field McConnell is a marine, he’s a fighter pilot, a very good one, or ex-fighter pilot, he knew Chic Burlingame. What I’ve always thought the way to crack these ah, ‘murder mysteries’ if you will, is to take the last thirty seconds of a victims life, like ah, Chic Burlingame…

Rayelan: Yes.

David: …the last thirty hours of that individual’s life, and the last thirty days. And if you’ve got the story in the thirty seconds as to the cause of death, and the thirty hours in the maneuvers up to the cause of the death, and the thirty days that covers the planning, and you end up with the same result on each time line, you’ve cracked a murder. So, we need to know what kind of war game scenarios were set up for the thirty hours at the end of which Chic Burlingame was dead. Now, the question is of course, where did he die? Did he die when this thing hit the Pen – the Pentagon…

Rayelan: Right.

David: …or did he die out over the Atlantic and the plane he was in was vaporized?

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: If you see my drift?

Rayelan: Yeah, I do, I do.

David: Now, so we come back to, how would the perpetrators of nine-one-one execute a fundamental switch that was right across the continent where friends became foes and foes became friends?

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: What they have to do there is to get inside the encryption system.

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Field McConnell & David Hawkins: Transcript—3 March 2010 Hour 1

Source: rumormillnewsradio.com, hawkscafe, captainsherlock.com

Hawkins/McConnell Interview with Rayelan Allan on Rumor Mill News
March 3, 2010 – Part 1 (Hour 1)

David Hawkins: I think ah, let’s go to also the Captain Sherlock site.

Rayelan Allan: Okay.

David: Ahm, so if people – that’s one word, captainsherlock dot com.

Rayelan: Okay, captainsherlock dot com, this might be an easier way for people to find it?

David: Ya, and then I think ah, because we made a major break that I want to talk about today, I want to get people to visit the Hawks Café and perhaps join the Yahoo Group.

Rayelan: Right.

David: And you know, I apologize for a lot of very dense technical information, but it is the basic source of our case against the self-styled Global Guardians where we will ahm, put them in court with a civil claim and possibly of them going into court with a civil claim is, they’ll end up on death row.

Rayelan: Oh my God, wouldn’t that be wonderful. And ah, would this be ah, would this be in civilian court, or is this in military court?

David: Well ah, ahm, let’s just go to the applications. So captainsherlock dot com. If people could open up there and they will see the eight icons which represent the five books that we’ve have written and various others. And on the bottom row on the right ahm, you’ll see the icon that says, “Visit Hawks Cafe.”

Rayelan: Right, that’s correct.

David: Okay, and if people put their mouse on the ‘Visit Hawks Café’, and remember, the captainsherlock dot com site, they’ll see a menu with five items in it, Hawks Café home page?

Rayelan: Yes.

David: And the Hawks Café Yahoo Group? The ‘Hawks Café verses the Global Guardians nine-one-one. And that’s the civil lawsuit that Field McConnell filed in Fargo, North Dakota on the first of May two-thousand and seven, and that lists about a hundred plus defendants in a civil case for the wrongful deaths associated with nine-one-one. And just in case people think that we’re particularly partisan ah, George Bush Senior is named there and the two Clinton’s and Field’s sister.

Rayelan: Ya.

David: And then there’s my bio and then Reform BC which is – I’m the leader of the reform party in British Columbia, but I’ll just ask people to put the mouse on the Hawks Café Yahoo Group and then open that up. And then they’ll get access to about ah, five-thousand or six-thousand pages of dense technical material all of which we believe is sufficiently robust to go into a law – a court with a civil claim for wrongful death.

Rayelan: Right.

David: So when these people ahm, ah, want to come and ask us through a process known as discovery to find out what we have to say, we’ll say, “Go there, and you’ll find everything.”

Rayelan: Right, right.

David: And it dates back, down at the bottom I see, the first ah, the first posts went out in September of two-thousand and six.

Rayelan: On September eleventh of two-thousand and six.

David: Exactly.

Rayelan: On September eleventh you also had a radio show on coast-to-coast with George Noory.

David: Yes, and probably about four-million listeners.

Rayelan: Exactly.

David: Now, when people ask us, “How many of you are there?” I don’t have a clue.

Rayelan: Yes, I know that.

David: When four-million people listen to us, and let’s assume the great majority dismiss us as conspiracy nuts, there will be enough people who will understand that we know what we’re talking about, and they will talk to there friends. And I would say, there’s at least ten-million people around the world who are aware of our existence.

Rayelan: Yes, I would say that too. I would say that too.

David: Now, fast forward to March ahm, ah, the third today…at the top of the list you will see ‘Volcanic Olympics Cats Colonel Mirage’…

Rayelan: Right.

David: …and if we open that ahm, we can see some very interesting images that relate tot eh nine-one-one attack we believe.

Rayelan: And people need to know that the Yahoo Group always ah, takes the images and flattens them and that’s why David takes the jpegs, the actual jpegs for these images ah, underneath the images in the Yahoo Group. So if you really want to see what the photos look like ah, you know, click open the jpegs that are below there ah, and ah, you can see them. They’re just incredible images. Who makes these images for you?

David: Well ah, they’re not made for me, I just Google key words and it’s a technique that I’ve developed and I’m pretty good at it. And so, when I discovered the strong probability that the Volcanic Ash Advisory Centers that were set up by Maurice Strong in the nineties, could have been used to subvert the war game of nine-one-one, I just Google for VAAC or Volcanic Ash Montreal ah, to try and get some useful images. And if you Google images you find some of the pictures that I’ve selected – and just put them up on the site. And of course it drives me nuts that Yahoo introduces this flattening process because it distorts the image, but that’s why as you say, I always put the links so people can always open them and so on.

Rayelan: Well ah, I sent out something to my Yahoo Group and it took my image out completely. So, you know, you can never tell, you can never tell if it will stay there which is why it is brilliant that you put the jpeg

David: Right, and I do that with the chapters of the book as well. So, let me just read this invitation that went out and it was addressed to you, but it’s gone to our Yahoo Group.

Rayelan: Right.

David: Ahm, so it’s ah, March the third, “Dear Rayelan, topic proposals Rayelan Allan Show Rumor Mill News Volcanic Olympics Cat Bond and Colonel Mirage Arrest’, today’s time and so on, the images are shown and then the text, first couple of paragraphs, “We believe our warnings of cat bond bomb threats to the twenty-ten Olympic games, forced the preventive arrest of Colonel Russell Williams, a former commander of Camp Mirage which is in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. And we believe ah, Williams was hired to trigger cat bonds so as, that’s the short term for catastrophe bonds.

Rayelan: Yes.

David: For MET office, and that’s the United Kingdom MET Office which has been going since eighteen fifty-four, so preceding the American Civil War. In eighteen fifty-four it was started incidentally with the board of trade under Robert Fitzroy as a service to mariners. Now, fast forward you see, historically the MET Office in the UK was under the board of trade which I guess is the equivalent of your commerce department?

Rayelan: What is, what is MET, what does Met…

David: It means meteorological.

Rayelan: Oh, meteorological, okay.

David: Which is the ah, notion and it’s very obvious, if ships and boats and planes and various other things, particularly in a military or civilian era, don’t know what weather they’re sailing or flying into, they’re highly likely to ahm, you know, have a disaster.

Rayelan: Yes, that’s true.

David: So, it’s very logical, if you want to execute a catastrophe bond insurance fraud…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …it’s extremely exciting from the point of view of the ahm, crooks that are running it, to have access to the weather information that the pilot of the boat or plane thinks is true.

Rayelan: Yeah.
David: For example, the plane that ahm, left Rio and was heading for Paris, Air France Flight four-four-seven, allegedly turned and flew into some very bad weather and the tail got ripped off.

Rayelan: And so what you’re saying is someone else sent them misinformation?

David: Correct. Through the virtual – sorry, through the Volcanic Ash Advisory Center. The second paragraph is, “We believe that Williams was hired”, this is Colonel Russell Williams, “was hired to trigger catastrophe bonds for the MET office trustees of the virtual weather network and the Volcanic Ash Advisory Center set up by Maurice Strong to enforce climate change rules adopted by the Montreal-based United Nations Civil Aviation Organization.” Like I said, the material I put out through our posts is quite technical, but the reason we select it and put it out, is not necessarily easy to understand, but we’re building a case in a ‘court of public conscience’, if you will, that is sufficiently robust to go into a real court and sue these people for damages.

Rayelan: Oh my God, and can you image everybody who has been killed in a plane crash, or nine-eleven, or how many other things do they have their fingers in that have killed people over the last one-hundred and fifty years or more?

David: Well, I think we go back – remember, Maurice Strong, I’ll just give your listeners a little flavor about what this man is about. I consider him to be a genocidal psychopath.

Rayelan: And it seems to run in his family, because his…

David: Yes, his cousin, his cousin Anna Louise Strong, who was born you know, in the latter years of the nineteenth century, she did her PhD at the University of Chicago, she was then, we believe, mobilized by the wealthy backers of the University of Chicago, including the Rockefeller family.

Rayelan: Right, or the Rockefeller…

David: As a communist fellow traveler and she was the woman who ahm, who produced the English language newspaper in Moscow. [called the Moscow News]

Rayelan: Delightful.

David: In her twenties.

Rayelan: Now…

David: And she, I’m sorry.

Rayelan: No, I was just going to say there are people who, who trace what you’re going to be talking about to another person ah,

David: Well, it doesn’t matter what they trace it to, you know, again, it’s not relevant who sent her.

Rayelan: Right, exactly.

David: It’s what she did when she arrived. When she got to Moscow, right, she launched this English language newspaper and she married, and I forget the name [Joel Shubin was his name; Shubin was also of the Moscow-based Peasant Gazette in the 1930s], a Russian agronomist. [a scientist who specializes in agronomy, which is the science of utilizing plants for food, fuel, feed, and fiber]

Rayelan: Yes.

David: And the two of them got to know Stalin extremely well. And they persuaded Stalin [good ole’ ‘Uncle Joe’] to introduce a seed quota where the forst – first forty percent of production by the peasants and kulaks in the Ukraine was confiscated by the state.

Rayelan: Right.

David: And they are directly responsible for deaths by starvation in what is known as the ‘Holodomor’, the terror famine of between seven and ten million Ukrainian peasants and kulaks.

Rayelan: Ah, we were talking about the Ukrainian famine, which killed how many people, David?

David: Between seven and ten million.

Rayelan: Okay, and the ah, reason we’re talking about the ah, Ukrainian famine, is because Maurice Strong is responsible for the mess we’re in right now. And it was his cousin and mentor, Anna Louise Strong ah, who was in Russia, married to Joel Shubin, a Russian agronomist, and editor of the Moscow-based Peasant Gazette. Ah, and the, and the two of them probably joined together after they married and, and put this idea to Stalin who could get…

David: Yeah, they, they convinced Stalin to confiscating the first forty percent of production [see what happens when our welfare is left in the hands of do-gooder psychopaths] of the seeds, basically they applied a seed quota to the peasants in the Ukraine, and there’s no excuse, these people willfully murdered between seven and ten million Ukrainian peasants and kulaks which we believe, had ah, were the victims which is known as dead peasant life insurance…

Rayelan: That’s right.

David: By the Equitable Company who’s law firm is Sidley Austin in Chicago.

Rayelan: Right, right, and I always…

David: And Equitable, I’m sorry?

Rayelan: No, it’s just so incredible that her husband’s newspaper was the Peasant Gazette and we are – we are always talking about the dead peasant life insurance. It’s like these people are laughing at all of us [they are] because they consider anybody who is outside of their circle, we’re all peasants and they want us all to be dead peasants.

David: Well, they want to execute this scam where you sell insurance to people, right? Who buy it ahm, you know, through these tontines, or different kinds of formulas, and then you buy insurance on them dying in large numbers.

Rayelan: That’s right, unbelievable.

David: Right, so when they die in large numbers you make a killing literally and financially through the international insurance industry and that model which historically was a link between tontine life insurance and dead peasant life insurance, was refined and developed by an American company called the Equitable Life Insurance of the United States. And the law firm that acted for the Equitable Life Insurance of the United States was the Sidley Austin law firm out of Chicago that used to employ in the ahm, nineteen-eighties, from nineteen eighty-four to nineteen eighty-eight, Bernadine Dohrn, who was the boss of the Weatherman Underground Organization. And described by Edgar Hoover, “as the most dangerous woman in America”, who allegedly built a nation-wide revolutionary network to bomb and to kill. But she hasn’t stopped, Rayelan.

Rayelan: Wow.

David: She extended it internationally, and I think that woman who is too dumb to build anything constructive. She didn’t build the Underground Network, he was hired by it…

Rayelan: Right.

David: …i.e., she was a mercenary, right? So the network she allegedly started building in the late sixties, was actually constructed in the fifties after the second world war and the person who constructed it was Maurice Strong. And Maurice Strong, coming back to this man, I alleged is a genocidal psychopath. [think of him as a ‘public utility’] He was sent to Kenya in the nineteen fifties, fifty-two fifty-three period, after a spell as a junior pass officer in the United Nations Security Office in New York working with, and in a conspiracy with, David Rockefeller Junior.

Rayelan: Yeah.

David: And David Rockefeller Junior’s law firm that handled the trust of the grandchildren of, I think her name was, is it ahm, Eleanor McCormick Rockefeller, or Edith McCormick Rockefeller?

Rayelan: Yes.

David: I think she was the sister-in-law or whatever of the founder of the Rockefeller dynasty? And when she died, and I think that was in the period nineteen thirty-two? Over the next twenty-two years there was a dispute over her estate, that was eventually settled in respect to the grandchildren, which include David Rockefeller Junior, by the law firm that handled that estate which is Sidley Austin.

Rayelan: Right.

David: So over thirty years, from nineteen twenty-two to nineteen fifty-two, the Sidley Austin of Chicago, to all intensive purposes captured the Rockefeller family wealth.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: And the Rockefeller’s per se individually, do not control the Rockefeller family wealth, it’s the law firm that controls the trust that has it.

Rayelan: And this goes all the way back to right after Abraham Lincoln was assassinated and this very same law firm institutionalized Mary Todd Lincoln so they could take over the ah, Lincoln ah, fund , Lincoln trust?

David: Exactly, and by putting her in an institution gag her and prevent her from revealing that wasn’t an isolated hit by John Wilkes Booth on her husband, her late husband, Abraham Lincoln, it was a conspiracy run out of Chicago and Montreal.

Rayelan: Yes, and you’ve been able to trace something that was found in John Wilkes Booth’s pocket to a bank that was actually controlled or used primarily by this very same ah…

David: This very organization. It was set up in Montreal, there was a bankers draft, I think they had Pounds in those days, and on his body was a draft for a hundred Pounds on the Bank of Canada out of Montreal.

Rayelan: Yeah.

David: He was a hired hit man.

Rayelan: And that is amazing, and that hired hit man according to other historians, did not die as people thought he did ah, but lived on into the early nineteen-hundreds.

David: Right, but, but whatever it was the real secret that Abraham Lincoln was hit by a ah, a confederate conspiracy ahm, was hidden or known to Mary Lincoln, and she was so terrified she actually sewed money into her petty coats but she was consigned to an institution by Sidley Austin in order to shut her up.

Rayelan: And we were just talking about Mary Lincoln being so afraid of this group that she literally sewed the, the what, the stock certificates into her…

David: Well the bonds and the money that was coming through her trust in her petty coat, you know, to try to maintain her financial solvency ahm, but it looks like ah, the Sidley Austin characters decided she was too great a threat in ahm, speaking out there’s a conspiracy that killed her husband and they managed to maneuver her into a lunatic asylum.

Rayelan: Yeah, it’s, it’s just amazing because many people have tried to blame her for the assassination of her husband and of course they make her out to be an absolute nut and…

David: Well that’s absolute disinformation which comes right through to today, anyway, move – moving on, if we go back, Karl Marx produced his Communist Manifesto in eighteen forty-eight, an the absolutely essential concept there was centralization of credit in the hands of the state because if you centralize credit with the state you control the state; you control everyone.

Rayelan: Ahuh, that’s true.

David: Now, fast forward, from the assassination of Abraham Lincoln through to nineteen thirty-two the Holodomor, which was the famine, you have Anna Louise Strong whose got a PhD at the University of Chicago being mobilized by it would appear out of Chicago that is a mixture, if you will, these radical lawyers and wealthy characters that stretch back into the Rockefeller Trust, and she’s sent around the world [another example of a ‘public utility’ to these bankers and lawyers] to raise hell and the communist revolution.

Rayelan: Wow.

David: And in eighteen – sorry, nineteen thirty-two, thirty-three, they managed, she and her husband, managed to persuade Stalin of this seed quota, whether the first forty percent of production of the peasant’s farms was confiscated and belonged to the state. So she killed, an American aided and abetted the massacre of seven to ten million Ukrainian peasants and kulaks that appeared to have been covered by a bogus insurance policy written for Sidley Austin’s client, the Equitable Life Insurance of the United States of America.

Rayelan: That is truly just amazing.

David: Now, fast forward, in ahm, nineteen-fifty-eight, she ends up, or has ended up, in China. And we have some evidence, not conclusive, that she was bisexual and she had – was having an affair with Madam Mao, the widow of, Mao Tse Tung well, back then she wasn’t a widow, she as known as Madam Mao.

Rayelan: Yeah, that’s correct.

David: And Anna Louise Strong, and again, an American citizen, traveling the world as a fellow communist, persuaded Mao, or Madam Moa, to introduce another ahm, quota system for grain in the so called “great leap forward”, triggering a wide spread famine, and I’m reading this from Wikipedia, resulted in up to thirty million deaths meaning, I allege, an American, educated at the University of Chicago, is directly – indirectly responsible for genocide that killed thirty million people by starvation.

Rayelan: This, this is unbelievable.

David: Not Chairman Mao, not Madam Mao, but Anna Louise Strong.

Rayelan: Who is the cousin and mentor of our great ah, what do we call him ah, he’s the champion of the credits exchange there in Chicago, Maurice Strong.
David: The Chicago Climate Exchange.

Rayelan: And, and you know…

David: He’s, he’s the director, Rayelan.

Rayelan: It’s – and we’ve never connected him with Al Gore’s mentor ahm, the Occidental oil seller, I can’t think of his name right now. But…

David: Hammer.

Rayelan: Hammer…Armand Hammer.

David: Well, we don’t need for that because Maurice Strong and Al Gore were great buddies and they – anyway, I’m, I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s, let’s just go back to the “great leap forward.” So now we have Anna Louise Strong, the cousin of Maurice Strong using the same technique she used with Stalin, and in this case with Chairman Mao, to kill on a massive scale, an unconceivable scale. Right, she died in nineteen-seventy, Maurice Strong her cousin was born in nineteen twenty-nine. So in Kenya, when Maurice Strong was developing the Mau Mau terrorist organization, she was effectively his mentor. Immensely powerful, remember, in nineteen fifty-two, that’s twenty years after the Holodomor terror famine in the Ukraine.

Rayelan: It, it is, and I’m wondering, didn’t she die in China?

David: Yes she did, she got a state funeral courtesy of ah, Mao’s cronies.

Rayelan: And she died in China because she couldn’t comeback to the United States because of what, treason charges or something?

David: Well, I think that Hoover recognized that she was a ah, ah treasonous spy for the communists.

Rayelan: Right.

David: But you see, Hoover was ah, limited by what he could do because of this corrupt network out of Chicago.

Rayelan: Oh boy.

David: Right, so in nineteen fifty-two when Maurice Strong was sent to Kenya by the Rockefeller Trusts, and he was working ostensibly for Caltex, I don’t think he was working for David Rockefeller, I think he was working for Sidley Austin.

Rayelan: Boy, that seems, that seems that you could be right in there. But what is very interesting is ahm, Anna Louise strong lived her remaining years in China and isn’t that where Maurice Strong is now living?

David: Correct, he’s on the run and I’m suggesting to Americans and the American Congress, anyone who is listening, that Maurice Strong is a fugitive from crimes against humanity including the nine-one-one attack, and they should employ or deploy bounty hunters and bring this scumbag back to New York, and put him on trial in ah, the court adjacent to ground zero. Because I – and we’re going to go on and demonstrate the link between Maurice Strong and the nine-one-one attack.

Rayelan: Yeah.

David: But anyway, so let’s go back to ahm, this letter, the invitation to you. While I’ve been talking to you, I’ve requested or invited Kui Longboard, you know, the man who built this wonderful website, abeldanger?

Rayelan: Right, right.

David: If he could transfer our letter that went this morning to Stephen Harper, the prime Minister of Canada, which linked Maurice Strong and this volcanic ash Advisory Center to the nine-one-one attacks, so hopefully, that will go up soon and I can move off the invitation that we have presently ahm, which we’re talking about these four images.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: So, just backing up, we have invited people to go to captainsherlock dot com, to the Hawks Café web site, which has got all the posts that stretch back to September of two-thousand and seven and we’re looking at these images which are a bit distorted, but ahm, I’d like to open the image that relates to the ahm, Volcanic Ash Advisory System that was set up in the mid nineties, allegedly by Maurice Strong underneath the international Civil Aviation Organization in Montreal in Canada.

Rayelan: Yes.

David: Now this is an extraordinary network for all intensive purposes a private network run by an organization we can usefully describe as a virtual weather underground network.

Rayelan: Yes.

David: Now, the weather underground organization theoretically was launched by Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayers in the late sixties and this was a revolutionary network to bomb and to kill that attacked, Rayelan, the Capital Building and the Pentagon in nineteen seventy-two.

Rayelan: Oh my gosh.

David: So, when we’re bouncing around the world trying to blame Al Qeada in some cave in Afghanistan for the nine-one-one attack, to me it’s a lot more logical to look at the people who bombed the Pentagon in nineteen seventy-two.

Rayelan: It makes perfect sense, it, it – yeah, in nineteen seventy-two. In nine – just think about this, nineteen seventy-two, they’ve been bombing things since nineteen seventy-two.

David: Well, in the late sixties.

Rayelan: Yeah.

David: Right, in nineteen sixty-nine, Bernardine Dohrn went to Cuba with members of the Front de Libération du Québec, which is the liberation movement in Quebec and they taught Castro, how to build a school of terrorism, saboteurs and assassins.

Rayelan: Wow.

David: Right, and Castro we allege, built the school of terrorism, saboteurs and assassins that deployed people to kill the Jews – Jewish athletes in the Munich Olympics of nineteen seventy-two.

Rayelan: Absolutely, absolutely, and…

David: Embedded in the Cuban basketball team.

Rayelan: Right, and…

David: And then hey blamed blamed ‘Black September’ that was exactly like nine-one-one – no one had heard of ‘Black September’ until Peter Jennings said on a radio broadcast from the Munich Olympics, he thought it was Black September about, I don’t know how many minutes after the initial taking of the hostages.

Rayelan: I know, I know, and…

David: So my question is, why did Peter Jennings, who was on the ABC News desk in Beirut, on what basis did he say these people…after all, they were wearing masks, they hadn’t said they were Black September?

Rayelan: That’s right.

David: So on what basis did Peter Jennings, who is a Canadian, declare these unknown people in masks to be Black September and was that on the same basis the people on nine-one-one, fourteen minutes after the first plane hit the North Tower said, “This looks like Al Queda?”

Rayelan: Wow, and nobody…

David: It’s garbage.

Rayelan: And nobody heard of Al Queda, we’ve heard of Bin Laden, but not Al Queda.

David: Exactly.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Al Queda is a phantom organization set up by the virtual underground weathermen network launched in the fifties by Maurice Strong. Now, going back to the fifties, what Maurice Strong did, and remember, this was – he was born in nineteen twenty-nine?

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: So in the fifty-two fifty-three period, he’s twenty-three or twenty-four, right?

Rayealn: Yes.

David: Relatively young man but certainly old enough to kill.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: And enjoy killing, which he does, he’s a psychopath. Now, what he and the Sidley Austin Law Firm acting for the Rockefellers understood is, if you want to build a network of saboteurs, assassins and propagandists, you want to make sure these people stayed loyal to the agenda, right?

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Now one way of getting them to stay loyal to the agenda is entrapping them in some disgusting ritual ceremony and recording what they did as witnesses or participants on film.

Rayelan: Right.

David: And then archiving that information so that even if these people went into the ceremony not really understanding that they were doing anything particularly criminal or disgusting…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …when they came out of it they knew that they had lost their souls. I don’t know if you ever saw Mephistopheles, you know, where Mephistopheles sells his soul to the devil to get wealth on this planet?

Rayelan: Right.

David: So these people in fifty-two, fifty-three, fifty-four, including Maurice Strong, were witnessing, or participating in, or were orchestrating, or filming Mau Mau oath taking ceremonies that included infanticide.

Rayelan: And it also included Barack Obama’s grandfather.

David: Yes, it included zoophilia, which is sex with animals, and necrophilia which is sex with corpses…

Rayelan: And probably…

David: …and cannibalism and the most disgusting activities imaginable, and if you think I am exaggerating, all you need to do is Google Mau Mau oath taking ceremony archive Harvard Maurice Strong, and you find that Maurice Strong’s papers, which describe these activities, where he was either a witness, a participant, or a designer, or a choreographer, are in the archives of Harvard University.

Rayelan: Yes, I have Goolged them and I have found them and they are most, most disgusting.

David: Right, well I haven’t seen them, what the papers – the descriptions themselves, but I’ve just found the reference. Now, what does that mean folks? That means the founder of this climategate myth and the founder with Al Gore, the Chicago Climate Exchange, has been engaged in pedophilia, necrophilia, zoophelia, cannibalism, and designed and initiated the Mau Mau terrorist organization out of Kenya in nineteen fifty-two, where thirty – twenty years later, sorry, in nineteen seventy-two, he would launch the United Nations Environmental Program out of Kenya.

Rayelan: I mean, this is just unbelievable, you know, I’ve been following Maurice Strong, quite, you know, quite, quite actively since, you know, he created that cult of the solar order who committed suicide. Um, you know, probably nineteen-eighty.

David: They were murdered.

Rayelan: They were murdered, yeah, absolutely.

David: For their insurance policies.

Rayelan: I, I can believe that but, you know, I believe – I’ve been following him, I knew he was the bad guy, but my God, I never knew the extent, you know, until I met you of what this man has done in this century. And how many people he has actually murdered.

David: Yeah, he and his cousin, Anna Louise Strong, I would allege, are responsible for ahm, the Armenian Genocide?

Rayelan: And…

David: The holocaust, the Cambodian genocide, the Kenya genocide, and so now, when I say ‘responsible’, if you take custody of the global commons and you hire people to so these acts which you don’t do yourself because you want to keep your little hands clean…

Rayelan: Right.

David: …ultimately in the court of law, you are known as the ‘mens rea’, the guilty mind.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Right, the buck stops there.

Rayelan: Yeah.

David: Now, he has perhaps, although God knows what he did in Kenya with the Mau Mau, he’s perhaps never killed someone with his own bare hands, he’s too much of a coward, right? But he’s created ah, a cult if you will, which is the global warming cult, which kills and kills and kills and kills, and it’s insatiable.

Rayelan: Yeah, it, it, it is, I mean, you know, when all of this information gets…when you put it out in the way in which you have put it out right now, we realize that there is a small cabal that as you said, has been responsible for the mass murders starting in the Ukrainian famine and, and you know, if we go back and realize who’s funded ah, Lenin, which is the Rockefeller family, probably funded out of this trust in ah, Chicago, but this cabal has been responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths in the twentieth century. Hundreds of millions.

David: That’s right, and going back to the end of the nineteenth century, I don’t know if you’ve heard of the, was it the, the man from Jekyll Island?

Rayelan: Ah, well, I haven’t heard of a man, I’ve heard of a teacher.

David: The Jekyll Island group ah…

Rayelan: Yes.

David: …that was created in the closing years of the nineteenth century…

Rayelan: Yeah, it was…

David: …was created, or effectively driven by ahm, ah, Hyde, the founder of Equitable Life.

Rayelan: Now he – he doesn’t happen to be related to Henry Hyde, the con – the long time congressman from Chicago does he?

David: No, the Henry Hyde that is of interest for me is the head of the French section of the Office of Strategic Services, and he’s the grandson of the founder of Equitable Life Insurance.

Rayelan: Wow, isn’t that interesting that all the ah, *laugh* now the OSS, you’re talking world war two.

David: Yes.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Now, we believe that Churchill understood the OSS was totally corrupted by these people and for example ah, for the D-Day landing, he didn’t entrust the Offices of Strategic Services which was based in thirty Rockefeller Plaza…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …with any of the information that might have allowed the Germans to understand where the D – D-Day landing was taking place.

Rayelan: Yeah, yes.

David: We think the OSS operating out of thirty Rockefeller Plaza through RCA, later to become a company called Circo…[not sure if this is the correct name]

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …ah, was actually passing information onto the Germans…

Rayelan: Well I would…

David: …and what’s very interesting when you look at the movement of the death trains carrying the Jews to the concentration camps?

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: There were no significant, as far as I can see, acts of sabotage to prevent those trains from reaching the concentration camps where the Je – Jews were killed in huge numbers. Now there might have been other acts of sabotage, but this to me is very interesting. What it suggests is that the espionage agents, or saboteurs and assassins and ahm,propagandists working for the OSS, were actually aiding and abetting the Nazis and collecting the Jews and sending them to the concentration camps because many of those Jews’ insurance policies ere written by Equitable Life.

Rayelan: Again, amazing.

David: And the law firm that represents Equitable Life is Sidley Austin.

