“TSA, don’t touch my junk!”

“Up until 3 weeks ago, I didn’t have to have my balls touched to get into my own country.” ~Matt Kernan

It took blogger Matt Kernan 2.5 hours but he took a stand and convinced the TSA not to touch his junk.

Kernan informed the TSA he did not want to go through the infamous Backscatter imaging machine.

He was told that the alternative was an invasive pat-down search, but he politely told the TSA that he would consider any contact with his genital areas as sexual assault.

“As a US citizen, I have the right to move freely within my country as long as I can demonstrate proof of citizenship and have demonstrated no reasonable cause to be detained.”

Kernan was returning to the US from Paris and was leaving the airport not boarding a flight.

The video above is the audio of the encounter which Kernan recorded on his iPhone.

It’s worth reading Kernan’s version of the story “My TSA Encounter” on his blog. NOTE: at the time this was posted his blog was down but should be back soon.

Below: Musician Roxi Copeland wishes the TSA a Merry Christmas in her song “I’ll be Groped for Christmas.”

Below: “The Audacity of Grope: A TSA Exposé” from the Campaign for Liberty.

Below: Song “Don’t Touch My Junk” by Michael Adams

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John Tyner—Government in Our Pants

nctimes.com—John Tyner left San Diego’s airport without catching his flight when he refused a revealing full-body scan and then an alternative pat-down, telling a Transportation Security Agent, “If you touch my junk, I’ll have you arrested.”

John Tyner, 31, said he was told he could face a civil lawsuit and a $10,000 fine for leaving the screening area before the security check was complete, according to news reports and his blog.

The TSA released a statement Sunday asserting that body scans and pat-downs make flying safer. The agency also defended its right to insist that people complete the screening process, saying allowing people to duck out in the middle could allow terrorists to test the security system for weakness.

Tyner and his father-in-law were embarking on a hunting trip to South Dakota on Saturday, but Tyner said he planned to refuse if he was chosen for a full-body scan. He objected to his essentially nude image being viewed by security screeners, as the machines allow.

Passengers have an option to opt out of the screenings and submit to a pat-down instead, which is what Tyner said he thought he would do.

In case there was trouble, Tyner said he turned on his cell phone video camera and hit, “record,” before putting it on the conveyer belt to be X-rayed.

While most passengers walked through a metal detector, Tyner was indeed picked for the scan. After he requested to opt out, he said a male agent pulled him aside and explained the pat-down in detail. His cell phone on top of his belongings nearby was recording.

After the agent previewed a “groin check,” Tyner told him, “You touch my junk, and I’m going to have you arrested.”

“I tried to kind of say it as lightheartedly as possible,” Tyner said.

A series of supervisors then got involved.

A female supervisor explained the pat-down again. Tyner said he considered the search illegal, tantamount to a sexual assault. A security manager conferred with her.

The original agent spoke with Tyner while he waited for a decision, Tyner said.

“He said that I gave up a lot of rights when I bought my ticket,” Tyner writes on his blog. “I replied that the government took them away after September 11th.”

After conferring with her supervisor, the female agent took notes from Tyner’s ID, then a Harbor Police agent escorted him out the security area, Tyner said.

The Oceanside man said he was prepared to swallow the price of his ticket.

“Five hundred dollars seemed like a fairly small price to pay to assert my rights,” he said.

Tyner said he went to the American Airlines counter, and to his surprise, the carrier refunded his money.

Just as he was about to leave, he said he was confronted by yet another TSA official, who demanded that he return to the security area to complete the screening.

He started recording again.

The official told Tyner he was subject to a civil lawsuit and a $10,000 fine if he refused. But the official also acknowledged he couldn’t make him stay.

Tyner left the airport. His father-in-law continued on his trip.

Most people who have commented on his blog are supportive, Tyner said. Others wonder why he didn’t just submit to the security check.

But Tyner said he thought people are being asked to give up too many rights, with no evidence it makes traveling safer. There was once a time, he said, when few people would have imagined a naked image could be a prerequisite to flying.

“Cavity searches don’t seem out of the question considering the progression we’ve made over the past few years,” he said.

