The DEA’s Purposely Unclassified World – The Cold and Hot War Gravy Train – Nixon Created the DEA Out of Thin Air via Executive Order – Black Ops in the Foreign and Domestic Arenas – Covert and Overt Actors – Shouldn’t All Data Be Centralized and Available to All of Leviathan, Just in Case? – Hurray for the New Era of Interagency Group Hugs! – The Nebulous “War on Drugs” – Waging the Worldwide War on Freedom

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

The Real Reason Nixon Created the DEA By David Hathaway May 30, 2015 When the DEA is seen in a negative light by Americans, it is due almost entirely to the agency’s relatively small relationship to the domestic war on drugs. But the reason for this agency coming into being was much broader than to knight a batch of domestic