Rayelan: Yeah, horrifying is the word for it…

David: So fast forward with ah, with Maurice Strong, in nineteen-ninety or ninety-two, he was being interviewed at the World Economic Conference in Davos in Switzerland, and he described a book theoretically fictional that he was wanting or hoping to write one day about what needed to be done to prevent the rich industrialized societies from destroying the planet. And from memory let me quote what he said. He said, “If we conclude that the rich industrialized societies are not going to deindustrialize to protect the planet we’re going to have to destroy them. And the way we would do that is, we would hire mercenaries, take a position in the stock markets, gold and commodities and computers, and create a panic and jam open the stock market.” What that means is, with naked short selling you would make money because their would be no floor when the stock market started collapsing?

Rayelan: Right, right.

David: Well, this is nineteen-ninety-two, Rayelan,

Rayelan: I know, and I’m waiting for that to happen anytime now, aren’t you?
David: Well, it happened on nine-eleven.

Rayelan: Well, yes…

David: Exactly what Maurice Strong said would have to be done to the rich industrialized societies was done on nine-one-one.

Rayelan: Yeah.

David: Now, what happened in the run up to the election of November two-thousand, which resulted in the election of George Bush was, Maurice Strong intended Al Gore be the President of the United States.

Rayelan: Oh my God, can you imagine where we would be if Al Gore had been elected in two-thousand?

David: Well, if you had, then America would have signed onto the Kyoto Accord and agreed to pay the carbon levy to the virtual weather underground network created by Maurice Strong to collect that money for the United Nations. Now, when Bush was elected and congress, they said, “No way are we going to go into this Kyoto scam.”

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Field McConnell & David Hawkins: Transcript—13 January 2010 Hour 3

Source: rumormillnewsradio.com, hawkscafe, captainsherlock.com

Hawkins/McConnell Interview with Rayelan Allan on Rumor Mill News
January 13, 2010 – Part 3 (Hour 3)

Rayelan Allan: While we were on break I turned on the television just in time to see the reverend Pat Robertson tell us why Haiti was hit with this massive earthquake one they haven’t had for two-hundred years. And the reason it was hit was because when Haiti was owned by the French the people of Haiti wanted to be free from their rule so they made a pact with the devil and the devil helped them throw the French out but the devil has ruled Haiti ever since.

And I am sure that clip is going to be everywhere, but it’s sort of like, I was just waiting to see who the first person was ah, to say that because of course Haiti does practice voodoo [so does the Federal Reserve, sorry, just had to throw that in here] and has many priests and priestesses and, and ah, lord knows what that religion really is, but I, I knew that someone was going to bring up the devil and blame it on the Haiti on the fact the Haitian people worship the devil instead of God. So, anyway, David, getting back to the gold, getting back to the banks that owned the gold that was in building six ah, how did, did they get their money – did they get their gold back?

David Hawkins: Well, let’s go back to the model that was developed by Maurice Strong for the ah, nine-one-one attack. And I’m reading from ah, a story that was ah, an interview with Maurice Strong, I believe in nineteen ninety-three published in an Alberta magazine. But the interview took place in *garbled* World Economic Conference, and it was about a story, Maurice Strong, he would like to write, and I’m just reading the words quoted from that interview. “In February, all the leaders that are at Davice [not sure of word], these aren’t terrorists, they are leaders they have positioned themselves in the world’s commodities and stock markets they’ve engineered using their access to stock markets and computers and gold supplies a panic then they prevent the world’s stock markets from closing, they jam the gears they hire mercenaries who hold the rest of the world’s leaders at Davice [not sure of word] as hostage the markets then can’t close.” So you see in nineteen ninety-three Maurice Strong defined exactly what he planned to do on nine-one-one.

Rayelan: Right.

David: Alright, was to take a position in the gold markets, now, the position that I believe Maurice Strong and Tim Geithner and his cronies ahm, in the administration, the Clinton Administration had taken was, they were selling gold futures. That means to say they will deliver the gold, let’s say in November of two-thousand and one and they’re selling it in August.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: So, if you go to the international financial markets and offer gold for delivery in three months time, then whatever the pro – the price that is prevailing at that time is discounted by the people who are going to be buying that gold depending on whether think the value of that gold is going to go up or down. But come November, if you said you’re going to deliver gold to those people and you’ve sold to them at, I don’t know, two-hundred dollars an ounce or one-hundred and fifty, I don’t really, I don’t know the price of gold at that particular moment, come November you have to deliver the gold.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Where’s the gold?

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: It’s below building number six.

Rayelan: In other words, they say the gold is below building number six smelted or something?

David: No, no, in the after math of nine-one-one which was intended to be a coup de’ tat to overthrow the Government of the United States…

Rayelan: Yes.

David: …what they had planned was, that the plane that would go, that was aiming at the Capital Building, would arrive at the same time as the plane that took out the US Naval Command Center, and they would have killed hundreds of congressmen and senators, America would have been decapitated, and America’s, the administration of government would have been handed over to the Senior Executive Service using Charlotte’s Web as a means of communication.

Rayelan: Right, right.

David: And the stock markets would have been destroyed. Remember, they closed down the New York Stock Exchange for four days.

Rayelan: Yes, I remember they closed down the ah, airports for what, two to four days?

David: Right, and the point is the administration of the capital markets was suppose to be handed off to the futures market in Chicago.

Rayelan: I get it now.

David: Using this ‘cellar boxing’ technique where all of the major companies would be destroyed because their shares would be worthless. Because down in the cellar there were millions and millions if not billions of shares in companies like Enron or Nortell or whatever…

Rayelan: Yes.

David: …so they could deliver the contract that the shares were worthless.

Rayelan: Okay, now, that, that is really making sense.

David: Now very interesting, my company, which is called Oil Systems in the United Kingdom, we built, and I started that company in nineteen eighty-four and ahm, I was more or less closely associated with it including being the chairman until two-thousand and one. In two-thousand and one my directors, and I was in Canada at the time, in two-thousand and one, my directors allowed someone to go into a cellar box and buy twenty million shares at a penny each. So the company that I owned and created, and recruited the people that built the software that runs the international oil industry now, I became a minority share holder because someone bought twenty-million shares at a penny each so I went down below one percent. That individual’s name is John Burton, and then John Burton then put the company into liquidation and I could do nothing because I had such a small stake. The crown jewels of that company, which was the software that runs the data on the international oil industry were then passed through the liquidator to the company that use to employee me, the company called Schlumberger, which is the world’s biggest data management company in the oil industry.

Rayelan: Right.

David: So in two-thousand and one, Schlumberger for nothing through what I believe I now recognize, a process of ‘cellar boxing’, got hold of the software that was owned by my share holders and myself prior to that cellar boxing fraud.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Now very interesting, when the directors of Schlumberger, when they got hold of that software, included John Deutch.

Rayelan: Isn’t that interesting.

David: The disgraced former director of the CIA who handed fourteen-thousand pages of top secret information over to the enemies of the United States in nineteen ninety-five, who was pardoned in January nineteen ninety-five by president – outgoing President Clinton in two-thousand and one.

Rayelan: Right, right.

David: And one of his co-directors is Jamie Gorelick who is the disgraced and corrupt vice-chairman, or former vice-chairman of Fannie Mae who put the wall between the FBI and the CIA which prevented them from stopping the Al Qeada cells coming into America and killing three-thousand Americans on nine-one-one.

Rayelan: Ya, you just have to wonder if ah, you know, is it too late for us, I mean, you look at all this. We can see that this coup has been carefully planned since two-thousand one, we’re in the tenth year of it.

David: But you see, they’ve left the signature, this is ah, vitally important for the listeners to understand, they have one instrument which makes this all possible, it’s an airborne internet with encryption which allows them to talk, the agents to talk with each other, and cut out the principles…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …and that is called ‘Charlotte’s Net’ – ‘Charlotte’s Web.’

Rayelan: Okay.

David: And it was built in Canada, here in British Columbia, by a company called McDonald Detwiler and Associates, and remember, I’m the Reform Party Leader in British Columbia?

Rayelan: Mhm… *garbled*.

David: If you cut off the head, if you dismantle and quarantine all the owners and users of Charlotte’s Web, their conspiracy collapses.

Rayelan: Okay, okay.

David: They don’t have the means of communicating, on the, and I, I shake my head ahm, at people in the states, you know, and I have a tremendous affection, affection and respect for American citizens, but I’m saying to you, why aren’t you asking the question, what replaced the functions of the US Naval Command Center in Wedge One of the Pentagon after nine-thirty-seven in the morning of nine-eleven?

Rayelan: You know, I think like me, we just assumed they all went to NORAD, or some other special, you know, probably some aircraft carrier out in the middle of the ocean.

David: Well, they went to Charlotte’s Web.

Rayelan: And nobody ever asked the question so we never got that answer.

David: Exactly.

Rayelan: And it’s because we just all assumed, just like I did.

David: Because on nine-eleven there were two command and control systems in use in the United States, and if you want to think about the command and control system, one is at the Pentagon which has been upgraded and was being commissioned that day and the Duty Officer’s name is Captain Gerald DeConto.

Rayelan: Mhm.

Field McConnell: Fish.

David: Yes, his nickname was ‘Fish’ and he was taken out with a missile between his eyes, right? And in parallel with that was another communications system. And we now have a nice convenient name for it, Charlotte’s Web, an airborne internet, meaning linking assets around the world via wireless and satellite signals on the Ku frequency band?

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Run out of Chicago through the Kellogg School of Management of which Charlotte Bryan is an alumnus, right? So it’s paralleling the services of the US Naval Command Center that is about to be destroyed.

Rayelan: Wow.

David: And remember, Charlotte’s Web was built in British Columbia in Canada where next month there is an Olympics.

Rayelan: And what do you think is about to happen in that Olympics?

David: I think they’re extorting the municipal or city government of Vancouver and the Provincial Government of British Columbia, and the Federal Government of Steven Harper, and they’re saying, “At any time we could arrange an attack on Vancouver twenty-ten that is going to make the Munich seventy-two attack look like ah, session of slap and pickle.” [not sure of this expression]

Rayelan: Huh.

David: Because we are monitoring all the key places, the Olympic venues, where there’s a security contract has been given to Honeywell.

Rayelan: Honeywell. But is there any way that, that Harper can do anything? Is there anything the Mounties…

David: Well, he’s prolonged the parliament, and remember, we have to back up. I think the safest thing we can all assume, with the exception of perhaps your listeners and you, and Field, and myself, the average person including the Prime Minister of Canada and the President of the United States are terrified.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Because if there is an international wireless network, can we call for the sake of argument, Charlotte’s Web, built by Charlotte Bryan, which allows every communication, even privileged communication between the President of the United States and the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff to be monitored, to determine whether or not these people present a hazard, very important word there, to the success of the international revolutionary men – movement that goes as far back as far as I know to the Communist Manifesto of eighteen forty-eight out of Chicago.

Rayelan: I know, that’s why I keep using that date of eighteen-fifty, that’s what I think it goes back to. But I think Americans have no idea how early Karl Marx infiltrated the United States.

Daivd: Well, he wrote the manifesto in eighteen forty-eight.

Rayelan: And he was lecturing in the United States I think in the fifties.

David: I wonder about that, but I think line five of the Communist Manifesto is centralized credit in the hands of state. So, right now the Federal Reserve under ahm, in new York ah, Timothy Geithner, developed a cellar box to destroy the industrial society of the United States by taking out all its key companies and jailing or killing its senior executives.

Rayelan: Ya, and this is what I see we cannot recover from this.

David: Ah, I say again, they have one command and control –just like on nine-eleven, the most important command center for the United States Military, was the US Naval Command Center in Wedge One of the Pentagon. Because you dropped your guard, and when I say ‘you’, I mean, generalities including America’s friends in Canada and Australia and the United Kingdom, you have many other friends, but collectively, af – in the aftermath of the cold war, we dismantled our counter-intelligence services.

Rayelan: Ah, exactly, exactly.

David: General Henry Shelton realized how dangerous that was and he initiated the Able Danger, spelled A-b-l-e Danger, counter-intelligence team as a military unit in an effort that ultimately ended in a catastrophe, because they killed a few key people and neutralized them. Ahm, so that it wasn’t available to protect the United States on the morning of nine-eleven. So now, fortunately they didn’t kill or dismantle all the Abel Danger network, spelled A-b-l-e Danger, so for all they know, Able Danger, which is this web site that we have is the replacement of that team.

Rayelan: And that is “for all they know” because they have no idea who is giving you information.

David: And neither do I.

Rayelan: Exactly *garbled* and that’s why I set Rumor Mill News ah, the way I did, so that nobody would know who the people were, not even me.

David: You see, so what we’ve done, Rayelan, we’ve put together a cutout inside of cyberspace.

Rayelan: Yes.

David: So what you’re looking at, this incredible site, Able Danger dot blogspot dot com, I don’t know whose writing into it and I don’t know whose reading out of it, but I do know our cutout is infinitely more powerful than their cutout because we know exactly what their cutout is. It’s Charlotte’s Web and you’re looking at that picture.

Rayelan: That’s right.

David: And if you scroll down you’ll look at this woman who is Charlotte Bryan ahm, and the heading there which I urge listeners to go to, is scroll down on the Abel Danger blogspot until they get to Olympic Debt and the FC KU Crime Scene Chapter Seven.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: And look at the images there. So we’ve got Charlotte’s Web, which is a wonderful film for kids and actually for adults with a spider and a pig, right?

Rayelan: Right, right.

David: And then on the bottom left of that is the cat with no tail. Now the cat with no tail, that’s a Manx cat [not sure of name], I’m don’t know if you’ve heard of that particular breed of cat?

Rayelan: Yes, I use to have them.

David: Okay, a Manx cat, isn’t that fascinating, you had Manx cats, well anyway, that’s from the Aisle of Man.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: On the right of that Charlotte’s Web is a picture of a guy with a scissors behind him cutting through the industrial smoke stack out, or it’ s probably water vapor, a symbol of ahm, basically an attempt by Maurice Strong, whose a fellow director of Richard Sandor in the Chicago Climate Exchange with an agenda that goes back to nineteen fifty-two to destroy America. Now Richard Sandor has set up a company in the Aisle of Man called Climate Exchange plc.

Rayelan: Wonderful.

David: And I call that clep, you know, Climate Exchange plc, and the word clep rhymes with kleptomaniac.

Rayelan: Right.

David: Because that’s what they are, Rayelan, they’re not clever, they’re, they’re incredibly stupid because they keep doing what worked historically, and Field an ex-fighter pilot, will tell you…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …the moment you do the expected you can expect to get killed. In fighter pilot terms.

Field: Let me jump in there.

David: Go ahead.

Field: Just to give the listeners a break.

Rayelan: And so Field, what were you just about to explain to all of us?

Field: David, where were we at?

David: Ahhh…

Rayelan: You were explaining – you were going down the pictures. David started with the picture of…

David: Oh yes, I was describing the pictures on the Abel Danger site.

Rayelan: Yes, and you were just about to leap in. The thing that I want to know about those pictures, who is the smiling man?

David: That’s ahm, ah, Richard Sandor, the Chairman of the Chicago Climate Exchange and founder with Maurice Strong.

Rayelan: And that thing that he is standing in front of is one of the polluting sites that he probably owns and he’s got all of these credits so that he can continue to pollute, is that right?

David: Well, that would be a perfectly legitimate ahm, enterprise I would assume for producing energy for keeping Americans warm?

Rayelan: Right.

David: And because it’s an icon for an industrialized society of the kind that Maurice Strong has wants to destroy, he’s put a scissors through it, right?

Rayelan: Oh, so that’s what those are, those are scissors?

David: Ya, and then the idea there is you cut the emissions, destroy the company and you engage in what’s know as ‘naked short selling’ so that as the company’s shares collapse ahm, the cartel of bankers that are lending money through the Federal Reserve are making huge amounts of profit and the victims are out of a job and the share holders have lost their wealth.

Rayelan: Wow. You know, again, I have to get the artist who did this web page. He is a genius.

David: It’s actually going to destroy them I think.

Rayelan: Ya.

Field: He’s listening right now, he’s ah, his identity is Kui Longboard, it’s just under junk yard dog and above liberty man.

Rayelan: *laugh*

David: And you made your point Field, cause I really want to get through these images that Kui has put together.

Rayelan: Right.

David: Ahm, so the woman there is Charlotte Bryan.

Rayelan: In the red coat?

David: Ya, and we’re alleging that she was the procuress, *laugh* if that’s the right word?

Rayelan: *laugh*

David: That acquired the Charlotte’s Web technology from Canada…

Rayelan: Okay.

David: …that permitted the selection and tracking and spotting of targets on nine-one-one and the signal ah, relay system so that the plane would send a signal about the violation of the FAA’s carbon cap, it went through the computer at ah, in Charlotte’s Web in Chicago and a signal came from the computer to the plane to either ahm, ig – ignitions systems for the incendiary or ignition system for the on board explosives, Now, the woman to the right of her in the picture, the sad line face of Beverley Eckert, because her husband was at the top of the South tower, his name was Sean Rooney and he was the vice-resident of AON Corporation which lost which lost one-hundred and seventy-five people on nine-one-one.

Rayelan: Right.

David: Now the chairman of AON Corporation, Patrick Ryan, happened to be the chairman of Northwestern University in Chicago.

Rayelan: And he happens to be at a meeting where on Offut Air Force Base there was…

David: Well he was in Chicago.

Rayelan: he was n Chicago.

David: As his employees were slaughtered in the top of the South Tower in a conspiracy put together, we allege, by the Kellogg School of Management faculty and their alumni including Charlotte Bryan.

Rayelan: Mhm, mhm.

David: Now on the left of ah, Sue – Beverly Eckert, and below the picture of Charlotte Bryan, is a picture of what I suggest to you is Judas shaking the hands of a woman who is about to be killed.

Rayela: Wow.

David: That is Barack Hussein Obama who changed his name from Barry Seotoro, and the woman, Beverly Eckert, refused to drop the investigation, or her desire on behalf on nine-one-one activists into the investigation of the money laundering fraud through a rule based system written by Richard Sandor, whose the Chairman of the Chicago Climate Exchange, and the former director of the Joyce Foundation in Chicago, Barack Hussein Obama. [a public utility for his handlers]

Rayelan: So you are saying that Beverly Eckert was actually was onto the scam?

Rayelan: Absolutely.

Rayelan: I wonder how many other family members and relatives were killed are onto this scam?

Field: David, let me just jump in here okay?

Rayelan: Okay.

Field: Here is something real, real easy. Google Wendy, W-e-n-d-y, Wendy Burlingame, B-u-r-l-i-n-g-a-m-e, Wendy Burlingame plus arson. And Wendy Burlingame was Chip Burlingame’s only daughter, only child, and she was ah, killed by arson because she wouldn’t take the money and shut up.

Rayelan: Mhm.

Field: And he was the Captain of Flight seventy-seven which a lot of you still think hit the Pentagon and ah, he was my college classmate at the Naval Academy. And ah, I’m not amused by these guys.

Daivd: So you can see, Rayelan, that ahm, the Judas in this picture, this is an allegation, he doesn’t have to send an instruction to have Beverly Eckert killed.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: He merely has to express a desire that she be killed, right? So the people who are listening who get paid by this guy and the American taxpayer, they take it as a command and they setup a cutout. So that when Beverley Eckert is killed in this Bombardier Aircraft it looks like pilot error. I was just describing the image of Barack Obama shaking the hands of Beverly Eckert who I believe was murdered a few days later and I refer to the word Judas. And ah, Field is ah, obviously knows a lot more about the bible than I do and he can explore that. If I may just say, it’s one-thirty-three, what I would like very much is around a quarter to the hour, if I could hand over to Field, to let him finish up because there’s a few delicate things that I don’t trust myself to say.

Rayelan: Okay, I should to think for everyone to hang in there on the tips of our toes until this ah…

David: Alright, and it relates to the eagle picture at the top, right? And my partner, but anyway, ahm, if – below the ahm, or to the right of the image of the burning plane and the inset picture of Beverley Eckert there’s the box ahm, Charlotte Bryan’s solutions with arms coming around the world. And this I believe is an example of hubris, or almost ahm, kleptomania if you will where this woman who was in charge of security on nine-one-one, I’m sorry, the FAA on nine-one-one…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …apparently has resigned from the Clinton Rubin partnership and has set up her company called Charlotte Bryan and she’s helping provide security for the American traveling public through the Transportation Safety Board.

Rayelan: And she doesn’t have anything to do with the Olympics in Canada right now does she?

David: Absolutely because the planes, the FAA planes that they’re going to be bringing passengers to the Olympics, athletes, officials and ordinary members of the public who want to attend those Olympics, the FAA security, for all intensive purposes has collapsed.

Rayelan: Right.

David: Because they’re not responsible for pilots flying those planes, they’re not responsible for hackers coming through Charlotte’s web into the autopilot, the uninterruptable autopilot, which we believe is installed on most planes now, such that a plane can be put through a decoy and drone maneuver that will, or made to look as though the pilot has made an error.

Rayelan: Right.

David: Now, if you have a backdoor through Charlotte’s web into the autopilot of such a plane, in real time, Rayelan…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David …in real time you can take out a life insurance policy on the passengers.

Rayelan: Yes.

David: And you can go to the international derivatives market in Chicago, which for all intensive purposes was invented by this guy Richard Sandor, whose picture is at the top right of this collage, and you can sit on either side of what’s known as a catastrophe bond. Now, if you’re a sponsor of a catastrophe bond, if the catastrophe is triggered, i.e., the plane is destroyed like Beverley Eckert’s plane [automated killing by the numbers], the money is transferred by the – from the investor money into the pot to the sponsor of the catastrophe bond.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: If the catastrophe bond is not triggered then money is transferred over Charlotte’s Web, we allege, from the sponsor to the investor. So literally it turns into a gambling operation. You can take any plane with these modifications, put it into the international futures markets in Chicago, where thirty years ago there was a player who went by the name of Hillary Clinton who went into cattle futures, and you can make a huge amount of money if you had it – if you have insider information. So for example, if you tell a man to wrap some explosives around his testicle and clear him through without a passport in Amsterdam and put him on a plane, and you know that the explosives and the mix of on board ignition systems has been adjusted so that he does not destroy the plane, the catastrophe bond is not triggered. So the sponsor of the bond loses money and that’s transferred to the investor by the escrow of Charlotte’s Web. So you see, Charlotte’s Web gives the people who control it the power of God.

Rayelan: Ya.

David: To actually determine whether you arrive or not. So when ‘Judas’ shook the hands of Beverley Eckert, his friends were on the ‘right’ side of the catastrophe bond which was triggered when the plane Beverley Eckert was flying was destroyed, and he shared the profits, we allege, with the people who blew that plane up.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: And that is called murder for hire.

Rayelan: That’s right.

David: Section one-nine-five-eight violation of the United States Criminal Code.

Rayelan: What do you think of the INTERPOL coming in? Do they have anything to do with covering up with what they are doing or arresting them?

David: You will find I believe that the pension funds of INTERPOL are being invested by Richard Sandor through catastrophe bonds, and the purpose of bringing in these various groups [investment groups] including – it could be the New York Police Detectives Fund, is to compromise them by placing them – if they’re friendly and they’re doing exactly what they’re told on the side of the catastrophe bond which is the winning side.

Rayelan: Right..

David: And then of course, you have a huge problem if you’re a legitimate member of INTERPOL, because your boss said, “Look, you either stop investigation or you divert attention, because if you don’t do that, people are going to come back to your pension fund and find you profited out of that person’s death.”

Rayelan: Okay, I’ve got a question from a listener to you, David.

David: Mhm.

Rayelan: Do you want to have the question now or do you want to finish your comment now?

David: No sure, go ahead.

Rayelan: Okay, “what is your opinion on why Mr. Harper”, I think she means “pro longed government?”

David: That’s prorogued…

Rayelan: Prorogued.

David: …it’s ah, you basically, you ahm, you send everyone home in the Houses of Parliament of Canada during a prorogued period, right? Now that means ahm, what was suppose to have happened is that they would have been sitting through the period of the Vancouver Olympics in February…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …that is our elected representatives, like your senators and congressmen…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …would have been around to determine what Canada should do in the event there was a major attack during the Winter Olympics. We believe there will be a major attack. Now, by proroguing parliament, there is no elected representative in place, or no elected organization in place, to take care of Canada’s response in the event that Maurice Strong decided to do, or attempt to do what he failed to do on nine-eleven.

Rayelan: Mhm, mhm.

David: Because remember, the huge threat to the athletes and the citizens of the world who are coming to the Olympic games in Vancouver in February, if there was a message past out over ahm, Charlotte’s Web, to their intelligence services, that if they didn’t for example, sign onto to this three-hundred and fifty cap parts carbon dioxide, which is what they wanted to do in Copenhagen, then there would be a mass attack by planes on the Olympic venues and thousands of people would die.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: And the technology they would use to do that is, they would hook ah Charlotte’s Web, and remember which is an airborne internet, to the Honeywell Security Systems which the RCMP has installed around eighteen Olympic venues. So they have actually installed the systems used by the terrorists for the nine-one-one attack pretending that the purpose is to defend the victims.

Rayeln: Mhm.

David: So they can stage an attack as I said, that will make the Munich attack of seventy-two look like a cake walk.

Rayelan: Wow.

David: Now, whether they will or not I can’t say, however, what I am saying to Harper and all the politicians and to your listeners and to the media is, you actually – until you’ve dismantled this network you cannot afford to send a single American citizen to the winter Olympic games in Vancouver because you’re setting them up potentially for blackmail and extortion.

Rayelan: And boy, I hope some of our listeners have friends or family that are going there, I would break my ankle very soon to keep from going.

David: Absolutely, I’m not going, you know, I live on the outskirts of Vancouver and ahm, I hate to think that people, you know, I’m not a kill joy, right? Ahm, I’d love to think that the Winter Olympics will be successful and safe, and it may be…

Rayelan: Right.

David: …but if you look at the corrupt structures of the Olympics, the International Olympic Committee is now an observer of the United Nations?

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Historically, the Olympics has been a massive opportunity for fraud in terms of debt to ah, cities that can’t afford to put these games on. So in Vancouver now we’re up to ten billion dollars in debt for building all the infrastructure.

Rayelan: Ya.

David: Now people who will lend you money at that level, they want it paid back.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: We can’t afford to pay that back.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: So they’re extorting us an we’re handing over our forest industry, our mining industry, our oil and gas industry, every asset normally held by shareholder companies in British Columbia, is being handed off to Richard Sandor and his cronies, including ahm, Judas here, Barack Hussein Obama, who knows Richard Sandor, who worked with Richard Sandor in developing the rules for killing the ahm, the hazardous passengers.

Rayelan: Ya, wow, you know overwhelming that when you begin to look at it like this and when you begin to realize that we’ve got something coming up that’s going to have hundreds of thousands, maybe a million people there, and folks, this is in Canada. Canada hasn’t been it yet. Do you understand this? And what they’re going to do is, they’re going to blame it on Al Queda.

David: Yes, and Canada built Charlotte’s Web for nine-one-one. British Columbia, we built the software systems that guided the planes on nine-one-one through McDonald Dettwiler and Associates. McDonald Dettwiler owns and operates the Mindbox for this cellar boxing, this naked short selling fraud.

Rayelan: Right, right.

David: McDonald Dettwiler plugged into the Sabre Reservation System. So the people who control McDonald Dettwiler knew exactly who was flying on what planes on nine-one-one.

Rayelan: Okay, and one more question about Canada. Didn’t Canada, weren’t they the ones that got – that stole Bill Hamilton’s Promis software?

David: Absolutely.

Rayelan: And it was modified and…

David: It was modified from – it’s called – Promis for Prosecution, Management, Information Systems?

Rayelan: Right.

David: And it was converted to the defense lawyers information systems.

Rayelan: Well, I’m just wondering, is this what ah,is this the platform from which Charlotte’s internet was created?

David: Yes.

Rayelan: And a lot of other things also?

David: Yes.

Rayelan: That’s what I thought. And ah, we are right now at forty-five minutes and you’ve asked if Field could take over.

David: Ya, and if I could just ah, those are wonderful words from the Jim Reeves song, that Field, a very sensitive man has put in.

Rayelan: Ahuh.

David: And it’s on the web. Maybe Field, if you could read that, and I’m going to sign off and say good bye to everyone and I’ll listen in.

Rayelan: Okay.

Field: Okay.

Rayelan: Good bye, David, and we’ll see you next week.

Field: Okay, I’m going to try and find this and ah, I’m, strolling through the blog, I’m looking, I think it’s in the chapter that just went up. So we need to go to the top of the blog.

David: I, I’ll just mention that, Field, he noted some words in a Jim Reeve song. I’ll read it out and then perhaps you can take it over. “Oh souls that live within the past where sorrow glazed over parts where a living death is all that is left with men of broken hearts…

Filed: Okay, and I’ll take over from David, he’s having a little trouble and I’ll explain that, but just to sort of brighten this up. Quoting the same set of lyrics, Elvis Presley, you can find this on Youtube, by either finding ‘These men with broken hearts with ah, search for that, either the Jim Reeves or the Elvis Presley video. But Elvis Presley, when he was trying to deflect praise from himself and, and to put that praise on God, he would remind everybody that was fortunate enough to come to his shows. Elvis Presley’s concert, that he was a humble servant of God and he would look at the crowd at a rock concert and he would say this, “You never walked in that man’s shoes, seen things through his eyes nor stood and stared with helpless hands the soul inside you dies so help your brother along the way no matter where he starts the same God that made you made you too these men with broken hearts.”

