Field McConnell & David Hawkins w/August Dunning: Transcript—17 April 2009 Hour 2

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Hawkins/McConnell/Dunning Interview with Rayelan Allan on Rumor Mill News—April 17, 2009—Part 2 (Hour 2)

Field McConnell: If we’re going to talk about China I’ll continue to throw in the microphone to August, but China seems to play a very big part of this going back even to President GHW Bush and the other guy…

Rayelan Allan: Right:

Field: …he’s spent some time in China and I’m sure August will cover that. Also, General Shalaskavelli which was a huge embarrassment to everyone in the military, he was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs under Clinton, and Clinton of course hated the military and if you don’t believe me, you can read a book called Dereliction of Duty where on of the Air Force pilots that carried the brick for the president and it talks about his treasonous behavior. But China has a very tight connection to nine-eleven although and apparently they didn’t want to be seen at the forefront which is what you will see when you go looking around. French speaking Canada first up in Quebec and Gaetano and Montreal. You see the French-speaking Canadians you see the French, and if you look with a microscope or if you just keep looking with your own vision you’ll reach China and maybe August would like to share some news about China with your listeners?

General Shalikashvili and President Bill Clinton

Rayelan: Yes, August, let’s follow up on this China thread.

August Dunning: Well, I think there’s several threads, you had the Department of – Food and Drug Administration with very few inspectors, we’ve had over a thousand different events where poisonous toxic contaminated foods coming into our food supply, toys, our children, you know, supply. All sorts of things from China and they’re only inspecting one out of a thousand cargo containers. Okay, so there’s stuff coming in that we’re being exposed to all the time from China. Is it ignorance, is it just no control over there, or is it an operation, a subversion and a military operation just seeing what they can do.

Rayelan: Mhm.

August: One of the things that was interesting to me was the pet scandal you know, they found melamine which is a plastic that gives a false signature of nitrogen that gives you a false signature of protein in food then it destroys kidney tissue. It turns out that Sadexo, a Chinese food manufacturing company which provides food for all fifty-five of our Marine bases and all…

David Hawkins: It’s French, Augie.

August: …it’s French rather, are supplied by Chinese products through this French company that supply the food supply for our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Fifty-five of our Marine bases around the country and all they would have to do is put a bad batch into all those food supplies and feed them to the soldiers and in forty-eight hours you have one and a half million people down with crenel failure.

Rayelan: Oh my God.

August: This is the kind of thing that really worries me. You know we’ve got ports from Port Angeles, Oakland, Long Beach, Ensenada in Mexico, Panama Canal all under the control of the Chinese. Only one in a thousand cargo containers are inspected. Any one of those containers or several could have nuclear devices, trucked to a city and held for nuclear ransom, I mean, there’s things going on here that are very disturbing, and because this is a real possibility, it’s a real possibility because Clinton, via General Shalikashvili went over there and just gave the Chinese all of our military information. Gave it to them.

Rayelan: Yeah, I…

David: If I could just interject. Over in China, a senior consultant for KPMG by the name of Kevin Rudd is now the Prime Minister of Australia, so you’ll find that Sidley Austin has got a big office in Beijing. So, the thing to understand is, the glue that binds these rolls of China or Australia, or United Kingdom, or France, against the United States, it requires a secure communications system which is under the control of senior women inside the Sidley Austin Law Firm. Because without the communications system, without the encryption for the delegated authority you cannot put together a sort of military maneuver which might involve injecting into the food chain some of the stuff that Augie described, and then make sure the people who are responsible for inspecting that goes sideways. So we need to always find the mens rea, the guilty mind behind it. We have a one-hundred and forty year tradition with Sidley Austin behind it, its got offices all over the world including London associated with the London underground bomb. In Beijing with the introduction of the virus. In the case of Sidley Austin and the AIDS and hepatitis C virus, that was coming out of the Arkansas prison system aided and abetted by the Clintons.

Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd


Rayelan: Yes, it’s really amazing.

August: Here’s what’s funny, and this is Hawks method that David has come up with. You look at the weapon first then you start looking at possibly the weapon is used and then you see patterns happening. What happened to the steel girders of those buildings after nine-eleven? Well, they went to India and China didn’t they? For immediate destruction and melted down quickly, quickly, there was in fact an edict to have those things melted quickly as soon as they were received them. It turns out if you back it up before nine-eleven, these are the same countries, India and China, that shipped the ammonium perchlorate to Saddam Hussein when he was embargoed by the UN.

Ammonium percholate – a propellant

Funny when there’s a UN embargo all these bad things happen. The UN allows the embargo – you know, gets thrown out but really what happen was *laugh* it allows these countries to do these dirty deeds while supposedly they have no oversight. Well there’s plenty of oversight, they’re just arranging it so they can do bad things. And of course we see this movement of nano-aluminum powder out of France into Iraq prior to nine-eleven.

And we have sixty-six tons of aluminum powder from the Iraq stores, from the you know, Iraq Survey Team. So we see people involved before nine-eleven, people that got the resources after nine-eleven, and people that are like melting down evidence after nine-eleven supposedly for the steal. Well, you know, this is curious to me and bothersome, but the real thing is this Maurice Strong character. You know the reason he’s in China is because he’d be prosecuted for his criminal activities during the oil for food program which may have been the program food for rocket propellant program because when you talk about these explosives, what they really are is rocket propellant.

Rayelan: Okay.

August: Thermate, super thermate, thermite, all these sort of things, they are very important because they can have different types of controlled combustions and different types of combustion velocities. For instance, thermate is a wonderful combustion because what it does is it does hydrodynamic shock, and what that means it shocks the molecular bonds between the atoms and the substance to just shatter it. So when those columns were shattered by thermate okay, what happen was the steal was just vaporized and the concrete was powderized, that’s where we get powderization, because the explosive detonation velocity is about twenty-thousand feet/ second. These are very short time frame explosions of extremely high energy because what they’re trying to do is thermodynamically shock things apart.

They learned this from nuclear weapons, that shock wall that comes off a nuclear bomb when it goes off. And in physics they’ve been able to design these into these things. And these things are easy to make, I mean, thermite is nano-aluminum powder and iron oxide and the results are aluminum oxide and molten iron which was found at the base of the world trade center. There’s no energy in the world that can have a collapsing building make liquid molten iron in their basements. And thermate is even easier because you have thermite and you mix two-hundred and six grams of thermite with eighty-seven grams of barium nitrate and six grams of sulfur and point nine grams of dextrin and you have thermate which is even hotter. So these things are easy to make, my God, you could make them in your garage.

Thermite mix

Rayelan: Wow.

August: And what’s even better is this: thermite has a viscoelastic polymer that you that is usually mixed with it to hold its shape which means you could make a desk out of this stuff, an office piece of furniture out of this stuff and bring it in you know, during these building power downs and evacuations prior to nine-eleven, hence furniture. Even if someone saw it they wouldn’t recognize it. Then on Saturday and Sunday before nine-eleven was popped off, you had these same white vans with guys in white outfits supposedly coming in supposedly to wire the buildings for computer lines up and down the elevators.

Now, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist, and I am one, to see these things, *laugh* but it looks very similar to a situation where some group is loading explosives that are very stable until they’re hooked up. Then another group comes in and wires these explosives so they’re fairly unstable so you turn all the radio signals off, and they lost TV power, and the radios didn’t work for the firefighters that day. Remember?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Something to consider:

Pyroclastic explosion

Pyroclastic explosion

Pyroclastic explosion

Pyroclastic explosion

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Rayelan: *laugh* That’s right.

David: And then you ship the three-hundred and forty-three firefighters into the building, you tell the people in the building to stay where they are, you vaporize them and then you file a claim in the Lloyd’s syndicates in London for reinsurance for a hundred-million dollars and then you split it with the insiders.

August: Didn’t they triple the coverage on those firefighters? And didn’t they double the insurance in all those buildings?

David: Yeah, and incidentally, the relatives of the people who were killed, they were called into the Sidley Austin office at seven-eight-seven seventh avenue whatever, and they were invited in to get an emergency payment. Well what they had to do was hand over the death certificate, Ray, and when they had enough death certificates, they took it upstairs to Axel reinsurance and then they claimed for three-hundred and forty-three dead firefighters, we think ten million dollars a pop, so they made three point three billion dollars and they paid out, I don’t know, let’s say four point three million dollars.

Rayelan: Oh boy.

August: Ray, just for the sake of argument, we don’t have it all right, we don’t have one-hundred percent of everything in line, we’ve got a damn good chunk of it, Ray.

Rayelan: Yeah, I can see that. I can already feel it, I mean, I think everybody in the world already knows the official explanation of nine-eleven is just nuts, plain nuts.

David: And do you know the story had been written before it happened so the NIST people and the MIT people injected the theory of the buildings coming down for whatever reason. But the description of that event had actually been written before nine-one-one because they clearly understood if they could get the encrypted story into the mainstream media before anyone else, then all subsequent theories could be dismissed as conspiracies.

August: Well here’s another interesting thing that I found out just recently, David. It turns out that two Chinese colonels have admitted to designing the nine-eleven disaster. Now of course, this is after they got all of the information on our military weapons systems and communications systems from Shalikashvili. So China is involved with the planning of this thing intimately. There’s a real, real thing there. And let’s talk – real quick back to detonation velocities. During the crash in Shanksville, a lot of people heard cracking and popping and interruptions of magnetic signals in television and radio right before that plane blew up. Now, when you emit huge electro-magnetic pulses like that you get those kinds of interruptions in normal broadcast structures. What’s really interesting is that when you produce the exact type of frequency in electro-magnetic pulse you can also, you can also create arcs between the plates. Like in this material called SMACSONIC and I think Field can tell you the dangers in that.

SMACSONIC ® (SMACTANE) – Viscoelastic Material

Field: Yes, SMACSONIC can be installed in aircraft insulation because it looks like regular insulation and it can be used as a thermal, a vibrational or a sound insulation, but also, if you hit it with a certain type of electro-magnetic energy or electronic trigger, you can cause the entire fuselage of the aircraft that’s surrounded by the insulation to reach fifty-eight hundred degrees Fahrenheit; literally instantaneously which blows the tail off the airplane like it did the seven fifty-seven at Shanksville. It turns what’s left of the aircraft into a missile that burns up and turns into plasma before any of the big parts hit the ground.

August: Assuming the SMACSONIC has been impregnated with super thermate *laugh* instead of the rubber insulator.

Field: Yes, and we gave this information to the FBI on February thirteenth of two-thousand and seven and here it is two years and two months later and our patience is wearing thin. But I think the FBI might be ready to move on all this. Let’s watch.

David: And incidentally, the triaxial configuration of the QRS eleven gyro chips, that was done under patents acquired from Hillary Clinton by the French contractor Thales which was the preferred weapons supplier to Saddam Hussein. And they make one other product, Ray, which is SMACSONIC, the insulation that can double up as incendiary. So Thales, the company that helped Saddam develop decoy and drone maneuvers in Iraq has got all the technologies for nine-one-one.

August: And the other thing is they say the terrorists were overwhelmed by the passengers and were brought down to the ground. Well, if that’s true why were there engine parts strewn across eight miles of landscape?

Rayelan: Yeah, exactly, exactly.

August: It blew up in the air.

Rayealn: Have any of you ever, ever questioned the phone calls that were made?

August: Oh sure, that’s an easy one. Cell phones have an initiation period between towers. When you’re driving in a car there’s plenty of time for that. When you’re traveling at four-hundred miles per hour, there’s not enough time to initiate contact to the tower to contact the tower. These were all, these were all false signatures that were injected into the day probably from the people that were offloaded off of these – out of the real airplane into the Lewis Research Center in Cleveland where a drone took off and went to target and they had these people with a gun up to their head going, “Hi mom, this is Bob Jenkins, do you recognize me mom?” Wait a minute, who says that, who says their last name to their mom?

Rayelan: Yeah, exactly.

August: You know, it’s like…

David: And incidentally, the True Pass System of encryption formed a partnership out of British Columbia with various CAIC Entrust and ATT, Augie. So those communications were taking place through an encrypted system to confuse the public and a representative lawyer of ATT in nineteen ninety-one in Washington, was one Michelle LaVaughan Robinson.


August: Who do we know with that as a first name?

Rayelan: Right, right.

David: And she also represented Union Carbide for the defense in the Bhopal pesticide bomb.

August: These people are being repaid for their work for the cadre, you know…

Rayelan: Now there’s that call from Barbara Ohlson to her husband Ted Ohlson. What do you make of that call? That one was strange, stranger than the rest.

August: Yeah, well who was he, where was he? When you look at the flight manifests from all those planes, it’s like these were all people from Raytheon, the Navy, there were a few weird people who accidentally got on that plane, but most, they thought they were participating in a war game. They thought they were part of that red team blue team war game going on that day. They had no idea…

David: They had digital identities with actors associated with digital identities. So you’re able to take a digital identity associated with a human being in Ottawa and inject the voice of the digital identity, which of course is the human…

Rayelan: You just said that…

David: …to follow the conversation.

Rayelan: You guys just said something that I have never heard of before. Are you saying all those people on the planes, or just some of the planes, were actually actors that were acting in this…

August: In a war game.

Rayelan: …in a war game.

August: If you look at the flight manifest all those people on the planes were all members of the Navy, the Air Force, Raytheon and these companies that design remote control aircraft. If you wanted to get rid of the people in the know how any of that stuff that would have happened you would have had them on those flights.

David: And so what they were doing, Ray, these were the people unwittingly on the blue team using the True Pass Communications System when suddenly the guys, probably the first lady, certification authority in Chicago, and possibly in Washington, they revoked the certificates. So the blue team went blind and deaf and dumb and they died in large numbers. And the red team then took over in what would have been a coup ‘de tat if that fourth plane had reached the Capitol building.

Rayelan: Oh my God.

August: During that time period that was a planned military stand down of US Forces handed over to the Canadians during that war game. All these things have happened in that morning during that stand down period where we gave our air defenses to the Canadians. It was not in our hands. We had already signed that off. And when Dick Cheney is sitting there in the basement in the war room going, you know, “I don’t want to change the flight paths.” Why would he? If they brought that plane down it would have crashed in Falls Church or Arlington where mothers were with their babies in the early morning.

Rayelan: Who would be running the United States right now if that flight ninety-three plane had taken out congress?

August: Nationalist Socialist Communists period like they are right now.

David: We could be more specific. There is an organization created by the terrorist leader Bernadine Dohrn, who was at Sidley Austin training the interns from nineteen eighty-four to nineteen eighty-eight. The last intern she was responsible for was called Michelle LaVaughan Robinson who handled interns from nineteen eighty-eight to nineteen ninety-one. So for seven years, the Sidley Austin law firm, the world’s most powerful hedge fund law practice, had seven years worth of interns to be corrupted. And shortly after ninety-one, they formed an organization called Women at Sidley, and you can google that, and the Women at Sidley appears to have been equipped with these True Pass encryption systems and created the possibility of what we might call ‘First Lady Certificate of Authority.’

The ability to delegate for example, the Mumbai attack of Thanksgiving Day of last year, a local commander to take care of for example, the counter-terrorist forces in Mumbai. Take them out with a targeted hit then disrupt communications to basically kill Jews, tourists – essentially make the Indian Government look stupid or incompetent. Exactly the same technique with Hurricane Katrina where the hurricane had passed eighty miles to the east, twenty-one hours before, and then at four simultaneous places the levies were blown using underwater explosives. Probably using the thermite that was used…

Rayelan: I’ve always said that.

David: …then thy flooded the town. They had a computer simulation called ‘Hurricane Pam’ run by AMEC about a week before. And the objective in the sense of the computer simulation was to determine what kinds of insurance hedging would take care of the death to the order of sixty-thousand if they could get a fifteen foot flood. Now Katrina didn’t perform according to standard. It went to the east. It had gone past; the storm was over so they had to blow the levies. They were hoping to get sixty-thousand dead because that would trigger the catastrophe insurance, or that had been put together by Sidley Austin and its first ladies. Now if you go to the web site for the Chicago Global Affairs, which used to be the Council on Foreign Relations and scroll down, there’s some fascinating characters.


There’s a guy called Lester Crown whose a director of General Dynamics which is the international military organization able to take care of hits like Mumbai. The treasurer, and I didn’t make this up, her name is Leah Zelwanga [not sure on name] and she has a hedge fund called Lizard. [not sure of name and spelling until confirmed] And if you keep going down you find *garbled* [not sure of name here], the managing director of Goldman Sachs and then a woman called Michelle Obama who describes herself as the first lady of the United States. So in Chicago you have all the structure in place to execute an encrypted attack on America domestically and on American allies abroad including the London underground and the Mumbai attack on Thanksgiving Day of last year. And then blame, well, I don’t know how long they can keep blaming Bush. It’s getting pretty hard as he fades into history, but basically…

Rayelan: They’re blaming…

David: …go ahead

Rayelan: They’re blaming him every single day for something. Did you say they released that classified document on what was allowed in the interrogation of the prisoners and, I mean, that’s classified. That’s going to put our people in danger, or totally nullify…

August: I think that Dick Cheney okay, is really the person you need to talk to not George Bush. He’s obviously just like any of these people in that position is just a mouth piece for the people that are running the game.

Rayelan: Right.

August: I think Cheney was the guy that really decided, do you know what, we’re not going to play by the rules, we’re going to find out what the hell happened, how we were blind sided and who is doing this stuff? So he assassination squads going into all these countries finding and knocking them off getting information. Against the law, against the laws of these governments, it’s well documented now, because he decided if these people aren’t going to play by the rules. Why are we…

David: You’re dead on Augie, you see, because George Bush, remember, he was sworn in on the twenty-sixth of January. So a few months later there as this huge attack. Now, in his mind, in his position – I don’t know if you have ever got any experience in dealing with any bureaucracies, his number one problem is, who are my enemies? He must have known, he’s a fighter pilot, he must have known that there were people on the inside who were able to do bypass maneuvers on the world’s most powerful air force.

Rayelan: Ahuh.

David: But the problem was, he couldn’t identify it. So I think he might have done something that might in the long run save the United States. He’s helped get a whole bunch of young American men and women into extremely dangerous areas to do quite a lot of clean up, but the number one issue to be solved after nine-one-one was not to take out Saddam Hussein, but to take out the Chicago-based intelligence services that enabled Saddam Hussein and his money to help execute the nine-one-one attack. Come to Chicago, come to British Columbia, come to Montreal, that’s where the enemy is.

Rayelan: And so do you think that Saddam Hussein was part of this Sidley Austin thing?

David: Absolutely. I’ve been – because he aided and abetted Maurice Strong to place thirteen billion dollars at one stage in cash in the BNT Paribas account in New York at the address where they handed out the checks to the firefighter’s survivors – relatives.

Field: I just want to let your listeners know that Saddam Hussein had a half brother by the name Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti, I believe, was Saddam’s banker and also Saddam’s intellectual senior and there was a relationship where the money flowed through Switzerland in or out of Iraq, and in or out of the United States or Canada. But in this case out of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, and after we got out of Iraq we found seven-hundred and forty-two million, subject to either of the other two gentlemen correcting me, seven-hundred and forty-two million in brand new Federal Reserve Notes printed in New York. And those reserve notes in the basement of Saddam’s house had been funneled in there with the help of Barzan al-Tikriti and Hillary Clinton. And when they decided that they wanted to hang somebody the rope was a little bit longer than it should have been. I’m not a physicist, the other two guys are, but they gave the guy a little bit more rope than he needed to strangulate him and he got his downward velocity and energy going to such a degree that his head popped off. And that’s a message from the Queen of Arkancide to anybody who wants to roll over on her, or isn’t a physician to roll over on her, that maybe she’ll take them off at the shoulders. And I’ll…

Saddam Hussein’s half brother, Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti

Rayelan: Wow.

Field: She doesn’t scare all of us and I’ll turn it over to David.

David: Well, I think that’s right. So then we can go to that bank account in Switzerland, or Geneva, it’s actually known in the intelligence industry as ‘Satan’s bank.’ And it was funding , you know, dirty money through the system including UN oil for food through the proper name, I guess is Paliby Genea Associate Anoneem Parbisa. [not sure on name]  The chairman was a Montreal – or a Canadian by the name of Paul Demoray whose on the board of directors of the Total Oil Company which had amongst the directors a director of Thales which made the gyroscopes and the incendiary devices used on nine-one-one.

So, I know it’s a bit convoluted, but if you follow the main financial consulting company, which is KPMG Consulting, and it changed its name to Bearing Point at one point. It went bankrupt in February. Sitting behind KPMG Consulting that is moving this dirty money around in contract killing or murder for hire, which is a violation of RICO, is the Sidley Austin law firm. So you come back to Chicago and in Chicago you have a militant radical women’s group called Sidley Austin.

And someone like – it’s hard to imagine – but someone like, someone like Saddam Hussein is merely a male agent, right? Now, if you control his intelligence services, his encryption services, the weapons that supply him, and above all the debt that he’s used to buy the equipment you control Saddam. So he’s disposable, you know, you can remove his head from his neck and that doesn’t basically change the system. The important thing is to look at the legal structure that weaves or puts these webs together, and the encryption systems that are used to communicate amongst the seditious conspirators and basically attempt to merely succeed to overthrow the United States on nine-eleven.

August: You know, one of the things that David brought up was this event pin wheel idea. You can see it in some of our presentations. Is that if you follow the time wheel around events you can see how events lead to people. We did this with nine-eleven. We found Iraq was intimately involved. We found that Saddam Hussein gave a hundred-million dollars to the MOVIC weapons inspectors to monitor what was going on during Amalgam Virgo and a war game with the Canadians that was supposedly with Al Qaeda guys to hijack an unmanned remote controlled aircraft and fly it into resources a hundred days before Global Guardians which was an unmanned Al Qaeda hijacking of remote controlled airplanes into resources.

It looks like Saddam obviously funded what was going on in these war games to get information so that one-hundred days later the people could get into these integrated systems and secure systems to operate the war game for twenty hours with us completely out of control. We also see that Saddam Hussein was under an embargo. He wanted money. So we have these vultures out there like the OIF, the Organisation Internationale Francophonie which is a bunch of French speaking countries like Laos, and Cambodia and Vietnam and France and Canada French speaking. And you have these guys doing all this bad stuff.

So we have an opportunity where someone is vulnerable to have a presentation given to him. Do you know what we need, we need a bunch of propellants, rocket propellant. He might not have even know what he was building at the time. We also need to funnel some of this money to find out some information. Why don’t you give us a hundred-million dollars. The money came from Saddam. He might not have known what he was funding to get their favor. Same thing with Kim Yong Il. Kim Yong Il is in the same position where he suddenly throws out weapons inspectors from the UN and all of a sudden all these nuclear weapons and bombs are going off. Was the bomb that went off in North Korea [that was a very big boom] a failed large device, or a successful small scale nuclear suitcase bomb? I would posit Saddam Hussein was building stuff for this nine-eleven event and that Kim Yong Il was building suitcase through the OIF and that these are going to be used in events in the upcoming years. You see people of great mental illness and evil intent and vulnerability and these characters come in there and exploit their resources.

Kim Yong Il

And the people in both of these countries, Iraq and North Korea, are completely out of control, completely subjugated by these horrible, horrible men and living in abject poverty. That’s a really bad prescription and it’s probably going on in several places around the world right now most curiously in Africa with the Chinese now in Africa all over the place buying up precious metals and storing precious, precious metals and important strategic metals in preparation for what? Because when the country all of a sudden has sanctions against them if they have resources they don’t care about resources.

David: And if I could just hop in there? Notice the WACO killings and the day care center in the Murray Building. There’s an element here which we can track back to the psychology of a group, they call themselves lesbiennes radicals, or militant lesbians and the militant lesbians are actually fascinated by the idea of killing what they call ‘useless breeders’, that is women with children? And if you look at the killings, or the genocide in Kenya at the beginning of last year, women and children were being stuffed into churches and burned to the ground.

Rayelan: That’s right. That’s exactly what went on.

David: And if you look back on who was in communication with Odinga you have Barry Seotoro’s digital identity named Barack Hussein Obama using his Blackberry.

Rayelan: Yeah, and so that explains why the Blackberry.

David: Exactly. If you look at Palin up in Alaska after – when they wanted to send a signal to Sarah Palin. If you look at the Australian churches in Melbourne there’s pictures, they love to take out a Christian church you know, they’re basically triumphant. There’s this extraordinary fascination by killing women and children and if you go up the stack in the DOJ, the Department of Justice, you’ll find an extremely dangerous organization called DOJ Pride, which is lesbians, gays and bisexuals and transgendered. And I think gays, lesbians and transgendered, God bless them, they’re along for the ride and they do not understand that lesbians, or certain kinds of lesbians, they like to kill women and men.

Rayelan: Is that what the pig farm was all about?

David: Absolutely. There was a woman out there that we’re tracking down now, it’s in part of the story, and people, I urge them to go to Captain Sherlock and look at this book that is being written – and who knows who’s writing it, but it’s just this freedom – stream of consciousness, but it’s called Olympic Debt and the Tontine Death Squad. And there’s a woman – it’s about a week ago – she was jogging in a park and it looks like someone broke her neck from behind like a military unarmed combat instructor…

Wendy Lander-Beaudry (murder victim)

Rayelan: Oh boy.

David: …and it turns out she’s connected with the Olympic debts and a downtown women’s association.

Rayelan: The Olympic deaths from…

David: The Olympic debt. In BC, and I’m the leader of the Reform Party here and I’m running in this election on May the twelfth, this little province, we’ve got four million people in it. We’ve taken on between seven and ten billion dollars of debt to build these projects for a sixteen day sports fest next year. We’ll never be able to pay so what they’re doing is they say, “Alright, we understand you can’t pay the principle and interest so collect a carbon tax peasants and pay your debts out of carbon tax.”

Rayelan: Oh wonderful, wonderful.

David: And anyone who gets in the way is going to get whacked, so someone near them is going to get whacked soon. This woman who was whacked, her brother was on the Olympic Committee.

Rayelan: Oh great. David, tell us a little more how we can possibly help you. We’ve got a lot of listeners up in Canada and you’ll have to tell us where the *garbled* are and that can vote for you. This is rumor mill news radio on the micro effect broad casting network, and we will be back.


Rayelan: You’re listening to rumor mill news radio. My name is Rayelan Allan and I am talking with Field and David and August, ad we are talking about things you have never heard of. David, would you finish up on that pig story and can you kind of let people know what went on there before the bodies were buried on a pig farm?

David: Yeah, sure. In nineteen ninety-six in which is the south western part of British Columbia which is the western providence of Canada. In nineteen ninety-six there was set up a federally registered charity called the ‘Piggy Palace Good Times Society‘ and we believe the Piggy Palace Good Times Society directors and officers were actually linked up through this encryption system that was later called ‘True Pass’ and prior to that was a product developed by the Entrust Company out of British Columbia, a company called McDonald, Dettwiler and Associates. Now, what McDonald Dettwiler does, it equips military and government networks with secure communications systems and then builds software applications for what is known as guidance and control of missiles, planes and boats using gyroscopes for example, and ground moving target indicator through the RADARSAT satellite system which does I think, seventeen orbits a day.

And we believe was over New York on the morning of nine-eleven. And this generates through a synthetic aperture radar system, a very precise picture of targets for example, predator missiles. So you can see the combination of ability to guide weapons into a target very accurately with gyroscopes or coordinates with surveillance either from airborne radar or satellite synthetic aperture radar enable – basically you have the perfect killing machine. Now, the third product that’s vitally important for McDonald Dettwiler’s system is what they call ‘Mindbox Automated Loan Recovery.’ So, what they were doing is, they were taking prostitutes from the downtown east side, desperate women you know, some with AIDS and Hep C, arrest warrants as long as your arm. Many of them native completely detached of detached from their peer group an they were basically hookers on the downtown east side. I’ve worked all over the world, the slums of Lagas [not sure of word] have got more hope in them than the downtown east side which is just infested by organized crime. Anyway…

Rayelan: And is this where…

David: Sorry.

Rayelan: What province is it in?

David: This is British Columbia.

Rayelan: British Columbia.

David: Western province of Canada.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: It’s one of the providences where after Americans passed their RICO statutes all the slime, scum and came north into Ontario and Montreal and British Columbia and set up shop basically to take America apart. Anyway, these women were taken out to the pig farm and through the offices of the Piggy Palace Good Time Society, and as far as we can judge, they would buy insurance on them and then they would perform in strip shows including the horrific possibility that they were making snuff films of the killing of these women.

Rayelan: That’s what I suspect.

David: Now, many people, and I don’t want to apologize for my past, but when you are a young man or woman you might do things you wouldn’t do as you get older. But quite often there’s a fascination of danger. So, the Hell’s Angels were selling tickets, and it’s not at all obvious, the Hell’s Angels per say, fully understood what was going on out there, but according to the newspaper reports, there was an extremely dangerous woman who was orchestrating the events out there who didn’t appear in court. What they did is, they got the body disposal man, a guy called Willie Pickton, who was apparently chopping up the bodies and having pig roasts out there. So the people were actually going out there and eating their fellow human beings thinking it was pigs. It was a pig farm.

Rayelan: Oh my God.

David: Now the films we think, were being encrypted using this True Pass System and then sold internationally on *garbled* [this name is not audible] and making huge amounts of money, and then when the whole story came out the True Pass communications system was used to steer the police and the courts at the person who disposed of the bodies and away from this mysterious woman who seemed to be orchestrating the contract killing on behalf of the Piggy Palace Good Times Society.

