Hollywood Buttsex – Anal Vampirism – Dog Priests Ritually “Illuminate” (Anally Rape) 3-Year-Olds – Kundalini Serpent (Spinal Cord) Activation: From Brown Eye to Third Eye – Blood Oaths and Ritual Buggery – Elitist Parasitic “Ruling Class” Inverts and Counterfeits – MK-ULTRA Sodomy-Based Programming – Sexual Trauma and Amnesiac Barriers – Masonic Predators Attempting to Normalize Pedophilia

Monday, May 25th, 2015

Don’t Go West [Preview B] – The Celtic Rebel  A preview of Celtic Rebel’s epic documentary about what goes on “behind” the scenes in Hollywood. “Because of the nature of the subject, there’s no real delicate way to handle it. Without being unnecessarily crude, on the one hand, or avoiding the reality of the situation, on the other, I’m going