And the reason David wanted to sign off, is because his hearts breaking, because his ah, partner who is a female ah, has some very profound ah, medical problems right now and the options are not real good, but ah, I want to draw as many people’s attention as possible, some people looking at the chat room have already gone to the Youtube called a True Rainyite, and if you haven’t gone, don’t bother going now, but if anybody is on to that, a true Rainyite Youtube selection, you’ll see a logo of a great big eagle with it’s wings spread on a target and releasing a bomb and this is a logo that was designed by one of our Abel Danger people. The high school reunion ah, at Dustin, Florida on October twenty-two – twenty-five – and now I’m going to get out of high school and go right to the bible, and here’s some encouraging words, and not only for David and his partner, but for anyone. Ah, because we are often asked if we don’t get tired of this, or if we don’t feel that we are in danger, here’s the answer and it comes right out of Isaiah forty-thirty-one, but, now I’m getting a little choked up [so did I Field, when I was transcribing David’s starting to read the quoted lyrics] but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength, they will soar on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow wirry, they will walk and not be faint”, and as far as who, who is actually directing David or myself, and I would suggest you, Ray, that’s covered in Isaiah forty-two, it says, “He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth and its people are like grasshoppers”, so ahm, sorry for getting’ off on that tangent, but David wanted me to mention that.

And so, I ah, just want to leave your listeners with an encouraging note, I can assure everyone that God himself is involved in our project and ah, God has never failed yet. And just off the top of my head I would direct people who believe in God, to review Matthew twenty-five-forty where it says, “If you’ve done it to the least of these brothers of mine you’ve done it to me”, and then go back to that great big bomber, that eagle that’s going to drop a bomb and I fully intend to drop a big bomb in court next Tuesday. And we’ll start rounding up the suspects and if I was to loose my life between now and then, who cares, I don’t. You know, this is a very important project and I want to congratulate your listeners for the wonderful and well thought out and significant questions they’ve been asking in the chat room and via emails during emails in each of these three hour shows, Ray. The tribute goes to you and the tribute goes to God, and hope goes to David and his partner.

Rayelan: Yes, well you know, I ah, I’m going to have to get in touch with David because the position that I am, you know, I am exposed to all the cutting edge healing techniques that exist and we’ll see if we can get some help for her.

Field: Ya, well that’s, that’s great, but ah, David would certainly be the last one to want us to dwell on this so ah, is there anything else we can discuss regarding nine-one-one, the criminal cabal in Chicago that’s trying to destroy all the little people in the world, not just Americans and Canadians.

Rayelan: No, all of the people.

Field: Ya, and ah…

Field: Ah, I’d like you to explain this ah, Washington court case to because ah, it’s not really clear in my head what you’re ah, going to be presenting there.

Field: You mean next – what we’re going to do where?

Rayelan: Ah, in Washington, the court.

Field: Oh ya, it’s just a hearing, it’s just a status hearing and ah, perhaps someone in the chat room can explain a status hearing if ah, you know, but basically ah, both parties, the defendants and their counsels, which means attorneys, they all appear before the judge and they collectively come up with a program for how the trial is going to proceed and what my attorney and myself are preferring is a jury trial. And you can, especially you church-goers, you know where I’m going with this because they ah, jury would be common people from Washington DC and it would be revealed tot hem in a trial of what the sitting government has tried to do to them.

Rayelan: Right.

Field: So ah, we’re just going to go in and talk for about forty-five minutes. I’ll go out on a limb, it’s ninety percent likely the judge will order the defendants to settle this.

Rayelan: Now this is against ah your airline Northwestern…

Field: The Airline Pilots Association, the union, which has known about these modified airplanes because I told them myself, and I can send you this document.

Rayelan: Yes, I have it.

Field: I told them in writing on the eleventh of December of two-thousand and six, and we’ve had at least five airplanes full of people go down consistent with my warnings since then, and going back to Mathew twenty-five, “If you’ve done it to the least of these brothers of mine, you’ve done it me.” So I’m taking this real personal, and I’m taking real personal because the God the – Mathew twenty-five forty applies to each and every one of us. Whether we know it or not, and maybe that’s my function here today, to open some eyes that way, but ah, there’s not a power on earth that can stop me or cause me to cower. I’m not afraid of anyone in Washington, I’m not afraid of airplanes, I’m not afraid of the judges, I’m not afraid of weapons. I would be very much afraid of failing God.

Rayelan: I think that’s what all of us feel.

Field: I mean, that’s what brings us together.

Rayelan: I agree and fortunately I have a whole bunch of people that I work with at Rumor Mill that seem to feel the same way. Of course we get attacked by people who say we don’t really believe in God and we are making fun of God, and I just ask, how do you know what relationship I have with my father?

Field: Well, let me tell you, I’m glad you said that because there’s – the two things that God hates the most is the spilling of innocent blood, and anyone mocking him. And if you want to put layman’s terms on what I do professionally, I mock those who mock God, in fact, if you look at the way I treat these morons ah, you know, we did help solve the ‘climategate’ thing…

Rayelan: Mhm.

Field: …we helped solve the ‘flugate’ thing, these genocidal morons who are trying to inject suffering onto we the little people until they can kill us ah, you know, I have they number and we have them dialed in as the military people would say.

Rayelan: Right.

Field: And they can’t stop us.

Rayelan: And ah…

Field: That sounds rather bold, Ray, but the reason they can’t stop is number one, ah, we’re correct, number two, they don’t know how many of us there are, and number three God is on our side.

Rayelan: You know, it’s like these little moles that come up in that Whack a Mole game…

Field: Ahuh.

Rayelan: You’ve got so many little moles all over everywhere and if one mole is whacked another one is jumping up to take the place. It reminds me of, of, you know, the old soldier, the ones with the flag, if someone with the flag gets shot someone else picks it up and becomes the flag bearer. And that’s the way you have structured this group to continue to exist and it will continue to exist.

Field: And it’s growing in a ah, in a viral, it’s like a viral equation, it’s growing exponentially. I’d like to give some more credit to our new agent ah, Kui Longboard, who started working with us Monday of last week and in his first day in the office with his blogspot, which I’m sure most of your listeners think that David and I are doing this, but we’re not, Kui Lee – excuse me, Kui Longboard and ah, in his first day at work he ah, out produced us two-hundred and fifty percent.

Rayelan: Well it is his, his blog, his Abel Danger dot blogspot dot com.

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Field McConnell & David Hawkins: Transcript—9 February 2010 Hour 2

Source: radiotime.com

David Hawkins/Field McConnell Interview with Jack Stockwell Radio on
February 9, 2010 – Part 2 (Hour 2)

Jack Stockwell: I am looking at this ah, ahm abeldanger blogspot dot com ah, gentlemen, I have some people calling me and telling me that ah, they’re getting something about the skylab when they go to that web site.

David Hawkins: Ah, they might be spel – spelling ah, abel danger incorrectly, it’s abel, Cain and Able, so it’s a-b-e-l danger…

Jack: Ya, that’s, that’s what just happened here. Someone said here, try this, I just went to it and they’re spelling it a-b-l, or a-b-l-e instead of a-b-e-l.

David: Ya, and the reason why we call it abel is obviously there’s ah – you’ve actually got an internal problem in the United States just as we have ah, in Canada where brothers sisters and wives and husbands and so on, are actually being manipulated to fight each other and kill each other in some cases.

Jack: Ya, so those of you who have just did what I told you to do, try spelling it a-b-e-l danger dot blogspot dot com. You might find that that works a little bit better and as we are going through here I will try to ah, make that change here on my little iPhone and see if that is in fact not the problem here because I want everybody if possible to be looking at this because you need to see this. A-b-e-l danger, Abel like the brother of Cain and see if that doesn’t make ah, ah a bit of difference here, so oh, I see Field McConnell here, that’s the problem. Those of you who were having a problem picking up the skylab *laugh* ya, there it is. Ya, if you’ll spell it a-b-e-l danger dot com, or blogspot dot com you’ll find it.

I just got it on my iPhone so we’re, we’re in the pink. So ah, those of you just tuning in who weren’t listening to the first hour, I’m sorry, we heard some really good information, stay tuned for this hour as we ahm, we’re, we’re looking, we’re looking right now at a picture at abeldanger dot blogspot dot com spelled a-b-e-l danger ah, faces and ah, of people who are put together on this ah, banner ahm, by some fellas in Hawaii, of people who are complicit with ah, with nine-eleven. To some degree or another ah even though some of them ah, well, in the case of Saul Alinsky dead before it happened. But ahm, his ah, his ahm, his ahm, acolyte sitting there with her blond hair and her chin in hand ah, certainly had a role to play. Who is off to her side?

David: Well the guy on the right – actually let me just hop over to the supreme right because there’s a shield that you can see…

Jack: Yes, yes.

David: …which has got the initials fs?

Jack: Yes.

David: F for Fabian; S for society?

Jack: Yes.

David: Fabian Society, and that’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Now probably the most powerful Fabian banker in the world is David Rockefeller junior.

Jack: And that’s who I’m looking at?

David: Ya, well ah, we’ll, just, we’ll come back to that. The point about ahm, Fabian Society is was launched out of the London School of Economics, I think around the late nineteenth century?

Jack: Yes, yes, I think it really started to gain momentum in the first decade of the twentieth century.

David: Right. And the London School of Economics ah, the alma meter of David Rockefeller junior was John F. Kennedy.

Jack: Yes.

David: And we believe the Fabian Society has – it has three global goals, one is to centralize credit in the hands of the Fabians which they’ve done with this fund at ten Downing Street ahm, which has fifty-five trillion dollars in it. Fifty-five trillion dollars, Jack, right?

Jack: Yes.

David: You can buy a lot of people with fifty-five trillion dollars.

Jack: Huh.

David: And that include the New York City Retirement Fund, the firefighters, in *garbled* and teachers. Anyway, their agenda is to centralize credit with the state and control spending, lending and taxing and in fact, they want a global carbon tax in the global common so everyone pays them for the right to breath out. The second is to have global governance through a global elite of teachers at university level.

Jack: Mhm.

David: And the third is eugenics, that is, the depopulation of the earth through sterilization, or abortion, or genocides.

Jack: Or the elimination of the use of DDT in Africa.

David: Correct.

Jack: This shield, is this the Fabian shield or…

David: Yes.

Jack: Is that a caricature of it?

David: No, that’s the Fabian shield.

Jack: A wolf in sheep’s clothing.

David: Exactly. So they infiltrate governments because one of their absolute hatreds is the sovereign state, so they have worked I believe, since the eighteen-eighties or eighteen-nineties in the destruction of the sovereign state and most of the wars I think when we’ve finished our analysis we’ll find that it goes back to the Fabian Society operating out of London.

Jack: Did you ever see the movie ahm, Things to Come, H.G. Wells’ thing that’s ahm, what was the name of the ah, oh the guy that was the star of it, I forget, an English actor but it came out in the thirties, Things to Come, and it was…

David: I didn’t se that.

Jack: …and it was the – you, write that down and rent it. Things to Come, it’s back in the thirties, ahm, ah, my goodness, why can’t I think of the star of that thing, a well known actor. Anyway…

Field Mconnell: I’ll get it for you while you talk.

Jack: Things to Come and there is, you know, of course world war one was suppose to have been the decimation of the planet. That was the design by the Fabian Socialists; it wasn’t suppose to end as quickly as it did and it was suppose to follow the design of H.G. Wells earlier ideas of a one world government because H.G. wells was a globalist in his day and associated with Bertrand Russell and a lot of the other one worlders and ah, in this movie Things to Come there’s, you know, the great war, world war one, decimates the planet and ah, the second half of the movie after the war is over is the formation of this world government and this fellow ah, who represents the world government is visiting these little pockets of people who banded together to survive the decimation of the war. And he’s visiting them one after another to pull them into this world organization and, and this is what was being taught in Hollywood in the thirties. The day of individual state sovereignty is over. If you maintain your sovereignty we will have to destroy you so in the name of peace we invite you to join our world organization. And that’s the…

Field: Raymond Massey.

Jack: Raymond Massey, thank you. And that’s exactly what he says in this movie and the first time I ever saw it was some late Saturday night thing when I was a teenager and got home from a date and I wasn’t ready to go to sleep yet, and it was on some late, late movie and I was watching it. I was fascinated with the fact that they had such high tech representation in the thirties of what could come out of war and the decimation and the, and the famine of war. And, but it wasn’t until I saw it again just a few years ago, and I have a copy of it at home on DVD, that if – with the political ah, knowledge I have now, that I can better understand now, people like the Rockefeller’s, people like the Ford Foundation, the Carnegie Foundation, all these different individual groups here put the bottom line statement of a quarterly report before their own national sovereignty, before the constitution, before any sense that the rest of us have who have got through eleventh grade ah, in the United States, eleventh grade American history and appreciation for the work of our founders, these guys see the Constitution as an absolute impediment to what they’re trying to do. And so once I saw that movie, I tell ya, everything fell into place. Things To Come starring Raymond Massey. Get a copy of it and see it.

David: I will. Well, that’s fantastic, and you see that technique, and it’s so exciting, their shield shows a sheep in wolves clothing.

Jack: Ya, *laugh* It’s ah…

David: Their motus operandi is to ah, get inside a powerful organization and then destroy it from within.

Jack: Yes.

David: Now, it’s very obvious if I ah, or Abel Danger launched a spy and tried to get inside the intimate circle of Vladimir Putin in Russia to find out what he was up to, it would be extremely difficult for us to recruit such an individual. You’ve got to speak Russian fluently, why would ah, Putin ah, chat and expose any secrets to ahm, one of our spies, however, it’s very obvious these people are brilliant users of sex because the way to get inside the intimate circle of someone like Bill Clinton, is through sex.

David: Yes.

David: Right, now, Bill Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University who got thrown out of Oxford University for rape and drug trafficking. And in nineteen sixty-nine, he’s ah, off in Russia teaching the Russians ah, how to handle actionable intelligence coming out of Vietnam through John ‘songbird’ McCain.

Jack: Yes.

David: Alright, so Hillary, her career has been, and I believe whether she was recruited directly or indirectly, I think she was hired by the Fabians, right, to work with and through Bill, and ultimately used the charisma of Bill to distract attention from the organization that was coming in behind him. And if you look at all these…

Jack: And the connection was…

David: …characters…

Jack: And the connection between, now you say to distract what was going on behind him? The connection to the Rose Law Firm and Sidley Austin.

David: Well, ah, going back to the QRS ele – eleven gyroscope, the only way those planes could fly as they as they did on nine-one-one was through technology.

Jack: Yes.

David: Like the plane that hit the Pentagon, and people ah, don’t seem to understand what you lost in the Pentagon on nine-one-one. You had the US Naval Command Center taken out, meaning the link between the President of the United States and US Naval assets around the world was broken. So our question is, why don’t you ask what, who, who and where and what those functions transferred to?

Jack: Exactly, see the big debate, which I’ve always believed was a distraction, was it an airplane or a missile?

David: Well, that’s a distraction.

Jack: That’s not important.

David: No.

Jack: What’s important is what was taken out and the fact that the president’s direct link to ah, ahm, nuclear arms submarines was destroyed.

David: And replaced by…

Jack: By replaced by something that a Canadian jet that Canada was in charge of

David: What we know now is an organization called – well, ah, the new world order was in charge of – it’s a company called Femme Comp Inc.

Jack: Yes.

David: Right, which has it’s female finger on the nuclear button.

Jack: Right, but I think you understand what I think Canada in charge of it?

David: Absolutely because ahm, I’ve sent you ah, ah, an email today, right? Which ah, I’ll just read the heading, “Murder Suspect Williams Flew Governor General and Minister Aboard the Challenger”, now if you recollect, the Challenger aircraft, we have said and alleged built by Bombardier, were modified combat support aircraft flying civilian aircraft through the nine-one-one war games.

Jack: Okay.

David: “And the office” – I’m just reading this, “The officer charged in the death of two Ontario women was pilot to VIPs including the prime minister and the governor general before he was handed command of the country’s largest air force base.”

Jack: Trinton.

David: So what we’re saying is, the Fabians have been hiring women [the term ‘utilities’ has been mentioned before] to technically if you will, to get inside the ahm, ah, the ah, close space of extremely powerful people such as presidents or commanders of air force bases, and then use them as the wolves in sheep’s clothing, right? To get…

Jack: Now you’re saying this about Hillary with Bill?

David: Absolutely.

Jack: Bill was dumb enough not to see what was happening?

David: No, Bill was ahm, a totally feckless human being into drugs and ahm, power and ah…

Jack: Interns.

David: …rape…

Jack: Ya.

David: …right, at a very early age and a wonderful very charismatic and very bright guy who could just distract people and dazzle them with charisma, exactly like Barack Obama. The more dangerous party is the wife. Now, Hillary went into, and that’s why ah, Michelle Obama is up on this Abel Danger picture, Hillary went into patent and intellectual law because that’s how you get whole of the technology for the wolf inside sheep’s clothing. That’s how you can fly a plane as though it was a Muslim low time pilot and then take out the US Naval Command Center.

Jack: Ya, who couldn’t even land a Cessna. You are listening to Hawks Café who have been on more times than I can count, and I have been fascinated to no end with ah, the way they have drawn this string to – through several, several different people and ah, events that have occurred ah, over, well several decades now, but primarily what’s happened over the last decade, that have been pretty well to draw a picture that, while a lot of people are worried about Zionism, and a lot of people are worried about the collapse of the dollar and worried about a bunch of other stuff I was talking about yesterday. It seems at the top of this is just a, you know, I was in Saint George, we expanded our office ah, gentlemen down to the very southern part of the state. I’ve got a clinic down there now [Jack is a chiropractor] and as I was getting’ ready, I was doing a radio show down there Saturday morning, I was getting ready for the show I turned on the tv while I was getting dressed. And murder incorporated, remember that old thing, Stuart Whitman and, and ah, ahm, must have, I guess it came out in the fifties. That’s kind of what it boils down to now, the old ah, Cain and Abel story. Can we simplify it that much?

David: Ya, it’s a protection racket. Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, the bosses of the Weatherman terrorist underground where into extortion. You pay protection money or they whack you.

Jack: Yes. *laugh*

David: Right.

Jack: Right, and so the off spring of the old street thugs who went around beating up newspaper men if they didn’t pay protection money from keeping their newspapers from catching on fire have gone to Yale, have gone to ah, the ah, ivy league schools, have gone to London School of Economics ahm, have gone to the Chicago School of Economics, or whatever it’s called right now, and now they are ahm, instead of, you know, with a purple suit and a purple shirt, a purple tie with greased slicked back hair, they’re sitting on these foundations, they’re sitting on these corporate boards, and they have been able to take control essentially through the fear of death, ah, control of Wall Street, control of several other things that ah, kind of put them in the driver’s seat right now and it’s one big expansion from hell’s kitchen to the entire planet.

David: Ya, and they’re charging you for the right to breath.

Jack: That’s the next thing here.

David: Well, it’s, it’s not the next thing, they’ve already done it because the Carbon Disclosure Project that was launched in December of two-thousand, we allege to finance the nine-one-one attack out of ten Downing Street in London, is based on the principle if you don’t tell us how much carbon dioxide you’re using, we’re assuming you’re going to use too much.

Jack: Precisely.

David: So we’re going to kill you.

Jack: Exactly, so the thing is ah, you better ah, you better do what you can up front right now and come into this particular carbon tax bracket because we’ll fine the hell out of you if you don’t.

David: Or, if you don’t we’ll put you on the wrong side of the catastrophe bond.

Jack: *laugh* [cynical laugh]

David: Well, going back to the Utah State Pension Funds, …

Jack: Stay off an airplane.

David: I’m not reproaching you or your former teacher colleagues, Jack, but you don’t know what’s been done with your pension fund and I suggest to you, if you have a group of teachers, or intellectual elite in Utah who are resisting the idea of paying a carbon tax, which is basically the right to breath ahm, they are going to find their portion of the pension fund is put on the losing side of a catastrophe bond.

Jack: Alright, let’s go on here. Who is to the right of ah, Hillary?

David: Okay, the shield, to the right of the shield is a guy called Henry Bienen [interview], who is the…

Jack: To the right of Hillary.

David: Oh, sorry, as I look at the picture of the shield I’ve gone over to the other side to get the big picture.

Jack: Okay *laugh*

David: Right, the shield is the Fabian Society shield which is the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Jack: Right.

David: So what I’m trying to do now is to explain how they get the wolf in sheep’s clothing and then insert them into the community so everyone thinks they’re sheep when they’re really wolves. Okay, so the guy on the right is Henry Bienen who was the President of Northwestern University and he is the guy who recruited Bernadine Dohrn, the Weatherman Underground terrorist leader to teach at Northwestern University in the School of Law.

Jack: Yes.

David: And he is, we allege, the boss of the CIA’s SAD, have you ever heard of the SAD?

Jack: Yes.

David: It’s theoretically the Special Activities Division, but our research indicates that this grew out of the Office of Strategic Services in the second world war that was in the Rockefeller Center, and the Office of Strategic Services in the ah, world war two was responsible for sabotage, assassination and deception.

Jack: Okay.

David: And we think that Henry Beinen, the President of Northwestern University, helped to build a service out of Northwestern University through the Kellogg School of Management for sabotage, assassination and deception, except it wasn’t for the United States of America, it was for the Fabian Society.

Jack: *sigh* Alright.

David: To the left of the shield the Fabian Society, is a guy who is wearing the robe of the realm in the United Kingdom?

Jack: Yes.

David: And his name is ah, Lord Michael Ashcroft, and Lord Michael Ashcroft is a very interesting guy because he restructured the security company Tyco and ADT and in nineteen eighty-nine, the ADT security company was awarded, wait for it, a forty-five year contract to maintain security for the United States and the United Kingdom Government. That’s pretty weird when you think about it. That the United States Government, we the people etcetera, should ah, hand off security of government buildings such as the US Naval Command Center in the Pentagon, or the White House, or Capital Building, or the Secret Services office in building number seven in the World Trade Center to a Brit for forty-five years.

Field: David, let me jump in there.

Jack: Ya, that is quite odd.

Field: Jack, while they ah, handed off the security to the Brits, in the case of nine-eleven, they al – also handed off the security of our airspace to the Canadians in the person of Maurice Berile [not sure on spelling until verified] – Henry Shelton, the ah, the chairman, had taken a hike and gone over to Europe and during the time of the nine-eleven attack, the entire defense of North America was under a Canadian general and ah, although that happens routinely ah, because of the nature of joint Canadian and ah, US Air Force participation in NORAD [North American Air Defense], nine-eleven attacks during those multi-layered exercises could not could not have occurred had not General Berile [not sure on spelling until checked] and his ah, lap dog, Richard Finley, been in charge. So what we have is the Brits providing security while the Canadians attack America on nine-eleven.

Jack: Right, that’s what I meant earlier when I said a Canadian general was in charge. Ya, precisely. So let’s move on here.

David: Okay, well ahm, so ah, this man, Michael Ashcroft, incidentally, is associated through the ah, DEA, Drug Enfor – Drug Enforcement Agency investigation?

Jack: Yes.

David: With ah, air smuggling drug trafficking and money laundering under the Turks and Cacaos islands and he’s in charge of ADT Security and it was ADT security dispatchers that sent the ah, firefighters in the Twin Towers, up to their death. That sent people working in the North Tower, a company called Co2e dot com

Jack: Mhm.

David: …the ADT dispatchers had appeared to have hacked into the security system of the Twin Towers and basically herded high value victims to different parts of the towers where their carbon dioxide was monitored and signals sent to Chicago to drive the computer to determine whether or not the buildings should be demolished.

Jack: Hmm.

David: On the left of Michael Ashcroft is ah, George Brown, the president – Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Jack: Gordon Brown.

David: Ah, Gordon Brown.

Jack: Ya, kind of a younger picture there.

David: To the left of him is a man called Maurice Strong.

Jack: Oh yes.

David: Now Maurice Strong is a genocidal psychopath who is a Canadian, who was responsible for the oil for food program and the theft of about thirty-billion dollars to finance we allege, nine-one-one. And he’s a depopulationist who believes the earth population should be reduced from six billion to five-hundred million.

Jack: Yes.

David: And in nineteen fifty-two or fifty-three, David Rockefeller sent him to Kenya to build up the Mau Mau terrorist organization.

Jack: Hm.

David: To the left of Maurice Strong is Bernadine Dohrn, who Edgar Hoover described as “the most dangerous woman in America”, who is now teaching at Northwestern University School of Law on the Rwanda Genocide and Torture, Paradigms and Practice.

Jack: Good gracious.

David: And she built in the courts a nation wide revolutionary network to bomb and to kill in the seventies including bombing the Pentagon.

Jack: Ya, she’s still free walking the streets.

David: And when did she dismantle that network?

Jack: Ahhh, the weather women? [that’s funny, Jack, the ‘weather women’] I don’t believe she dismantled the networks.

David: She never dismantled the network.

Jack: No.

David: She was hired into Northwestern University by her father-in-law [Ayers] and Henry Bienen to extend the network. And she used, we allege, the Kellogg School of Management’s global supply chains to move weapons, agents and money around the world, but remember, she’s only an asset in global networks, she’s not the network.

Jack: Well no, she’s a utility.

David: Exactly.

Jack: Because her name is so prominent.

David: And she’s got a lot of skills building bombs and putting networks together and staying on the lamb. Next to her [referring to the pictures on the banner at the top of the Abel Danger blog] is Richard Sandor.

Jack: Oh, that’s why I didn’t recognize him.

David: Now Richard Sandor is the Chairman of the Chicago Climate Exchange and one of the ah, fellow founders of the Chicago Climate Exchange is Maurice Strong.

Jack: Ya, who stands to make billions off the carbon tax.

David: Absolutely so does Al Gore who trades on the Chicago Exchange.

Jack: Yes, right.

David: And what the Chicago Climate Exchange is, is an extortion racket which says to people, “Either you pay for the right to breath out, or you tell us how much you are breathing out so we can tax you, or we’re going to kill you.” And the biggest trader of carbon dioxide credits on nine-one-one was ah, a group of individuals with a company called Co2e dot com at the top of the North Tower.

Jack: Yes.

David: And that was the only competition to the perspective launch of the Chicago Climate Exchange in two-thousand and three. They killed them all, Jack.

Jack: Yes.

David: Except for the people who were given inside information to be out of the building.

Jack: Who were out there buying puts on American and United Airlines.

David: Philip Ginsberg was the vide-President of the company C02e dot com and he was ‘accidentally’ out of the building and he’s a lecturer at the Kellogg School of Management in Chicago. So on the left of ah, Sandor…

Jack: Sandor.

David: …is a guy called Peter Peterson. Now Peter Peterson is a nineteen forty-seven alumnus of the Kellogg School of Management. On nine-one-one he happened to be the Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations, he was also the Chairman of the Blackstone private Equity Group which owned the mortgage on building number seven.

Jack: *laugh* [what else is there left to do but laugh, right]

David: And Peter Peterson took out a catastrophe bond on building number seven…

Jack: Yes.

David: …by doubling the insurance mortgage by four-hundred million.

Jack: Right, right.

David: So when it came down he made four-hundred million profit as a sponsor and he shared it with his colleagues in the Council on Foreign Relations which includes in Chicago, the first lady of the United States.

Jack: Incre – just absolutely incredible.

David; And above ah, Peter Peterson, whose a draft dodger, he got kicked out of MIT for plagiarizing a paper that went to the Kellogg School of Management is ahm, a famous Fabian by the name of Tony Blair.

Jack: Yes, yes… *laugh* …geezuz…[how bad can it get, hey Jack]

David: And Tony Blair, and more importantly his wife, Sheri Blair, launched the Carbon Disclosure Project at ten Downing Street on the fourth of December two-thousand, we allege to finance the nine-one-one attack.

Jack: My goodness, my goodness.

David: Now, very interesting, Sheri Blair, is a graduate, or an alumnus of the London School of Economics.

Jack: Alright, I’ve got some off air questions for you here.

David: Yes.

Jack: Where does Conrad Black fit in? Where does Sarah Palin fit in? And can you take a moment and explain the origin of the name Fabian?

David: Okay, ahm, the Fabian General, or Fabius, I think ah, maybe Field could google for his full name? He was a guy with a big wart on his nose and he was a brilliant general and he was up against Hannibal and he was trying to defend Rome from the Carthaginians, or the Hannibal’s hordes, right?

Jack: Right.

David: But he figured he couldn’t take them on frontally because Hannibal was a brilliant general and the Romans were out numbered, so he developed a technique called “attrition”, an organized retreat with a scorched earth policy? And so the Fabians being cowards, scumbags and traitors, will never take on the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada and Australia.

Jack: Ahm, I want you to finish your thought, but when we get to Conrad Black, I think we need to bring in the name Bronfman with it, but ah, go ahead, David.

David: Ahm, so the question was what do I think of, or what do we think of Conrad Black and Sarah Palin, or was there something…

Jack: Ya, let’s do Conrad Black first because he was involved in Kennedy’s assassination.

David: Okay, Conrad Black is probably the best publisher that Canada’s ever had. He had the Hollinger Newspaper chain where one of its groups of investigative journalists in the national Post was starting to expose this ah, Fabian scam?

Jack: Ya.