So our interest in the story, and again, if people will go to captainsherlock dot com, they’ll find this amazing story where there’s this group of eccentrics, and I believe, Ray, you might be one of them, but anyway, there’s a guy called Chips who’s a real trouble maker and he’s assembling a group of trains and planes and cars and boats to come up to British Columbia and help out a guy called Hamish, who is a fictional character that’s loosely modeled on someone like me. And basically we want to solve these murders and bring them to justice and start cleaning up North America out of British Columbia.

Rayelan: Well, let me tell you, the fiction books that you are writing could easily become a film script and I’m hoping that we’ve got somebody in this listening audience one of these days and realizes that your book is just a block buster.

Field: Can I address that please?

Rayelan: Yes, go ahead.

Field: Yeah, this is Field. That’s taken care of. There is a movie that’s being produced to be released in two-thousand and eleven that is basically, and it is a major Hollywood production, and I can’t say a whole lot about it, but the person who told me about it told me not to speak before we put it into print so I can tell you, and that is, the story that you see in Captain Sherlock Solves nine-eleven is going to be the theme of a major motion picture. However, the more important of the DVDs perhaps, is the nine-eleven trilogy and that’s the one you should hope a screen writer picks up because with our fiction, which just to make it clear, there’s a big group working on this. We’re getting truthful stuff every single day, in fact, today Ray, this will make your head spin. But in the first chapter of our most recent book that went up less than seventy-two hours ago, I talk about a specific f4 d and the honest and specific crew chief of that airplane, his name is Jimmy Moore from Fargo, North Dakota. I had not seen Jimmy Moore since nineteen eighty-nine or ninety. I went to a bank today and there he was and the lady at the bank knows what I am up to in terms of Hawks Café and Rumor Mill News and all this stuff.

Happy Hooligans F4D Tail No. 67478

And so we fired up her computer and I showed Jimmy Moore where his name and his airplane were used as a central part of our most recent chapter. And the man is about fifty-five years-old and he was absolutely pleased as punch to see somebody doing something honest. And using not only him but his real live aircraft which is scattered all over the internet with my name on it. And I’m simply a face, I don’t know what part I play in this, but I do put together a lot of the fiction to support all of our facts. But the people supplying us facts including Jimmy, he mentioned a woman ho is going to appear in our book as our Armice Brooks. Armice Brooks [not sure of name until verified] was a tv show in the fifties, but there’s a lady who’s married, she’s out there in California, her husband I believe, owns the LA Times.

And she has just recently been nominated for some position of authority in the Department of Defense and I’ll let David fill in the blanks on that in a minute, but that should give you a snap shot of how the book is being written. The book – David said something about the stream of consciousness, but everything that we put into the book is based on something that happened in real life, not only the criminal elements that are trying to destroy America, over our dead bodies collectively, but also the fiction. Everything I write that’s fiction, for instance in chapter four you’re going two see two f4s, including Jimmy Moore’s, fly through the Cascade Aerospace hanger. This is a heads up to Cascade Aerospace, you better move your airplanes because we’re coming through. But everything that I right that appears to be fiction is based on facts. There’s nothing I write in fiction I have not done, or I have not seen done by others. And there’s a whole lot of God fearing faithful servants in America who may think they’re not important.

But everyone is equally important. Jimmy Moore was a crew chief and you know, he probably thought when they got rid of his airplane his life was over. Well, he’s going to be dusted off and I made a commitment to him today. I’ll be talking to the Revell, R-e-v-e-l-l, model company, and I’ll try to work out a deal where they put out a model of the f4 with the truthful number and the North Dakota Guard numbers on it. These things are not impossible, it just takes a little effort. No body knows how many people are working with us including David, myself, Nano, which is August Dunning, and yourself, and I don’t want to blow your cover but you know who you are in the book. And every person in the book is a real person that is some how touched the lives of myself, David, yourself, Nano, or Skymaster.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Ray, let me just read the last two paragraphs of chapter one of the Olympic Debt and the Tontine Death Squads.

Rayelan: Go ahead.

David: So, and this shows that the fact is which is either proceeding the fictional or vice versa, “Not exactly, was her response prior to the third pull, What it does mean is that more people are going to die. Wendy’s murder links back to Fortress, Sidley and the Olympic Village. We’ve hacked Emerson and the CAI commanders who lined up the Radarsat surveillance beam on the park. We know that PKI gave Bell – not Larry – the master Olympic security contract and Emerson has local control over the Cisco embedded Talleywhackers and the tontine death squads. Someone tracked the jogger with a telephoto lens. Dettwiler’s GPS”, that’s Global Positioning Systems, “kept them in synch. The Ladner hit was run from a point last seen. We’ll start from there”

When we wrote that Ray, the next day I went on a trip to Victoria and a man came up to me and he sort of tied his shoelace or something, and I looked down and the hairs on the back of my neck went up because he was in a kind of semi-combat fatigue…

Rayelan: Right.

David: …with dark glasses. He had a telephoto lens. I started talking with him, he’s ex-CIA.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: And then, the last line is, “While a thousand miles to the west, Rolling Thunder Rico and Marquis d’Cartier were driving a 1934 Ford V8 to Cascade Aerospace in Abbottsford, BC to do a little ‘cleaning up’. Now that photograph was provided to me by Field. I spoke to Rico Gambolini, whose a character up here, and I showed him this and he said, “Do you know what, David, that’s the first car I ever had.”

1934 Ford V8

Field: A thirty-four Ford and I didn’t know that when I selected that for the fiction.

Rayelan: Wow.

David: Twenty-four hours after we completed and published this chapter, we meet a guy who is ex-CIA who told us a whole bunch of inside information about fraud and corruption in British Columbia, and Rico Gambolini who’s one of the stars and insiders of the story up here in British Columbia his car was the same as the nineteen thirty-four Ford v8.

Rayelan: That is amazing, truly amazing.

David: Who knows where fiction or fact begins or ends? It doesn’t really matter as far as I can see.

Rayelan: Well, how far are you? You’ve only got the first chapter up don’t you?

David: We can do a chapter every two days.

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Field McConnell & David Hawkins: Transcript—30 December 2009 Hour 3

Hawkins/McConnell Interview with Rayelan on Rumor Mill News 
December 30, 2009 – Part 3 (Hour 3)

Rayelan Allan: And ah, David you just mentioned the – we were talking about international passports and I said, who in the world could have issued an international passport and you said, “oh, it’s this group up in Canada that Maurice Strong created”, and I said, “how can they do that?” And you said, “they can do anything they want to do even put a guy with a crotch bomb on, on the plane”, so I’m going to let you…

David Hawkins: Without a passport.

Rayelan: Without a passport, or maybe with a passport, or, or, okay, he got on without a passport, isn’t that just amazing

David: Ya, so what they do of course, they don’t do the scrutiny of the guy carrying the bomb, but they use that to start scrutinizing little old ladies and children.

Rayelan: Absolutely.

David: Because what you’re in, it’s what’s called a ‘dictator game.’ The object of the exercise is for the dictator to have the power of life and death, particularly over Americans and remember, going back to the late sixties and seventies…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …the mentor of Michelle, Laba – or Michelle Robinson, or Michelle Obama as she is now known…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …Bernadine Dorhn who lectures on law is in the school of law at Northwestern University. She lectures on the Rwanda Genocide and Torture, Paradigms and Practice. Her ambitions back in the seventies was to kill twenty-five million American capitalists because she felt that that would be a minimum to secure a revolution inside the United States, unfortunately for you folks in the United States, she wants to kill two-hundred and fifty million now.

Rayelan: Mhm..hahaha, wonderful, and how is she going….

David: And she’s taken a processed that was developed in the ah, late thirties and forties.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Which is a distributed network of gas chambers and she’s brought it into the modern world with the help of her father-in-law who is a trustee of Northwestern University from nineteen sixty-three to nineteen ninety-three, his name is Thomas Ayers. And they have, sort of speak, automated-mechanized the gas chamber network, and the way to run it, well, what, what has to be done in order to get away with mass murder and genocide around the world, of curse is, to try and get the victims to kill themselves.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Because if the murderer is too obvious in hiring someone to go into a building or a plane and kill them, then eventually the investigators will track it back to the perpetrator, but if you can create a system where you can say for example, and this is the dictator rule, carbon dioxide is a pollutant, and remember, the Environmental Protection Agency has just declared carbon dioxide to be a pollutant.

Raylean: Absolutely, I mean the insanity of this is just overwhelming

David: Correction. It’s not insane if you interpret it as a structure imposed by a dictator that gives the dictator the authority to deem when any group of people gathered anywhere use an asset of the capitalist world should be killed.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: So, Now what’s fascinating about using the tooth of Battalion Chief Orio J. Palmer as a marker for the criminal conspiracy behind nine-one-one, is to find out what teeth Chips came back with from the secondary crimes scene which was out at Fresh Kills.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: And what teeth he didn’t come back with.

Rayelan: That makes perfect sense. Before we go on to what teeth he didn’t come back with, I’ve got some pretty interesting questions that ah, ahm, ah, this, this is addressed to Field and Field, you may have to con – conjecture on this and David, maybe you ah, know too, but how do you think the ah, Kennedy’s, or do you think that the Kennedy’s might have been told the truth about Joe junior’s death, or, or is it possible that Joe Senior could have been blackmailed and he refused to give in and this was his punishment. What, what do you think?

Field: David, do you want to have a crack at that one?

David: I would just say, I can’t answer the specifics. I would just say the generality is that any potentially powerful family that has a dynasty where the children become very powerful is obviously a target for extortion.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: So the important thing from the organized crime aspect is not to be in the front view of the public where the police can come and pick you up.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: But to occupy a ah, behind the scenes role and frighten the members of the Kennedy family into accepting the rule of the dictator and the dictator in this case is not in the office or up on the stage, they’re behind.

Rayelan: Well you know its very interesting if people will remember it was all of the votes from Chicago that got John Kennedy elected ah, president and ah, it, so there’s the connection with Joe Senior in Chicago and so, so it’s very possible in my mind he wasn’t ah, going a long with part of their plan and they just wanted to show him are powerful they could be and ah, that’s what they did.

David: Right, so they’re, if you go back to the idea of setting up a concentration camp gas chambers to eliminate people deemed worth eliminated by the dictator what you would not expect o find at the crime scene are the teeth of the dictator.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Hence the dazzling smile of Obama.

Rayelan: Ya, isn’t that wonderful.

David: Because he’s got his teeth in position.

Rayelan: Ya, he certainly does.

David: Now, very important, we have to go back to the software that was written in Chicago in two-thousand and two-thousand and one, to determine when the assets at a determined crime scene should be liquidated. And that software was written using a grant from the Joyce Foundation to the Kellogg School of Management.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: And at that time one direct at the Joyce Foundation was Barack Obama. So Barack Obama was writing the rules of a dictator game for use in administering an international network of gas chambers where people had the opportunity for the right to breath out. And if they paid a high enough price they weren’t in the building or in the plane when it was destroyed, so what you would see if our theory is correct at these crime scenes is, you won’t find the teeth of the people who have agreed to pay the price for carbon dioxide.

Rayelan: Okay, I, I see what you’re saying.

David: You will of the people who refused.

Rayelan: Oh, okay, I wanted to ah, Field has ah, just sent some questions, or he sent a picture of a jet with a conformal shape underneath it. And evidently Field, that jet is the same jet, well looks like, I mean, that conformal image is the same that is underneath the, the plane that went into the second tower in one of the videos that you just sent, is that correct?

Field: No, ah, it’s close to being correct and I’m in the process of sending you an absolutely damning video right now…

Rayelan: Okay.

Field: …but ah, let me go to the message you are looking at and ah…

Rayelan: Because I haven’t been able to open up the video yet, but ah, if it was, I was just about ready to post the photo of the plane, you know, post that video so people would know what we are talking about.

Field: Ya, and I’m just adding an even better video and, and, what makes this one better, and it’s coming sort dirty to you four right now and ah, and I’ll put ‘x2’, when you see ‘x2 conformal shape’ this video is even better. And because I’ve never, the video I’m sending you right, I have never seen before two minutes ago…

Rayela: Okay.

Field: …but this is a camera of United one-seventy-five hitting the building and you can see two conformal shapes and you can watch one of them fire well before hitting the building and it’s pretty exciting stuff, but what I would suggest, and if have the message marked ‘x2’ I believe…

Rayelan: Yes.

Field: What I’m suggesting if any of your listeners is to go the chapter two link that I sent you. I also sent you a still photo of the photo in chapter two which ah, shows a similar Boeing airplane on the ground with a conformal shape and in the, in the ah, case of the photo in chapter two the aircraft is a modified Boeing seven-0-seven, or the military call them ‘KC one-thirty fives’ or ‘c one-thirty fives’ ah, and that particular aircraft is a super modified one which is called an ‘e eight c joint star’ ah, which we write about in chapters one, two and three, I believe ah, …

Rayelan: Okay.

Field: …but that’s quite a, an interesting photo and it might be interesting for your listeners to go to chapter two and look at the pictures so I can describe to them what a conformal shape looks like and then when they look at the video they’ll see it and understand it for the first time ever.

Rayelan: Okay, well, will you ah, lead people to ah, you know, where to go to find this particular chapter. I’ve got it here in front of me, but ah, I don’t know where it’s located on your website.

Field: Ah, okay, I’ll pull it up myself and they can read it very slowly, and here it is, if they go to ‘’, or if they take a simpler route they can go to captain and click on ‘Olympic Debt and the FC-KU Crime Scene’ and select chapter two from the menu. Why don’t we have some light conversation while people go there and then once we’re all there then you can ask questions if you knew nothing about this Ray.

Rayelan: And you, you put this ah, this video, this second video that you sent me ah, this is ah, the second video, I mean, this is the video that will show flight one-eighty seven, one, one seventy-five, right?

Field: One seventy-five and it shows a very clear ignition before impact.

Rayelan: Okay, it hit tower two. Ahm, I’m just posting this over on Rumor Mill so ah, if people – I think it’s a lot easier sometimes if people just go into ah, Rumor Mill News Reading Room and hopefully everybody has it open and ah, there’s that huge airplane followed by the link to the video so ah, so its been posted there and ah, people can either on your site or my site, but I still haven’t had the chance to pull of the video and look at it. So what were you going to say about it ah, Field?

Field: What ah, I was going to – once people have the photograph of the aircraft sitting on the ground at Nellis Air Force Base, if they look between the eighth main landing gear tires, if they look forward just behind the two nose gear, nose landing tires, there’s a huge bulge on the lower right side of the fuselage. And are you looking at that Ray?

Rayelan: No, Field, the link that you sent doesn’t work.

Field: Oh.

Raylean: The link to the Youtube that you sent just goes to Youtube, it doesn’t go to any ah, particular ah…

Field: Oh, no, no, no we’re mixing apples and oranges but if you go to chapter two of the book…

Rayelan: Okay, now which book is it, is it Hunter’s Wingman?

Field: No, no, no, it’s the Olympic Debt and the FC-KU Crime Scene.

Rayelan: Okay.

Field: Click on that and then open chapter two.

Rayelan: Okay.

Field: And then go down about seventy percent, ah just scroll down until you see a picture of an airplane sitting on the ground.

Rayelan: Right, right.

Field: Okay, now do you see that shape behind the nose wheel?

Rayelan: Yes.

Field: It’s on the lower right of the fuselage.

Rayelan: I see that ah , yes…

Field: It looks like somebody…

Rayealn: …and that looks like something that many of us saw on the plane that went into Tower Two.

Field: Yes, it’s clearly visible on the drones that hit the trade centers ah.

Rayelan: Right.

Field: But the question is and the significance is, and I’ll make it real simple, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist or a high school graduate to understand it. Just looking at that photograph if the crew of American eleven, American seventy-seven, United ninety-three or United one-seventy-five, if the crew walked around the airplane on the ground either Newark, Boston or Washington National Airport and they saw this type of ah, conformal shape on their airliner they would know that’s not suppose to be there and they would refuse the airplane for safety reasons and investigate what they say is not suppose to be there. So that’s one way you can conclude with one-hundred percent accuracy that the flying vehicle that hit tower one and two were not airliners, they were military drones with conformal shapes. There’s no airline pilot in America that is so inexperienced and so lackadaisical that they would not see this attached to an airliner.

Rayelan: Well, I am just now correcting for our ah, listeners to try to see the video at ah, Rumor Mills. I ah, I have now watched the video and have gotten the correct links for it. Somehow I messed up when I was posting it, Field. I’ve got the correct ah, ah, link, but I messed it up. So anyway, the video is in that post in the rumormillnews dot com, go into the reading room and it is just amazing, you know, I’m watching it again, you can see it. It’s, it’s, it’s very, very noticeable ah, un – unbelievable, and this is one that I had never seen ah…

Field: Ah, I have never seen it before I…

Rayelan: Ya.

Field: The way I found it by the way was by accident cause I put in, in fact, I still have it in front of me, I put in a web search ‘uh plus ua one seventy-five plus wtc impact’…

Rayelan: Right.

Field: And when I did that it went to several different videos and I watched two and the second one I sent you I think is probably the best ah, perspective of that collision with world trade center I’ve ever seen and I’ve been lookin’ at this stuff for eight years.

Rayelan: Ah, well as I said it was one that I had never seen and it is the best. Where did it come from, do you, do you know? I wonder…

Field: No, I don’t and you, David and I are all collectively at a handicap because we’re trying to do three things at once here, we’re trying to communicate ah, in a lucid fashion and also keep deadly accurate and also update ourselves ah, but after the radio show I’ll, I’ll find out where that video came from, who put it up and ah, if I can communicate with them I’ll thank them for putting up a very useful…

Rayelan: Ah, ah, I just ah, ah brought up their web page and get this, you’re going to love it…

Field: Well good.

Rayelan: The web site is ‘fem’, gee, what does that remind us of? ‘F-E-M’ as, you know, like Femme Corp…

Field: Yup.

Rayelan: …‘F-E-M-r-2 dot ucoz dot com, so it’s out of, it’s out of ah, Australia, maybe. If you see ‘oz’ an Australian ah, domain…

Field: oz is.

Rayelan: …ya, oz is, but this doesn’t have a ‘dot’, you know it should be ‘uc dot oz’ , this is ‘ucoz’, so that may be something totally different, but it’s a, it’s a site that is ah, it looks really good. You’re going to have lot’s of fun on it.

Field: Well, nine-eleven truth is comin’ and it maybe comin’ sooner rather than later. Now, but when it comes ah, it will be coming from ah, outside of the United States. It’ll come from England, Russia, Australia, someplace like that.

Rayelan: Yes, I…

Field: That’s what I expect because ah, as, as is the case with ‘climategate’ ah, that solution came either from Russia, England or both.

Rayelan: Mhm.

Field: It certainly didn’t come from the major media in the United States of America which has ah, very much interest in all the American people believing the absolute ah, I’m trying to think of a polite term for Gore manure ah…

Rayealn: Right.

Field: …the stuff comin’ out of Gore’s mouth and those supporting him is absolutely offensive to God for starters and not to mention totally inaccurate.

Rayelan: Right.

Field: There is no global warming that’s not ah, created, controlled, modified and approved by God and these people that are trying to invoke genocide across the globe trying to kill billions of global commoners, they’re also trying to mock God and that’s ah, where they’re really greater risk. I ah, think it’s time to round up the suspects and ah, hold ‘em. And the suspects have been identified for several years now in a certain lawsuit and these people will not get away with it and it’s my conjecture that ah, when these people are tied between nine-eleven…

Rayelan: Okay. Field, did we loose you? I think we’ve lost Field. David, are you still there?

David: Yes, I’m here.

Rayelan: Okay, I think we’ve lost Field so I’m going to ask for our board man to call him back on skype. So, he certainly did go out with a nice little squuuu… So, David, I think, I don’t think that I’ve got anymore questions ah, right at the moment, so where did we leave off before we…

David: Well, let’s continue with the tooth metaphor and this idea of the creation of a network of either fixed or mobile gas chambers where people who gather together inside one of these gas chambers, whether it’s a train, a plane or a boat, or an office building, or an industrial plant, or an Olympic stadium are given opportunities to buy the right to live…

Rayelan: Ah yes, that is really something.

David: …and if they refuse they’re killed. And again, I didn’t invent that model, Field didn’t invent that model, I’m sure the Nazis didn’t invent that model, but that model was running very smoothly during the second world war when six million Jews were gassed in gas chambers and their bodies cremated in order to remove evidence of what was going on.

Ralyelan: Mhm.

David: But the most persistent object in a body that lives on, unless it’s subjected to extremely high temperature, is ahm, the tooth. And that’s why teeth are an extremely powerful way of analyzing a crime because it gets you away from left or right, or conservative or neo-con or Christian or Muslim or whatever…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …the teeth at the crime scene are generally missed by the people who are tidying it up.

Rayelan: Absolutely.

David: Alright, they’re picked up ah, as part of the debris, they’re dumped in a garbage hill, and again, I think it’s absolutely fundamental to find out whose teeth are in those garbage hills and whose teeth are not in those garbage hills.

Rayelan: Ya, for all the people that their relatives never got a body back from.

David: Because there wasn’t any body, at least a complete body.

Rayelan: Right.

David: Now, in a normal course of events apart from crushing injuries if you have buildings coming down that have been subjected to jet fuel which is a relatively low temperature fuel fire, that is there is black smoke around six or seven-hundred degrees, most of the bodies would be charred but they would be intact apart from crushing injuries. But in the case of the World Trade Center Buildings there were no bodies.

Rayelan: Ya.

David: That means they were subject to a very high temperature. Now, let me back, let me go over to Chicago because the method by which the assassins and saboteurs are paid, I think is extremely important with this model. With the dictator game as we understand it, you create a gas chamber.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: And most people think of the gas chamber as an enclosed space, and when you think about it ah, at home if you are living in a certain sense, in your, whether it’s an apartment whatever, Rayelan, it’s a gas chamber.

Rayelan: Ya, you’re absolutely right.

David: Depending on the ventilation. If you shut all the doors on a cold day, and I don’t know if you have air-conditioning or not, but let’s say all of that fails and you don’t open the windows, the room is going to get stuffy.

Rayelan: That’s right.

David: And basically that would mean carbon dioxide would build up, and up, and up, now, if these people who have set up these rules for the dictator game saying, “The mere act of breathing out is going to change the earth’s climate so we need to control how much you’re allowed to breath out.” There’s very little you can do with a human being about the amount of carbon dioxide they breath out because they breath out approximately forty-thousand parts per million.

Rayelan: Yes.

David: But you can stop them breathing carbon dioxide out by killing them.

Rayelan: By putting them in a hermetically sealed room.

David: It doesn’t really matter whether they’re in a hermetically sealed room or not, by killing them they no longer breath out carbon dioxide.

Rayelan: Ah, let me ask, Field are you there or did you get kicked off again?

Field: Yes, I’m here.

Rayelan: Oh good, because I heard that same noise that when, you know, you got kicked off before and I heard that same noise…

Field: Okay.

Rayelan: …and I needed to know alert Joe you weren’t around any more. Okay, so go ahead David.

David: Okay, I’m interested – I’m talking now about Michelle LaVaughn Robinson or Michelle LaVaughn Obama and how she was paid off in a sense, for operating a gas chamber.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: She became vice-President for Community Affairs for the University of Chicago Hospitals in Chicago.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: And her salary went up from one-hundred and twenty-thousand to three-hundred and forty-thousand.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Now, one of the things the University of Chicago Hospital does is late term abortions.

Rayelan: Oh wonderful.

David: Now think about it. If you’re in an operating theater and a woman has come in after her twenty-sixth ah, week, ahm, that would be an extremely dangerous time to have her abortion because it becomes a major operation based on the size of the child.

Rayelan: Right.

David: Now the way that these people are rewarded for killing someone, we think, is they get a proportion of the victims life insurance, so if it’s a John F. Kennedy, as far as the enemies of John F. Kennedy is concerned given his power to clean up organized crime he might have an extremely high life insurance policy on him, maybe a billion dollars back in nineteen sixty-three. If you take a fetus yet to be born, they would have an extremely low value of life insurance on them, because they haven’t yet sort of speak, taken their first breath.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Now, if you take an adult like John F. Kennedy, when he dies the amount of carbon dioxide saved is the total amount of weight of carbon dioxide we would have produced had he lived for the rest of his natural life until three score and ten and eighty or whatever…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …so it would be quite a lot of carbon dioxide. So as an individual he’s worth a lot more dead to his enemies from the life insurance point of view, but not too much because he’s an adult in terms of the weight of carbon dioxide saved, right?

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: If you take a baby they’re not worth a lot from the life insurance point of view, but they’re worth quite a lot in terms of the carbon dioxide saved because they have their entire lives ahead of them.

Rayelan: Right.

David: So we think Michelle LaVaughn Robinson got a pay rise because she was supervising a late term abortion racket at the University of Chicago Hospitals based on the reward that she got was the amount of carbon dioxide saved because a lot of babies didn’t lead a full and natural life and produce a lot of carbon dioxide.

Rayelan: David, did you and Field have a chance to take a look at that ah, video I just sent you?

David: I didn’t, no.

Field: I’m looking at it right now so I’ll have it done very shortly.

Rayelan: It is an MSNBC video and, and it was on actual nine-eleven and the people ah, who, who were doing the reporting had a map of where all of the aircraft that were in the air at the time where of and they had a little white box next to it showing each aircraft. Well there are two planes in the air right now and one is UAL Flight one-eighty-seven, ahm…

Field: One-seventy-five.

Rayelan: Ah, excuse me, why do I keep saying one-eighty-seven today? And the other one was in one-seventy-five f. Field, N is a military number, aren’t all government and military planes, don’t they start with N?

Field: Well, I don’t know. I’m looking at it right now on my – let me just correct you. When you see N, and pilots always refer to that as ‘November’, ah, November registration simply means it’s a civil aircraft registered with the FAA in the United States of America.

Rayelan: Okay.

Field: Okay. But that does not mean – I’m lookin’ at the video right now, but that does not mean it could not be a former military aircraft that has been put to different use and given a civilian call sign for either good or bad purposes. And here we go once again with, you know, ostensibly good or ostensibly bad purposes…

Rayelan: Ya, exactly.

Field: And ah, I’m watching this real time thirty seconds through here and it’s a twenty minute deal, but ah, I want to point out if you go back to Captain Sherlock Solves Nine-eleven ah, the movie in April of two-thousand and seven up on our web site for free, this is exactly what we were ah, telling people back then, is that in each case there was not one aircraft but ah, four. There was the original – and I’ll use your case now ah, Flight or ah, Flight one-seventy-five, United Flight one seventy-five would have a drone in which case using your example, Rayelan, that would be November one-seventy-five Foxtrot.

Rayelan: Right.

Field: The third aircraft would be a little white jet which is typically a CL [not certain of description] Canadian six-o-four, with no marking, no flags, no way of telling who owns it, ah, and the fourth jet would not be been seen by anybody. There were two AWACS aircraft and these were airbus ah, KC three-three-zero ah, NATO operated AWACS aircraft sitting off the coast of New York and Washington on the morning of nine-eleven and ah, you know, this is not rocket science, it’s not, it’s not even new information.

This is stuff we were telling people two and a half years ago ah, but I think the balance of evidence is getting impossible for anybody now to deny which is why, I think David ah, please correct me if I misspeak, David, but I think David and I probably anticipate an increasing tempo of operations as the guilty parties know that they are intellectually had ah, they certainly have to doubt the integrity of their own co ah, perpetrators because every single OODLE LOOP [who ever gets there the fastest with the mostest wins] that can be penetrated ah, electronically and intellectually has been penetrated and ah, ah, I’ll just very calmly say, while they’re tracking us we’re tracking them and he who tracks best and fires first wins and I’m starting to become ah, fairly confident that ah, God is going to favor our side.

Rayelan: Well, ahhhh, I’ve always been confident of that, but I’ll tell you ever since Obama has been elected I, you know, my, my confidence shakes every now and then. And so I, I did get that for all of our ah, listeners, I did get that posted on Rumor Mill and so ah, you can see it there right ah, right below the conformal shaped jet photo. Okay, so David, you were talking and I interrupted what you were saying, we were finishing up with the teeth before we went to break.

David: Ya, and I was talking about Michelle Obama and how she gets paid.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Ahm, for this ah, basically it’s a drive to depopulate the earth.

Rayelan: Ahuh.

David: By setting up an international network of either mobile or fixed ah, gas chambers…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …where the carbon dioxide levels in the gas chamber everyone goes into one the moment they step from the outside to the inside of anywhere.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Because on the outside of course the wind blows away the carbon dioxide that you produce and your pets produce on the beach or whatever…

Rayelan: Right.

David: …and the natural background ah, level of carbon dioxide in the earth is a minuscule one hundred and eighty-eight parts per million and it’s the principle fertilizer gas which makes the plants green.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Okay, the moment you step inside a building, depending how well it is ventilated it is and how many people are inside it, so for example, if you’re in a ghetto home in Chicago built by Obama’s racketeering sponsor Tony Rezko who is in jail right now…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …and you’re on welfare rolls as a mother with eight children because the men have runaway you’re in a home that probably doesn’t have very elaborate systems of ventilation and air-conditioning.

Rayelan: Right.

