Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) Are IOUs – United States Government (USG) Borrows FRN Currency at Interest from Private Offshore Federal Reserve System – Counterfeit “U.S. Courts” Are Federal Reserve Courts Under Commercial/Admiralty Jurisdiction – Privately-Owned FRN “$” Carries a Hidden Lien That Contaminates All Its Transactions – Using the Toxic Currency Makes You a Peon – Income Tax Is a Tariff on Merchants Importing FRNs – We Work to “Pay Off” a Fraudulent, Imaginary Debt – The Creditors Who Own the Currencies Are the Real Criminals – Remedy: Debt-Free, Interest-Free State Scrip (Backed by People’s Labor and Property) – People: Take Back Your Governments! Demand Monetary Rights!

Wednesday, November 25th, 2015

They Own It All (Including You!) by Means of Toxic Currency by Ron MacDonald Seldom in history does a book come along where readers comment that it should be in the home of every American family, and placed on the mantle right next to the family Bible. But that is what readers of this book are saying. With very simple