David: Conrad Black was an administrator of the Biderburger Group and he knew all the details of for example, Bilderburger meeting in Gutenberg meeting in Sweden on the twenty-fourth to the twenty-seventh of May two-thousand and one where we think the ah, final planning for nine-one-one was completed ahm, in the company amongst others, John Carrey.

Jack: My goodness.

David: Now, after nine-one-one various people including Conrad Black, were in a position to expose this conspiracy so he had to be destroyed. So the Fabian bankers arranged a loan, because everything is financed with debt, arranged a loan of three point nine billion dollars to Camwest Global which bought the Hollinger chain from Conrad Black and then through the ah, KPMG and Sidley Austin set up ahm, ah, Conrad Black with a bogus claim of undo expenses from the ah, partnership agreement and they effectively put him in jail where he’s been silenced. So I think the Fabian Society took out Conrad Black because he threatened to expose the nine-one-one conspiracy.

Jack: Sarah Palin?

David: Ah, Sarah Palin, ahm, Field, jump in here. I don’t want to be too intrusive here because she is I think a very capable woman. I personally as a Brit and a Canadian, I look at Sarah Palin, who said of her fifth child who ahm, has certain disadvantages, “He’s beautiful to me and I think that’s what mothers are suppose to say.”

Jack: Well, that’s true, but on the other hand let me say this.

David: Mmm.

Jack: Ahm, anybody who makes any advancement either party in America can’t do so without the endorsement of this group.

David: Exactly, but now, and that, if I may – Field, is it reasonable if I just talk about the symbol above the Fabian Society shield? Ah, you see that we’ve got there an eagle, a wonderful picture of an eagle. And if I can just take a moment, my wife ah, took that picture of the eagle at White Rock.

Jack: Ya.

David: And Kui Longboard whose built this wonderful site has taken her eagle, we call it ‘Lady Eagle’, whether it’s a lady I don’t know or not, the American flag and ah, it’s below the words ‘Tea Party Reform?’ And you can see the words ‘We Love Co2?’ And ‘Don’t Tread on the Truth.’ Now, I believe, and I could be proved wrong, I’m sure that this tea party is a hugely powerful movement, but it’s disorganized, it has at the moment – its got no leaders. And what the Fabian Society is going to try to do, is demonize and break it up before it gets real momentum for the congressional elections in November. And any potentiality that starts to appear like Sarah Palin, will be attacked and demonized.

Jack: Ya.

David: And possibly co-opted but I don’t think they’re going to find it very easy with this woman. She has a lot of integrity. But what she lacks and the tea party lacks, is a framework for the November congressional elections.

Jack: Yes.

David: And if it’s ever going to turn into a movement, it’s going to need some issues. So what we’ve done and I hope it, I hope it’s with the proper humility ahm, if you scroll down below the shield Fabian Society. It says, ‘Go to Abel Danger Home Page?’

Jack: Yes.

David: And then it says, “Print the Tea Party Reform?’

Jack: Yes.

David: And I would invite your readers ah, your listeners ah, Jack, and in Utah, to look at this platform we’ve written ahm, for the ah, congressional elections in November. It can be printed out and very briefly we’ve described what we think is a remedy for this ah, Fabian Society corruption and the new world order and the carbon tax. And ahm, I don’t know if you want to go into that now, or continue with the faces…

Jack: Well, there’s only a couple left and it’s interesting that some pictures are bigger than others and the two, three most prominent ones there are probably the guy who is in the middle who we all know and love as Al Gore [like in algorithm, Jack].

David: Right.

Jack: And immediately beside him is ah, Pelosi.

David: Yes.

Jack: And also Hillary ah, those are the three biggest pictures. Maybe Bara – Barack Obama’s picture, but Al Gore has the most prominent picture in that entire banner.

David: Right, and I think that’s related to his work ahm, I don’t know if you remember, Jack, but I was coordinator of artificial intelligence and geoscience research for Sclumberger [not sure on spelling of the name of this company]…

Jack: Mhm.

David: …in Connecticut in nineteen eighty-one and I pioneered the development of
models, mental models for interpreting data?

Jack: Mhm.

David: And at that time I sensed, and I couldn’t put my finger on it, there was something coming through Schlumberger [I think this is the correct company] which I really didn’t like, which was an attempt to ah, reduce a human brain to a set of rules in a computer, essentially an algorithmic representation?

Jack: Mhm.

David: And that’s why I think it’s so ironic because Al Gore and algorithmic, you know, they’ve got *laugh* a certain resonance. And what we’re saying is, that these people you are looking at have built an algorithmic decision making on a computer that determines whether or not people are going to get killed depending on whether they’re paying a carbon dioxide tax.

Jack: Oh my goodness.

David: And Al Gore alleging claims to be behind the internet and was peddling artificial intelligence to congress back about the time I was working with Schlumberger.

Jack: Ah.

David: Go ahead.

Jack: I just want to interrupt this for a second. I was sent this ahm, email here, by my wife regarding your background?

David: Yes.

Jack: And I just wanted people to hear this. Ah, graduated from Cambridge with honors, first class honors in mechanical engineering Cambridge University, diploma in industrial management, Cambridge University, Foundation Scholarship, Queen’s College, Cambridge University, for outstanding academic performance in applied mathematics and thermal dynamics, so ladies and gentlemen that’s who you’re listening to.

David: Yes, thermal dynamics is the science of hot air, waste and chaos [you mean like the Goddess of Chaos, Eris?]

Jack: Yes.

David: *laugh* Which is a great metaphor for politics, right?

Jack: Hot air, waste and chaos.

David: Right, now, so I was given – my, the brain I’ve got is my gift from God you know, so ah, I’m not the owner of this brain. It’s a very powerful machine, sometimes I sit on my own shoulder and look at it and say, “Wow, that’s pretty spectacular!” But I can look at people like Al Gore, and I think in a way that a lot of people can’t do, I can, I can position him in the organization that uses it. Which is what about, which is about thermal dynamics, it’s not the particle that’s of interest, it’s the energy that moves the particle through space.

Jack: Right.

David: And all of these people are particles in a sense, and they’re being moved by huge forces, financial forces, energetic forces and so on.

Jack: And running for their life forces.

David: Well, they’re running towards great wealth or from great fear.

Jack: Yes.

David: Right, but, but in many ways they’re victims but you have to hold everyone to account, right? Now I think the ninety-nine percent of the people who are involved in ah, nine-one-one are either fooled, duped or terrified. There are very, very few people who are at the top of what in criminal law, I think you call them ‘men’s rare’ [not sure of this term until checked], the guilty mind who help plan it all together?

Jack: Mhm.

David: Now the algorithms used by Richard Sandor to run the ah, I sometimes call it the ‘carbon cap and kill project’ [and I call it high tech automated killing by numbers], where written by a group of people, he being just one, but the most interesting guy who wrote the cap and kill ruled into the algorithms that were used on nine-one-one was a director of the Joyce Foundation.

Jack: Okay.

David: Barack Hussein Obama.

Jack: Ah, Field, we haven’t heard a whole lot from you, what’s your opinion of the Tea Party Platform?

Field: Ah, we’re trying to establish what the Tea Party Platform is, but ah, as you can see that our tea party that we announced doesn’t say ‘tea’, so we’re

Jack: It’s just tea.

Field: Well, we think it’s the truth. In out adaptation it’s the ah, truth party, the treason party, or the traitor party because we’re telling the truth about the treasonous traitors that attacked America on nine-eleven and are poised to attack Whistler next week, and ah, they got some other surprises planned. For instance, if anybody is listening to the media in America is the government is one-hundred percent sure they’re going to be an Al Qaeda attack by August.

Jack: In America?

Field: Yes, and ah…

Jack: Yes, I knew when I was looking at this Tea Party Platform, it wasn’t the t-e-a, but the letter ‘t’ *laugh* when I started reading the points of your platform here, so ah, ladies and gentlemen, when you go – when you click on the ‘Tea Party Platform’ this is their letter ‘T’ party platform, not the Tea Party back in Nashville. But ah, if the Tea Party platform back in Nashville had these aspects to the platform check for a thousand bucks today.

David: And you know what, what I think we’re saying is, we’ve got, we’ve got an eagle inside sheep’s clothing. But basically we’re friendly on the inside, we’re friendly on the outside, but we want to go after the weasels.

Jack: Ya.

David: Alright hey, let’s talk about Whistler. We’ve only got a few minutes – we only have five minutes left on the program today.

David: Okay, what has happened in British Columbia for the Vancouver twenty-ten Olympics and ah, Whistler is a great ski resort, is that the British Columbians have been trapped into ah, basically unlawful debt. We’ve borrowed seven to ten billion dollars of money to build ahm, the Olympic facilities including the rat – the Canada line and the road widening to Whistler, and all of the agreements that have put together relate back to this algorithm developed by Sandor and Obama where you borrow money and pay back not interest and principal, but you pay back carbon tax.

Jack: Alright.

David: And if you don’t pay the carbon tax they whack you. Right, now in every case if you look at these cat bonds being triggered. They take a target area, a target city like New York City on nine-one-one, or Washington on nine-one-one?

Jack: Yes.

David: And they say, “Either you pay the carbon tax or we will fire up an algorithm that will and it doesn’t matter how much carbon you are emitting whether or not you paid your money, and automatically through the computer send a signal for example, to some saboteurs and assassins and they’re going to kill you. And it will all be done by computers – what they’ve forgotten, these clowns, is that the people who programmed the computer that executed nine-one-one and we allege the ah, clean bombing, the power plant in Connecticut, and possibly the attacks on the Vancouver Olympics, either by air or by ground, the people who programmed the algorithms are guilty of murder for hire. So if we can find out who programmed the algorithms that were used on nine-one-one, the cleanex bombing, sorry, the clean bombing and God forbid, the attacks on the Olympics then we have the core elements of the biggest court case in the history of the world.

Jack: Yes.

David: Which is a murder for hire conspiracy we think funded by the Fabian Society, but we already know who funded it, or programmed, who put the laws or rules into the algorithm, it was Barack Hussein Obama at the Joyce Foundation and Richard Sandor at the Kellogg School of Management.

Jack: *cynical sigh*

David: So we’re in a position to launch, or help the Tea Party get legs ahm, and I’m not running for office – I’m hoping that Field will in this congress. But I think if he runs on this Tea Party platform, and that’s don’t tread on the truth party, then ah, without actually forming a new party like the republicans, you know, competing with the republicans, you say to the republicans, “We want to see the candidates in the republican party or the democratic party that support the Tea Party principles. And I would suggest to the Tea Party people who are looking for a candidate to support, if you support that you’ll get your country back.

Jack: Well…

David: If you don’t you’re finished.

Jack: There are other people who I have on my show from time to time who are of much the same opinion and ah, the continuation of a life span of this republic ah, is definitely hanging in the balance. Gentlemen, we have to go but ah, you know, this last, I guess its been a month, I don’t want to go that long again by any means ahm, maybe we, I’m going to look at the schedule. Maybe we can get something scheduled in another couple of weeks if that’s okay with you?

David: Absolutely.

Field: That would be great.

Jack: Field, thank you so much for being a part of the show ah, are you using skype today?

Field: No, I’m on a telephone, Jack.

Jack: Oh, okay, you just sound really good. Alright guys, thanks a lot, we’ll see you later.

David: Thank you, Jack.

Jack: Take that as you will. I suggest that you spend some time perhaps researching some of their sources that they ah, they list an awful lot of information there, but ah, abeldanger dot blogspot dot com, a-b-e-l danger.

Pipeline Riders

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Field McConnell & David Hawkins: Transcript—10 February 2010 Hour 1

Source: rumormillnewsradio.com, hawkscafe, captainsherlock.com

David Hawkins/Field McConnell Interview with Rayelan Allan on
February 10, 2010 – Part 1 (Hour 1)

Rayelan Allan: And so which one of the incredible events that just happened starting over the weekend ah, are we going to discuss?

David Hawkins: Well, hello, Rayelan, it’s nice to be with you ahm, from my point of view there is no other story than the arrest on Sunday of Colonel Russell Williams, the Canadian Officer who appears to have been flying Bombardier electronic warfare and combat support jets through the nine-one-one attack on the United States, and he‘s been arrested and charged with murder and sexual assault. Of course he’s innocent until proved guilty ahm, those attacks, assaults and murders are associated with snuff films.

Rayelan: Now he wouldn’t happened to have been out at the pig farm would he have been?

David: That’s what we can on to, but very important for Americans, Australians, Canadian and British soldiers in Afghanistan, this man who would have flown Canadian Prime Ministers ad generals into key parts of the world including General Michaelle Jean [I think this is the correct name] Afghanistan.

Rayelan: Yes.

David: Ah, was in charge of a Canadian intelligence base called ah, Mirage which is responsible for intelligence and logistics for Canadian Forces in Afghanistan where they’re getting shot and blown up on a regular basis with improvised explosive devices.

Rayelan: Right.

Davd: Which we have been alerting the Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper for years that when the Taliban set up an improvised explosive devices to kill American, Canadian, British and American [I think David meant Australian] troops it’s because there is a leak of their movements where they’re going and when they’re going to be there coming through Canada and the Airborne Internet that was developed and we call it ‘Charlotte’s web?’

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Ah, by the Fabian bankers J.P. Morgan and *garbled* [couldn’t clearly understand the name] ah, for me, and incidentally, this man is in charge of airborne security for the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Rayelan: You are amazed – you are kidding me?! *Sigh*

David: Right, now just go back to nine-one-one, what they did, this scum, is they got General Henry Shelton, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, on a plane going to Europe, and George W. Bush whose formerly a pilot with the Texas Air National Guard reading a goat story.

Rayelan: Right.

David: So the two people with the fighter aircraft knowledge who would have seen an early warning signal that the war games between Canada and the United States was a set up. They were off seat and they were not in the Presidential Chain of Command. Therefore the Presidential Chain of Command had been handed off to the Senior Executive Service, and this organization of women, Femme Comp Inc, which is basically an organization as I see it a bunch of women that are ah, ah, conspiring to overthrow the Government of United States.

Rayelan: Yes, but, but, tell them [listeners] how powerful they are because Femme Comp Inc., if I’m not mistaken, controls many of the defense appropriations? [scroll down]

David: They control the command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, c four sr facilities and they have done so since nineteen seventy-nine when they were set up by President Carter and the founder of the Senior Executive Service ah, I believe Kristine Marcy, Field’s sister.

Rayelan: Unbelievable, unbelievable that they have remained hidden all this time.

David: That’s the key to success, to be camouflaged. If you’re coward and your treasonous, you have to stay under cover until you think you’re strong enough to stage a nine-one-one which was a coup de’ tat to overthrow the United States.

Rayelan: And they did it.

David: And the on seen commanders, that is that the ah, Flight seventy-seven which allegedly hit the Pentagon, Flight ninety-three that got blown up over Shanksville, Pennsylvania, and eleven-hundred and seventy-five that took out the North and South Towers. Most witnesses in the area witnessed a small white jet with a spoiler, up turned wings ah, totally white and these Field has given me the right terminology. These are on seen command vehicles?

Rayelan: Yes.

David: And they are responsible for the electronic hijacking of passenger aircraft, which hypothetically for the sake of nine-one-one, had been hijacked by actors. And what Americans thought was being tested was the software being developed in Canada, to take a plane that had been physically hijacked and return it safely. What the Americans didn’t know, as this guy Russell Williams, who was in command of that transport facility for American VIPs ah, prime ministers and governor general, appears to have been in the business of, or extorted by a snuff film network.

Rayelan: Un – unbelievable. Do you want to talk about this snuff film network that these people are all involved in for just a minute because we got lot’s of new listeners? Ah, just ah, I don’t even know how to cover it. [you are about as jaded as I am, Rayelan]

David: I’ll go back to the pig farm.

Rayelan: Ya, go back to the pig farm.

David: In British Columbia, there is ah, a famous pig farm owned by the Pickton family, Willie Pickton. About the time Colonel Russell Williams joined the Air Force which was in nineteen-eighty seven, women have been taken from the downtown east side, prostitutes and we believe through ahm, a couple of my chief hereditary friends in British Columbia, children as well, and they were taken out to the ah, Pickton Pig Farm to engage in strip shows. And the raves that took place at that pig farm in years running up to two-thousand and one, would have seventeen-hundred people, free cocaine, free marijuana, free alcohol. Hell Angels were selling the tickets and there was a dance hall built with a mortgage arranged through the Liberal Party of Canada ah, for about a million dollars. The top of the rage dance hall at the pig farm and at the back of the it was a film editing studio.

Rayelan: Oh wow.

David: And the women would go out there and for a free crack cocaine or whatever, the promise was made to them perhaps money, apparently they would strip on stage and then someone would jump out from behind the curtains with a chainsaw. Sorry to be nasty but this is dirty stuff.

Rayelan: It, it is horrible stuff and people need to know about it and it’s going on for over thirty years now

David: Ya.

Rayelan: Maybe longer.

David: And so lawyers and would be politicians and local business people and children as well, they would go up there, particularly I would presume they’re at a younger age because when your young you like to do thrilling and exciting things.

Rayelan: Ya.

David: Now, there’s a woman called Di, Dia, D-i-n-a-h Taylor who is part native blood and she seems to have been the woman that was the mattress ad ah, di for the organization of the dancing and the snuff films.

Rayelan: Yes.

David: And she was described as a ahm, a psychopath?

Rayelan: Ahuh.

David: And it was said there were many women in leather gear out at that pig farm from out of town?

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: And the pig farm is not far from the Vancouver Airport. And it would appear because that pig farm was run by a federally registered charity. I’ll repeat that, the Pickton Pig Farm dance hall was run by a federally registered, a liberal government registered charity in Canada called the ‘Piggey Palace Good Times Society.’

Rayelan: That is…

David: That means it would have had a board of directors.

Rayelan: Right.

David: Alright, who we allege are responsible for the wrongful death of the women who died out at the pig farm. Now no one, and you can understand what I’m saying is true, has had the courage to come forward and report what they’ve seen there because these people are killers. And anyone who is on the digital imagine that contains shots of any of the women or children being tortured or killed out at that pig farm is owned for life.

Rayelan: Ya, talk about that one lawyer or politician that you heard make the comment.

David: There wasn’t a politician – I’m the politician, I’m the leader of the Brit – British Columbia Reform Party so when I was campaigning in this *garbled* near Vancouver, I talked to people about the collapse of the justice system in Canada…

Rayelan: Yes.

David: …and amongst others I went to a hair dressing salon and a woman I was talking to there, I was hoping to get her vote, she said, “You know”, and she looked at me totally pale, she said, “David, what your saying horrifies me because”, and I forget if it was her boyfriend, “he was a firefighter, he had been out to that pig farm and he said”, this is her words so ahm, I can’t second guess it or demonstrate whether it’s true or not, but apparently he told her, “he would rather die than appear in court as a witness to what he saw at the pig farm.”

Rayelan: And I’m, I’m wondering if that’s exactly what would happen if ah, charges are ever brought that all the people connected to it will just commit suicide?

David: And that’s what we have to get past you see, ah, ah, with your listeners collectively we can throw the lights on this. So I’ve written to Harper this morning and I’ve sent you a copy of that letter, Steven Harper is the Prime Minister of Canada?

Rayelan: Yes.

David: And I’ve pointed out to him this man who has been arrested, Colonel Russell Williams, and like all people he’s presumed innocent until proven guilty and I’m very ready to concede that to him.

Rayelan: Right.

David: And everyone must do that. Now the problem is, if it is true that he was involved in recording women being tortured and raped and possibly killed, we have to go back in time to when he joined the Canadian Air Force in nineteen-eighty-seven.

Rayelan: Right.

David: And ask ourselves was he entrapped at that stage, for example, did he fly – he was flying cl one-four-four’s which are ahm, electronic warfare Bombardier Aircraft for the Canadian Air Force. Now, when Canadian pilots get out of their planes and go and drink at a local pub they’re obviously targets for ahm, the intelligence services of the enemy.

Rayelan: Of course.

David: Which Canada and the United State have many. Now what it would appear in nineteen seventy-nine with this organization Femme Comp Inc., that a bunch of radical women, not necessarily lesbian or bisexual, decided that they wanted – the best way of getting into a position of overthrowing the Government of the United States. Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom for example, would be to get into a relationship with a target in the military or in politics and inevitably involve them in ah, blackmaleable situation.

Rayelan: Of course.

David: For example, on camera out at the pig farm.

Rayelan: Ya.

David: Extort them.

Rayelan: Ya, I mean just imagine, this guys invited out there, he’s having a good time ah, he’s standing my the ah, ah stage watching this woman strip and suddenly and suddenly the guy comes out with the chain saw and there he is smiling as she’s being sawed in half.

David: Ya, and I’m just giving you a hypothetical there. I don’t know that, you know he’s certainly used chain saws to cut up the bodies and he fed bits to the pigs and the other bits he cooked on an open fire as a barbecue

Rayelan: And fed to the people that attended?

David: Exactly.

Rayelan: And this is exactly the way I heard stories of this happening in Mexico and in South America and orchestrated by people in our government.

David: Now, let’s be very careful about orchestrated people in your government, yes, those people might be orchestrating it but we don’t know why they’re orchestrating it.

Rayelan: Right, I agree.

David: Right, so this man, Russell Williams, he had a tremendous reputation and a brilliant career, I mean, just imagine being I charge of Canada’s logistics base for the troops in Afghanistan? Where right now Canadian, British and Australian troops are essentially defending the drug trade with the Taliban.

Rayelan: Right, right.

David: Right, where these profits are being laundered through these banks, like J.P. Morgan at ah, in the United Kingdom, and these soldiers are being sacrificed with an internal treasonous intelligence service.

Rayelan: Ya, that sounds about normal, I mean…

David: So now the Winter Olympics you have – we have a huge risk because now that the airborne commander for security for the Winter Olympics is in jail what is the backup doing? And who is the backup?

Rayelan: Ya, who is?

David: So if they have an attempt to coup de’ tat that failed on nine-one-one why wouldn’t they attempt a coup de’ tat when the Canadian Parliament is shut down, pro-rouged [not sure of this term] as the is the technical word and Steven Harper the rime Minister who is a great hockey fan shows up in Vancouver in Whistler with senior ministers of the Canadian Government and the person in charge of airborne security for the Winter Olympics is in jail?

Field: Hey David, can I jump in here?

David: Yes, please do.

Field: While your ah, parliament is pro-rouged [not sure of this term] up in Canada, the leadership of the United States of America is inundated with snowstorms in DC and New York City, so business as usu, excuse me, business as usual is not being conducted in Washington D.C. or New York ah, due to the inundation of snow at the same time Whistler Olympics are being deprived of snow and it’s my understanding they’re trucking it in so the Olympics can go on as per normal.

David: Well…

Rayelan: It does seem kind of strange that we are completely shut down and you wonder what’s going on while our government and Wall Street and finances are completely shut down because of, you know, this snow that’s been brought about by global warming. [I’ll say, Rayelan, four feet of white global warming]

David: Ya, and all of those are distraction, but the key I think, is to get into the chain of command.


David: Well ah…

Field: Chain of command. [Field keeping David on track]

Rayelan: Chain of command.

David: Ya, the chain of command and let’s, let’s back up here. Ah. Remember on nine-one-one there was a war game exercise called ‘Global Guardian’ going on?

Rayelan: Yes.

David: And Field McConnell whose filed a court case in Fargo, North Dakota, Hawks Café verses the Global Guardians, where – since they gave the name to the war game on nine-one-one Global Guardians, we’ve taken that name and used it to refer to the criminal organization that executed the nine-one-one attacks, right? So since they described as the Global Guardians on nine-one-one we at Hawks Café are going to take them down as a racketeering, influence and criminal organization called the ‘Global Guardians.’

Rayelan: Fantastic.

David: But that was filed in two-thousand and seven.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Alright, and we’ve learned a lot more since then, more particularly how they infiltrated and took over the chain of command on nine-one-one, and took that chain of command away from the President of the United States, away from Congress and transferred it to an organization we now recognize as the Senior Executive Service which is about seven-thousand senior bureaucrats that control each government department in the United States?

Rayelan: And, and David, you’ve got to really make people understand what the Senior [Executive] Service is. In other words, a member of the Senior Executive Service could walk into the Secretary of Defense’s Bob Gates office, and say, “You’re out of here I’m taking over.”

David: Correct. And ah, let Field describe that because his sister I believe, founded the Senior Executive Service in nineteen seventy-nine.

Field: Yes, okay, and the way I found out about this by the way ah, in the late chapters of the fourth book, roughly around chapters twenty-six and seven ah, my character and myself in reality were going were going down to a high school reunion ah, in Destin, Florida, and that was a very intelligence rich reunion and ah, I met a gentleman there whose hiding place is in Naval Intelligence who when I asked him one-to-one privately, if there were enough loyal servants [corporations verses flesh and blood people] ah, in positions of authority within the United States Government, and that was the Alpha Channel of government which is ah, the government which most of your listeners are aware of which includes the elected officials that ah, are supposedly elected in free elections.

But anyway, I asked him if there were enough servants in the Alpha channel of government to save this country from the plans of the ah, group that I call, “Fabian Marxist oddballs that want to destroy America for benefit of one world order, or the new world order, or whatever you want to call it.” His response to me was, “Yes, there’s enough people and ah, especially the Department of Defense and also in the Department of Treasury and also America can be saved.” And I said, “If there’s enough people that can save it what’s the problem in getting it saved?” And he asked me, “If I ever heard of the SES?” And I answered that, “No, I had not.” And he told me that, “The SES is the Senior Executive Service.” Ah, and he didn’t give me a whole lot of that because as soon as he told me the name Senior Executive Service, I told ah, this gentleman who had actually gone to school in Puerto Rico. Ah, the same high school I went to, I told him just with the name SES in five minutes I could be an expert on it because I could make a phone call to David Hawkins in Vancouver, which I did immediately, and by the time I got up into my room and check emails, David had made the starting – startling conclusion that not only was SES deployed, but had been deployed since its inception in nineteen seventy-nine, but David was ah, really pleased and determined that it appeared my own sister was the one who had created this SES.

And what the SES effectively does is it effectively blocks communications vertically upwards. Just so your listeners can understand this idea, let’s pick the FBI, and if ninety-nine percent of the FBI employees are loyal all it takes is one SES person between the director of the FE – FBI which is Robert Swan Mueller the third, a former Marine who I think was educated at Rutgers, but who cares ahm, but it would take just one ahm, wet behind the ears junior SES plant to be shoved in sideways to obstruct the flow of information from the FBI upwards, which means that ah, whether you like or dislike people like Obama and George Bush, they are in a position of ignorance because real, real intelligence is suppressed and cannot get to them vertically because of SES blockers, but also during the Clinton Administration ah, the Gorelick wall went up which prohibited cross talk between FBI and CIA and other agencies. So that brings us around to this day in history which I think is about the tenth of February of two-thousand and ten where the intelligence communities of the United States and Canada are completely obstructed.

At the same time that the centers of government of Canada and the United States are in incommunicado due to snowstorms and the pre-rouge, I think I’m pronouncing that right, but the ah, the decision by Harper to shut down the parliament, and so what we have now are real world threats against Whistler and the Winter Olympics, and also in the ah, private intelligence networks, there’s a lot of chatter [I like the term sub space chatter where all thought is vectored] regarding Iran, Israel, UK and US in using terms such as ‘orders of battle’ and ah, I’m familiar with air orders of battle, but these are not good things ahm, but I’ll turn it over to the long winded one with the cheesy accent who can go on from here, but ah, if it weren’t for private intelligence sources and cross talking ah, I think we would be much more vulnerable, but as it, as it is we are plenty vulnerable thanks a lot to the SES ah, and the SES in Washington D.C. needs to be gone yesterday.

Rayelan: Okay, where are we? We’ve just finished…

David: Okay, I’ve just, ya, I’ve got something very exciting and you’ll have received the reply ahm, because it went by copies. There’s a woman by the name of Diane Cooper who’s just sent me an email from the Femme Comp address in Chantilly?

Ryaelan: Oh, very interesting, I see that.

David: And she said, “Please stop emailing me.”

Rayelan: Ahuh.

David: Alright, so this is going to be in my reply, and I’m sort of typing it while I ah, think. This is going to go back to her, and I’m putting the address in which is the s, and I’ll read it out so that people can take note but ah, perhaps it can go into the chat room or onwards. So this is an organization called Femme Comp Inc. and Femme is the French word for woman.

Rayelan: Ahuh.

David: Comp is an abbreviated form ah, of a word that we now believe is compromis [French], or compromised?

Rayelan: Right.

David: So if you’re a woman who happens to have bizarre sexual ahm, appetite, and happen to go to a pig farm in your youth to attend a strip show, and you’re on one of these ah, snuff films, then you would, or could usefully be described as compromised.

Rayelan: Right.

David: And we now – we know there are a lot of leather-clad women from out of town at the pig farms during these raves when the women were killed.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: So I believe that the word Femme Comp Inc ahm, which was set up in nineteen seventy-nine, the year the unabombing started, was set up by the people who founded the Senior Executive Service. Now, whether that was Kristine Marcy, Field’s sister, or some of her colleagues, I don’t know, but given the authority granted to Femme Comp Inc. it looks like there was an attempt, a treasonous attempt, to create a government within a government inside the United States that was run by radical feminists.

Rayelan: Now there is that radical feminist group in ahm, in ah, Canada, who believes there are three sexes, there are males, there are females and there are lesbians.

David: Ya, and in French they were called les lesbiennes radicales.

Rayelan: That’s correct.

David: And if you look at the history of the Weather Underground organization?