David: If they as a result of the loan to build that house have said to the borrow, which may be the city of Chicago, “You must install carbon dioxide sensors inside that room”, they can be monitoring in real time not, not necessarily how many people are living in that particular building, but the kind of, it’s an index of wealth if you see what I mean?

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Because in a mansion like the mansion Rezko got Obama to move into with his two children and his wife…

Rayelan: Right.

David: …that’s a big house, it’s probably quite well ventilated, so if there is a carbon dioxide monitor there all it would show periodically is, it would move up from the natural background of three-hundred and fifty parts per million towards a peak of ahm, well potentially, if Obama locked himself in the bathroom and did unmentionable things, he might gas himself.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: You see what I’m saying?

Rayelan: I see what you’re saying. I know where you are going with that.

David: Now, if they can create an international law, which is what they tried to do on the eighteenth of December in Copenhagen, which says to every sovereign country, you must impose a three-hundred fifty cap on carbon dioxide on your citizens wherever they might be, what they could have come back with, and that was the intent, is the authority given to the dictator to kill anyone in the world.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Because automatically by breathing out forty-thousand parts per million you are violating the dictators rule which is three-hundred and fifty parts per million cap, but the amazing thin is, Rayelan, and you listeners should note this, the cap of three-hundred and fifty parts per million was set by Obama.

Rayelan: Ah yes, I know that. How did he come up with that?

David: Because he is a professional killer.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: And he was trained from, probably the age of ten onwards, because in Hawaii he was mentored by a Marxist pedophile by the name of Frank Marshall Davis.

Rayelan: Yes, and if people have been reading Rumor Mill they will know him very well because we have covered Frank Marshall Davis from almost every aspect.

David: Well he was into either, as far as I know, he was certainly into snap shots with a camera.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: He wrote a book I think ah, something for a Gash of a Gourmet about hard core sexuality and bondage and so on, and this was the guy with Obama’s grandfather and grandmother who brought this, this young fella up from ten until the age of seventeen and I think by the age of seventeen he was groomed for ah, this business of the, the gas chamber snuffing exercise where anyone by virtue of breathing out violates the law ahm, given by the dictator. And the dictator – you see, in nineteen eighty-one, and then he was twenty years-old, Obama – someone paid for him to go to Pakistan on a hunting trip.

Rayelan: Right.

David: Just south of Kuaka [spelling to be confirmed] in Eastern Pakistan which is the area where Osama bin Laden was collecting Stinger Missiles to shoot down Soviet planes in Afghanistan.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: So we think Osama bin Laden, whose name we think was Tim Osmon as far as the CIA is concerned and ah, Barack Obama whose name was Barry Soetoro as far as the CIA is concerned were developing a network, not a Muslim network, but a Marxist revolutionary network to attack America. And in nineteen eighty-four he worked for Business International Corporation in New York ahm, on projects we think included the Bhopal sabotage…

Rayelan: Ahuh.

David: …which involved the release of isocyanate gas through the injection of forty-six tons of water into a tank.

Rayelan: Right, David there was another sabotage of a chemical plant in India yesterday. Did you see anything about that?

David: I didn’t but ah, I’ll check it after wards, but this is consistent with a global network of gas chambers where people gather together to enjoy the fruits of capitalism, such as trains and planes and boats and beautiful buildings and so on, and they are treated as objects by the dictator who shares their proceeds of their life insurance and the amount of carbon dioxide saved by killing them…

Rayelan: Mhm, mhm.

David: …with a group of hired assassins and saboteurs.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: And the interesting thing is, I, I believe we’re going to find, is that the teeth, finding the teeth of the victims because they’re bodies are generally vaporized because you’ve got to remove evidence from the FC-KU crime scene.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Otherwise it is going to lead back to the perpetrators, but they’re, they’re running what is in racketeering, influence and corrupt organization terms would be called a RICO rac – RICO network engaged in murder for hire where the killers are rewarded by a percentage of a life insurance claims of the victim together with ah, money that corresponds to the value of carbon dioxide that they will not breath out because they’re dead.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: So you can see the importance of the carbon cap. Obama was expecting to go to ah, Copenhagen and get it rubber stamped where he would have the global authority to have anyone anywhere killed because they violated the three-fifty cap – I see gene made a comment about, is Putin on the good or the bad side, but I think that we have to recognize that no one is on the good side or the bad side until this process has been exposed in court because you can be a thoroughly decent person, but if it’s in your interest to defend your family and keep ‘em alive by killing someone else it’s almost impossible from the moral point of view to make the right decision.

Rayelan: Ya, I, I agree. That’s why, you know, I keep telling my audience on, on Rumor Mill that you never know who is wearing the white hats or the black hats, you know, without a program, you know, somebody gives you a program and tells you who the good guys are who the bad guys are, but that program changes every day.

David: Well, with this ability to change public key escrow, I think Obama has set up in Hawaii a Navy Command Center which is Chicago and Washington was destroyed, for example a nuclear attack or anthrax sprayed all over it and was shut down he could run the country from Hawaii.

Rayelan: Boy, wouldn’t he love that, yes, I could…

David: Makes sense, you see Hawaii became thanks to Field’s sister, what’s called a ‘HUB Zone’, historically an underutilized business zone?

Rayelan: Okay.

David: And historically an underutilized business zone you can lend money to companies inside Hawaii and the lenders automatically guaranteed if the borrowers should default…

Rayelan: Mhm, mhm.

David: …provided the borrowers assets are liquidated.

Rayelan: Huh.

David: That means Ray, private companies in Hawaii, that is where Frank Marshall Davis built his base for his revolutionary Marxists which are building equipment we think, to operate this international network of gas chambers.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Where using encryption you can literally hijack an exercise – on nine-one-one that exercise was called ‘Global Guardian’ and there were a variety of assets primarily coming out of Canada attacking America as a pretend war game.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Where a significant number of those assets they use encryption to hack into the auto pilots and turn them into drones.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: And then legitimate pilots in legitimate planes the, we think the ventilation system would have been adjusted, so actually those people ah, went unconscious.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Ah, and whether that was carbon monoxide [David probably meant dioxide] or just ah, the ventilation system was shut down in the plane, I don’t know if Field ah, has any answers for that, but if you’re in a plane and you’ve got passengers breathing forty-thousand parts per million and someone either remotely or from within the plane switches off the ventilation system, inside a relatively short while, the people inside the cabin are going to go unconscious.

Field: Ya, and that’s a function ah, basically the cabin altitude of the aircraft, and that’s, that’s different than the outside, the ah, if an aircraft is at thirty-five thousand feet ah, inside the cabin where you have pressurized air-conditioning equipment ah, the altitude might be in the neighborhood of six to eighty-five hundred feet and as long as a human body is at ten-thousand feet or lower it has sufficient oxygen for the brain, or our brain ah, to operate ah, fairly ah, accurately, once you starting getting above ten-thousand feet ah, there’s insufficient oxygen to give you a full potential of your brain and this is ah, why you, if you ah, fighter pilots or a bomber pilot will be, any, any jet airplane flying up over ten-thousand feet ah, the pilots typically are wearing ah, especially fighter aircraft, they’re always wearing a one-hundred percent oxygen mask.

That doesn’t mean they always have to breath one-hundred percent oxygen they can breath a mixture that is regulated based on the altitude of the aircraft, but they always have the option of going to one-hundred percent and it may not sound very professional, but one of the most frequent uses of one-hundred percent oxygen is to help clear the effects of the previous evening, and you get that don’t you Rayelan.

Rayelan: Ah ya, I do.

Field: Yup, I knew you hung around with pilots for ah, for a long time.

Rayelan: *laugh*

Field: And you know pilots from many nations, in fact, we’re a great fraternity. I’ve had Russian bomber pilots in the cockpit of Kazakhstan airliners. Ah, pilots around the world have a ah, warm feeling about each other and a general respect, and also a general understanding of the behaviors, but ah, having said that the behaviors are very predictable and ah, the behaviors are very popular during war time and very repugnant during peace time. And so if someone spends a career as a military pilot they’re, they’re constantly cycling between being valued, being ah, not only disvalued, discredited and ah, not respected at all, but you sort of have to stay on a steady course and ah, I would say that radio, or ah, Rumor Mills, RMN and Hawks Café and Captain Sherlock have been on sort of a steady course here since we came together as a partnership and thanks for the great measure of John Prukop. I’m optimistic but ah, we’re going to be sort of hard to stop.

David: And so, I think in essence ah, what I…

Rayelan: Four minutes.

David: …okay, what I hope the audience will accept the possibility is, we can solve this mystery by not focusing on the big picture, you know, and no disrespect to Gene or whatever, it’s not whether Putin is good or bad, it’s whether the teeth that you find at the crime scene belong to rebels or dictators, if you see what I mean?

Rayelan: Mhm, mhm.

David: Because the dictator wants to rule the world through wireless links to capitalist assets where they deem anyone to be using a capitalist asset, and breathing out, to be violating the three-fifty cap and therefore they are a legitimated target to be killed and the people that killed them could be Muslims, they could be neo-conservatives, they could be Christians, you know, it’s irrelevant. The important thing from the killers, or the people who do the paying, is they create a confusing spectrum of proxies to do the killing so that the public don’t know if they’re being attacked by Muslims, or neo-fascists, or whatever, but really what they’re being attacked for is breathing out.

Rayelan: Ya.

David: So its got nothing to do with politics if you will, it’s got to do with a powerful small group of people based in Chicago that have put together a computer program that sends the ultimate execution of the death warrant command to a local group of killers, right? Based on triggering a carbon cap of three-hundred and fifty parts per million, the interesting thing about that, it’s automatically triggered if you know what I mean?

Rayelan: Okay.

David: It’s always on.

Rayelan: MHm.

David: So when you ask the computer for permission to kill the people in an elevator, an Otis Elevator, where up the food chain is Jamie Gorelick, you know, this disgraceful woman who built the wall between the FBI and the CIA, she was a director of ahm, UTC which owns Otis which ah, owns the elevators, or built the elevators. If get a signal from the elevators that the cap has been violated the computer automatically says, “Okay, commence the detonation sequence.”

Rayelan: Okay.

David: And then the dictator can stand back and say, “Well, it wasn’t me, we all agreed that the three-hundred and fifty cap should be honored”, so they kill themselves by gathering together in the elevator, but not ah, explaining to the public, they were herded into the elevator in the belief the elevator would take them to safety.

Rayelan: Mhm,mhm.

David: But the elevator system was jammed, or hacked into, and that’s it for another show, but we think it was hacked into by technology…

Pipeline Riders

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Field McConnell & David Hawkins: Transcript—30 December 2009 Hour 2

Source:, hawkscafe,

Hawkins/McConnell Interview with Rayelan on Rumor Mill News 
December 30, 2009 – Part 2 (Hour 2)

Rayelan: And David, you were, you were just explaining about Bruce McConnell and ah, you know, this FC-KU, and it really does, hahaha, ah, when you say those for letters together, it really does sound like what this Chicago cabal is yelling at all of us.

David Hawkins: Ya it is, FC-KU to the world in general because we’re going to kill you if you don’t pay protection money.

Rayelan: Right.

David: Which is a payment for the right to breath. So, on nine-one-one, in the Twin Towers, they were playing this game, dictator game, written with ah, and financed by Barack Obama at the Joyce Foundation.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Where groups of people were herded into various parts of the building like the sky lobby or the elevators, and offered the opportunity ahm, would they pay the going rate for the carbon dioxide right to breath.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Accepting that that would require killing some of their friends, because if you’re in an enclosed space and the carbon dioxide is climbing, right, those people are going to die.

Rayelan: Ya, I can understand that, but killing some of their friends?

David: Well, this is the problem, if you don’t pay the going rate, right, and you’re told that everyone in the group is going to be killed there’s a tremendous pressure on you to break ranks and be ‘accidentally’ out of the building when your friends are killed.

Rayelan: Which is why all those Goldman Sachs people were in Offut Air Force Base and quite a number of other people didn’t show up.

David: Well most important is a man called Philip ah, Ginsberg, who is on the faculty at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, who worked for a company called Co2 dot com in the North Tower, and he evidently decided that he was willing to pay the going rate to live and he was ‘accidentally’ out of the building when his colleagues were whacked.

Rayelan: Ya.

David: Now, coming back to the fire, the mystery of the firefighter’s tooth, in Chapter Ten of Hunter’s Wingman, a book that Captain Sherlock ah, a man called ‘Chips’, who may or may not be Field McConnell, in this imaginary world, they went over the fence at the Fresh kills Landfill

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …on Stanton Island and they dug into some ah, garbage hills, either one or nine with a sniffer dog and they came up with some bits of evidence.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Now whether that’s true or not, it’s up to them to prove it’s not true, but ah, as far as I know, and I’m ah, sort of partial author of this book and I do some research and I don’t know what Field does in the imaginary world, what’s real and what’s false. I’d just like to read you an excerpt of what happened to a couple of firefighters on nine-one-one.

“A lost tape of lost voices ignored until recently by investigators studying the emergency response on September the eleventh shows that firefighters had climbed far higher into the south towers then practically anyone had realized. At least two man reached the crash zone on the seventy-eighth floor where they went to the aid of grievously injured people trapped in a sprawl of destruction, until the buildings final minutes, one of the firefighters, Battalion Chief Orio J. Palmer”, I’ll repeat that because it’s important we don’t forget these people, particularly when we’re hunting down their killers.

Rayealan: Right.

David: “Battalion Chief Orio J. Palmer was organizing the evacuation of people hurt by the planes impact”, so if any of the relatives of Battalion Chief Orio J. Palmer, are listening to your show, or anyone who knows of him, I would invite them to say to those relatives, that we are hunting down the killers of Battalion Chief Orio J. Palmer. And it wasn’t Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan.

Rayelan. Yea.

David: “He was accompanied by Fire Marshall Ronald P. Bucca”, that’s B-u-c-c-a, and I apologize if I haven’t got the pronunciation right Fire Marshall Ronald P. Bucca, B-u-c-c-a, “both men died only now a year after the attacks the efforts of Chief Palmer and Mr. Bucca and others becoming public. City fire officials simply delayed listening to a seventy-eight minute tape that is the only known recording of firefighters inside the towers.” Rayelan, that is unforgivable.

Rayelan: Absolutely.

David: So, when Chips, which may or may not be Field McConnell and his dog team, and investigated went over the fence and into the Fresh Kills Landfill [‘fresh kills’, I mean, really?], they came back with some teeth.

Rayelan: How many teeth did they come back with besides the fire chiefs?

David: I don’t know, Field will have to tell you.

Field: Well, ah, we discussed it in the chapter in the first book but ah, the DNA will prove what happened to who in the heat and physics. Ah, Doctor Nano Aluminum, also known as ah, August Dunning, is an expert in that field, and I don’t say that to use my own name. But I do draw attention to something I think is rather explosive, Rayelan, I’m sending you an email right now.

Rayelan: Okay.

Field: Before I send it, I’m going to hit ‘click’ here in about sixty seconds, it’s addressed to Director of the Minne – the Director of the Minneapolis office of the FBI, the director of the FBI, Randy Babbitt, in charge of the FAA, Senator Dorgan, in Charge of senate aviation safety, John Pratar, ALPA president , the ah, a couple of news reporters and yourself, agent Bean down in Phoenix, ah Skymaster, ah, ah good investigative reporter in Washington D.C. and there’s only one blind carbon and that’s to a legal entity and attorney, but ah, the first blind is this: Director Mueller, here’s the item, I’m sorry it took nine minutes, Field and my cell phone number. And then the item Monday twelve-eleven zero six, the eleventh of December zero six, and it is the email traffic from within Northwest Airlines responding to my suggestion in writing my suggestion that they clear the skies, and when you get this, and let me just hit send before I get carried away.

Rayelan: Okay.

Field: You’ll have this in less than sixty seconds, my question to you, and you’re going to get it too, David, and of course Agent Bean will get in Phoenix, but ah, my question to you three would be, if you were the director of the FBI and you got this notice from three years ago and bounced around Northwest Airlines, and specifically identified the technolo – technology by which aircraft could be snatched and then three years later you have two Northwest flights, and those being Northwest one-eighty-eight on the twenty- first of October and one being flight two-fifty-three on the twenty-first of December, what would someone like ah, FBI Director, or the Director of the DHS [Homeland Security] who I met with by the way, not the director, but DHS agents were at the reunion in Florida in October, and I don’t think they have much confidence in their leadership, I’ll leave it to that. But let me know when you get the email ah, Rayelan, we’ll do this live right on the radio, tell me if you would like to receive that email if you were in anyway responsible for aviation safety?

Rayelan: Ah, yes, I haven’t gotten it yet, just checking.

Field: Okay, you will let me and I’ve got it, it’s two-o-eight…

Rayelan: It’s called ‘Failure to Respond.’ Yes, that’s what it is, ‘Failure to Respond.’

Field: Yup, there you go, I mean, I didn’t make this up, this is three years old.

Rayelan: Ah yes, ah, December eleventh two-thousand six. And it is ah, I, I see it. Have you sent it out to your ah, emailing list yet?

Field: Excuse me?

Rayelan: Has it gone to David’s emailing list yet? Because I’m hoping all of our ah, listeners are signed up at that list…

Field: Oh, you want this to go where?

Rayelan: Ah, to ah, to ah, the Yahoo Group that David has. I was hoping…

Field: Oh, David?

Rayelan: I was hoping all of our listeners are signed up there now.

Field: Well, I would recommend that ah, any one who can snag this email that I just sent ah, three min – no, one minute ago, this should be up on everyone’s website because this is the true history of the lack of response from Washington.

Rayelan: Okay, well I will ah, forward it to somebody I know will post it right now on our website.

Field: Okay. I hope, I would hope, Ray and David, that you would agree I’m not being a reactionary or a impetuous here, but I think three years sitting on this information is enough.

Rayelan: Ya, ahuh, have you tried sending it back to him again?

Field: Excuse me?

Rayelan: Have you tried sending it to director, Mue – is it director, is that what he is called?

Field: Ya, FBI Director Mueller, his name is Robert Swan Mueller the third. [my prayers are with this man]

Rayelan: Ahuh.

Field: And ah, if you take a look at who I send it to, I sent it too ah, Robert Swan Mueller the third, the Minneapolis FBI office, the FAA ah, Administrator, Randy Babbitt, Senator Dorgan, ah, John Pratar, the President of ALPA, these guys cannot deny they’re getting it.

Rayelan: Ya, I can see that, and they’re…

Field: Ya, and I…and I would suggest…

Rayelan: Oh, Tim Campbell, I thought it was Tom Campbell and ah, if it had a been Tom Campbell somebody may have responded to it. Well, yes, I don’t want to take time and read everything here ah, ah, online, but ah, yes, please send it to David’s Yahoo Group and if our audience is not signed up at David’s Yahoo Group you really should because every single day, sometimes twice a day, you just get absolutely amazing ah, letters that David has written and sent out to ah, an entire list of people [authorities] and none of them are responding. I mean, isn’t there some sort of law that, you know, when a government official is aware of a crime, or something about it, isn’t that government official just as responsible for the crime as the people who committed the crime?

David: Yes, it’s called misprision of treason, it’s a seven year sentence but, I keep coming back to this point, if these people are terrified, and we don’t know they’re terrified alright, and they don’t know who to go to, you’re in a state of paralysis, I mean, I think the FAA, I believe they have fifty-five planes in their fleet who do, I don’t know, in order to do intelligence investigations or forensic analysis of crashed and this sort of thing. If everyone of those planes has been modified into a gas chamber, a remotely controlled gas chamber, which is insured obviously, and the senior people inside the FAA are told, if you don’t do what we tell you to do, that is the dictator, you’re not going to complete your journey. It’s no good standing back and saying, “These people are not doing their job.” We know they’re not doing their job.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: The question is, “Why aren’t they doing their job?” Now, just think of the people working in the Department of Defense at the Pentagon on nine-eleven where normally you would expect it to be pretty safe.

Rayelan: Right, right.

David: I mean, you are dealing with the world’s most powerful military power, yet somehow, probably through this manipulation of what’s called public key escrow, all of the defensive ah, assets of the Pentagon were stood down.

Rayelan: Yes.

David: And they flew a missile through and took out the US Naval Command Center.

Rayealn: Yes.

David: Right, so let me just back up here an I think we have a parallel task here. Field has to hammer on regardless with no defying the FAA with what they should do, but we should understand very clearly why they don’t do what they should do.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: And there’s a variety of reasons, either they’re all corrupt, they’re all disloyal, which I find highly unlikely, or they’re all terrified which I think is very plausible.

Rayelan: I would think that too.

David: Because again, if I can say to the Department of Defense senior people, we can treat your US Naval Command Center as a gas chamber…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Where we can remotely modify the – ah monitor, the amount of carbon dioxide accumulating in that building and have a computer automatically trigger a homing beacon that can bring in a plane and kill you all unless you accept paying a great deal of protection money for the right to breath out.

Rayelan: Ah, you know, I’m just thinking about, you know, John McCain, he just ran in this election, in other words, every single plane he took, if it was a Boeing, and that would be interesting to see if he has his own plane ah, you know his wife was rich enough to fly him around, but it would be interesting to see if he was on, you know, commercial Boeing planes, or how they travel, I mean, how do presidential campaigners travel?

David: They travel in aircraft, and again, whether they travel in Bombardier, Embraer, ah, Airbus or Boeing Aircraft, the fact is, if they have been linked up to what we call the FC-KU crime scene anyone of them can be destroyed in mid-air, or flown in such a way that it looks like it’s been hijacked, or staged with a video camera and a guy who is at university college in London…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …whose pension funds were invested in catastrophe bonds in that plane.

Rayelan: Ya.

David: So let me back up, let me come back to the tooth and I’m not ah, gain saying anything here and I’m saying we actually have a challenge, you and your audience, Americans, Canadians, Australians and ah, ah, Brits around the world and their friends, which there are billions, they’ve got a lot of work to do to learn how people behave when they are terrified.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Right, and the collaborators which are known as the capos in the concentration camps is truly disgusting but I don’t know what anyone would do in circumstances for example, you are told as a capo inside the camp, that your family will be slaughtered outside the camp if you don’t assist in killing your fellow Jews.

Rayelan: Oh my God.

David: So the drivers, or some of the drivers in Hungry in that were George Soros and his father.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Anyway, coming back to the mystery of the fireman’s tooth, what Chips who is the character in these books is doing, is he went in with his dog team and he retrieved the tooth, or teeth, of Fire Marshall Ronald Bucca who got up to the seventy-eighth floor…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …and Battalion Chief Orio J. Palmer.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: But what’s also interesting is, that he came back without the teeth of the pilot of one-seven-five.

Rayelan: Oh boy, isn’t that…

David: Meaning that one-seven-five, we have circumstantial evidence that flight one-seven-five did not hit the South Tower. It goes back to the Sherlock Holmes stories, the presence of evidence and the absence of evidence is very important.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: So the absence of evidence, I think there was a Sherlock Holmes story about the about the dog that didn’t bark? So when a house was burgerled and Sherlock Holmes was investigating it, and trying to work out who burgerled the house, the question he asked is, “Why the dog didn’t bark”, because there was a dog inside the house.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: And the dog didn’t bark because it was the owner burgling his own house.

Rayelan: Oh, of course.

David: Alright, so looking at nine-one-one, there’s a whole bunch of government organizations that are not barking.[it could be because ‘we’ really don’t have a government that can bark]

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Now what can that mean? They’re terrified, because if a dog is terrified it will crawl away and, with its tail between its legs and whimper and that sort of thing, or make a big noise, or they’re actually burgling the house.

Rayelan: Okay, so the fact that you didn’t have any teeth from flight one-seventy-five, you’re coming to a Sherlock Holmes-type conclusion on this then?

David: Ya, the, you see we know the pilot was Victor Saracini, First Officer Michael Horrox, flight attendant Robert Fangman, Amy Jarret, Amy King, Katherine Laborie, Alfred Merchand, Michael Tarrou and Alicia Titus so these are names they would prefer to be swept into the garbage of history.

Rayelan: Right.

David: But as we all want to be a Sherlock Holmes [have decided to start reading more Sherlock Holmes] today we should not let these people be swept away into the garbage of history, we should think of each of them as a murder victim.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: So if Chips in chapter ten of the book number one Hunter’s Wingman doesn’t find any teeth in the garbage piles which does have the teeth of Fire Marshall Ronald Bucca and battalion Chief Orio J. Palmer, he’s got circumstantial evidence that that plane, flight a hundred and seventy-five did not hit the South Tower.

Rayelan: Well we all saw it hit the South Tower.

David: You saw a television picture of something hitting the South Tower.

Rayelan: Well it looked like it had wings and it looked like an airplane to me.

David: Well, what it was, I mean, what United Airlines a hundred and seventy-five was, and I’m just reading this, incidentally United Airlines is a partner with Northwestern University’s Transportation Group [can just imagine, the flying circus showing up at their next annual forum in Chicago], it was a Boeing seven-six-seven two-two-two/ER built in nineteen eighty-three registration number N61T12UA. I’m not sure that’s in dispute, ah, Field, what you saw hitting the South Tower, did that look like a Boeing seven-six-seven two-two-two/ER?

Field: It did in a lot of ways and in two very important ways it did not. Number one, is there was a conformal shape on the lower right side of the aircraft. And ah, had that been a airliner, the airline crew would have noticed that conformal shape because civilian airliners don’t have conformal shapes, military aircraft do. And so the…

Rayelan: What’s a ‘conformal shape?’

Field: Excuse me?

Rayelan: Explain ‘conformal shape?’

Field: It’s a, it’s, it would be similar if on your arm or your abdomen you had scare tissue so you have something that’s elevated that’s outside the normal surface of a fuselage, and when you guys displace me as a speaker I’ll get you a picture of a conformal shape ah, in fact we have a picture of a conformal shape in the chapter that has the joint star DHC in it, I think it was one or two chapters ago, and I’ll find it and send you the link.

But conformal shapes are military hardware, they’re either, and cannot raise or they’re forward firing ordnance in the case of that flying vehicle that hit the twin towers, in the case of both the North and South Tower, they both had conformal shapes on the forward right leading part of the fuselage ah, and one frame, and this is precise information, one frame before the ray dome hit the building, a bright white flash was witnessed by cameras owned by everybody. In other words these are not high quality cameras that caught it, everybody who was filming the impact of the second ah, aircraft or flying vehicle hitting the tower they all got the white flash and that’s the ignition of the ah, shape that’s on the forward lower right part of the fuselage.

Rayelan: So in other words, there are a couple of sites around that show this picture that this plane ah, and I have seen it, its got something on it under its fuselage which nobody can explain.

Field: Well I’m explaining it to you right now, those were drone Boeings, they were not airliners, they’d been replaced, and this is not novel or new information. We had it in our movie that came out in April of two-thousand and seven. And so what people saw, they saw Boeing drones that had conformal forward firing shapes on their lower right side of their fuselage and what the ah, the nomenclature, of the specific weapon that was launched is not known to me, but I would bet my teeth that it is provided by Ratheon Corporation, the same people who have the Raytheon ah, laser guided forward firing munitions, such as the AGM Maverick and these are ah, these forward firing munitions launch incredibly fla – fast off of aircraft. The aircraft is probably flying, ah, and I know there’s people like ah, Jim Fesser [Fetzer], whatever his name is ah, and ah, John Lear, who claimed that ah, airplanes can’t fly this fast, and by the way one of those guys works for the CIA and the other guy is not a pilot, so draw your own conclusion. But I guarantee you I can fly a Boeing that fast and the speed of the airplane…

Rayelan: And John should know better quite frankly…

Field: …we knew, we knew that these ere not airliners because airliners are restricted to two-hundred and fifty knots below ten-thousand feet, the point being if they had been airliners flown by United and American pilots they would not have been flying that fast and if the were flown by Muslims they did not have the skill or proficiency, and they never would of flown a simulator…excuse me, higher than two-hundred and fifty knots and remember one of the simulators that they practiced in was at Northwestern Airlines Training Facility in ah, Eagan, Minnesota…*garbled*.

Rayelan: Now what do you mean when you call it a drone? It looks like a real plane doesn’t it?

Field: Yes, and drones are real airplanes…

Rayelan: Okay.

Field…but ah, and let me give you some background. As early as nineteen seventy-seven, I started flying against drones when I was a interceptor pilot for the Air Defense Command, and some people would call that NORAD, ah, some people now days might call it NORAD, Northern Command, but whatever you call it he business is always the same and ah, hang on while I kill the cell phone call…

Rayelan: Hahaha…

Field: …ah, somebody doesn’t want to be known, private number I’ll get rid of them.

Rayelan: Okay.

Field: When I flew f fours for the Dakotoa National Guard and later f sixteen’s, our mission was ah, get airborne with very little notice and to fly very quickly to the closest point of approach, in other words we, we would do one-hundred eighty degree intercepts of unknown flying objects that were operating anywhere near North American airspace or had penetrated North America air space. And this was ahm, not only something that was enjoyable to do, it was fairly exciting and it was something that could be done better by people who could process information quickly because in the case of an f four phantom, ah, you might be going ah, mach two heading at some vehicle that could be going as fast as mach three or mach four, if it was a missile…

Rayelan: Mhm.

