Cameron Magic Warming Circle/Torture at Abu Ghraib


George Osborne

Future UK government leaders such as David Cameron and Shadow Chancellor, George Osborne, may have been filmed using drugs and engaged in Sadomasochism and other acts which Hawks’ CAFE alleges could be used to extort official policy from these individuals while they are in positions of power.

Agents acting for Magic Circle law firms such as Linklaters or their associates, such as DLA Piper and Sidley Austin, could use this footage to extort support for the $70 trillion Anthropogenic Global Warming scam (Carbon Disclosure Project and Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change—IIGCC) operated out of Number 10 Downing Street.

Descriptions of S&M ceremonies engaged in by members of the Bullingdon club, recalls images of torture at Abu Ghraib which may have been used to demonize George Bush who refused participation in the Warmists’ Kyoto Treaty.


Rowe & Osborne

26 October 2008—Dominatrix Natalie Rowe saw at first hand the desperate longing of a gauche Oxford student [George Osborne] struggling to fit in with the fabulously wealthy like university pal Nat Rothschild.

She revealed how she and the young Tory were drawn together as she supplied girls and drugs to parties for some of Oxford’s notorious Bullingdon Club drinking circle. Its members included both Osborne and his former pal Rothschild, the man now accusing the top Tory of soliciting a £50,000 donation from aluminium tycoon Oleg Deripaska.

“George was fascinated when he heard what I did for a living. He wanted to know about the clients, how much I charged, what went on. He seemed a bit more than curious about what went on.

He wanted to see the equipment-the whips, the chains, the belts.

He was particularly interested in the dog collars we put on clients and the rubber underpants they wear as submissive slaves.”

George was intrigued by all my stories and wanted to be shown how hard it would be to be hit. I told him that most of the guys tend to use the sex drug amyl nitrate.

Once George and his friends were at my flat while I was actually having a session with a paying customer.

I had the man on all fours with a collar on and beat him. I was making him bark like a dog and act like a slave. They found it quite funny.

None of them hid the fact they liked it and they weren’t embarrassed. They were turned on by it.

When they had coke they would probably divvy up a gram and a half. They’d have competitions to see who could snort the longest line and get completely wasted.” ~Dominatrix Natalie Rowe

Natalie Rowe

Natalie, who styled herself as Mistress Pain and ran an escort agency called Black Beauties, met Osborne and Rothschild through her boyfriend at the time, fellow Bullingdon member William Sinclair, grandson of Winston Churchill’s wartime air minister Sir Archibald Sinclair.

Osborne was offended when some members of the Oxford group would hurl racial slurs at Natalie. But she says that he was still so desperate to fit in that he didn’t have the courage to stop them.

“There was one occasion they were taking the mickey out of me at a party. They were making monkey noises and saying abusive things. They even used the word nigger. George was there and I was hurt that he didn’t say anything.”

Remarkably, while sat in the home of a dominatrix, the 22-year-old Osborne bragged how he would one day become Prime Minister.

He was absolutely sure about what he’d be doing. And I joked that I had all the evidence on him.

Natalie was this week intrigued how, given their once close friendship, the damaging claims that today threaten Osborne’s political future actually came from financier Nat Rothschild, heir to a family baronetcy and a £500 million banking fortune. She recalled how the two students and their band of pals would head to the country for wild weekends.

The Bullingdon Club thought they were untouchable. They thought they could do what they wanted. They had money and arrogance. They thought there were no consequences, anything goes.

Nat Rothschild

She said the group’s bad behaviour came to a head in March 1994 at the Rothschilds’ stately home, Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire. Natalie sent three strippers.

Around six grams of cocaine were also provided for the club members to snort. As well as stripping, it was made clear that the girls’ services would extend to ‘extras’-sex with guests.

But Natalie claims the party degenerated into a humiliating experience for the girls who were abused by some braying Bullingdon boys.

The girls were made to feel like they were nothing. They climbed on to the bar or a table and started to strip and gyrate. But the guests were mauling them and jeering. It was horrendous. The guys were trying to touch them and shouting abuse, throwing champagne and spitting.”

As Natalie this week surveyed the debris of Osborne’s relationship with his accuser Rothschild and pondered the reasons behind the row, she admitted:

“I can’t believe George would want to annoy Nat. He knows so much about him. I can’t imagine why he’d want to get on the wrong side of him.