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Particularly Bernadine Dohrn who’s a lecturer at the Northwestern University School of Law?

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Ah, she is on record, and I don’t have it in front of me, but they ah, used a combination of sex and drugs to take over the Weatherman Underground radical organization and ultimately their goal was to overthrow the government of the United States.

Rayelan: And ah, ah people have to realize that when he says “drugs”, they’re really not talking about marijuana and that sort of thing. They’re talking about things like scopolimine [is a tropane alkaloid drug with muscarinic antagonist effects] which can be injected or ah, given in a cigarette and a for ah, ah for a length of time you are so ah, so vulnerable to hypnotic programming you won’t even now it. And that programming will stay with you possibly for the rest of your life.

David: Well ah, hypnotic program is one way of controlling people and the other one is taking a snuff film with them in it…

Rayelan: Yes.

David: …and extorting them. And I don’t think any of us can really predict how we would behave if someone had a film of an event where we were ahm, an unwitting observer or witness?

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: And someone was being killed. And we started off by smiling but hey never showed us, the never showed on the film, when the expression changed from a smile to horror.

Rayelan: That’s right, that’s exactly right. But ah, the reason that I mentioned the scopolamine is that there are at least three people I know of heard this through a number of intelligence operatives that have been given scopolamine and have been told that they are ahm, ah, that they are cutting up ah, you know, a roast, when in actuality they are cutting up humans and eating the humans in front of the ah, the camera. And they don’t know what they have done until they see it on the video.

David: Exactly, so going back to Russell Williams, remember, I can’t emphasize the importance of this enough, he is the commander for airborne security for the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Rayelan: Yes.

David: And he’s been set up, I don’t know how he got into it where he’s facing a charge now of murder and sexual assault apparently involving the use of snuff films or pornography.

Rayelan: It’s, it’s just amazing. It’ll be amazing to see if this will be one of the first – you know, I’ve been calling for truth and reconciliation trials for a long time…

David: We don’t have time for that.

Rayelan: What are you going to do, just go shoot them all?

David: No, no, but I’m saying collectively we, American citizens and Canadian citizens, don’t have time to wait for bureaucrats to give us the privilege of a truth and reconciliation committee.

Rayelan: Okay, but…

David: We are at war.

Rayelan: Okay, but what’s your way of doing it? Waking up people…

David: Well, it’s not my way. I, I want to alert people ahm, how shall I say this? I want the average American citizen, the Canadian citizen, the British citizen, and the Australian citizen to realize they are at war with an enemy operating out of uniform. That is outside the protection of the Geneva Convention.

Rayelan: Yes.

David: And the proper remedy for that is to take these people and put them in front of a military tribunal because the great majority the American, Canadian and British and Australian military are loyal servants of the people of the ah, ah country where they live and work and die for that matter.

Rayelan: That’s correct.

David: Right? So they operating out of a uniform, we know who they are and let me just tell you how I’m replying ahm, this is to Diane Cooper, and you’ll be getting a copy of this in a minute?

Rayelan: Yes, I have it already.

David: Ah, now the follow up to my reply after Diane Cooper giving the address, to the corporate headquarters at one for seven o New Brook Drive, Suite one-hundred Chantilly, Virginia. Telephone seven-o-three-nine-six-one-one-eight-one-eight, email info at femme comp dot com, and we’ve got their gps coordinance, and I’m saying to Diane Cooper, “You’ve asked me to stop sending email to your address but per below you have been, you – your, your fci personnel are often asked to act on behalf of the government, or to represent the government in some capacity.” And then I’m putting the question, “qou warranto”, maybe Field can just address that so I can get this letter off?

Field: Ya, I’m going to address quo warranto? Well let me tell you what I’m doing on the other end here, and I wish the chat room was up so we could ah, communicate that way, but I’m honoring her request, and I’m lookin’ at her letter from Diane Cooper at fcicos dot com ah, addressed to about twenty different people. It says, “Stop sending emails to this address.” Ah, I noticed that in her email address ah, six letters, fcicos. Cos is the identifier for Colorado Springs and so I presume Diane Cooper is not at the Chantilly office at all, that’s their headquarters in Virginia. And I believe that you Ray, have some history with Chantilly?

Rayelan: Ah, we were able to trace the *garbled* massacre to a psychiatrist in Chantilly.

Field: Okay, well certain things keep coming up like a bad burrito and Chantilly, Virginia is one of them ah, I, I agree with David, and pardon me while I cough *cough* I agree with David, that if they’re representing the broad interest of the United States Government ah, they really don’t have the luxury of stopping emails when people that are ah, effected by the US Government ask them legitimate and simple questions. For instance, who are you and what do you do and why do you want us to stop sending you emails?

Rayelan: Right.

David: And what does quo warranto mean, maybe you could tell them?

Field: Well, by quo warranto means by what authority, and that’s the issue that Orley Taitz is ah, bringing before district court in Washington D.C. and I know that Uncle Ray and David know and some other people that follow our work at the blogspot but, on Saturday night of last week, Orley Taitz was ah, asked by the Tea Party National Convention in Nashville, if she’d come on short notice and she wasn’t aware it was sold out and impossible to get in. So we found a way to get her in and ah, in exchange for that courtesy she stood by that purple car and had her photograph taken. And those photographs will be in and she is simply asking by what authority is Barry Soetoro serving as President of the United States and it appears there is no authority, there is no Barry Soetoro, there is no Barack Obama, there is no college degree from Pepperdine, there is no college degree from Columbia, there is no college degree from law school, there is no history of work performed in the nature of w2 earnings ah, there is no history that ah, he had a passport to get into ah, Pakistan in nineteen eighty-one and it’s almost as if – if there is no person. And we’d like to know, and the American people as well as the global commoners especially those in the Anglosphere. I think we’re all entitled to know who this individual is ah, who sponsored him and how we can most efficiently we can remove him from squatting at sixteen-hundred Pennsylvania Avenue.

Rayelan: Ah, I just read an article about the, about one of the judges down in Los Angeles that Orley Taitz has gone through, and he’s just dismissed the case and the reason he’s dismissed the case is, he said the only way to remove a president is through impeachment. None of this, none of these cases mean anything at all ah, unless ah, the evidence is, you know, evidence is introduced in an impeachment trial and so that means more than ever twenty-ten we’ve got to get the republicans in there because then we just might see the birth certificate, the lack of ah, you know, credentials from the colleges he is suppose to have attended, and all of the other things surrounding his family.

David: But only if the republicans have not been infiltrated…

Rayelan: That is true.

David: …by this terrorist group such that their leaders are too terrified to do what they should do.

Rayelan: That is absolutely true and unfortunately it could happen to anyone. I mean it could happen to Sarah Palin, to her husband, to Ron Paul, Ran Paul, it could happen to anybody, because what happens to you, you’re set up, you have no idea is happening and, and it happens, and then it’s there on video and *sigh* it’s too late for you.

David: Right. And the boyfriend of one of the woman who was murdered ahm, for which this ah, gentleman, Colonel Russell Williams, has been arrested, is a soldier working on Olympic security. So he came back to his home and he found his girlfriend dead and he was a suspect.

Rayelan: Of course.

David: Of course. Now, again, what kind of message has he got? He’s got a message from someone I suggest, “We can kill any member of your family”, right? So when you are providing security for the Winter Olympics, for example the Winter Olympic Village that was built with eight-hundred million dollars of money from Fortress Investments in New York, Fortress Investments was a hedge fund that was floated ahm, about three years ago by a law firm named Sidley Austin.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Where the ah, the mortgage agreements for the Olympic Village were suppose to be kept private and they were leaked by a counselor of Vancouver City who was so frightened by someone, he had a lie detector test by the Vancouver Police to try to prove that he didn’t leak them, but evidently someone believed that he did, or he knew someone that did and his sister, Wendy Ladner-Beaudry, was beaten to death in a park in British Vancouver and the police said to the family, “You are going to require more than a photograph of the deceased before we can identify her.”

Rayelan: Oh my God. And you know, there’s a congressman, I think it’s Kucinich [I think this is who is referenced], who has had two members of his family die under extremely ah, ah, mysterious causes, and one, took about three months to die. And she was in just horrible pain and agony the entire time and…

David: Right…

Rayelan: Sorry, go ahead.

David: So going back to the ah, cl one-four-four, the American, sorry, the Canadian electronic warfare planes that were illegally modified we allege by a private contractor to run the nine-one-one war games, this man Russell Williams, was flying them. Now, whether he was flying the one that accompanied United ninety-three, or seventy-seven, or eleven-hundred and seventy-five, I don’t know. But the fact is he had motive, weapon and opportunity if you include the possibility, the motive he’s so terrified of what he’s done, or what he would have been seen to have done, he would do anything rather than to reveal this snuff film network that perhaps has links back to the pig farm.

Rayelan: An this ah, who, who is in charge of this man? Where is he physically? How do we know he’s not going to kill himself. How do we know someone is not going to kill him or kill some of his relatives?

David: We don’t, but we do know who controlled his career because it was a very, if you will, a powerful, the French word is puissant [I think, or some form of this word], someone took this man in nineteen eighty-seven, and sort of twenty years he becomes the head, or commanding officer of the Canadian logistics base for Afghanistan with all that that implies. So he moved along. Now, the question of course is, if he did murder these women, when did he start this process of serial killing?

Rayelan: Ya, you wonder.

David: If he started it in nineteen eighty-seven whether it was by entrapment or design what it means is, that Canadian intelligence has been fundamentally dismantled and destroyed counter-intelligence.

Rayelan: Right, and of course that’s what we fell about ours her in the United States.

David: Exactly. And it was – it is being destroyed by Senior Executive Service in the United States and Femme Comp Inc. and remember that Robert Hanssen, the most damaging and dangerous spy in the history of the United States…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …became a Senior Executive Service member in November of two-thousand. He was arrested in January of two-thousand and one, but by then he had provided the entire ah, continuity of government rules.

Raylen: Well now, if he was arrested and yet he ah, ah, Field is ah, having a conversation with someone without putting on his mute button ahm, ah, I never understood how he could have been arrested. These people have infiltrated at such a high level how could have he been arrested, or was his arrest a set up to put him in a place where nobody can implicate him in any of the things that he was doing?

David: Absolutely, it was a limited hang out, they knew he was going to be arrested,
so we think that in December of two-thousand, Field’s sister and others, promoted him into a Senior Executive Service position so that when he was arrested in January, he could be placed in the custody of traitors within inside the Department of Justice and continue the planning of the nine-one-one attack.

Rayelan: Ya, that is what I thought.

David: Now here is what I have written to Diane Cooper and you’ve got a copy I hope.

Rayelan: Yes, I do.

David: What I’ve put in front of it is ‘quo warranto’ and it’s pyroclastic cloud at Femme Comp KU Crime Scene.

Rayelan: Right.

David: And this is the original email which shows a picture of a pyroclastic cloud at the ah, ground zero crime scene, and a pyroclastic cloud is typical of what you would get if a volcano blows up?

Rayelan: Right.

David: And you have the heavy dust and extremely hot ah, gases…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …and it’s actually heavier than air and it rolls down the side of the volcano and it was a pyroclastic cloud that killed the people when Vesuvius blew up?

Rayelan: Right.

David: About two-thousand years ago [AD 79] in Herculaneum?

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: And when, when a pyroclastic cloud hits you, it boils your brains [well, that’s good to know]

Rayelan: Hm.

David: And you die almost instantly [thank God] in the pasture just before you had just before you died. [you mean like this, David] So when they dig u these bodies, right? They find them buried, you know, in a gesture like they just shielded their face, and then as they’re hit by this pyroclastic cloud?

Rayelan: Right.

David: And it just locks them in that position including dogs in agony etc., etc…

Rayelan: Now to create that you need a very high pressure to blow the rocks into smithereens, sort of pulverized dust, which is what you get when you have steam under water with the trapped lava in the rock. And the steam, sorry, the water turns into super heated steam…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …and it blows the rocks apart and that was the package designed to destroy the World Trade Centers one and two. And I found this picture today and I thought this was particularly relevant so I, I decided I was going to send it to Femme Comp Inc. in Chantilly, Virginia. And what I’m basically accusing is, that Femme Comp Inc. helped to organize the nine-one-one attack. Now, obviously that’s upset this woman but to hell with her.

Rayelan: It would be interesting to know who she is? Have you googled her yet?

David: Well, what I’ve given, I’ve given you the telephone number and the gps coordinance of the corporate headquarters and again, you ask, “What can we do?” Well, I suggest every listener call this woman, Diane Cooper, because this is what they say at the Femme Comp website:

Ahm, fci, “Femme Comp Inc. is a customer focused organization. Our business is focused on providing innovative and high quality, that’s SETA, system and engineering and technical assistance services and solutions to DoD”, that’s the Department of Defense, “and other Federal Government clients.We strive to meet and consistently exceed our client’s goals. One of FCI’s greatest strengths is its commitment to ethical business and engineering practices. As SETA contractors to the DoD and other Federal Agencies, FCI personnel are often asked to act on behalf of the government or to represent the government in some capacity. This position ultimately represents the highest form of trust that a client can bestow on a upon a SETA contractor.”

Now Femme Comp Inc. controls the command and control system of the United States Government. So every military serving officer in the United States, I believe right now, should refuse to obey any orders coming through the chain of command until that order can be demonstrated to have come from the individual authorized to give it.

Rayelan: I agree, I agree. You know…

David: All we need to do to shut this, shut these scum down, is to say to Diane Cooper, and I’m absolutely delighted, and that’s how stupid they are, she should have never come out of the woodwork.

Rayelan: Right, I know it, I know it.

David: We have her telephone number, we have her name, we have her request, and I’m saying to you to hell with her, because not only are those orders coming through the Canadian, sorry, the American military, they’re coming through joint forces into Afghanistan. They’re coming to the British and Canadian Military, and I’m a British citizen and a Canadian citizen, and I’m saying our troops are being murdered by effectively this woman and her colleagues acting without the dual [not certain this was the intended word] authority of the President of the United States. Forgetting whether or not he’s a usurper whatever.

Rayelan: And do you think that there is any possibility that she is just a low level secretary who thinks that it’s a legitimate company?

David: I don’t care.

Rayelan: Okay, well…

David: It doesn’t matter whether she a low level secretary or the woman at the top, the fact of the matter remains is, they say they act in behalf of the government. And I’m saying, “By whose authority do you act in behalf of the government?”

Rayelan: Right. Now this fcicos email address that she had, is that, what is the fci, is that the Federal Correctional Institution?

David: No, it’s Femme Comp Inc.

Rayelan: It is, isn’t that interesting that it has ah, ah the same as the ah, the Federal Correctional Institution?

Field: It is more interesting – hang on a minute, David, it’s more interesting than that, Uncle Ray, because it’s gone right over David’s head.

Pipeline Riders

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Field McConnell & David Hawkins: Transcript—9 February 2010 Hour 1

Source: radiotime.com

David Hawkins/Field McConnell Interview with Jack Stockwell Radio on
February 9, 2010 – Part 1 (Hour 1)

Jack Stockwell: Welcome to my show this morning, David, Field, glad you could be here.

David Hawkins:
Thanks for having us, Jack.

Field McConnell: Good morning. Jack.

Jack: Field, you were plowing through snow yesterday, something like that, you were in the Midwest bad weather we’re having?

Field: Ah ya, I started out Sunday morning from Nashville, Tennessee where I had been down in the Tea Party Convention and I had to stop driving at about Waverly, Iowa due to slippery roads, poor visibility and ah, all sorts of vehicles slinging themselves around randomly and ah, when I left Waverly, Iowa yesterday morning at about eight-thirty AM the visibility was poor, the roads were slippery and once again, it looked like a pinball machine rather than a highway and I would say, yesterday morning I probably saw sixty accidents some of them…

Jack: My goodness.

Field: …ya, it was, it was not a good day to be driving and ah, but I feel very fortunate that I had the luxury of time and no deadline so I could, you know, use a little bit of good judgment and try to avoid the ditch. But ah, you know, getting home safely yesterday was not a good bet and some how I was fortunate enough to do so. So, it’s nice to be home and it’s nice to be on your show again, Jack.

Jack: Well, thank you very much, I appreciate that. I have been, I’ve been to Waverly and I went to school in Iowa, eastern Iowa and I know what Midwest snowstorms can be like and you just find a nice warm place somewhere and you stay there until it’s over with.

Field: That’s what I did Sunday night and an added bonus I got to the hotel about fifteen minutes before the Super Bowl started.

Jack: There’s some other stuff going on out there that I want my listeners to hear you guys talk about especially the ah, ahm, what’s Emerson-Sandor doing with these Mindbox algorithms. What the possible – you know, this Middleton, Connecticut where the Clean Power Plant was partially blown up, people were killed. What that has to do with the Olympic Games that start this Friday? David, do you want to start off here and help me ah, organize my thoughts at least? 

David: Ya, sure Jack, thanks. Well, there’s a man by the name of Richard Sandor the ah, he’s a professor or occasional professor at the Kellogg School of Management in Chicago?

Jack: Right.

David: And his specialty is the development, well, you call it algorithms, but they’re really computer programs…

Jack: Yes.

David: …to engage in cap and trade in ah, carbon dioxide?

Jack: Precisely.

David: And he’s applied for a patent, I don’t know whether its been granted yet, ah, where he ties municipal debt, like ah, the town in Connecticut close to this Clean Power Plant that got blown up, or partially blown up on Sunday. Apparently it’s Middletown?

Jack: Right.

David: And apparently on Sunday they were commissioning the plant, now whether it’s a hundred contractors, or a hundred companies that were sub-contractors to that plant, but they were commissioning and testing the plant. And we’ve always associated these tests with ah, with the strong possibility ah, for example, sabotage vulnerability suddenly turns into the real thing as happened on nine-one-one.

Jack: Yes.

David: So what we’ve discovered with Richard Sandor is, he’s developed ahm, an insurance instrument in the company of others in the United Kingdom which is called, and your listeners may not have heard of this before, it’s called ‘catastrophe bond insurance?’

Jack: Okay.

David: And it’s a very interesting way for crooks to make money and launder money because catastrophe bond is written for sponsors of the bond if they think a catastrophe will happen. So they put ah, let’s say a hundred million dollars in escrow for the duration say for example, Hurricane Katrina? And they stand to lose that money if the catastrophe does not happen.

Jack: Huh.

David: On the other side of the catastrophe bond are the investors, cat bond investors and they put in a lot more money than a hundred-million dollars on the basis they don’t think the catastrophe is going to happen. And the catastrophe could be for example, in the duration of Hurricane Katrina in the vicinity of New Orleans, if the levies gave way and there was a flood in excess of fifteen feet in the low lying parishes which is huge, of course.

Jack: Yes.

David: Right, so the investors would be told by Richard Sandor and his spin meisters, there’s very little chance the flood, that the levies will give way simultaneously and there will be a fifteen foot flood so why don’t you put in fifty-billion dollars. Now the fifty-billion dollars, is of course lost, if the fifteen foot flood occurs to the sponsor. Ah, but the people putting in the fifteen-million – fifty-billion dollars stand to make a hundred-million dollars in a couple of weeks if the cat bond is not triggered if there’s not a fifteen foot flood. So you can see, if you spin it- if you’re the escrow, you know what an escrow is – it holds the money on both sides?

Jack: Right.

David: And it has an instruction, or instruction set which is, it can be purely computer based. If this happens and this happens and this happens transfers the investor’s money to the sponsor, and if that happens and that happens and that happens and that doesn’t happen, transfer the sponsor’s money to the investor. So, you can actually write a computer program entirely independent of human beings, if you will, that moves the money either from the sponsor to the investor, or the investor to the sponsor. Triggered by for example, a fifteen foot flood or not triggered by a fifteen foot flood.

Jack: What if somebody blows the levies?

David: Exactly. If you’ve got a spread of fifty million ah, or a hundred-million dollars on the sponsor’s side in the pot, and fifty-billion dollars on the investor’s side in the pot, obviously there’s a huge amount of money to be made by the escrow, if they hire a spon – a saboteur and assassin, to blow the levies up, which is what they did with Hurricane Katrina. The levies gave way four places simultaneously, I forget the day, but about three o’clock in the morning, after Jack, Hurricane Katrina had past eighty miles to the east of the city twenty-three hours before. It was over.

Jack: Yes.

David: It was all over. And then someone put some dual yield explosives, and triggered them at four places simultaneously and a barge in the industrial canal had been unmoored and they blew up a side wall in the industrial canal and the barge was sucked through the wall and widened the gap to increase the flood rate to the low lying parishes. And all this had been modeled on a computer a week before in a simulation called ‘Hurricane Pam.’ And the objective was to drawn sixty-thousand inhabitants in the low lying parishes, trigger the cat bonds, and transfer huge amounts of money to investors in the cat bond to the sponsors of the cat bond.

Jack: Do you want to explain the cat bond, c-a-t bond, the cat bond for a second?

David: Ya, the catastrophe bond, or the cat bond as it stands, is an insurance instrument and the world’s leading catastrophe bond insurer, is company ACE, A-c-e in Bermuda, and one of the directors of Ace, is a man called Leo Mullin [check spelling] whose also an adviser to Goldman Sachs and he is a trustee of Northwestern University which has the Kellogg School of Management in its portfolio. 
Jack: Hmm.

David: And the catastrophe bond is written by insurance and reinsurance companies and sold to sponsors and investors. And a sponsor of a cat bond might be, and I’m just looking at the page called the ah, the Utah State Retirement System, which is in your back yard.

Jack: Oh ya.

David: And this is one page ah, a document entitled The Terrorism Investments of the Fifty States of America that was prepared on August the twelfth of two-thousand four because what the alumni faculty at the Kellogg School of Management have done, is they’ve tricked ah, federal, state and local city or municipal pension funds, to play in the catastrophe bond market which is a very dangerous market to play in if you are not an insider. Now the, you’re not, the Utah State Retirement System has refused to provide records of the fund’s investment portfolios. The fund is reportedly exempt under Utah State Law from providing its investments funds to the public and what we’re suggesting, and Field’s been traveling so he probably hasn’t time to catch up on recent discoveries, is we think the Utah State Retirement System gaming the catastrophe bond industry.

Jack: A lot of you have heard about this explosion that David is referring to ah, at this power plant that’s ah, under construction in Connecticut, just a few days ago five people so far reported dead. The financing of this plant, a billion dollars in bond, a billion, one billion ah, in bonds backed by Goldman Sachs, was used to finance the plant. The power the plant would have been producing when it went on line this summer would ah, would have gone online this summer, was the stream for this money. Now Energy Investors Fund, which is a private equity fund, indirectly owns a share in the power plant and the equity, or the Energy Investors Fund investors, partially from corporate pension funds and public pension funds, and so, do we know yet what happened there? I know I asked the question before we went to break about as far as the corporate pension funds and public pension funds, I suppose there’s probably investors from Utah’s retirement groups involved with that, but ah, that’s not out of the ordinary.

The people who are in charge of the funds of the Utah employees regardless of what area of Utah area of employment they’re involved with, education or whatever, are looking for the highest rated pension funds they can find out there. So ah, when I, when I go through the news feeds and I go through your information here- if you go to ahm, captainsherlock dot com, you can get more information yourself, everybody, most of you who have been listening to David and Field are very, very familiar with this, these, these website, captainsherlock dot com hawkscafe dot com. But ah, I need you to create a string that pulls this stuff together for me, David, for me to understand the connections.

David: Okay, Jack, let’s, let’s take an example of a catastrophe bond that might be written for the Twin Towers prior to nine-one-one.

Jack: Was there one?

David: Yes.

Jack: Okay.

David: And it was written basically in an organization that was launched on the fourth of December two-thousand at ten Downing Street the home of the British Prime Minister called the ‘Carbon Disclosure Project.’ And the Carbon Disclosure Project has in it a whole bunch of what they call ‘signatory investors’, one of which could be for example the Utah State Pension Fund.

Jack: Okay.

David: Ah, it has the California Public Employee Retirement System in it. It has the teachers pension fund. I don’t know if you’ve heard of the organization called T-I-A-A C-R-E-F, TIAA-CREF?

Jack: Not sure.

David: That’s the Teachers Annuities Association and College Retirement Equity Fund, it’s the world’s largest private pension fund. It has four-hundred billion dollars in it?

Jack: Alright.

David: And it’s the retirement benefits of all the tertiary education people in the United States, or the bulk of them, three point nine million members, okay?

Jack: Okay.

David: And that pension fund is one of the signatory investors in the fund that was launched in December of two-thousand together with the New York City’s Retirement System. Now, what they did with the Twin Towers to entrap the members of these pension funds, they would take for example, the New York City Fire Fighters, when I say ‘they’, I’m talking about the hedge fund managers who are in London managing these funds.

Jack: The cat, the cat bond.

David: The cat bonds, right? And they would sit their friends on one side on the bond, the winning side, and they would sit their enemies, whether they’re political or rivals in business or whatever, on the losing side of the cat bond because for example, the cat bond that was written for the Twin Towers, in the event that both towers came down in a double occurrence terrorist attack then the sponsors would receive all of the money of the investors placed in that cat bond.

Now, from the investor’s point of view you can imagine if someone goes out into the international insurance markets, to the state pension fund of Utah managers and says, “We’ve got a way of making you a lot of money during this war game exercise because we’re going to ask you to put your money in escrow and you’ll only lose it if both towers come down on the same day.” Which means the managers of the hedge funds, or the mangers of the Utah State Pension Fund would say, “Well, this is a no brainer, I mean, what could possibly happen that could bring both towers down?”

Jack: Ya, what could possibly happen to bring both towers down? Yes, of course. I mean, even Condoleezza Rice said, “Nobody in their wildest imagination even dreamt such a thing could happen.”

David: Right, so the Utah State Pension Fund, I’m talking hypothetically because I don’t know that Utah put anything in, but I do know the New York City Fire Fighters put a lot of money into that cat bond for the Twin Towers. Ah, the trustees, who remember, I bet you the Utah State Pension Fund trustees don’t meet more frequently than three months.

Jack: Okay.

David: Well, a lot can happen in three months, right Jack?

Jack: Certainly.

David: So if my trustee meeting for the Utah State Pension Fund was on, I don’t know, August the first and the next meeting was ah, at the end of November, then the trustees would go away and if anyone of their members says, “What are you doing with my pension fund”, they say, “Well I don’t know but I’ll tell you at the next board meeting.” In the meantime that fund is in the hands of private equity groups or hedge funds who are not accountable to the members. If you ask – I don’t know how many members of the Utah State Pension Fund teachers there are, and if you ask ninety-nine point ninety-nine percent of them what’s happening to their pension fund they don’t have a clue.

Jack: Yes, right, all they’re concerned about is that the check shows up when it’s suppose to.

David: Exactly, which is a very dangerous thing to do.

Jack: Well it’s the same thing with the American sovereign, the people. They don’t care what happens in Washington as long as the gas pumps are flowing, there is food on the shelves in the store and they can run off to Disneyland with the kids this summer.

David: Absolutely, so let’s say the, again ahm, I don’t want to confuse the issue. Let’s let’s, stick with the New York City Firefighters Pension Fund. So the trustees have handed off responsibility for managing that fund between board meetings or trustee meetings to a hedge fund manager.

Jack: Mhm.

David: Most of them don’t know who that hedge fund manager is, right?

Jack: Precisely.

David: We know who the hedge fund manager is, it’s the hedge fund manager handling the fifty-five trillion dollars of assets at ten Downing Street in the Carbon Disclosure Project.

Jack: Yes.

David: Right, now that fund manager effectively acts like what’s called an escrow. He takes the money from the investors and it takes the money from the investors, it puts them in a pot controlled by a computer and it waits for the war games of nine-one-one to see if the cat bond is triggered and both cat bonds are triggered if both buildings are demolished on the same day.

Jack: Now, when that happened?

David: All the money is transferred to the sponsor.

Jack: Precisely, and someone had to open up their eyes at that moment and say, “Hey, hey, wait a minute.”

David: Ya, Captain Sherlock and Abel Danger did.

Jack: Yes. *laugh*

David: Right, but we are the only people who did because. You see, Field, jump in Field, if you will, I don’t want to rattle on too much, but what I’m suggesting is…

Jack: I’ve got you – David I asked you to come on today to rattle on.

David: Okay. *laugh*

Jack: Both of you.

David: Alright, so what they did and it’s absolutely brilliant, and brutal, and cynical and it’s associated with racketeering, influence and corrupt organization, they put the New York City Officer’s Pension Fund on one side of the bond, and the New York City Members, on the other side of the bond. What that means is the can arrange for either the officers to lose a huge chunk of their pension fund, or make a lot of money, or the men lose a huge chunk of their pension fund or make a lot of money. Now, after the event when both towers came down the investors money has been transferred to the sponsors, and let’s say for example, the officers were on the winning side of the catastrophe bond. They have now profited from the death of three-hundred and forty- three New York City Firefighters.

Jack: Yes, ya.

David: What do they say and who do they say it to? They’ve received money that makes it look like they were complicit in murder for hire.

Jack: And how many people are looking at that with, with a pair of glasses that actually begins to put these pieces together besides Captain Sherlock?

David: Well, you are, and the other radio shows that are on and all the readers of our blog site and web sites and the light is going on and it’s not going to go off again, Jack.

Field: Hey David, can I jump in?

David: Yes, absolutely.

Jack: Field, Field, have you been sued yet?

Field: Have I been what?

Jack: Have you guys been sued yet for libel?

Field: No they can’t – telling the truth is not libelous, but in answer to your question about who knows what and how many people know the truth…

Jack: Ya, Field.