Field: …or mach two if its an airplane, so you have to be able to make calm decisions fairly quickly and ah, in practicing to be able to have the skills to protect America if you will ah, we routinely flew against simulators [background noise] – whose calling with a private number five minutes after I send a private message to the FBI – but I ah, apologize for the noise in the background, anyway as early as nineteen seventy-seven we routinely went out and intercepted drones ah, we would ah, also on some occasions, fire live weapons at them, and when I say live weapons, I mean, AIM seven sparrow radar missiles…

Rayelan: Mhm.

Field: It’s called an AIM 7, and AIM means Arial Intercept Missile, and we also fired AIM 9, AIM nine ahm, heat seeking missiles, and that’s the one that made David giggle every time I tell him that we call them ‘skinny little wingmen’, because the heat seeking missile is a lot more slender than the ah, the big radar missile called ‘great white hope’ and it was called ‘white hope’ because the accuracy was ah, less than seventy percent if you fired them one-at-a-time and so they were big and white and you had to hope they worked. But anyway that’s, that’s *garbled* you can read about in our writings, but when I use the term ‘drone’, any, any aircraft, ah, and I’ll give you some examples that your listeners will be very, very familiar with. Ah, the b fifty two has never been droned, I don’t know, but its immediate predecessor was a six engine Boeing ah, jet bomber with a *garbled* range of a b fifty two and as early as nineteen fifty-three it was droned and anyone with ah, moderate Google skills would be able to find this, if you do a web search for ‘Boeing mike bravo forty-seven’, ‘mb forty-seven’, you can determine that in nineteen fifty-three they had these six engine ah, jet bombers flown remotely, ah, if you want to use a different letter, like ‘q’, you can Google ‘Boeing qb forty seven’ and ah, you will find history that in one date in nineteen sixty-three, a qb forty-seven drone on approach to Kendall Air Force Base’s auxiliary North-South runway where the drones take off to the south over the water and recover to the north over the water so that if they loose control of them ah, odds are it’s going into the water where they’ll do no damage, unless you happen to like rare sea life like FEMA [this is though to be the correct acronym] does. But anyway in nineteen sixty-three, and I think it was in June a qb forty-seven lost control on short final and actually killed some people unfortunately on the ground…

Rayelan: On the ground.

Field: …so drones have been around for as early as world war two and I’ll give you juicy bit that most people have never heard, but ah, John F. Kennedy’s elder brother, which I think his name was Joseph Kennedy Junior?

Rayelan: That’s correct.

Field: He, he died in a droned b twenty-four liberator, the nomenclature of that piece of equipment was ‘bravo quebec eight’, ‘bq8’, you can Google that, if you – ‘bq8 plus kennedy’, you’ll find the story, or, if you, if you like ah, Boeing airplanes instead of the consolidators like the b twenty-four was consolidated in San Diego, the Boeing product ah, was the b seventeen flying fortress and the drone version was the qb seven, so if you put in ‘Boeing qb seven’, you can read all about it, or you can read our books because we write all about it. But they’ve been droning airplanes for over sixty years and you have – in ah, when I filed the lawsuit regarding ALPA [Airline Pilots Association International] and Boeing and drones on the twenty-seventh of February of two-thousand and seven, the airline pilots union suggested I had a ‘mental problem’, ah Boeing suggested I was a ‘troubled guy’, and for days later Boeing did the smart thing, and admitted, they made it public for the first time ever, four days after I sued them, that if the Boeing uninterruptible auto-pilot existed, and they went on to a great big, big flowery explanation it’s a good thing for passengers, which it could be a good thing for passengers, but as we saw on nine-eleven it could also be a bad thing.

Rayealn: “A bad thing”, right, and so…

Field: Well this is all historically accurate and you yourself Ray, saw me send an email to the FBI a forty minutes ago haha, and it was three years-old.

Rayelan: Right.

Field: They’ve done nothing in the interim.

Rayelan: Okay, so what you are saying is that any plane that is equipped to fly without a pilot is a drone?

Field: That’s exactly right, they’re remotely controlled either by operators on the ground that I shot at with fairly good accuracy including ah, hitting a couple of them which is very fun to see a full sized airplane blowup in front of you, especially when you’re not killing a human, you’re just killing…

Rayelan: And the other thing about ah, Joseph Kennedy junior, he was the one picked to be president, not Jack Kennedy and he had been groomed by his father and others to be – to become President of the United States which means that he could have possibly run against Eisenhower. And so are you saying that he was murdered by this same cabal?

Field: Well, I’m not prepared to say that, but I’m not going to shy away from the question either. What I will tell you is that flying right behind Kennedy’s bq8 was a mosquito, which is ah, the British people like to call their airplanes names, where the Americans like to call our airplanes numbers. We have the b twenty-four they have the mosquito. But what the mosquito was, was a two engine piston driven, I believe it was a wood structured straight winged ah, fighter and the mosquito was flying in a ‘chase position’ which means typically between seven-hundred and fifteen hundred feet behind the behind the bomber and it’s, it’s pure defensible reasons for being there was to ensure the crew got out safely because these drones operated in world war two required humans crews to be in the cockpit for takeoff, climb and level off.

Once they leveled off they would set the coordinates for the ah, location they wanted bombed with a drone, and then the crew would bail out ah, over the English Channel where there would be rescue craft waiting for them. But in the case of Joseph Kennedy junior who was killed in nineteen forty-three off the top of my head, could have been forty-four ah, and you can Google it, while I, while I, bring this up from off the top of my head, your listeners can just put in ‘joseph kennedy junior bq8’ and read all about it. But the really tantalizing prospect if you want to suggest he was taken out ahm, is that they had ahm, a Bell & Howell camera in the mosquito directly behind the bq8 and what, this is an absolutely historically accurate statement, the bq8 was prematurely detonated with Kennedy and the co-pilot in it and that film existed at some point because that’s the whole reason the mosquito was there was to get video ah, video proof that the crew had bailed out and that would help them find the crew if they had bailed out at the wrong spot, but ah, once again these are ostensible nick [not sure of exact word] names, and I’ll give you, well I’ll give you four of them and I’m going to give hem to you slowly so your listeners can Google this, prove something very, very significant, the four items are ‘Boeing uninterruptible auto-pilot’…

Rayelan: Mhm.

Field: …so they need to put that in their search bar and than a ‘plus’ sign ‘qrs11, so what we have now is, ‘boeing uninterruptible auto pilot plus qrs11 plus samsonic’ [boeing uninterruptible auto pilot+qrs11+smacsonic], and I’ll spell that, s-m-a-c-s-o-n-i-c we have the uninterruptible auto-pilot plus qrs11 plus smacsonic plus ku band’, and that’s two words, ‘ku’ by itself, then b-a-n-d ah, and when you or your listeners get entered you will only get six returns, in other words there’s only six places in the cyber world where these four technologies have been tied to each other.

Rayelan: Mhm.

Field: Five of those places are at the Captain Sherlock site the sixth place is James Delingpole’s blog at the Daily Telegraph in London, and Delingpole is the gentleman who is widely credited with helping bring down the ‘climategate’ scam and I believe, David correct me if I’m mistaken, I believe it was James Delingpole who first coined the phrase ah, ‘climategate’, was it not, David?

David: Yes, well he picked it up from one of his ah, readers.

Field: Oh okay, ya, David and I always like – because we’re dealing with some stuff that is not widely known and its ah, got huge consequences, often times I’m the very quite one that’s doing nothing other than listening to every word David said and trying to find a mistake because we want to correct each other before neutrals or libel parties correct us…

Rayelan: Ah, yes.

Field: We really are slaves to accuracy.

Rayelan: Okay, I looked up Joseph Kennedy and I did see a picture of him before. He looks like, ah, you know when you see these combination morphed photographs?

Field: Yup.

Rayelan: He looks like a morph of Edward Kennedy and Jack Kennedy. Just really ah, ah, amazing here and it does ah, talk about that ahm, you know, that drone, I’m just looking at hm, ha, ya, they called it a ‘robot’ there, a ‘q8 robot aircraft’, loaded with twenty-one thousand kgs of torpex [fifty percent more powerful then TNT by mass]. What’s ‘torpex?’

David: It’s an explosive.

Rayelan: And so that plane was a bomb?

David: So were the planes on nine-one-one. They were droned bombs.

Rayelan: Okay folks, do you get what, what Field and David has – have just communicated to you? These drone, or what they called them, they called ‘em ‘robot aircraft’ back in world war two, it was loaded with nine-thousand six-hundred kilograms of torpex which made it a bomb. So in other words, this technique of drone aircraft being bombs has been around since, well since Joseph Kennedy was killed in one of them.

David: That’s what those little toy planes are that children play with with the radio controls and they make them fly and do aerobatics…

Rayelan: Yes.

David: …and if you put an explosive inside that you can detonate it remotely you have a bomb. And that’s what they did on nine-one-one so in…

Rayelan: But not with little children’s aircraft, but I….

David: But it’s the same principle.

Rayelan: Ya, I have heard about people being murdered with these children’s aircraft because it had c4 in it and the minute it, it was about ah, ah inch away from the guy that it was aimed they detonated the bomb and killed him.

David: Right, so what we have here is a sophisticated technique. Think of each of these planes as a gas chamber, now it’s not a physical gas chamber on the ground, but remember, the key to the administration or management of gas chambers to eliminate human beings was to monitor the gas going inside the chamber.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Now there are three gases as I mentioned, cyanide gas which is obviously extremely dangerous, so if you’re cleaning out a chamber there – where the people inside are being killed with cyanide gases, your capos who do the body disposal are at severe risk of dying of cyanide poisoning.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: So the cyanide where it appears in our research was predominantly used for delousing for clothing…

Rayelan: Mhm, mhm.

David: …carbon monoxide is a problem because you have to rig up a vehicle and pump in carbon monoxide and you would leave lot’s of material, but carbon dioxide from the eliminationists point of view is perfect because the people who are dying are actually killing themselves.

Rayelan: Yes, I, I see that.

David: Ya see that?

Rayelan: And I, well what I’m seeing now is, these, these airplanes can be bombs and they can be gas chambers.

David: They’re both, I mean a plane is automatically a bomb if you fly into someone.

Rayelan: Right.

David: Right, because it’s going to kill you with a variety of techniques. It may or not be loaded, now, what we’ve discovered is, coming out of Northwestern University, they researched the development of a fuel air bomb that could be pumped into the ventilation, I think you call it a ‘HVAC system’, the heating ventilation and air-conditioning systems?

Rayelan: Ya, I’m not familiar with that.

David: Anyway, HVAC, I think that’s the pronunciation, so every plane and boat and train has a HVAC system, and every building, a commercial building, has a HVAC system.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: So if you can get inside for example, the elevator shafts and using ventilation blow this explosive dust into the ventilator system of the elevator shaft, you can create what is called a ‘detonable cloud.’ So you can have an external trigger event, like a plane that is flying, or allegedly flying into the building, you show that, then after words you show the building coming down and in the public minds the plane flow – flying in to the building destroyed the building. But that doesn’t happen because there is not enough energy in a plane, if it’s loaded up with fuel, because you can’t get the temperature to vaporize the bodies.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Now, if you ah, ignite, and remember you ignite incendiaries and you detonate explosives, if you filled areas within the Twin Towers, let’s go with the South Tower specifically, one of the things you’d want to do is make sure the expert witnesses, the people who recognize the difference between what I think is called a “uhta’, ultra-high temperature accelerant.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: And an ordinary office with paper and office furniture. You want to make sure they don’t get out of the building and go into a court and declare what brought those buildings down and killed people was an ultra-high temperature accelerant or an incendiary.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: So when Fire Marshal Ronald Bucca and Battalion Chief Orio J. Palmer reached the seventy-eighth floor, and for all I know they went a little bit higher, these would be superb expert witnesses in a court.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Therefore they have to be killed.

Rayelan: You are absolutely right.

David: Now, the problem with killing people with ultra-high temperature accelerants, or destroying buildings is, they leave a very characteristic signature because for example, what people remark about the buildings coming down is the explosive effect or a ah、pulverized ash or dust coming from the concrete.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Very, very small particles. Now that is because inside the concrete there is entrained water which is part of the mixing process which is inside the concrete, and when you hit the water inside the concrete with a temperature and pressure wave associated with these accelerants, you raise the temperature of the water to five-thousand eight-hundred degrees Fahrenheit, which is half the temperature of the sun, and the water turns into super heated steam at a very high pressure.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: And that literally blows the concrete into a very fine powder.

Rayelan: Hmm.

David: That’s the same with bodies, right, because the bulk of us are made of water [for the hard of thinking, that would be H2o, not Co2].

Rayelan: Right.

David: So when this very high temperature hits the body such as Battalion Chief Orio J. Palmer and Fire Marshal Ronald P. Bucca and some of the people he was dealing or they were dealing with in the top of the South Tower.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: There bodies and bones were turned to, or would turn into vapor, except for the teeth.

Rayelan: “Except for the teeth”, hm.

David: And there I challenge your listeners to help us with this, it’s the perfect Sherlock Holmes story. If the teeth survived which they did…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …and then the people who were responsible for expoliation at the crime scene, which is a technical term meaning they don’t want you to investigate the crime scene to find out who did it and how it was done and that evidence is taken out to the Fresh Kills Land Fill out to Stanton Island and buried under garbage hills one and nine. Then there will be teeth inside those garbage hills some of which have been found by our group, whether in the fiction or in the fact is up to the bad guys to tell us which.

Rayelan: It, it seems to me that there should have been a whole bunch of teeth found there?

David: That’s right, and let me tell you about another tooth that ah, Chips tells me they found, it was a man called Shaun Rooney…

Rayelan: Okay.

David: …who was the vice-President for Risk Management Services at the AON Corporation in the South Tower, and because of the proximity of the teeth found ahm, for Sean Rooney and the battalion Chief Orio J. Palmer, we think they were together at the top of the South Tower at the time the buildings came down.

Rayelan: So in other words there was a, ah, what should I say, “a manifest saying Rooney was on the plane”, but your saying…

David: No, no, no, no, Rooney was the vice-President of Risk Management for AON Corporation Insurance Company in the South Tower , his wife, Beverly Echert…

Rayelan: Ahuh.

David: …refused to drop her demand for an investigation of the kind that we’re doing.

Rayelan: And that’s why she was on that plane in New York that crashed, am I correct?

David: And there have been ah, a certain number of teeth taken from that site.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: And so we have a match between Beverly Eckert’s teeth…

Rayelan: Okay.

David: …from the crash scene of the Bombardier aircraft…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …and her husband’s teeth…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …in the vicinity of the teeth belonging to Battalion Chief Orio J. Palmer and Fire Marshall Ronald P. Bucca.

Rayelan: Now you’re going to have to explain how her teeth got into the Stanton Island…

David: No, no, no, no, correction. We, we have a team of investigators are going where the FBI fear to tread.

Rayelan: Right.

David: So we’re going to crash scenes, and if people read our books you’ll see that Chips is able to reorganize his team of assets and go any where in the world at very short notice.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: So he’s been to Dubai, he’s been to Moscow, he’s been to Amsterdam, he’s been to the sites where these people can miraculous can get on an airplane without a passport.

Rayelan: Ah ya.

David: So he’s examined the security arrangements at those sites…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …and noticed that many of these people are traveling on international passports provided by his sister.

Rayelan: Okay, but what, how do you get an international passport? What organization issues those?

David: The International Civil Aviation Authority in Montreal.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Which was launched by Maurice Strong.

Rayelan: What right, I mean, who gave them permission to make up these kind of international passports?

David: You don’t, you don’t give permission to dictators, what dictators do is they arrange a situation where if you disobey them they kill you.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: So we have a dictator on nine-one-one who had written the rules of a dictator game.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: In Chicago.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: And the rules of the dictator game are that every asset where people gather, whether it’s an office building, or a plane, or a boat, or a train, is a place that can be treated as potentially a gas chamber.

Rayelan: Right, right.

David: Because if I install a carbon dioxide monitor inside a boat, a plane or a train, or the sky lobby in the South Tower, or an elevator or in the offices of AON Corporation, or Marshal McLennan, I can deem if I’m the dictator, that the people inside that building have violated one of my rules.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: And I can have a computer program written in Chicago for a network, and people can Google that, called ‘Co2e’, Carbon Dioxide Electronic, right, which is monitoring globally the use that capitalists, because this is the number one enemy making planes, boats, trains and buildings like the Twin Towers.

Rayelan: Mhm, mhm.

David: So if I instruct the people to develop this software to fire these rules sort of speak, such that the last rule to be fired is whether or not the people in that area have violated the three-fifty cap, I can have the computer automatically trigger the demolition sequence.

End Dec 30 Part 1 Hour 2 Interview

The Pipeline Riders

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Field McConnell & David Hawkins: Transcript—23 December 2009 Hour 3

Source:, hawkscafe,

Hawkins/McConnell Interview with Rayelan on Rumor Mill News 
December 23, 2009 – Part 3 (Hour 3)

David Hawkins: Just to recap, we’ve got Tower One and Tower Two down then the attack on the US Naval Command Center in the Pentagon which severed the links between the President of the United States and US Naval assets around the world, and authority to operate those assets was then transferred we believe to this ah, women owned company called Femme Comp Inc. operating out of Chantily.

Rayelan: Yes.

David: And the plane that was to have hit the Capital Building and cau – killed Laura Bush and hundreds of congress [congressmen] and senators and basically decapitated America, was delayed so it was vaporized over ah, near Shanksville in Pennsylvania. It was never wrestled into the ground incidentally.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: It would have been – a signal would have been sent through this Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management ah, KU band, to the on board ah, avionics ah, it was being flown through the uninterruptible auto pilot from the exterior, and they decided they had to destroy it because if it had reached ah, Washington with any expert witnesses they would have seen it wasn’t being flown by any hijacker, it was being flown by instrumentation. More specifically using the gyroscopes that had been brokered by Hillary Clinton the patent lawyer.

Rayelan: Right, right.

David: So the signal that we believe was sent to that ah, particular aircraft was ah, they would have vented ah, an explosive powder, which is an aluminum powder, a very fine dust ah, through the ah, air-conditioning system of the plane and ignited it.

Rayelan: And ignited it, of course. And that’s the aluminum…

David: And that’s the reason…say…

Rayelan: That’s the aluminum many people see going down the side of the building?

David: Ya, you, you basically created ah, a what is called a ‘detonable cloud.’

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: And you might have mixed it up with a gas to put the passengers to sleep, or the people inside the cockpit so they couldn’t resist.

Rayalen: Mhm.

David: Ah, you send a signal via the Ha – Honeywell communications system in the Boeing…

Rayelan: Right.

David: …that amongst other things is used to control the rudder of the plane.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: So you’re steering it and you have total control so I had a pun that I thought was rather fun the other day because I don’t know if you have heard of the term “pitch, roll and yawl?”

Rayelan: Yes, I have heard that term.

David: So this is the message yours truly, Hillary Clinton, because ah, YAWS truly was the patent lawyer that worked on gyroscope that was given to the French to install in the Boeing aircraft so they could be turned into weapons.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: So, we’re back to Chicago where there is a dictator that is setting the rules for a dictator game that is being coded by the Kellogg School of Management and is being run on a piece of software called ‘Mindbox.’ And it offers the players a choice determined by the dictator ah, according to the amount carbon dioxide rights they want to buy for the following year.

Rayelan: Hmm.

David: So the dictator can say to George Bush, “Well I think your breathing out is worth to me a million dollars a breath.”

Rayelan: And could that – are you saying that that is why we are having the problems with our – is that, I mean, we see the democrats paying people, we don’t know who they’re giving this money to, but we’ve got trillions and trillions and dollars nobody knows where it went.

David: It’s being loaned right, to organizations, labor unions, governments, state governments to lock them into a debt where they’re given a choice of dropping the interest and principle and paying or buying the right to breath for the next year.

Rayelan: Yes.

David: So it gives the dictator total power and the dictator can raise or lower the amount before it’s violated at will. So in two-thousand and two-thousand and one the dictator selected three-hundred and fifty parts per million because he or she knew, that every human being violates that cap by virtue of breathing out at forty-thousand parts per million. For global dictatorship all you need to do is install sensors that measure carbon dioxide [can hardly wait to have one of these installed in my private domain by law] and force people in their private homes to take these sensors and then say to these people progressively, ”We’re going to dispense with tax and all we need from you is an amount by which you think it’s worth your family to continue to have the right to breath in that home for the next year.” And of course poor families, poor families that live in small homes in slums with they violate the cap much more than a rich family in a mansion with a few children, if you get my drift?

Rayelan: Ya, I do.

Rayelan: So when Obama and his wife went into the mansion that they got from Rezko whose a slum landlord and a racketeer and he’s in jail…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …I bet you that house would have had a carbon dioxide sensor installed by Honeywell that would provide a real time measurement of the amount of carbon dioxide being produced in the Obama mansion.

Rayelan: And you are saying Obama has to pay somebody what, a million dollars for every carbon credits he uses?

David: Or, or work it off in kind.

Rayelan: Above the three-fifty?

David: Ya, or give some other concession.

Rayelan: Good Lord.

David: Like handing over the keys to the United States Treasury.

Rayelan: And he’s certainly has done that.

David: He’s done that.

Rayelan: Ya.

David: If you look at the behavior of these people and they’re, they’re basically pathetic males, you know like Bill is an apology for a human being right, and he’s totally controlled and totally terrified by Hillary. I believe just looking at the body language of these two, I think Barack Obama is totally ruled and controlled and terrified of his wife.

Rayelan: Well you know I take a look at her and I would be ah, I’d be afraid to, I’d be afraid to go up against her too. I’ll make you a bet she’s a black belt or higher and look at the muscles on her. Maybe she’s a ro – a robot, you know, with human skin over her, she doesn’t even, if you, if you look at her body, she doesn’t even really look human, she looks like some sort of, I don’t, I don’t know, super human being.

David: Well let me give you now, ah, just ah, and remember now we’re looking for the sixth target, right, to what that might be? And remember, as a target it may not be destroyed, it may be controlled, right? Where you present to the people inside that building, wherever it is…

Rayelan: Right.

David: The option of being destroyed, or handing over their business and their affairs and their revenue to the dictator, right?

Rayelan: Okay, well the two ah, the ah, the chat room, two guesses, the Federal Reserve and the White House.

David: Okay, alright, well let’s keep people suspended a little bit ahm, I think it’s quite exciting isn’t it, exploring what it might be?

Rayelan: Haha, I think it might be.

David: Alright, let me give you one more clue, I think, and I’m quit happy to be proved wrong, I think it’s in Chicago, this building.

Rayelan: Oh, so what would that have been, the Chicago Stock Exchange?

David: Well, I’m not going to tell you…hahaha…we’ve got, we’re got fif – fifteen minutes and we’re going to work it through.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Ahm, now let’s just go back to Robert Oxoby [be sure to stay a few minutes at this site] who was the simulation administrator for the war game, the carbon trading war game that started on the fifth of September two-thousand and one, and we think ran through ah, for that week, he’s what you call a “behavioral economist.” Field and I are forensic economists, we look at the facts you see?

Rayelan: Right.

David: Some one like Oxoby looks at people and how they can be manipulated, perhaps because they’re frightened, or because they want to join a group or because, or because the dictator has image problems and the dictator wants to look as though he really likes everyone.

Rayelan: Mhm, mhm.

David: So here’s a few of the ah, the ah, papers that he’s written, ah, Gender Affect and Intertemporal Consistency and Experimental Approach, meaning, he’s very into as a behavioral economist, how men and women behave under the same circumstances, okay?

Rayelan: Okay, yes, yes…

David: Ahmm, A Clear and Present Minority Heterogeneity and the Source of Endowments and the Provision of Public Goods [paper has been taken down], ah let me just say, I think all of this is garbage, but this is what our academic communities are into now, I think Field calls it, “taffy pulling.”

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: I mean it’s nonsense what they’re talking about, but they’re playing games. Now here’s a very interesting game, ah, Measuring Impatience Illicited Discount Rates and the Barratt Impulsiveness Scale. Now what does that mean?

Rayelan: Ah, who knows?

David: Okay, now this is very interesting, Mine and Yours Property Rights and Dictator Games, alright, so if you’ve got a dictator playing with some potential victims, and they think they own their property like the breaths that they breath out and the place where they are working and the dictator says, “No, you don’t…

Rayelan: Mhm, mhm.

David: …and the cost of getting it wrong is I’m going to kill you”, you have to start really ah, concentrating about what you consider your property if you’re not ready to fight.

Rayelan: Right.

David: Item six, The Effects of Recommended Play on Compliance with Ambient Pollution Instruments. [Refereed Article #6, PDF Format]

Rayelan: Oh don’t you just love it, “ambient pollution instruments.”

David: Okay, now, since the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States has just declared carbon dioxide a pollutant, that has legitimized the placing of carbon dioxide centers – sensors, in your home, Rayelan.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: And if it’s a wireless sensor, what that allows them to do, is to monitor the amount of carbon dioxide you are producing in your home, and I believe you’ve got some dogs?

Rayelan: Yes, ya.

David: As a dictator I might say, “You’ve got to get rid of your dogs, Rayelan.”

Rayelan: Well, well ah, yes, I think they’re telling certain people that already.

David: Absolutely, now what are you going to do about it?

Rayelan: Well, ah, probably run into the woods and hide with the dogs.

David: Ya but, that means you’ve destroyed your life, you’ve vacated your house, it could be occupied by a ah, slum dweller, whatever, but basically the dictator has taken your property away from you…

Rayelan: Yes.

David: …so that he or she, is now free to give it to his friends.

Rayelan: Ya, that’s right.

David: Isn’t that what Hitler did with the ah, Hitler Ugant?

Rayelan: Ah, yes, that’s exactly what they did.

David: Alright, so this model with a dictator over total control over someone on the basis, not that they are right or wrong, not that they’re Jewish or breathing…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: This is the most terrifying, I think, the modern world faced because it can now all be done with the assistance of networking. They don’t actually need someone to come into your house with a carbon dioxide monitor to see how much you’re polluting it…

Rayelan: Ya, there could…

David: You could be asleep, you could have a friend around, and suddenly the phone will ring and say, “You’ve got too many people in your house.”

Rayelan: Oh my gosh.

David: Or, “get rid of your pets, or evacuate building number seven and particular the offices of the Securities and Exchange Commission because we think in that office”, although you don’t actually need to explain, “you’ve got evidence that might result in us doing time.”

Rayelan: Right, right.

David: So the idea of a global network Co2e dot com, it’s basically a racketeering influence and corrupt organization [effort underway to get these laws into other countries] to monitor their citizens and their leaders and their military people and senior business people, right?

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: And determine, depending on their violation of the cap, and if you set the low, if you set the cap low enough, everyone violates the cap.

Rayelan: Right.

David: The dictator can say to Al Gore, “You’re okay because you’re helping us exterminate the poor by depriving them of carbon dioxide which is a fertilizer gas, so we’ll allow you to fly around in your big plane and stay in your big house.”

Rayelan: Ya, you know, it’s so amazing, how, when I was in school we were taught that carbon dioxide was necessary for the entire earth to live.

David: It still is, it always will be.

Rayelan: But now we’re literally being taught that it’s destroying the earth.

David: Because the dictator back in two-thousand, paid the Kellogg School of Management to dictate it – to develop a dictator game for the automated recovery of debt at crime scenes where people have been deemed to have violated the dictators cap

Rayelan: Okay.

David: And one way of recovering the debt is to foreclose on the owner and take over the property, right?

Rayelan: Yup, and ah…

David: Another way of retaining it is to buy insurance on the property and blow it up and collect from the insurance companies.

Rayelan: We’re all just barely sitting on the edge of our seats right at the moment ah, to find out ah, what was the sixth target, we know congress was the fifth, but what was the sixth?

David: Ah, I think though that we’ve said five-twenty, the building number seven in New York that came down, that was the fifth.

Rayelan: That was the fifth.

David: Ahm, the fourth ah was the Capital Building.

Rayelan: Oh, the fourth would have been the Capital Building then Building Seven.

David: The third was the US Naval Command Center, two was building number two…

Rayelan: Okay.

David: …and ah, building number one was number one, right?

Rayelan: Mhm, mhm.

David: Well ah, let’s do a little thought experiment. Now, let me just read to you some of the words of this guy Oxoby at the Calgary University who was engaged in the dictator game that started on the fifth of September two-thousand and one, and ran though nine-one-one, and who I believe who most of the participants thought was the simulation administrator.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Okay, ah, the article, it’s about, ah, the game behavior with ambient pollution instruments.

Rayelan: I know, I can’t believe that, “ambient pollution…

David: Now he says, “Other studies have shown that providing subjects with the ability to – ability to punish or reward others results in more efficient outcomes. This ability to punish or reward other members of the group is implicit in the ambient pollution instrument”, alright, which we are alleging is the carbon dioxide monitor.

Rayelan: Right.

David: “Individuals who choose to reduce their decision numbers below the individually optimal level are rewarding the behavior of others in their group while those who choose numbers which exceed this level are punishing group members. To the extent that subjects realize this nature of the instrument we may observe other members choosing to punish the other members of their group. This would lead to less efficient and more inequitable outcomes.”

So lets take this hypothetical building in Chicago which contains the six – the sixth strategic target which the conspirators have to control in order to complete the overthrow of the United States Government. You’ve got a group of people and they’re looking at the television screen and they’re playing a dictator game and they don’t know who the dictator is, and they don’t know who the simulation administrator is, all they know is they are being asked to bid on the right to breath out over the next year and if they get that wrong, or they refuse to pay the price, they have to assume now they’re going to be killed.