The TSA said its methods have made airline travel safer. And in a statement, the agency referred to a 2007 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision supporting the TSA’s right to complete a security screening, even if a passenger decides not to fly.

“Requiring that a potential passenger be allowed to revoke consent to an ongoing airport security search makes little sense in a post-9/11 world,” the court noted, according to the TSA. “Such a rule would afford terrorists multiple opportunities to attempt to penetrate airport security by ‘electing not to fly’ on the cusp of detection until a vulnerable portal is found.”

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Field McConnell Withdraws Attorney & Proceeds Pro Se

Field McConnell & Judge Collyer


Case No.: 1:08-CV-01600-RMC


City of Glyndon

FIELD MCCONNELL, being duly sworn, deposes and says:

1) My name is Field McConnell, I am 60 years old, I am a retired airline pilot, and I reside at 9223 50th Avenue, South in Glyndon, Minnesota.

2) That the attorney, Christopher A. Zampogna, the sole owner of Zampogna, P.C (hereinafter “office”), has served as my legal counsel.

3) That this office was retained on or about January 19, 2010.

4) That I consent to his withdrawal and that he no longer represents me due to my decision to proceed with my case Pro Se.

5) That I consent to his withdrawal due to a difference in decisions of a tactical, technical, and legal nature and ALPA’s failure to perform as agreed to; and my desire to proceed with my case pro se in the interest of Aviation Safety worldwide.

6) That Mr. Zampogna has explained, and I understand, that counsel will facilitate any requested transfer of client file material to me.

7) That for these reasons and by my consent, the attorney, Christopher A. Zampogna, shall be allowed to withdraw as counsel of record.

May 6, 2010

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Field McConnell Letter to Sir Richard Branson

From: Captain Field McConnell
To: Sir Richard Branson

Cc: LOT Polish Airlines
17 Stycnia 39
00-906 Warsaw

Subject: Financial Claim Resulting From Volcanic Dust Manipulation

25 April, 2010

Dear Sir Richard:

I am the retired Northwest Airlines Captain who suggested you name one of your Virgin America Airbus jets “Queen of the Slipstream”.

In the blogspot link below please note that the Abel Danger blog carried your story about government oversight of Volcanic Dust.

Virgin boss Branson criticises flight ban as ‘wrong decision’

Further, I encourage you and your Aviation Safety Officer and General Counsel to become familiar with Chapter 4, published prior to this past 19 January, which is linked here:


This was made available to ALPA and USDOJ prior to 19 January, 2010. It was temporarily ‘redacted’ as a courtesy to the Court and legal procedure, as my Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) was at a critical point on 19 January.


This is our most current chapter and it, also, includes coverage of the Met Office, Volcanic Dust manipulation, and USDOJ and ALPA relationships to these issues. Later this day, 25 April, 2010 our Chapter 14 will be up at both our website and the blogspot in the Pacific that monitors our investigations.

Our research indicates that Met Office / VAAC / NATS staff shut down EU airspace to trigger catastrophe bond insurance claims and enrich crony sponsors who had bet on a collapse in the value of airline shares as a result of the ‘fairy dust’ panic.

We have identified the CDP and IIGCC (below) as two ‘trillionaire’ groups of fairy dust cat bond sponsors where members can enrich themselves by targeting airlines such as yours with false claims broadcast over the MSM.

  1. 1. Robert Napier’s Met Office and the $64 trillion Carbon Disclosure Project [CDP = Carbon Footprint Extortion]. https://www.cdproject.net/en-US/Programmes/Pages/Sig-Investor-List.aspx

  2. 2. Peter Dunscombe’s Met Office and the € 4trillion Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change [IIGCC = Carbon Footprint Extortion]. http://www.iigcc.org/membership.aspx

If Virgin Atlantic pursues legal action to recover damages, we at Abel Danger would be happy to lend our discovery to any effort to remedy the manipulation of Volcanic Dust for profit, or loss. The Defense Team of what is referred to in the United States as the “KSM Trial” contacted us; and since we offered our services, the U.S. government seems to have reconsidered the prosecution of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

If I we might ever be of service to Virgin Atlantic in your provision of safe and comfortable travel for your millions of passengers, it would be our privilege to assist in any way.