Field: I would suggest that if any of your listeners want to establish the ah, the narrow ah, narrow portion of the world that understands all this stuff, if you were to do a four item google search [no need to, I did it for you], and the four item being, ‘Boeing uninterruptible auto pilot’ then a ‘plus’ sign ah, ‘qrs eleven’ then a ‘plus’ sign, ‘smacsonic’, s-m-a-c-s-o-n-i-c, then a ‘plus’ sign and then ‘ku band’ which is Kilo Uniform and then the word ‘band’, b-a-n-d…

Jack: One word?

Field: Ya – no, it’s actually ku and then b-a-n-d.

Jack: Okay, alright.

Field: But if you do a google for those four items ah, the most recent time I did it there’s only five hits, five hits come back to Captain Sherlock or Hawks Café, but ah, one thing our cheesy accented motor mouth at the other end of this line…

David: *laugh*

Field: …point out to you, Jack.

David: He’s cruel to me, Jack.

Field: Well, I just like to keep him well grounded.

Jack: Well, you are an accented motor mouth, David, I don’t know about cheesy but you’re an accented motor mouth.

Field: Well ahm, I’m referring to his English accent, but ah, I’m not sure if you’re aware of our Abel Danger Blogspot that has been put up by two gentlemen, one in Hawaii and one in ah, Japan.

Jack: No, what’s the link?

Field: It’s http colon forward slash forward slash abel danger, a-b-e-l danger, all one word abeldanger dot blogspot dot com, and once again David and I don’t control that. There’s two people who have been following us just like you have for several years and they decided to devote a blogspot to the activities of ah, David and Field and ah, we have a group of about ten people that are, you know, communicating daily about what’s going on and trying to get the rest of the world to wake up ah, and I can’t wait for David to start talking about the Ashcroft ah, twosome, that’s ah, Ashcroft in England whose a Fabian Marxist I presume and then the former attorney general. But I don’t want to interrupt so let’s let the motor mouth talk to Jack some more.

Jack: Okay, abeldanger dot blogspot dot com?

Field: That’s correct.

Jack: Alright.

David: Okay, just go back with what happened to when the Twin Towers came down and how that leads back to the Kellogg School of Management and Richard Sandor. In the year two-thousand, the Joyce Foundation in Chicago awarded a grant to Richard Sandor at the Kellogg School of Management to write the algorithms that we allege, it’s ah, and an algorithm is essentially a set of instructions to a computer, before for example it sends a detonation or ignition sig – signal to explosives in the building to blow it up. Ahm, so the Joyce Foundation Directors awarded a one-million dollar grant to Richard Sandor at the Kellogg School of Management to develop the algorithms for these ah, catastrophe bonds if you will.

Where if, if someone violates the carbon dioxide cap that has been set in a building or an airplane, then that’s one of the inputs that comes from the crime scene to the computer in Chicago and the computer then checks if all of the other elements or inputs are true, that is it’s received ‘authority’ to blow up the Twin Towers and when its made sure, this is the computer or algorithm, made sure that all of the inputs are there, it sends a signal back to the crime scene to ignite, let’s say a fuel air explosive bomb that’s been pumped into the heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems of the Twin Towers, and blows both buildings up on the same day and triggers the catastrophe bond so the investors money is transferred to the sponsors with a kick back to the people who did the escrow.

Jack: Now, the people, okay, alright good. Now the people who are the investors, the pension funds…

David: Yes.

Jack: …ahhh.

David: They lose their money.

Jack: They lose their money and there are pension fund managers in New York, probably a lot of them were actually in the Twin Towers ah, and in other places, but let’s just say hypothetically that the Utah Retired Employees Pensions Fund ah, had a large portion of money in that operation. People back here are going to suddenly realize, “Our money is gone.”

David: Well, the problem is – and that’s the way they’ve broken up the integrity of United States governments at the state level and the federal level, you see, they can put one tier of the Utah State Retirement System on the winning side and another tier on the losing side.

Jack: Now that takes complicity.

David: Of course.

Jack: Now David, the complicity that may be involved by, I mean, how far down the line would someone have to be complicit in this cat bond stuff if they’re going to be playing both sides?

David: Well, to be ignorant that someone is playing both sides would stretch all the way into ninety-nine point ninety-nine members of the Utah State Employees Pension Fund…

Jack: Sure.

David: …because they don’t know what’s been done with their pension fund.

Jack: Well, that’s right, they don’t know what they’re investing in.

David: Right, so now let’s say that some bright spark said something to the people in that pension fund, “Look, there’s one group of teachers in Utah that an elite group” ah, I don’t know, the people who run the schools themselves, that manage the schools, “let’s create a special fund, a special pension fund within the Utah State Retirement System and we’ll invest that so if you get into that ah, elevated rank you get a very nice fat pension fund”, I mean, this is essentially what Jimmy Hoffa would have done with the teamster’s.

Jack: Certainly.

David: It would have been a group of people in the teamster’s pension fund, more or less connected to the mod connected to the top, and they would take a huge chunk out of the pension fund and the rank and file just get peanuts.

Jack: Now that’s kind of the way those things go, that’s true.

David: That’s right, and that’s what they did with the New York Firefighters. They had an officers fund and the rank and file fund. Now, all you need to do to make sure the rank and file keep their mouth shut, and the officers keep their mouth shut, you put the rank and file on the losing side, which means if they speak out they get killed, alright? And you put the officers on the winning side and if they speak out they get exposed because the escrow can say, “The officers took a kick back from the demolition of the Twin Towers.”

Jack: *slight cynical laugh*

David: And then you basically muzzle both sides. And the reason why they had to kill all those firefighters in the Twin Towers is, they didn’t want an expert witness in the courts what really brought the buildings down.

Jack: Exactly.

David: So everyone above…

Jack: That, that’s the snuff film aspect.

David: Absolutely.

Jack: You get rid of the witnesses and you have a snuff film that everybody’s heart breaks over but the witnesses are all gone.

David: Right, and those that remain who saw a little piece of the action are too terrified to speak out.

Jack: Like Rod – I think it’s Rodriguez?

David: Well, anybody…

Jack: Was it Rodriguez the firefighter…

Field: Last man out.

Jack: …who talks about the multiple explosions he heard going off inside the building?

David: Right.

Field: He was the janitor and he was the last man out.

Jack: The last man out and he could hear all the multiple explosions at various levels in the building before it actually dropped. He was the last man out and someone probably had a little talk with him.

David: Auh, you wouldn’t have to speak a lot would you?

Jack: No, you wouldn’t have to say a whole lot, you just send a couple of pictures in the mail with no return address.

David: Ya, the guys who jumped out of the ah, the building because the internal columns were actually melting so they were being toasted.

Jack: Yes.

David: Right, ah, you know, there’s a heavy abstraction here, Jack, if I may, can I steer people to this new blog site that’s ah, being built in Hawaii?

Jack: This abeldanger bogspot dot com?

David: Yes, and yourself because we’ve got an incredible shingle at the top, I think that’s the correct term, shingle at the top of this site which shows a lot of the faces of the suspects.

Jack: Oh my goodness, I just went there.

David: So ahm, maybe, could Field just talk from left to right because left to right. He’s the ugly guy with glasses, maybe he could just talk some of these characters through his eyes, then we’ll, we’ll get back to the cat bond and how they were triggered.

Field: Well, well I’m busy sending you an email right now, David, but I just hit send, and I also just sent it to Jack ah, so now that I’ve sent that I’ve gone to what you call a ‘shingle’ and I call a ‘banner’,

David: Okay.

Field: And why don’t we alternate, why don’t who take the left guy and then I’ll take the next three and then – we can do it that way.

David: Okay, why don’t you speak – why don’t you start with yourself, I mean, sorry, I’m not talking over, Jack, it’s so difficult when you’re talking abstract whereas the faces appear I think it makes it a lot more clearer for people?

Jack: Ya, I’m lookin’ for the mayor of New York, I don’t see him.

Field: Okay.

Jack: That’s alright, start with the fellow on the left.

Field: Well, the guy with sunglasses is me and I never wear sunglasses and the reason I wore them on that day, which was ah, the third of March zero seven when Neil Slade [not sure on spelling], David and myself put together Captain Sherlock solves nine-eleven movie . I did that to sort of spoof the intelligence communities which are suppressed by Nancy Pelosi…

Jack: Yes.

Field: …in other words according to my ah, experience, she sits on top of these intelligence agencies and she makes sure they don’t do their job and meanwhile ah, her friend Clintons and during their tenure ah, they started an organization called ‘USIS’ so between Pelosi, the Clintons, USIS and Jamie Goreleck, they tried to suppress the truth of nine-eleven, so I wear, I wear those cheap sunglasses spoofing them because they all know exactly where I live and they know my license plates and I’m makin’ it easy for them to keep track of me cause when I went to the ah, Tea Party Convention just as an observer not as a participant, I drove a brilliant purple stretch limousine with some unusual license plates. So it’s not like I’m trying to hide, it’s these other weasels…

Jack: *laugh*

Field: …in other words, you’ve got, you’ve got the eagle over there on the right side and you’ve got mister cheesy sunglasses on the left side and we are doing the work of the former Abel Danger, which under ah, I would say, just prior to John Ashcroft ah, becoming attorney general ah, he inherited a real, a real bad situation that had been put together over the eight previous years, but anyway, I started telling you who had the sunglasses and I think Jack identified the mayor of New York?

David: No, Jack said that the mayor of New York is not there, but it’s a limited space but we think we’ve got some real hot perpetrators. So underneath Field’s sunglasses is ah, a man called Raila Odinga and he’s sort of a co-prime minister of Kenya and in the election campaign ah, the two-thousand and seven two-thousand and two-thousand eight Kenyan election campaign ahm, a few months before his cousin, Raila Odinga’s cousin, a man by the name of Barack Hussein Obama, went to Kenya to foment an ahm, insurgency, this is what we would allege and make sure that ah, Raila Odinga could bury any evidence of a birth in Kenya that might be embarrassing to your present president.

Jack: *laugh* Alright hey, I’m getting’ some off air calls here. The web site is abeldanger dot blogspot dot com just like it sounds, abeldanger dot blogspot dot com, you have got to see this… *laugh* [now that I think about it this is kind of funny] …while these gentlemen are talking. So it was his mission in Kenya to bury any kind of information, written records ah, historical stuff, anything ahm, that could possibly question the national birth of our current president.

David: Ya, absolutely because let’s ah, I think – it is not in dispute that Obama theoretically had a Kenyan born father…

Jack: Well that’s true.

David: …and an American mother who was age seventeen at the time he was born. He was born in nineteen-eighty – ah, nineteen-sixty one, nineteen-sixty one?

Jack: Mhm.

David: Now to be a natural born American and therefore eligible to be the President of the United States, both parents have to be American, right?

Jack: Yes.

David: And ahm, if the mother is – has not lived five years after the age of sixteen in America before she gives birth to the son, the son or the daughter is not a natural born American.

Jack: I think that’s the current policy, yes.

David: Right, but to be the President of the Unites States you have to be a natural born American.

Jack: Yes.

David: Right, so you have a Kenyan father who probably would have passed on a citizenship to his son, Barack Hussein Obama, known as a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies?

Jack: Mhm.

David: And all the details of that ah, birth, and marriage and relationships would be in Kenya in the custody of the legitimate ah, Kenyan Government, so in order for Obama to get into the White House as a natural born American, all the references to that had to either destroyed or if it was in the hands of the people who might expose it, the people would be so terrified that they would never expose it. So basically they needed some riots and they got them in January of I think, two-thousand and eight where Odinga’s mobs attacked ah, Kukuiu [not sure of spelling] and in one particular case pushed thirty women and children into a church and burned it down.

Jack: Ya, people have the tendency to keep their mouth shut after that. We’ve got Odinga, and then whose that interesting fellow to his left?

Field: Well he’s a…

David: To his right, well then we have Barack Obama.

Field: No, it’s to his left…David, David, it’s to his left.

David: To the left of Odinga, well there’s no one to his left.

Jack: Well on the picture it’s to the right, but Odinga’s left.

David: Oh, Odinga’s left.

Jack: Going from left to right the next person there.

David: Okay, the next person is Barack Hussein Obama.

Jack: Barry Soetoro.

David: Whose stepfather was Soetoro so he became ah, Barry Soetoro, probably. He either had or has been moving around the world up to the time the nineties I would say. Certainly the late eighties, on either an Indonesian passport because his stepfather was Indonesian or on a passport that would be a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies and he had a Fulbright Scholarship we understand in the United States.

Jack: Why, why is there nobody in his class at Columbia that can never remember him being there?

David: Because he wasn’t there, he bought his degree.

Field: Let me jump in there David. I think Zbigniew Brzezinski would remember him.

Jack: *laugh*

David: Ya, but know one does.

Field: Well no, but Zbigniew Brzezinski would because ah, I believe that they had a relationship there ah, mentor to student, but also I think ah, just to keep everybody abreast of the truth someone ought to explain what state Fulbright was from.

Jack: Arkansas.

Field: And I’ll just help, Arkansas.

Jack: Yes.

Field: Ya, because you’re going to see Arkansas raising its ugly head just about as often as your going to see Chicago raising its ugly head.

David: Okay, so the guy right of Barry Soetoro, the guy in the fedora [hey, just thought folks would like to know], is that the right term?

Jack: Yes, with the glasses.

David: That’s Saul Alinsky.

Jack: Auh, no wonder I didn’t recognize him.

David: Now Saul Alinsky in the third. He was a very interesting guy, he was an academic, right?

Jack: Yes.

David: Working with the Al Capone mob.

Jack: Yes.

David: And a far as we can judge, and he’s the original community organizer, he wrote this book Rules for Radicals about how to take – how the have nots can take power from the haves. And it looks like he set up this early model for murder for hire network where a percentage of the victims life insurance is shared with the police pension fund. So the police actually profit, and of course it’s again, the old problem, the rank and file do not know what’s being done with their pension fund, but if they’ve created a special tier within that pension fund for the officers, the officers get a lick back when ahm, an inconvenient rival is removed on the streets of Chicago by an out of town killer, and if you google ‘Sal Alinsky’ and ‘murder’, you’ll see Sal Alinsky describing the ah, Capone gang as a utility.

Jack: *laugh*

David: Alright, so if you wanted a girl, or a boy, or a horse, or place a bet or some liquor…

Jack: Ya.

David: …or you wanted someone removed you went to the Capone gang.

Jack: That’s about it and one thing I’ve learned about the international banking cartel, the ah, one world government cartel, one thing I’ve learned is if they have a name that’s known to the public, they’re on the utilitarian level. They’re not on the mastermind level and…

David: They’re community organizers.

Jack: …well that’s it and they may be sitting on a regal monarchical position, they may be some police chief somewhere, but if you know their name, if you’ve seen their pictures and, and any kind of media presentation, they’re a utility…

David: Right.

Jack: …they’re not in charge, they’re a utility.

David: That’s right, so all the assets of this organization are just that. So people ah, this is the brilliance of community organizations, they get focused on the asset, which might be ah, Obama, or a Hillary Clinton, or a Bill Clinton, and they forget to look at the organization behind the assets. And this is what Abel Danger and Captain Sherlock is doing, we’re alleging these people – they’re not left or right, they are members or associates of a racketeering, influence and corrupt organization and an extremely dangerous one. But, but Saul Alinsky did something unique in the thirties, he integrated the intellectual elite community of for example, University of Chicago or the Northwestern University and Kellogg School of Management with the Chicago outfit. He built a bridge effectively, between intellectuals and organized crime. Now on his right is one of his disciples, or protégé.

Jack: Yes, the one who wrote her dissertation on him.

David: She wrote, Hillary Clinton wrote the dissertation on ah, Alinsky. Alinsky wanted her to become a community organizer. Now this woman, she’s not stupid, well she is stupid because she’s focused on a particular technique in organized crime and stayed with it for the last ah, forty years. Which will actually, or maybe put her on death row one day, but I don’t want to digress but ah, she realized to promote the rules for radicals and community organizing, she had to get out of organizing around the factories and blue color workers, and she had to get into the middle class and infiltrate and corrupt the middle class.

Jack: Right.

David: So she went into patent law. And I’ll go fast forward, the catastrophe bonds that were triggered on nine-one-one with the aircraft, used what Field has just mentioned, the Boeing uninterruptible auto pilot, and embedded in the Boeing uninterruptible auto pilot that was used to fly the planes into the targets, was a device called the ‘gyrochip’, or the QRS eleven, the quartz rate sensor.

Jack: Right.

David: Ah, eleven, which is a solid state gyroscope ahm, that is a piece of advanced military technology developed by a company called ‘BEI Industries’ of Little Rock, Arkansas.

Jack: Hey, we’ve got to go to break

David: Okay.

Jack: We’ll pick up with the rest of the characters and we’ll try to be brief with them as we go across there so we can save more time for other things, but I want identity on some of these, you know, well I can see Pelosi and Blair…

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Field McConnell & David Hawkins: Transcript—20 January 2010 Hour 1

Source: rumormillnewsradio.com, hawkscafe, captainsherlock.com

Hawkins/McConnell Interview with Rayelan on Rumor Mill News
January 20, 2010 – Part 1 (Hour 1)

Rayelan Allan: Today is Wednesday and you know what that means, well, it means we’ve got Field McConnell here right now and so Field, I’d like to welcome you and ah, they’ll understand in a bit why David isn’t with us at this very moment. So, how are you Field?

Field McConnell: I couldn’t be better Ray, I had a very good experience yesterday when I went deep inside the bowels of the beast of the US Department of Justice.

Rayelan: Do you want ah, do you want to ah, to tell us about it or do you want to wait until David is on?

Field: Well, let’s do both. Let me tell you why David is not on first…

Rayelan: Exactly.

Field: …so we’ll go with this format if it, if it please you ah, Rayelan…

Raylean: …it does.

Field: …but we can talk about Lady Eagle, and then we can talk about the court hopefully, and then the reason why my email address ends in gr and ah, I’ll leave it at that and we’ll get to that one first. First we’re going to talk about Lady Eagle and ah, then – I’m writtin’ this down cause most of your listeners know that we sort of move quickly.

Rayelan: Right.

Field: And ah, when you move quickly and you have intel comin’ in twenty-four-seven so fast that you can’t keep up with it…

Rayelan: That’s right.

Field: ..ah, you have to sort of stay organized and focused. So we’ll start with Lady Eagle. David Hawkins is sixty-six years old ah, for a number of years he has referred to his partner ah, and sometimes his partner is his academic and research partner like me, and generally when he speaks to his ah, partner in respectful terms, because he’s always critical of me. He always talks about a woman whose name is Maren, M-a-r-e-n, and yesterday in a civil ah, civil wedding, David and Maren got married. And I think that’s just ah, absolutely wonderful for both of them and the reason – one of the reasons they got married is because they love each other and care for each other and if your listeners have noticed David getting choked up or teary eyed on your radio show of late, it’s simply because in the last several weeks David and Maren have gotten a diagnosis which is not pleasing, and that is that ah, one form of cancer has metastasized, I can’t pronounce that word [mə-ˈtas-tə-ˌsīz], but your listeners will know what I mean.

Rayelan: Right.

Field: Its, its spread from ah, one region to three or four others and from a worldly perspective this would cause great concern to anyone. Ahm, its come to my knowledge recently that ah, for the last sixteen to eighteen years of her life, Maren was very spiritually educated and informed and cognizant and I’m – I’ll go out on a limb and suggest not knowing the truth that she’s even more so today because ah, all of us are mortal beings and all of us are spiritual beings and ah, the mortal part of it, the body, sometimes will be taken away, but the spirit remains and ah, but for anyone who can hear, who can see, or can feel ah, collectively love, they have to make a decision after their mortal body where they want their spirit to go in the end. And the end is at a time not of our choosing. For instance, you and I discussed about a half an hour ago on the telephone, Rayelan, that if those we oppose were clever, that ah, who know I would not be around right now, and neither would David, and neither would you and I know there have been some attempts on your life. The bad news is for those we oppose, and I’ll just collectively rather than rattle off names, I’ll just call them the OCTOpus, but we’re going to rip the tentacles off the OCTOpus and there’s not a thing they can do to stop it.

And I base this on a lot of things that I’ll explain during the three our show. But let me honor Lady Eagle. At the top of the Abel Danger blogspot that a couple of our agents in Hawaii and Japan operate ah, there’s an eagle symbol over on the right and that eagle is a photograph that Maren had taken and it means a great deal to Maren and David both. And so as God considers healing Maren’s physical body, which most of us are praying for and it’s my belief that if one person, a single person prayed and if it was within God’s will, that he would restore her. But ah, in all things God achieves his purpose not only with you Rayelan, but also with David and Maren. So we’re going to ah, from this point forward we are going to honor Lady Eagle, which in real life is Maren ah, and I can say her last name now, it’s Maren Hawkins.

Rayelan: *laugh*

Field: If I would have said her name two weeks ago, David ah, would have literally choked me if he could but we’ve never met because we know we don’t have to meet because God has put this team together. So, anyway, yesterday ah, Maren and David were married, so now it’s Mr. Hawk and Mrs. Eagle, if you want to be humorous, and I think humor is a great medicine and I also think honestly, humor is a great threat and when our Chapter Eight gets to you, its got the longest song that I’ve ever stuck in there and it’s not ah, me doing this, of course, but I do select some of the music. And there is a song written by either Billy Joel – I think Springsteen, and most people don’t know he wrote it, but it’s called Blinded by the Light, and it was most popular when it was recorded by Manfred Mann.

And in the seven minute song Blinded by the Light which is what we’re doing to the Sidley sows and the Femme Comp pigs, or cows or whatever you want to call them, we are going to blind them with the light of the cross and there’s not a thing they can do about it and it’s ah, I know for certain within the last twenty-four hours, I saw physical evidence that ah, at least one of their people is terrified of what’s coming. And simply for them what’s coming is the grim reaper and ah, that’s their choice. And they can avert it by listening to the truth of ah, the existence of Jesus Christ and turning to them to loose themselves from the grip of the OCTOpus and if they don’t elect to do that because they have more fear of the OCTOpus than they have faith in the Lord, then simply little by little one by one ah, then God’s agents will rip the tentacles off one by one, and you’ll see the first one in Chapter Eight.

And I can’t be more specific because it would sort of suppress the drama, but I can tell you this, and there’s people listening right now that have seen email evidence of what I’m going to say is true, and those people include Banzai Pipeline [you are welcome], Kui Longboard and Agent Bean, I don’t ah, express myself overly negatively or overly critical especially to the people I’m working with. That’s called ‘shooting inside the circle’, like circling the wagons and then you start – the cowboys all shoot themselves instead of the Indians. But I was awakened at ah, twelve-twenty Monday morning, excuse me, Tuesday morning, twenty minutes after midnight I was awakened with a lot of energy and I knew that was for some purpose. So I went over and checked my emails and Chapter Eight had just been delivered to the web guy, and I started reading it and I realized the final edition of Chapter Eight had been corrupted by humans, meaning David and myself, and we had a whole lot of things in the wrong places and so I sent out a rather ah, well, it was more forceful than was characteristic of me. But I basically told everybody we have to stop the press and pull the plug on Chapter Eight it’s a complete mess. And it’s the most important chapter we have ever written in one-hundred and six chapters and it’s going to be, ah I think it’s going to be the death knell for the dumb bell and ah, some people might think I’m talking about the vice-president others might think I’m talking about George Bush, I’m not, I’m – the organization known as the OCTOpus ah, they have not been wise. Ah, they live in their on wisdom, they live in their own power, they live in their own money, and they are so slow to move and they are so easy to track that they will be destroyed.

I am confident, and I place my confidence God, not in David, or myself, or Rayelan, or Skymaster, Agent Bean, Banzai or Kui. We just have a lot of ahm, very good people with perhaps might be an exception, but the people we work with are very good people, with an immense skill set, we’re deployed globally and we will not be stopped because we know if we can’t save America ahm, America is the biggest chip to go down, but if America goes down then every country goes down into the grip of the OCTOpus. And we intend to declare victory on a date ah, in early February.

We’re not declaring victory now because we have a few loose details to take care of, but basically that’s it, Lady Eagle has caused David Hawkins and all the other agents at Abel Danger to redouble our efforts ah, rekindle our courage and encourage each other. And I want to thank three people for encouraging me, and ladies first so Agent Bean in Phoenix sent me a very encouraging email in the last seventy-two hours as did Kui Longboard ah, and he’s on an Island that neighbors Nehou and some of your listeners aren’t familiar with Nehou, but to live on that island you have to be one-hundred percent Hawaiian blood and there’s only about five-hundred residents and the third one who has encouraged me – well actually four, but ah, Banzai Pipeline is over in Japan and he sent me a very lucid, very brief and encouraging email, all of these three people encouraged me from a Christian stand point, and the fourth person is someone I don’t know, I do know and God knows it, but his initials are ‘GB’, and just for you ah, deluded democrats out there, let me tell you it’s not George Bush. And for you deluded republicans, let me tell you also it’s not George Bush. It’s someone who works at the airline I previously worked at and I never met this man, but in his very encouraging email, he said ah, “Field, my family appreciates what you’re doing for America so much that we have formed a prayer group within our church where all we basically pray about is the success of your mission.”

And I will put that email up to you, Rayelan, if you remind me ah, I’ll, I’ll delete his email address and his true name, but his initials are GB and ah, he basically says, “We are praying for you because if it was not for people like you with military experience and fluency there’s no way we can defeat the OCTOpus and have a safe America.” So, that’s a pretty strong mandate from a stranger. So I’ll sign off with the Lady – that will be the end of Lady Eagle and Maren, there’s a lot of people globally praying for your health and praying for your ah, spiritual salvation and I think those two things – they’re certainly in God’s hands. And ah, ah, I’m one-hundred percent certain on the spiritual side and we’re all praying and pullin’ for ya on the medical side. Ah, next very briefly, and I know I’m never brief…

Rayelan: And I would just like to say that I would like to bring all of our listeners into our prayer group right now and we are just sending of God’s energy to Maren, or to Maren.

Field: Well thank you and has anybody ever said a prayer on your show?

Rayelan: Ahm, not that I remember, do you want to go ahead?

Field: I would love to.

Rayelan: Please go ahead.

Field: And, and I hope that others around the globe that are listening including Kui, Banzai and Agent Bean, I hope you’ll bow your heads and I’ll make it brief, Dear Heavenly Father, you hold everything in your hands and you control everything in the world for your purpose not ours. I would humbly pray that you are kind and compassionate and loving for our sister, Maren Hawkins, from this point forward and I promise you nobody in Abel Danger is going to fail you in our mission to represent the little people, the faceless commoners around the globe one of which is Maren Hawkins and in Jesus’ name I pray, amen. Okay, is that good enough?

Rayelan: Amen. That was wonderful.

Field: Thank you.

Rayelan: Where two or more are gathered in his name so it be.

Field: Well, you know, I hope, I really don’t care. I was going to say I hope I don’t offend any non-believers, but frankly ah…

Rayelan: I don’t think we’ve got any non-believers listening to our show.

Field: I haven’t met one yet ah…

Rayelan: I haven’t either.

Field: So I guess when I figure out how to get in the chat room, if anybody is an atheist or a non-believer, or a mocker, feel free to explain to me why you do so but you do so at your own risk. I’ll leave it at that. Ah, yesterday as you know, I went into…

Rayelan: Let me explain to you how to get into the chat room to you and everyone else that doesn’t know how to get into it. It’s chatroom dot themicroeffect dot com

Field: Thank you.

Rayelan: chatroom dot themicroeffect dot com and ah…

Field: Thank you, and from just the ch, my computer has gone to the chat room. So I’ll be there in a minute.

Rayelan: *laugh*

Field: Ah, can I very briefly talk about my court experience?

Rayelan: Oh, I want to hear about it yes, please. And we may even take some time after this first break.

Field: Okay, are we getting’ close to a break?

Rayealn: Ah, yes, in about three minutes.

Field: Oh, I can be – I can do it real quickly. Alright, everyone knows that I have a case it’s called McConnell verses ALPA but it’s really ah, much bigger than that. And it’s not about Field McConnell even though I bring the case. Ah, yesterday I had a status meeting at ten-fifteen in the morning in the US Department of Justice Complex in Washington DC and I arrived early in the company of my attorney. We were greeted very kindly by the security people who actually made some ah, accommodations for us, I’ll leave it at that. Ah, we proceeded up to the court room. We looked at the schedule for the court of the ladies judge on the case and you can research it ahm, she had two cases yesterday, and the first one somebody I’m not familiar with, the second one was McConnell verses ALPA and it said ah, “Counsel for ALPA”, and it listed the names, two of them, and it said Counsel for Field McConnell and it listed *laugh* an incorrect name, an attorney who had been disbarred.

But I had in my company the attorney who was going to represent me, we went into the courtroom, the attorney went up to the ah, deputies, there were two very nice ladies at the front of the courtroom. He had identified himself and it was a surprise, nobody knew this was coming, he identified himself as my attorney and he proved his credentials and ah, we sat down very briefly. When the judge came she laid down the ground rules. She’s a very intelligent woman. She’s very procedurally correct I would say, and she made it very clear to everyone in the court including my sister, myself, my attorney ah, a reporter for the DC Examiner ah, four members of the court and two counsels for ALPA who didn’t look confident, I might laconically opine.

Rayelan: Tell what ALPA is in case?