Rayelan: Ya.

David: Don’t they? I mean, you know, they would never have expected the US Naval Command Center to have been taken out, right?

Rayelan: Absolutely, absolutely.

David: They would have never expected an attack to only just fail on the Capital Building? They would never expect to have lost contact with the President of the United States because there communication system with the President of the United States, the passwords had been revoked, but Field, why don’t you chip in now and say, what would have been the vehicle by which the President of the United States would ordinarily in circumstances like this would have kept in contact with his military forces?

Field: Okay, repeat the question slowly and with less cheesy accent?

David: Right, what, hahaha…what would the vehicle have been that would allow George Bush in this extreme situation to keep in contact with the military forces?

Field: Well he, he always has a military attaché at his side with…

David: No, no, no, the instrument, what, would it have been a plane, I think you just mentioned the plane?

Field: Ah, at which point in history are you David, you’re asking a question that you…

David: He’s on the run, George Bush is in the middle of nine-eleven…

Field: Yup.

David: …his country is falling apart around him…

Field: Yup.

David: …alright, how would he stay in communication with the regional commanders of the United States Military, what, what vehicle would he have used?

Field: He uses encrypted radios or telephones or both.

David: But wouldn’t he have used a plane, didn’t you call it n E3B?

Field: No, it’s an E4B, in fact, he’s…

David: Okay, who makes the E4B?

Field: Boeing makes the E4B and, and, Boeing made four of them and during the administration that was ah, run by one of the Clintons, the E4Bs were brokered off to FEMA which brings up another rich vein of intelligence because FEMA does not solve ah, crisis, it creates them.

David: Right, but what the presumable means is the conspirators who were trying to overthrow the United States would know that the – if they took over, the company that controlled or had built or put the encryption technologies inside that plane, they could take over and act on behalf of George Bush, i.e., the game would be successful, isn’t that right?

Field: It’s absolutely right, and all of the ah, radio ah, and telephone communications gear on that Boeing E4B can be corrupted if the person who is in charge of cyber security for the president is corruptible. And as we speak today of December of two-thousand and nine, I think we can rest assured the gentlemen who is charge of Obama’s cyber security has been and will continue to be very corruptible. He has an agenda that’s not friendly to the United States, he brags about being fluent in French, and he was a draft dodger two years older than me.

David: So he fits the bill. And who would be in charge of the, of the insurance and surety and ah, loans made to the women owned company Femme Comp on the morning of nine-eleven?

Field: Who would be in charge of what?

David: Who would be in charge of controlling the debt that would have been – the loans that would have been made to Femme Comp Inc. that group of women, it’s a small women owned company.

Field: Yup, yup, I think it would be the Small Business Administration would it not? .

David: Yes, and who was the chief operation officer of the Small Business Administration on nine-one-one?

Field: Well I think it’s one of my relatives.

David: There you go, anyway, backing up, so now I think we’re saying ah, and we’ve got a half an hour to go, to your audience ah, Rayelan.

Rayelan: Yes.

David: Is that the conspirators would have to take over the company that manufactured the command and control system that in the event of a response to a nuclear war would allow the President of the United States to stay in contact with his regional commanders and that company would be Boeing.

Rayelan: Okay, but wasn’t it Boeing that installed these remote controls so that they could be taken over?

David: Absolutely, so that if you control Boeing you control the remote controls to their planes.

Rayelan: So in other words, Bush gets off one plane that is suppose to be hit and supposedly gets on another one which is why the people who told me he didn’t get onto the one Field said he got on to, but he actually flew in a fighter?

David: Okay, so maybe he was told, and we don’t know that, he was told, “Don’t fly on Boeing.” Which the reason why Field McConnell quit his job because Boeing has been modified with missile gyroscopes and remote control Honeywell technology that allow them to be flown as weapons.

Rayelan: Where are we? Bush, I think, think…

David: We’re in Chicago, we’ve identified Boeing, well in my opinion the most strategic target for a group of conspirators who want to overthrow the United States of America because Boeing, if you think back to nine-one-one, was the company that built most of the weapons that triggered the attacks. And Boeing had been either volunteered, or ah, forced to move from Washington State to Chicago…

Rayelan: Yes, I remember hearing about that and wondered why that…

David: …into a building that was the subject of a loan from a pension fund, actually the Florida State Pension Fund.

Rayelan: You’re not going to say the Sears Tower are you?

David: No, it’s ah, a hundred North Riverside.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Just across the road from, well the river, from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: So on the morning of nine-eleven, let’s assume and they’ve just moved into the building it had been totally upgraded. All its command and control systems had been installed through contractors and sub-contractors, in particular many of those sub-contractors would be under the umbrella of the Small Business Administration run by Field’s sister, Christine Marcy.

Rayelan: Right.

David: So let’s assume the directors of Boeing sitting in the board room looking at the scenes coming in from across North America. And let’s say they started playing a simulation game where they were going to be asked how much money they would ah, pay for the right to breath in their nice new headquarters for the next year.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: And let’s say that the ah, dictator said to them, “Well, I’ve demonstrated that I can I can destroy any one of the strategic targets, we’ve just knocked down building number seven in New York and you’re next unless you give me what I want.” Now which director amongst that group of directors would have the courage to say, “Get lost?”

Rayelan: None, not one of them.

David: Particularly if you look at some of the directors, or one of the directors, includes the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, John Shalikashvili who went to Beijing and handed over all America’s military secrets to the communist Chinese around the nineteen-ninety-five period.

Rayelan: Unbelievable.

David: Including the gyroscope systems that Hillary Clinton had brokered because the Clintons are both communists.

Rayelan: Ya, very, very ah…

David: They totally betrayed the United States of America. So, John Shalikashvili’s father, Dimitri, was a member of the Waffen SS who didn’t declare that status when he came into the United States under Operation Paperclip.

Rayelan: Ya.

David: So you’ve got the son of a Nazi who admires greatly his father sitting in the command center of the Boeing Headquarters at one-hundred North Riverside Drive with all the knowledge he has about the power of Femme Comp Inc. to take over control of the united States Military from the President of the United States and the Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. So why wouldn’t he, and let’s hypothetically, that he’s working for the dictator, and he says to the fellow directors of Boeing, including Phil Condit, we have modified a thousand of your planes so they can be flown remotely into any target of our choosing including this office, and can detonate an explosive mix of fuel air pumped through the ventilation systems of this nice new building because you directors never did due diligence on the people who installed that kit.

Rayelan: Just amazing.

David: So he says to the directors of Boeing, “Hand over the keys.” I want the world’s largest aero space manufacturer and defense manufacturer because from here on, what you thought you owned, or what you thought your share holders owned, is now going to be placed into the custody of the dictator. What do you do Rayelan?

Rayelan: Well ah, I’m not really sure. What do you do?

David: I think you hand over the keys…

Rayelan: Ya, I…

David: …hoping…

Rayelan: …hand over the keys, maybe jump out a window because you know your whole life is over.

David: And some did, you know, because they have to live with their conscience, but I think prudently, and I don’t know, I think, I don’t think I would have jumped out of the window, I’d of said, these guys are not going to beat me, right? So I’m going to go back into the woodwork and we’re going to create a successor to the counter-intelligence people that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Henry Shelton, had formed called Able Danger?

Rayelan: Right, I remember that.

David: Right, and we’ll change its name because it was spelled A-b-l-e Danger, and we’ll form a new group and we’ll take these people down. So the group that ah, Henry Shelton might have formed or might not, who knows? Was a group called ‘Abel Danger’ and you’re talking to us. Now you don’t know, and I don’t know, whether or not we as a group, are the legacy of Henry Shelton, the former Chairman of the Joint Chief of the Staff after Shalikashvili , who said right, go out and get them. Because Rayelan, we are going to get them.

Rayelan: Yes, I can see this, I can

David: And the dictator who put the rules into the Mindbox developed by the Kellogg School of Management to play the games on nine-one-one, was nominally as a front, a director of the Joyce Foundation [what an irony] whose name is Barry Seotoro and he’s now masquerading as your president, but he was told to set that figure at three-fifty by Michelle Obama.

Rayelan: Okay, who told her to set the three-fifty?

David: The group of women who have decided they’re going to overthrow the government of the United States of which one is her mentor, Bernadine Dohrn, the leader of the Weathermen Terrorist Organization who was described by Edgar Hoover as “the most dangerous woman in the America” [“La Pasionara of the lunatic left”], who built a nation wide, and it’s now international revolutionary network to bomb and to kill and she has built a group of women who hate men, despise them, and engaged in a dictator game on nine-one-one using male fronts like Barry.

Rayelan: Ya.

David: And there you have it. So now they control Boeing, they control the world’s largest aero space manufacturer and civilian and defense equipment that has real time communication with ah, let’s say a thousand to two-thousand planes, many of them which have been modified so they can play a dictator game tomorrow.

Rayelan: Wow.

David: At the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, or the Summer Olympics in London in two-thousand and twelve, or the Summer Olympics in Reo in two-thousand and sixteen, on the basis, and that’s what Copenhagen was about, what they wanted was a globally binding cap of three-hundred and fifty which would allow the dictator to select any group the dictator saw as a threat and say to them, “You have a choice, you hand over your keys to your business, your property, you pay me the money, or I’m going to kill you.”

Rayelan: Wow.

David: Now, does any of your audience disagree?

Rayelan: Well, let’s go into the chat room, remember everybody ‘chatroom dot the microeffect dot com’, ‘chatroom dot the microeffect dot com’ , I’m just trying to see, some times it’s kind of hard following it.

David: Well they might be overwhelmed. I feel quite sorry for people trying to take this on board, but the point is, Hawks Café, Captain Sherlock, we’re not inventing anything, these are dictator games that are played at the university level as a kind of exercise. They are not intended to give absolute authority to some person to kill you if you don’t play the game right.

Rayelan: You, you know David, one of them did talk about, in the chat room, one talked about a blood sacrifice, but it’s not really a blood sacrifice, its what you call it, the biggest snuff film in the ah, world and so I think…

David: Go ahead.

Rayelan: I think, no, I think that a lot of people are hung up on satanic cults and blood sacrifices when, when in fact these people just get off making snuff films.

David: Right, and it’s ah, used as a method of control. So the ah, Naudet brothers [Cela était un film excellent.] filming [the kill shot], were pointing their cameras at exactly the point where the missiles would arrive because they were in communication with the Honeywell network going back to the Northwestern University so they know where the strike was going to be.

Rayelan: Mhm, mhm.

David: And you see there are two ways of sending the information back to the debt recovery system that tells you to cash in or put in the claim for the insurance, one is a snuff film.

Rayelan: Mhm, mhm.

David: But you see that is not as automated as a carbon dioxide sensor because, if for example Al Gore was attacked by a mob in his house, and I’m not suggesting that should happen, but if you had a carbon dioxide sensor in his kitchen, I assume he’s got a kitchen, right? It’s a big mansion…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …and a mob of people come in and they do whatever to Al Gore and then they leave what will happen is the carbon dioxide sensor will show a sudden increase because there’s lots of people in the room, ad they’re breathing out at forty-thousand parts per million, and then when they’re gone, let’s say – I don’t want to speculate about what might have happened to Al Gore, let’s say he’s know longer alive, then the carbon dioxide in the kitchen of Al Gore’s mansion is going to go back to what it is at ambient level.

Rayelan: We’ve got a question for you.

David: Mhm.

Rayelan: Why carbon credits? Why did they choose carbon credits?

David: Because everyone breaths out.

Rayelan: So…

David: You need to find something where the dictator can deem everyone or anyone to be a criminal.

Rayelan: Oh my God. Got it, so if you’re breathing to much….

David: Alright, so literally they can criminalize your dogs, Rayelan.

Rayelan: I, I believe that, but do you know when I was in college some thirty odd years ago, or more, there was a slogan, “You’re breathing my air.”

David: Right.

Rayelan: And that meant back then ah, ah, watch it, or you know, you’re going to be eliminated from the planet.

David: Now that’s very interesting. That’s thirty years ago so we’re going back to seventy-nine when Femme Comp was launched?

Rayelan: Ah, no it’s even before then, it’s in the early seventies.

David: Okay.

Rayelan: Probably about the time when Bernadine Dohrn was still on the run.

David: Okay, if we go back to seventy-two that was the ah, Munich attack, right?

Rayelan: Right.

David: And in nineteen seventy-two, Maurice Strong launched the United Nations Environmental Program in Kenya.

Rayelan: In Kenya?

David: Right, now going back another twenty years to nineteen fifty-two, Maurice Strong was designing Mau Mau oath taking ceremonies.

Rayelan: Wow.

David: With Obama’s father.

Rayelan: Grandfather

David: Grand-father.

Rayelan: And again, in Kenya.

David: Ya, so what they were doing, what he was doing back in fifty-two, he was developing, or launching a global network where hired killers would swear on an oath, a blood oath involving sacrifice, probably of children, that they would kill for the dictator without question.

Rayelan: Well in that, wait a minute. The dictator, Maurice Strong, at that time wasn’t powerful enough to be the dictator, so…

David: No, but he could design a dictator game with the intent that one day he would be a dictator.

Rayelan: And do you think that he is the one , I mean, he’s on the run now you know. He’s living in China.

David: I know, we, that is the Abel Danger, or Captain Sherlock team, we released information that I think made the communist Chinese pull out of the Copenhagen ah, conference, they basically broke it because remember what we’ve been saying on your show is Maurice Strong, tricked the communist Chinese to kill around four-hundred or four-hundred and fifty million fetuses.

Field: Can I jump in David?

David: Sure.

Rayelan: Absolutely, we’ve only got a few minutes. Hurry.

Field: I’ll make it, I’ll make it real quick. But ah, there’s some mystery going on in Chapter Four so we’re going to put up Chapter Five first and then in Chapter Five, I’ll show you a picture of a world banker who sat in the cockpit of an airliner between Astona [not sure of spelling until verified], Kazakhstan and Moscow ah, Russia, about eight months ago, and in that cockpit, and this woman by the way worked for the world bank, and in that cockpit a conversation took place involving the world’s carbon credits, global warming and bravo sierra which means ah, you could say ah, bowl [not sure of word] something, you could say bible study, or you could say bonding sapphire, but ah, we’ll, we’ll try to cover that meeting which caused people in Russia to contact people in Northern [not sure of word] Virginia in the CRU ah, and ah, these leaks are simply a track back if you are really serious, a track back to God himself who will not be mocked by some morons from Chicago regardless of how bad or how ugly they are.

Rayelan: Okay, ahm…

David: Ah let, let me just explain about the way in which the money is extracted from a building that’s destroyed. They use an outfit, it’s called an escrow, have you heard of escrow?

Rayelan: Well I know what escrow is, but I don’t know of it as accompany.

David: Okay, you can have a company that takes care of the demolition of a building through escrow, and what the escrow does is, you put the money in the pot with the escrow?

Rayelan: Right.

David: And the escrow is responsible for paying the contractors and the sub contractors for destroying or demolishing the building.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: The escrow in all of these circumstances is KPMG.

Rayelan: Oh, the ah, the, auditor or the…

David: That’s right. The international company, we’ve made a DVD about it, but very interesting is the idea of taking out escrow on a Boeing plane and then destroying it, ah, is quite old. In fact, it goes back to the end of the second world war. And do you know who connected to Obama was working on the night shift in the Boeing production line in Washington State at the end of the second world war?

Rayelan: Well of course, his grandfather.

David: No, his grandmother.

Rayelan:: His grandmother? I thought it was the grandfather?

David: No, it was Madeline Dunham, the grandmother, and she ended up eventually in, she’s a Marxist, so was her husband…

Rayelan: Ahuh.

David: …ah, so was the daughter ah, now she goes to Hawaii and she starts working for a bank, I believe it’s the First Bank of Hawaii?

Rayelan: I think you’re right, she becomes vice-president.

David: And she becomes known as the “Queen of Escrow.”

Rayelan: Amazing.

David: Meaning she, I believe, with Maurice Strong, realized that by taking out insurance on a plane that had been sabotaged, for example by putting a gyroscope in it…

Rayelan: Okay.

David: You could, or your children could, or your child could, or your grand-child could, play dictator games with the world’s most powerful aero space and defense manufacturer by weaponizing their aircraft.

Rayelan: Right, right.

David: So that’s what happened. In Chicago, they’ve developed a dictator game where the job of extracting or extorting protection money from companies, or individuals or unions or politicians, is given to an escrow which is KPMG with Sidley Austin and Cisco, and all they do is basically offer people the chance to live at a price where the setting of the carbon dioxide admitted is set below, making everyone a criminal, and you put a small group of people, that would appear to be this group of women through Femme Comp, in charge of the dictator. So the dictator is dangled in front of the public so we think Obama has power, but the ‘male’ Obama has no power, he’s nothing.

Rayelan: Yes.

David: He doesn’t have the finger on the launch codes of the nuclear missiles. People who do are Femme Comp, the people who are playing the dictator game so they can say so to President of the United States, “We will nuke Chicago if we don’t get our three-fifty cap globally.”

Rayelan: Nuke Chicago?

David: Why not?

Rayelan: You know, I got a warning about four or five years ago that someone was bout to nuke Chicago.

David: Right.

Rayelan: So we made a big deal about it and they didn’t do it, or it didn’t happen.

David: The point is they could because Obama does not have his finger on the nuclear launch codes.

Rayelan: Yes, right…

David: Now would anyone trust this man? Now, the people who do, the people like John Shalikashvili, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and even if he’s not the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, he’s still a senior person in the…

Rayelan: He had, he had a brain hemorrhage stroke that hardly anyone recovers from.

David: Okay, he’s out of the loop, but the point is there’s a small group of people that I believe, who are a bunch of very frightened men who historically made a career of the military and a very heroic one, they don’t understand what they are going to do to take this down and I think they are looking to us, including you Rayelan, through cyber space to do it for them..

Rayelan: Most amazing, most amazing, there’s another question I thought was important, now I can’t even think what it was, and we’re almost out of time.

David: Anyway, let me tell you the date, the date Boeing was scheduled to move into the Chicago Headquarters, it was September forth. So just as the simulation game for the dictator game started, and run out of Calgary, in combination of Carlton Bartels [Carlton, in all due respect, we are dying to know at what level of Co2 were you exhaling at moment of impact] in the ah, North Tower and the group in Chicago that had been building the system courtesy of Barack Obama at the Joyce Foundation. Boeing moved into their new headquarters where they wouldn’t have been totally familiar with what had been installed by way of heating, air-conditioning systems, however, they would very likely have been anticipating in the war game of nine-one-one. And I think you lost your country on September the eleventh because you allowed, and I’m not being personal here, you allowed control of your most powerful aero space and defense company to be handed off to a group of women under the umbrella of Femme Comp Inc. of which the first lady of the United States is one.

Rayelan: And so another words, what we are doing is we are showing everybody in the world who controls…

David: Yes.

Rayelan: …who pulls the controls.

David: And the moment we succeed it’s all over for them because these people are cowards, right?

Rayelan: Ahuh.

David: In my opinion they are racketeering psychopaths, their agenda is genocide…

Rayelan: That’s right.

David: …and know one likes them, i.e., know one is going to die for Michelle Obama.

Rayelan: Haha, or Hillary Clinton that’s for sure.

David: But people will die for the image of America as the great light.

Rayelan: Ya, as what, our founding fathers meant it to be

Rayelan: I’ve got a…

David: Which means…

Rayelan: I’ve got a couple of rapid fire questions that we’ll probably have to take next time.

David: Which means we win.

Rayelan: Ah, if the Chinese are on to Maurice Strong are they going to kick him out?

David: Yes.

Rayelan: And let’s go to the Promise software that I suspect, that these, these Chicago cabal people has monitored to the point where it is almost artificial intelligence, is there any possibility the Promise Software could turn on them?

David: Yes, yes, it was diverted into the defense software and I think the person who did that was Field’s sister, Christine Marcy.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: She rewrote it, or she had people rewrite so that the defense lawyers could take these criminals like Bernadine Dohrn and feed her through the system and out the other side.

Rayelan: Well I’m, ah, do you remember the Goldman-Sachs hacker, code hackers?

David: Yes.

Rayelan: The guy who did that? Wasn’t he taken to Chicago for some odd reason?

David: No, I think so ya.

Rayelan: And what about this Patrick Fitzgerald that everybody thought was going to be the hero? [an Eliot Ness] What’s he doing?

David: Well, he ah, periodically I believe plays the dictator games and what’s it worth breathing for the year ahead.

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Field McConnell & David Hawkins: Transcript—30 December 2009 Hour 1

Source:, hawkscafe,

Hawkins/McConnell Interview with Rayelan on Rumor Mill News 
December 30, 2009 – Part 1 (Hour 1)

Rayelan: And so hopefully we won’t loose you like we did last time. I think we lost you a couple of times.

Field McConnell: Yes, but if you loose me we have triple redundancy and I chose my words carefully in this case, because you might have seen some recent emails between the fearsome foursome, ah, with triple redundancy is you, and I made, or one of us made the comment that the airplanes that attacked America on nine-eleven were triple redundant when it came to guidance, explosive, communications and suppression and ah, we’re seeing triple redundancy playing out here in the ah, Northwest two-fifty-three ah, staged event.

Rayelan: Okay, well, do you want to start off with that because that really is on everybody’s mind right at mind at the moment.

Field: Well, I’ll just right ah, I think、I think we’ve seen steps one and two of a three step process and I don’t know if you’ve had the luxury of looking at ah, an email that just came in from John Prukop, regarding ah, let us remember that in mid-December the outlaws in the US House of reps voted a sixty day extension of the three provisions of the anti-Bill of Rights Patriot Act, and once again we have this triple redundancy ah, just as a refresher an aviation incident on October twenty-first, I’m doing this off the top of my head so hold me accountable, David, but I believe it was October twenty-first that ah, Northwest one-eighty-eight snatched in route from San Diego to Minneapolis ah, resulting in about an extra hour of flying time but was never explained to anyone’s satisfaction.

Rayelan: Ah, and you have an explanation for what happened?

Field: Well, you know, maybe there just trying to ah, get the kinks out of the system and see if they really can take an airbus because there’s a previous demonstration of this technology ah, and the most obvious one of course is nine-eleven, where there were not only four airliners snatched but there were ah, replacement drones for not only two Boeings, but what I believe were two Ratheon A-three Skywarriors and ah, they’ve had this technology in existence since Boeing Aircraft ah, illegally modified and exported approximately ninety-five Boeing seven-thirty-sevens…go ahead and jump in David.

David Hawkins: No, I ah, go ahead Field.

Field: Okay, well, this technology has been continuously deployed ah, since Boeing, the Boeing seven-thirty-sevens were exported ah, to China, not only violating the ex…the exporting of military hardware which is one issue for which they paid fifteen million dollars ah, to silence an investigation by the United States Department of Justice, but it also ah, besides the fact that you cannot ah, export military technology, you shouldn’t be putting military technology into commercial airliners without a satisfactory explanation. And I think I am well positioned to raise those questions because I raised them in writing to the chief executive offi…chief executive officer of Boeing Aircraft in approximately March of zero-seven and the man’s name is not Condit, it’s someone else do you recall David, but ah, oh it’s McNerney, the CEO…

David: Ya…McNerney.

Field: …I asked him in writing to please in his own hand and in his own signature, please advise me of the removal of the rogue hardware installed in Boeing Aircraft because otherwise I would be ah, by regulation, I would be prohibited from flying any Boeing aircraft unless I had ah, verification of the fact that ah, the hardware was as it was suppose to be and not modified and ah, we’ve been singing this tune now for three years and about twenty days and at first ah, the Airline Pilots Association made claims that I was a troubled person, and let me just assure you and your listeners Rayelan, I’m not troubled in the least ah, life is going very well for me, and I would give credit for that to God period.

That’s a bold statement you can chew on. But as God has taken very good care of me and my family its my obligation to continue to do everything within my power ah, to get these airplanes restored to their original condition, which means that if there’s any remote guidance facilities on a Boeing, an Airbus, the Embrear, or a Bombardier jets flying in the United States of America, the crew, meaning the captain and the other pilots, the crew needs to know that hardware’s on there, what its purpose is, ah, what their options are once it’s engaged as if by, by Boeings own admission it is uninterruptible and ah, a real good question for Senator Dorgan of North Dakota, or Randy Babbitt who is installed at the head of the FAA, and for John Fredert [not sure on spelling] who is head of the Airline Pilots Association.

an excellent question would be, “In as much as this technology does exist and Boeing admits it exists, why is it there is not a single airline pilot in America who has been informed of it other than yours truly?” And ah, I can tell you from numerous conversations that most airline pilots ah, simply cannot grasp this stuff and like a bunch of lemmings, they go to work because they have mortgages, and you know I had the same decision to make on the thirteenth of March zero-seven when I was advised I had been taken off the payroll of Northwest Airlines and things have gone very well for me in the interim, but they’re not going very well for passengers.

Rayelan: Ah, yes, I, you know when I heard about what happened on Christmas Day with ah, ah, Northwest Airlines, what was the flight number?

Field: Yes, flight two-fifty-three.

Rayelan: Two-fifty-three

Field: Amsterdam to Detroit and you can read all about it in chapter five which I think I’ve delivered to you haven’t I Rayelan?

Rayelan: Yes, yes, I‘ve just, I’ve just opened it up ah, but ah, John Prukof sent me ah, a message that was from Debbie Kidd and ah, but you know when this happened it’s Northwest Airlines ad what has David and Field been talking about for the last couple of months ah, you know, Northwestern University and you Field, Northwest Airlines, and so I just really think God is sending the entire world a message here having this be Northwest Airlines, I mean, don’t, don’t the two of you find it strange that…

David: Well, ya, par…particularly that ah, Leo Mullen ah, was I believe the chairman of Northwest after ah, it had been ah, acquired by Delta, is that right Field?

Field: No it’s the other way around, he was the CEO of Delta before Delta acquired Northwest.

David: Okay. See, see, before Delta acquired Northwest, but ah, Leo Mullen is on the Board of Trustees of Northwestern University.

Rayelan: Oh my gosh.

David: He’s on the Goldman-Sachs Partners Group ah, and Goldman-Sachs launched that snuff film network called Scream of the fourth of September two-thousand and one.

Rayelan: Yes, that’s right.

David: And that was tasked we think transmitting the snuff films of nine-one-one.

Rayelan: Oh God.

David: So you see Northwestern University is front and center of this network which is essentially a global murder for hire network, where the profits from whacking a plane and a total loss of its hull and passengers, are paid or laundered through what are known as ‘catastrophe bonds’ into the pension funds of the investors. One of those investors being Northwestern University through the Teachers Pension Fund.

Rayelan: Now, okay, the logical question that’s probably in everyone’s mind ah, is this, was Northwestern Airlines started and named after Northwestern University, is there any connection there?

David: No, no.

Field: No it’s not, it’s just a coincidence.

Rayelan: A coincidence, okay.

David: And it’s Northwest Airlines and Northwestern University.

Rayelan: Oh isn’t that interesting. I have been calling ah, the airlines Northwestern, Northwestern Airlines too . Okay, so Field, were you finished talking about ah, what you were talking about, you were giving…

Field: Well, I’m always willing to be finished whenever you or David want to take over, but I can go on on that thread a little bit more and that is on October twenty-first flight one-eighty-eight, an Airbus three-twenty, had an event that has not been fully explained, and it’s my understanding, and if any of your listeners have better information they can either call you or email me, or both, it’s ah, my understanding that the pilots involved in that incident, and their names were Cole and Cheney, ah, I believe they’re still on the active payroll of Northwest Airlines which ah, indicates to me that there’s maybe a need to ah, to proceed slowly and check carefully what exactly happened to that airline because I’m living proof that ah, the technology is out there and has been out there for a long time to remotely overtake the airplane in the interest of safety, that’s what Boeing said on three March of two-thousand and seven, four days after I filed civil case 3:07-cv-24, and that was where the ah, title of the case, and it’s not all about me, it’s all about safety, but the title of the case was ‘McConnell vs ALPA and Boeing’, and here we are three years later ah, and it’s sort of comin’ to ah, nice conclusion from my perspective because ah, three weeks from today I believe it is, on January nineteenth of two-thousand and ten, I will be in a Federal Court House in Washington D.C. with an amended filing which use to be ‘McConnell vs ALPA’, and now it’s probably going to be ‘McConnell vs ALPA’ and another entity and ah, we’ll leave it at that.

I’m not, not trying to be evasive, ah, it would be an airline company and you can figure out which one, but that’s not a fact yet, I’m working with the attorney ah, everyday and he’s really enjoying this from an attorney’s stand point because a lot of their work is rather boring, and of course ah, let me take this opportunity to point out that ah, across North America attorneys average a fifty percent success rate because there’s always a plaintiff and a defendant, and when there’s not ah, ah no, when there’s not a hung jury or when there’s not a finding or no decision then there’s a winner and a looser, so we can conclude that attorneys as a population have a fifty percent failure rate and I don’t think anybody listening to this broadcast would get on an airplane if you thought that you had a fifty percent chance of not getting to your destination.

Rayelan: Mhmm.

Field: Is that fair enough?

Rayelan: Ya, that’s fair enough to me.

