What Are Derivatives? – Demystifying Interest Rate Swaps & Credit Default Swaps – Larry Summers: High-Rolling Fraudster – History’s Largest Bookmaking Operation – A Rigged Casino – Lawless “Markets” – Financial Terrorists Destroying National Economies – Scamsters’ Tag-Team Partners: Corporate Media & Ratings Agencies – Banking Crime Syndicate

Sunday, November 8th, 2015

The Derivatives Market: Bets, Bookies, and Fraud Published: 05 October 2015 | Written by Jeff Nielson | Bullion Bulls Canada No one understands derivatives. How many times have readers heard that thought expressed (please round off to the nearest thousand)? Why does no one understand derivatives? For many, the answer to that question is that they have simply been thinking

The IMF’s Split Mind – Iceland and Greece – Big Banks’ Extortion Game – Take a Machete and Put Big Banks to Death – “The People Versus the Banks” – Fiscal Decision: Bankster Blackmail or Social Safety Net? – Defy IMF Austerity, Manifest Prosperity – The IMF: Not Merely Incompetent, Not Merely Insane, but Evil

Monday, July 13th, 2015

The IMF: Don’t Listen to the IMF (We’re Crazy!) 09 July 2015 Jeff Nielson (Bullion Bulls Canada) Most readers are familiar with the colloquial definition of insanity: repeating a (failed) policy/plan, but expecting a different outcome. Then we have the International Monetary Fund: it makes a mistake, explains that mistake to the entire world (twice), but still keeps repeating that

Financial Con Artist Jim Rickards “Sounds the Alarm” – Scheduled Bubble-and-Crash Cycles Manufactured by Organized Crime (the Western Banking Cartel) – Scripted Financial Theater of Corruption – For Administrative Convenience, U.S. Puppet-Presidents Now Serve Two Terms – Villain Roles, White Knight Roles – Pre-Crash “Warnings” Are Machiavellian Exercises in Pure Cynicism – The One Bank’s Bubble-Blowing Cheerleaders and Contrarian Lackeys – Controlling the Message via Revisionism (Selective Memory) – Shameless Market-Pumpers and Economic Rapists – Don’t Be a Lemming: Look for Logical Slip-Ups

Monday, June 15th, 2015

Source: Bullion Bulls Canada The Pre-Crash Warnings Begin by Jeff Nielson – June 1, 2015 As regular readers are well aware, the bubble-and-crash cycles manufactured by the Western banking cartel and its central banks are nothing but organized crime. What makes this scripted financial theater so absurd and infuriating is that there are very rigid and obvious patterns as these

All “Markets” Are Manipulated: A Totally Rigged Casino – The Pied Piper Trading Algorithm of the One (Rothschild) Bank – High-Frequency Trading (HFT): A Market-Rigging Apparatus – Massive, Manipulated Short Selling – Blind/Deaf/Dumb “Regulators” – Half of Futures Trades in Chicago Are Illegal Wash Trades

Monday, June 8th, 2015

Source: Bullion Bulls Canada – Sprott Money News More Evidence of the Master Trading Algorithm by Jeff Nielson, March 23, 2015 Why is the assertion that “all markets are manipulated” generally greeted with scorn and derision? Because while manipulating any particular, single market is a relatively straightforward matter – using “tools” for financial crime honed through centuries of practice –

How American Corporations and the Super-Rich Steal From the Rest of Us

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

Main Street is going broke. Wall Street is cashing in. By Paul Buchheit / AlterNet December 28, 2014 The Merriam-Webster definition of ‘steal’ is to take the property of another wrongfully and especially as a habitual or regular practice. Much of our country’s new wealth has been regularly taken by individuals or corporations in a wrongful manner, either through nonpayment

The End of Capitalism

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

by Anthony Migchels November 13, 2009 In these days of upheaval and transition, it is more important than ever to have a clear understanding of what we are talking about. The opposition is very skilled at playing with language and creating holes in linguistic concepts, blurring our vision of reality. A good example is “inflation”. Many people nowadays seem to

BRICS Bank to Complement/Challenge “Bretton Woods Twins” (World Bank & IMF) – Fortaleza Summit Creates New Development Bank and Contingency Reserve Arrangement – “Energy Association” of Major Developing Countries – BRICS Countries Building a New Internet Backbone via an Undersea Fiber-Optic Cable

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

Emerging Nations Set Up BRICS Bank to Counter Western Domination Alonso Soto and Anthony Boadle, Reuters July 16, 2014, 3:48 AM Russian President Putin, Indian Prime Minister Modi, Brazilian President Rousseff, Chinese President Xi and South African President Zuma talk at a group photo session during the 6th BRICS summit in Fortaleza (Thomson Reuters) FORTALEZA Brazil (Reuters) – Leaders of

The Hubris of Trying to Eliminate Cash

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

People like hard currency and use it every day. It is a check on centralized power. It is private and peer-to-peer. And despite or because of that, some want to get rid of it. Conor Friedersdorf Jun 6 2014 While investigating Bitcoin, Antonis Polemitis once poked fun by imagining how the media would react to the introduction of cash. He

Bermuda: The Domicile of Choice for ILS Entities – Sophisticated Counterparties, Light Regulation – Property Catastrophe Arena – Earthquakes and Hurricanes – Calibrating Models to Predict Outcomes – Impact on Traditional Markets – More Money Coming Into the ILS Space – Moral Hazard

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

KPMG in Bermuda: Deciphering Insurance Linked Securities KPMGinBermuda Published on Jan 28, 2013 With Bermuda fast becoming a central player in the ILS market, KPMG in Bermuda has brought together an experienced team of structured finance professionals across our services lines to form the Insurance Linked Securities (“ILS”) Group. Deciphering Insurance Linked Securities with Jason Carne Managing Director | ILS

The Basel Accords Demystified – Massive Regulatory Failures – Unelected, Unaccountable International Bankers Impose an Immense and Unnecessary Burden – Reform Money and Finance for the Good of All

Saturday, June 14th, 2014

THE MONEY MASTERS impose BASEL I, II & III on an unsuspecting world Central bankers’ Basel III scheme will worsen worldwide recession BASEL I. In 1988, a faceless, unelected group of bankers met in Basel, Switzerland at the Bank for International Settlements (“BIS”) – the “central bankers’ bank” which even Swiss authorities may not enter – and in their “Basel I

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