Field: ALPA is the union that is not only suppose to represent not only the safety of the traveling public, but also the contractual relationship between ALPA representative airlines including Northwest and ah, Delta and others, and the pilots. And there’s ah, an ever growing number of pilots who have brought safety related issues to ALPA’s attention, and ALPA has not performed according to their charter, their mandate and they’ve preformed in a way I think later will prove to be, well I think that there’s going to be some criminal charge here ah, at least of negligence on their part because they’ve had from the eleventh of December two-thousand. They’ve had specific and credible evidence of the Boeing uninterruptible auto pilot, smacsonic explosives, the QRS eleven gyro chip similar to what’s on the grim reaper, which is ah, powerful weapon in the Department of Defense which we can discuss later. And let me just tell you while we’re talking about the grim reaper, that my business email is fbi at usdof dot gr, so perhaps that stands for the grim reaper.

Rayelan: Okay.

Field: But the court accommodated me, they made it very clear that they would not allow any funny business from either counsel. The judge laid down the rules that this was going to proceed quickly, it was going to proceed without ah, vast expense, it was going to proceed without ah, characteristic delays and that from that point forward, that Field McConnell would not be required to be in the court room simply because he’s from a great distance away and he travels ah, continuously. Now, I wonder if anybody has been so graciously accommodated by a court room ah, before, but I very much thank the depar – the Department of Justice, that specific judge and the District of Columbia district court because I feel that they are going to ah, treat not only me, but my case with great respect and if I’m wrong I’m wrong because I still have the power of the pen, but ah, if God is on my side I’m not wrong.

Rayelan: And ah, David, welcome, welcome to the show.

David: Oh thank you very much, Rayelan, and thank you Field, they were lovely words and ahm, Maren was listening.

Field: Oh great.

David: We didn’t quite have the wedding ceremony yesterday. We picked up the papers and it’s going to be at our house on ah, Friday. There’s some argument about who is going to obey who, but I think we hopefully we’ll sort that out by Friday because it’s fairly critical.

Field: Well, I’ll tell ya ah, as is often the case. I’ve messed things up and got the timing wrong, but God’s timing is just perfect. And let me just tell you that regardless of the delay of the ceremony by some ah, forty-eight or seventy-two hours ah, in God’s mind once you make that commitment to each other and you do the paperwork to express that you’re going to go down that path ah, you know, you’re effectively married and the rest of it’s just for the world to see. Ah, Rayelan, I wonder if we don’t have – can you think of a single song that might honor ah, David and Maren. Something similar to Here Comes the Groom? [Congratulations, David and Maren – Banzai]

Rayelan: Ah, yes, I have it cued but not for awhile yet.

Field: Okay, great.

Rayelan: It will be sprung at the last minute.

Field: Okay.

David: Give us a bit of a warning so I can have Maren listen to it.

Rayelan: Oh, well you better tell her to, to listen because it’s going to be sprung sometime in the next ten minutes.

David: Okay, alright thanks. I’ll just tell her to turn up the other speaker.

Rayelan: Okay, great. *laugh* And give her our love, we all love her.

Field: He’s gone and plus he doesn’t have good hearing. And while he’s gone I’ll talk about his bad hearing. That’s why he’s often hard for you to interrupt because he can’t here trying to interrupt him because your so much more quite and calm than he is.

Rayelan: Well, thank you for telling me that. I needed to know that.

Field: You are very welcome. David, are you back?

David: Yes I am, yes.

Field: Why don’t you deploy that cheesy English accent like a fire hose?

David: *laugh* Well, ah, you mean picking up the threads after your – I bet it was very interested in your appearance in the court ah, Field, in particularly some of the psychological reactions that you seem to have engendered you know, your relatives you know, and that sort of thing.

Rayelan: Well, actually…

David: Me too.

Field: Fire hose, fire hose, David.

Rayelan: Ah *laugh* now I just wanted to ah, say, I wanted to hear more about what you think your sister was going through.

Field: Well ah, she was…

Rayelan: And why in the world was she there?

Field: That’s an open question ah, but I, ah, and I’ll start with my sister then I’ll go around the court room. My sister was there ah, for what ever purpose I don’t know, but ah, she did not look comfortable and ah, I feel sorry for her because none of us like to feel uncomfortable, but ah, if you don’t serve the great comforter you will find no comfort in this world and if you don’t serve the great comfortable – comforter, things are going to be vastly more uncomfortable in the next world whether you believe it’s coming or not makes no difference at the end every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess. So, she was uncomfortable for whatever reason, she was present for whatever reason and ah, we were both cordial. Ahm, next to me was an attorney who was totally confident, very calm, he knows the broader issues as well as specific issues.

There were two ladies at the front of the court, deputies, and not only were they calm, kind and accommodating, it turns out they’re both Christians which surprises me not because long before I went into that court room God went before me. I couldn’t believe that any more than I do ah, the judge I’ll cover last out of respect and now I’ve got to go to the other side of the court room where’s there’s two attorneys that were pleasant and cordial. One of them looked particularly worried, and I’ll leave it at that for the public. Ah, the other one didn’t look confident, sitting behind the two attorneys was a reporter for a newspaper, the – and it’s the DC Examiner and my sister went up to that lady and asked ahm, I introduced her actually and when I introduced my sister to the Bar – almost said her name Barbara, I’ll leave that out ah, when I introduced the two women my sister asked her, “What are you doing here?” And a great one line answer, and she said, “Media.” Very calm ah, and Barbara of course, has the vast picture because she reads our writing. She may even being listening to this radio show, who knows, but ah, I think I covered everyone now except for me. I covered me earlier. It was a very calm proceeding – oh, I didn’t cover the judge. She came in at the appropriate time and very calmly, professionally and capably communicated to everyone that she’s the judge, she’s in charge, this will not be a case where ah, delays or additional expenses are tolerated.

Ah, there’s no guarantees, I mean, she could dismiss my case ah, in which case the pen is mightier than the gavel I would, I would suggest ah, I don’t think it’s going to be dismissed, I don’t think it’s going to be triad ah, my attorney and myself would both love to take this to a trial ah, with a jury from DC because DC inhabitants were targeted not once, but twice on nine-eleven and had a certain power not obstructed the progress of the drone to replace United ninety-three, that drone would have taken out all the senators, and all the congressmen and all the good people, the little people, the faceless commoners that work within the capital system. And I saw a whole lot of commoners that were good people and I would suggest church-goers when I was in and out of the belly of the beast yesterday.

Rayelan: And that…

Field: How’s that?

Rayelan: Ah, if it does go to trial I know that Barbara will do some excellent coverage and if she would kind of share her coverage with us, we’ll have, we’ll have it world wide every night updates on this trial.

Field: Okay, well I, here’s several solutions. Here’s several resolutions. This could be dismissed. That would not surprise me. That would not discourage me. It could be sent to a form of mediation called A-D-R, Alpha Delta Romeo which is Alternate Dispute Resolution. I would, I would almost think that’s a ah, likely process because that takes the judge out of it and no judge in his or her right mind in America wants to have anything to do with this case, not because the case itself, but because the case that stands behind the case. Because ah, purely, this is a contractual ah, issue between ah, myself and the Airline Pilots Association. But behind that issue is the truth of nine-eleven and the truth is it was an act of treason and it was an act of murder.

Rayelan: That’s right. Who knows, maybe we have one of the only honest patriotic constitutional judges in the world judging your case.

Field: It wouldn’t surprise me because God turns people like he turns the rivers, we’re all in his hands. And ah, I was very impressed by that judge and I am very confident that ah, well first of all the judge will have her way in the case and ah, God will have his way in every case.

Rayelan: Mhm.

Field: I hope that’ not too confusing?

Rayelan: Well that’s, no, no, I understand that completely and I really do believe that we’ve got God on our side and he is working, you know, hand-in-hand with us now and your trial in Washington D.C. in my opinion is, is the way to bring all of this out in front of everybody. And so that’s what I’m hoping; I’m hoping it goes to trial.

Field: Yes, and I think it will in one way or another. If it goes to trial it will be very obvious and ah, you know, it will be quite a significant event in our nation’s history, but this is a win-win situation. If it doesn’t go to trial it’ll not go to trial because its been dismissed. Its gone to ADR, Alternate Dispute Resolution or its been settled, but here’s the beauty of it from God’s perspective. Typically in a settlement if the ah, defendants want to decide they want to pay some financial sum to right the wrongs of the plaintiff, they have the legal authority to demand the gagging of the plaintiff meaning in this case if they were to settle than I couldn’t talk about certain facets of the case, but keep in mind, this case is not about nine-eleven, this case is about ALPA and Field McConnell so they can’t gag me on the broader issue.

Rayelan: Mhm.

Field: And I would give credit to God for that because I certainly know nothing about the legal system. At least that’s favorable.

Rayelan: Well, excellent, David, did you have any questions for Field on this case.

David: Well, I think it is huge because there is thread that runs through it that I believe ties in ah, either malfeasance or misfeasance or possibly treason between people in ALPA, the Airline Pilots Association ah, the Federal Aviation Administration and the Professional Air Traffic Controls Association which is if you recollect they struck and I believe they were all laid off by Reagan? *music* Can you hear it?

Rayelan: I can hear it.

Field: I can hear it.

Rayelan: And so David, that’s dedicated to you and Maren.


David: *laugh* Well thank you very much.

Rayelan: *laugh*

David: Now we’ll just work out who obeys who.

Rayelan: Ah, that’s absolutely ah, well you know maybe neither of you should obey neither of you. How’s that?

Daivd: *laugh* We’re loose cannons.

Rayelan: *laugh* I have the idea that that rarely comes up between the two of you.

David: Right.

Rayelan: Okay, so David, you were asking Field about some questions about the ah, his ah, his ah, court appearance in Washington D.C. I mean, Field, don’t you understand how incredible it is that this court case is even taking place in Washington D.C?

Field: Well, I think it’s, it’s in God’s hands and I think it is incredible.

Rayelan: Ah, that’s what I think too and, and you know, I think all of our audience, we need to start publicizing this. That there’s a case coming in Washington if it goes to jury is going to blow the lid off of ah, nine-eleven. That’s what I feel, and the OCTOpus, people forget about the Promise software and the OCTOpus, they don’t realize that a lot of the people that are into the nine-eleven ah, ah, you know, conspiracy thing, George Bush did it. They forget about the Promise software and they don’t know anything about the OCTOpus, they didn’t live through it like we did and they just can’t connect all the pieces from the beginning to the end.

David: We can help them.

Rayelan: Ah, so David, go ahead.

David: And I think we can help them on that and I’m not sure on the years, but I would just like to trace the thread of ALPA, Federal Aviation Administration, Senior Executive Service and ah, the ah, the Airline Traffic Controllers Union back to nineteen seventy-nine because very interesting things happened that year, and first of all, I think the most important is Kristine Marcey, Field’s sister, launched the Senior Executive Service, she’s a charter member and for me charter means founder, and as a charter member of the Senior Executive Service, she would have been literally ahm, stick handling, if that’s the right word, the development of the Senior Executive Service to its present situation today where for all intensive purposes it runs the American Government.

These are seven-thousand senior bureaucrats that sit at the top of all these various departments and no doubt the Federal Aviation Administration is one of them. And back in nineteen seventy-nine when she launched that, that was around the time, I might be off by a few years, copies of the Promise software which is the ah, Prosecutors Management Information System, was stolen ahm, translated into French and given to Canada and converted to the use of the defendants lawyers. So what that is, that allowed for the opportunity for Canada to become a base for saboteurs and assassins to get inside the presidential chain of command and the Federal Aviation and ALPA for that matter, and place saboteurs and assassins inside the American ah, mainland if you will, and its international communications systems around the world. Now, what also happened in nineteen seventy-nine, was the first ah, unabomb, which stands for ‘universities and airlines bomb’, was launched, or the campaign was launched out of the Northwestern University in Chicago. Now a lot of people might think that was Ted Kaczynski whose now in the Federal Super Max Jail, but actually the FBI looked at the profile, and I’ve looked at the characteristics of the munitions used and their development over the nineteen seventy-nine to nineteen ninety-five when he was arrested, so fifteen, sixteen years, and what we see is a very sophisticated machinery or use of patented technology that characterized by a blue color ahm, aircraft ah, mechanic rather than a very ahm, advanced thinker at the university level. What we – what I think we’ve got here is, there was an attempt, and I believe a successful attempt, to take over the ah, university communications systems and the airlines inside the United States and turn it into a internationally revolutionary network to bomb and to kill.

Rayelan: So that is why airlines were the first ones used. Do you know if airlines came before ah, do you remember when they hijacked the ah, ship and they threw the guy over in a wheelchair? Was that before all the airline hijackings or was that before or was that afterward?

David: Field will probably be able to research that.

Field: Oh ya, the ship you are talking about is the Achille Lauro.

Rayelan: Achille Lauro, right.

Field: Ya, and they threw a Jewish guy overboard in the Mideast somewhere?

Rayelan: That’s right.

Field: And that was about the same time that TWA seven-twenty seven was hijacked over there and flown around the world for three or four days ah, with no plumbing, no food ah, no laundry. There was at least one assassination on the flight while it was taking place and that was one US Navy serviceman that was killed…

Rayelan: No, that was a US Navy Seal.

Field: Okay, that’s better yet.

Rayelan: That’s different than a US Serviceman.

Field: Absolutely.

Rayelan: Stevens ah, Stephen I think his name was.

Field: Ya, but ah, I’m confident somebody listening within the sound of your voice today, Rayelan, knows a lot about that perhaps thy can send us links to the chat room at fbi at usdoj dot gr, gr as in ‘grim reaper.’ So I’ll let you and David take it over while I do some computing.

David: Okay, so going back to this extraordinary year in nineteen seventy-nine ahm, there was an attempt in Chicago to develop a method of killing high value targets where the guilty could ah, go free possibly by manipulating this ah, Prosecution Management Information Systems software into something that served the defense. And then to pay the saboteurs and assassins out of the Chicago futures markets like the Chicago Board of Trade or the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. So what we see by the devices used by the Unabomber network, we can come to that in a minute what that network is, they deployed the patented devices so the fusing systems of the unabombs got increasingly complex and there were proximity fuses and pressure fuses and so on. But always engineered into the device was a patent which is very interesting because we’ve had discussions before, Rayelan, how about how the use of patented devices go back to the Civil War…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …where saboteurs would be awarded with fifty percent of the value of the damage done provided it was done by a patented device and then the money was laundered through the patent office, in that case it was the Confederate Patent Office. Nineteen sixty-three – eighteen sixty-three from memory before the coal bomb invented by ah, Thomas Courtney. [Capt. Thomas Edgeworth Courtenay]

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: But fast forward to the unabomb campaign they used patented devices they were run out of Chicago and apparently the saboteurs and assassins were rewarded with profits from futures contracts for example, the future contract for insurance on a plane that was destroyed which obviously can represent a huge amount of money. So interestingly we can find a patent lawyer operating in a position of trust at that time in nineteen seventy-nine who had just been made a partner of the Rose Law Firm, was one Hillary Clinton.

Rayelan: I know, don’t you find…

David: And in nineteen seventy-nine Hillary Clinton got into a cattle futures contract in Chicago, I can’t remember if it was the Chicago Board of Trade or the Chicago Mercantile Exchange where she had inside information were she as able to take I believe either nine trades over twelve months or twelve trades over nine months and without any margin she turned a thousand dollars into one-hundred thousand dollars. And we believe the person giving her that inside information was one Richard Sandor who is now the Chairman of the Chicago Climate Exchange. So we think Hilary Clinton was intimately involved in the development of the unabomb campaign using patented devices and future contracts in Chicago to take over the airline industry which is the ‘a’ in unabomb, and at the same time threatened to kill deans, presidents and faculty members of universities if they failed to come into this ah, I don’t know if you’re familiar with the term ‘anarchist?’ But basically, an anarchist is someone who wants to destroy industrial society. And Hillary Clinton is the disciple of Saul Alinsky, the radical who operated in Chicago in the nineteen thirties and Alinsky’s protégés include, well, Hillary, and also, Barack Obama. He’s a community organizer and a radical, ad he only knows how to destroy. He does not know how to create, that’s why he is totally out of his depth right now.

Rayelan: Yes, I think…

David: And go back to nineteen seventy-nine a number of things were launched. The Senior Executive Service which runs the American government launched by Field’s sister, Kristine Marcey, who may or may not have had a hand in the theft and translation, because she speaks fluent French, of the Promise software into the defense software operated now by the Department or Ministry of Justice in Canada to move saboteurs and assassins through organizations like ALPA, the airline Pilots Association and the Federal Aviation Administration and the ah, Air Traffic Controllers PATCO, and get them into position to identify high value targets when they’re flying in planes whether it’s Air India one-eight-two in nineteen eighty-five out of British Columbia, or Pan Am one-o-three which was blown up over Lockerbie, and simulate attacks on these planes, TWA eight-hundred would be another opportunity and nine-eleven such that it looked like a virtual enemy from outside the country when in fact, it is an inside force out of Chicago that is creating increasingly sophisticated ways of killing people and framing someone else.

Rayelan: Ya.

David: Am I fire hosing. Stop if I’m…

Rayelan: No, no, no, we’re following everything you are…it’s just so…I don’t know…

David: It’s chilling perhaps but it’s absolutely vital we recognize these people as members of, and it goes back to nineteen-seventy, a racketeering, influence and corrupt organization that is based on the destruction of American wealth and industrial society where the money is made on the insurance contracts, or hedging contracts on the damage done and shared with the saboteurs and assassins provided they’re using patented devices to destroy or kill their high value targets. Now this is where I think Field’s case is going to be absolutely rocking because when he gets into court, or when this case comes to court, we can say about ALPA for example, or the Federal Aviation Administration and PATCO, that they maliciously allowed the carbon dioxide in the cabin to be adjusted downwards so arbitrarily they could define the people inside the passenger cabin as being a threat to each other because of the hazard of carbon dioxide therefore automatically legitimizing a signal from the computer to the plane to destroy it.

Rayelan: Okay, David, this is where many of our readers – remember last week I was trying to ask you every possible way why they incorporated the Co2 because it seems like…

David: Okay, I think I have a better way of explaining it now.

Rayelan: Okay, go ahead.

David: And I think for that reason we ought to go ahm, Field, do you think we should go to the abel danger site, or to the ahm, or ah, Hawks Café site to refer to this description from ah, Kui.

Field: Well ah, I, I think you should use your own judgment but I’d appreciate it if Rayelan would send me the link to the chat room while you make your judgment.

David: Okay, okay, let’s go to the Hawks Café website for the time being, sorry, the Captain Sherlock, okay?

Field: Okay, you better spell out the web site for them.

David: Okay, so it’s captainsherlock dot com, and that’s one word captain as in leader, Sherlock like in Sherlock Holmes, sherlock dot com and when people arrive there they’ll see ah, eight icons and ah, two rows of four and on the bottom row on the right hand side it says, “Visit Hawks Café.’ And if they drag their muse over to visit Hawks Café they’ll see ahm, a menu appearing and the first one is ‘home page’ and the second one is the ‘Yahoo Group.’ And if they click on the Yahoo Group ahm, they can see a list of posts that we’ve produced and the last one, or the most recent which went out this morning is entitled ‘RMR Rumor Mill Rayelan January the 20th Obama 350 Subject To Rule Kellogg.’ Alright, can you see that ah, Rayelan?

Rayelan: Yes, absolutely. It’s right on the top of the front page.

David: Okay, so before going into the details of that, I just want to talk about the generalities and ah, you’ve asked a question and it’s, it’s not at all obvious, but when a President of the United States wants someone whacked, which means a contract killing, they don’t want – when that individual is killed the investigators to track it back to an order from the President of the Unites States, they want, I think you call it plausible denial.

Rayelan: Absolutely.

David: And presidents, and probably not just in the United States, occasionally and particularly during periods of war, and we’re in one now, have reason to order the contract killing of an enemy of the country.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: And if you go back to the Clinton era a whole bunch of people were killed and that gave rise to the term ‘Arkancide.’

Rayelan: Right.

David: Where it would appear people associated with the Clintons both when he was the Governor of Arkansas and she was the first lady and then when he was the President of the United States and she was the first lady had a nasty habit of committing suicide by shooting themselves in the back of the head twice.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: So the question is, if you look at Waco and the Murray Building, this was on the Clinton watch. There’s lot’s and lot’s of people who the Clintons would have deemed to be enemies who were actually killed. But no one was able to bring the chain of reasoning in the investigation back to the Clintons because they had developed a very sophisticated technique of having them killed without actually giving a direct instruction. And that’s what we’re talking about with the unabomb. The idea of the unabomb we think, was that there would be a signal from the target that would come in to a command and control computer, and subject to the incoming signal from the target, which wasn’t from the President of the United States that would trigger a kill signal to the plane and destroy it. Now, when that plane was destroyed, whether it was Ron Brown’s t thirty-seven, I can’t remember, it’s a military version of a Boeing seven- three-seven?

Field: It’s a t thirty-seven, Tango

David: T forty-three ahm, when that plane crashed that would allow Clinton to say, “Well it wasn’t me that ordered him killed, i.e., he’s got plausible denial. Ah, if you look at the planes on nine-one-one it would be prudent if the Clinton’s were involved, to make it look like the decision was made – taken from somewhere else, right?

Rayelan: Right.

David: Now, there’s a very simple way of doing that and this is where I think Field’s case is going to expose collaboration in the murder of American people by senior people in the Airline Pilots Association, the Federal Aviation Administration and the Senior Executive Service. In nineteen ninety-five and nineteen ninety-six Federal Aviation Administration and we think we actually know the name of the person who did this. Her name is Charlotte Bryan as in Charlotte’s web.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: We think that she was conspiring with senior people in the Senior Executive Service and ALPA and Federal Aviation Administration and PATCO to lower the carbon dioxide limit in passenger cabin in aircraft from thirty-thousand parts per million to five-thousand parts per million. Now, they claimed they did that – and there had been no problem at thirty-thousand parts per million because carbon dioxide is a perfectly benign gas and when you breath out you breath our at thirty – forty-thousand parts per million. If you go into a bar or a party and the room is poorly ventilated the room will feel ffff, foggy, is that the right word?

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: It’s because the carbon dioxide in the room if it’s not well ventilated has built up to perhaps thirty or forty-thousand and that’s no problem.

Rayelan: Right, right.

David: If you’re under the bed clothes with relatives ahm, the ventilation under the bed clothes will be foggy if that’s the right word, but it’s not going to kill you. It will probably be forty to fifty parts per million.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Now, if you can define or if you can frighten the people in ALPA and FAA and PATCO to define thirty-thousand as a ah, hazardous level for carbon dioxide all you need to do to automate the killing of a high value target in a plane is put in a carbon dioxide sensor in a plane and send a signal by wireless to a command and control center which when it receives a signal that thirty-thousand limit has been violated, it sends a signal back to the plane to blow up or detonate embedded explosives in the plane.

Rayelan: So in other words, David, what you are saying is, this Co2 thing, I mean, they’ve been literally could have used anything ah, you know, chewing gum or something.

David: No, no, actually no, specifically, carbon dioxide is very important because the carbon dioxide in the passenger cabin tells the that someone is breathing there.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Chewing gum doesn’t. If chewing gum is on the table or the seat it doesn’t prove anyone to chew on it.

Field: Hey David, David, let’s just stipulate the fact that we know more about Co2 than anyone else and move on to other things ah, for instance, if anyone wants to talk about Haiti, or we can continue on nine-eleven, but I think we’re puttin’ them to sleep with the Co2 argument.

Rayelan: Ya, probably David, I think you and I have to talk about it off the air then I can understand it and then I can explain it to people when I understand it.

David; Okay, alright, ah, I think that’s, that’s fair enough. So let’s go on to the idea of an insurance policy on the plane.

Rayelan: Right.

David: Is that fair enough?

Rayelan: Fair enough.

Field: That sounds great.

David: Okay, forget about the mechanism. If you know that the people who have the access to insurers and reinsurers, have inside information that the pane was going to be blown up, forget how it’s going to be blown up.

Rayelan: Right.

David: Then you can tell the insurance company that’s selling insurance to these ah, airlines and the passengers that are getting onto the planes, that that plane is not going to arrive and it would be a good idea… 

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Field McConnell & David Hawkins: Transcript—13 January 2010 Hour 2

Source: rumormillnewsradio.com, hawkscafe, captainsherlock.com

Hawkins/McConnell Interview with Rayelan on Rumor Mill News
January 13, 2010 – Part 2 (Hour 2)

Rayelan Allan: And I have just been looking over that abel, a-b-e-l danger dot blogspot dot com and, and those hits at the bottom, and when I put my mouse over that map of the world at the bottom, I swear to God, I saw one that said ‘plane’ and before I could do anything about it, it was gone. Would that map be monitoring people in airplanes by saying ‘plane’ and then giving the city?

Field McConnell: If they’re logged into our ah, blogspot and that signal is going through a ku band enabler and that ku band ah, the reason the passengers like ku band is because it enables them to go online on the internet so that probably is in an airplane. However, what the passengers need to know about that ku band is also is the receiver for some signals you don’t want coming into your airplane ah, like signals that came into the airplane on nine-eleven Air France four forty-seven, Holden thirty-four-o-seven and one of your readers just said the bad guys are going down and that’s ah, Triplum – I think he’s absolutely right.

Rayelan: Well, I, you know we ah, what should I say, many of us have been working at it for a very long time.

Field: Ya.

Rayelan: And I think without the internet and without people like you and David, and now our new person over there at blogspot, you know, none of this would be happening. And so David, what do you think of that new blogspot and the, the new traffic that it seems to be bringing.

David Hawkins: Well, I think it’s totally spectacular on;y a testament to the veracity of your work, David] and I’m amazed at with the speed with which this ah, is updated – shall we just go through some of the elements of it?

Rayelan: Absolutely.

David: Well across the top ahm, the ugly guy on the left with the blue glasses, I believe that’s Field McConnell, I’ve never met the man…

Rayelan: *laugh*

Field: What makes you think I’m a man?

David: :laugh* You’ve got a deep voice not that that’s conclusive ahm…

Field: Okay.

David: …then the back drop of the city, that’s Chicago…

Rayelan: Okay.

David: …at night.

Rayelan: Wow.

David: Now those planes – Field, can you recognize those planes, what are those planes?

Field: I’m, I’m not lookin’ there right now, but I’ll come there, if I recall I’d say world war two vintage, low wing model planes.

Rayealn: Ya, they look it.

David: Then you can see the American flag ahm, you can sort of see the banner head Abel Danger, now just to give your listeners a clue, Abel Danger was a military counter-intelligence team launched by the Chairman of the Joints Chief of Staff, General Henry Shelton.

Rayelan: Yes.

David: Who must have known back in the nineteen ninety-eight or ninety-nine period of this conspiracy that was developing through the Senior Executive Service and the Kellogg School of Management to over throw the Government of the United States from within.

Rayelan: And I just want to add…

David: Sorry?

Rayelan: I just want to add, that Shelton, Henry Shelton as we called him, was the man who reactivated my husband after my husband was out and we were free in Austria and suddenly Shelton activates him back into the Navy and ah, he’s back on duty again.

David: Okay, well Shelton was targeted as many people were in the senior command structure and they put him on a plane to Europe during nine-one-one.

Rayelan: I remember that.

David: So he was out of the loop because the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was not able to respond on nine-one-one to the simulated attack.

Rayelan: Right.

David: For exactly the same reason they put Bush whose a fighter pilot into a school reading a goat story.

Rayelan: Mhm, mhm.

David: So they wanted a bunch of amateurs in order to develop the conspiracy and stand down the United States Air Force during the period when the person in charge of the FAA’s response to these hijackings was Charlotte Bryan.

Rayelan: Extraordinary.

David: Now, over on the right you see the coffee cup?

Rayelan: I do, I do.

David: And I’ve only just noticed this but there’s a shadow on the cup of Sherlock Holmes of the pipe.

Rayelan: Oh my God, there is, I didn’t notice that before.

David: And I’ve only just noticed it. Now the coffee cup ahm, Hawks Café is sort of a play on my name ahm, Hawk, I’m David Hawkins and Café stands for the ‘Citizens Association of Forensic Economists’ meaning anyone who drinks coffee has got a reasonable sense of smell because you’re dealing with corruption…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …and pretty good eye site because you are dealing with weasels that hide under rocks because they’re cowards.

Rayelan: Right.

David: To be a forensic economist you don’t need a Phd, in fact, I’m not sure there is a Phd in forensic economics. [David, can I have one after transcribing all this]

Rayelan: We need to start our own university and issue one.

David: Actually we’ve got it because you see, what a forensic economist is doing I believe, and I would like one day to lecture to universities and so on and explain how this becomes a more important degree than anything like political science.

Rayelan: Yes.

David: If you track victim assets through the crime scene.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: And interestingly enough ahm, you need to track something else which I call the ‘energy’, the ‘energy’ of the criminal. And there’s two kind of energy in a criminal’s brain, right? There’s the potential energy before the crime is committed.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: And the kinetic energy of the actions like picking up a knife, or push a button to blow up a plane carrying Ron Brown.

Rayelan: Yes.

David: But I think the most important thing I think a forensic economist can do, is what Sherlock Holmes use to do, was get inside the mind of the criminal because if you don’t get inside the mind of a criminal you don’t see what the mind of a criminal is trying to do.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Is that ah, kind of clear?

Rayelan: Ya, ya that’s very clear.

David: Alright, now over on the right, and I’ll let Field mention that, this is a picture of an eagle taken by my partner who is very sick, perhaps towards the end of this show Field can make a few words about that?