Field: Well the ah attorney who is handling my case now, and myself, are both very, very ah, anxious, or encouraged that this might go to a jury trial with common people from Washington D.C. sitting in the jury box. Speaking of the non-legal entity that knows a little about how the department of no justice works, ah, I would anticipate that a second settlement would be offered. I turned down the first offer. I don’t see any reason to take an eighty –seven percent discount off a settlement when there’s judges out there, and one of them is Judge We…Wedoff, that’s whiskey-echo-delta-oscar-foxtrot-foxtrot. Judge Wedoff is, is alleged has a fifteen, excuse me, forty million dollar bribe fund that he used to influence the illegal and corrupt bankrupting of United Airlines which was the biggest employer in Illinois and was one of the two biggest airlines when they completely ah, ripped up the retirement obligations and ah, a lot of working conditions, and medical coverages, and ah, if, if whoever pays judges can afford to pay a moron in Chicago who has just destroyed hundreds of thousands of lives they ah, don’t really have much of a chance of getting’ an eighty percent discount from the complaintent in ‘McConnell vs ALPA.’

Rayelan: You know I have some questions from our ah, wonderful listeners who are over in the chat room, and if you are one of our wonderful listeners who come every Wednesday, and you don’t know anything about the chat room, please go to ‘chatroomthemicroeffect dot com.’ ‘chatroomthemicroeffect dot com.’ And ah, the first question I’m going to address today David, what do you make of the fact that on Northwestern Airline two-fifty-three, numerous people had said that there was a man filming the entire thing.

David: Well. It’s a snuff film.

Rayelan: But If he was filming the entire thing and, but ah, maybe he was broadcasting while he was filming, I don’t know, but he would have been killed when the plane blew up too and his camera would have been. Don’t you…

David: Unless it was intended as a piece of ‘shock and awe’ to demonstrate that they had completely infiltrated the boarder guard, security and inspection procedures around the world so they can take any asset, and whether it’s a Nigerian Muslim was totally irrelevant to this story and get it inside a passenger aircraft and film it in real time through the in-flight entertainment system of the plane, so what we believe is that videographer, if that’s his right name, was actually backhauling content through the KU band frequency via satellite to Chicago ah, for live broadcast to certain people who needed to be intimidated. Now, what we think the people needing to be intimidated is, right now the people up in British Columbia who are getting ready for the February Olympics.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Because people up in British Columbia, where I am the leader of the reform party, are getting very antsy about having been committed to seven to ten billion dollars of debt to finance ah, infrastructure and they don’t want to pay. Right, now the people who lent the money to finance these projects want to make sure that they do pay.

Rayelan: Mhmm.

David: One of the ways which the mob has been doing for, for all I know a hundred years, what happens if you don’t pay is, they either whack you, or they whack your brother or your sister or your son or daughter.

Rayelan: It could be a message being sent to someone ah, who is objecting to the cost of the Olympics. But I thought the cost of…I thought the Olympics started this January.

David: No, the Olympics in Vancouver, the Winter Olympics in Vancouver kick off in February of next year.

Rayelan: Ahuh.

David: And what the British Columbia Government has done, through its ah, pension funds, is loaned money, and in the United States you call it racketeering and that’s what Field and I are very anxious to bootstrap countries outside the United States to understand the power of the RICO racketeering, influence corrupt organization statute in respect to this. What they’ve done is ah, loaned roughly seven to ten billion dollars to Vancouver, the city of Vancouver, the Province of British Columbia, for that matter Canada, to build these totally useless white elephant projects which will never pay back in the normal course of events. And they’ve plunged the province into debt which we can’t afford to pay and so a number of British Columbians including myself are saying, we’re not going to pay, Now, in order to discipline people who rebel or refuse to pay a debt, there’s a variety of techniques available to organized crime ah, that’s what we’re talking about out of Chicago. And one of those ways is physically breaking knee caps ah, torture or whatever it is, or another very sophisticated way that is being developed at ah, in Washington D.C. is to place a member of the organized crime family responsible for enforcing the debt and or the borrower of the money, it maybe a corrupt politician in jail together…

Rayelan: Mhmm.

David: And then threatening the family of the person inside the jail with an execution…

Rayelan: Mhmm.

David: …if the people inside the jail don’t issue commands to pay the debt, or to say to the family outside the jail ah, that the people inside the jail will be killed, or raped or tortured or ah, their sentences will be extended unless that money is collected.

Rayelan: Ya, sadly.

David: …so, basically you know, we’re over complicating in this whole story with politics and everything else, we’re dealing with the mob, or the Chicago outfit as it’s known out of Chicago. in combination with a radical lesbian group, and these aren’t my words, they’re their words, people can look at and if, if they think we’re alarmists and creating the impression that there’s a bunch of radical lesbians out there who want to kill heterosexuals and their children, well just google “radical lesbians’ Wikipedia, alright, and you’ll see there’s a whole philosophy which says that, “hetero patriarchy”, that is, man dominated organizations, which let’s say is the FAA or the Department of Justice, or the American Military, or the British Military or the Canadian Military historically, they have to be destroyed in order to get these women into positions of power, and in fact that’s exactly what happened, while Americans, Canadians, and Brits and Australian heterosexuals, have been asleep at the switch post war, these women have moved into position of extraordinary influence and an extraordinary threat to the free world.

They can actually put a hot crotch bomb on a plane and bring the agent through without a passport remember, and this guy got in Amsterdam on to the plane without a passport and the only way tat you can get people like that into the international travel system, is if you’ve taken control of what’s known as ‘public key escrow’. Public key, key escrow is the crypto…cryptographic system that allows people high up the hierarchy to authorize clearance of someone without a passport. So the people in Amsterdam were told to let this man onto the plane.

Rayelan: Ya, that’s exactly right.

David: Right, now in order to have someone with a video camera on the plane taking a picture of this, again, you have to have, remember, when I went to Australia last and when I came back, my partner and I , we tried to bring some honey. And when we got to the customs we were told to hand the honey over because we were told it might be an explosive fluid.

Rayelan: Oh my God.

David: Right, but that’s standard right?

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: It’s not just me, Now, how does a guy get on with a camera because inside of a camera, it being a piece of electronic equipment you could have a bomb.

Rayealn: Are you saying…I didn’t know that people couldn’t fly with cameras anymore?

David: I’m not saying that, I’m saying since I can’t get on the plane with a honey in my carry on luggage, how can someone get on with a video camera?

Rayelan: You know that is a really good question because I can remember traveling back in nineteen-eighty-nine with a computer, and they made me plug in the computer and show that it actually was a computer and wasn’t a bomb, and that was back in nineteen-eighty-nine.

David: Right. Well, we’re going back to the Northwestern University and the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern the Kellogg School of Management, may I suggest people go to the website because I think the images are powerful here?

Rayelan: Okay, absolutely, I was going to do that and kept forgetting.

David: Okay, so if people can go to captainsherlock dot com alright, they will see ah, the pages with eight icons in it and for the moment we’re just going to just stay on the home page and go to the bottom row third from the left which is the book that Field and I and our twenty-five hundred agents around the world are writing right now…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …and you can see a picture of a woman ah, Bernadine Dohrn who lectures at Northwestern University School of Law on Torture, Paradigms and Practice and she’s an unindicted killer, a genocidal psychopath, her name is Bernadine Dohrn and she was the mentor at the Sidley Austin law Firm for young people who it was intended would eventually get into this international extortion, racketeering and terrorist network, and two of those ah, interns the first one she took hold of was Michelle LaVaughn Robinson who is now you First Lady.

Rayelan: I know. It’s hard to believe.

David: And in nineteen-ninety-one, she and Michelle LaVaughn Robinson took care of the training of Barry Soetoro, otherwise known as Barack Obama, your usurper president.

Rayelan: Ya.

David: And what these people were training to do was to operate an international network, a wireless network of gas chambers. Now let me make this ah, clear with a little historical footnote. You’ll remember obviously that the gas chamber solution, the final solution to the so called “Jewish problem”, was launched by the Nazis, a guy called Heidrick and in, his counter part in Leon in France was a guy called Klaus Barbie?

Rayelan: Yes.

David: And these people ah, experimented with various combinations of gas chambers to exterminate the Jews…right, but, but, let’s just go back to the history of how a business model that was constructed on the idea of eliminating a selected group that had displeased the dictator of the day, in this case it was Adolph Hitler…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …how it was financed and ah, how people could make money by killing their fellow citizens and getting away with it as the Nazis did from thirty-nine, or forty-two certainly when the final solution meeting was held through forty-five and subsequently. Ah, what they discovered was that there’s a variety of ways of gassing people to death in an enclosed space, ah, one is with cyanide, another is carbon monoxide, so they, the Nazis had the idea of taking a, the exhaust, the tailpipe of a car or a truck or a lorry or whatever you’d like to call it and putting it into the enclosed space and packing a whole bunch of Jews, homosexuals, Christians, whoever it was that they wanted to eliminate, and then pumping in carbon monoxide and they would die from carbon monoxide poisoning, carbon monoxide being a very toxic gas, right?

Rayelan: That’s correct, right.

David: But there’s another technique, you don’t need cyanide, you don’t need carbon monoxide, all you need to do is to seal that space and the gases inside that space would gradually transform from oxygen, which is going into people’s lungs, and they will be exhaling at around forty-thousand parts per million carbon dioxide, and eventually if the space is either, ah has no ventilation or is very poorly ventilated people will die because they’re not breathing in oxygen.

Rayelan: Ya, that’s correct.

David: Now, here’s what the Nazis understood very is there would be people, and I can’t say how I would behave, or probably you can’t or Field can’t, if you were inside such a poorly ventilated or badly ventilated space and you were told that – there was let’s say, let’s say hypothetically inside an elevator, in the South Tower, an OSHA [not sure of this is the correct term] elevator, and you’ve got a whole bunch of terrified people that have been herded into that elevator in the belief that there was a safe system to take them down to ground level and escape, and then suddenly someone from the outside, through a wireless system, jammed the elevator.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: So let’s say I don’t know how – what the capacity of those is, but let’s say the elevator is very poorly ventilated and the people inside the elevator are told ah, “We cannot get to you before two hours, but you only have enough oxygen in that space for one hour unless you kill each other.”

Rayelan: Oh my God.

David: Which is of course what would happen if a submarine was sunk, or people down in a coal mine in an enclosed space because of the collapse through coal dust explosion or whatever, ah, then you impose upon those people, and we think it was imposed on a Canadian submarine, the agonizing decision who should live and who should die, because if none of them kill the other party they’re all going to die.

Rayelan: Do you remember that coal mine where only one man survived?

David: Well, I don’t, but this would be a very typical problem as long as coal mining existed and certainly and around the first world war when they were building submarines.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: They might sink in relatively shallow water. There was a Russian submarine that sank in relatively shallow water. They knew there were people on board who were alive alright, they would be, some of them would be in communication with whatever technique submarines use to communicate so the dictator has the ability to instruct the people inside the poorly ventilated, or badly ventilated space, who will kill who and who will escape.

Rayelan: That is just amazing. And, and, you left out the part about somebody with a camera filming it all.

David: Right, now, I want to back up to the history of gas chambers because I don’t want the readers to think that Hawks Café or Captain Sherlock is invented the idea of a global network of gas chambers particularly in this modern day and age where the ah, the network of gas chambers can be communicated with and monitored by wireless links by satellite.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: So what we’re saying is taking the model that the Nazis developed in the second world war to eliminate Jews, eliminated is an important word because there was no sense of feedback and passion, the objective was to eliminate Jews, or anyone else the dictator decided should be eliminated. Now one way of funded that is to take out life insurance on people that are going into the enclosed space before they go in and then buying what’s called reinsurance in the event they all die, in which case their relatives would all claim from the insurance company and the insurance company might go bust. What the insurance company can do, and I’m thinking specifically of the AON Corporation which had offices in the top of the South Tower, the insurance company can buy reinsurance in the event that all the people are trapped in the enclosed space are killed, and if it creates a big enough gap between the money that would come in from the claim for reinsurance and the money that paid out to the spouses or relatives of the people who died, it can make a huge amount of money Rayelan:

Rayelan: Ya, I can believe it. Now explain what reinsurance is because if I don’t understand this, the term, I’m sure other people don’t.

David: Well imagine if I’m an insurance company and my agents come to you and say, “Would you like to buy life insurance?”

Rayealn: Mhm.

David: You pay me a premium and I will guarantee a certain payment in the event of your death.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: And that money goes to your estate, your survivors, your children or your wife or whatever, or your, your husband, right?

Rayelan: Right.

David: Now in the event this kind of insurance is sold to all the people working for example, AON Corporation or Marshal McLennem [not sure of the spelling] in the top of the South Tower, in the event of someone succeeding in knocking that tower down and killing everyone in those upper floors, the insurance company would possibly be cleaned out on that particular event because it wouldn’t have enough money from its investors to pay all the claims made by the ah, families and relatives.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: With me so far?

Rayelan: Yes, I’m with you so far.

David: Okay, so there is an area called in the international insurance industry, called reinsurance where you go to for example, Lloyd’s of London or there are certain types of devices called ‘catastrophe bonds’ and you say in the event that both towers are knocked over or killed or destroyed and everyone above the point of impact is killed, I need protection, I need to buy what is called ‘reinsurance.’

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: And there’s a particular instrument for that called the ‘catastrophe bond’, right? And a catastrophe bond is where the ah, insurance company investors sponsor an investment – sponsor a bond which collects the money from the investors in the event both towers come down on the same day.

Rayelan: Right.

David: Now, from an investor’s point of view, in order to make lot’s and lot’s of money, the criminals in Chicago need to persuade the investors that the possibility of both towers coming down on the same day are extremely unlikely, and I think most people would agree would be extremely unlikely.

Rayelan: Absolutely.

David: Right, so during a continuity of government exercise or a war game, what we think is that the people at Northwestern University in Chicago, the board of trustees, which include the chairman of AON Corporation, we think they sold to the international market an extremely low probability that both planes – both buildings would come down on nine-eleven. And therefore the international investment community put a lot of money in what’s called escrow believing that it wouldn’t happen.

Rayelan: Okay…

David: Stop me if you don’t understand, I mean, this is important.

Rayelan: I’m following that.

David: Okay, what the sponsors, which is the pension funds of Northwestern University faculty, including Bernadine Dorn the terrorist leader do, is they put a small amount of money into the pot, the escrow, and they loose everything if the catastrophe does not happen.

Rayelan: Got it, I see what you’re saying.

David: So let’s say for example the Northwestern Board of Trustees and for example its chairman ah, Patrick Ryan who is the chairman of AON Corporation and their co-investors, they all put a little bit of money as the sponsors of the catastrophe bond which they are prepared to loose if both buildings do not come down on the same day…

Rayelan: Hm.

David: …and they place that with a law firm like Sidley Austin.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: So let’s say hypothetically that might be, I don’t know, ah, fifty million dollars.
Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Is placed by the sponsors of the catastrophe bond in escrow with a law firm like Sidley Austin which handles those kinds of transactions, right?

Rayelan: Right.

David: The international investment community ah, is told it is extremely unlikely that the twin towers are going to come down on the same day why don’t you put in ten billion dollars in escrow with Sidley Austin?

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Which you have to be prepared to loose if both buildings do come down on the same day.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: If they don’t you pick up the fifty million form the sponsors.

Rayelan: Ya, I’m getting it and…

David: You, you get the picture?

Rayelan: Ya, I absolutely do.

David: Now, going back to the second world war remember, what the Nazis were doing through their insurance companies, that were selling them life insurance, is they were, or the Jews, they were buying life insurance from insurance companies and unbeknown to the Jews going into the gas chambers the insurance companies were buying reinsurance.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: So that every Jew that went into the gas chamber that didn’t come out they collected money laundered through the international financial markets that they split with the Nazis and their so called capos who were herding the Jews into the concentration – into the gas chambers.

Rayelan: Incredible, did, have you ever gone back, ah, you know, sixty years ago to try and find out who that insurance company was or who was involved?

David: Yes, we know, we know who it was. It was the Equitable Life Insurance Company of the United States whose son of the founder, William Hyde, was a man called James Kasinhyde [not sure of the spelling], who was on the ah, initial Olympic Organizing Committee.

Rayelan: Ah, for what?

David: For organizing the Olympics…

Rayelan: I know…

David: Around the nineteen-hundred and five, nineteen-ten, first world war period.

Rayelan: Oh, you mean who set up the original Olympics?

David: Yes.

Rayelan: Now how does that tie in because you wouldn’t have brought that up unless it tide in?

David: Because the Olympic, if you look at the title of this book, what we’ve said, we’ve called the book Olympic Debt and the FC-KU Crime Scene.

Rayelan: Right, right.

David: And the International Olympic Committee is now an observer at the United Nations, it’s got observer status, and the International Olympic Committee, in our opinion, is a racketeering influence and corrupt organization that strives to take host cities and get them into unpayable debt

Rayelan: For what purpose?

David: In order that this ah, bond can be triggered and if the host city for example, like Vancouver, cannot afford to pay the debt, then you create an incident, for example, by blowing up a stadium full of people.

Rayelan: And that means…

David: And collecting the debt from the insurance companies of the people who died.

Rayelan: Yes, exactly.

David: So the Olympic is now to me a farce, a front for organized crime, its got nothing to do with sport and everything to do with extorting host cities. So for example, we’ve got Vancouver in British Columbia which is now totally broke because it owes money to the mob out of Chicago.

Rayelan: Wonderful.

David: And what can happen is, the ah, the infrastructure that has been built for the Olympics is now treated we think as essentially a gas chamber.

Rayelan: Hm.

David: Now what that means is, there are carbon dioxide monitors [example only of these products not connected in any way to these plausible scenarios] in the stadium and the Canada Way, the tube system from the airport to downtown and out at the airport Which are monitoring concentrations of carbon dioxide where people gather. The threat to the people who borrowed the money who built for example the Canadian Way or the stadium, is that if you don’t pay ah, your debts we will execute a catastrophe, or ‘trigger’ it is called, trigger a catastrophe bond using the carbon dioxide sensors at the site to fire a computer to detonate, or ventilate an explosive dust for example, and basically kill everyone in the stadium.

Rayelan: You know as you are talking about this, I’m looking at Washington D.C. where all of that money is going, you know trillions and trillions of dollars have disappeared, nobody knows where it went?

David: We do.

Rayelan: Okay, but does it have anything to do with our government paying off the Chicago cabal?

David: Absolutely, because the, the pool of credit that is being created by bankrupting capital companies has been put together and is now making loans to essentially a global network of wireless gas chambers where, and ah, let me back up here, I, I would like to sort of focus on something that people might think as extraordinarily trivial, I think we can understand this better by imagining the mystery of the firefighters tooth.

Rayelan: Okay, I’m not familiar with the firefighters tooth. What does that mean?

David: Alright, well, we’re going to just create a mystery. Last week we had a guessing game if you recollect?

Rayelan: Yes.

David: …and we went around the events of nine-one-one, we said there were six sites were the potential victims were buying the right to live.

Rayelan: That’s right.

David: By buying credits to breath out carbon dioxide at forty-thousand parts per million and as the dictator, this is a dictator game, went around the sequence of events, progressively the value of the carbon dioxide as a right to live went up. Obviously when the North Tower was hit the people who were playing in the South Tower, probably raised their bids for the right to breath out carbon dioxide because they’ve just seen the consequences of not raising it high enough in the North Tower.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Going on to the attack on the US Naval Command Center in the Pentagon, the failed attempt to take out the Capital Building, then the destruction of building number seven in New York at five-twenty, and the last one we decided was probably the Boeing Headquarters in Chicago, right?

Rayelan: That’s right, that’s what we were talking about last week.

David: Right, well this week I’ve invited – is to consider the possibility that Field McConnell’s virtual investigation team ah, chapter ten of the first book we wrote actually got to the Fresh Kills Landfill to take samples of what was buried under garbage hills one and nine and they came up with a fireman’s tooth.

Rayelan: Oh my gosh.

David: So if people go to solving America’s biggest crime ah, which is the Captain Sherlock site, going above the Olympic Debt and the FC-KU Crime Scene you’ll see a book called Hunter’s Wingman?

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: And if you open Hunter’s Wingman you’ll see, you open at the Index page.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Can you see that?

Rayelan: Well I can’t because my computer is crashed and I’m waiting for it to reboot itself.

David: Okay.

Rayelan: But I’m sure the rest of our audience who are following you can see that?

David: Okay, well ah, just going to the index page just across the top we have ah, a number of images, ah, we have a picture of a man called Bruce McConnell, alright?

Rayelan: He’s an ugly man isn’t he?

David: He’s a colleague of Christine Marcy, Field McConnell’s sister and he was head of encryption for the last years of the Reagan White House.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Bush senior and the two terms of the Clinton Administration and he single handedly we believe shared the top secret encryption codes for American continuity of government with its enemies.

Rayelan: With all of its enemies you mean?

David: All of its enemies.

Rayelan: Oh boy. So do we count Iran, North Korea, China, Russia and Chicago?

David: Anywhere were a group of mercenaries can be hired to attack America and made to look like patsies.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Because what they are trying to do is create a wireless gas chamber technology where they can destroy American assets and blame it on a party outside the country.

Rayelan: Yes, yes.

David: While in fact generating huge profits through reinsurance to fund a revolution from inside the country. Now let’s go back to the, the fireman’s tooth. Chapter Ten of Hunter’s Wingman, ah, we sent in a partly real partly imaginary team of investigators to do the fores – forensic investigation of the crime scene that should have been done but wasn’t on nine-one-one. Because on nine-one-one if you think about there should have been a yellow tape around ground zero and no one should have gone into that site or come out of that site with anything unless they were properly screened.

Rayealn: Ya.

David: But what happened is, that site before, during and after nine-one-one was converted to what we call an ‘FC-KU Crime Scene’, i.e., it was controlled by the bad guys.

Rayealn: Okay, now I know who FC, that’s Femme Comp, but I don’t know….

David: KU is the frequency band for wireless communications with people at that site.

Raylean: Okay.

David: That would be the band used to backhaul the snuff films?

Rayealn: Mhm, mhm.

David: So for example around ground zero there would be surveillance cameras.

Rayelan: Right.

David: The surveillance cameras would have been recording everyone going in and out of that building, remember it had been attacked in nineteen-ninety-three.

Rayelan: Yes.

David: So if you wanted to get a sabotage and assassination team into that building you have to take control of the surveillance cameras.

Rayelan: It would seem to me that would be fairly easy for the Chicago cabal to do?

David: If you have access to what is called ‘public key escrow’, that is all of these surveillance systems are tied in with what is known as ah, an encryption infrastructure?

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: So that you don’t have the bad guys looking at the bad guys camera.

Rayelan: Well knowing the Chicago cabal with all of the computer hackers and programmers they have they should be able to hack into that, shouldn’t they?

David: Especially if they have access to Bruce McConnell in Washington D.C. who was head of encryption for the Reagan, Bush Senior and Clinton White House.

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Field McConnell & David Hawkins: Transcript—23 December 2009 Hour 2

Source:, hawkscafe,

Hawkins/McConnell Interview with Rayelan on Rumormill News 
December 23, 2009 – Part 2 (Hour 2)

David Hawkins: Yes, thanks Ray, and on that note, ah perhaps I could say on your behalf and Field’s and ah, you know, mine, I believe your show Rayelan, is probably the best vehicle that we’ve ever come across for getting this story across, and I don’t make no bones about it, it’s not a simple story to tell, but you give us more time and space and energy than anyone else who I think interviews us and I urge your listeners to help ah, you succeed because if you succeed, we can succeed and if we succeed everyone succeeds, because we want to solve the threat of nine-one-one and an attempted and largely successful coup de’ ta where you lost your country.

Rayelan: That’s, that’s exactly correct and….

David: That’s a small price nine-hundred dollars, hahaha…

Rayelan: You know, one of the things that I have to, to say, so many…this radio network is unique among all radio networks every person he is genuine and is who they say they are which is what you can not find on a lot of the other networks. Some of the networks are just completely owned by the government, some of the people on the major, you know, web-based radio shows, they are government agents and the entire, in my opinion, the entire nine-eleven theory was created by the very same people that you are trying to expose, ah, you David you know that I have I have read and listened to every single theory on nine-eleven, you know, from the architects to Doctor Judy Woods, to the very first videos that came out of, came out of it, and at the time I thought they were right, but the very first time I was introduced to your work and Field’s work, I said to myself, “This is the only thing that makes sense, this is the only thing that makes sense.” And, and I continue to, to believe that no matter, no matter what so…

David: Thanks, thanks for saying that Rayelan, and you see, again, what you’ve just described is ah, ah, it’s called virtual news networks, where you pump virtual news into the mainstream media and the people sitting back home and looking at their televisions screens or whatever, they can’t differentiate to whether it’s coming from a simulation administrator who wants to spin them into thinking that carbon dioxide is going to cause the earth’s climate to collapse, or a real story from real scientists.

Rayelan: Ya, that’s, that’s exactly right and unfortunately…

David: And, and at Northwestern University that image that we have, and what we’ve done is, is take the image of Bernadine Dohrn, the Weather Underground terrorist leader, and her side view, and it’s a mug shot of nineteen sixty-nine, this was the days of rage.

Rayelan: Right.

David: And this woman is a pathological killer. She should be on death row.

Rayelan: And…

David: And I’m absolutely confident she’s not going to sue me.

Rayelan: And I’m wondering, was she born that way or was she made that way?

David: I, let’s not speculate. The fact remains is we’ve got a picture of this woman and in the book before which we call the Olympic Debt and the Tontine Death Squad, we replaced her front view on the head with a question mark because we didn’t understand at that time what it was that was behind her.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Right. Now we have if you see on the Olympic Debt and the FC-KU Crime Scene, a picture which is basically the antennae system of a logo above Northwestern University, so you can see the right leg, vertical keg of the end goes up to a little dot and then you’ve got those two rings, or half rings around it?

Rayelan: Sure, I see that.

David: Right, now what we’re saying there is, there is a wireless hub at Northwestern University which is capable of propagating a virtual news story, so you’re getting images coming back from New York on the morning of nine-eleven, it’s going into an extremely powerful video editing facility…

Rayelan: Okay.

David: And they’re clipping in images of what they would like you to think was true…

Rayealan: Mhmm, mhmm.

David: And then they’re generating it to NBC, ABC, ah, ah, CBC, and CNN in particular because Ted Turner is one of the people who believes that the earth’s population should be brought down to about a hundred million people.

Rayelan: Ahh, yes, I know.

David: Now Ted Turner therefore, as far as I’m concerned, he wants to kill me…

Rayelan: Mhmm.

David: …but he’s not operating in a uniform and he’s going around the back, so I believe he is operating as a terrorist out of uniform, outside of the Geneva Convention and do you know what the fate of those people should be?

Rayelan: Ah, I, well I know what I want the fate of them to be, that’s not what Barack Obama wants the fate of them to be though…

David: Okay, let’s proceed, so we’ve got the south tower, the south face of the South Tower is hit at 9:02, sixteen minutes after, and now we have four groups of survivors for the sake of our game ah, and presumably the price that they are willing to pay for the carbon dioxide is going up, right?

Rayelan: Right.

David: And the rate at which they start to violate the dictators cap for all we know may be going down…

Rayelan: Mhmm.

David: Because the dictator through this antennae system at Northwestern University can tell these remaining four, “Well I’ve just lowered the rate from”, well I don’t know, from ah, “four-hundred and fifty to three-hundred and fifty”, and because we breath out at 40,000 parts per million because we didn’t exist in a room like the US Naval Command Center at the Pentagon, the background carbon dioxide in that room would be around 390 parts per million. So what the dictator can do electronically and by wireless, is tell the people playing the game, “I’ve just lowered the rate.”

Rayelan: Mhmm.

David: “What are you going to pay?” Alright, let’s move on down to Washington D.C., alright, ah, enter the US Naval Command Center in the Pentagon where Captain Gerald Decanto is the duty officer, and he is playing the game with his colleagues, they are commissioning some very advanced ah, command and control computers, ah, communications, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems consistent with the upgrade to the ah, US Naval Command Center at the Pentagon which is linked to a systems administrator somewhere, but they don’t know where.

Rayelan: Mhmm.

David: And they’re being invited to bid for the right to live and violate the dictators cap, but they don’t know who the dictator is and they don’t know who the systems administrator was because by now, and we’re looking at, I think 9:37 in the morning of nine-eleven, Carlton Bartels is probably dead in the North Tower.

Rayelan: Ya, that’s right.

David: Robert Oxoby in the University of Calgary has had his password revoked so he’s not the systems, the ah, simulation administrator right? And remember just to remind your audience we are looking for the sixth strategic target on the morning of nine-eleven, and the name of the simulation administrator who was organizing and coordinating this game and the serial killing of its players because they didn’t pay enough for the right to breathe out.

Rayelan: Hmm.

David: So let say you were ah, Captain Gerald Decanto, the duty officer of the US Naval Command Center, his nick…his nickname I think was ‘fish’ [his Ford Explorer had the license plate name of ‘FISH79’] wasn’t it, ah, Field?

Rayelan: I’m not sure Field is there. Field’s cell phone got cut off and I haven’t…I’m not sure if Joe got my note to call him right back, so ah…

David: Okay, while I’m talking I’ll just check my email to see if he is trying to communicate with us.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Okay, but again I think hypothetically I wan t your listeners and you to put yourself in the place of Captain Gerald Decanto, you’re the duty officer in the US Naval Command Center in the Pentagon on the morning of nine-eleven, you are aware the South Tower and the North Tower have been hit, a lot of people have died and America is under attack, but you don’t know who is attacking you.