Captain Field McConnell
+001 218 329 6190

David Hawkins
+001 604 542 0891

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Virgin boss Branson criticises flight ban as ‘wrong decision’

Source: ALASTAIR JAMIESON telegraph.co.uk

Virgin Atlantic boss, Sir Richard Branson, said the airline lost about £50 million in six days and called for compensation for the industry.

Sir Richard said: “We’ve never asked for Government help in 25 years. We didn’t even ask for Government help after 9/11. We took it on the chin.

But I think on this occasion this was very much a Government decision to ground the planes and we would suggest that the Government should compensate the industry.

Behind the scenes our engineers and all the experts were telling us that there was no danger at all to flying and that the danger would have been if we had flown close to Iceland through the volcano.

There were plenty of corridors through which the airlines could have flown through which would have been quite safe, so I think the Government has accepted that there was overreaction.

Whether or not there was overreaction or not I think the correct thing in a situation like this would be for the industry to be helped.

The experts in the industry were saying it was safe to fly. A blanket ban of the whole of Europe was not the right decision.

The first few days the ash was up at 35,000ft, the planes could have flown below 35,000ft. There were plenty of ways of dealing with it.

But actually, planes have to put with sandstorms in Africa, the engines are designed to put up with a lot more than existed.” continue reading »

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Air Security Expert Says Full-Body Scanners are ‘Useless’

Source: SARAH SCHMIDT vancouversun.com, cnn.com

Israeli tells Canadian MPs high-tech machines can be easily fooled

23 April 2010—Boasting he could easily slip through one of Canada’s new full-body scanners with enough explosives to blow up a jumbo jet, a leading Israeli airport security expert says the federal government has wasted millions of dollars to install “useless” imaging machines at airports across the country.

“I don’t know why everybody is running to buy these expensive and useless machines. I can overcome the body scanners with enough explosives to bring down a Boeing 747,” Rafi Sela told parliamentarians probing the state of aviation safety in Canada on Thursday.

“That’s why we haven’t put them in our airport.”

Sela, former chief security officer at the Israel Airport Authority and a 30-year veteran in airport security and defence technology, helped design the security apparatus at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport. He spoke to MPs on the House of Commons transport committee via video conference from Kfar Vradim, Israel.

Sela’s pronouncements on the imaging machines come on the heels of the purchase of 44 body scanners for major Canadian airports. Each machine cost $250,000 and is being used for secondary screening to detect non-metallic threats, unless the passenger prefers a physical pat-down.

“You are running after the incidents instead of being in front of them,” Sela said of Canadian airport security officials. continue reading »

below: Kentucky Representative Hal Rogers questions TSA Acting Commissioner Kay Rossides.

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Field McConnell Letter to European Pilots

To: BALPA, V-Cockpit, SNPL, TALPA and IFALPA Pilots
Subject: Volcanic Dust and MET Office
21 April, 2010

Dear Brother Pilots in Germany, France, Turkey and England,

On 19 January, 2010, I appeared in US District Court, District of Washington, DC as the Plaintiff in Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC). The Case is attached and the core issue is illegal modifications of civil airliners. As a courtesy to the Court, Chapter 4, linked below, was ‘redacted’ pending progress in the Civil Case. On 1 April, 2010 I requested that my attorney withdraw from the case, so that I might proceed PRO SE and Chapter 4 was ‘unredacted’. ALPA had been made aware of the contents of Chapter 4 prior to 19 January, 2010 [ MET Office Volcanic Dust Manipulation ].

Yesterday, April 20, 2010, Chapter 13 of the book went on line.

Chapter 13 has additional ‘content’ regarding the MET Office and Volcanic Ash.

Further, much additonal information is available at http://abeldanger.blogspot.com and that blogspot is updated 24/7 as additonal information becomes available.

Our investigators had previously communicated with SNPL regarding Air France 447. We got no response.

If any airline employees or union representatives have any questions regarding the MET Office and their capabilities relating to Volcanic Ash, do not hesitate to contact either myself or David Hawkins.