Field: Okay.

David: Ahm, now, the first article is about Charlotte’s web, airborne internet built by Charlotte Bryan. So I would like listeners to absolutely fix in their minds that we’re alleging the woman most responsible for the so called ‘hazardous passengers’ from the period nineteen-ninety-four through to the nine-one-one attack, and I would allege the Space Shuttle Columbia in two-thousand and three?

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Is Charlotte Bryant. And if she wants to emerge from the wood work and sue me for liable or sue us for liable, let her go.

Field: Hey, you know what else David? I think we ought to invite Charlotte to come the court setting in Washington D.C. next Tuesday at ten-fifteen in the morning, ALPA is going to be there, I’m going to be there and a relative of mine is going to be there. And it would be the perfect place for one of the representatives of Captain Sherlock to exchange ah, or match wits with Charlotte the web master.

David: I think she should be subpoenaed as a witness because when you go into court Field, on the nineteenth of ah, January, you’re making a statement about your perception of organized crime in the run up to nine-one-one and the events that took place that resulted in their installing, this is you allegation in the court, systems that could take over a plane, kill the pilots and passengers without the knowledge and consent or the ability of the pilot to intervene which explains why you are no longer working for the air – ah, airline industry.

Field: Ya, and let me just get the cheesy accent off the radio for a split second here…

David: *laugh*

Field: …and we’re going to go in a different direction. On, on, nine-eleven ah, those airplanes that were electronically taken off coarse driven off the North Atlantic and detonated with the exception of United ninety-three which was detonated upside down tree top level in Pennsylvania. They were all replaced by other remotely controlled empty airplanes called drones, but ah, one of the reasons these people are going down and ah, ah, perhaps the principle reason, the perpetrators are already caught. They’re known to us and, and we’re known to them and they can’t touch us. But I would ask any of your listeners who go to church to take a look at Psalm ninety-one:one which is nine-eleven. You could do this if you just delete the ah, delete the punctuation, Psalm ninety-one:one is nine-eleven which says…

Rayelan: Oh my God. *laugh*

Field: Do you see it?

Rayealn: Ya, I see it

Field: Why don’t you read it to us and I’ll tell you one more thing.

Rayelan: Oh know, I don’t see it, I don’t see it, but I’m surprised I never thought of that before.

Field: Well ah, I can scroll down and your listeners can scroll with me.

Rayelan: Oh, is it on the, on the blogspot here?

Field: Just scroll down about one fifth of the way and you’ll see a picture of an airline pilot sleeping in an airbus with six f sixteens.

Rayelan: Oh yes, I saw thought and thought that was just the picture.

Field: Okay, well let’s all go there and you’ll see underneath it says, “He who dwells in the shelter of the most high will rest in the shadow of the almighty.”

Rayelan: Ninety-one:one. This is just amazing.

Field: Oh no, no, no, wait a minute, you haven’t seen anything yet because…

Rayelan: Okay.

Field: …because the instruction in the Northwest pilots flight operations manual that compels the captain of an airliner to ensure it’s safe before he flies it is f-o-m- nine-one-one.

Rayelan: That is even more amazing.

Field: Well it’s ah, frankly it’s a demonstration of God’s power and commitment to this mission, for the people…

Rayelan: Ya.

Field: …for the people that don’t know of God or don’t care to go that direction, I mean, Northwestern Airline certainly is a God, but they’ve got a regulation nine-one-one which is why I had to quit flying for them.

Rayelan: Wow, that is just incredible.

Field: Well, it is really incredible and it should be a real clear signal – some people have gotten smart already. Senator Dorgan you know from North Dakota? He announced his retirement last week.

Rayelan: Yes, and do you know why? Because he’s from your state?

Field: Well because his name is all over this airline safety issue in a bad way and specifically rather than being vague, I would say, if you read our chapters it won’t take you long to find out that on – in fact, I’ll turn it over to David because I’m getting a little wound up. David, do you wanna give them instructions on how to find Chapter Nine of book four and I’ll go back to the chat room and print it there because that’s the chapter – it’s chapter nine in book four. It’s the story about Air France and it has evidence, I mean, real evidence of what I told Dorgan and when and he did nothing.

Rayelan: And this is the plane that crashed going from ah, South America to France?

Field: Ya, from Brazil to Paris. It was Air France four-four-seven.

David: Okay, I’ll navigate people there. So if they go to abeldanger dot blogspot dot com…

Rayelan: Okay.

David: …over on the left hand side, Rayelan ahm, you’ll see a column which is really a navigation column?

Rayelan: Yes, I see that.

David: And the books are in order so our first book was Hunter’s Wingman?

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: The second book was Sister Abel Brother Cain with a picture of Field’s sister Christine Marcey and a little boy who is Field McConnell when he was totting a gun.

Rayelan: Right.

David: And then ah, the Mother Moose and the ACORN Abortionists which describes the ah, abortion activities of Michelle Obama in the University of Chicago Hospitals where she was Vice President of Community Relations…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …and then the fourth book that Field mentioned is Olympic Debt and the Tontine Death Squad.

Rayelan. Ya.

David: And of you click on that ah, then you go to the index page and if you go across the top of the index you’ll see Chapter Nine which I’m hoping will show up ah, yes it does, and the title Chapter Nine of Olympic Debt and the Totine Death Squad is Collision Avoidance Ends the United States Air Force Tanker Competition. And what happen to Air France Flight four-four-seven on its way from Rio to Paris was there was a signal received ah, on the onboard computer to the Charlotte’s Web the Paris maintenance department, or ahm, operations department that the plane was signaling a near by obstacle and it went into a collision avoidance maneuver…

Rayelan: Mhm, mhm.

David: …and ripped the tail off.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: So you see, Charlotte’s Webb which gives you an airborne internet access to the avionics of every plane licensed by the FAA to land in the United States and probably in other countries around the world to meet the FAA regulations set by Charlotte Bryan. It allows the people who control, and we can come to that, Charlotte’s ah, Charlotte’s Web, to identify when there is a high value target on a plane whether to continue monitoring the carbon dioxide in the passenger cabin…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …then they can arrange the computer to configure an “accident”, in quote, and it’s not on the instruction of the President of the United States, it’s been programmed into a computer to automatically generate a kill order and the people don’t come home.

Rayelan: Now, okay, does that particular plane have to be configured to these lower Co2 levels and that’s why it generates the ah, computer kill order?

Field: No, no.

David: The plane itself is not modified as far as that’s concerned, the plane contains a carbon dioxide sensor.

Rayelan: Oh, okay.

David: That sends a signal back to the computer that we believe at Northwestern University at the Kellogg School of Management. The computers been programmed with rules.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Very interesting these rules that were programmed into the Kellogg School of Management computers to determine whether someone is hazard.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Was programmed by the chairman of the Chicago Climate Exchange with a grant from the Joyce Foundation director by the name of Barack Hussein Obama.

Rayelan: What year was that?

David: Two-thousand, two-thousand and one. Before the nine-one-one attack…

Rayelan: Before nine-one-one.

David: …Barack Obama and Richard Sandor, who I believe will have to be called as witnesses and in Field’s case in ah, Washington, eventually. Programmed the computer for Charlotte’s Web such that any individual who was considered to be a high value target and hazardous to the agenda of Obama and Richard Sandor could be terminated without the intervention of the President of the United States.

Rayelan: Wow, so it’s, it’s beginning to very slowly sink in, you know, how this is being done.

David: The, the need is, Rayelan, a cutout. You need to isolate the President of the United States from the victims death.

Rayelan: But, but more than that, what I just saw what you just described here, nine-one-one was a coup de’ etat.

David: Absolutely, we’ve already said that.

Rayelan: And we’ve got the coup de’ etat president as president right now.

David: Absolutely.

Field: And we need to take him out.

Rayealn: This is extraordinary.

David: The usurper, remember, he is not a natural born American therefore, constitutionally you can’t actually impeach this guy. He should be hauled in for treason.

Rayelan: How in the world has every single judge in the United States been ahhh, been devolved, excuse my language, and no one is allowing any of these…

David: Because they all fly on planes.

Rayelan: Well, I think everyone should just stop flying period.

David: Absolutely, we should, we should ground the planes and do what Field said, which was prior to him being sent to a shrink.

Raylean: Mhm.

Field: I did not go to a shrink, David.


David: Sorry.

Field: It’s very important that the listeners understand I did not go to a shrink because three people called me up and told me exactly what steps Northwest, Continental, United and Delta do with pilots that have whatever you just said ah, let’s say nerve, somebody with a little backbone?

Rayelan: Mhm.

Field: They give you a physical first and if you pass the physical they send you to a shill shrink in Los Angeles whose name is Doctor Eliot.

Rayelan: You were just about to be – you were told to go to a psychiatrist and why didn’t you go to a psychiatrist and why were you told to go to ah, psychiatrist? [this is for you, psychiatrists]

Field: Okay, I’ll try to do that very clearly and calmly and plus it’s all written about, and if anybody wants to see the documents we can certainly put the documents up at Rumor Mill or the blog site. Ah, I released the information to the United States Department of Defense, to Airline Pilots Association, to Northwest Airlines and to a specific admiral who will remain nameless and hope that he is a good guy which I don’t think he is ah, and the information I released was limited to a QRS eleven gyro chip and the ah, Boeing uninterruptible auto pilot, but ah, I was, well, I was betting my life and certainly betting my career that they would handle it responsibly. Ah, they did not handle it responsibly so I started ah, elevating the tempo if you will ah, sent a personal letter which is all over the internet and of anybody wants it just ah, well people know how to get a hold of you and me so, if anybody wants these letter I’ll make them available. But on the thirteenth of February zero-seven, I sent a personal letter from to Robert Swan Mueller the Director of the FBI and I said, you know, I told you guys on December eleventh on zero six, that there’s a bunch of illegally modified airplanes running around and you did nothing and on the first of January of zero-seven, Adam Air five-seven-four, and that’s spelled A-d-a-m, like Adam and Eve, Adam Air five-seven-four was vaporized ahm, just like I had suggested in my letters. And when I say ‘I’, that’s short hand for me and David, I mean, we work together…

Rayelan: Mhm.

Field: …but sometimes, you know, I think most people understand we work together even though we never met. So, I told the FBI administrator, or director, excuse me, that ah, they needed to get these airplanes on the ground. He did nothing and on the fifth of May, that’s ah, o-five-o-seven, the fifth of May of zero-seven, Kenya Air Ways Flight five-o-seven was vaporized, once again consistent exactly with the nature of the threat I described not only in writing but also later verbally to the ah, company and the union I worked for which was Northwest Airlines and the Airline Pilots Association.

Ahm, they have done nothing to this point and it’s coming to a head next Tuesday because at ten-fifteen next Tuesday I’ll be in court and it this will be addressed one way or another. But back to the shrink issue. When I wouldn’t shut up and go away ah, I was ordered to go take a physical which I found rather comical because I just had a hernia and I was on a mandatory ah, sixty day, not bed rest, but no flying duty. And that’s not because airline pilots are wimps, it’s because our baggage is quite heavy, the bag with the books weighs about fifty pounds and you’re not allowed to lift more than twenty-five when you have a hernia. Mine was an umbilical hernia for those with inquiring minds. Like our new character, Big Johnson. So I told them I couldn’t go to the physical anyway because I’m physically unable to perform as a pilot and my next physical isn’t due until April. They said you will go to a physical and this is how brazen they are ah, Ray, they said you’ll go to a physical given to you be a doctor whose not even qualified to give doc – ah, airline pilots physicals. So ah, I basically told them in writing to go stuff it ah, and finally we went back and forth a couple of times and finally I went and took the physical when I felt like it. And basically that’s a little bit of a wise guy like me, but you know, I couldn’t be bothered to go take a physical when it worked on their schedule and when it worked into my family plans, I took their ah, physical and I passed which didn’t surprise me ah…

Rayelan: Mhm.

Field: …and then the doctor just about started crying and his name is Issacsen, spelled the Danish way, and Doctor Issacsen knew ah, he had to torpedo me so he tried to get me – he asked me questions about my head and my focus, and obsessions and he says, “Do you think you’re worried about anything or is there anything you can’t get your mind off?” And I said absolutely not, I said I’ve got a pretty agile mind and I’m not worried about anything in the world and he said, “Oh okay, well I’m having a little difficulty…”, and I knew where he needed to go and ah, so I said, “Would it help if you had access to all of my medical, and there fore because it’s a flying medical, medical and mental track record going back to June of nineteen sixty-six. And he, he smiled, he was a great relief to him cause I told him I would sign off on the privacy issue and he could have all of my flying records going back to a West Point physical I took at Tripler Army Hospital in sixty–six. So, I also put him in touch with my medical doctor whose here in Fargo and my medical doctor told Doctor Issacsen that if you’re going to try to go mental with Field McConnell you’ve got an uphill battle and that’s my doctor speaking not me. So, what happened next was my wife and I are sittin’ around watching ah, I think it was Joyce Myers TV show, nine-twenty in the morning on March thirteenth of zero-seven. Ah, I get a letter from Northwest Airlines via FedEx, the FedEx envelope, the date of which was the thirteenth of March of zero-seven, it said ah, there was about three or four paragraphs, but basically, it said, “Field, you were advised to go to Doctor Elliot in Los Angels for a two day appointment on the first and second of March, you failed to go therefore we”, Northwest Airlines, “took you off payroll on the second of March”, ah and there’s some more and I’ll put it up, I’m not holding anything back, it’s a salient point, but ah, I sort of smiled when I read that because I knew for a fact that ah, and I should know, you’ll understand, but ah, I knew for a act they never told me to go to the appointment.

Rayelan: Yes.

Field: I also knew for a fact after having three different pilots from three different airlines tell me that they would at some point in time send me to a shrink. I knew they hadn’t given me an email or letter saying go to the shrink. Then they took me off payroll for not going. That’s a, that’s a crime, I believe it’s a felony. There’s two different things you can call it, you can call it wrongful termination or constructive discharge and I’m a layman not a legal mind, thank goodness, but basically constructive discharge is when an employer brokers an employee into a position where if the employee is a reasonable person he will self-eliminate from the job. Now in my case self-elimination came in the form of ten minute later retirement, in other words, that letter came at nine-twenty in the morning on the thirteenth of March zero-seven and at nine-thirty that same morning, ten minutes later I retired. And ah…

Rayelan: Did you willingly retire or were you forced to?

Field: No, I, I willingly retired simply to save my expert witness value because…

Rayelan: Ya.

Field: …had I gone to that – had I gone out to there and sing along he would have either told me to shut up and say go along, or he’s rip up my pilots license.

Rayelan: Mhm, that’s true.

Field: You know, these guys are not smart, they’re just evil, or corrupt and – you see if they were smart they could have nipped this in the bud a long time ago.

Rayelan: Mhm.

Field: But now they’re gettin’ real nervous, ten-fifteen next Tuesday morning they’re going to be dealing with this in a court room and I can tell you ah, for sure that the lady judge whose name is Judge Rosemary M. Collyer.

Rayelan: Mhm.

Field: She’s not very happy with the people on the other side of this law suit because she told them to settle it on June eighteenth of ah, two-thousand and nine exactly – well, I got the news eleven hours after Chapter Nine went up and Chapter Nine was apparently a pretty good chapter because it caused ah, it caused the judge to tell ALP to settle with me. It also caused the aviation group over in Europe to try and figure out some way to keep me from flying in Kazakhstan and you know, the funny part of all that is that most people really, in their right mind, here we go with the mental issue again, most people wouldn’t want to go to Kazakhstan to fly airplanes. I actually went over there because it made a compelling story, and it certainly is ahm, I went over there and enjoyed myself although I didn’t enjoy myself being gone from my family for eighteen months, but ah, I still have a pilots license, I still pass physicals. I’m not crazy, and if courage is a mental handicap ah, then I guess I have a mental handicap. I’m not afraid of ah, any of these people or any of the organizations and ah, that’s why I write the way I do and ah, I know whose protecting me and it’s not somebody with a gun. It’s somebody a lot powerful.

Rayelan: You know, I truly believe that any of us who do this work and stay alive we do have protection that is a lot more powerful than anything here on earth.

Field: Hey, you know what I’m going to do? We have a new agent, one of the people – I haven’t been looking at the chat room, but you’ve got somebody signed in as ‘Johnson’, and I have no idea who he is, where he’s from or ah, you know, what motivates him, but you know I like to make new characters out of people so we’re going to have this Johnson be a character in Chapter Eight. And also in Chapter Eight ah, I will point up an incident report where the airplane I was flying in Kazakhstan should have crashed but it did not.

Rayelan: Mhm.

Field: And ah, we’ll let the chips fall where they may but ah, you know, I think if you remember David and Goliath?

Rayelan: Yes.

Field: Ah, I would suggest that Goliath ah, starts cleaning out their desk ah, and if you want me to put names on Goliath, I’d start with ah, I, I call him the resident of the Unites States, I’d take the ‘p’ off the front of president, but ah, we have to review his qou warrant issue. Nancy Pelosi is related to Air Patrol and ADT and so, think that will get rid of her and then ah, Ron Brown’s trigger woman, I think she’s no longer welcome in this country that the truth of the depth of their crimes becomes household knowledge which David and I are trying to do that with the help of yourself, Uncle Ray, and Kui Longboard out in Hawaii.

Rayelan: Mhm.

Field: And I think we’re gaining the upper hand.

Rayelan: Well how many as you call them, ‘kills’ have you gotten so far? I thought it was about twelve the last time I saw it?

Field: How many what?

Rayelan: Ah, how many of the people have the FBI either arrested because you pointed them out or have resigned ah, their – from congress?

Field: Well, I don’t think David even knows, but I’ll turn that over to him, but we’ve taken out the ah, Chairman of the Council of Foreign Relations, his name is Peter G. Peterson.

Rayelan: Mhm.

Field: We’ve caused Bruce McConnell to sell his business which was called McConnell International and he sold it to Clinton Rubin, I think you can probably tell the listeners who the Clinton is and who the Rubin is ahm, we caused Senator Dorgan to determine he no longer wanted to be a senator and you know, we’re just workin’ out way right up the food chain and if we misspeak, or if we ah, commit liable, you know they can drag us into court, but unfortunately for them now, with the five-thousand pages of cross referenced material that ah, I put together single handedly, and then sometimes David speaks with a cheesy English accent and talks like he knows what he’s talkin’ about, but you know, our collective work now is like a tsunami, and that’s tsunami in a wave, not salami as in chips. But ah, this tsunami is going to sweep over Washington and I think it’s going to ah – well, let me put it this way. I think the ah, Abel Danger tsunami is going to do to Washington what the Lafarge Barge and the exploded levies did to Katrina. The only difference was, the people in New Orleans were innocent and the tsunami is going to descend like a swarm of locust on the guilty.

Rayelan: I’ve been waiting for this for over twenty years now. I promised it would happen.

Field: Well…

David: Can I just comment on two people that we might have – I just got a further comment on the people who have resigned.

Rayelan: Yes.

David: I’m looking at the associates of McConnell International where Christine Marcey, Field’s sister works.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: And there’s a whole list of names and ah, Charlotte Bryan has resigned Rayelan.

Rayelan: When?

David: That I don’t know but she’s not there and she was.

Rayelan: Most interesting.

Field: Could you repeat that David?

David: Ya, the, if people go to the McConnell International dot com ah, or just Google Kristine Marcey spelt with a ‘K’, K-r-i-s-t-i-n-e Marcey ah, they’ll see the list of present associates of Rubin, now the , These people ah, Rayelan, are so extraordinarily stupid, that when we contacted them and alleged that they were affiliated with Hillary Clinton and Robert Rubin, former Treasury Secretary, they said, as we understand, indirectly or directly, they pulled a name at random out of the Philadelphia phone book. It use to be a company called McConnell International.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: And that got its name because Bruce McConnell was head of encryption for the closing years of the Reagan Administration, the Bush Senior and the Clinton Regime when – and he provided the ah, Charlotte’s web with the encryption to protect it from surveillance. Now he’s resigned. He’s no longer with the Clinton Rubin company ahm, and that is a result of our pressure I believe, but just coming back to some of the other people we popped up, Field mentioned this man Peter Peterson. Now Peter Peterson is or was an alumnus of he Kellogg School of Management back in nineteen-forty-seven two years after the end of the war, world war two. Very interestingly he was a draft dodger, i.e., he was of call up age but he dodged the draft. He then did some cheating at MIT and he got cashiered or thrown out of MIT. He then migrated back down to Chicago and he became ultimately the chairman of the Bell & Howell Company and that is extremely interesting from a historical point of view because Field’s father, who was a world war two hero, would have used a Bell & Howell gun site camera to prove that he shot down a four engine Japanese bomber.

Rayelan: Mhm, right.

David: And so during world war two, I’m sure they didn’t call it that in those days, or they might have done, but Bell & Howell cameras were being used to record snuff films, that is the death of a target or enemy. So when Pete Peterson resigned as a result of our intervention, we think, in two-thousand and seven, we can explain why we think it was our intervention ah, as Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations, what Peter Peterson would have done we allege, provided a record via a snuff film through Bell & Howell camera, that someone the system desired to be hit, was hit and was dead. In particular, John F. Kennedy.

Rayelan: Right.

David: Because there was a camera, a Bell & Howell camera a Zoomatic pointing its crosshairs at Kennedy’s head and the frames that go through show that Kennedy was first of all hit from behind and is pushed forward by the momentum of the bullet, this is pure forensic economics if you will, and there was a subsequent frame where he was hit from the front and the back of his head was blown off, i.e., there were two shooters, at least two shooters…

Rayelan: Right, right.

David: Recorded on a Bell & Howell recorded on a Bell & Howell camera in nineteen sixty-three when Peter Peterson was Chairman of Bell & Howell. Now Peter Peterson would go on to become, an incredibly powerful position, I would argue not as powerful as the head of the Senior Executive Service, but still very powerful which is he became the Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations which Michelle Obama is a member of the Chicago Chapter.

Rayelan: Mhm, mhm.

David: Now, he was also on nine-one-one, he was the chairman of something else very interestingly, he was the chairman of the Blackstone Private Equity Group which owned the mortgage on building number seven…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …and he had taken out a double insurance policy on that mortgage. The mortgage was four-hundred million. Insurance policy was eight-hundred million. So when that building came down, because someone had said, “pull it” [I’ve always wondered why Larry Silverstein’s company is always mentioned but not Blackstone], Peter Peterson and his fellow investors in the Blackstone Private Equity Group, made a four-hundred million dollar profit, and the reason, Rayelan, they had to demolish building number seven at five-twenty in the afternoon on nine-eleven was, it contained the records in the floors eleven, twelve and thirteen of the Securities & Exchange Commission…

Rayelan: Right, right.

David: A, a naked short selling fraud that we now know, and I didn’t know that term until about three days ago, called “seller boxing.”

Rayelan: Wha- say that again.

David: It’s a term, and maybe there are two definitions here, and stop me if I’m fire hosing, but you know, I can’t pretend this is less complicated than it is, I mean…

Rayelan: I know.

David: Some of the greatest minds in the history of organized crime have put this together and they’ve created something that is so complex, even though the underlying core is basically simple, it’s a simple act of criminality, they – that has been their principle protection.

Rayelan: Right.

David: It’s a monster hidden in plain view.

Rayelan: Mhm., mhm.

David: So going back – the first is a process called ‘naked short selling’, which is illegally under the Securities & Exchange Commission. It means you’re selling something for delivery at a future date on the belief that you can get a hold of that thing on a future date and deliver it to the people who buy it from you.

Rayelan: Mhm, mhm.

David: And a particular form of naked short selling fraud, well, the general definition is, you don’t actually have to have access to the thing that you need to deliver to the person at a future date, i.e., you’re not covered. Now a particular type of naked short selling fraud called “seller boxing”, and that’s a term that I haven’t heard of until about three days ago. Now seller boxing means, down in the basement of a company, like Bechtel, Parsons or Boeing, there is a box ah, a seller box if you will containing shares in that company that haven’t been issued but are available to certain selected directors…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …at a very low price. As low as point zero-zero one cent, right?

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Now if I’m a director of Bechtel, or Nortel, or Enron and I actually can go to the market place knowing that the company is in what’s called a “stock market bubble”, and I can sell these shares that are ‘down in the basement’ in the seller box…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …forward for future delivery knowing that any time I can go down in the elevator in the basement to a bunch of co-conspirators and get the share certificates and take them upstairs and deliver them to the person who buys them to me.

Rayelan: How does the person know they exist, or know they don’t exist?

David: Because he’s a co-conspirator.

Rayelan: Right, got it.

David: Right, so you build a box down in the engine room – In order for this to take place outside of the reach of the Racketeering, Influence and Corrupt Statute in the United States they had to do it in Canada. So there are now thirteen-thousand, as far as we know, seller boxes in Canada electronically linked to certain corrupt directors in key companies that allow them to go to the stock market and sell shares for future delivery in what is called a naked short selling fraud”, or “seller box” fraud. Now that means they can destroy any company. So let’s go back to Ron Brown. On that plane where Ron Brown died, was Stuart Tholan, President of the Bechtel Unit overseeing Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Southwest Asia

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …and Bechtel Engineering is one of the biggest Pentagon contractors in the United States, and Leonard Pieroni, the CEO of Parsons Corp, one of the biggest – the world’s biggest international Engineering and Construction corporations. So, so when he US Commerce Secretary went on a trip, he took with him senior executives from a number of key American companies…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …that Maurice strong wants to destroy because this whole global warming scam is about the destruction of American capitalism.

Rayelan: That’s absolutely the truth.

David: So just think of the signal that was sent to the captains of industry in the United States which has shown the free world a way out of poverty through the brilliance of its engineers and its scientists and its inventors and its entrepreneurial spirit, when their senior people go in a plane with the United States Commerce Secretary and they don’t come home.

Rayelan: Mhm, mhm.

David: And their bodies are cremated by the Clinton Administration. So what we allege is, back in nineteen ninety-four, this technique of short selling a company with shares, I don’t know if that term had been coined by then, I think it was more in the nineteen ninety-nine period, but short selling was known as a method of destroying a company where the directors are given the opportunity to have access to some of these shares to sell short and make millions, sometimes billions of dollars on the way down by destroying the company. And the person who use to lecture on that business model at the University of Chicago from the period when he left Sidley Austin in Chicago was a counselor for the ACORN and Joyce Foundation by the name of Barack Obama. So Barack Obama wrote the rules for the destruction of key American companies, and one of his biggest successes began with the destruction of Lehman Brothers by seller boxing through the Federal Reserve of New York under Timothy Geithner. And Timothy Geithner should be indicted for treason, as I believe should Barack Obama for money laundering through seller boxing, or illegal naked short selling.

Rayelan: Ya.

David: That was being monitored by the Security & Exchange Commission in building number seven and that’s why they had to destroy the building.

Rayelan: Okay, which, all the…

David: Because the Securities & Exchange Commission was doing investigations into naked short selling, or seller boxing, by key people in the Clinton Administration and the Senior Executive Service and the mobsters in Chicago, and they had gathered the information necessary for an indictment that would have linked all these people to organized crime, money laundering, insider/outsider trading and all the financial manipulations. So, the chairman of the senior – Securities & Exchange Commission, Arthur Levitt, was told to resign in May of two-thousand and one as the same month that Lewis Frey, the head of the FBI, was told to resign. Because these people were basically told, “If you don’t resign you’re going to die.”

Rayelan: Right.

David: And Arthur Levitt went to work as senior consultant to the Carlyle Private Equity Group which were the sponsors of Charlotte’s Web.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: So you can see they set up a synthetic or simulated panic in order to trigger a collapse in the stock market values of key American companies when they had what is called a “naked short selling position”, that would make money on the way down for naked short sellers, or seller boxes.

Rayelan: Right.

David: And one of the most knowledgeable about that form of derivatives and futures fraud is a patent lawyer who started doing it in Chicago in nineteen seventy-nine with twelve transactions on the Chicago Cattle Futures. That made her a profit from one-thousand dollars to one-hundred thousand dollars. The odds of doing that without insider information were twenty-million to one and her name is Hillary Clinton.

Rayelan: Right, boy, it gets ah, weirder and weirder. I’ve got a…

David: But anyways, it gets simpler. It’s just an insurance fraud.

Rayelan: I’ve got a question from one of our listeners whose in the chat room. And he wants to know why building six was taken out? And why nobody has talked about building six and why building six was taken out in a way that resembled the Murray Building?

David: Ya, there’s a big hole down the middle and that I believe is technically called a “customs house building?”

Rayelan: Now I don’t know what building six was. Field, do you?

David: And it had a lot of ahm, CIA weapons and information inside it that the CIA, the good people in the CIA were developing, and also down in the vaults it had the gold ahm, held on behalf of ah, I believe the Bank of Nova Scotia in Canada?

Rayelan: And so you think to get to the gold that would have been the reason?

David: Ya, it was a cover because the gold had all gone…

Rayelan: Right, okay…

David: No, correction, correction. The gold was intended to be stolen, but the subterranean tunnels that would have given the truck access to take the gold was damaged in the initial explosion, so the truck that was suppose to carry the gold got stuck inside the tunnel.

Rayelan: Oh traffic, whatever happen to it? Why, did it melt?

David: No, no, no. Down in the tunnel it was – when they discovered it that the gold was still there because the truck that was suppose to take the gold hadn’t got there. But going back to the bank that owned the gold, the bank is one of the investors in this ahm…

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