Rayelan: That’s correct, that’s right.

David: And you’re playing a game which is theoretically suppose to be a simulation exercise where you and your group are being asked to bid on the right to breathe out carbon dioxide for the year ahead, or if you don’t have the right bid ah, you’re going to get killed. Now, rightly or wrongly, you might not believe it, after all, you are the duty officer of the US Naval Command Center in the pentagon and you have the resources, or you believe you have access to all the resources including interceptors, missiles, ah, protective gear ah, where you should be able to defend yourself and your country against almost any attack.

Raylean: Yes, but when somebody has hacked in and taken everything over and you don’t even think that is possible, what do you do?

David: And no one is there to say, “check six.” Right, no one is saying, “Look there.” You’ve got someone coming up from behind you.

Rayelan: And we’ve got a “check six” so we’re doing ah, in other words, there was suppose to be six targets?

David: Right, we’re on the third now right, we’re on the the US Naval Command Center at the Pentagon, 9:37…

Rayelan: Okay.

David: …ah, Captain Gerald Decanto was on the phone to Gordon England, the Secretary of the Navy presumably saying, “What the hell is going on here?”

Rayelan: Right.

David: I’m looking at my screens, the North Tower and the South Tower have been hit, whose hitting us?

Rayelan: Ya.

David: Right, what, where am I pointing my missiles, is this simulation real or has it gone rogue?

Rayelan: Who is he even able to com…communicate with?

David: Well, he was on cell…the phone with the communication system which had been hacked to Gordon England.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Now we should have had Gordon England in court and saying this. “What did he say to you?” Anyway, that’s another issue, at 9:37 the US Naval Command Center is taken out.

Rayelan: Oaky.

David: Now that’s a very low profile target and whatever it was that took us out, what they would like us to debate what took it out, it flew at a trajectory of five-hundred and forty miles an hour, a two-hundred and seventy degree descending turn, using missile gyroscopes from a company called BEI Industries in Little Rock, Arkansas whose patent lawyer, is Hillary Clinton.

Rayelan: Wow.

David: You gettin’ the picture.

Rayelan: Ya, I’m beginning to get the picture.

David: Right, so the US Naval Command Center is now gone, America has a problem, right, because US Naval Command Center is the connection between the President of the United States whose there parked there reading a goat story, and US Naval assets around the world that is the most ferocious and dangerous and effective navy in the world unless its command system has been corrupted.

Rayelan: Unbelievable.

David: So now we’ve got three targets, we’re looking at the fourth? The fourth target was the Capital Building where hun…hundreds of congressmen and senators are sitting there, working, and all their aids and assistants and Laura Bush. This is target number four.

Rayelan: Okay, ya, now isn’t Cheney with Laura Bush?

David: No, Cheney is in the emergency operating center, when he goes down there under the White House he finds two women, Condoleezza Rice…

Rayelan: Aha…

David: …and his wife.

Rayelan: And what do they tell him?

David: It looks like they were there in expectation that he wouldn’t be there.

Rayelan: So they thought that he was going to be taken out?

David: I think so.

Rayeylan: But…

Field: David, hey David, can you hear me?

David: Yes I can hear you?

Field: Ya, I think it’s very important that people consider the other option, and that is, there’s a remote command post, an old remote command post, ah, the name of which is “Braven” [this might not be the correct name of the facility], which is north and west of ah, Washington D.C., and it’s not the same as the current one which is the Weather Underground, which is in Virginia, and I don’t have notes in front of me but my recollection is, that the ah, Charlie government group wanted Bush up in , excuse me, wanted Cheney up at the Braven facility ostensibly for his protection which would actually further remove him from the chain of command like ah, President Bush had been removed ah, because he was in Sarasota and then subsequently Air Force One went to Barksdale Air Force Base in Shreveport, Louisiana to put him on the flying command post which is an E4B which during Clinton ‘s Administration were turned over to ah, FEMA, and so here we come back to another Clinton rogue.

Rayelan: And so in other words, he took another plane up to Offut Air Force Base?

Field: Yes, simultaneously Air Force One departed Sarasota, Florida for Shreveport, which is Barksdale Air Force Base, and simultaneously that an E4B flying command post was departing Offut Air Force Base ah, to rendezvous with Air Force One at Barksdale Air Force Base at Shreveport, and this is not any ah, any new discovery, I called KFGO Radio in Fargo, North Dakota and told them of this as it was happening in real time and they at first basically hung up on me, when I called back after the media started putting up video of Bush at Barksdale. I called back to KFGO Radio which is the biggest radio in about, ah, well anywhere near Fargo, five states and two Canadian Provinces, they have quite a reach and I ah, asked them if they wanted to reconsider the information regarding Barksdale and they were flabbergasted, they, they had no idea how anybody would know where the president was going, and I told them that it was quite simple, the president has to get to the flying command post to get airborne as soon as possible possible, and if you draw a direct line between Offut Air Force Base, which is ah, just outside Omaha, if you draw a direct line between there and Sarasota, Florida where George Bush was reading a goat’s story, that line passes about thirty miles south of Memphis and the nearest SAC [Strategic Air Command] base would be Shreveport which is Barksdale, and the reason it needs to be a SAC base was simply because of ah, security, ramp space and runway to accommodate these two 747s, and so this isn’t rocket science, this is not rocket science and it’s not something we’ve been sittin’ on, we’ve shown all the this information, five-thousand pages of communications..

Rayelan: Why is Offut so different, why did Bush flee to Offut?

Field: Because Offut is the historic location of the stra…headquarters of the Strategic Air Command and the Strategic Air Command for all of the cold war had the ah, nuclear bombers and the nuclear ICBMs under their control…

Rayelan: Mhmm.

Field: …the third leg under their control was called the ‘triad’, the navy fleet ballistic missile submarines that could launch ah, multiple nuclear missiles from beneath the surface of the sea, but ah, I would ah, you know we would have to check and see when the Strategic Air Command was first at Offut, it would’ve been, I’m certain the very early fifties, if not the forties. But the significance of the Strategic Air Command was, that always thought to be our defense against the Russians and ah, on the morning of nine-eleven the former aircraft, they’re called ‘E4B’, that’s echo-four-bravo’…

Rayelan: Mhmm.

Field: There are four of them and they were maintained and stationed and ah, hangered at Offut Air Force Base therefore knowing that the flying command post would have to get whatever official government individuals would be responsible for trying to analyze the threat to America and deploy defense, that function would transfer to some senior person on the flying command post, and whether it was President Bush, at , some four star admiral or general , I don’t know, you raise a very good point Ray, if you’re going to have a great big highly visible target such as a seven-forty-seven, it might be prudent for the president to be on a much smaller and harder to locate ah, private type jet, or even a military jet fighter ah, and I’m not suggesting that’s the case, it’s just another option. The truth is, on nine-eleven there was talk of “angel is next”, meaning Air Force One had been targeted, ah, and I don’t like to speak about things I don’t know about so I’ll just stop right there, but it was not rocket science for me to call KFGO Radio on nine-eleven and suggest they focus on a direct line between Offut Air Force Base and Sarasota, that direct line, the closest SAC base, the mid-point of the direct line was Barksdale Air Force Base in Shreveport which is one of the two Air Force Bases that still had at that time, and to this day, still have the b fifty-two bombers and their nuclear missiles. One last item about Offut before you respond is that, there were three-hundred Goldman-Sachs bankers in the company of Warren Buffet on Offut Air Force Base that morning, and as some who has been around the military my entire life, I find that rather unusual.  

David: If I can…

Rayelan: I think that…excuse me…

David: I’d like to just make a comment there. I think those Goldman-Sachs people were participating in the simulation exercise.

Rayelan: And I know full well that Offut has underground installations that are so massive that it takes this gigantic golf coarse to cover them all up.

David: Right, now let me just jump in there. I think by then after 9:37 when the US Naval Command Center was taken out, Captain Gerald Decanto was killed by a missile coming straight between his eyes, he was on the phone to the Secretary of the Navy, Gordon England, I think by then the presidential chain-of-command knew that it had been totally infiltrated and they had a fight on their hands with an existential threat to the survival of the United States.

Rayelan: Mhmm.

David: Now, the next plane United Ninety-three, and whether it was United ninety-three decoy or drone, it’s immaterial…okay I’m talking about now, this is after 9:37 in the morning of nine-eleven, the US Naval Command Center has been taken out, the chain-of-command between the President of the United States and US Naval assets around the world has been broken, and that control of those US Naval assets has been transferred to someone else.

Rayelan: Mhmm.

David: Connected to the system…or simulation administrator and the dictator.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: And basically America is in a fight for its life.

Rayelan: Absolutely.

David: Now you put yourself in any position, let’s take Bush, he’s told after 9:37, “We’re going to kill your wife, she’s in the Capital Building….

Rayelan: Right.

,David …and we’re going to kill hundreds of senators and congressmen unless you surrender.”

Rayelan: Good lord.

David: So let’s ah, say to your listeners and say to you Rayelan, or Field, what are you going to do? Are you going to surrender the country of the Unites States of America to some unseen dictator and some unseen simulation administrator, or are you going to do what’s best for the country, well I think Bush mentally said, “I have to let my wife go.”

Rayelan: I think that’s what he did to. I think most presidents would do that…

David: Right.

Rayelan: …well, maybe not, but I think Bush would do that.

David: So, who is taking on Bush? Well this is the meaning coming back to Captain Sherlock’s website and the name of the book we’re working on now The Olympic Debt and the FC-KU Crime Scene, ‘FC’ stands for Femme Comp Inc…

Rayelan: Right.

David: …and ‘Femme’ is the French word for woman and that tells us that the language of the conspirators is French.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: The ‘C’ stands for Comp and there’s been some debate about it but we’re fairly confident now it stands for the English word ‘compromised’ the English [I think David meant French] word compromis.

Rayelan: Mhmm.

David: Meaning there compromised in some way. Let’s take Janet Reno, right, ah, a pedophile lesbian…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …so when she becomes attorney general because Hillary Clinton told Bill to make her the attorney general, who ever holds the tapes, possibly including snuff films of her disgusting behavior prior to becoming attorney general, they own Janet Reno.

Rayelan: That’s right.

David: She’s compromised. So if ah, Lynn Cheney writes books about lesbians, I’m not interested in her sex life, but there seems to be a flavor that she has been involved in some kinds of activities, maybe when she was much younger, that makes her compromised, that means that someone owns Lynn Cheney.

Rayelan: That sounds…

David: And remember, Lynn Cheney was a director of, what’s the name of the big defense contractor ah, Field?

Field: Martin? Martin?

David: Ya, Lockheed Martin which would have provided some of the technologies required for the attack, and also the resources for the crime scene investigation series.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Very interesting, anyway, so now Bush I think perhaps gets in a plane and goes off and tries to understand from where the threat is coming from, not knowing that Femme Comp Inc. has taken over the chain-of-command, and started doing so back in nineteen-seventy-nine by releasing those unabombs from the university – Northwestern University School of Management in Chicago.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: So now you’ve got a plane, it’s heading for the Capital Building, Bush is doing what he’s doing trying to salvage his country, and do what is right, but that plane, possibly do to some involvement by one of our Captain Sherlock’s was forty-one minutes late, had it not been forty-one minutes late, I’m talking about United ninety-three…

Rayelan: Ya.

David: …it would have hit the Capital Building at the same time as seventy-seven hit the US Naval Command Center…

Rayelan: And…

David: …and there you have your four strategic targets out of the six.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: So what was presumably was being asked after 9:37 of Bush and senior people in the administration around the White House area and congressmen and senators in the Capital Building is, “Are you ready to surrender yet?” And the, the new game is, you agree to pay whatever it is the cap set by the dictator, and remember they don’t know who the dictator is…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …in terms of the weight of the carbon dioxide you require to live through next year.

Rayelan: This is just incredible.

David: And that is instead of paying the interest and principle on the debt that was being used to finance for example, the upgrade to the US Naval Command Center, so what they’re doing is, there swapping interest and principle, for protection money, i.e., “we won’t kill you if you give us enough.” And everything is based on the weight of carbon dioxide that you produce above the dictators limit for the next year, times the value the dictator places on each ton of carbon dioxide you produce. So what you’re seeing…I see a question coming in, “What is the end game?” The end game is to have a global dictatorship where everyone including the Prime Minister of the United States – Kingdom, the Prime Minister of Australia, the Prime Minister of Canada, the President of the United States, they pay for the personal right to live based on the amount of, or weight of carbon dioxide they produce as measured in their private homes or their place of work, times the value placed on that ah, weight of carbon dioxide or the unit, let’s say it’s a ton, by the dictator who they do not yet know who he is, or she is. Now you see what that has given is total global power to one person, or a group of people.

Rayelan: Mhmm.

David: Based on the controlling the price paid by people to live.

Rayelan: Boy, this, haha. You’re bringing up another aspect of it now that none of us have even thought about, I mean, who, who back in two-thousand-one was thinking of, you know, trading carbon credits on the Chicago Carbon Credit Exchange?

David: The man who gave a million dollars ah, from the Joyce Foundation to the Kellogg School of Management to develop the dictator game trading software…

Rayelan: And who was that?

David: …which translated the right to live to a price paid depending on the weight of carbon dioxide produced by the individual who bought the right to live. You know who that was?

Rayelan: I’m going to have to say Maurice Strong?

Field: I’m going to say probably from Kenya.

David: It was Obama.

Rayelan: Who? What?

David: It was Barack Obama.

Rayelan: You’ve got to be kidding?

Daivid: No. Barack Obama as director of the Joyce Foundation paid the Kellogg School of Management to develop the software, or put in the rules for a simulation trading game in carbon dioxide invented by Carlton Bartels who has just been killed in the top of the North Tower.

Rayelan: Where did, where did Barack Obama even get his money to be even able to do that because…

David: He got it from the Joyce Foundation, he was a director of the Joyce Foundation, so the Joyce Foundation spends the money that is being passed on from one or two generations of the Joyce Family, which I believe is a wealthy industrial family in Chicago.

Rayelan: That is just amazing.

David: And that’s you see where these scumbag lawyers get control because I often say to people who say to me, “It’s the Rockefellers.” I say no it’s not, the Rockefeller family has passed its money over to a Rockefeller trust, like the Rockefeller Grand-Children Trust and they’ve given it to a law firm.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: So the Rockefeller grand-children wait for their monthly check.

Rayelan: That’s right, that’s right.

David: They don’t control where the Rockefeller Trust is invested…

Rayelan: They don’t…

David: The Rockefeller Trust is managed by the Sidley Austin Law Firm.

Rayelan: I know. Can you explain how they lost it? Because they lost it, you explained that once before and I can’t remember, how they lost control of their…

David: How they lost what?

Raywlan: Their trust, how they lost control of it?

David: That’s, that’s the nature, if you’re a wealthy family, let’s say Field came into a great fortunate and he’s got five kids…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …he wants to pass that money and property to the next generation, well he’s not going to be their to help them spend it, or control any aspect of it.

Rayelan: Mhmm.

David: He goes it to a law firm.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: The moment he puts the trust in the hands of the law firm he no longer controls what is given to the children or the grand-children.

Rayelan: That is just amazing, and so, but why in the world, I mean, I know that Chicago has been a Rothschild town forever and unless the Rockefellers are working for the Rothschilds, instead of competing with the Rothschilds, why in the world would the Rockefellers have a law firm in Chicago rather than new York?

David: Because if they didn’t give their business to the Sidley Austin Law firm one of their children or more would get killed.

Rayelan: And do you think that’s what happened to the guy who supposedly got eaten by the cannibals in Borneo?

David: Yes.

Rayelan: So they, now one of his sons who would have never been born if he was dead ah, communicated with me for a very long time and said, no, his father did not die, that, that his grandfather snuck him out and was able to keep him alive, but you’re saying Sidley Austin was going to murder the guy?

David: Well, ah, let’s, let’s be realistic, I can’t say specifically that Sidley Austin took him out, but if you look at the patent of criminality alright, which is embraced, endorsed and supported and pioneered by Sidley Austin, it includes hiring as a mentor of its female interns a woman who is the leader of the Weather Underground Terrorist Organization and you’re looking at her picture on our site.

Rayelan: That does seem kind of strange.

David: Now why isn’t she on death row?

Rayelan: Ya.

David: Why was she hired by the partner ah, Howard Trienens and put in charge of training interns including in nineteen-eighty-eight one Michelle LaVaughn Robinson who is now you first lady?

Rayelan: Right, right.

David: She is a terrorist, she is and was a terrorist, and she always will be until we put her on death row. Right, so now she’s is the Northwestern University teaching in the School of Law subjects like, Torture, Paradigms & Practice in the Rwanda Genocide, she’s a killer, and some how she’s gone through the cracks, well we think we know she’s gone through the cracks, because they’re using this very powerful advanced military grade killing system.

Rayelan: Mhm, mhm…

David: I mean what you’re looking at with that symbol is a command, control computers, communications, intelligence and surveillance and reconnaissance system that literally takes over a crime scene before the killing is done…

Rayelan: Mhmm.

David: …and it takes it over with debt, so they was a mortgage on building one and two, a ninety-nine year lease, there was a mortgage on the upgrade to the Pentagon, I assume there was a mortgagee on the upgrades to the Capital Building including for example, the evacuation procedure technology provided by ADT. So what they could have done, and, and there is an infinite number of ways these people can kill you, for example, it sounds pretty exotic, but ah, why wouldn’t they send letters with anthrax and sabotage score powder to keep people in the ah, the Capital Building to make sure that they understood who was in charge?

Rayelan: Ya.

David: They don’t have to fly planes to kill you, they can put the, the, anthrax vasolace [not sure of this word] inside the ventilation systems and blow it inside the Capital Building and kill everyone there.

Rayelan: Wow.

David: Remember the exercise, and that’s why we shouldn’t get overly caught up in the technology, there are lot’s of ways of killing people and leaving very little evidence. The objective of this game is to take control through intimidation and fear and extortion of every government institution that ordinarily would be expected to defend the American citizen. Justice, commerce, transportation, whatever…

Rayelan: Wow, amazing…

David: So the fourth target was the Capital Building, but United ninety-three had left forty ah, three minutes late, forty-one minutes late and therefore it couldn’t be guaranteed to arrive at the same time as seventy-seven which had hit the US Capital Building [I think David meant the Pentagon] and if it arrived and flying in a manner where the pilots who by then had been scrambling could see it, an expert pilot like Field, would be able to look at a plane, or whatever it was, and say, “That is not being flown by a low time Muslim.”

Rayelan: Yes, well that is exactly right, I mean, any body in his right mind who saw that plane turned, there’s no way a pilot could have done that.

David: Right, so the plane United ninety-three, because it was late it had to be destroyed.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Right, now how was it destroyed, well we think it was destroyed by a signal being sent by the Northwestern University antennae system on the roof, which is basically a command center for the Charlie ah, conspirators operating for and in behalf of a group of ah, ah, psychotic killers working for Femme Comp Inc, women primarily, not necessarily but very frequently lesbians or bisexual who hate men and they were engaged on a war with the government of the United States and have taken out four targets, right? And I’m sure they had impressed until no end the Chairmen of the Joints Chief of Staff, Henry Shelton was on a plane going to Europe…

Rayelan: Mhmm.

David: …and the various line commanders and the various senior officers in the battle fleets around the world and basically I would suggest to you all was chaos. No one had a clue what was going on because the simulation administrator had got inside the encryption codes of the United States Government.

Rayelan: Ya.

David: And the man who would have given them those codes was Bruce McConnell who was Field McConnell’s sister’s ah, business partner, and the guy who stole it which was James ah, Robert Hanson, the alleged Soviet spy, who is an ex-alumnus of Kellogg, he stole the continuity of Government codes which allowed them to set up this exercise and fake an attack from inside he American Government check six.

Rayelan: Okay, check six…

David: What I’m saying to you now and what should have been said to the American people at the time is, “Look behind you, this isn’t an attack coming out of a cave in Afghanistan, it’s an cut – an attack coming from behind you.” It’s a knife in the back, this is treason from within.

Rayelan: Right, and that is what I have always believed from the very moment that I saw it…

David: So the American people were pointing in the wrong direction.

Rayelan: Right.

David: So now what was the fifth target? Well the fifth target turns out to be the ah, the building that contains the Securities and Exchange Commission investigations into fraud in New York. In particular this mortgage fraud at the FC-KU crime scenes.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: And what we believe is, on file they had records and were about to launch an indictment against the ah, conspirators in New York and in Chicago for this business of selling a mortgage and then telling people instead of paying back interest and principle, we want you on a regular basis to play this dictator game, and ah, we’ll work out a nice cozy little arrangement where you buy, you buy the right to live next year based on the value that we place on you staying alive, and the amount of carbon dioxide you are producing as measured by the sensors that we’ll put in your office and your home.

Rayelan: Geez, this is so convoluted and sick. Humans couldn’t have thought this up?

David: Well that’s a dangerous mistake to make because if you go back to the idea of use gas to kill people in large numbers, all you need to do is go back to the gas chambers in world war two and realize these people had three choices of gases, cyanide, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

Rayelan: Mhmm.

David: And they were people selling insurance and trading in insurance on the Jews going into the gas chambers in the second word war, in particular there was a father and son pair and the son is called George Soros.

Rayelan: I remember reading about that. I remember reading that very story.

David: So he was selling, or his father was forging passports information…

Rayelan: Mhmm.

David: …which gave the people the right to live if they paid the right amount of money.

Rayelan: Ya.

David: If they didn’t pay the right amount of money those people went into a closed room poorly ventilated, where they had three possible ways of killing them, they could take a truck and ah, put the exhaust into the room and kill them with carbon monoxide.

Ryaelan: They could pop some pills down into the chimney of a room – the people thought it was a shower and that would produce cyanide gas.

Rayelan: Right.

David: Or they just seal it off and kill them with carbon dioxide.

Rayelan: And that’s the cheapest and probably most efficient way of doing it, don’t you think? You don’t even have to…

David: Absolutely, so what I’ve just described to which you’ve said said, “How can anyone think of it?” It’s at least sixty years-old.

Rayelan: Ya, and dear George Soros watching it all, all be, being done and…

David: No, George Soros is fourteen years-old so he wasn’t watching it, but he was identifying the Jews that would have this question, which is very similar to the question, that I think these people faced on nine-eleven is, “How much money are you willing to pay for a passport?”

Rayelan: Ya.

David: In this particular case we’re saying how much money are you willing to pay for the right to breath out, and we will monitor the amount of breathing out you do, now this, this is very interesting, and let’s say we’re on ah, the target five, which is inside the ah, the ah, building number seven in New York, if you were a small family very wealthy living in a house, right, you’re not going to have much carbon dioxide in it.

Rayelan: Right.

David: If you’re a poor family in the slums of Chicago and you’re herded in with seven children in one room ah, place with no air-conditioning the level of carbon dioxide is going to climb.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: If you’re in the business of genocide and culling the ghetto as these people are, you have a beautiful way of favoring the Al Gore’s in the mansions, or the Obama in the mansion…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …and culling the poor in the crowded rooms which are having babies, right? Producing carbon dioxide alright and normally with the American dream they would be coming out of the ghettos, bootstrapping the family along with them, and participating in the American Dream until you have dictator characters who herd the poor back into the ghettos and kill ‘em.

Rayelan: Ya, that’s exactly right.

David: And that’s what he is, a slum herder, Obama. He’s never produced anything useful in his life, and America has been asleep, anyway, so building number five… and so in the next hour we’re going to come unto the real stra – strategic target of ah, ah, the strategic target number six, and I think then we can just speculate and ah, see if my idea has resonance and ah, if not someone else can suggest the other target.

Rayelan: So in other words we’ve got ah, ah building one, two and seven ah, at the WTC, we’ve got, the Pentagon, and then, then there’s target five which was suppose to be the Capital Building…

David: Capital Building, but they missed it because the plane was late so they had to destroy the plane.

End Part 2 Hour 2

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Field McConnell & David Hawkins: Transcript—23 December 2009 Hour 1

Source:, hawkscafe,

Hawkins/McConnell Interview with Rayelan on Rumormill News
December 23, 2009 – Part 1 (Hour 1)

Rayelan: And so I want to welcome David Hawkins and Field McConnell, how are you guys doing today?

David Hawkins: Very well thanks Rayelan, nice to be with you

Field McConnell: And ah, I know that Field has some exciting information, ah, from his trip to Washington, Field are you on too?

Field: Yes, I’m on, and I’m at home with my family and looking forward to Christmas Eve, and ah I think it’s especially important at this time of the year to focus on positive things even though for the next three hours we’ll be talking about some unfortunate factors in our nation’s status and history ah, and yes, I spent Thursday morning of last week with an attorney in Washington D.C. and it was a very effective use of my time I believe.

Rayelan: And so this is your about case against ALPA, and you’re going to have to tell me again I know it’s the airline employees union?

Field: It’s the Airline Pilots Association International and that’s the organization to whom I first reported all this information that David and I and others have uncovered and I reported that information to them, and when I say ‘I’ reported it, I’m not excluding David, but it left from my email account and it left from my computer…

Rayelan: Sure.

Field: …simply because I was an airline pilot half the time and ah, so I sent it to the company I worked for which was Northwest Airlines which ah, evolved into Delta Airlines. And I sent it to ALPA and I sent it to the commanding admiral of the ah, what people would remember as NORAD, or Air Defense Command, it’s actually called Northern Command now, but ah, that is the branch of the military that has responsibility for the protection of North American Airspace from foreign vehicles whether they’re manned or unmanned, or they could also be ah, you know, missiles and rockets, those types of things.

So I did the job I was compelled to do under FAR which is the Federal Aviation Regulation, and if any of your master googlers in radio land want to jot this down, if they put in their search bar ‘far121 dot 533’ they will be guided to the regulation which states that no airline captain in the United States of America can cause his aircraft to move if he has any concern about the safety of that aircraft and in fact, three years ago, I was scheduled to become a Boeing 747-400 captain and so that’s why I immediately reported this ah, to the agencies which have the responsibility of providing safe air transportation in the United States of America.

And ah, the last thirty-six months of history have proven, ah I’ve delivered this credible, not only credible, but it’s already been accepted in a $615 million dollar lawsuit that was paid in June of 2007 by the Boeing Corporation ah, to shut down an investigation by the United States Department of Justice over this very issue, which is the illegal installation of military hardware into Boeing Aircraft and the subsequent export of these flying weapons to China.

And the last three years David and I and you of course, and a couple of other upper principled people, have been very busy trying to carry this message forward and it’s falling on the deaf ears of the Department of Justice, the Federal Aviation Administration, ALPA, ah, the airline companies and ah, its falling on their deaf ears because this is just the cracking open of a door that will shed a whole lot of light on the criminal cabal that’s been operating out of Chicago with impunity dating back one-hundred and fifty years.

So, ah, the good news is, and this is the thing for good news there is no bad or fear, ah, the good news is, on January 19th there will be a legal proceeding in the District of Columbia District Court, which is the United States Federal Court in the District of Columbia and the judge will hear from me and my attorney and the judge will also have in front of her, it’s a female judge named Rosemary Collyer, she’ll have representatives perhaps attorneys from the airline pilots association and ah, any question the judge may have of me you know, I have no problem recalling precisely what happened when and to whom ah, any question this judge may have of ALPA, ah, they’re going to have a hard time answering it because they have been absolutely irresponsible and I’d say criminally negligent in allowing modified airplanes to be flying around for three years and during that three year period subsequent to David and I warning these entities, Adam Air 574 was destroyed with a total loss of life, Kenya Airways 507 destroyed with total loss of life, Colgen 3407 destroyed with a total loss of life, and Air France 447 destroyed with a total loss of life and its my opinion and I don’t think this sounds terribly brazen or arrogant, but please excuse me, it’s my opinion that there’s no one in the United States of America who knows more about this subject than myself and there’s no one in North America that knows more about it than David Hawkins and if, and by the way, I’m working through the front door with the Department of Justice but simultaneously I’m working through the back door and also through a third door which would be an oblique attack through the internet.

I’m putting all this information out long in advance of the proceeding, but ah, a really powerful Google search for anyone out there who ventures in this, simply put in ‘Boeing uninterruptible auto pilot’ then the ‘+’ sign, then ‘QRS11’ then the ‘+’ sign, then ‘smacsonic’, that’s s-m-a-c-s-o-n-i-c plus the ‘+’ sign and then ‘KUBAND’ and if you press ‘ENTER’ you will find that there’s only four hits that come up and three of them go to Captain Sherlock, which I’m not he, and the fourth one goes to ah, James Delinpole’s blog over in the Daily Telegraph a paper in the United Kingdom, and if you were to Google Del N. Pole you would see he is one of our characters so, this ah this is going to come to a head I believe somewhere between now and the nineteenth of January and I’m certainly getting more encouraged that the good people are going to win this because the bad people are so overly exposed.

Rayelan: Now why do you say the nineteenth of January?

Field: Excuse me?

Rayelan: Why did you say the nineteenth of January?

Field: That’s the, that’s the next court visit. I will be in the Washington D.C. court room on the nineteenth of January of 2010.

Rayelan: Okay. Interesting that it comes so close to the state of the union address which is what I was wondering if this had anything to do with that?