Warm Regards,

Captain Field McConnell & David Hawkins

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Met Office ‘Fairy Dust’ in Bullingdon Insurance Fraud

Source: CAPTAIN SHERLOCK telegraph.co.uk/news/jamesdelingpole

In 1990, Bullingdon Club alumni ordered David Cameron (HSBC Family) and Norman Lamont (ex-Rothschild) to set up the Met Office as a weather derivative trading arm of the Ministry of Defence to simulate weather events and trigger cat-bond insurance frauds on Lloyd’s of London.

In 1996, Bullingdon alumni ordered Ed Balls (PPE) and Gordon Brown (USS) to set up the Volcanic Ash Advisory Center network to generate ‘fairy dust’ simulation of ash plumes for use in triggering cat-bond insurance frauds on Lloyd’s of London.

We believe that the Met Office forecasts are now directed by a Bullingdon Club crime syndicate which we have identified as ‘The SCRAP Merchant’, where the acronym has been derived from Serco, Cameron (HSBC), Rothschild, Aviva and Patents.

Peter Dunscombe, chairman of the BBC Pension Trust and the IIGCC has been buying volcanic ash simulations from Robert Napier’s Met Office—a trading arm of the Ministry of Defence—while selling fairy dust futures to Bullingdon cat-bond sponsors of Robert Napier’s $64 trillion Carbon Disclosure Project.

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Volcanic Ash Cloud: MET Office Blamed For Unnecessary 6-Day Closure


19 April 2010—The Met Office has been blamed for triggering the “unnecessary” six-day closure of British airspace which has cost airlines, passengers and the economy more than £1.5 billion.

The government agency was accused of using a scientific model based on “probability” rather than fact to forecast the spread of the volcanic ash cloud that made Europe a no-fly zone and ruined the plans of more than 2.5 million travelers in and out of Britain.

A senior European official said there was no clear scientific evidence behind the model, which air traffic control services used to justify the unprecedented shutdown.

Eleven major British airlines joined forces last night to publicly criticise Nats, the air traffic control center, over the way it interpreted the Met Office’s “very limited empirical data”.

Much of the blame was directed at the Met Office’s Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre (VAAC). It provided the initial warning, which triggered the European-wide ban via Eurocontrol, the air traffic control centre in Brussels.

Matthias Ruete, the European Commission’s director-general of transport, said air traffic authorities should not have relied on a single source of scientific evidence before imposing the widespread ban. He suggested the no-fly zone should have been restricted to a 20 to 30-mile limit around the volcano. “The science behind the model we are running at the moment is based on certain assumptions where we do not have clear scientific evidence,” he said.

“We don’t even know what density the cloud should be in order to affect jet engines. We have a model that runs on mathematical projections.

It is probability rather than actual things happening.”

Mr Ruete said the commission had to intervene to allow airlines to make test flights in order to check the VAAC data “to help us move on from the mathematical model”.

Of the 40 test flights across Europe, including a British Airways flight on Sunday, none found any evidence of ash in jet engines, windows or lubrication systems.

continue reading »

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Airline Stocks Plunge


Engines of Lufthansa planes covered for protection from volcanic ash

19 April 2010—Travel experts say it could take up to a fortnight for flights to return to normal even after the ban is lifted. The ash began spewing from an Icelandic volcano on Wednesday and has drifted across most of Europe, shutting down airports as far south and east as Bulgaria.

The shutdown is estimated to have cost the European travel industry more than £1billion in cancelled flights and hotel rooms and the pilots’ union Balpa warned that recession-hit airlines were ‘staring bankruptcy in the face’.

The economic effect of the air ban was demonstrated this morning as shares in key airlines plummeted.

British Airways shares fell as much as six per cent, while budget rival Easyjet saw its stock plunge four per cent.

Furious airline officials yesterday shattered the safety consensus which has grounded their planes.

The German carrier Lufthansa said it was ‘scandalous’ that it was ordered on the basis of a single computer simulation of the effects of the ash cloud.

The executives believe the Met Office computer model is flawed and pointed to the 20 test flights completed safely over the weekend.

BA boss Mr Walsh boarded his own airline’s Boeing 747 test flight to demonstrate his belief in the safety of flying. His firm—still recovering from the effects of the cabin crew strike last month—is losing £25 million a day, around £1million an hour.

The Met Office defended its forecasts and said its own test flight had detected volcanic dust at levels which would cause aircraft damage.

Source: continue reading »

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