Remember that photograph he had taken with me and there was cocaine on the table? Who would do that. He’s not very careful.”

STUDENT PALS: Osborne (left) and Rothschild became friends in the Bullingdon Club at Oxford Uinversity


19 April 2009—Natalie Rowe will reveal how the men enjoyed degrading sex sessions which saw them whipped and handcuffed while high on cocaine.

Two of her former clients are in Tory leader David Cameron’s top team today, while the other two are former Tory ministers—one was in the Cabinet. Her £1million memoirs—already snapped up by a major publisher— threaten to send shockwaves through David Cameron’s party ahead of next year’s general election.

Natalie, 45, is the woman at the heart of the Smeargate emails over her relationship with shadow Chancellor George Osborne.

Natalie claims the young Tory was fascinated by her world of whips, chains, rubber bondage equipment and sex toys.

“It’s time the truth was told about some of the men who could end up running the country. Men who have been on all fours before me, crying like babies, taking massive amounts of drugs as I whip them senseless.”

She says she had repeated sex sessions with them over a year-long period when they paid to be sex slaves. One snorted copious amounts of cocaine during the sessions:

“I had them barking like dogs and begging for mercy. Quite often they would take me wholly in their confidence, discussing deep, personal matters about their past and their thoughts on other politicians. Most of them are desperately insecure and at war with their own egos.”

Natalie found herself unwillingly at the centre of the emails scandal last week when she was identified by Gordon Brown’s spin chief Damian McBride in a dirty tricks campaign.

McBride is believed to have pointed to the existence of a tape-recorded conversation between Natalie and a close friend of Osborne’s in which the friend claims Osborne slept with her and took cocaine.

In another smear, the emails also said that an ex-girlfriend of Osborne’s has photos of him in a bra, knickers and suspenders.

The Sunday Mirror has decided to withhold the names of the four perverted Tories—although Miss Whiplash will show no such mercy.

“This book will be the opposite of Belle du Jour—the real story of my life as a dominatrix. It’s not dressed up or sanitised—just the gritty truth involving some very powerful men.

And I would like nothing more than for one of them to sue me so I can stand up and face them in court.”

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The Bullingdon Club

Source: Captain Sherlock; Hawks Cafe; Abel Danger

The Bullingdon Club (wikipedia, timesonline) at Oxford University recruits its members from the upper circles of society. Members’ participation in acts of violence, sabotage, sex, S&M, drug use and other acts is filmed or otherwise recorded.

Members are later placed in positions of power and influence throughout the world and controlled and blackmailed into executing the plans of the power behind the club—the House of Rothschild.

The House of Rothschild appears to have developed the Bullingdon Club (1780) as a ‘hub’ with the Sidley Austin law firm (1866) and the Rhodes (1902) and Fulbright (1947) Scholarship schemes as ‘spokes’, to move its agents undetected, through a global intelligence network engaged in sabotage, assassination and deception.

The targets of sabotage, assassination and deception are ultimately insured by the House of Rothschild which uses a portion of the insurance claims to pay the agents of destruction.

This rewarding tried and true method of insuring targets, destroying the targets, collecting the insurance and paying the agents with a portion of the insurance payouts, has been used over and over throughout history and continues to this day.

Because the agents of this scheme are ‘respected’ members of society, they are not suspected by the public. Those who are privy to the scheme are compromised and blackmailed. ‘Patsies’ are blamed for the misdeeds.

This method is used for a wide range of profit-creating operations from a single assassination to the events of 9/11, 7/7, small wars and world wars; and has been so successful over time that a vast pool of money has been generated, which is now a self-generating source of unimaginable wealth. Individuals and property are insured and in the case of major wars, both sides are financed and sold armaments to engage in what is ultimately another profit-making enterprise for these entrepreneurs of madness and mayhem.

Our research suggests that Rothschild investors used the Bullingdon hub to trigger insider trading frauds on the London Stock Exchange after the Battle of Waterloo (1815) and used the Bullingdon spokes, including former Fulbright scholar Barack Obama, to trigger insider trading frauds on the New York and the Chicago Stock Exchanges after the attack of 9/11.