Field: Well, I’m having a hard time hearing you Rayelan, and I think it’s simply that you’re such a quite lady that you’re not speaking loud enough for my old ears, but in addition — I heard part of your question and part of it involved ALPA, but there’s a new defendant now and that’s Northwest Airlines, so there’s going to be at least two defendants on the lawsuit that goes forward.

Rayelan: Who are the two new defendants?

Field: No, ah, ALPA the Airline Pilots Association has been the defendant since it was first filed back in September of 2008 and it’s my belief right now today the twenty-third of December that when I appear in court on January nineteenth there will be a second named defendant and that will be Northwest Airlines ah, and that’s because of some discovery of some activity or lack of activity on the part of Northwest that’s not consistent with aviation safety.

Rayelan: Okay, well, this is getting more interesting all the time. It’s almost like your own private case is ah, what should I say, is ammunition for all of the work that you and David are working on?

Field: Well it certainly is and you’ll be interested in learning that the attorney that I’m using in Washington D.C. previously served in what is called the sovereign district of New York which is really the southern district of New York. This is the same court that heard the case against the blind sheik and is schedule to hear the case against Khalid Sheikh Muhammad who we call KSM, who is one of the three KSMs that Hawks Café and Captain Sherlock are pursuing, so my little case, and I say it’s little, the original lawsuit I filed which was not driven by vengeance or by greed was for ten million dollars and after a specific chapter which, is Chapter nine of book four, after that went up immediately after Senator Dorgan of North Dakota failed to address safety during two senate hearings, twelve hours and fifteen minutes after that chapter hit the internet, ah, ALPA had offered me a certain dollar figure, which ah, actually there is no reason to not identify it, $1.3 million dollars to ah, settle this case. And I’m so sure about you Uncle Ray, ah, $1.3 million is a lot of money for most of us but an eighty-seven percent discount to be quite is repugnant to me and knowing there is at least one judge in the system and that would be a guy whose name is Weidoff [not sure of spelling] in Chicago who had a forty million dollar bribe fun set up to take bankruptcy proceedings sideways including the United Airlines bankruptcy, you know, I ah, it’s not a matter of money, I wouldn’t be in this for $55 trillion or a nickel either way, I’m, it’s simply a matter of the truth has to come out because right now there’s a lot of airplanes flying around that can be remotely guided and ah, most airline pilots are not aware of this.

I’ve talked to…I’ve probably had this conversation with a hundred airline pilots in the last couple of years and, and nowhere in their training are any of them told about the Boeing uninterruptible auto pilot so rather than sound like someone who is anti-Boeing which I’m not as you know Rayelan, I may be doing some Boeing flying in the next month or two…ah, the part of the Boeing auto pilot that is sinister and rogue is crea…is produced by Thales, T-h-a-l-e-s, and Thales is a French corporation with its roots in England and they’re the people that put all the flight guidance systems in Airbuses so before anybody decides to just stay off Boeing and Airbuses, you’re also going to have to stay off Bombardier and Embraer regional jets and I want to point out something that’s rather chilling, and that is whether it’s a Boeing, an Airbus, a Bombardier or an Embraer these airplanes are either assembled or modified outside the reach of RICO and ah, until somebody proves to me they are not, I assume that they are all remotely guidable, and ostensibly for the safety of the traveling public, in other words, ah these mechanisms were originally, ah, conceived so as to overcome human hijackers, but just like there were no effective human hijackers on 911, yes there were some young men ah, of the Muslim faith who were seen on video cameras proceeding towards the gate, it was electronic technology that hijacked those airplanes and also guided the ah, drones that replaced the airliners and ah, so, what we’re talking about here, I believe, is three thousand cases of murder, ah however, the evidence has been foliated, so therefore, the best you can hope for is wrongful death and ah, we’re just hoping for justice in whatever form, and it’s not about money or vengeance, so I’ll give it back to you Ray before I get hoarse.

Rayelan: Okay, Field, my ah, board man said there is something wrong with your telephone and…

Field: Okay.

Rayelan: …if you can switch phones and if that’s not any better we’ll call you on your cell phone….and can you send me an email and have all of that, you know, smacsonic plus whatever because my guys in the chat room can’t get it to work, so if you would get it to me I will post it in the chat room and folks if you’re out there listening and you don’t know that we’ve got a chat room so that you don’t know you can go in there and “rub elbows” with a lot of, well, our junk yard dogs and tow dogs and things like that and Jim the Texas, ah you just go to ‘chat room dot the micro effect dot com’, and ah, I try to check in there every now and then, but sometimes I’m doing too many things to check in there pretty often, so ah, anyway, Field call us back or ahm, gosh how are we going to do this, change phones and if that doesn’t work then send me a cell phone number and we’ll…I’ll call you on your cell phone, how does that sound? And so, David, what are we going to be talking about today?

David: I want to play a game, Rayelan.

Rayelan: Okay, do I get to play?

David: Ya, you do, and your listeners get to play and Field, ah, one of the things that Field always says to me ah, when I get a little concerned about whether or not I am communicating successfully, he said, “It’s not our job to make it simple because it was complex, it’s our job to get people to think hard”, and a game whether it’s chess or bridge, a dictator game or whatever, involves people and if they’re going to win they’re going to have to think very hard.

Rayelan: That’s correct.

David: So, on the morning of 911 there was a simulation game going on. It was a simulated attack on the United States and a simulated attempt to overthrow the government. And there were three people who thought and only one did, that they had control of the simulation administration and this is a computer game right?

Rayelan: That’s right.

David: So there’s one person in Calgary in Alberta, Canada who believes he’s got control of the simulation and his name is Robert Oxoby, he’s a professor in economics in the University of Calgary.

Rayelan: Ahm.

David: There’s another person on the morning of 911 who thinks he’s got control of the simulation exercise for trading in carbon dioxide and he’s working in the North Tower and his name is Carlton Bartels, and he is the inventor of the software that allows you to put a simulation story out on the mainstream media for example, and see what effect it has on the value put on carbon dioxide, because for example, if you don’t think breathing out carbon dioxide is worth very much, and the person beside you refuses to pay, and someone comes along and shoots the person beside you and then says to you, “Well, how much do you think carbon dioxide is worth now?” You have some very difficult decisions to make don’t you?

Rayelan: You certainly do.

David: And that was what was going on 911, they were playing a game where they were injecting simulated or virtual news stories into the mainstream media, and then various groups at various crime scenes were bidding on the right to breath out for the year ahead based on the amount of carbon dioxide they would produce.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: And there were at six crime scenes. Now on the morning of 911 on the ground we know there were at least five crime scenes, there may have been more, but for the sake of this ah exercise and remember, ahh and let’s have your listeners if I may come to the Captain Sherlock website because I’m going to be talking of images that they can see on the front page of Captain Sherlock.

Rayelan: That’ll be great, so it’s captain sherlock dot com?

David: Yes, that’s right and there the people, and what I’m inviting you and your listeners and Field, is to go through the simulation training or trading exercise on 911 and I want to reverse engineer it.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: I want to identify what we know to be the five main ground based targets, there might have been as many as twenty planes up in the air that were to be destroyed. But there were five ground targets and enter the sixth and as we get into the third hour I’d like your listeners to think very hard about what I think the sixth target was and why I think it was hard, and see if they agree or disagree, and they are very welcome to come to Captain Sherlock and communicate with us through you or directly, and say that they think there was another ah, more important target. Now, the reason why I selected six targets is that there was a war game on ah, the first of June, excuse me I have a frog in my throat…

Rayelan: I certainly understand when we get frogs in our throats, it’s very hard to do radio because you always get a frog in your throat.

Daivd: Right…on the first of June there was a war game called Amalgam Virgo right, and in the fighter flow diagram of that war game which involved live flying exercises ah with ah, dummy threats coming out of Canada to attack targets in the United States, there’s a very odd drawing where, or a graph of time, that shows that the American Air Force was to be stood down for thirty hours during what they call a “blue air time” and control of the skies over America would be handed off to the Canadians, which I find ah, extremely odd.

Rayelan: Yes.

David: But in the ah, period if you will of those thirty hours there were six images of Budweiser beer cans. Now in games that men play and maybe women play as well, they’ll often say, “I’ll bet you a case of beer or a six pack.”

Raylen: Right.

David: Now I believe the six pack of beer are the six strategic targets which the, the bad guys, or if you will the red attack team as far as the war game is concerned is, we win this game if we take out six targets.

Rayelan: Okay, now wait a minute. We know there was a ah, you know, a simulated game going on, but are you saying that if we take out six targets we win, is that the game or is that the real stuff?

David: It was, the point was it was a simulated game, it can be a simulation or it can go real depending on the motives and objectives of the simulation administrator.

Rayelan: Right.

Davd: Right, remember they’re all hooked up by computers and they’re injecting into what is called the virtual news network a story or simulation…

Rayelan: Okay.

David: …alright, and they’re getting the people who are participating in this game to bid on the right to live, if you will, right, so if you’re in the north Tower and you’re playing this game, right, what the virtual news network is doing is saying, “okay, how much do you think it’s worth to buy a years worth of carbon dioxide ahead of the fact if you are working above the sky lobby in the north Tower?” Now, when that game starts and people look at this they’ll say, “this is crazy, carbon dioxide is free.” Are you with me so far?

Rayelan: Oh yes, yes.

David: Okay, now what happens if this person who is selling the carbon…

Rayelan: David, David, hold your thought for a moment, Field, are you there on skype? No, I’m not talk..…

Field: *garbled*

David: Yes, there he is.

Rayelan: There he is, okay, great. David, go ahead.

David: Okay, so if you’re in the north Tower and if you’re Carlton Bartels and you invented this software and you think you’re the systems administrator, you’re saying to people in the North Tower, for example, the people who were working for Cantor-Fitzgerald , eSpeed, Co2e dot com above the sky lobby in the North Tower, and remember on 911 six-hundred and eighty-five of these people were killed, Rayelan…

Rayelan: That’s exactly right.

David: It’s a massacre.

Rayelan: I’m thinking to myself not all six-hundred plus were playing the game, who in the world was playing the game in their name?

David: Exactly, and this is what we are going to explore with the game, so I’m asking you and your audience to stay with this and let’s see if we can find out who were the real systems administrators who were let’s say were loyal Americans, or loyal Canadians, and who the system administrator was that appear to have hacked into the game, pulled the passwords of the legitimate systems administrators like Carlton Bartels in the North Tower and Professor Robert Oxoby at the University of Calgary and taken over the game and switched it from a simulated game, where people were bidding on the right to breath out carbon dioxide to a real game where the value of the carbon dioxide went up because the people who were playing the game suddenly realized that their friends were getting killed.

Rayelan: That is just amazing. So when they realized their friends were getting killed…

David: The price went up.

Rayelan: …the price went up. So what you are saying is some of the friends that were in, what’s the name of that company up there that everybody got killed in, Cantor-Fitzgerald?

David: Cantor-Fitzgerald, eSpeed, which is the electronic trading desk, ah, which incidentally, eSpeed was suing the people in Chicago for infringement of that patent and the simulation patent software that was invented by Carlton Bartels.

Rayelan: Ahhh.

David: And the other company was Co2e dot com, that is ‘Co2’ obviously for carbon dioxide, ‘e’ for, well you can say it either electronic, I sometimes like to think of it as extortion, dot com, and this is a company that ah, engages in global trading in carbon dioxide based on the value placed on for example, a ton of carbon dioxide connection [word is not clear].

Rayelan: Okay.

David: So they were playing that game on the top of the North Tower linked by computer and satellite, and remember Field has made that point, and on our home web page you can see on the bottom row, there’s four icons and the third from the left is the book that we’re currently working on now, can you see that?

Rayelan: Ahh, yes, right, The Olympic Debt…

David: Okay,

Rayelan: And the FCKU Crime Scene.

David: Right. FCKU Crime Scene, now the ‘KU’ is the KU band of frequency and it’s a frequency that’s very popular for what’s called as ‘backhauling’, i.e., if you have a news television ahh, team in ah Munich in 1972…

Rayelan: Ahmm.

David: And you’re filming the attack on the Olympic Village and the killing and murder of the Israeli athletes, if you are equipped correctly, you can take your film image and you can backhaul it in real time via an ATT satellite on the KU band which is 14-18 gigahurtz.

Raylen: Yes.

David: That comes into a production studio for example, at Northwestern University where it’s edited and quite possible some real bits of news are edited out…

Rayelan: Mhhmm.

David: And some unreal bits of simulation are put in…

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: …and then it’s put out on for example, on PBS, or C-Span, or NBC, or ABC and it is presented to the public as real news.

Rayelan: Yes, I see what you’re saying.

David: So what you can do and what we believe the simulation administrator did on 911, is the mixed some real images with some simulated images in computers in Chicago.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: So what the public got to see was what looks like going into a building ah, lot’s of people jumping up and down and getting very excited, very few actual scenes of people dying although there were people jumping, or theoretically there were jumping out of a plane, but very important within a few minutes of this simulated exercise, someone was saying, “the is Al Queda.”

Rayelan: That’s correct, that’s correct.

David: Just as Peter Jennings in 1972 at the Munich Olympics when he was backhauling the shots of the Olympic Village and the people getting killed, Peter Jennings, the Canadian said, “This looks like Black September.”

Rayelan: Right

David: Now my question to your audience and remember this is a game I want to find out what the sixth strategic target was, on what basis did anyone say that it was “Al Queda” a few minutes after flight 175 hit the north face of the North Tower and on what basis did Peter Jennings back in 1972 say, “It was Black September”, because forensically there is no justification for making that statement until you’ve done a proper analysis of the scene of the crime.

Rayelan: Okay, this comes from, well I’m not going to say who it comes from, “In all the film footage of planes hitting the towers it looks as though the planes slice through the buildings like a knife cutting into butter instead of crashing and crumbling on impact. I realize the jets that struck the buildings were not actual airliners, but was what we saw a hologram?” And I’m just going to add my two sense, I think everybody in the world wonders why the, why the wings didn’t fall off that plane?

David: Ya, it’s ahm, it’s ah, ah, an illusion called “pepper’s ghost”, it dates back to the Nineteenth Century, mid-nineteenth century in London.

Rayelan: Ahum.

David: And it’s set up so to create the illusion of one solid object going through another…

Rayelan: Okay.

David: …and the place that was doing this ah, simulation was the Northwestern University in Chicago using a software package called ‘Video Furnace’, V-i-d-e-o Furnace, F-u-r-n-a-c-e, and I invite your readers and listeners to ah, look at the pack – capability of Video Furnace, but you can create that illusion with Video Furnace in near real time.

Rayelan: Amazing.

David: So coming back to…did, did I address that okay?

Rayelan: Well, I think you did. If you didn’t I am sure that I’ll get another email.

David: Okay, well it’s going to be part of this exercise because remember we are talking about a simulator dictator game where the dictator is playing for real and the dictator and his or her cronies, want to see if they can take over the key command centers, or destroy the key command centers, of the United States and establish a coup de tat which is the overthrow of the United States Government.

Rayelan: And so…

David: They’ve identified six targets and they’re starting and the first plane hits the north face of the North Tower at 8:46AM on the morning of 911.

Rayelan: And so you are saying this cabal out of, out of Chicago…they were playing for real…they were going to stage a coup and effectively put in who…they were going to get rid of Bush and Cheney and who was going to be put in?

David: Well you have to wait until the end of the game.

Rayelan: Oh, I can’t do that.

David: This is, this is getting…I, I want this to be very exciting and like I say, I want everyone to be thinking extremely hard…

Rayelan: Right.

David: …and in order to play any game whether…I’m a chess player, I use to be the captain of school chess, I wasn’t a particularly good chess player, but I always positioned myself on the five team…around the middle where I was always strategically better than the opponent because I like not to take any pieces in the early part of the game…when a game gets very crowded it gets extremely difficult unless you’re an extremely good player to realize a threats going to hit you.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Field is like that in fighter pilot terms, I think, and incidentally above that book Olympic Debt and the FCKU Crime Scene, and I’m just going to keep throwing out clues so your listeners can start to understand, or participate in this game, and the game, is actually a fight for your lives folks, because if you get this wrong, or if we are strate – strategically wrong, we won’t recognize collectively that the United States Government has already been taken over.

Rayelan: Well I think we realize that right now don’t we?

David: Okay, so the game is about what was that sixth target, now, immediately above that book Olympic Debt and the FCKU Crime Scene on our homepage Cap..Captain Sherlock is Hunter’s Wingman, and ah, we’ve got two hawks there, I, well I don’t know whether they’re hawks or not, but anyway, they are birds of prey…

Rayelan: Okay.

David: …and they’re flying in a formation which allows one bird to say to another, “check six”, we have six sites scattered around the United States where the people are playing in a dictator game and the great majority of them are playing unwittingly and innocently in a game which is basically they’re bidding for the right to breath out carbon dioxide for the [air and head] (unclear during transcribing) in their place of work.

Rayelan: Extraordinary, hahaha…

David: And they start of course from the principle, why the hell should they pay anything?

Rayelan: Right, right.

David: Right, because they don’t realize that this is a game of life and death. So let’s say there are six people at six work sites around the United States that are playing a simulated carbon dioxide trading game where they are being offered the opportunity to buy the right to use or produce carbon dioxide, and remember when you breathing out you’re breathing out at 40,000 parts per million?

Rayelan: Mhm, mhm…

David: And you are told that you are violating a cap set by the dictator. You don’t know who that dictator is, but you’re told that when you breath out at 40,000 parts per million in your place of work which is the North Tower and the South Tower, Building Number Seven, the US Naval Command Center in the Pentagon and the Capital Building on 911, you are violating the dictators cap and the dictator wants money from you because you’ve violated his or her cap, right?

Rayelan: Ahah, I’m beginning to get it…

David: …and because you think…

Rayelan: …by the way, Field is back.

David: …okay.

Field: Can you hear me now Ray?

Rayelan: Yes.

Field: Okay, ah, the last question I had was, “What does check six mean?” And that ah, when fighter aircraft are deployed they seldom operate as a third aircraft and they’re generally deployed in groups of two or four, and “check six” is just one fighter pilot telling the other fighter pilot to look at what the threat is directly behind him ah, and that would be done visually, or it would be done with technology and its also sort of a flying greeting, or a lot of fighter pilots will just say “check six” for lot’s of different applications, but let’s…the root of this ah, phrase, is simply that there’s something behind you that you need to know about and the reason David likes this so much, this ah, fighter pilot jargon, is because in, in reality what happened to the United States of America on 911 was simply an unknown threat snuck up behind the Unites State of America with great effect. And it’s my opinion that had United 93 not been delayed forty-one minutes leaving Newark, this ah, conversation would not be taking place because the government that would have replaced the Bush-Cheney elected government, and I’m just about ready to send you an email, ah, ah Ray, regarding this, but ah, there’s a shadow government most people who listen to your show fully understand, the shadow government, but the thing that some people don’t understand is, there’s actually three governments, there’s the elected government, the shadow government and there’s a third leg of this and ah, consistently through this cabal they, they always have at least three legs. First there’s your very good question regarding the appearance of the airplane slipped through the building like butter, ah they would have explosives on the airplane which would be smacsonic, they would have explosives being fired forward from the airplane which would be a Ratheon bunker buster missile and they would have pre-placed explosives in the building, the World Trade One, Two and Seven which would be not only thermate charges ah, set to be detonated when they cut the steel beams at a 45 degree angle simultaneously, but also the fuel air bomb that would have permeated through the elevator shafts, so these guys leave nothing to chance ah, the only thing they’ve left to chance, they underestimated the ability American and other Anglo-sphere citizens to figure out how evil and corrupt they are and bring them to justice.

David: And to identify the threat from behind, you see, so on nine-eleven…remember I mentioned earlier that the Canadians and the Americans, again the great majority unwittingly, had arranged a thirty hour stand down of the United States Air Force.

Rayelan: Yes, that was absolutely correct.

David: Now, when you stand down the United States Air Force during a war game basically you eliminate the possibility of anyone saying, or recognizing a threat by “check six.”

Rayelan: Ahm, ahm

David: Because whose behind the Canadians and checking whether or not they are turning their maneuvers from a simulated exercise to a real attack?

Rayelan: Mhmmm.

David: Are you with me?

Rayelan: Ahhh…

David: Okay, so we have our six strategic sites that have to be either destroyed or controlled in order for the United States Government to be overthrown on the morning of 911. We’ve established that at 8:46, flight 175 went into the North Tower, or it appeared to go into the North tower, on a simulation that was being broadcast in near real time by a simulation administrator we think was in Chicago operating through the Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Because they were and only they have the computer facilities to do, through Video Furnacing, a real time edit of some real news shots, mix in some phantom or ghostly effects or illusions ah, throw in a script and put it out internationally, as what appears to be an attack by Al Queda, who no one had really ever heard of, on the United States of America. Now…then whether they’re killed immediately or very soon after wards, you can image the reaction of the people playing the game where their being asked to bid for the right to breath out for the year ahead based on the weight of carbon dioxide monitored by sensors inside their offices, where previously they said, “we’re not giving you anything.” Suddenly, a bloody great explosion takes place and from the sky lobby up there’s a wall of fire, unbelievably hot, which is coming there way.

Rayelan: Oh boy, yes.

David: Right, so now they’re probably toast and we don’t know how quickly they died, ah, and we don’t know what was pumped through the heating, ventilation and air conditioning ducts of that building from down in the basement using computers and sensors to place a combination of toxic and explosive gases inside their offices.

Rayelan: Mhmm.

David: What we do know is as they tried to evacuate the building the ADT dispatcher was telling them to go back in to their office.

Rayelan: I know, I remember that.

David: We also know that the ADT dispatcher, and we have a transcript of that, was saying, “go back in to your office we’re sending someone.”

Rayelan: Ya, I was horrified when I heard that.

David: I’m sorry.

Rayelan: I said I was horrified when I heard that on the news.

David: Right, because the, the dispatcher had been hacked…

Rayelan: Yes.

David: Right, they’ve got some wireless devices that have got inside the, what is called the, “mass notification” system of the building and the real hack…the real dispatcher we believe, had his or her passport [I think David actually meant ‘password’] revoked.

Rayelan: Wow, okay.

David: And the simulation administrator had allowed a company called Airpatrol Research Corporation, which is here in Burnaby in British Columbia, not far from where I live…they got access to the codes used by the dispatcher, the legitimate dispatcher, they’ve hacked in by wireless in to the communication system and they’re telling the high value targets to stay in the room where they’re breathing out 40,000 parts per million of carbon dioxide and the sensor is showing to the dictator in Chicago, that these people have violated the dictators cap…

Rayelan: Okay.

David: …so he’s going to kill ‘em…

Rayelan: Mhmm.

David: …because by killing the people in the north…in the upper reaches of the North Tower, that goes back in to the dictator game as a message to the other people, the five groups of survivors…

Rayelan: Ahm.

David: …and they’re being asked the same question, “How much do you want to pay for the right to breath out carbon dioxide which we are monitoring in your office for the next year?”

Rayelan: Okay.

David: So what we’re saying of course is, the people who own the mortgage on the ninety-nine year lease of the World Trade Center, are saying to these people, “Instead of paying debt interest and principle for the mortgage, we’ll forgive you of the interest and principle of the debt in exchange for your purchase of right to breathe out.”

Rayelan: Yes.

David: You with me, from the lenders point of view they don’t care.

Rayelan: Ahm.

David: So who are the lenders who financed the mortgage on the Twin Towers which was issued by the General Motors Acceptance Corporation in June of 2001.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: It’s the New York Fire Fighters Pension Fund, it’s the New York Police Pension Fund, it’s the New York Teachers Pension Fund, where the members are unwittingly invested in the murder of their fellow countrymen.

Rayelan: This is unbelievable, so you are saying that, that the life insurance policies on these people were actually owned by these various pension funds?

David: Yes.

Rayelan: So these…

David: When the fire fighters went up in to that tower, the members of the New York Fire Fighters had an interest in the life insurance, it’s called “dead peasants life insurance”, of the people who went in to the building.

Rayelan: Okay, now how do, how did these ah, you know retirement policies…who bought these “dead peasants”, or is this something that just happens? Can you explain to me…

David: Well if you are a member of the pension fund ah, you pay your dues and the money accumulates in a pool, right?

Rayelan: Right.

David: Ah, that pool is managed by pension fund managers, often they are private equity groups, or law firms if you will…

Rayelan: Yes.

David: …and the law firm are given the job of managing that fund in the best interest of the members.

Rayelan: Yes.

David: Now these union pension funds, and incidentally as far as I’m concerned they are all corrupt, they are run by incompetent scumbags.

Rayelan: Well, I don’t think, I don’t think…they’re scumbags, but I don’t think they are incompetent, I think what they’re doing is mismanaging so that they’re putting the money in their pocket rather than…

David: Exactly. So if you’re sitting at the top of the pension fund, such as the New York Fire Fighters, then your job as a senior officer of the New York Fire Fighter, ah, firefighter of New York, is to…in the event for example of a major catastrophe and you loose three-hundred and forty-three members of your…you’ve got a huge…amount of problem to hire and replace them, recruit them and train them and pay off the widows and widowers, that’s what the pension fund is for, it’s an insurance and pension, right?

Rayelan: Right, right.

David: So if someone comes along within the union like Jimmy Hoffa and said, “Look, we think there’s going to be a huge accident, ah, ah, let’s simulate an exercise where over three-hundred firefighters get killed and see if the finances of the pension fund can cover the costs.”

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Now what you do if you’re managing the pension fund is, you go to what is called the “reinsurance market” where in the event of a catastrophe you don’t wipe out the pension fund.

Rayelan: Mhm.

David: Right, what you then is you go to Lloyd’s of London or whatever, and you buy reinsurance, for example, the possibility that more than three-hundred firefighters are killed on any one day.

Rayelan: Ya, who created…

David: Now if you create, if you create a spread it could be very profitable to kill three-hundred, or more than three-hundred firefighters.

Rayelan: Okay, so in other words the three-hundred firefighters, they were knowingly sent to their deaths by someone?

David: No, no, they weren’t knowingly sent to their deaths, they went in doing their job.

Rayelan: Okay, but, but, there was an opportunity for them all to be pulled out and they weren’t.

David: Because the evacuation wireless system had been hacked…

Rayelan: Okay.

David: …by a company called Airpatrol Research Corporation, and do you know who the senior consultant to Airpatrol Research Corporation of Burnaby, British Columbia is?

Rayelan: I, I haven’t a clue.

Field: Nancy Pelosi.

David: Paul Pelosi Junior.

Rayelan: Nancy Pelosi…

David: Paul Pelosi Junior

Rayelan: Ya, shall we say the Speaker of the House’s son?

David: Absolutely.

Rayelan: Speaking of the Speaker of the Houses is, ah what about, you haven’t mentioned Dennis Hassard because…would he have had become president? He was from Illinois…lord knows if you was part of this thing or…

David: I, I don’t want to speculate on this, I want to get through the game.

Rayelan: Okay, go ahead.

David: Because until you get to the end of the game you don’t know, and, we, we will only know when we have these scumbags in court telling us what their plan was.

Rayelan: Okay.

David: Right, so I think we’ve got to get past…okay we’ve taken care of tower number one, the other five groups of survivors are now I would imagine starting to take this simulated game rather seriously because they’re seeing it on their screens wherever they are. So the people in the south face of the South tower are told, “Ah, well ah, it looks like the people in the North…in the top of the North Tower, they made the wrong decision, they didn’t offer a very high price and the dictator is angry.”

Rayelan: Yes, of course.

David: Right, so the say to the people in the South Tower, this is the two biggest insurance companies, AON Corporation and Marsh & McLennan [not sure this is the exact corporation name], where AON Corporation, very interestingly, they lost I think from memory one-hundred and seventy-five people in the South Tower. Their chairman is the chairman of Northwestern University in Chicago.

Rayelen: You mean right now?

David: No, he was on 911.

Rayelan: He was on 911, okay.

David: So Patrick Ryan who had the Chicago Olympic bid, the chairman of the Olympic bid, he was the founder and chairman of AON Corporation which is in the insurance business and apparently a whole bunch of his employees and vice-presidents including the husband of Beverly Eckart, it looks as though they were playing the simulated training exercise and being asked how much they would pay for the right to breathe out carbon dioxide for the year ahead based on the expected weight of the carbon dioxide they would breathe.

Rayelan: Ahm.

David: And they were presumably looking out of the window, or looking at a television screen as they were playing this game and they were told, “Well, ah, your friends across the ah, in the other tower, they didn’t pay enough, what will you pay?”

Rayelan: Ahh.

David: So what would you do Rayelan?

Rayelan : Ahh, I’d say, “how much do you want?”

David: Okay, now, and I think I would and perhaps Field would and there would be general terror and not a very clear understanding of what’s going on, and you’re in front of your computer, you know, and the game is being spelt out by an administrator, you don’t know where that simulation administrator is, right?

Rayelan: That’s correct, we don’t.

David: But we do know the week before it was a Robert Oxoby at the University of Calgary, because they put on a trading exercise with Carlton Bartels is dead, or
is about to die at the top of the North Tower, but Robert Oxobey, as the simulation administrator, doesn’t have to tell the players that it’s him, so they don’t know that it’s the…they also don’t know whether his password can be revoked right in the middle of the war [I think David actually meant ‘trading’] game and the role of the simulation administrator switched over to someone else.

End Part 1 Hour One

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