Bullingdon Club alumni include Nathaniel Rothschild, co-chairman of Atticus Capital hedge fund; Boris Johnson, Mayor of Greater London; David Cameron, leader of the British Conservative Party; Cecil Rhodes; and the man who murdered Rasputin, Prince Feliks Yusupov.

Cecil Rhodes

Cecil Rhodes (1853-1902) formed the world’s first tangible commodity trading system (diamonds). He was financed by the House of Rothschild and attended Oxford University in 1876 where he was a member of the Bullingdon Club.

In 1877, Rhodes produced a secret will which was intended by his paymasters, the Rothschilds, to create an Imperial Parliament in the UK. The Imperial Parliament was intended to take over global trade through corporate supply chains such as diamonds and bring the control of every traded commodity under control of an imperial government based in London. The intent was that America would rejoin that Imperial Parliament with representatives recruited in the USA.

After Rhodes died in 1902, a scholarship fund in his name was funded by funds from his estate and handled by the House of Rothschild. The Rothschilds continue to run the Rhodes Scholarship fund.

Grigori Rasputin

Prince Feliks Yusupov, Grigori Rasputin, Oswald Rayner and Count Vladimir Purishkevich

Prince Feliks Yusupov (1887-1967) was a member of the Bullington Club. He and British intelligence officer Oswald Rayner were long time close personal friends, classmates at Oxford and loyal companions in St. Petersburg, Russia. Together with Count Vladimir Purishkevich, they killed Rasputin in 1916 and triggered the Russian revolution. Source:

Oswald Rayner (1889-1961) was a British MI6 agent in Russia during World War I. Later, he was the UK Daily Telegraph correspondent in Finland and translated Yusupov’s book about Rasputin into English. At the time of Rasputin’s death, Rayner was an officer attached to the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) station in St. Petersburg. Source:

According to historians, Grigori Rasputin (1869-1916) was used by a secret group behind the communist revolutionaries, which acted to destroy the Romanov dynasty in order to take power through violence. Rasputin’s main handler was a St. Petersburg underworld drug lord, Dr. Badmayev, who controlled Rasputin through his drug addiction and instructed Rasputin about his political moves.

Rasputin created and used public scandals and rumors about his sexual and alcoholic excesses, and designed crafty entrapments for many members of the Russian political establishment into orgies and scandals for immediate blackmail and exploitation. He polarized the society by using his political influence in securing the appointments and dismissals of several military commanders and government ministers during the First World War.

Rasputin’s abuse of power and his notorious debauchery was used by communist propagandists to depict Rasputin with the Empress Alexandra in numerous pornographic comics, drawings and provocative publications as part of a massive negative publicity campaign against the House of Romanov and the Russian monarchy. Source:

From our research it appears that the City of London triggered the Bolshevik Revolution.

Bullingdon Club Members

Members of the Bullingdon Club 1992

(1) George Osborne, now the Shadow Chancellor

(2) writer Harry Mount, the heir to the Baronetcy of Wasing and Mr. Cameron’s cousin

(3) Chris Coleridge, the descendant of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, the son of Lloyds’ chairman David Coleridge, the brother of Condé Nast managing director Nicholas Coleridge

(4) German aristocrat and managing consultant Baron Lupus von Maltzahn

(5) the late Mark Petre, the heir to the Barony of Petre

(6) Australian millionaire Peter Holmes à Cour

(7) Nat Rothschild, the heir to the Barons Rothschild and co-founder of a racy student paper with Harry Mount

(8) Jason Gissing, the chairman of Ocado supermarkets

Members of the Bullingdon Club 1987

(1) the Hon. Edward Sebastian Grigg, the heir to Baron Altrincham of Tormarton and current chairman of Credit Suisse (UK)

(2) David Cameron

(3) Ralph Perry Robinson, a former child actor, designer, furniture-maker

(4) Ewen Fergusson, son of the British ambassador to France, Sir Ewen Fergusson, and now at City law firm Herbert Smith

(5) Matthew Benson, the heir to the Earldom of Wemyss and March

(6) Sebastian James, the son of Lord Northbourne, a major landowner in Kent

(7) Jonathan Ford, the then-president of the club, a banker with Morgan Grenfell

(8) Boris Johnson, the then-president of the Oxford Union, now Mayor of London

(9) Harry Eastwood, the investment fund consultant

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